Big Brother Canada SPOILERS Nomination & Power Of Veto RESULTS!

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

1:30am When the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds return we learn that as head of household Jillian has done what she said she was going to do and nominated ALEC & PETER. She and Emmett had a discussion with Peter this morning about him going on the block with Alec. Jillian’s ultimate target this week is Alec because he threatened her to not put him up on the block. It will be interesting to see how the week plays out as Jillian promised Topaz during the HOH competition that she wouldn’t nominate her or Alec.

The Power of Veto Winner is: Peter


Confirmed Peter won the POV.
FYI No gary in the house..


HOH Jillian and Talla Jillian says she is going to go back on her word and put up Topaz. She’s not happy about it though, ‘It sucks Talla.. these people are both going to jury house and they are not going to vote for me” Talla tells her that she’s made smart big moves people will consider that when voting for the winner. Talla: “The thing to remember what did they do.. What did they do.. Last week they threw it all out the window.. I really feel like I cannot trust Topaz”
Jillian tells her she cannot talk to Talla right now.. she doesn’t have her microphone on, “I don’t want this to be ON TV I feel like I want to Die.. I’ll talk to you in a second when I’m ready”

(Video uploading.. )


1:40pm HOH Jillian and Topaz

Topaz: “Peter is obviously coming off the block”
Topaz: ‘But we’re still good with our deal right.. “
Jillian: ‘the problem is you’ve told people you cannot trust me anymore”
Topaz: “I told people I cannot trust you any more.. cause you put Alec up? .. whaaat Who would I talk to to say that.. “
Jillian: ‘You never told anybody this week that you cannot trust me anymore?”
Topaz: “Umm no”
Jillian: “That stresses me out because if she doesn’t trust me”
Topaz: “That pisses me off”
Topaz says that Alec and Peter would never have said that so it must of been Talla or Andrew and they are just trying to save their own skin.

Jillian: “Whoever goes up with Alec.. They are safe .. Alec is the target.. I still need to figure out who is going up and it’s stressing me the F*** out”

(Video uploading.. )


1:40pm Andrew and Emmett in the storage room
They are digging around the fridge looking for food.
Andrew: “I was the first one out”


1:42pm Kitchen Emmett, Andrew, Talla They are chating about the competition. Sound like Andrew did alright (Not sure what Andrew was referring to when he was in the storage room with Emmett)

Talla tells Jillian she is not talking to her tonight.. “You just keep your head straight” Jillian heads up to the HOH.

Andrew: “Talla you gotta chill”
Talla: “I know.. I feel bad.. I know it’s hard and it’s not going to be easy (For her to decide who the replacement nominee is)
Andrew: “Chill”


Emmett asks Talla if she wants “This big Fatty”


2:10am Jillian and Emmett

Jillian is super stressed.. tells Emmett that Topaz and Talla are all over her about who the replacement nominee is.
Jillian felt like freaking out on Topaz..
Emmett: “Give me some kisses”
Jillian: ‘No.. i’m sweating.. I just got out of the shower and i’m sweating again.. Poor Alec he’s defeated he’s going home.. he’s going to the jury house he lost the game”

Emmett: “When Alec quit I kinda and he said.. he didn’t want to win Anyway he wanted Pete.. I felt bad for him.. But if Topaz had won HOH he would have had her put us up and one of us would be going home.. Alec would have had her do his dirty work ” (Apparently Alec gave up during the POV Comp)
Emmett: “You understand.. YOU UNDERSTAND”
Jillian: “Ya.. I gotta keep remembering that he was after us.. ”

Jillian: “What should I do with Topaz.. She had a chance to fight for veto and she lost it that was not part of our promise and now it like to the world that I’m a backstabbing bitch. Cause fricken what’s his face won. I can’t go back on my word with Talla.. She the only option I do make promises I cannot Keep”

Jillian asks if she put Topaz up it’s not called backdooring.
Emmett: ‘She’s not going home.. we control the vote.. it’s not backdooring”

Emmett: “Jillian no matter what you do if Topaz wins next week we are going up.. doesn’t matter what we do”
Jillian: “She’s the pawn doesn’t matter doesn’t she know we control the votes.. “
Emmett: “this is a game”
Jillian: ‘You are suppose to play honestly and good”
Emmett: “What the hell no you are not this id f***ing big brother do you know what game you are in.. people fuc***ng lie all the time .. everyone lies.. not a single person in this house isn’t lying.”

