Before the Nominations: Jillian tells Peter “You will never be going home, no matter what!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada live feeds April 6 2013 845am

8:45am Up in the HOH bathroom: Jillian and Emmett are talking to Peter. Jillian tells Peter that he is going up on the block. She says that he is not the target and that if Emmett wins the Veto he will take him off the block. Jillian says that her best case scenario is to put Peter up next to him. She says no one is going to vote you out, you are not a target. If Alec gets the veto someone else will be going in his place and that person will be going home. Jillian tells Peter “You will never be going home, no matter what! You are not my target, I don’t want to get you out of this game at all, at all. Peter asks so who are you putting up beside me? Jillian says Alec. Peter says okay, ah that’s weird to me… That he’s your target now?! Jillian says yes. Peter says okay so … Jillian says I trust Talla right now, more than I trust Alec. I have to go with my gut, I have to. Peter says okay. Jillian says at this point in the game I don’t trust him (Alec). Peter says right, I understand that! Jillian says that he wants me in the final four, I don’t trust that. Jillian says I wanted to tell you before I put you up, but they literally gave me 45 minutes to get ready ..and they are calling me in there in 5 minutes and I am not even ready. Peter says I trust you and I will trust this move but as you have seen in this game pawns go home and… Jillian says you will NOT be going home. Peter says if Alec takes himself off the block, which he is very capable of doing …then Talla will go up and I will be seen as more of a threat.. and I will go home. Jillian says Talla will not go up. Emmett tells Peter if he gets house guest choice, pick me. Peter says he will. Emmett says and I will make sure he does not win. Like honestly man, like I said last night.. Peter asks will I come off? Jillian and Emmett both say yes. Jillian says I will let that happen, you don’t know how bad I don’t want you to go home.. but this is my best option to send out Alec. Peter says I do trust you. Emmett says its gotten to the point where I just don’t know what he (Alec) is doing, we kicked Tom out for this.. Peter says right. Emmett says because he (Alec) is bullying around. Jillian says that he is bullying me … and why am I kicking someone out that I trust more than the other person. Peter says right, I certainly understand your perspective. That makes complete sense.. so I will then put my complete trust in you.

Big Brother Canada live feeds April 6 2013 846am

Jillian says I don’t want to seem so cold while I am doing this… Peter says I understand .. if that is your objective ..I can see your rationalization. Obviously I am not totally comfortable with it but as a sign of trust to you two, I will put my faith in you. Jillian says and we will discuss the veto if you win it because .. Emmett says that he hasn’t talked to Alec yet .. but I don’t know what the heck he is thinking. Peter says right. Emmett says he (Alec) went from never talking to Jill to straight up threatening her and stuff ..its just sketchy because I don’t trust him any more with the whole thing that happened between him and Topaz I know that it was a secret but then it wasn’t any more .. then lets bring Jill in. Emmett says when Jillian was up there with Topaz (during the HOH competition) he was scared sh!tless. And then this whole time he knew Topaz was coming after me but then he is with Topaz. Its just weird man. Jillian says that she knows Peter will take Alec off if you won the veto. Jillian says and I am NOT backdooring anyone, I am giving him a chance to fight for it, he is a good competitor and if he gets himself off the block I will make sure someone else goes up but I will make sure its in your favour. Peter says Okay cool. I appreciate you letting me know. Emmett says I don’t know what you want me to tell him (Alec), I don’t know if you want to talk to him. Peter says ah no that’s you’re guy’s decision to make but certainly if you win veto then I would certainly appreciate you taking me off. Jillian says at the same time when I had to put one person on the block…. Emmett says he was almost okay with you going up. Peter says oh really?! Emmett says and now he is making out with Topaz and stuff. Peter says so you don’t think his allegiance isn’t as close as you think it is.. Jillian and Emmett both say I don’t know, I don’t want to say that. Peter says but that’s what you are considering. Emmett says just keep in the back of your mind. Jillian says or the same ..that he (Alec) couldn’t decide between the two (Topaz or Peter) of you if his life depended on it. Peter says right… but then maybe his going back to Topaz was the decision. Emmett and Jillian say I don’t know. Peter says okay I trust you guys, I have trusted you all along and we will just see what happens with the veto but if he takes himself off it will be Talla that goes up. Emmett says probably I assume. Jillian says no that’s not 100%. Peter asks ah then it might be Topaz.. because then you get into a situation where he has to choose between Topaz and I and he will evidently choose Topaz. Emmett says but he only has one vote. Jillian laughs. Emmett says it will be me, Andrew and Talla still voting. Jillian says and I know we have the votes 100%. Emmett says and she is a tough competitor when it comes to endurance.. Big Brother cuts the live feeds..

Big Brother Canada live feeds April 6 2013 847am

9am – 10:15am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen..

10:36am The live feeds are still showing the hush hush screen.. The nomination ceremony is happening right now!

11:11am Still showing the hush, hush screen..

12:20pm Still showing the hush, hush screen.. Below is a Big Brother announcement: (Looks like after the nomination ceremony the house guests will soon after compete in the Power Of Veto Competition.)


1:06pm Still Hush Hush..
2pm Still Hush Hush..
3pm Still Hush Hush..
4:10pm Still Hush Hush..
5pm Still Hush Hush..
6:10pm Still Hush Hush.. While we wait for the live feeds to return here are a couple videos to watch!

6:52pm Still Hush Hush..

8:08pm Still Hush Hush..

9:35pm Hush Hush..

10:20pm Hush Hush..

