Big Brother Canada Emmett tells Andrew that Jillian wants Topaz out this week..

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 240pm

2:40pm – 3pm Emmett and Jillian are up in the HOH room talking about what the best plan is to get Alec out this week. Emmett says that he agrees with Andrew that Alec is the biggest target to get out this week. Emmett says that Jillian thinks that Topaz needs to go this week. He says that Jillian thinks Topaz is coming after her and that Alec explained to her that he isn’t coming after her. Andrew says that Alec is going to say whatever he needs to say to be safe. Andrew says that Jillian can do whatever she wants to do, it’s her HOH .. but I am still voting Alec out. Andrew comments that Alec has already won 10 Grand. Andrew and Emmett comments on how there are still floaters in the house (Topaz & Talla) that they can’t let win this game. Andrew says I want Alec gone 100%. Andrew brings up how Alec came up to him and told him he liked him. Andrew says that we were all up here and I almost shook hands on a final four and I am glad I didn’t but not that, that matter any ways. Emmett asks Andrew if he talked to Talla because I think she wants Topaz out too. Andrew says that he hasn’t talked to her yet. Emmett bring up how Alec said he will throw the HOH competition this week. Andrew says yeah he told me that too. Emmett says why would you throw the HOH if you are supposed to be working with us. Emmett wonders who would pick me in the final two. He says that he thought everyone liked me but now everyone in the jury is going to hate me.

Big Brother Canada April 7 2013 250pm

3pm – 3:40pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

4:25pm Still Hush Hush..
5:36pm Still Hush Hush..
6:25pm Still Hush Hush..

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Get rid of Topaz is much easier than Joe Jonas look alike. Bye Topaz!


Come on Andrew, talk some sense into E/J, it would be so dumb to keep Alec and to believe his BS about throwing the next HOH, of course Alec will be telling them what they want to hear, that doesn’t mean he’s actually going to do it. I sure hope Andrew keeps being the voice of reason for those two….am I the only one rooting for Andrew to win this? lol


You know what, I never thought much of Andrew but seeing him be the only one using his brain has changed my opinion of him. This isn’t even about my bias for Topaz, it’s just ridiculous to me that Jillian/Emmett are considering getting rid of all the work they did to break up the Alec/Pete duo. There are like so many good reasons to get rid of Alec and I think it’s laughable that they’re willing to give it up because Alec says he’ll throw HOHs. It’s six people in the house left, who’s dumb enough to throw any competition when the finale is so close? I’m so baffled by Jillian/Emmett’s stupidity. Just them considering this plan is enough to make me reconsider them being deserving winners.


I totally agree with you AJ, and it has nothing to do with my bias for Topaz either! lol, For the first ever, Andrew makes a lot of sense… In fact so much sense I can say that I wouldn’t mind if he even won the game! I’ve always secretly rooted for Emmett but I am do over him, at this point. With that said, I hope public enemy #1 (Topaz ) wins the upcoming Hoh- it will be nice to see the house scramble… Even for a few seconds! 😉


I think 99%of us are on the same page. And i am shocked too, b/c i also thought nohting much of andrew but apparently heis the only one thinking!! Of course Alex is NOT gonna throw the HOH next week unless he is alreayd loosing then he might pretend he did. He would throw them up b/c of everything that went down this wk.. why would he trust them again?! Why arent they thinking of that?! Why on earth would topaz go after them to avenge ALec.. plz… she likes him but isnt that crazy. She will have no one else in the game, she is gonna try and work w/ whoever wants ot work w/ her. She wasn’t upset that they put alec on the block this wk so why would she come after then for it next week.. and that girl wears her heart on he sleeve, so if she was that upset about it tot hepoint of revenge, she would ahe gone off on them. All they ahve ot do is go up to her and say let’s make a deal for ur safety, b/c Alec has alreayd thrown u under and over and under the bus for his own. Geeze! How can they be THAT easily manipulated?! The way Alec even came off in that convo i would not believe his ass! Andrew.. props to you for being the only smart one. Alec is a bigger threat in every respect.. hysically and mentally in temrs of he knwos exactly what to sya and do and is willing to lie w/ the strightest face to get where he needs ot go… Topaz isn’t two faced and wouldn’t. You can’t trust someone liek Alec in this game.. they see it and i am shocked they are considereing keeping him when they dont need to. They have their 4 and peter will obviously come over… they ahve the numbers regardless. Just pathetic right now… and idk why Talla is pushing for Topaz to go.. she’s a fool… Topaz has beet he only one to have her back all this time and now she is showing some true colors toward topaz just b/c she said the truth that ppl, not her, wanted Talla out of the house and she freaking saved her more than once including her own HOH.