Jillian mentions how she brought up to Topaz that someone in the house told her that topaz is going around telling people she doesn’t trust Jillian anymore. Jillian cannot remember who even told her in the first place. Emmett says it may have been peter.


2:36AM Jillian and Emmett

They are in the main bedroom because the HOH room is too hot.. Jillian says that the only reason why Topaz made a deal was she couldn’t handle the HOH Competition. Jillian: “I didn’t put her up I did my duty she had the chance to win the POV”
Emmett: “She should Have won the POV”
(They are talking about Topaz)

Talla joins them tell them that the Diary room wants Jillian

Jillian: “Come here Talla I want to give you a hug because I felt like I kicked you out of the room”
Talla: “You know you are not evil and you are in a position”
Jillian reassures her that her and Andrew are safe this week. Jillian: “you and Andrew are not even in my head” Talla: ‘I know we’re in an alliance together… I do feel bad”
Talla: “Pull evil Jill out and own it”
Jillian: “She (Topaz) came up and asked me if I was Still 100% with our deal.. Our Deal is over.. “
Talla: “I know”
Jillian heads to the Diary room
Andrew rolls in.. Asks them how Jillian is doing. Emmett says Jill is a little worked up about having to put up a replacement nominee. Emmett: “I don’t give a sh1t f** it I’ll go tell her” (Topaz that she’s going up)

Talla mentions how Topaz has a confrontational side to her.. she could confront Jillian. Andrew: “What’s the worst that can happen she’ll tear a strip off her.. she’s a yeller but.. “
Talla: “If she says anything to Jillian I will get in that in a second.. I WILL WIN AN ARGUMENT THAT IS FOR SURE”
Andrew: “The thing is.. what does she expect it’s a game”
Talla understands that Jillian is in a tough spot.
Andrew understands to mentions that he was sitting up in the HOH room with Topaz and Gary and tell them both they are going up.

Emmett jokes that Talla better start winning shit
Talla: “I know I will i’m a power player in waiting” (lol)
Andrew heads out looking for a jar

Talla explains that she thought Topaz and her were friends.
Emmett informs her that Topaz wants her to go up.. “You are obviously not that good of friends”
Talla: ‘all she did was sleep and hasn’t done anything to earn my trust. ”

Andrew joins them.. They have a conversation about the POV competition. Andrew says when he first saw what it was he thought it was right up Alec’s alley. Talla: “I thought it was up my Alley” Andrew: “You know what is up your alley.. I saw it in the toilet 10 minutes ago”

3:05AM Bedroom Emmett, Alec, Andrew and Peter

Peter: “4 of the 6 people quit.. one of them being on the block”
Alec comes in “I was going to Die”
Andrew and Peter were the only two POV players that finished the rest quit.


3:10AM Talla checking out the memory wall “I miss Gary


3:30AM Talla getting ready for bed. Topaz in the Diary room everyone else sleeping.

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listening to the feeds I noticed that Alec is not appearing anywhere….Dawg was he possibly evicted?


He’s still in the game.. apparently he gave up in the POV though..


The Shield – Alec is in a fetal position w/sleep mask and 5 sweatshirts wondering how (if possible) he can still cheat (once more Peter – chowing down on McNuggets and fries thanking the elastic sexual device on his fingers that Lizard left behind for him.


Wow, I am shocked that peter won! It does look like jillian’s decision to put peter and alec on the block was a good choice obviously he is going to take himself off the block (unless he is really stupid) if she only put one up then alec would have been saved. It really doesn’t matter who goes up against alec because it will either be a 2-2 vote with jill breaking the tie or a 3-1 vote depending on who she puts up. Really she already broke her word to topez so i don’t think her putting her up will change anything. Her putting someone up from your own allience would be a dump move on her part so i think her only move is to put topez up either way she would have come after her. The only thing that could have happened that would have been bad for jill is if alec won so regardless she has the votes.


