Big Brother Canada Suzette: “I don’t want to be Canadian.. I’m Aboriginal”

POV Holder: Gary Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 4th
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations: Gary and Aneal
Current Nominations: Aneal and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat
Have Nots Talla, Tom, Peter, Gary, Alec


11:22AM Backyard Peter, Liza, Emmett, Jillian and Andrew

Talking about oral sex.. Tom likes to give. Liza gives to and takes during s$x, she doesn’t like to have multiple orgasims she likes to have one big one.

Tom says he likes to pull out and F*** her in the m**th a bit, “Oh I just described my last sexual experience”
They comment how Tom’s conversations will not be aired on the regular TV show.
Tom: “ I think that is why I like to swear so much so they bleep it all out”

Talk drifts to TV shows, Californication etc etc.. Drifts to movies, Renée Zellweger, Jerry McGuire..
Liza: “I really Tom Cruise”


11:30AM bathroom Suzette, Danielle and Alec

Alec taking a cold shower.. Says it sucks


AJ joins them. Suzette starts telling them there are people in production that told her they have never seen a native person before. Danielle: “Are you f*** serious.. that blows my mind” Suzette says that the indigenous people of Canada are getting sick and tired of the countries ignorance towards them. She brings up the “Idle no More” movement. Suzette points out that people do not hire Natives in her community.

Suzette: “In rural areas I’m told that natives get served last”
Alec: “Where is that?”
Suzette: “Rural Areas”
Aj: “ I’ve experienced a bit of racism.. just a few comments here and there”
Suzette: “You can experience racism but you haven’t experience the entire rape of your people”
Suzette brings up that the native people of Canada only get one day a year “Native Day” and the first time Canada had ever put them front and centre was the 2010 Olympics.

AJ tells her he dated a girl once and after a while he had asked her what her ethnic background was.. “I just thought she was Canadian.. but she told me she was aboriginal” (LOL go AJ)

Suzette adds that there are many Native people in Canada that do not want Native status because they want to be “Treated like Humans”

Suzette: “I don’t want to be Canadian.. I’m aboriginal”

Alec and Danielle leave the bathroom… AJ and Suzette keep talking about race, The “Indian Act” and Canada.. Suzette shares her frustration being a Aboriginal person in Canada.


11:56AM Backyard Liza, Tom and Peter

Liza is pointing out that all topaz does is sleep. Wonders what’s the point of being on the show if you are not going to do anything. “I came here to meet people and play not sleep.. i’m not on vacation”

Liza: “Who the f*** needs to sleep every day for 12 hours.. like I use to crash when I was teenager.. but these are adults”

Liza leaves..

Tom mentions that it’s gettign easier to make up reasons to dispose of poeople when all they do is sleep

Peter: “Danielle asked me for a vote today”
Tom: “She has never talked game to me.. I know she’s allied with Gary, little does she know she’s going home”

Peter points out that the votes are going to go 6-6, 5-5, and 4-4 so even if they don’t have the power they still can control the vote as long as they know what 2 other people are going to vote. Peter is talking about hiding the final 4 alliance and making sure nobody clues in that the 4 bros are voting the same.

Tom makes up nicknames for the nominee’s Woody (Aneal) and Blondie (Danielle)

Peter: “The next move has to be Gary.. but we’ll need to backdoor him.. Aneal will go up as the pawn”

Peter tells him the way to control this game is to have a secret alliance of 4.. Peter leaves to go find his jeans..


12:07PM Storage Room Emmett and Alec they are talking about Suzette and how she is really opening their eyes to Canada’s past. Alec: “I had no idea about the residential schools and what they did to the children” Emmett: “It was crazy”

12:16pm Liza and Peter Game Talk
They both agree that people are starting to notice they talk
Liza: “Gary and Danielle hate Tom.. Gary told me he thinks you’re very smart”


12:38pm Bathroom Gary and Talla
Gary’s skin on his face is drying.. he’s have a very tough time dealing with it.

Gary: “Big Brother this is an emergency.. My skin is really messed up I need a cream or something.. “
They tell him to wait..
Gary: “I’m just going to sit here until I can come in”
He stands at the Diary Room door.. 5 minutes past he’s still waiting.. cam switches to the kitchen.


