Big Brother Spoilers: Adam talks about to the other houseguests saying we are one of the most detailed live feed update sites..

12:50am Rachel and Brendon are talking about how they are unsure about Dani because she always says hey best friend when she talks to Jeff. Brendon and Rachel say that they can’t believe Dani isn’t talking game with Jeff and Jordan too. They say that she could be manipulating them and that she is in the perfect position in the game. They talk about how Dani hasn’t even had to play yet because of the golden key and that she is already controlling things to some extent. Rachel says that Dani could be playing the them against Jeff and Jordan. Brendon says that he wants to talk to Jeff and Jordan to ask them if Dani talks game with them because Dani told Brendon and Rachel she does not talk game with Jeff and Jordan. Rachel says that she thinks Dani is in a perfect situation no one is going after her and she doesn’t even have to win any competitions. Rachel says that what Dani is doing is just like what Dr. Will did in big brother 7, by pulling every ones strings. Rachel tells Brendon to go down and get Jeff so that they can ask him about whats going on.

Daniele, Lawon, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia, and Jordan in the living room talking about how Porsche moans in her sleep. Jeff says that they put the sheets from Brendon and Rachel’s bed in the washer on sanitize when they washed them, because they were so gross. All laugh. Meanwhile, back up in the HOH room, Brendon says that Dani has an advantage sticking with them because they are such a big target. Brendon says that Dani will skate to the end. Brendon says that he likes Dani a lot but that she’s a game player. Rachel says that Dani knew they had to get Cassi out of there. Brendon says they will probably hang out with her out of the house. Rachel says if we have to. Brendon goes downstairs and joins the others in the living room. Dani says they are in the living room waiting for the TV screen to say POV today. Shelly says it would be awesome if they had the POV competition right now. Everyone agrees that would be great since they are all awake, except for Porsche who’s asleep. They houseguests talk about the wake up calls from previous seasons where the houseguests would have to get up and dance all times of the day and night. They all laugh about how funny that would be..

1:30am In the living room, Kalia, Adam, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Lawon are talking. Adam is telling the other houseguests about the Big Brother websites that update hour by hour what happens on the live feeds. Adam tells the other houseguests about his favourite Big Brother website. He tells them about the websites that are updating everything the houseguests do and say all day long. Rachel ask him which website has the most detailed coverage of the live feeds and Adam says our website and a couple other sites. Adam goes on about how some sites do round the clock Live Feed Updates they catch everything that goes on in the house. Kalia cannot believe people actually do something like that. Rachel and Brendon groan they say the worse thing you can do is google yourself after the show is over.

2am The houseguests are still sitting around talking about random stuff like farting and zits. The conversation changes to talking about the luxury competition they had today with David Hasselhoff as the celebrity guest. They are all talking and laughing about the questions they had and they answers they gave during the competition. Kalia says that she is going to bed because she thinks she might be playing in the power of veto competition tomorrow. Dani says maybe they should all go to bed. All the houseguests head off to bed.

Dominic and Shelly are now talking in the HaveNot room. Dominic saying that the five vets have to turn on each other eventually. They talk about the chances of Lawon and Kalia playing in the veto tomorrow and winning and taking Dominic and Adam off the block. Shelly says that Brendon and Rachel would have no choice but to put up Jordan and Jeff. Dominic says that the vets game is based on winning and if they don’t win they are screwed. Dominic says that as much as he likes Jeff and Jordan… Jordan is controlled by Jeff. Dominic says that if we could get Jeff out then you could potentially play with Jordan. Shelly says that both of the men have to go once they get through this week. Shelly says that the girls are weak without Brendon and Jeff. Dominic tells Shelly that she is the only newbie that he trusts. They talk about how they don’t trust Lawon and Kalia because they think they have made some kind of deal with the vets. They says that is why Lawon and Kalia haven’t been put up yet. They talk about how Lawon and Kalia have to have deals because they have done nothing and haven’t even tried in the competitions. Dominic says that he doesn’t trust Adam either. Dominic says that he just can’t trust Adam and says that he has tried. Shelly says Adam made a deal with them not to use power of veto if he wins it. Dominic tells Shelly that Adam kept asking him if he was going to give Cassi a pity vote and he told him no. Dominic says that Cassi understood that he needed to vote with the house so that he doesn’t put a target on his back. Dominic says that he was worried that Adam would vote for Cassi just to stir things up. Dominic says that he is sure that Adam will team up with the vets and come after the remaining newbies.

