Topaz says I will vote to keep Talla and vote out Alec if you want because I know Alec is going this week.

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 1030am
10am – 10:40am Big Brother let the house guests sleep in an extra hour this morning as they are usually woken up at 9am. Andrew and Alec are in the kitchen. Alec comments on how his chipped tooth is annoying. They talk about how expensive it is going to the dentist and how not everything is covered by insurance. Alec gets called to the diary room. Andrew says 46 days of not sleeping in. Alec come back out and says they just wanted to know what was up with my tooth. Alec and Andrew comment on their road to being here in the house. Andrew says besides Liza lying to him his road has been pretty standard since then. Andrew says that this has been like an exchange program from hell. Topaz joins them. Andrew and Alec start talking about Les Stroud the survivor man. Andrew asks if anyone else’s bodies are sore from that challenge? Emmett says that he is. Andrew asks from what hanging out under the bridge. They comment on how the bridge to veto was really cool. Peter comments on how surreal it was to be up on the block and then an hour later they were out there for the veto competition.

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 1050am

10:40am – 11:30am Emmett and Jillian are up in the HOH room. Jillian wonders what she should say to Topaz. Jillian goes down to ask Topaz to come up to the HOH room to talk. Jillian tells Topaz that she has thought about this all night and I know I promised you that you wouldn’t go up but .. Topaz starts talking about how Jillian promised her she wouldn’t go up on the block. Jillian says you wont be able to change my mind, I didn’t put you up initially like I promised. Jillian tells Topaz that she can’t risk it… If it is Talla up on the block you will vote for her to go and I need Alec gone. Jillian says I don’t know if Canada will get to vote for me to break a tie and I can’t risk it, I don’t know if that will be a twist. There are so few people left in the house and there aren’t many options. Jillian tells Topaz that Alec has been throwing you under the bus ..I won’t even tell you all the things he was saying about you but you will see when you watch it. Topaz says that when Jillian put Alec up she understood and says that it was bitter sweet. She says that she and him talked and realized that they needed to part because we didn’t trust each other. Topaz says that she will vote to keep Talla and vote out Alec if she wanted because she knows Alec is going this week. Jillian says that being HOH is hell, this week and the other week she had HOH have been the worst weeks in the house. Jillian says that she was happy for Peter that she won the veto but why does this happen to me. I could try and convince him to not use it but I know he is going to use it. Jillian asks if you had won the veto would you have used it on Alec. Topaz says that it would have been 50/50 .. I would have sat down with you and asked you as a girl about Alec. Topaz asks does Alec ever throw Peter under the bus? Jillian says no, he has never thrown Peter under the bus .. Peter is always in his scenarios. Topaz says that’s what I have heard. I think he would drop me like a dime and he would fight for Peter. He would not throw himself on a sword for me. Topaz says I will not give Alec a pity vote especially since he is getting one from Peter. She says that Alec told her last week Alec told her he wouldn’t give her a pity vote because he didn’t want to be targeted the next week. She says really you don’t even give two sh!ts about me. Jillian starts to tell Topaz how Alec has been throwing her under the bus. Topaz says she doesn’t even want to know until after because she doesn’t want to get into it with Alec.

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 11am
Jillian says I need Alec out 100% and this is the best way to ensure that happens. There is no reason for Talla to vote to keep Alec. Topaz says that she wouldn’t have DQ’d if she knew she was going to go back on her word. Topaz talks about how she can’t trust Alec and how she can’t tell what’s genuine and what’s not. I am being played left right and center. Jillian worries Alec could talk people into voting out Talla instead of him. Topaz keeps pushing for Talla to go up because she hasn’t done anything spectacular. Jillian says that she will talk to Talla but if she isn’t comfortable with it then I won’t do it. Jillian says that she will talk to Talla and then call you both up and we will talk.