11:00pm Hush hush if you flip cams you’ll see the Ramada Guy he’s doing alright

11:50pm Hush Hush ..

12:28pm It’s going all night yo HUSH HUSH

12:43 Recent tweet from Big Brother Canada Says Feeds are coming back soon.. Grab a JAr

1:10 Feeds still cut .. no sleep till Brooklyn

1:30 Feeds back

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Oh, Peter is in a great spot right now but I don’t think I would have said Peter is 100% safe. I would rather have Peter go then Topaz. Alec doesn’t care about Topaz, I wonder if Peter will throw the POV so Alec will have better odds of winning…..This is going to get interesting. 🙂


Peter will not throw it to alec he is on the block he is not going to risk his life in the bb house not to mention it does seem he is also having doubts about alec. I think enmitt and jill are smart especially emmitt they r setting up a situation if alec leaves the only person that is after them is topez. If alec comes off she has to take topez out and they created a crack in the sheild. Emmitt wants alec out because then he will have peter on his side and he will bring him to F3and if peter happens to win he will choose emmitt over jill or any of them. Alec is scrambling going to andrew but little does he know it is too late.


Don’t think you’ll see triangulation like BB14 where Dan has F2 deals with both and throws 7 questions to get pimple popper out. Feeling he had a better shot versus Wee Ian with the jury.

If it’s Jillan/Emmit plus a 3rd person that person knows they are taking each other. By the way I’m not 100% convinced Jillian wouldn’t get Emmit evicted to win the money. Andrew appears to have a shot at F2 deals with 2 people if he goes F3 with just 1 of the milkmance.


Peter couldn’t win if he tried, so “throw it” or try his hardest, the result will be the same (him not winning).


Let the drama begin! love it!
Happy to see these two morons fighting for their lives this week, richly deserved.

Peter has been bragging for weeks how the shield has been controlling the house when in fact neither of them have any game whatsoever. This cocky douchebag has zero influence, can’t win shit, and has no real game play other than pretending to be invisible.

Alecs gameplay is even worse. Using Topaz and trash talking her behind her back will only come back to bite him. Trying to be heavy handed with Jillian after she won HoH. Crying like a baby numerous times after Tom opened the shower door on him, and than complaining how wrong that was cannot be more hypocritical. He is right about one thing, him and Topaz will definitely not be friends after this is over. He is like a talented Mr. Ripley (Matt Damon movie).
Gameplay in the form of lying etc is one thing but Alecs performance is not indicative of a master strategist, but rather a shallow, hypocritical, self-absorbed dumbass.

Really looking forward to the east coasters stomping Alecs ass out of the house. I think I dislike him more than Liza. At least Liza had the good sense to not to be constantly eating off of other people plates.


if alec happens to win the veto and takes himself of the block, and she then puts up talla, it would be the stupidest move to vote out talla and not peter. like is jillian being serious here??. it would cost her the game to leave alec and peter in the house together. not to mention topaz would still be in the house as well. I hope she don’t do that. stupid stupid to even think about doing that.


I think they’re lying about what they’ll do after the veto cause Emmett was telling someone that he would try to get Peter to pick him if he gets houseguest choice so he can get the opportunity to play in the veto and win it. I think Emmett and Jillian are just trying to get Peter to calm down once he’s on the block.


This is true, I remember a few updates back:
Jill: What if they give Alec a diamond power of veto (btw Production’s bs is gonna backfire…people will be scared to make big moves because of production saving the person and screwing the HOH)
Emmet: Then we’ll send Peter home
And production does not want Peter to go home, judging by how he’s had prolly the best edit in history to have done nothing.


Peter is a solid player but I have no idea why he’s being considered such a powerhouse in this game.


Obviously, if Alec wins the veto and takes himself of the block voting talla off is not even an option. Jill and Em have played almost a flawless game with very little mistakes and is only telling Peter that if talla/topaz goes up thier the target to make him feel safe.


I’m a gifted 13 year old student, and I’ve been a fan of Big Brother since I was 7, and I subscribe to the BB US live feeds.
I’m Canadian, and I’ve had recurring dreams of being in the Big Brother house, and I KNOW I could play a really good game.
When I found out Big Brother was coming to Canada- even better, Toronto which is really close to me, I was ecstatic.
I hope my dreams come true one day. I WILL be in the Big Brother house.


Since you we’re 7? Kids at that age don’t watch cartoons anymore?


I’ve never been the average kid. I’ve been more mature than all my classmates, and I was identified as gifted and moved into a more suitable environment with people like myself.

I can name almost every Big Brother event off the top of my head, as I grew up watching it. I hope that when I audition when I’m older, people will see my passion for the game and give me a shot!


Careful Cocky; sometimes this very thing ends up being the downfall of many. “Show me don’t tell me”. See you on Slice I guess eh?


Sounds like the story of WEE IAN Jr. Hope you get to play some day. A bit of advice though; book smarts are not as important as street smarts. Have a few years of real life experiences under your belt. You’ll need that to be competitve. Lastly never play the game like Peter! And I mean NEVER!


Thankyou! 🙂
There’s still plenty of years ahead of me!
And Ian was a huge role model, I’m glad he won.


Dan ran that house and should have won that season. That is all.


So, as the self-proclaimed gifted viewer, what would your move be if you were Jillian?


The biggest Suzette/Gary/Topaz fan admits he’s 13. Now it makes sense.


I like to see the underdogs get far 😉 &
Gary was so entertaining, Topaz lives in Scarborough but works in my city, and Suzette was one of my preseason favourites.
Age means nothing- therefore the totality of your statement made no sense.