Dominic says that Adam a super fan thats obsessed. Shelly says as soon as they can do something on their own she is going to win. Shelly says that she wants to at least put Jeff and Jordan in the jury house together if they can. Shelly says that she wishes they could work with Dani but that she doesn’t think Dani would separate from the vets yet. Dominic and Shelly talk about how they need to win HOH and get some power so that they could pull Dani over to their side. Dominic says that if you cut Jeff then Jordan would end up playing with you. Shelly says in a perfect world they should put Porsche and Rachel up against each other. Shelly says that she feels like she is dancing with the devil working with these people. Shelly says that she talked with Rachel about changing her image and says that Rachel just keeps acting herself and coming off bad. Shelly says that it was weird today not having Cassi in the house because she could talk to her without it having to be about the game.

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2:50am – 3:10am Dominic and Shelly continue to talk. Shelly asks Dominic what he wants to do when he leaves the Big Brother house. Dominic says that he wants to open up a gym and franchise it. They talk about how some of the houseguests think they will become famous after they leave. Dominic says that no one cares if you were on big brother. Shelly starts talking about Evel Dick and about how she was sad that he left because she really wanted to work with him. Shelly asks Dominic which couple he would rather work with Brendon/Rachel or Jeff/Jordan? Dominic tells her that he isn’t sure which one. Dominic tells Shelly both couples want him to play for them. Dominic talks about Dani and he wonders how far she wants to take things in the game with him. Dominic asks Shelly what Dani was like during her season? Shelly says that Dani was a lot younger then and she was all wrapped up in falling for Nick. Shelly says that Evel Dick protected Dani a lot but that she also won lots of competitions. Shelly says that she thinks Dani is a loyal person. Shelly says that she thinks that Dani looks at Brendon and Rachel as expendable and that she thinks her and Jeff are close. Both Shelly and Dominic talk about how they can’t be seen talking game. They decide to go to sleep. All the houseguests are now asleep.

5:40am All the houseguests are still sleeping…

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46 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Adam talks about to the other houseguests saying we are one of the most detailed live feed update sites..

    1. What I’ve been waiting for is someone like Adam to get on the show, and then once he’s in the house and they have a live episode where Julie asks them questions, have that person blurt out stuff CBS tries so hard to keep from Big Brother viewers. Stuff like “Production cheated to help Evel Dick win!” or “Jeff said he doesn’t trust gay people!” or “Julie Chen thinks castrating males is funny!” I don’t think something along those lines would be grounds for removal from the show, so it could essentially be an Evel Dick type of character who brings havoc to the production team, not the houseguests. CBS would be furious, and I would love it.

  1. I think Dani is going to get called out soon. People are starting to catch on to what shes doing. I hope someone does cause im not a big fan of hers. However she is a good game player. It would also be awesome if jeff did get backdoored this week. He would call rachel every name in the book and it will be hilarious to watch her cry and act like an idiot. We need something crazy to happen this week please.

  2. I second that. I’m so glad I found this site. Sometimes I just scroll down to see what “Name” has to say because he/she? cracks me up.

    1. True, that dude’s hilarious.

      Not bad for shameless advertisement! Straight from Adam! Starting to like that hamster. BBOnline is the best of the sites. I used to like Reality BBQ, but nobody discusses stuff on there as informally or as… well, the community just isn’t as funny.

      1. I suppose. But I’m usually on the other side of general consensus so I think people would be afraid of liking me because I’d probably dislike them… haha

  3. Agreed Simon. You guys are the best. It’s reall the only site I visit to check out the new BB scoop.

    Also, a lot of the visitor comment (banter) is great. BTW–I see (and LIKE) that you keep a good handle on trolls here too. That’s a REAL plus. That had to be one of your main considerations regarding this site right after figuring out how the best way to get us the BB scoopage.


  4. i kind of wish jordan would get voted out this week…so we can see jeff really play the game. i was so happy when brendan played alone last year. the vet couples would have much more paranoia if they were split. theyre a little too calm.

  5. Anyone would be smart to try and make it to the end with Br they are least likely to get votes I try to root for Dani but (someone else mentioned it) She also says slot of mean things about people and plays it off as a joke she is just as rude mean spirited as people claim Rachel is just subtle and Rachel bulldozed this cast is hard to root for very blah group besides the vets

      1. You are correct totally passive aggressive.Though I am sure having ED as her dad has not been easy I wonder where her mom is she says shewas raised by her Grandma

  6. Due to my “special eyes” I can’t see who Brendon is shower puppeting with. Anybody? I think it is Porsche. Someone clue me in.

    1. It’s Roachel w him in her HOH shower. Although, after Pacer winked and mouthed the words “luv ya” to Brendon, AND the fact tht Brenchal’s argument during Hoff comp was based on the fact that Brenda gave Pacer an answer to use, I wouldn’t doubt they’ve found some spot around the house to mess around in. Maybe tht’s why you guys w the feeds only ever have all cameras only on one or two rooms! CONSPIRACY THEORY: AG is protecting Brenchal by not showing his “indiscretions” with Pacer!!!!

