Big Brother Canada Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS!

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ALEC & TOPAZ
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 650pm
6:45pm – 7pm When the Big Brother Canada live feeds return we learn that during the Power of Veto Ceremony Peter used the Veto to remove himself from the block and as head of household Jillian nominated TOPAZ as her replacement nominee.

The house guests are on an indoor lock down. Alec, Jillian, Talla, Andrew, and Emmett are in the kitchen snacking while they wait for their reward food. Andrew says lets think about what they are giving us, lobster. They wonder if Big Brother is making the food for them or if they have to make it. Talla and Andrew wonder how much alcohol they will receive. Talla says that she is “on watch” and going to redeem herself tonight. She isn’t drink so much and get wasted. Talla is wearing a card on her chest that says “Do you love it?” She says that it was in the room on the food. Isn’t that so cute! Jillian comes out and says house meeting. Andrew wants to go hog wild and eat it all. Jillian says that there are like 20 lobsters, sushi, tenderloin steaks, ribs, etc. Jillian wants to conserve it for other days. They talk about eating the sushi for sure because it wont last. They start eating the sushi. Alec says they really just pampered us on this one. They talk about cooking up some of the lobsters and tenderloins. Jillian asks Emmett don’t you feel bad for these lobster.. their fate is in your hands. Emmett asks what am I supposed to do put them in the pool? They’ll die!

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 640pm

In the storage room Talla is talking to Jillian about what she will say to Topaz. Talla says that she will tell Topaz that she is not the target. I am going to try and keep it civil. Talla says that she will leave herself out of the conversation like why did you want me up there. Jillian tells Talla to tell Topaz what else was Jillian supposed to do. Talla says that she will tell Topaz she is not going home this week and just remember there are only so many girls left. Talla says I will pitch that! Talla says I will talk to her and then eventually we will do it all together. Talla says that after her, Topaz and Jillian will talk about working together.

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 7pm

7:20pm – 7:50pm Emmett, Topaz, Talla and Andrew are in the kitchen making the lobster and tenderloin. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

7:50pm Emmett tells Jillian that he still thinks getting rid of Alec this week is the best option. He says potentially we go into next week with no enemies. Jillian asks what? Emmett says if we get rid of Topaz this week, then potentially we go into next week with no enemies. If we do get rid of Alec ..we go into next week with two people (Topaz & Peter) we cant trust. Jillian asks do you think we can trust them though, now that I did that? Emmett says I don’t know.

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 810pm
8pm – 8:25pm Talla is in the kitchen rubbing ingredients on the tenderloin. She says “OH MY GOD I’m kind of nervous to drink!” (The last time Talla drank alcohol is is what happened. View the post: HERE) Meanwhile in the storage room: Alec asks Topaz how she is doing? Topaz says she feels like shit. Alec says yeah this is the worst possible situation. Topaz says that Jillian is a lying fu*king b!tch and her promises mean sh!t! Alec asks so what did she exactly promise you? Topaz says she said that she wouldn’t nominate me and that I was safe this week. Alec says well she just nominated you. Alec tells her that she is fine because I am going home. Topaz and Alec talk about who Andrew and Talla will vote for. Topaz and Alec end their conversation and leave the storage room. Topaz goes out to the hot tub for a dip.

8:30pm – 8:45pm Talla talks to Topaz in the hot tub room. Talla tells don’t worry you have my vote. Talla says that Alec hasn’t talked to her yet but that she will tell him she will vote for him but that she really won’t. She tells Topaz not to listen to what he says. Talla says you have my vote, don’t think about it, don’t stress about it, don’t talk about it! This conversation is between us. Going into next week there will be us three girls. Topaz says that she is worried about Andrew voting for Alec. Topaz says that Alec has one vote – Peter and I have one vote you. She says that Emmett will vote however Jillian wants. Talla reiterates that Topaz is good. Talla says I love you. Topaz says okay I love you too. Talla leaves. She heads over to Emmett and Jillian by the weights. They talk about making a salad. Emmett says that he is a carnivore, he could eat just meat. Talla asks “What’s a carnivore?” They tell her its when you predominately eat meat.