I think it may have to do with the fact that 4 out of 6 of the players in the veto DQ’d lmao
Though, he still might have won because I think Alec was the only player under peter’s time that DQ’d ,, i guess he couldn’t find a way to cheat -_-

is there a reason why “the milkmance” didn’t tell Topaz that Alec has been throwing her under the bus ? It seems like she is going to be the replacement nominee & pawn .. so hopefully Alec’s true color will show when they’re both on the block lol

The Knight

Finally done something! Good job Pete. All you have to do is start speaking louder (sarcasm) and quit trying to act like you are running the house or some sort of diabolical genius.


jillian may put talla up as a replacement ….. i see andrew telling talla to stop it jillian will still be the tie breaker to send alec home …. jillian needs to keep her face good with topaz because she cant play hoh this coming week and its double eviction so if topaz win she may not nominate jillian ….. i think topaz will still put up jillian and emmette or emmtte and andrew ….. bye bye alec


i cant believe lazy peter won when he needed too. ….


Yes!!! 🙂 So happy Alec is a goner!
I feared for the worst when the feeds came back and the first thing I saw was Jill tell Talla that she’s upset she might have to put Topaz up.
I feared Alec had won POV.
Peter winning is ok, Alec is out! 🙂
If I was Jill+Emmett, I’d put Talla up as replacement (after talking to her of course) so that Jillian doesn’t lose Topaz’ trust. Now that Alec WILL BE gone, Jillian and Emmett can start realigning with Peter, so while they’ll still tell Talla they’re together, her happiness (ie not being the replacement nom) isn’t their main concern anymore.


What trust is that? Topaz is a hoodrat that will absolutely nominate E/J if she wins HOH next. She is owed nothing. I’m frankly concerned Jillian is upset. Your HOH this is what power players with HOH do. Keep Lala safe and don’t F up your game simply renom Topaz.


Yes I agree with you about the hoodrat and Jillian. Jillian is not as good at this game as everyone says. She is too worried about votes but doesn’t she realize she has to get to final 2 to be in that position. Emmet understand it is a game. She gets too stressed out about doing what she should do. Put up Topaz and lay it on the line. You would and will put me up if given the chance. I am really excited to see what Peter does next. Hopefully he hooks up with Andrew and Talla to take out Emmet and Jillian, because hooking up with Topaz now is pointless.


You’re ignorant, racist, and it’s funny.

Jillian gave her word to Topaz and this is the ONLY reason why Jillian is currently HOH. Topaz could have stayed and won but Jillian continually asked her to make a deal and Topaz finally gave in. Now that Jillian has to put someone else up their deal is suddenly off? JIllian is right about being worried. Alec, Topaz, AJ, Gary, (and possibly Peter next) in the jury house means she will NEVER win Big Brother because she’s a now perceived as a liar and backstabber. Oh! And if they target Talla in the next two weeks you can forget about her vote as well. This is a horrible decision on Jillians part. If she required a pawn she should have used Andrew or Talla, knowing it probably would have come down to a tie (Topaz and Peter for Andrew or Talla and Talla or Andrew and Emmett for Alec) and she would determine who gets the axe. She would keep her word to Topaz and still get rid of Alec. This is what you call a win-win scenerio. She essentially just gave her game to either Emmett or Andrew.

VP - Operations

Finally seeing some big moves from Jillian, Alec and Peter were way too scared to make any, I’m glad she did rise to the occasion.
surprisingly Peter won PoV, now that he really needs it, but it looks like Alec will be going home 100% this week, and possibly Topaz will be going as well due to double eviction.

I really feel for Topaz, she’s been a much stronger player compared to Talla or even Andrew and she deserves to be in the final five at least. but her lack of common sense during her HoH, and continued association with someone as shallow as Alec, really ruined her game. being a fan of Gary n Topaz alliance, I believe she still has a chance if she wins HoH or teams up with Peter, Talla and pull Andrew to her side, and convince everyone that Jillian n Emmett are simply too strong, nobody has a fighting chance against them even if you do make it to final three, by proposing this new alliance, everyone in it will be on a much more leveled playing field.

this can really turn Topaz’s game around if she does it correctly and if she wins HoH she will most likely make it to final three, but the chances are slim given Talla may be hard to convince and Andrew will be even more of a challenge, and Peter may not even wish to work with her.


I agree with you.. unfrotunately, even if Topaz wins the next one, since it’s a double eviction, she would not have time to solidify anything w/ anyone.. which sucks.. she’d be screwed over all over again like her last rush HOH… i hope she stays… she has done more than Talla and andrew and even Peter (I have barely even noticed he was around to be honest til now). I like her.. she’s loyal… someone liek that is gd ot have one ones side.. too bad Alec was not loyal himself… his dumbest move and which costed him his game was turning his back on Topaz and not trusting in the one person who truly had his back in this game (dumbest decision ever!!) and not getting out andrew and throwing her under the bus non-stop!. Serves him right.. so glad he’ll be gone before Topaz. Just wich Topaz would get a gd HOH where she’d have a week to do some work… but i know eveyrone is gonna go the easy route and get rid of her next.

alec is a douche

I seriously agree with you, the dumbest thing alec did was to turn his back on topaz and throw her under the bus. the only person that had his back, even peter threw him under the bus yesterday and today when talking to Jillian. Smart decision alec you are going to the jury now.