      1. Thanks!!! I wish I could have seen the PB moment, but I have not watched feeds or BBAD since BR won HOH. I value my mental health too highly. Unless there is hair flying, I am erasing BBAD. Darn, I thought I was a good conspiracy theorist! I am gonna be watching Wed. and readig posts until there is a new HOH. Stupid Brenchel..selfish!

  7. Simon,

    When I click on the comments on the home page, even though there is a link, it doesn’t take me to them.

    1. thanks, it works some times bit other times it doesn’t i’m looking into it but I think it was something to do with our cacheing system

      1. Probably because when I looked closer, even though it was up under “Recent Comments” on the home page, when I went to the page itself, I couldn’t see the comments for awhile. Meaning, I’m clicking on a link for a comment that has “posted” yet.

        Not to add to the workload but is there any way you could make it so we could see the entire comment when we sit on it at the home page so we don’t have to go to the page it is actually on? Just a thought…

  8. I must write tht yesterday I wrote Dani FTW. I also had thought (at the time) tht she was playing B/R and on the side of JJ. I now think this is a crock, and Dani thinks far too highly of herself. I didn’t like her in S8; she was so mean to her dad– and who doesn’t love Dick?!??! ;) (pun intended) wish he was still in house– anyway, just saying tht I liked how Dani was playing smart this year, and since she turned from emaciated to buff chic, I thought she’d win a lot of comps this year!!!! BUT even tho I love her rude comments tht go directly to Roachel’s face (&shes unaware it’s true) Dani needs to be smacked off her high horse: ppl in kitchen one day were talking ,” Who thinks Dani really likes them as a friend?” no one raised their hand. That says a lot…

    1. I’m sure Dani has her reasons for not liking dick. You saw them on a tv show. You don’t know her life or what’s she’s had to deal with from her parents. I don’t think it’s fair to judge who she is based in the contentious relationship she has with her dad. I’m still hoping Dani wins but I’m thinking she’s in trouble and may have overplayed her hand too soon. I also think that she is trying to play with little emotion and trying not to make too many attachments. Outside of the house I think shes aa sweetheart with a playful fun sarcastic personality.

      1. I said I didn’t like who she was a couple of years ago– even tho I rooted for the Donatos their season… Gave her benefit of the doubt this year and liked her… Didn’t mean to sound like I was judging her based solely on her relationship w her dad. I’m sure being an immature 20yr old at the time

        1. Lori-I wasn’t saying that in a bad way, just so you know :) I just didn’t think that it’s fair to judge whatever feelings Dani has towards her dad especially since its kinda obvious she’s doesn’t have parents who have been very good parents. I think S8 was probably hard on her emotionally especially being so young. I think shes a cool girl and probably a solid friend in real life. I think the houseguests were joking when they didn’t raise their hands to be her friend. Up until the last few days she’s played an amazing game but now it seems she’s been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Should be interesting to see how she alters her game when she becomes the target

  9. Yay!!!! Massive kudos to Adam for mentioning you guys on air:) Love it!!!:) I’ve been hooked on this site for a good while now, and it’s the only one I faithfully come back to every year. And I actually love the typos, etc., in all your breakdowns, lol!!! I love them because I can just see you there, typing your ass off as fast as you can to make sure we get as much detail as possible, then posting as fast as you can so you don’t keep us waiting. Don’t change, and I hope this site gets several more positive mentions to come:)

    1. I agree Eripaul. I hardly even notice any typo. I’m happy to have the updates and I know I’m here commenting in a frenzy and we have our two favorite guys typing away, trying to keep up with the comments and being fair to us all. Well, where the heck can you find that anywhere else?

  10. I agree I love Jeff and Jordan and just want the two of them to make it to the jury house at least together. I do not blame Jordan for not wanting to take Brendon and rachel to her luxury win. I mean I am so sick of Brendon and Rachel I just want to throw up and am sure that Jordan feels the same way. Brendon and Rachel are the one couple that I do not understand why BB ever brought back. They were so disliked in their original season why would make CBS think anyone wanted to ever see them again or hear Rachel’s annoying voice. GAG!! I mean can you imagine being stuck in a house with Rachel that would be he**. I just want Brendon to get backdoored next week and it would be hilarious seeing Rachel in the house by herself. That would make this season hilarious seeing her go totally nuts by herself.

    1. It would make for good tv Sheri but I’m hoping it is the other way around and Jeff and Jordon get backdoored.

      1. I agree I think Brenden would cheat given the chance as he already has shown in real life and he is handsome as long as he is not speaking so Porsche would mess around with him

  11. THEY’RE GON CHANGE THE NAME FROM BIG BROTHER 2 MRS RACHEL, and replace julie chen for rachel as the host. woo woo woo you know it

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