Maybe empathy is something you gain with age. Because I clearly remember you loving when production screwed over Tom, but hated when they did the same to Topaz (and was begging for another’s Canada’s POV when Topaz and Gary was on the block). And Gary and Suzette’s had great edits, Tom did not. So your opinion may be swayed by others (production) as well. When in reality, only production could make Suzette look like a decent person that someone should root for.


I happen to be a few decades and change and personally think that Pinky and the Brain could be applied to BB. (Half-joking). I’m not taking a jab at Cooper. We’ll have to wait and see on that front.


I think comments like THIS can help explain what went wrong w/ casting this time around. A lot of ppl disliked Suzette and Danielle because they were seemingly there just for the exposure and didn’t seem like particularly big BB fans or genuinely trying to win.

Gary’s all about fame to an extent but his knowledge of BBUS and UK was pretty impressive and he kind of had some strategy. Hopefully if there is a BBC 2, they will cast more ppl who are fans


First of all I admire your humility and humbleness, it’s very seldom we find people with those qualities these days. So, hats off to you for that. Secondly, just keep your dreams realistic because there is a strong possibility you may not may make it, but good luck nonetheless. Thirdly, I can see you having the same fate as Ronnie BB11. Knowing every single event from past BB does not benefit you in any way. Ian knew everything and it did not benefit him in any way, he only won due to an extremely bitter jury. Anyhoo good luck kiddo.

The Shield sucks

I would like to see:

The nomination ceremony end with Jillian nominating Alec and Peter, then Andrew, Jill, and Emmett dance/sing out of the room.

Followed by:

Andrew winning the POV and be granted a special power, that power would be to put 2 people on slop for the week(Alec and Peter).


yessssssss! I can’t wait for the drama to unfold when Alec and Peter are put up! This is the test for both Peter and Alec. I think Peter will respond well and MAY be able to navigate himself out of being voted out, but I would say there is a very small chance of this. Unfortunately for Alec, he’s toast unless he is wins POV. That’s really the only way for him to survive this round. I think he knows this and so rather than trying to socially navigate himself out of this, like Peter may be able to do, he is going to be upset. As much as he is a social psychologist and really intelligent, he also has this need to control things, which just won’t work well, as we can see with how Jillian and Emmett were able to pick up on the subtle ways he did this in his convo with Jillian and blow it up in order to justify targetting him. If Alec leaves, things would get really really interesting as Peter and Topaz would become vulnerable, but I don’t think that they would turn to each other, as I think its clear that Peter doesn’t like Topaz. I would guess that Topaz would try to align with Talla, while Peter would try to align with Emmett and Jillian. But I think once Alec is out, Peter’s chances of winning are almost zilch. If he gets to the end, it would be because he got carried by Emmett and Jillian, so sitting next to either of them would result in him losing. OMG, I can’t wait to see what happens!! Thanks OBB for keeping those of us obsessed with this show up to date on things…


I like thinking of AJ, Gary and Alec in Jury House together. It makes me laugh.


Wow Simon – my comment went to moderation!
They’ve been completely disappearing!
I thought I was banned or something.


Don’t be surprised if Jill’s plan blows up…
I’m thinking it would go like this…
Jill nominates Peter/Alec. POV is played, and Emmett isn’t playing, and Topaz wins. She uses the veto on Alec. Jill has to replace him with Talla. So it’s Talla/Peter up on the block. Talla gets voted out.


There is no way Talla would go home over Peter.. Andrew, Emmett, vote to evict Peter, Topaz and Alec vote to evict Talla.. Jillian tie breaks by voting to evict Peter.. The Shield is done.


In that scenario Talla wont be voted out. Alec and Topaz will vote out Talla, Emmett and Andrew will vote out Peter. Jill will break the tie sending Peter out. No way Jill would keep Alec/Topaz/Peter together in order to send Talla out.


You didn’t consider Jillian telling Topaz about how Alec threw her under the bus like crazy. Topaz is only working with Alec because she doesn’t have anyone else in the house, unfortunately for her, her #1 person is gone and she didn’t build game relationships with people outside of Alec. I think that if Jillian tells her about Alec’s plans to put her up and send her house, Topaz would really re-think saving him.


Not going to happen! Your flaw isn’t who wins veto and whether it is used or not. The flaw is in voting. Topaz and Alec could vote Lala but Andrew and Emmit will vote Peter and Jillian has the deciding vote. She will reluctantly vote out Peter.


See… That’s where I think it could change. Jillian already said 100% Peter is not going home. She isn’t a person to really look someone in the eye, and then turn her back on them. When you think about it, getting Talla out is Jillian’s best option. That’s her biggest threat. I can see Peter rallying and giving a good explanation as to why Talla should leave instead of him. After all, if she made that promise this week, and she sends him home. Her & Emmett will be on the block next week.


I don’t see Talla as a big threat to Jillian (other than the final endurance comp, but who is to say Talla makes final 3). Jill needs Talla right now to keep the numbers, otherwise it was a waste of an HOH for her as only Emmett and Andrew can play the next HOH on her team, while Peter/Alec/Topaz have 3 to play HOH.


While I have a chance – YAY for all commenters who keep it respectful!

I’m still promoting a Big Brother Network 24/7
Beer Babes vs Studs from 10 to 11.
(also known as the Showmance edition)
Then because I’m fair & some like tearjerkers –
Industrial Accident Amputee Workers
or the Homeless versus Reverse Mortgage Brokers
then Alcoholics versus Dope Smokers.