Excellent post VP-Operations,

I was one of the few who believed Peter had more game & was strategically waiting until jury to show it, in fact I picked Pete to win the POV. We did hear he was the last guy in the HOH comp Jill won & evidently it was better suited to females so that was a sign to me.

He’s also gained my respect for how he handled:

* discovering Alec’s bonehead move to be confrontational to Jill less than a day after EJ/AP solidified F4

* learn Alec was ok with Peter going up on the block (but he didn’t warn/share this info with Pete)

* turn his game around in a matter of minutes/hours? from this morning upon being told both he & Alec would be put up

* & in what sounded like was a very difficult POV he bested a motivated Emmett & Jill & a desperate Alec! (THIS is the biggest bravo to Peter IMO)

I like you, have also liked Topaz & felt she was given the shaft by the dirty production tinkering & have more respect for how she handled being on the block with her best friend while Alec was distancing himself AND she was on slop. Unlike Talla she has NOT yo-yo’d back & forth to the power.

While I agree with you separating EJ is best for the house as well as for UNPREDICTABILITY I’m not as convinced as you regarding who she could work with. Of the 3 Talla, Andrew & Peter I actually think Peter may be the most difficult for her to persuade although he may see an advantage in bringing her b/c he’d likely beat her based on them both lying low early albeit Topaz’s low featured snoring. As for Talla & Andrew I think it’s a given Talla is the easiest to sway based on ONE FACTOR… WHO IS IN POWER. If Peter or Topaz win HOH on Thursday’s dbl eviction watch how quickly she tells them to put up EJ!

Another thing I believe which may help Topaz moving forward is in the scenario of EJ getting split up in the double evict I could actually see Jill working with Topaz although Andrew will be her likeliest first choice. Regardless of Emmett being the calmer of the milk-mance even Jill will recognize the need to have 3 solid people going vs. 2 & after Talla inevitably campaigns to break up EJ my money is on her wanting to work with one of Topaz or Peter.

Heck I could totally be wrong & maybe Topaz will show some real spirit & make the girls realize their dreams have come true (in the event of an Emmett eviction) & say the FEMALES FINALLY OUT NUMBER THE BOYS… lets take Andrew out & run this to F3!


Like I said Peter will win challenges when he has too 😉

Still think he’s a floater?

The Knight

He’s won one Veto. It doesn’t make much of a difference. Jenn from BB14 won a Veto. Did that make her not a floater?


whos Jenn 😉

The Knight

Exactly my point lol.

Shakira Stan

lol jenncity! i just died!

the funny thing is, she thought she was such a great player for winning that veto. she was like “i wanna make big moves” #r.i.p.


I was actually defending a case I made in an earlier thread. Peter was NEVER a floater. The key difference between Jenn and Peter is that Peter had a plan, while Jenn was just there and happened to win a veto. Peter’s been saying he’s gonna throw competitions and make himself look like a weak player,. His plan was to lay low and throw competitions until he had to win. Like Dan’s in BB10. People were saying Peter is incapable of winning competitions even when he’s trying, well look what just happened today, he won when he really needed too. The game is not always about winning competition. If you think Peter is a floater, than you also have to put Dr. Will in that same category. How many competitions did he win? Exactly.

Peter’s playing a very strategic game. He’s not gonna go around trying to win everything and end up like Frank or Janelle, where no one wanted to take them to the final 2. He’s trying to not seem as a threat, so people would want him around. But he’s also trying to win only crucial competitions, enough to make a case when he’s trying to get votes in the final 2.


You really can’t compare Peter to Dan and certainly not to Will. The one thing that both players have and Peter never had is the power of persuasion. Both of them make a case for not winning every comp– in Wills case never winning a comp, but still being able to work the people in power to do their dirty work for them. I can’t think of a time where Peter has ever successfully talked an HOH into doing something for him. I think Peter is a floater, but he doesn’t float with the power, I think someone has it right in saying he’s a loyal floater, he stays with his alliance but doesn’t do much in the house.

