Big Brother Spoilers – Nominations Taking Place Dani to Rachel “If we Get POV we Have to Make a Big Move”

5:05pm Havenots Pacer and Dominic Dom asks her if she won HOH who she would put up, Pacer says she doesn’t know. She thinks Kalia is a strong player and is really annoying, “She’s always complaining but she’s the one that never does the dishes”. Por says that she doesn’t have any one in this game and she’s looking for someone to pair up with. She tells him that she’s kinda with BR but knows she’s the bottom of the totem poll and will be voted out when they go down to 6. Por adds that her and Rachel are not as close as everyone thinks they are. Por thinks Adam and Dom are going up and Adam is probably the target. Dom wonders if he has the votes. Por says he’s got her vote she needs people to trust in the house. Pot warns Dom that she watched BB8 a lot and she knows how dani played she used Nick to further her alliance. Throughout the season she was always allied with her father and just kept Nick around to do what they needed to be done.

5:20pm Kitchen Brendon, kalia and Dani Kalia asks them where Rachel is if she’s doign nominations. Dani: “Why you have a problem you worried… You want to go up… Yo want to go home.. You’re acting a little paranoid” KAlia: “No i’m not paranoid I just want to talk to her… And STOP putting my key in Keiths” Dani: “It wasn’t me” Kalia: “I knew it was you Stop it put it back Lawon told me this morning you were messing with my stuff” Dani: “Ohhh so you trust Lawon more than me” Kalia: “No just leave it alone put it back” DAni: “Ummho ououmonunm mo uh NO! you put it back”.

5:32pm Fortune room Jeff and Jordan playing around with their feet.

Jordan UBBER whispering: “Kalia told me… ” Jeff interrupts says he’s going to check whose in the shower. Jeff comes back says He’s (must be Brendon) is in the shower and can’t hear anything.
Jordan says that Kalia is worried that Lawon is going to freak out if he goes up and campaign hard. Jeff isn’t worried about Lawon campaigning either way Jeff doesn’t think he has a chance to stay. Jordan shares that Kalia thinks Rachel is eliminating people that she doesn’t want in the jury she’s trying to stack the jury in her favor. Jeff doesn’t think it really matters nobody will vote for Rachel to win. Jeff tells her they need to start studying their dates…

6:00pm Sleeping

6:05pm Bedroom dani and Boy George
Dani is telling her that even if Jeff and JOrdan win the veto they can always put up Lawon and Kalia and take out Kalia. Rachel doesn’t understand why Jeff and Jordan would act like they are against Rachel it’s week 3. Dani says that JJ think they have more game than they really have. Rachel says she’s going to put up dom and Adam. Dani agrees says that’s the best move they can do right now. Rachel: “No matter what we take out one of their people”. Rachel wonders why are they picking shelly and kalia they are not going to win anything. Dani says it’s time for us to make a big move if we win POV if we have the opportunity to backdoor JJ we should take it. Rachel says that Jordan thinks she’s better then them. Dani: “Who cares” (This whispering SUCKS I can’t hear shit production should give them a penalty nomination) Dani says something about JJ thinking they are stupid

dani leaves kalia comes in says she’s getting worried becuase Lawon is telling people that he’s going up and he’s going to fliopp out. Rachel he’s sinkling his own ship.

(I’m kinda getting the feeling that Rachel isn’t buying all that Dani is selling.. hopefully tonight we learn more.. Power of Veto tomorrow is going to be important)

6:33pm Nominations
7:11pm Nominations

Big Brother Nominations are Dom and Adam

Rachel is the HOH and she’s selected Adam and Dominic for eviction. The idea is if Jeff and Jordan win the Veto they will try and take Lawon out. Rachel isn’t 100% convinced with everything Daniele is telling her but she’s confident in what she’s doing. Daniele is trying to seed the idea to backdoor Jeff Schroeder if Brendon, Rachel or Daniele win the Veto.

7:45pm Everyone milling around the kitchen Dom says I got to see the Hoff and get nominated in the same day.

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102 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Nominations Taking Place Dani to Rachel “If we Get POV we Have to Make a Big Move”

    1. And yet, everyone thinks they are either #3 or #6 in the JJBRD alliance (PT, KitKat Kalia, Shell Shocked, Porky and possibly Bacon Bit / Dwon)

  1. ouch, if J/J really do get backdoored this week they’re gonna regret sending cassi home big time. As much as i’d rather have JJ in the house than BR, maybe it’ll teach all the players an important BB lesson.. waiting to get strong competitors out will only bite you in the ass. There are no second chances in BB.

    1. No, because even if they backdoor BR, most people would have a hard time believing JJ and their only alliance would be with like Kalia!

      1. Jeff and Jordan are pretty weak too… JJ thinks that they have the house when BR and Dani are actually running shit.

  2. I never liked her in BB8 and still dont…Dani is controlling everything its really funny…Dani will win it all if they manage to backdoor JJ, this POV will be huge!

  3. The Portapotty told Dom the truth, wonder if he believes her and keeps his head in the game from now on. He can’t really trust anyone, but just like Dani I think he’s waiting for the alliance split so he’s no longer on their radar.