Enough foolishness.
I’ve tried to not “like” or “dislike” any HGs (FAIL)
Hate me if you want, but I prefer Tom’s honest, self-deluded douchery and sense of loyalty and Gary’s scene-chewing flamboyance and “it’s about me!” snivelling and soft-heartedness to Alec and Peter anyday.
Peter’s stealth game/non-game may actually pay dividends.
I must disagree that Topaz has a social game with any of those remaining but Alec, other than what little can’t help but develop in confinement.
That said, with winning in mind, true game players adapt and re-prioritize. (Ladies Alliance? Creates a different “take” on Buck Chargers)
I just don’t think Talla or Topaz or Jillian came into the game with a “Winning” focus.
Even tho Jill seems to be getting her head into it, somewhat, she’s been very lucky.
She’s not in Kansas anymore, so cut the crap Jill – there’s no “deserve” and deals are made to be broken. Play to win.
OK, sorry if this is all over the place. It’s my Talla genes.

Shakira Stan

Thanks to Simon and Dwag, you guys should create a forum!

I’ve been watching all the last videos I missed because I didn’t really watch the feeds since Thursday. I mean, who the fuck does Alec think he is? He’s become worse than Tom. You’ve gotta be really DUMB to threaten the current HoH, especially she has a very strong partner next to her. Alec needs to go ASAP, he’s the complete definition of douche.

I know he thinks he’s the smartest houseguest, but he’s one of the worst in Big Brother history. If he was smart, then he would’ve got rid of Andrew and never turned his back on Topaz. The fact that he’s trying to throw her under the bus while she’s trying to save his ass makes him look even worse to Jillian and Emmett, that’s why they can’t trust someone like him. He literally looks like a dick, his face has the shape of a dick. He is a dick!

I’m so beyond glad that he’s unconsciously showing his true colours. I’m kind of curious to see how the house will look like when he won’t be here anymore. Will Peter make a secret alliance with Topaz? Well, he doesn’t get evicted during the double eviction right after his douchey friend.


A forum would be nice. I’m currently looking for one to post at, but the ones I’ve found are either not really active or does not discuss BBCA.


I could set one up for BB15


Anyone see Emmett’s package in those grey briefs last night!!!… Good god how was Jillian able to look him in the eyes lol!…. Just sayin’


Hey Princess at what time last night ;p

Persian Princess

Not too sure, guessing around 11pm in the HOH room.. Wowza lol


Well I am still watching but as many of you know last night was just a make out session..But, I so hope to see Alec’s meltdown when he is put on the block. This is Topaz’s time to shine, ignore him like he did her when she was on the block I am crossing my fingers that talla and Peter will let her know what is happening behind her back and the things alec has said about her. Did anyone else notice his pacing last night, he is worried and shitting himself..laughed when he said he had the right to know if he was the target Karma is a bitch Alec and he deserves everything coming his so glad when he is gone no more prancing around shirtless, don’t mind emmett being shirtless but Alec..blah..his constant water drinking, how he looks constantly in the mirrors at himself, how everything he does is so much better than anyone in the fish bath..and what about him just barging in saying he is taking a tomato should he have not asked first, and then approaching andrew saying he liked him and would like to work with him..please..he is really grasping now..Oh how nice it looks hope he reads these comments when he gets out..Let’s tell him exactly what we all think of him..Asshole, major asshole and one of the worst players in BB history.

Antony G

Whatever Jillian is saying to the others, I have a strong feeling that she will nominate Peter and Talla.


Enough already!!!

I was truly looking forward to BB Canada especially since we were promised free live feeds, but what a disappointment production has been. While they used decent aspects of BBUK, BBUS, and BBAU, they also had to use unnecessary blocking and censoring.

I have not watched the feeds in over a week because I got frustrated with it not being available What makes them think blocking the feeds for several hours/days would keep viewer interest. They really lost the plot on that one.

I’m glad this site is available because this keeps me informed.

BBCA had a good thing and messed it up. Bunch of idiots!


I agree production has let us down in the sense that the show was fine but having a twist every week overcomplicates it and the “powershifts” did nothing but mess the game up (ie: Aneal leaving who, if was here right now, would be shaking the game up). I wish the feeds were on more as well but since they’re free I suppose I can’t really complain


That’s true … BUT think of this: We don’t have to pay!!!!!! Imagine if this was BB in the US (where they have to pay for feeds) – THEN I’d have a reason to be mad!!!!!! I also agree that this site is the best for getting updates as well – I especially like the videos when something important/funny happened.


What if Topaz wins Veto and take Alec down. And Since Jillian say that Andrew and Talla are safe – does that mean that Peter will go home, or will she Backdoor Andrew or Talla?


They already talked about that….peter will go home because itll be 2-2 and shell break the vote…beast coast already said he was going to go home if alec was taken off the block.


Pete will go 🙁


A backdoor happens when the HOH plans to put someone up as a replacement nom BEFORE the nominations are made. Since neither Talla or Andrew are targets if they go up as replacements it just an unfortunate necessity not a backdoor. Lots of folks do not get the concept of “backdooring” Now speaking of backdooring and Emmett’s very cute butt…..


They hustled Peter into letting Emmett play in the veto so he can win it.
He wanted to play veto so bad.
Really good move.


Question if we did have to pay for the feeds what is the estimated cost?Also if I pay for the channel aka slice would I also have to pay for the feeds? Newbie thanks!