Video is uploading:

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 1120am

11:40am – 11:56am Jillian and Topaz heads down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Andrew is freaking out and keeps saying open the god damn door! Emmett and Andrew talk briefly in the storage room. He asks if Jillian told Topaz she is going up. Andrew says that Alec had that Veto competition in the bag. Andrew and Emmett leave the storage room. Andrew sits under the stairs and puts a bag over his head and starts breathing deeply. Big Brother tells him to STOP THAT!

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 1150am

12pm – 12:50pm Topaz and Alec have a conversation in the bathroom. Topaz tells Alec the entire conversation she had with Jillian. Topaz tells Alec about how Jillian said you were throwing me under the bus all last week. Alec says yeah I told you I did that. Topaz says yeah I know, we were in a nomance showmance last week. Topaz talks about how she knows Alec is more aligned with Peter than her. Alec says that’s not true I don’t really know who I am more aligned with. Alec wants to go talk to Jillian because he wants to hear it from her why she wants me out. Topaz tells him not to right now she will know I told you everything. Alec wants to tell Jillian that he won’t come after her. Topaz says that she thinks she can talk Jillian into putting up Talla instead of me. Topaz tells Alec that Jillian doesn’t trust you ..even if you told her you would give her a million dollars .. or even $5 after the show, she wouldn’t believe you. Alec says I just feel like you are believing her and I don’t even have your support. Topaz says I am on your side honestly. Alec tells Topaz to just give him her vote anyway. Topaz says that she will no matter what she says to Jillian. Alec says you can choose to believe whatever you want to believe I just don’t understand why you don’t trust me. Topaz says I trust you more than anyone else and I won’t screw you over. Alec talks about regretting voting out Aj and keeping Andrew. He says it all backfired on me and my alliance turned on me. Emmett didn’t even try and keep me safe. Alec says I was just waiting for them to turn on me and now its me, you and Peter against them and we can try and get Andrew and go after Emmett & Jillian. Alec says that the house looks for an enemy. I am looking forward to the exclusion. Alec says this is the week that I now fully trust you. Topaz says that she can’t disconnect herself from the people who are on the block oh they have an STD. Alec says I haven’t done any real lying .. keeping Jillian not caught up with the final four was my downfall. Topaz says no having more than one alliance was your downfall.

Video is uploading:
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Oh please Jillian: “This week and the other week I had HOH have been the worst weeks in the house.” Sorry I just don’t feel bad for you.


morning simon everyone

simon emmette and alec talking it look to me they aint talking


alec is eating humble pie see how quick his ego has gone down …. i feel sorr y for him . alec and peter thought they were balling stepping on folks to get to the top without realizing who they would need to stay up there ….peter is more humble than alec … since were witnessing a falling star like ( ALEC) we might as well make a wish

Shakira Stan

best comment ever spicy!


Just put up Topaz… Geeeeeeeeez.


Topaz is basically screwed in the game. She will survive this week, but unless she wins a competition every week, she’ll be nominated until she gets evicted (which is likely because she doesn’t have an alliance that is loyal to her). She needs to step up her game and at least gain some allies, because as of now, no matter who wins HoH, she will most likely go up.

I also think that if the next HoH doesn’t target Jemmett, then Jemmett’s chances of winning are likely because they are two votes as well as two strong competitors. If they’re both off the block during the double eviction, they can quickly make a deal with the nominee that they are saving and send the other one home.

If Jemmett continue to play it smart, they may just win the game!


Topaz is definitely screwed. I think Peter might be the only one not to put her up since it’ll benefit him more to get Jillian/Emmett/Andrew out of the house than Topaz at this point. Her best case scenario is Peter winning if she doesn’t.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, HOWEVER, I still think Peter wants to wait a little longer until having to make a big move and get blood on his hands, so I don’t think he’d try for an HoH.


Him not trying for that HOH will be so bad for him. He has to know that he’s on the outs of the alliance with Topaz. One of them needs to win or one of them will be following Alec out of the door. If Emmett/Talla/Andrew win HOH, Peter and Topaz will definitely be nominated. They have the chance to play for POV but it would be pretty silly of Peter to risk it.