..Are they seriously going to keep Alec?


If These idiots vote out Topaz and leave Alec in the house then none of them deserves to win this game. Topaz won 1 HOH and now the women are petrified that she’s some kind of competition powerhouse.. Get real!! It’s a double eviction this week so Alec will go first with Topaz or Peter following right behind. I just want to see Jillian on the block at least once before this season is over. Talla will be going on the block next week after the double eviction. They’re getting sick of carrying her now. Yes Finesse1978 is back!!! Oh yeah Julilly……. I know your secret…….. SIS


Welcome back!!!!


Ok, it’s official! You and your moonshine-drinking buddy ‘sowhat’ are super obsessed with me! LMAO, don’t worry, I’ll free up a spot or two in my entourage for you two- damn, I’m such a big deal! 😀


Good grief – you have a TWIN – there’s two idiots instead of one!!!!


What mental asylum let you out early, again? Lol, ‘Cause, sweetheart, you are clearly exhibiting signs of De clerambault’s syndrome! (That’s right, Google that sh!t up, stupid)
Lol, with that said, go get psychiatric help, honey, you desperately NEED it! 😀


I know what it means and don’t tell me I need psychiatrist, who was it that started all the name calling a few weeks back when you assumed that I was an American? Remember the words “moon shine, road kill and rifles”. That puke came out of your mouth, you insipid bigot? By the way…. just because you do not like Eric or Peter, what a rude person you are to call their mothers `creepy“. You have no respect for anyone. How would you behave face to face..


You NEED a psychiatrist, B!tch,so go get one quickly, lol, last I checked healthcare was still free in Canada, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one!
By the way, You are one sick, disturbed, brainsick creep! you mean to tell me that masticating on what I told you weeks ago? Damn! I am really a big deal, hahahaha! I just LOVE how I can easily get under your skin demented Dolt of a donkey! 😀

By the way, your hypocritical rant is beyond Laughable and simply preposterous! B!tch, you have the effrontery to call me a bigot when YOU went last week on a rant calling all black women ghetto, hood rats etc. or don’t you remember? Awww, don’t tell your meds causing you to forget things now, are they? LMAO

Now, go and wash your mouth with soap (don’t eat it, honey, soap is not edible) and take your prescribed dosage of lithium! Bwahahahah!
Oh, and yes, if I met you on the street, YOU will be picking the gum off the bottom of my louboutins, b!tch!
…. and SCENE! 😀


You are a compulsive liar and I too am bored with you.


Honestly i have to say i don’t know on paper alec seems like the stronger player but the only hoh alec won was the one that was a maze while topez has won a quiz hoh and has come close a few times. If the next comp is indurance emmitt and andrew are always ahead of them if it is quiz (which since it is a double might be) it might be better to get rid of topez. If alec did win he might try and take andrew out to be honest alec and peter were not going after emmitt the only time we heard them mention e/j on the block was to put jill up as a pawn so that they could get andrew out and force emmitt hand. They though getting andrew out would aline emmitt with them. I have to say i don’t know topez has come closer to winning hoh’s then alec has it would all depend on what the hoh is.


Really? Jillian think about it you told Topez she and Alec were sate to get your HOH, do you really think Alec is going to honor anythng with you after putting him on the block? If for some stupid reason Jillian keeps Alec and he wins HOH, he can say, “just doing what you done to Topez”. Jillian has to remember at this point in the games the dynamics are different. They have gotten along by influencing whom ever was the HOH and made some pretty good alliances (Andrew). Now, they have to expect at this stage they will be targets as there are only a few people. This is just terrible for her game play … if for some reason Andrew makes it to jury and Jillian makes the F2 he will remember it was him and Emmitt who kept her on track. Would really love if Topez was the next HOH otherwise it’s going to be predicable for the rest of the season. At this point, Peter would be my next choice although I don’t know what he will do. I am pretty sure if he wins, J/E will somehow influence his HOH too.


why did you change your name? There can’t be that many people who refuse to spell the names correctly….or did you just spell your own name wrong?