What are people thinking? That mini poll was the perfect opportunity to get Dawg the win. Only getting 1 vote in 10 basically. The peeps on the forum are actually answering the question on whether they want to be on the show?(shakes head) It’s a shameful day on the OBB forum. I feel like I just got backdoored and misted all at once. Tragic turn of events.

Chief Joe FTW


I know eh Stan…I voted for Dawg….Dawg FTW!!!!!


I’m in the US, so can only speak about the way it’s done here.

If you pay for the feeds (provided by, it’s $9.95/month or $24.95 for the entire season. In addition, there’s BBAD on Showtime which is a separate cost because that’s part of the cable package.


Wow – it’s been a while since I paid for the feeds – did not realize their price increased. 🙂


Thanks for the replies. And does anyone know how the ratings for BBCAN are doing? Will we be having a season 2?


No idea on ratings. But the key is GM IMO. They wish to support the show next season it likely returns. Production has not been very good. That leaves me thinking they’ll struggle to get payers for the live feeds. You may see a split for 2 stations next season like BBusa. With BBAD being on a different network than the 3 1 hour shows in primetime.


Can’t wait to see the nomination ceremony when Alec & Peter get nominated…. Let the crying begin!


Gotta give it to Peter though, as much as he is arrogant and cocky he knows right now his number might be up. He really handle that conversation with EJ pretty good. I think he realizes that his back is against the wall and trying to help Alec would just send him out right next to him.

I also have to start giving Emmett major props for his game socially and competitively. He’s a pretty down to earth guy and he’s kept that part of his character in tact in this game. If you like or not, he’s been a hard guy to pull a fast one on in this house. He uses information he receives really well and has enough common sense not to be fooled or distracted by rumors in the house or very far fetched stories. Besides, a few points I made, Emmett himself pointed them out earlier in his conversation with Peter so yeah, I’m starting to root for him even more now.

Funny how Peter and Alec wanted to be something so great but if Emmett or Andrew wins this game, they’re the ones that will go down as smart players, especially in the very first season of BBC and they don’t care or talk about it that much, hahaha.


Can’t wait to watch the nomination ceremony…..Let the crying begin!!!


Oh yea, it’s going to be crying on Topaz’s shoulder while wearing your sleep mask.

What a strange strategy for guys – 2 guys(Aneal and Alec) have used crying(or bawling) to try to get ahead. Rather pathetic considering Alec is supposed to be this solid guy – physically and intellectually.

Wasn’t Aneal doing studying psychology or sociology?


What if this POV brings with it the power to remove both noms? It’s a possibility given all the twists this season.

I’m NOT saying that’s what I want but I’m just thinking Producers probably would rather have The Shield battling the Milk-mance just for ratings if nothing else.

At this point I still view Talla & Topaz simply as votes who cancel each other out & Andrew as the advantage to the Milk-mance. IF the producers did something like above OR did some task (like when Gary won his POV advantage out of the pinata) that gets both Peter & Alec off the block it would really make the house crazy going into the stretch esp with the double evict Thursday.

As much as I believe Alec is getting his just desserts (no one has changed as much as him while in the house from my perspective) I’m not confident production will just let him go easily & it seems to me the twists tend to happen every other week. That being said, there is the double evict Thursday so perhaps that’ll be all they twist. There is so much trouble to stir with him staying in the house though, i.e. going after Jill/Emm, Topaz learning about what he really said & whether Peter would even want to work with him after how much damage Alec has done to Peter’s game.


I doubt it only because the only way production can do anything is to gear a game towards one hgs or another and since emmitt and alec are pretty close in abilities i don’t know what they could do. There is also the fact we are getting to the end of the game and if they were going to do anything they would have done it for gary. I don’t see how they can mess with the actual pov that is the power so he will either win it or not. If they were going to give some sorta power it would have happened earlier in the game when there were more people and i don’t really think alec is there favourite player if anything i would think it is emmitt or gary. We are pretty much nearing the end and just like bbus at some point they need the game to play out. Alec made some really bad moves which is why he is where he is, telling emmitt about his f2 deal with peter was dumb on his part, threatening jill also dumb and his thing with topez is creating an issue for the sheild. My guess is that alec will go his only hope is emmitt doesn’t get to play but i am pretty sure he will the pov should be an interesting battle. I think peter will make it further without alec at this point i am guessing he will make a deal with emmitt.


if production didn’t jump in and keep Gary who really made the house more interesting i can’t see them jumping in to keep someone like alec think production will know we are all going to watch this week just to see the shock look on his face


Considering alec is trying (after how many weeks lol) to suck up to andrew i think he knows he is in trouble and is hoping to sway andrew on his side. I have no doubt he will get topez to do the same with talla not knowing jill has already told talla about them throwing her under the bus but it seems there only play. I think it will be interesting to see if alec will start backstabbing peter. Peter seems to have been not aware of some of the topez/alec stuff not sure if his reaction is real or not but i highly doubt he was aware of alec going at jill like that he would have know that move would backfire. Jill putting up the sheild was a smart move on her part because next week if the power shifted then they would have gone after them.


Wait…should Alec and peter realize Emmett isn’t really that trustworthy since he didn’t bother to bring jillian up to speed on the alliance. They made excuses for him when he did it with Tom (he was on slop and tired) and now he’s doing it again.

How has no one in this game realized Emmett runs everything.