Oh, I think he’ll try for HOH. People have finally noticed him this week and with Alec gone, he can’t trust anybody whatsoever.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing, HOWEVER, I still think Peter wants to wait a little longer until having to make a big move and get blood on his hands, so I don’t think he’d try for an HoH.


I think this hoh is the made it or break it for them if one of the three of them win then they are set. I think emmitt has peter and andrew on his side and jillian has talla as for topez once alec goes she will try and turn peter, talla and andrew but she is unaware of there deal with them. Andrew is pretty loyal so i don’t see him going after the two at this point. As for talla i don’t see it either especially since she knows that topez has been trying really hard to get her on the block. As for the pov ceremony once peter goes off the block topez is her only option she is not going to screw over her allience for a girl who yes she may have given her word to but she isn’t in an allience at this point she really has no choice and it is the only way that they know alec is gone.


Come on Jillian, just put Topaz up!!! She is coming after you no matter what, and you have the numbers to evict Alec. After Alec leaves, the Beast Coast has absolute numbers and a 3 in 5 chance of winning the next HOH. Even if Peter won HOH I think he would put up Topaz and possibly Talla, though I hope he would put up the milkmance. Topaz ruined Alec’s game and put Peter in danger. I’m not saying she is to blame, because Alec actively cultivated the creepy showmance, but Peter must be thinking about how different things could have been if Topaz hadn’t ended up in the mix. I would even say that the main reason why the original bromance failed was because three of the four took on showmances which complicated a really simple plan. Liza killed Tom’s game, Topaz killed Alec. The only one that knew how to control his girl is Emmett. She wins power and he uses it and tells her what to do. They need to be broken up next week, or one of them will win the game.


I am actual a fan of milkmance I think one of them should win they played the game the best but i do think they should have gone a long time ago at this point i don’t know who could take them out and emmitt is in the best possible position. There is no backdooring anymore (because everyone can play veto) and emmitt has andrew, peter on his side while jill has talla but if peter won i don’t see him going after emmitt if anything he would put andrew and jillian up. Topez is pretty much in trouble even if she managed to win this hoh big maybe next week she can’t play and who ever wins will put her up she has no allies. Emmitts track record for hoh is not good but his track record for pov is really good.


So because Alec was all on her day 1 its her fault his game got f*cked??

I seem to remember Alec no voting out Andrew, who for some reason he had a good relationship with and things going down hill from there.

If anything topaz is left trying to pick up the pieces.

The fact that he would still ask for her vote shows how much balls he has.


Andrew is hilarious when he starts going crazy. Just like that time they were on lockdown in the bedroom area and he was in the have-not room losing his mind.


I don’t like Alec or Peter but calling them the gay shield is rude and derogatory,give your head a shake .Your so offensive.


I just had 2 diametrically opposed experiences watching Topaz talk: First, she talked to Jillian, and I litterally thought I might blow my brains out for all the “I mean, you know what I mean?” she said. Seriously, think twice before you decide to watch the video, it’s painful!
Her next discussion was with Alec. And that was SO thrilling to watch! Seriously, watching his face morph to complete despair was amazing. She basically laid his whole game (the real one, not the one he told her about) out there, made him fess up to (some of) his many alliances, that he screwed up and that his game is extremely far away from what he thinks it is 🙂
This might actually have been the first honest discussion between Topaz and Alec, ever!
WOW. That was great! Topaz, I’m impressed. If you can manage to skip the “I mean, you know what I mean?” bullshit, I’ll really like you! Oh, by the way, she didn’t say it once in her talk with Alec…
I think Alec is so despaired now because he realizes he won’t be seen like this great manipulator by the world. He won’t be able to be smug about “using Topaz” in his Diary Room sessions. I think that bothers him more than probably going home on thursday.


lol @ Andrew with the bag over his head!