8:50pm – 9pm Talla runs up to talk to Jillian. Talla tells Jillian her conversation with Topaz. (She talks a mile a minute.) Jillian says tell her she better get on my good side .. no don’t tell her that. Jillian tells Talla to tell Topaz that Alec is campaigning hard to stay. Talla tells Jillian how we need to do a girls thing. Jillian says yeah we need a girls thing. Talla says that she could have done the same thing to me but get over it. Talla says okay good talk and heads downstairs. Talla says to herself good acting Talla, good acting. Andrew comes into the kitchen and Talla tells him Alec is too much of a threat no matter what. Andrew says I know that, you don’t have to tell me! Andrew finds a barnacle on one of the lobsters. Talla asks what’s a barnacle? Andrew tells her its a creature that attaches itself to things.

9pm Alec talks to Peter while he is in the shower. Alec tells Peter that the problem is that Jillian promised Topaz that she wouldn’t be nominated or back doored. Alec and Peter say that they will see what they can do. Alec tells Peter my life is in his hands, so whatever you can do! Peter says I will do my best!
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I think I need to be a houseguest next season just for the food! lol

The Knight

Jillbot’s an idiot for not putting up Talla. If they put up Talla she has the votes and it will hide the 4 person group.


I agree. If Jillian put up Talla as a pawn (and she would know this), it would keep Topaz’s trust into the next HOH (and I would maybe make a new deal that if I don’t put her up and put Talla up instead then I will be safe next if Topaz wins HOH) , it would also give Alec and Peter hope that Alec could possibly stay…I would then lie to Peter and Alec and say well, it looks like Talla is going home and we can move forward with the final 4. Then I would tell Topaz about how Alec has thrown her under the bus so bad. When the eviction happens, Peter is the only 1 who votes for Talla to leave and Alec is out. Now Peter is the only 1 on the other side and if he doesn’t win HOH or POV, he is going home. Now Jillian has the option to go with the Beast Coast or with the girls next…


I can barely contain myself ,those douche bags Alec and and Peter need to be stopped.Peter just lied to Emmett saying Topaz is gunning for E/J.I truly hate those pigs. E/J are so dissapointing , Talla is truly smarter than the both of them.


He’s just trying to save his best friend in the house. And it’s not like it’s a complete lie. And Talla? Haha, no. The girl’s just there for a good time. Hearing her talk game on last night’s episode was hilarious.


Well peter is right topez is gunning for them now that jillian lied to topez she will be out to get E/J especially jill but alec i am not sure i still think alec may try andd take out andrew. Also if the next comp is a quiz topez may have a better chance then alec anyone can win this but alec hasn’t even gotten close on any quiz comps while topez has come close a few times. Alec is better at indurance but emmitt and andrew are always a head unless they so some maze one again. I would say i don’t know but i think alec will be less likely to take them out before andrew while topez will try and take them out. Hard call


Jillian says…yes Emmett…no Emmet…please and thank you Emmet. Where is her voice? Where is her strategy? There are also times when it seems that Emmett is a little heavy-handed with her.


Jillian: “Muffins are the worst thing you can possibly eat!”
Andrew: “That is not true. What if you ate razorblades?”


Despite all the talk today Alec will be going home next. At the end of the day it’s the smartest move for everyone voting except Peter.

As much as I despise Alec I almost wish he was staying. I’d rather see someone I hate stay and work their ass off to survive, then someone who mopes around and sleeps all the time. At this point I’m questioning why Topaz is even there, just self evict already. Zero gameplay from her, and knowingly reducing herself to a puppet for Alec while he uses her time and again is beyond pathetic.

Sir Peanut

I hate to keep hearing how Topaz slept thru this season. Yes she slept alot. But that was her strategy. It may not be everybody’s strategy or a good one but it is still a strategy. I hate how she still listens to Alec. She’s been playing this game as far as I can see.


I just wish they would make up their minds, Topaz or Alec. Just send Alec out the door and then target Topaz. It is not that hard to figure out. I am with the beast coast but getting really tried of Emmett and Jillian. Like to see Andrew as part of the final two. GO ANDREW!!!!