          1. Always glad to help, lol. Does it not fit perfectly though, Dom-in-a-trix? Can see her leather whip already.

  4. Dani is getting a little cocky isn’t she? or was her and Audrey II just joking with each other???

    1. Because she’s always stuffing her face, but she sleeps and waits for the prey to come by(a.k.a someone else’s cooking) before she strikes. like the plant Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

  5. If you would have asked me a few hours ago whether or not Rachel would backdoor Jeff and Jordan i would have probably said no, but she changes her mind about things within the blink of an eye. Rachel plays SO personal…first with Cassi and now she wants to evict Jordan all because she didn’t pick her to watch the movie? You have to be kidding. Who the hell would want to watch a movie with Rachel anyway? Ew.

    1. OMG I completely agree! Rachel is the biggest baby in these competitions. That’s why I think (I am being hopeful here) that Dani is playing B/R she knows if she is associated with them it won’t look good! But she is Evil Dick’s daughter so she probably has something good up her sleeve…we can only hope!

      1. from reading Evel Dick’s tweet’s it seems that Dani actually is not a fan of Jordan’s and was not happy to see her win the money last time by basically doing nothing the whole game…so even if she is embellishing to get Rachel to do what she wants, I think she is being honest with her basic sentiment about liking JJ

        1. See I did not know that! I started watching BB on season 9 so I never saw Evil Dick and Dani play! Honestly I like J/J and Jordan played a good game she did not get all caught up like chima, natalie Jesse…Gotta give Jordan credit to get so far and not to have to really lift a finger! I just want to see Rachel gone. I really wished J/J did backdoor last week! UGH!

    2. This time it’s not personal JORDUMB made an epic mistake on revealing her alliance w Kalia and Shelly during the luxury comp

        1. oh yeah right, bc this game is about social hour and spending quality leisure time with friends…everything in this game has to be strategic. the end.

          1. Not when its a LUXURY comp. Ain’t a damn luxurious about Rachel. Would you pick her to watch a movie with? highly doubt it, unless your a Rachel fan

        2. Yes, she picked her alliance. Hmmm, let me see, Rachel is HOH, and JJ are not immune from going on the block, they’re suppose to be in an alliance with Brenchal,…and Jordan chooses Shelly and Kalia to watch the movie with them? Basically, she told Rachel, f*ck you and Brendan, we’re not cool, I can’t even watch a movie with you, that’s how much I can’t stand you. I believe it was a dumb move on Jordan’s part, she revealed too early that they are not with Brenchal. It was so dumb because JJ have very little chance of winning comps. Sorry, this isn’t purely a social game or else BB wouldn’t have comps. There has been 12 seasons of BB and only one of the winners (Will) actually won without winning any comps. I know Jordan won last week, but let’s be honest Jeff or Brendon could’ve easily won that.

          1. I agree JORDAN is SO DUMB she should have picked Brendon and Rachel to watch the movie. Who cares if she can’t stand being around them she should have picked them to keep them happy they are the Head of Household this week DUMMY, why piss them off. Who cares if she wants to watch a movie in peace she’s there to win the money not enjoy a movie. By picking Brendon and Rachel it would have showed Brendon and Rachel that their alliance is strong, but by INSTEAD picking Shelly and Kaila it shows that Jordan rather pick Kaila and Shelly over her alliance with B/R. J/J needs B/R in this game because they win a lot so they should keep them happy and their alliance strong, and picking them would have made their alliance stronger. DAMN JORDAN IS DUMB SHE CAN’T THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. No Jeff could’ve easily won that, Brendon is horrible in comps that require coordination. see last season’s bowling comp, even Rachel said a Monkey could’ve hit 3 pins. I wonder did he ever get to see that DR?

  6. Simon I love it…Boy George!!!! So very true!!! I sure hope Dani is more for J/J! I really want B/R to go!! I use to think Brendon was descent he is just desperate this year!!! I have to put my mute button on with closed captioning when Rachel speaks!!! She drives me nuts!!!

      1. I think I would have taken the slop instead of the hoff (wonder if they offered to make him a burger or warned him about the chandeliers)

    1. Means the feeds are cut for a hour. right now the feeds are on Trivia meaning the houseguests are doing something related to the game or the live TV show.

  7. Why can’t the Dominatrix tell JJ & BR that she wants PT to be her partner and the six of them vote out everyone else one by one? I guess stating the obvious would cause too many ripples in Rat’s self absorbed little plan.

  8. SIMON! It’s time!. Every season, around the 2 week mark, I ask everyone who they think will be final 2 and who will win. Let’s hear everyone’s thoughts!

    I think Final 4 will be Jordan, Dani, Porsche, and Adam. I think Final 2 will be Jordan and Porsche, and that Jordan will (unfortunately) win again. B/R attrition will knock out Jeff and from there Jordan will float and suck and float to final 4, and then they’ll get Dani out because she’s too dangerous, and then Jordan will win one competition in a fluke and guarantee herself final 2 just like last time. She’ll bring Porsche and win either because Porsche isn’t liked/respected, or just because Jordan made it to finals again so people will be impressed. Ugh. I hope I’m wrong. I want Dani to win just because she’s playing the smartest game, and is skilled enough to win lots of competitions as well.