Talla needs to be gone she’s a jumper,if they keep her she will turn on them.Jillians word is crap, poor Topaz has none in this game.Andrew is the biggest ass kisser besides Talla there.


Alec is Satan what a lying sack of poop


Jillian will put up Topaz. All her whining etc etc is actually good for her social game. She knows what she has to do and will do it, but doesn’t want to be perceived by others as a backstabbing bitch. Jury votes weigh on her mind, as they should.

Topaz really is the lost tourist the Tala joked about. Her game will be remembered mostly for getting snowed by Alec, day in, and day out. She knows she has been screwed over by Alec but still goes back to him time and again to report everything that has been said to her. How stupid is this girl. She made a few moves, but over all her gameplay is non existent, and based entirely on how she is feeling.

Props to Peter to finally winning something, but doesn’t matter he is still on the outside looking in. His only chance is too win one next week assuming her survives Thursdays Double eviction.

Emmett and Andrew are both playing a solid game, socially and in challenges.

I really like Talla but her gameplay sucks.

Buh Bye Alec, douchiest player ever.


Anyone who thinks Jill or Emmet is not playing a good game have there heads in the clouds and obvs do not understand how BB works.

Out of the remaining ppl in the house Jill is by far one of the best competitors. She has 2 H.O.H’s that were two of the hardest challenges yet.
Her social game is amazing and that is a very big factor in the game…
Not to mention Emmet is running that house and has been since the beginning, he has them all eating out of his hand begging for more…

So tell me who has played better then Jil?


LMFAO, She has slept 80% of the game, and the only HOH She won was pure luck (Unlike Jill’s Two HOH’s). The questions they were asking for the HOH comp she won were the stupidest questions ive ever seen them ask in any BB questionnaire, no skill whats so ever… Alec has been using her since the beginning and she is too stupid to figure it out and actually do something about it. And when she did realize that Alec screwed her over she still didnt care.
As soon as Gary won HOH she was all of a sudden all over him and thought she was running sht, As soon as Tom and Lyza went home, Topez’s head swelled up so much she thought she was the queen bee. Then Alec won a HOH and her head swelled even more, unfortunately for her it was too late because she put all her eggs in one basket which was Alec and Gary(instead of having a good social game like Jillian) and now she will be ging home this week in the double eviction… (I promise you this Topez going home in the double evict 99% sure, it will be everyone in the house against Topez, even Pete is smart enough to make a deal with BastCoast to stay in the house for an extra week to help get Topez out)


Lmfao… What a big P***Y that guy is… Him and Petter are actually stupid enough to think they are the ones calling the shots in the house the whole time running the game. First of all Tom and Emmet were calling the shots for the first 3 weeks, all Alec and Pete were was just a votes.
Then when Tom went home little did Alec know but everyone was eating out of Emmets hand… Everyone in that entire house looked up to Emmete like he is a god, Everyone was too scared to make a move on him so they would all rather work with him…
When Alec won HOH what sort of big moves did he make??? NOTHING, He sent Suzette home like a little punk, to chicken shit to make a big play.
And to top it all off, when Topez was HOH for one day, had Him and peter actually voted with Topez and Gary they would have been golden, as it would have been Topez, Gary, Talla, AJ, Alec & Peter all against Emmet and Jil… Gary and Topez would have known they could actually trust Alec and that fight wouldnt have happened, and Talla would have went to Topez’s alliance considering they would have had the numbers, and AJ would have followed Talla…
And considering they would have all felt good and had the momentum they all would have done a lot better in the HOH and probably won (not to mention Andrew wouldnt have been there to win it.)
So with all that said, yea Alec and Pete aint running sht and they suck. Nowhere near as smart as they both thought they were…


Well he started out ok, but he fell apart when he started catching feelings for lyza. After that his head was not in the game and he cared more about wacking off to that elastic on his hand every night rather then playing the game. Probably a big reason for not seeing how dumb voting AJ out was…
But again because Emmet said AJ, they all followed…


Good guy, has played a good social game and considering he didnt have much to work with for the first 4 weeks done pretty well.