Also, Peter will have to start either winning every comp or be up against Topaz (and even this is arguably a bad idea since topaz could make a pretty good case for herself) or Talla to win in the finale, he doesn’t have a lot of tricks to say he pulled if he’s up against anyone else.


Go Peter. I locked in my top 3 back a week or so ago. Peter, Jillian and Talla.

Delilah Jones

I agree that Peter has been playing a strategic game, and would hardly call him a floater. He has admitted in his DR sessions when he has thrown competitions, and has also admitted when he failed to win the one comp he really wanted to win (POV last week).

I have not watched a lot of the feeds, but it seems to me that Andrew has wanted to get Peter out for some time now. This is merely my opinion based on the number of times I have heard him bring up Peter’s game play. I am confused as to why Emmett has turned on Peter, considering he has up until recently told Jillian repeatedly that he trusts him.

I actually like most of the people who are still in the house, but I think Alec has made some big mistakes, so it will not bother me to see him go to Jury this Thursday. Unfortunately, if Topaz or Peter do not win HOH during the double eviction, I see Peter being the next one booted out. I do believe if he can manage to stay in the house another week, he might be able to make it to at least final three.

Antony G

‘I have this strong feeling that Jillian will nominate Peter and Talla.’ The reason I thought this was because Jillian knows that she effectively loses the game if she breaks the deal she made with Topaz – to keep Alec and Topaz safe. Gary, Topaz, Alec certainly won’t vote for her if she gets to the end. So Jillian was either going to immediately show that she wasn’t going to break that promise by nominating Peter and Talla, or she would wait until after the POV comp had taken place and then regrettably vote out Talla – after putting her on the block as a replacement.

Even though it makes perfect sense to vote out that idiot Alec, I genuinely don’t think Jillian can afford to break that deal.

Confused Parent

I think Jillian can still win if she makes it to the final two. Gary totally wanted to put Alec up if he survived the eviction and won HOH, so he would be happy to see Alec in the Jury House. And Topaz might still vote for Jillian whether from being influenced by Gary, or from Emmet or Jill telling her all the things Alec has been saying about her behind her back, or if she decides to not vote personally and votes from a game perspective. And even Alec might stll vote for Jillian if he also votes from a game perspective, ’cause he sees himself as the “strongest player” in the house, and so he might vote for her ’cause she got the “strongest player” out

Antony G

Believe me, I want you to be right. It’s just the amount of anxiety I’m seeing from Jillian makes me concerned. I so want Alec gone.


Topaz NEVER votes for her if she is in the final! And I mean NEVER. You have to eliminate players ….. JC. All this talk is BS. Jillian is showing me alot of freaking weakness. Put the hoodrat up and tell her she is next out the door if she mouths off! Grow a backbone for god sake.


I stopped listening to jillian the moment she said Emmett what do you think I should do.



I’ve been really getting annoyed with Talla recently. She has been nothing but a jumper with two brain cells and no gameplay. All she does is d*ck ride the hell out of the HOH in power. Watch what Talla’s been saying about Topaz and how she’s been kissing Jil’s butt.


OK, after complimenting Jillian and Emmett for how they dealt with the tricky situation of breaking up with Alec and Peter, I have to take a slice of humble pie, at least concerning Jillian…
I’m surprised and a bit disappointed to see her freaking out so much… She should be happy and ponder between 2 GOOD options: Talla or Topaz as replacements, with the same final result. Alec was their target, and he will leave. Despite Emmett calming her down, she seemed almost hysterical!
Emmett is gaining more and more respect from me: calming her, laying the situation out for her, reminding Talla that Topaz wanted Talla up (“so you 2 aren’t that close of friends”), and… refraining from telling Talla “shut up! you’re giving me a headache!” 😉
Seriously, Talla is talking to him in the main bedroom, he responds with single words, clearly signifying he wants to be left alone, she speaks 100 words a second, I thought he wouldn’t be able to hold it in anymore… And then something surprises Talla and she SCREAMS right in his ear! Poor Emmett! 😉

The Watcher


Topaz is going up!

To me it doesnt matter who goes up as a replacement as long as Alec is voted out!

Btw they should call this the LIVE FARTS! I bet the room smell like ass!

The Knight

I hope Topaz wins the next HOH. I want the final 4 to be Peter, Topaz, Jill and Emmett and Andrew to be in the Final 5. I want Talla evicted next. She’s a jumper with no gameplay she may float her way into those Final 2 chairs so I hope she goes soon!