    Your Final 4/2/Winner picks, Simon?

    Everyone else wanna make predictions too?

    1. I have never liked Rachel. She was rude last season and this season and I want to see her leave. I loved Dani on her season and up until a week ago I had wanted her to with this season. For the past week I have noticed that Dani is almost as bad as Rachel!!! She makes mean comments and claims she is kidding which is so annoying and on top of that she is calling people stupid! She needs to get a reality check and realize that she is not as amazing as she thinks she is and needs to start acting nicer. I hope she goes home right after Rachel.

    2. Dani is playing the smartest game, however I think she jumped the gun getting br/jj to suspect each other. I need to listen to tonight’s conversation between JJ to see what they know, I suspect both will make it decently far and just because of the CBS boner one will probably make it to final 2. Brendon and Rachel are a train wreck it’s hilarious, Brendon might make it far. Once they lose grip of power they will implode and the house will stone them to death. I thought shelly was playing a better game then she actually is, she’ll probably go down fighting maybe even take someone big out with her. I need to watch Kalia tonight to get an idea of where she’s at but she’ll be going home and won’t do anything . POrtapotty is completely retarded in the game she’ll make it far. Dom could go home this coming week I need to find out what JJ is thinking hopefully tonight they talk. lawon could go home this week, he’ll float around then go to jury. If Adam survives this week and rides the power shift right he could go down in history and put up some HUGE BB players.

      A twist could make the entire house go bonkers.. Maybe i’ll do the final 4/2/1 after I know what the twist is if any.

    3. I think it;s Franklin the Turtle, he’s been gone for too long watch there be a twist and he come back and is declared the winner of BB right before AG get the turtle wax and try to put him in the oven LOL

      Hmmm I don’t know maybe Dani and Jordan final 2

  9. I don’t think it would be a bad idea for Dom teaming up with Pacer for a while, my boy needs all the help he can get yo. Hope he survives this week.

  10. Does anyone feel that porsche could become the next jen the hottie from s8 that eventually was hated by the whole house

  11. dani will win this game / if rach wait too long to get jeff or jordan out they are toast . to me i agree with jeff it doenst matter who goes to the jury rach bren wont win

  12. Ok you guys Dani reminds me of Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry potter…….and for the first time Ill Will you made me laugh about kalia in a Hot Dog eating comp lol

    1. I don’t know if Cassi was interviewed or not , I actually did not post that… Simon I think i got an impostor I swear I did not post that.

  13. maybe por’s not as dumb as we think. she knows she’s at the bottom of the totem pole, and knows that dani’s using dom. pleasently surprised.

  14. Why would they do that to double J, im so pissed Jeff and Jordan backdoor Rachel and Brendon I knew this was going to happen if Rachel won HOH, well it doesnt really matter double J dug there own grave by putting Hot Cassi up and getting her evicted

    1. same here are that they start looking at dani/dom oh and maby someone else will piss off r/b and take the heat off jj

  15. Dani’s becoming a “Mini-Mean!” I guess its true that, “The apple don’t fall too far from the tree!”

  16. I seriously have had it with B&R — their temper tantrums, their constant fighting, That is not entertainment or good tv — it is ANNOYING! If JJ do not win this POV & go home & Rachel & Brendan will be the center of every episode for the rest of the summer. I cannot stand to watch another stinking minute of their BS. I am tired of every tv show, every day, every eviction being about Rachel and her shenanigans or her child like behavior. I am a J/J fan so I am really upset to watch their demise right now. They stuck to their alliance & will pay for it. I honestly don’t think Jordan was game playing by picking Shelly & Kalia. She just being a nice person and sharing the wealth. Of course, it was a dumb game move so my last hope for this show is for JJ to win POV. If they are gone, I will not be watching the “Rachel show” & will be sad because of how much I look forward to BB. Last, my big wish is for Jordan to go up to HOH and confront Rachel to her face. But I don’t think that is going to happen.

  17. I hate Rachel. Why did they bring her back? She ranks up there with Natalie from BB11! Obviously she wasn’t embarrassed by how much America hated her after last season. She is jealous of everyone. Now that cassi is gone she is jealous of Jordan for some reason! I won’t watch anymore if she gets in control. I don’t wanna watch the Rachel show

  18. I do not know why people in the house keep talking about how Dani used Nick in BB8 to do her bidding? Did they really watch BB8? Nick was evicted even before jury so he had little influence in the game and did nothing to advance Dani’s game. She used ED not Nick! She is a user and they would be smart to get her out first chance since once she starts winning comps she will be tough to get out. That is why Dominic needs to go now to weaken her position even before golden key ends.

  19. If someone in house is a thief would BB search them if they get accused? Cassi lost some things including a bracelet and i think Dani lost her key so stupid of some people.

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