Big Brother Canada – Meet the Cast of Season 11!

The all new cast of Big Brother Canada season 11 were released yesterday just ahead of the season premiere next week on Wednesday, March 8th. Take a look at the cast and start forming your first impressions / picking your choice for winning / first to go / most likely to cause the most drama / etc.

Unfortunately the BB Gods have decided k!ll the live feeds because we apparently had too much access to the house guests being able to watch them 24/7 and think restricting and censoring the content even further is going to boost their ratings or make the experience more enjoyable for the viewer… Only time will tell if this decision is the final straw for the Canadian franchise or not. To me the live feeds are what make the reality show what it is and without them we’re only getting the edited PG version or what they want us to see. Tell us your thoughts on the all new cast and what you think about Big Brother Canada’s decision to drop the feeds.

AGE: 28
This superfan has a big personality and an even bigger heart. Staying focused on the grand prize, Amal plans to outwit her house mates and stay true to herself.

AGE: 28
Typically the loudest person in the room, Anika is a force to be reckoned with. Her strategy is to win people over by building tight bonds and playing a fair game. But be careful, she isn’t afraid to stir the pot!

AGE: 25
Representing P.E.I to the fullest, Claudia is a great example of good things that come in small packages! But don’t underestimate her strength, as she plans to dominate in competitions and bring a strong social game.

AGE: 33
This loud and proud superfan plans to play between alliances to help further his game. Although he can’t keep a secret to himself and loves to gossip, Daniel will use his cheerful outlook and fierce determination to bring home the big win.

AGE: 28
With a carefree attitude and good looks to match, Dan plans to charm everyone in the #BBCAN11 house. His strategy involves being part of a large alliance that allows him to make big moves without getting dirt on his hands.

AGE: 23
It’s always good vibes when Hope steps into a room. His megawatt smile and captivating energy will draw the houseguests in without a doubt. He’s calm, cool and collected when he needs to be, but when it’s show time, he plans to turn into a comp beast.

AGE: 33
Being a dad and fisherman has taught this small town Newfoundlander patience, which he will need to bring home the biggest catch of the year – the title of #BBCAN11 Winner.

AGE: 28
John Michael is bright, extroverted, and a happy-go-lucky guy. While appearing unthreatening, he will mask his competitive nature behind a colourful charm to deceive all the houseguests and to take himself to the end.

AGE: 29
Kuzie is a master manipulator. She knows how to read a room and will align herself with the strongest players in the house. Her social game will influence the vote to her liking and she has no problem twisting the truth to suit her best.

AGE: 24
Renee believes her goofy and bubbly personality will either land her an alliance with the other women in the house or a flirty showmance. Either way, her innocent appearance and sharp tongue will make her presence known in the game.

AGE: 30
Beauty, brains and brawn, Roberto has the three main ingredients to win the game. More than just a pretty-face, throwing comps will sway the houseguests to underestimate his intelligence and athletic abilities, keeping him under the radar and off the block.

AGE: 29
Santina is determined and motivated to win big as a comp beast. Her strategy is to stay low-key when it comes to her competitive side until it’s time to make her move.

AGE: 27
Shanaya will use her witty humour and no-holds-barred attitude as a distraction to manipulate the houseguests from the sidelines. Being vulnerable and authentic will win everyone over in no time and carry her to the end.

AGE: 28
Ty knows he comes off as a physical threat and has a feeling his intelligence will be underestimated. Once this personal trainer’s cover is blown as the comp beast, Ty plans to dominate the game by making alliances with the outcasts. Plus, a showmance or bromance along the way couldn’t hurt!

AGE: 42
This driven mom, wife and yoga instructor is unapologetic and always authentically herself. She will be the shoulder to cry on in the #BBCAN11 house, yet also will keep the houseguests in line.

AGE: 34
Zach is a man with a calculated plan. With tricks up his sleeves he hopes to rule the #BBCAN11 house by dominating comps and building strong connections with his housemates.