And up until this point has no blood on his hands.


because no one is smart emmitt isn’t even on anyone’s raidar he hasn’t been for weeks even when the sheild were talking about putting jill and andrew up it was all so they could control emmitt’s vote. I think emmitt by far is the smartest player in the game. He has managed to get pretty much everyone on his side at one time or another and when he wanted someone out no one actually blamed him. Now it seems his plan is to get alec out but i think he is trying to keep peter till f3 he doesn’t trust lala so it looks like he has convinced jill to get rid of lala first before peter but i have a feeling he will take andrew out if he can before peter one because he is a weaker player and two if by some chance he wins then he will take him over jill. As i said he is smart.


I wouldn’t say that Emmett runs everything but what I have noticed is that when Emmett has the opportunity to influence the HOH, he doesn’t waste it on weaker players, he really just goes all out if he needs to. Like if you look at when Emmett was okay with Gary taking Tom out and compare it to when Alec was HOH and decided to target Suzette of all people. I think Emmett uses his influence over the HOH wisely when he’s asked for his opinion on game moves. Also, I don’t think that anyone is in control of the house, I wouldn’t say that there’s like some master social player controlling the HOHs. The house kind of runs itself in my opinion.


I hope Alec, Peter & Topaz are safe this week. Only for the show. I mean sending them out wouldn’t make it interesting. Especially sending Alec out. Then no one would be able to take out Beast Coast. The best case scenario, Jillian nominates Talla & Alec. Topaz wins the veto & takes Alec off the block. Peter goes up. They would vote out Lala because they said they’d rather have Peter than Talla because he hasn’t done anything. So, when you think about it; they all three could stay. Lala gets evicted. & Alec wins the HOH for the double eviction, puts up Jillian & Emmett. Emmett wins veto, they put up Andrew, and they have the votes to vote out Jillian.


Although Jillian is as interesting as driftwood, I think Alec, Topaz, and Peter are huge disappointments – what a joke that trio has been.
They had so much potential, but fell flat.

Peter – the only time he springs to life in when he’s in the DR shouting like a raging lunatic. Otherwise, you forget he’s in the house and wonder wtf that is. As a testament to his incredibly boring nature, the best they could say about him during his family segment was he’s a picky eater.

Alec – The shirtless crybaby. If he were built like Aneal, I could maybe excuse his labels for his relationship with Topaz. Cuddlemance, showmance, re-mance, are you f–king kidding? How about a bitchslap-mance, because that’s what his silly ass deserves.

Topaz – hmm… what can I say, when we’re not staring down her vagina, she’s calling people whores and sluts for looking at her boyfriend. The same bf she plans on backstabbing… the same bf who badmouths her.

Peter+Alec – The Shield??? The should have been called The Tissue because that’s what Alec’s crybaby ass needs.

The fact is Topaz and Alec wasted their HOHs when they got it and that’s why they went from penthouse to outhouse. Get rid of them.


Whoa there! How dare you speak the truth? Bang on assessment as far as I’m concerned and without all the unnecessary pettiness. Have yourself a wonderful evening.


Mellimoo – PRECISELY!!!!!! Well done.


But Topaz’s actual target was Andrew. You can’t say that she wasted her HOH considering that Andrew would have been a pretty big threat to get out of the house. Of course, going after Jillian/Emmett would have been smarter, but getting out Andrew wouldn’t be a waste of an HOH. And it’s not like she wanted AJ out, her alliance screwed her over.

You’re also missing Topaz saving Gary that one week when Tom wanted him out. Also she goGary to put up Tom/Liza during his HOH. Alec can try to take the credit for her all she wants but that move would not have been made without Topaz reassuring him of it being a good move and Emmett being okay with it. Also, there was Topaz throwing the POV to Tom the week that he wanted to get Gary out and she got him to save it, she actually explained her move really well. The DR told her that she successfully convinced Tom, and she decided to throw it to Tom so that Tom/Gary could form a relationship and they could build some trust.

Topaz sleeps a lot and can be ridiculous at time but you seem to be underestimating her game play in the house. She doesn’t even know this but her throwing the HOH to Jillian could actually be a great move for her because she gets to play in the double eviction and hopefully she’ll find out how little Alec cares for her game wise, maybe she’ll be able to do some re-strategizing too. But that’s not her game play, that’s just my wishful thinking.

Anyways I’m clearly a little biased towards her, but I think a lot of people underestimate Topaz because she spent like a year sleeping in the house lol. I do think she has a lot of potential though as a player.

Also, backstabbing is part of the game, you can’t use that as a negative. Plus, she doesn’t know that he talks crap about her, she’d probably change the way she acts around him if she did.


They would only choose to keep Peter rather than Talla AFTER having evicted Alec. FOR NOW, Talla is not their enemy, and Peter would only get on their side AFTER Alec leaves. If Alec takes himself off the block, they’ll want Topaz out. If that’s not possible (bc she won POV), they’ll settle for Peter, regretting how things turned out.


Dear Big Brother,

Please explain this to me: what does it BENEFIT you to switch the live feeds to “hush hush!” that often? And for so long?

“To create interest for the slice shows”, I hear. But aren’t those who watch the live feeds “hardcore BB fans” anyway, who will watch the shows even if they are up to date with the live events? We’ll watch the show just to see how BB sells the events to the masses (ie those who only watch the shows).

You want to get people to pay for the live feeds next season? How about making them seem like something WORTH PAYING FOR then?

What would you rather have, A or B?
b) THE FEEDS ARE DOWN AGAIN, BUT OH WELL, I GUESS I CAN’T REALLY COMPLAIN SINCE THEY’RE FREE Why bother, since BB switches them off anyway as soon as something interesting happens. It’s been a really frustrating experience to TRY and watch the live feeds this season.