Nut job… All she is is a vote and that’s all she has ever been… Unfortunately at this point of the game you have to use your HOH’s wisely or it could come back to bite you the following week, so Talla is just gonna keep floating by probably until bottom 4…

So tell me Jillian Haters, other then the fact you think she is floating by which is the furthest thing from the truth you have no reason other then your cheering for “The Gay Shield” to win… Cause if you actually step back and look at this game from a perspective other then who you like and want to win, you will see (unless your absolutely blind how good of a game she and Emmete has played compared to the others left)


You make some valid points, but dude, what’s with the nasty language? Chill, man! Peace and love!


Very well put – There are none so blind, than those who will not see.


Preach on … amen. I have to say though, Alec did make one more big unforgettable move (besides all the attempts at cheating/bending the rules) – he stomped on Emmett’s foot (which I am outright calling purposeful). Unfortunately I think Alec’s ‘talents’ are unsportsmanlike and verging on sociopaathic BIG MOVE FOR SMALL MEN He can go home now and give his mother a foot massage (as his altar ego Ricardo) because she seemed to have been really turned by that. I hope he has some modicum of decency to at least wear a top at the eviction ceremony.


I was on joker and in the conversation he also said that he thinks andrew and emmitt will win and that he doesn’t want peter to win. Jillian has to put her on the block at this point she has no choice the fact that those two haven’t figured out that emmitt, jillian, andrew and talla are in allience is funny. I am really suprised that after topez throwing talla under the bus all week she thinks that she can get andrew and talla to go against emmitt and jillian. Maybe she thinks that jillian never told her but Topez is also worried that once alec is gone peter will team up with emmitt.


Given who the self-proclaimed “masterminds” and “students of the game” were up against, I really do want to see Alec & Peter in jury.
You can argue the merits of each name I might put up, but, fact is, a lot of them were cast with unrealistic chances.
Suz, Danielle, AJ, Talla, Tom, Jill.
Your list may differ.
The changing tides of house dynamics, luck and circumstance plus personality dictate that anything can happen, so “what if” is a pointless exercise.
Can you say Kat, Aneal, Gary and Liza were just as unskilled as those I listed because they are gone?
Or Talla & Jill are skilled players because they are still there?
I’d say the answer is “No” to both questions.
Nothing guarantees anyone a win.
Its a process of adapting, balancing strategy and social awareness, mental and emotional strength and sharpness against blind luck.
And, unfortunately, Big Brother’s manipulations.
It’s a fascinating, horrible, strangely compelling game I wish could be played out among more evenly matched players without interference.
This game could yet take amazing turns.


Your assesment is bang on!




Whoa! You seem to be stalking me around this blog it’s getting rather creepy! LMAO


its pretty obvious that that creeper wants you lilly! 😀 run for the hills! lol


Ha ha ha!!! My thoughts EXACTLY! Kayla, darl, I am running for the hills!!! Aaaarghhh, LMAO 🙂


Wishful thinking.


I don’t leave a response, but I glanced through some remarks on this page Topaz says I will vote to keep Talla and vote out Alec if you want because I know Alec is going this week.. I actually do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be just me or do a few of these comments look like they are coming from brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting at additional places, I would like to keep up with you. Could you list of all of your social community sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?


Are you conducting an investigation or just paranoid? Move on….trollers are not welcome here.


Listening to Talla and Jillian last night (different conversations) was horrible. I think its the only time I have heard Talla speak (ramble actually) – how is she still in the house!?!
And Jillian – oh man, every time she has to make a decision – she runs to Emmett. “What do I do etc”. I honestly just want to see her on the block.. Also she has broken her word – how many times now? Aneal… Danielle… Liza… It would be smart for the others to note that and not let Emmett or Jillian win HOH for the next 2 evictions – don’t get me wrong I think Emmett’s played a good game and I would like to see a F2 of him and Andrew. However, Andrew would do better to align with Peter (and possibly vote to keep Alec even if for just 1 more week, with the security of going to F3). I don’t know if Andrew realizes that he will be be the first to go in the beast coast alliance if Jillian and Emmett win… I like Emmett as a player but not Jillian and if these two go on to win the game.. they will probably become ‘Canada’s Couple’ and get married.