Matt G

rumour has it gary might make a return….


…The keyword here is ‘Rumour’


If Alec stays in this house, Emmett is an idiot.


Keeping Alec will be Emmett’s undoing

Mike Piff

If Jemmett keeps Alec, I think they will become the new LALA


Topaz winning HOH would be a dream and the twist I need to stay invested. Jillian is too much to handle, I can’t stand a woman that cannot make a decision without a man in the picture.


I don’t know why everyone hates on the shield? I actually like them. They were pretty smart throughout the season (except when they kept Andrew) I want Alec to stay. I think he deserves to win more than topaz.


Aside from their pathetic attempt at becoming chilltown 2.0, I’m assuming the contempt most people have for them has to do with the fact that they think they have the game in the bag (when, clearly, they don’t )… Peters DR voice… And yes! Their moms were creepy as hell! LMAO


I am half and half on the sheild but they made some really bad moves especially alec his first mistake was telling emmitt in week 2 he would take peter to the final 2 which is why he lost emmitt. Emmitt only turned to andrew, threatening jill when she was hoh and not having a better relationship with the rest of the house. I think the sheild got lucky they just slipped under the radar.

Mike Piff

Its their arrogance and the way the conduct themselves. Peter thinks he’s Dan. I cant stand how he yells in the DR while trying to act like Dan. Then theres Alec who cries, lies, floats his own alliances names out to others, and at the end of the day is just a DOUCE. They are supposed to be smart and running shi* but made the stupidest move I have ever seen by keeping Andrew (Thank GOD) and going against their alliance with Topaz . And as far as deserve to win more than topaz goes “Deserve got nothing to do wit it. Its his time, thats all.” (THE WIRE)


Peter is his own person. I don’t understand the comparison to Dan. Dan’s gameplay was completely different than Peter’s. Peter is playing an intelligent game, and I think he deserves to be where he is. Alec has made some mistakes, and those might send him home, but I am still cheering for the shield over beastcoast. Emmett and Jillian are twits. I can’t stand Jillian’s whining, and Emmett, for some reason, actually thinks he’s playing the game?! He thinks people will hate him for getting Alec out this week, but HELLO it’s Jillian’s HOH. Does he honestly not see that Jillian is playing the game way better, and he’s just sitting back taking credit for her game moves?


Sorry, but I think you’re wrong.

Peter gets comparisons with Dan because Peter thinks and talks (screams) in the DR and to Alec that he’s a mastermind who’s in control.
We see the whole picture and we can see how he made wrong assumptions all along.
Sorry, but this contrast makes him really irritating for me to watch.

It’s one thing to watch Lala and say “oh well, at least she’s cute and funny…” but if she was, in addition to how she behaves, yelling to us in the DR and constantly saying she’s the only smart person in this house, that she’s got this in the bag, and that the others are all just victims of her amazing mastermind, then I’d be really annoyed.

You say “Peter deserves to be where he is”, and you’re right: he’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Lying on the floor mimicking a pile of goo.
He realized all his pseudo-gametalk was a big #FAIL, and now all he does is show everyone he’s a non-entity, obviously not worthy to win BB. So everyone should take him to F2 since he’s worthless in this game.

Didn’t mean to be offensive to Peter, but I don’t get how people can possibly find anything to appreciate in how he plays this game.


I disagree. I don’t think he’s at the bottom of the totem pole. I think he’s played when he needed to, and he’s laid low when he realizes he’s in hot water. I think that’s smart. people get called out for playing to hard too fast, and people get called out for not playing at all. I could be wrong, but to me, it seems like he’s quite strategic. Perhaps he talks too loudly in thr DR, but I’m commenting on his game play; not putting him down for his personality. I find him entertaining, and obviously other people do as well, or BB would have gotten rid of him (we all know BB has influence over who goes and who stays). I do also have a really annoying habit of cheering for the underdog which would explain my rooting for Alec.

I would like to point out that I completely respect the fact that other people might not share my view, and I hope that any disagreements can be focused on Big Brother. I hate reading how other posters attack each other based on personal opinion. It is so low.