Yeah. I completely agree. I have stopped listening to Jillian now to. She says to everyone ” I have to do what is good for my game ” Then turns around and runs to Emmett and asks ” Emmett what should i do ? ”
Its so annoying to cause she always does it while whining to him as well.
Now that Gary is gone you can really see everyone’s personality so much more and what I see I hate.
On another note Simon have you seen the really Dorky dancing of Andrew on youtube to It’s Raining Men ? Check it out if you haven’t its kinda weird.


I had to wait all day just to hear jillian whine…. Fml

This is going to be a brutal next few weeks

And if topaz didn’t trust jillian why would she give her HOH. #aggravated


wow, Jillian is a hot mess. Sadly, I don’t think Jillian will win if she makes it to the finals. The jury is going to ask her what decisions she made on her own, and she won’t be able to answer and she will probably break down when some of them start to confront her. I think Talla also doesn’t have a chance to win this game, people are going to ask her what big moves she made and she won’t be able to say anything. Topaz and Peter are in the middle – they still have a shot, but have some work to do to show the jury that they can win when it counts and make big moves. I think Andrew and Emmett are most likely to win, if they make the finals… they are well liked, but they have also made big moves. Unfortunately, the jury will know that Emmett made Jillian’s moves, which is bad for Jillian, but good for Emmett. I think the only hope that Jillian would have to have Topaz’s vote at the end would be if she did not put her up this week. Otherwise, there is no reason for Topaz to vote for Jillian to win. Its too bad, Jillian did make a really big move this week by putting up Alec and Peter, but unfortunately, I just don’t think people on the jury will view it as her move, versus Emmett’s move. The only person that Jillian could win against would be if she was against Talla. And even then, Talla would at least fight for herself in front of the jury. But based on how Jillian is reacting tonight, I seriously doubt that she would be able to fight to win in front of an angry jury. It would be great during the double eviction would be, after Alec is voted out, then either Topaz or Peter wins HOH. That would make things interesting.


All jilll moves have been her own putting up alec and peter was all jillian as for the jury gary has already said that he is going to vote for the best player so i would hope others would do the same. If dr. will won his season and everyone in the jury hated him there is hope for jillian she played a good game and not everyone in the jury is going to be because of her. There is still alot of game left and i think alot of them will vote on who played the best game but you can’t worry about the jury you have get to f2 and if she doesn’t put topez up that would be stupid. Topez is already against her regardless that bridge is burnt from the begining so it really didn’t matter what jillian did but why would she risk her alliance with talla for someone who is already against her. If topez is going to hold a grudge then it is already there regardless of what she does

Shakira Stan

Bye Alec, see you at the finale! I’m so full of happiness, I don’t know why!


“jumper” PLEASE GOD let’s not add this ludicrous moniker to the BB lexicon (coined by ‘Topaz’) and “couple of brain cells”, was Emmett’s description of Talla yesterday. At least let’s strive for originality people.


It should be a no brainer put topez up and since you already broke your word to her does it really matter not to mention if she won hoh they would have been up if she win’s next week she still would put her up no matter what jill did. I guess they figure if talla goes up then they would have a chance because they think they can sway andrew or emmitt not knowing the four have a deal.


GOODBYE ALEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is all : )


But I don’t think Topaz would necessarily put Jillian up, especially if she keeps Topaz off the block. Its clear that the players who have made big moves – at least in the eyes of the houseguests – are Andrew and Emmett. Everyone knows this (or should know this), so I think if Topaz were to win, she knows that she would have to make a big move and go after the people who are perceived as big players. If Topaz didn’t trust Jillian at all, she wouldn’t have made a deal with her during this past HOH. I think that Topaz thought that Jillian would hold to the deal, at least for Topaz to not be put on the block. I really don’t think Topaz would have been gunning for Jillian. But definitely if Jillian puts her up, then I think Topaz may put her in… but I really think that both Peter and Topaz know that the people, at this moment, who are the most likely to win are Emmett and Andrew. They both know that if they want to win, then from now on, they have to make big moves. I think Jillian’s a nice person, but unfortunately, she’s just too nice to play and win big brother. I just don’t think she’ll hold up in front of the jury, she is no Dr. Will, she will get emotional if jury members get emotional or angry, which they will be. I am really looking forward to seeing Alec leave the house and seeing how the house may re-align if Peter or Topaz win HOH.