This is not a rant, it’s a serious question: Please explain this to me – or think about it again!

People here say that Big Brother watches what’s being written here. Well, then just have some intern make a list of HOW MANY TIMES people have said “THE FEEDS ARE DOWN AGAIN, BUT OH WELL, I GUESS I CAN’T REALLY COMPLAIN SINCE THEY’RE FREE” So… does that sound like someone would want to pay for such feeds next season? YOU decided to offer the feeds for free. You don’t actually “earn money” by having the feeds down, do you? So WHY? I don’t understand.


I would much rather
pay for a reliable feed then watch this free torment we currently have!


To be honest, I am rooting for Topaz. Topaz is a strong player, and she finished 2nd in this last HoH, and has won an HoH. I think she could easily win this game. I feel like this double eviction Thursday is gonna help Topaz and either Peter, or Alec (depending who stays) I feel that they will win HOH, and do their best to get Emmett or Jillian out. I wouldn’t be so worried on getting Andrew or Lala out right now. I mean the best move is for Topaz to win HoH, nominate Jillian and Emmett. Have her win the veto. And Emmett goes home. But, Emmett will probably win POV and take himself off, so you put Andrew up, and then Peter, & Alec have the votes to get out Jillian. But, if they nominate anyone else but those two, there plan could backfire. Lets say they nominate Andrew, Emmett and Jillian wins POV. Emmett comes down. Or Andrew & Jillian, Emmett wins POV and takes Jillian down. In order for BBCAN to keep this interesting; Alec or Peter leave, then Jill or Emmett. Then you’ll have a real fight for both sides trying to get revenge for them evicting one of their alliances. It would be perfect.

Shakira Stan

I’m rooting for Topaz too, but she’s too blinded by Alec. I don’t even see what he sees in him, he’s totally average and she could find a better looking guy in real life if she wants to. Hopefully Emmett will enlighten her about what Alec has been saying behind her back, but I’m pretty sure that she’ll stick with Alec. I’m shaking my head right now.


I think at this point topaz is stuck with Alec and for whatever reason he’s not seeing she’s the only one that truly has his back.

The best thing she can do for her game is win and not make deals this late into the game and if you do…break it. 100k is on the line.

But I think she’s scared to win another HOH and I don’t blame her she came off looking really dumb (even though it wasn’t her fault)


alec going to need topaz to win the POV to save him … he will have to tell her that thats the only way out for him i praying topaz dont play in the pov

Mike Piff

Im so happy to finally see this whiney BI**H Alec on the block. What straight guy cries on national television? Backstabbing GOOF


why the feeds down so long,..can’t take them that long to do nominations and pov..


Nope! Your missing the point. After the 1st eviction on Thursday it will be 4 versus 2. Lets say it’s Peter and Topaz versus the beast plus Lala. Topaz wins HOH and noms E/J. If the POV is used the replacement would be Lala or Andrew if we presume Topaz and Peter are working together. It’s 2 votes versus 1 for beast coast plus Lala. Lala is flighty but surely she wouldn’t ruin her entire game by voting out Peter/Topaz’s choice?
I think that Topaz has 1 shot and that’s to play pure floater now. By that give her vote to HOH including this week even evicting Alec.Don’ try to win the next 2 HOH and hope folks see her as the most attractive F2 to go against and no freaking scheming. She won’t do this but that’s her best shot. If Alec is gone the HOH at 6 is Beast(2) plus Lala versus 2 very mediocre players as a combined group. Topaz has some strength in comps but she just can’t win out without help. Don’t think she is liked as an HG enough to get it.


Here is the next headline for OBB. “Truckloads of kleenex are brought into the BB house as The Shield is crying non-stop”


Later this evening:

After Jillian wins the POV she advises the Shield that either one of them can come off the block if they can beat her in a arm wrestle. Jillian beats both Peter and Alec with one arm tied behind her back. More kleenex is brought into the BB House as The Shield turn up the intensity of their crying and pouting.


I hate Topaz. She makes me sick. She had the nerve to call Talla a slut when Topaz is the one who jumped in bed with Alec the first day in the house, to somebody she just met. So what does that make her??


Uuuggghhh…live feeds still down AND that annoying Ramada clip with the retard crawling on the table is back! I will NEVER stay at a Ramada Inn!!!!


Well said Mellimoo ! could not have said it better

Sherley Temple



BBCAN how quickly you’ve forgotten Jillian looked Aneal in his eye and told him she wasn’t putting him up and he was her friend. She did the same thing to Danielle. So lets be clear Jillian is not and I repeat a person of her word.

Shakira Stan

During Aneal’s interview with Virgin Radio, they asked him how he felt about Jillian, his friend, putting him on block and he said Emmett saw him as a threat and convinced Jillian to put him on the block. He also admitted that Emmett was his #1 target and that he actually liked Glitter a lot.

For me, Jillian will do whatever Emmett wants her to do! Emmett wants Peter and Alec on the block and that’s what’s gonna happen… Well hopefully!


I’ve got a HUGE favour to ask of anyone kind enough to respond: I know as fellow bloggers, some might be willing/able to do this? I am having a heck of a time hearing the video clearly because of the post-production ‘music’ in the background – the one with all the houseguests in the diary room answering questions. If anyone would do that I will thumbs up every post you ever post from now on. Hugs.


it’s ok – I got it


OMG…. Jilly opened Pandora’s box after nominating Alec and Peter… and Gary is back in the house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please NO BB CANADA.. I HATE GLITTER


BigBrotherCA Updates?@Top_BB_Leaks4h
Jill opened Pandoras box releasing Gary into the house carrying a Veto. Gary gets to decide who wins this veto before he leaves


If that happens it would be ridiculous so it sounds like a totally plausible thing that production would do.