12:47pm dinning room table Danielle, Peter, Suzette, Alec Topaz, Talla Topaz has been sleeping for the last day. Alec had told her in private to stop isolating herself cause it’s not good for her game. Topaz joins them it’s obvious that Alec is trying to play down their “CuddleMance”. Random chit chat.. Aneal joins them.

BTW Gary is still waiting to get into teh Diary Room.


1:00pm Still showing their affection


1:01pm Bedroom Peter and Alec

Peter and Alec both agree they need to get HOH this coming week so they can make sure Gary is sent home. Peter: “we need to backdoor him” Peter adds the will put up Aneal and Suzette two random floaters and then backdoor Gary. Alec: “i really like that plan but my plan is sick” Alec starts explaining they get Tom and Emmett on one side with them on the otherside. They would have Topaz, AJ, Andrew and Suzette (6 total) Talla walks in.. Asks them what they are doing in here. Alec: “Talking about skiing” Talla: “Ohh talking business.,. I’ll leave” She leaves.

They go back to talking game.
Alec says once Gary is gone they win HOH and put up Talla and Aneal with Aneal going home then the other side wins HOH they put up Suzette/AJ and Suzette goes home. Once Danielle is gone Peter and Alec can control Suzette.
They’re plan is to play the two sides of the house against each other
Alec: “We’re not in danger at all.. it’s going to be fun”
They agree Danielle goes this week Gary goes next week and from there on in they alternate both sides to bring down the numbers. Peter: “We need Gary gone.. Liza told me he’s starting to throw my name out there”
ALec: “Liza is a F***** snake though”

Danielle walks in.. tells her they are not talking about her.

Watch the attached movie Alec and Peter lay out their master plan (I bet this plan explodes on them)


1:38PM Aneal and Tom Tom tells Aneal that everyone wants Danielle gone because she is close to Gary and GAry is not liked in the house, “Could you imagine being in the Jury house with Gary.. we want to have fun”. He says if Aneal stays this week he’s gotta fight for the Head Of Household. Aneal promises he’ll fight for the HOH


2:00PM Not much going on in the house.. Gary is planning a fashion show for Wednesday night. the theme is fire (Surprised it’s not glitter)

2:10pm Bedroom Gary, Liza, Daneille, Suzette Danielle tells them that last night she rubbed one out. “I can go in like 10 seconds” Liza says she can’t do it on her own. Big Brother has given them electric toothbrushes. One of them v!brates a lot and liza is thinking that she could use it as a v!brat*r.


2:18pm Danielle, Gary, Suzette They are talking smack about Jillian. They think she’s lying about being a teacher and that she knows Emmett outside of the house.
Danielle thinks that she was put into the house to cause sh!t between Emmett and Jillian.
Danielle: “Emmett won’t even talk to me”
Gary: “You are a good looking girl you have huge BOOBS why not talk to you”
Gary: “I think they are married.. they are newlyweds”
the three of them agree

Danielle about Emett: “He said he was into Carrie Underwood don’tr you think he would be into me”
Gary warns her that she needs to pace herself about the Drama becuase once the Drama comes they won’t be able to breath. “You think your rash is bad now.. you’re going to look like a tomato”

(Suzette has been really pushing the angle that Emmett and Jillian know each other. Danielle, Gary and Suzette have no clue Danielle is going home this week)

Danielle wants to move LA “Go to fashion shows sit in the front row and be important.. I can be one E! (The television channel) but I want something Bigger!”
Gary: “Private jets… I want my name in flashing lights”
(LOL the delusional dreams of these two it makes me feel like I’m watching BB12)


2:44pm Backyard Alec and Aneal Talking about the Gary/Danielle Alliance and how they are apparently targeting Peter. Aneal mentions that Danielle has no idea she’s going home. Aneal: “She’s not even going to pack up all her Sh!t” Alec asks who Tom has. Aneal thinks Tom has Liza and Emmett.

ALec: “To be true.. I really don’t like her she’s always talking about being famous.. we’re just on two different wavelengths”
Aneal agrees says he’s on this game to play the game and when he goes home he’ll go back to his regular life.

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LOVING the Liza and Peter sub-alliance


Liza is the best


Wow Danielle’s comparing herself to Carrie underwood…now that made me LOL