Peter is ONLY a DAN wannabe


Whatever Jill does or thinks, Alec is on the block.
Em & Andy can say We’re voting against Alec. Are you with us or not?
If Jill thinks she smart enough to make a safe alliance with Topaz and Peter, let her.
Talla would feel safer with Em & Andy so they’ve got her if Jill puts her up.
If Talla was up and Peter and Topaz voted against Talla, Jill would have to save either her or Alec.
If she saved Alec it would be so out of character as to be mindblowing!!!
It’s inconceivable Jill would prefer to be #4 in a Alec/Peter/Topaz/Jill alliance versus Em & Andy.
Dawg help me, is she that stupid?

If Alec and Topaz are up, and Em & Andy vote against Alec, it’s still unbelievable Jill would want to be #3 in a Alec/Peter/Jill/Talla alliance.
Isn’t it???
I have to believe Alec is going. If he doesn’t, I think the milkmance is relational toast.


its just crazy to keep alec …. if they keep alec i will rejoice when alec wins hoh and put up emmette jillian or emmett andrew


Alec smart lmao ..never saw him do one smart thing in this game yet..everything he thought he did that was so brilliant came back to bite him in the ass.


Yep, spicy … dido!! but as with everything and emmitte’s great game play alec will go. do you think jillian will vote against him? i think not.


Emmett is gonna win the whole thing. and if he doesn’t Jillian will. He’s like BB Canada’s version of Boston Rob. Even if he doesn’t win his girlfriend will so it’s still his money. Hey SOWHAT!! What’s poppin’ Homey?? I always have to give a fellow genius a shoutout. I love players like Emmett and Andrew. They keep it real and they just use losers/idiots like Topaz and Alec to take out the garbage so their path is clear. In life there are fighters and there are managers/trainers who tell them who and when to fight. Intelligence. Peace


If they keep alec they are dumb he is so lying to them he is not going to throw the hoh alec is coning them.


If Alec stats, all the respect I had for Emmett will be gone. He won’t keep his promise to Jill because she didn’t keep it to him!


Why Is Topaz’ sister on this blog trying to corrupt the authenticity of these great people and comments?? Beat it loser. Her ass is going home right after Alec. Who knows. he might be sitting on your couch with no shirt or socks on, making out with your sister then telling your mom he’s not really into her in a few weeks huh?? LOL


Relax everyone they aren’t keeping Alec unless Andrew engineers it. And that definately isn’t going to happen

The next thread has an interesting discussion between jillian and Lala talking about a girls alliance. This definately isn’t going to happen. As usual the next few days is waiting for the next HOH comp. Topaz noms E/J. Peter is a wildcard, Talla a wildcard. The others nom Peter/Topaz. Lala would be one scary HOH and the shows just 1 hour.


Stats = stays

The Knight

If they really believe Alec will throw HOH they are idiots. If they take out Topaz I will be rooting for Alec to win because they are massive idiots if they keep Alec. Jill’s becoming a massive liar. She’s an idiot for not putting up Talla. They have the votes to secure Talla’s safety and nobody will know they have a final four deal but idiotic Jillbot put up Topaz despite being this honest player who never breaks her word. Stupid gameplay.




What a lot of people are failing to realize is Emmett is setting things up to go down like this. He wants to win the game more than find love which is exactly where Jillian and Topaz went wrong. So he knows the further Jillian digs this whole for herself the more she is making herself a target. Emmett has gotten disqualified from almost every HOH competition so far. His days of being a physical threat are over. He gets along with everyone even though they all know he basically puppeteers Jillian. No matter who he goes against in the final 2 he is butter because he has less emotional baggage with the jury than anyone else. Peter is a floater in the jury’s eyes. Talla is a jumper. Andrew was Emmetts’ muscle. Jillian was just riding Emmetts’ coat-tails in the eyes of the jury and we all know topaz is toast in the next 2 votes. After watching years and years of Survivor and Big Brother I’ve learned that the winners usually ride that fine line of trying, but not trying too hard. Being friendly, but not too cozy. Being smart, but playing down they’re intelligence so your not considered too smart. Don’t we all wanna prove a know-it-all wrong? Don’t we all wanna beat a Champion to humble them? Thats what game-show juries always wanna do. Agree or Disagree??