It is a ridiculous thing to do…to let a JURY member affect the game like that? Complete BS…so, I also have no doubts production did do it. Lol 😉

This message from Gary in a tweet also makes me think it might be true: “Hi guys! It’s #GlitterGary! I know you’re sad I got evicted but I’ll see you all really, really soon!”

Soooo…yeah. Not cool if true.

Big Brother Canada really needs to take a look at how they’re affecting the game, and allowing others to affect it. I missed it during Gary’s eviction episode, but I saw others complaining on twitter that something Arisa may have said to Gary could also influence/taint the jury. But, like I say I didn’t see what they’re referring to so I can’t comment on that, other then to say I hope she didn’t say something that could influence the jury.

I’m really enjoying this season, made even better by being able to watch the feeds (when they’re up, that is.) I’m just so done with all the twists.


Wytchyd, I was wondering what Arisa may have said as well so I went back & watched the interview with Gary. She asked him who he thought was playing a good game & he said Alec is really smart and Arisa asked him if he thought that a lot of people were onto how smart he is. I guess she was implying that the other houseguests were on to him. I’m not too sure how this could taint the jury especially is Alec is the next to go. I guess we shall see. Cheers!!!!


As long as Gary is leaving.. i am feeling a bit better lmao


I always root for the underdog which right now is Topaz (lone soldier but has an Hoh win + did awesome at last endurance comp).

The Beast Coast feels too comfortable now and it’ll just be a boring next few weeks if they keep winning and voting off the shield + Topz.

Best case scenario: Alec leaves this week, Peter wins Hoh and revenges by taking out Emmet in double eviction, then Topaz wins Hoh and takes out Andrew.

Then we can watch individuals finally play the game in final 4: Talla, Topaz, Gillian, and Peter.


Interesting theory that might happen but pretty unlikely. Lets say Pete wins HOH. He noms E/J. Not sure for Peter that is his best strategy. He might be better off offering a deal to Emmit/Jillian to take him F4. See it’s no sure thing either goes home. Someone has to win POV. Emmit wins he’s comming down and Peter has to choose Lala or Andrew renom. Remember this also Topaz votes Andrew or Jillian. Maybe she votes Andrew if that’s Peters renom instead of Jillian plus Emmit both stay. There is alot of uncertanty they are garunteed to get either out. Someone has to win POV against the power couple. So my best guess is Peter will consider offering take me F3 or F4 deal. He’s not a power player.


Good point Stan7777. But all of this would be happening in an instant eviction, so Peter can tell E/J that he had no time to think etc. The veto played instantly is also usually a Q/A one which Andrew, Talla, Topaz, can win and keep Pete’s nominations the same.. That way one of E/J leave the house.. Then with Topaz winning the next Hoh we will see some powershift/scrambling…


Putting Peter up with Alec… Jillian is one smart cookie! Now they are both forced to fight for the POV for themselves and they have to campaign for themselves if the veto isn’t used. If Peter knows what’s best for him, he’d better start distancing himself from Alec even more than he already has. No use going down with a sinking ship! I’d love to see him team up with Talla lol I think it’d be funny to watch him try to get through a conversation with her.


It doesn’t even really matter who wins the veto because either way Alec or Pete is going. Just put Talla on the block and vote the other person on the block out. Simple.


No, not that simple.

If Alec is up against Talla, then Peter can win the power of veto to save Alec and neither of them goes home. The same applies if Peter is up against Talla. That’s why they both have to be nominated in order to guarantee that one of them goes home.

If Alec is up against Talla and the veto is not used, Peter can campaign for Alec and convince Andrew to join their alliance and vote with him and Topaz to keep Alec. That’s why both Peter and Alec have to be nominated with each other so that they’ll be forced to campaign to save their own asses and not each other.


Is this veto endurance or something? The feeds have been out for 13 hours now…


Could be.. or could be standard Big Brother Canada production dumbness..

They seem to block the feeds all day Saturday now


Blocking Feeds during the Weekend… that’s like closing a restaurant during the lunch rush. These morons don’t realize that the weekends are prime time to snag viewers who would normally be too busy to watch them during the week.


^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree..


Yup…knowing BBC, they will turn the feeds back on when all HG’s are in bed…along with the rest of us! Great (free) programing. Just like public television!


Are you listening production? Do your stupid twists and concoct your tv episodes on Monday and Tuesday, not when we can actually stay up and watch. After the not so live show on Thursday, us uberfans want to go straight to the feeds, watch the scheming, the drama, and as sad as it sounds, lots of feeders would settle in for the weekend IF the feeds were actually on. I was hoping the Canadians would do this better than the US, but it is much worse. BBUS cuts for hours on weekends, but never for too long unless Willie or Chima are getting tossed.


Cmon Topaz win POV then leave the noms the same, and vote out Alec. That would wipe that smirk off his face.


Didn’t think about that happening.. but it’s not a bad idea it could work out for her


Aj, you are so right on your assessment, of Topaz.I just wish the would tell her Alec is using her.


pandora’s box maybe?


“11:00pm Hush hush if you flip cams you’ll see the Ramada Guy he’s doing alright” HAHAHAHA I love this comment!!!!!!! Thanks for updating us on the live feed ADS too!!! hehehehehe!