I cannot believe Alec staying is even am option


There are a few things I believer to be true and after I’m done saying them I need never bring them up again: 1 JULILLY is ‘Topaz’s’ sister, 2. Emerald ‘Topaz” Brady is either an escort or a stripper (fake titties paid for by…) and 3. Alec is a sociopath who may or may not actually be studying Social Psychology (or just used it to inflate his bio and other peoples opinions of him) There are no rules in Big Brother that state that who you claim to be (your video persona) has to be truthful. The only requirement is Citizenship, not being a criminal, the basics when applying for any acting gig. Now that I’m done with that, I can’t wait to see this piece of hood trash sent packing back to Scarborough or downtown Toronto or wherever the hell she works her mouth around the places of Ontario. She incites such disgust and anger in me, I have to fast forward for my own good. Yes, I DO know what I’m talking about and I’m glad to get it off my chest. No shame in anything she does ; on the first night discussing what they can show on livefeed and saying they can’t ‘suck’ on camera, etc. Nothing but a ho trying to be a Ho H. Bye bye Jewel – give her this message when she gets her ass kicked out.


That’s really rude and uncivil.


Calm down. It’s just a not-so-reality TV show. To have so much hate for people you’ve never met a day in your life shows how sad you are. Kinda feeling sorry for ya. However, GO GIRLS ALLIANCE WOO HOOO!!!


LOL, who are you again?… er,yeah, that’s what I thought
Stay out of sh!t that does not concern you, capish? This beef is between Finese1978,sowhat and myself so do yourself a favour and butt out, LMAO
Let me say this clearly, If I were Topaz’s sister, cousin, friend (whatever) I WILL say it loud and proud- believe that, but I do not know her from a can of paint.
Now take your hatefilled carcass and go suck on something… and it ain’t lemon!

Damn, I’m such a BIG deal! 😀


PS: Annie, its pretty clear that you are ‘sowhat’, as you two have the same colloquial expressons! lmao


Annie is not sowhat you damn idiot troll – get the hell off, we know you are a sicko , you don’t have to keep proving it. I only use one name, how many do you use coward!


All I can do is track IP’s which can change so it’s not a 100% sure fire thing.. sowhat IP is not the same as Annie IP they are on different ends of the country.

There’s way too much aggression in the comments tonight.


Simon – thank you


Whew! Good to know that ‘sowhat’ is not Annie, Simon
Oh well, what can I say?… My list of obsessive fans just keeps on growing!!! 😀
first there was Kijiji and sowhat (who keeps following all of my posts), then finese1978 and now Annie! Hahahaaaa!!!
Damn, I love OBB!


Could you imagine the crying episode from Alec if it turns out that Topaz is what you say in #2 above. That boy is going to need a psychologist when he gets out of this house.


Ok Liza simmer simmer.


Annie you must be a whore, if Topaz is one.I also have implants ,fake titts does not make one a whore


Nutty, Annie is just mad ’cause she is fat and her boobs are sagging.
The fact of the matter is: Beautiful women are not intimidated by women that have had work done, plain and simple.

I guess- according to Annie’s logic, all of the girl’s from BB 13 (with the exception of Kalia and Dani) were strippers or escorts… Yep, those sound like the words of an ugly woman, alright ! 🙂


Everyone say hello to Annie better kwn as LIZA. A jealous pathetic soul.


Emmit is the one who lied about Liza saying she said all kinds of things about everyone. His liles got her and Tom evicted!


Annie… your IP is the same as a person who posts here often under a series of different names.

This wasn’t the fist time I’ve caught this behaviour from your IP, I count 6 different usernames coming from you. All the usernames engage in the same type of abrasive anti Topaz posts. So either you have 6 people originating from that IP all sharing the same anti topaz views or you are posting under multiple names to amplify your anti topaz stance. I would even go as far as to say some of your “Identities” exhibit Troll behaviour which is just lame to be doing.. Not being a Topaz fan is fine and it’s fine to post about it just know when to draw the line.