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un autre nom

Surprise Weekend Digidump:
Everyone notes Zach is controlling another week, and yet nobody goes to talk to the HOH.
Hope is talking about volunteering for the block, he wants to go, he’s too emotional for this game, he’s upset he didn’t win HOH.
Daniel camtalks his game. He knows there’s a girlliance (Kuzie invited him to join) and a boylliance (that isn’t getting along) and doesn’t trust either, he wants to be king of the middle and worries that the rest of the middle is just going to be picked off. I can understand the value of his idea… but his targeting ideas are to go after the boy’s targets in essence so lemming? He wants to play the middle that defeats both sides in the alliance war. He would target Dan S and Renee if he won HOH. So the last targets Zach told him to go after. Here’s the main issue: he’s been offered membership to an alliance, but can’t play middle if he accepts membership so he’s pulling the rise of the middle bullshit so that he can be a floater (original definition).
Jon has allergies. Congestion.
Rob has a light blue hoodie. The hoodie has been problematic because he lets others wear it. It’s part of why Ty is anti-Rob. I shit you not.
Some of the guys are openly talking about the house like this week is there’s. Ty is talking about how Dan will follow the plan.
Dan talks to cam about his plan: offer safety to a bunch of the house hoping that next week they will keep him safe if they win hoh.

So we’ve got a season where we have no feeds and the reason provided is that it is to protect the mental health of the houseguests. We have a houseguest that wants to quit for his mental health, but is being told to stay or ride it out. See the problem here?
If production follows their usual tactics, and tries to convince a houseguest to stay despite their mental health… then losing feeds to protect mental health is a false flag and feeds are gone to control the narrative.


One person above 40…yikes.
So much for age/experience diversity considering their emphasis to show people of all walks of life. Same old as in the US with the token “older” person. Not much of body differences either with them being all fit and modelesque. I know it’s what modern reality production consider to attract viewership nowadays but it’s so shallow and shitty. Like imagine applying in your 40’s or 50’s and they have a quota for one max two of you. I dream of a season with like 7 or 8 contestants 40-70, and one or two in their 20’s lol.


Plus this 50% POC “quota” (btw only blacks are allowed to be referred to as POC, lol), when they make up only 2.5% of the Canadian population. I will continue to give it a hard pass and just come here for the well written Cliff Notes so I can do more productive things, like drag my nails across a chalkboard.


Not sure what toxic individuals told you that, but I def seen non-Blacks include themselves as poc where it applied and I don’t see why anyone who take issue with that need to be given the time of day. I personally don’t have a problem with the poc quota compared to their statistics as we’ve seen what usually happens when you only put one or two of them in older US seasons, so at least it gives them an equal footing. I do care for good casting though as the people can make or break a season for me, and seeing almost an entire young and fit cast is discouraging to say the least.



Guy From Canada

Island represented with a Victoria 911 operator? Come on, that gives you all the skills for this show to win with Banana/ Quifer production interference……. was looking forward to jumping back on this site this season, guess it’s just weekly recaps? See if you can interview ousted houseguest and get the real tea what going on inside each week?


I see your site censorship continues…..Pretty disappointing. Let’s all keep pretending this is all normal….Carry on.


There are a couple really good people imo but it’s just a shame they have to be on this season…


They dropped live feeds so they can guarantee a black woman wins this season


Same old same old .


Hi Simon, Dawg! So sad that there isn’t going to be any live feeds. Looks like a great cast though. Have a great season!!

Feeds Gold

Are they going to wait until the Wednesday or Thursday ep to mention how many minutes a day we get with the daily vids, and when and how often they are released?

Feeds Gold


un autre nom

Why I am doubleplus ungood with bbcan losing the bigbrother aspect by ditching feeds.
From the sound of it Digital Dailies will be bbafterdark style edited schlock that follows the episode approved storyline and production pushed houseguests.
What does that mean from my point of view?
Think of all the things we learned on feeds that weren’t part of stroyline in episodes over the years.
I don’t just mean the prodo shenanigans (like hoh’s being called to d/r and dissuaded from considering Paras as a nom in season 6; season 7 hg’s that pieced together the existence of the prettyboys EVERY weekend being called into d/r on Monday morning before the veto ceremony, and suddenly forgetting the existence of said alliance every week; Season 9 Keifer pulling the quit card every time he was nominated leading to hours of feed outage and miraculous salvation that didn’t look fake as hell….. ok it did; Season 10 Kevin and Haleena’s games being outed by production to Betty in a d/r call before the final 4 veto). Look Beyond the production shenanigans we saw to individual games.
Think about this: the edit of 6 made Paras look like she was a mastermind, feeds showed her to never have her plans work (a mastermind that doesn’t get their way and is in the dark for 5 weeks straight cannot be considered a master of social game). Season 7 Schlumpy Eeyore… we’d never know just how completely problematic that one was. Season 8 Carol? Sure the covid season was cut short, but that one was trying to self evict without giving up stipend from second day of feeds until the the shutdown announcement. Keifer and Jed’s edit in season 9? Over-sanitized fiction compared to in house behavior. We wouldn’t even know 4th place Haleena in season 10 existed in the house until week 6 if we went by episode edit (they actually edited her part in conversations out of the show).

