Big Brother Canada: After over 5 hours Down the Live Feeds are Back – Toms Target Changes!

POV Holder: Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, ?

Big Brother Canada March 8 2013 615pm

6:10pm When the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds come back from showing the “Hush Hush” screen for over five hours we see the house guests are moving around the house. Tom mentions that nominations are today. He says that the sign was up on the Living room tv. The havenots get to eat Poutine and Beaver Tails. Tom and Aneal are in the storage room talking. Tom says that his plan has changed and he now has a personal vendetta to get Suzette out this week and Gary out next week. He says that Suzette threatened to come after him and is spreading rumors like making up that I threatened Liza. Aneal tells Tom that he has his back and will do whatever he wants him to do. Aneal leaves the room. Emmett enters and they discuss what Tom will say to Suzette during the nominations. Emmett says that he should ask Suzette to apologize. Emmett tells Tom to tell Gary that he is the pawn. Tom says that he will tell Suzette that she has spread too many lies and she has hurt their families with all the lies she’s started.

Big Brother Canada March 8 2013 616pm

6:25pm Alec mentions that he is going to eat some of the poutine, therefore he is a havenot. Topaz and Aneal are also havenots.

Meanwhile up in the HOH room Gary is talking to Tom. Tom tells Gary that he needs to stay strong and that he is going after Suzette this week because she said she wants me out before her and she has told some character attacks against me. Tom reassures Gary that this will be a 10 – 0 vote and that Gary has nothing to worry about. Tom apologizes for having to put him up and that he is willing to work with him in the future. Tom says that he didn’t want to surprise Gary and wanted to tell him what was happening. Tom tells Gary to stay close to Topaz and Liza this week. Tom says that he and Emmett have a deal to take Gary off the block if they win the POV and that he will put up Aj or Andrew. Tom brings up how Suzette stole his Pepsi Max without even asking. Gary and Tom hug. Tom says that he was the one that helped Suzette when she hurt her ankle. Tom says that he called Suzette a bit*h like 50 times today because of the things she has done.

Video of the HOH Conversation will be posted here:

6:50pm – 7pm Tom, Alec, Talla and Andrew are in the HOH room. Tom gives them all a run down of the conversation he had with Gary and his reasons for nominating Suzette and Gary. Tom says “Come at me Bro!” Andrew laughs and says to Suzette. They break up their conversation. Andrew and Alec leave the room. Tom tells Liza and Talla that Suzette has made this personal. Liza comments on how Suzette called all the housewives (Liza, Jillian, Topaz) “WHORES”. Talla says that she thinks Suzette feels sorry about that. Talla heads down stairs. Tom and Liza talk about what Tom should say when he nominates Suzette. Meanwhile down in the bathroom: Suzette, Gary and Alec are talking. Suzette says that she thinks everyone in Canada feel sorry for her, that she has had it hard since the beginning. Suzette gets called to the diary room. Alec tells Gary that if he wins the POV he is going to take Gary off the block. Gary and Alec high five. Alec tells Gary to be quiet about it though. Alec leaves and goes and tells Topaz that he thinks she did it, saved Gary.

7:15pm Tom plays with his monkey..

Big Brother Canada March 8 2013 715pm

7:20pm Meanwhile down in the bedroom Suzette does her nails in silence:

Big Brother Canada March 8 2013 720pm

7:25pm – 7:30pm Aj, Andrew and Peter are out on the backyard couches talking about random things. Peter gets up and limps inside the house. Looks like he either hurt his ankle or is faking it again for sympathy. He heads inside to find Suzette and the ice pack that she had.

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What a power move taking out Suzette.. I hope she stirs the pot a bit before she goes.


You wouldn’t take out someone who lies/talks shit on you (and apparently steals as well lol), and most of all IS COMING AFTER YOU? Suzette was already gifted one HOH and put him up on the block…who’s to say that wouldn’t happen again? If Suzette wins HOH, Tom is gone. I have no clue if yall are in love with Suzette or just hate Tom (from the comments, it may be the latter), but this is his best move right now. It’s not just Tom either, everyone in the house hates Suzette, so it doesn’t make him any new enemies.


True there’s a lot of people left in the house to be making power moves . Garry may be a better target though as Suzette’s chances of being anything more than a vote are remote. I think Tom is this seasons villain a crucial roll to play in every Big Brother.

If Big Tom goes who would replace him as the bad guy?


I hope Suzette doesn’t walk out before she is evicted. I must of missed it, but by the sounds of it, she had quite the melt-down!


Poutine and Beaver tails??? I can’t even get that right now if I wanted to! Have-Nots my butt!


Town r u from Kingston? I thought the same,e thing about the have not food


what type of have not punishment is poutine and beavertails? that isnt a punishment


Really liking Alec and Peter..especially after watching the last ‘live’ show


I do too… Peter is a cross between Dan (BB10), because BB14 Dan would stab emmett and tom in the back, and Eric BB8. Alec is more of his lapdog..


It’s funny how offended they get when someone does the same thing they are doing??? Bunch of self righteous hypocrites. They seem to forget that they are in the house for 10 weeks and this show and their actions will follow them for the rest of their lives. The only ones I see that will enter back the real world pretty much unscaved is Peter, Andrew, Alec and Aneal


i hate how the women are just being treated like meat. and it seems like they’re just going along with it.. like jillian.. emmett is completely just using you. tom is using liza. and alec is the only to actually have some feelings for topaz. and they can barely trust each other. peter is so above any of these players. i can’t wait to see him make it farther than all of them. i also dream of the day the girls play the guys. and i bet they’ll feel like it’s such a bitch move.. but it’s exactly what they’re doing now.


I agree completlely. This season is a boys club, like season 12 of the america version. Liza reminds so much of erika from bb4 and bb7, and a little of danielle murphree. She is strangly attached to tom.


9:33pm Feeds are still on HUSH HUSH


Without Gary the house is a snooze fest, besides Talla flipping out all the time there’s only people sucking face which doesn’t make for good tv/live feeds.

Tom needs to to go asap.No one likes him anyway except for Emmet. Hopefully Suzette goes home this week


I think they chose those have not foods so they will get fat

George BBUS 1-14 fan

Have none of you really seen the racism thoughts & underlying superiority complexes of both Tom & Emmett during 1st episode before their nominations they discussed how & who would leave in what order. KAT ( Asian Women Descendant ) GARY ( African Gay ) TOPAZ ( African Women) SUZETTE( Aboriginal 1st Nation Woman ) DANIELLE (Aboriginal descent 1st Nation Woman ) ANEAL ( Indo Canadian Gay ) PETER ( Indo Canadian Descent) TALLA ( Hispanic or Porta Rican Descent Woman ) LIZA ( Women ) Jillian ( Women ) Maybe not in this exact order But I did write them down as Tom was discussing with Emmett, As they formed thier little Bond. This was my 1st warning call about TOM . He then went on to say “then it would be a Mans Mans Game”
( guess Tom has a women & ethic problem ) Tom is the biggest liar bully boss intimidating person in the house & Emmett is his little puppet. Calling Suzette a thief is BS. When Tom got his HOH Basket he put everything downstairs & in fridge & said everyone could help them selves ( Guess that only ment his little circle of Boys )
I never Heard Suzette call the girls Whores, I only heard Tom tell Emmett & Alec. we Must remember Tom is the one that told his little circle of Men this who then told the other Women. I have to give Tom & Emmett credit for Tom tells Emmett a Lie and says Suzette or 1 of the other people on his hit list said it & then spread the lie around the house. TOM NEEDS TO GO he is the WORST OF THE WORST