Simon, thanks for being so gracious and I apologize to both you and Dawg. I did not ever intend to take this forum for granted. I also did not foresee, the thoughts or feelings I have had for this particular houseguest. I don’t know why or how – maybe I can look inside myself for that answer and pray it comes. I respectfully thank you and will honour your suggestion to stick to one name – no use hiding now eh? I’m not sure of the ‘troll’ behaviour you referred to but I am going to presume you are correct because I have been unhinged in my dislike for this girl. Peace. SERENITY NOW!


Thanks for the apology.. Like I’ve said before I don’t have 100% knowledge of what goes on in the comments I just keep alert for certain things that I’ve known in the past can cause trouble.

It’s all good rock on 🙂


Keep on rockin in the free world – as long as I’m rockin it with less hate – Lessons learned through humility. From T.O.


Annie – I’m glad you got all that off your chest , I am also very disgusted and angry with the choice of her being at the bb house. She is really a tough, foul mouthed girl. A few weeks back, someone posted that she was asking “who do you have to give a BJ to, to get a mountain dew” and someone else has referred to her as a “hood rat” several times. I also believe julilly is her sister, she sounds like a tough hood rat too and also a nut case. As far as Alec goes, he completely creeps me out, real weirdo. Hopefully, they will both be gone real soon. Have a nice cup of tea and take care.


If I’m a hood rat, the. You’re (like Suzette would say) an “Fu…ing redneck”. Now go eat some possum stew, sweetheart 🙂


That picture of Topaz in the storage room with Alec is priceless. I don’t know how the conversation went but it looks like she was flipping out the way she has been known to do.


Looks kind of ‘simian’.


who else thinks the ramada commercial guy crawling on the table sorta looks like alec? LOL


in 20 years when I’m old and grey BBCAN season 1 will be a distant memory but i’ll still remember that Damn ramada commercial crystal clear.


Just responding to my sweetheart Julilly. First off I have no beef with anyone on this site my dear. I have fun reading and responding to comments and I take nothing anyone says personal. We’re all adults and I believe we should conduct ourselves as such. I actually find you very amusing. As to why I KNOW, that your Topaz’ sister. Your aggressive defence of her at all times is 1 reason and here’s the kicker……. On yesterday’s nomination episode on Slice, Topaz said she wishes she could have won HOH so she could have received a letter from home because her sister JULES opinion and breakdown of Alec would have helped her out a lot….. I find that coincidence of your Blog name and the actual name of Topaz’ sister being the same quite interesting…… No need to deny it because you know your busted babes. All you have to do is admit it and I’m pretty sure you’ll get a lot more support for your cause. Its not cool to deny your lineage. Kool???


LMAO, you really crack me up! Julilly is not even my name in the first place- it was taken off a book; but keep on assuming, darling; you’ll simply make an a$$ of yourself 😉
Damn, you guys are making me popular around here…Love it! 😀


I think you are right Finesse1978, Great Detective work. I think Topaz and Alec deserve each other so I hope Jules approves. Do you JULES?

julie chen

Oops sometimes I post under different names…. They all are similar to Julie Chen LOLZ (yes im the real Juley Chen)

julie chen

I suppose I should add that I am NOT Julily …..


LOL, Julie Chen, you actually need that disclaimer ’cause Julie sounds like Julilly and they both sound like Jules- which is (according to finesse 1978) the name of Topaz’s sister; so you will be guilty of being Jules, Julilly and a partridge in a pear tree! 😉


Deny Deny Deny…. Ah well. Time 2 move on. Your starting to bore me. Hopefully double eviction is interesting. Good old Topaz gets evicted on her boney ass then certain people on this blog will fade into the shadows of Scarborough. peace


Getting boring? Lol, Last I checked you initiated EVERY conversation with me, boo! LMAO
whatever, you’ll be talking about me again … You know you can’t resist! 😉
I keep on winning! #suchabigdeal


This forum is degenerating. The site is still amazing but comments are getting very dark & ridiculous. Can we just discuss the show and not become fixated with the people behind the comments? Separate the person from the comments. Disagreements are allowed –they enrich the conversation and shouldn’t be taken personally.