So I have decided that the reason Emmittt makes out with Jillian so much is that when he is kissing her he shuts her up. Watch when they are together….every time she starts talking he starts kissing! Call it survival!


7. Alec
6. Peter
5. Andrew
4. Emmett
3. Topaz
2. Jillian
Talla – Won

Called it!


How do you think Talla would win over Jillian? Jill has won 2 HOH’s and Talla has won nothing. Jill has a much better social game than Talla too.


I’m just going by the pictures on the memory board. So far, the order of eviction has been bang on, so my guess is the game is clearly rigged for Talla to win. I’ll be the first to admit it if I’m wrong, but so far I’ve been right.

east coast connection

The pictures have Velcro on the back. The houseguest have rearranged them.


It’s nice being on the outside looking in and seeing everyone’s mistakes. We can see what Topaz should and shouldn’t do regarding Alec; we see what Jillian has to do in her HOH; we see how Emmet is running the house and all the other things readers have pointed out.

But, as countless eliminated players have pointed out, watching the game and playing it are totally different things.

I’m not invested with any of the players because every week my likes and dislikes change, depending on what has happened in the game. I didn’t like Alec, then liked him for being sensitive, then didn’t like him for using Topaz. I liked Jillian for laying low, then didn’t like her for going back on her word to Topaz. The same can be said for all of the players.

However, this is a game and each and every one of them is shooting for the grand prize so whatever they have to do to further their own game is the most important thing in the game, not who kept their word or who never lied to someone. Emmet said it best when he said each and every one of them has lied to someone, including him.

So, Jillian should do what is best for her game and not worry about how Topaz, Talla, Alec, Peter, Andrew and even Emmet feel.

Spectators can voice their opinions and views all they want but only the person in the position to make decisions in the house has to make it.

Just my opinion and please, keep it clean as this is a great site and we’d hate it to be shut down by a few.


Anyone want to take a stab at this question? For all of ‘Topazs” talk of Alec not giving her a pity vote, if she was put up, you know what I mean, like, then why, da da da , didn’t she give Gary her pity vote, you know what I mean, like? Anyone? This girl is so gone. B-bye. Don’t let the door hit you, you know what I mean, like….


Topaz was on the block with Gary so there is literally no way she could have given him a pity vote….so there’s that


I appreciate your direct response without being sarcastic. Admittedly, I am a novice and made an oversight. thanks


lol, Right on. obviously, some people do not think before postin gtheir comments here.


If Emmett doesn’t win HOH, him or Jillian will be jeopardy. If Peter or Topaz wins, they will be put up. If Andrew wins, he would put up Peter/Topaz but if one of them wins Veto, he won’t put Talla up…He needs her so he would put up Jillian. Same with Talla. Her target would probably be Peter but if he wins Veto, I can see her putting Emmett up and keeping the 3 girls safe plus Andrew. I would say Andrew is the safest person right now. He would only be a target if Emmett or Jillian wins POV with Topaz or Peter with HOH.


jillian, as a teacher, stop abusing the word “seen” !!! better yet stop using it altogether and say the word “saw”


Chumley, from watching you on “Pawn Stars”, I had no idea you were such a grammarian! Impressive! 🙂 (Although I think he spells it “Chumlee”.)


Peter will use veto to take off alek . Talks goes up and she is evicted


i kept telling myself `no, maya, topaz is not an idiot“ and that she would wake up and see that she was been played by alec for the majority of watching BB and that she would stop flapping her mouth to him every time someone told her something, but i just cant keep lying to myself. honestly topaz, didnt alec treat you like you had an STD when you were on the bloc?!?