OK, OK, I get it – Jill has a conscience. What I would do is see who behaves like they really want to be there tomorrow. Take a page from Dr. Will – who cooked me something for breakfast/who doesn’t ride my ass all day talking gamee and following me around everywhere I go, etc. I like that Emmett is not threatened by her winning two HOH’s. I thought Jill might have an udder thing to deal with when it came to him but who knew… the boy is admirable but I didn’t like that he said Talla has 5 brain cells – she just needs to organize them in a row. (I like Lala).


I kinda get his point she some what of an air head i am guessing at the time she was getting on his nerves.


Is it just me or does Peter think he is Dan Gheesling from the last season of BBUS?? seriously if he yells in the DR anymore i’m gonna be deaf LOL surprised i’m not already. CHILL


oh my gosh andrew ask talla are u trying to count right now because u know that is not your strong suit lol i just love him


I love how Talla keeps saying she is great competitor and hasn’t won anything. Topaz may sleep but you can tell she is a great competitor when she needs to be. The BeastCoast are getting too cocky thinking all 4 will be in finale, but the shield was cocky and look were they end up. Emmett I’m sorry is so boring to watch. The guy has no personality what so ever. Please bring back Gary!!!


Kudos to Peter. He did the impossible and won something.
Credit where credit is due.
(Until I actually see the veto)


LOL, saying he did the impossible is a bit of a stretch. Four ppl quit during the POV so he technically had a 50/50 shot of getting the veto, since he only competed against Andrew 🙂


Jillian is making me sick “I want to play good and honestly” that train pulled out of the station a long time ago sweetheart and she is a backstabbing bitch. Can’t turn back the hands of time!!!


I am so glad that Peter won, now we can see his game since he lost his sidekick. Also remember when Emmet asked Jillian whether she would rather take Peter or Talla further and Jillian said Peter. So Talla could still go before Peter but not until Alec and Topaz are out.


Random question. Gary was on ET Canada the other night being interviewed. I thought house guests had to go directly to the jury house with no upside contact????


I mean outside contact.


All I care is that Alec is going out the door and Andrew makes it to the final 2. It’s a strong possibilty. PS: Just put Topaz up and stop stressing out. What’s done is done. You put Alec up and Topaz knows where you and Emmett stand….


Topez/alec were always going to put jillian/emmitt up so her loyality is misplaced and emmitt is right this is part of the game but as game moves go this one should be simple there isn’t alot of choices left. It isn’t even as if she is getting her out it is strickly a numbers game yes they would get him out either way but why screw your allience unless you have to. Does it really matter topez stayed up till the end she had the option of winning but she didn’t she thought she could make a deal with jill and then take her out next week. As far as andrew making it to final 2 I don’t know the only one that might take him is talla so he would have to stay in till end to make it and win the final two part hoh to make it to final 2. As it looks now if beast coast wins this hoh then they will make it to the end assuming non of them backstab each other. Honestly after this week if they stay in power my money is on jill and emmitt in final 2


like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean? like… you know what i mean?


Topaz just referred to herself as a “ho” – bros vs hos. Hmmm. Well at least she’s the one who said it, after all. Her gotdbye messages to all the girls should be an indication of her character. “Bye bitch” is the jist of it Jillian and her ‘deal’ was to not nominate her. Done. New day/new deal – that deal is expired. She doesn’t get immunity from now on because of that. Back to the hood, baby.


Why has nobody even mentioned the fact that Topaz voted out Gary. Not even a (what is referred to as sympathy) vote. Wasn’t she ‘true’ to him? Let’s give her the win because she said she will spend the money on a vacation. I thought it would have been a new bed from the Brick


No one mentioned it because Topaz was ON THE BLOCK with Gary so she DIDN’T HAVE A VOTE


Andrew saying he was out first was meant as in he was the first one out into the backyard to do the challenge (they were all isolated in the house before each person was called to the backyard).

Bill from Halifax

Jillian should not fret about whether or not to break her promise to Topaz. She has already broken it.

If I understand her promise: it was to not put up Topaz or Alec. Well she has already put up Alec ===> promise broken.

Does Jillian think there are ANY circumstances under which she would have Topaz’s vote? I cannot conceive of any circumstances under which Topaz would vote for Jillian. So why fret over a decision that is a no brainer: put up Topaz, because you have nothing to lose.