Big Brother Canada Live Feeds End

Surprised by the news today that global is “doing away” with the live feeds and replacing them with “Digital Dailies”. AKA edited slop.

I could be wrong but I don’t see the show surviving without the feeds. How can it? We’ll finally find out if the feeds actually help the shows ratings or just gives production a headache.

We thought we would scrounge up some old posts from more memorable Big Brother Canada Feeds. It was a fun ride. I’ll probably post a but of Big Brother Canada 11 but without the feeds we won’t have the same magic moments.

“Memorable Moments in Big Brother Canada History Season 1 Part 1”

Memorable Moments in Big Brother Canada History Season 1 Part 1

“Big Brother Canada 2 Flashback Moments Part 1”

Big Brother Canada 2 Flashback Moments Part 1

“I’m having a good week. Sorry I broke my promises this is big brother”

“I’m having a good week. Sorry I broke my promises this is big brother”

Mark “One thing that unites us.. Pretty boys! We’re too pretty for this!”

Mark “One thing that unites us.. Pretty boys! We’re too pretty for this!”

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What an incredibly stupid change and one that better not be used for the US version.

Wow this really changes a lot for BB Canada and NOT in a good way.

If they wanted to get the show cancelled why not just do it outright? This nerf will make the show die after this season…SAD!

un autre nom

Yeah, I’m that conspiracy guy that wrote a couple of times in season 9 and 10 that I had been hearing credible rumors about the discontinuation of live feeds being greatly considered by production. What was stopping them? Ad revenue from website clicks.
That said… another eyeroll.
Real poop?
Since the return from shelving between season 5 and season 6, it hasn’t taken MUCH of a tinfoil hat to see the season story arc by the end of the first two episodes and the first couple of days of feeds. Granted season 10 had a curveball (they didn’t follow usual premiere editing that pretty much announced the season winner by the end of the second episode in their usual way), but all in all, it’s been pretty easy to see the monkeys behind the curtain over and over and over yet again.
Third eyeroll (i’m a human slot machine at this point, but I’m not really paying out).
Real poop number 2?
Y’know how houseguests were getting cancelled and their families and jobs were being threatened because some people watching feeds became easily outraged? Wellll….
now there are no feeds, just curated bits after the fact. So, we as watchers miiiiiiiight just bear a bit of egg on our faces. I mean… isn’t season 9 Beth STILL in hiding when it comes to social media?

Result: non feed watchers that made up a majority of the viewership won’t give a shit because it doesn’t affect them in the slightest. Parent company and network will be pleased as punch because now that treat it like a soap opera not a gameshow aspect of reality entertainment programming in the format of a gameshow without actually being a gameshow operational directive won’t have anyone staring at the feeds and pointing out all of the production shenanigans. The wannabe celebutants that behave like assholes but have their edits sanitized won’t have to worry about their masks falling off on live feeds, nor will they have to worry about becoming pariahs because they went on a reality show.
Loss? less clicks on their website meaning less ad revenue.
CONSPIRACY THEORY THAT HAS BEEN RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD SINCE READING THE TITLE OF THIS POST: Serious question: is there a possibility that past houseguests made the case that production didn’t do enough to protect their mental health and safety? Is there a credible threat of lawsuit or settlement that we just haven’t heard about? Did someone find the loophole in the contract? If THAT were the case.. yeah, i can see why parent company, network and production company would come to the decision that live feeds were an albatross.

it’s sad really, but, as i said in the opening, there have been serious discussions about doing away with the live aspect of feeds for 2 years now. so this isn’t a surprise.

Oh yeah, and one last eyeroll.

Feeds Gold


Simon and Dawg Ive been following your amazing Big Brother live feeds coverage in all 10 Canadian seasons, and this news is soul crushing as its needless self sabotage of such great entertainment and a critical element to be able to properly follow house dynamics and strategy

The press release claims the end of feeds is due to mental health of the contestants…what about the mental health of viewers? I think thats bs and now they can shape all the narratives exactly how they want…so I have emailed the publicity from Global to let them know its a dumb move, and I suggest other feed watchers do the same in hope they reconsider

From the press release the 2 contact email addresses of the publicists are listed at the very bottom of the page…

Im hoping we at least get a few hours of feed highlights per day, like an after dark episode, thats probably best case, but unlikely…lets see what happens

un autre nom

Today was cast reveal day… and I don’t really care.
16 people. Guessing average age is 27 ish.
didn’t read any bios, just looked at a photo of the whole cast.
Again, i don’t seem to care, I’m sure they are perfectly fine… but since all we’re going to see of them is the production approved storyline version of them, and we are ALL aware that the show edit version of houseguests is not the equivalent of who they are or the game they are playing or their strategies. It’s what production wants us to see according to the grand design that they’ve come up with for the message they want the season to follow.
The episode version of the show is deficient and quite often a completely fraudulent account of how the events of the week transpired. Without the check and balance system that feeds provided, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care.
Great, the show got their largest number of sponsors yet… so they can do away with feeds and not be concerned about losing the ad revenue from site clicks. That’s great for the show and the head office, but sucks for us.
Screw ’em. I can find something else to do before the season begins, won’t be invested in a show that has already been saved from the ax once due to viewer / fan outcry just to throw the middle finger up to those same viewers / fans repeatedly ever since.


Yeah I kinda want it to be cancelled again to prove they were wrong.

But who knows their sponsors may have saved it for at least another season of two.

It won’t be the same though that’s for sure.

If I give it much time it I just know I won’t like it as much as previous seasons.


Boooooouuuurns! So now it’s just another over produced show – no reality to it – it was a hit bc you could see who the contestants really were behind the scenes and not just the 45 minute episodes they’d show us. That’s a solid no thanks from me!