This is why. This is why I’m so disappointed that the big brother has been removed from big brother and replaced with Newspeak (production authorized and edited digital dailies that follows party line)..


Another year of skipping the Canadian season for me

un autre nom

So. what’s going on? Never any feeds before episode 2 ends anyway. The houseguests moved in about 5 days ago. So as usual the viewers are playing catch up.
I’ve read that the exec producer / host is blocking people that complain about lack of feeds this season. That’s a… choice, that pretty much says exec producer / host doesn’t give a shit about the social media followers that banded together to save the show in the first place after season 5’s hiatus / cancellation warning. Eyeroll.
The opener of the program rubs it in feeder’s faces saying that everything is recorded 24/7.
The first four houseguests… make a deal before they even introduce themselves. A safety deal for the first 4. The first two men make a final 2 deal. still haven’t introduced themselves. Kuzie was the first to enter for curse watchers.
Anyone hitting me as someone I’d like? Not so much really. The superfans in the house: I don’t think they were feed watching superfans, they seem more like watched the episodes only fans.
Yeah, I’m still ticked about the whole we’re taping everything for 70 days… but sucks to be you, you’ll only see what we want to show you alteration to status quo. It sucks.
Third group entering. I still don’t really like anyone. So far it seems like it’s a heavily Toronto and GTA season . Yeah, I never looked at the bios so this is news to me.
They are pushing showmances again. Yeah, because that’s what viewers want. Insert projectile vomitting. So far they are pushing one showmance per every group entrance. They’re going to get that mfing showmance if they have to make it a comp. more projectile vomit. I guess they have to push 4 showmances in case someone decides they don’t want to shomance after agreeing in casting (see season 6,7 and 9 for that kiss of death to a house guest’s longevity in the game).
Nice trompe l’oeil perspective effect on the d/r wall.
Going to stop here and just say… entrance outfits… not a fan of them…. but then they aren’t the houseguest’s actual clothes, they’re provided by production. Still, not liking the entrance looks and judging them for it. Introductions happened…. but only half of the intro circle was shown ( lets us know who production will be pushing in week one d/r and editing).
No eviction week one (???) with a twist. Dead last in HOH comp, automatic nom. So there will be three noms. First comp is in pairs.
Bro-down has begun (Zach / Ty and Hope / Roberto already seem to have made pairs alliances?) and the politicking of just don’t come in last but don’t win stuff has come with it.

ROUGH AROUND THE HEDGES first half of the HOH comp. Untie knots on the bottom. Top seems to do nothing. puzzle pieces unknotted, get the key to the top person who unknots more puzzle pieces and sends them down a twisted net (dear partner, untwist before they throw them down, holding it open for the 6 pieces). partner needs to go down the twisted net and have partner untwist net enough to get through, then both solve puzzle. I see hacks, and i see possible production fixes. I could rig this comp in my sleep. Just saying.
Santina and JM win (he didn’t want to). Last pair to finish competes as well, loser is an automatic nom next week.
So far… not the worst first episode, not the best first episode.
If I’m following past seasons and comparing, They’ve foreshadowed quite a bit. First ride or die pair was shown in an episode. No named alliance yet (usually a second episode phenomenon anyway). They only bothered to include half of the house being introduced at the meet and greet, so those are the faces to watch for the first week, the others are likely irrelevant… but with no week one eviction this seems… odd.
Nobody made a good first impression to me, and we as viewers are only going to get to know the houseguests as much as the editing department wants us to know them for digital dailies…. so all in all the fact that nobody made a great impression on me makes this a fail as a first episode. Hey, when we can’t get to know them for real on feeds, and rely on what the editing department and storyline writers want us to see, they sure as fuq better make the viewers actually like one or two of them. For me, they failed in that respect.


Not too impressed with the majority of the house guests. Quite a few seem self centered and immature.


Diversity is our strength…..Ya, just a wee bit sarcastic am I. But this will be censored as well.

un autre nom

winners of first half hoh comp: jm and santina.
last pair in first half hoh comp: renee and shanaya.

Beginning of the episode only named about four or five people as faces to watch. Headlining before the first comp is finished… that’s a choice. All of the named headliners were part of the intro circle in episode one, weren’t they? Huh. That’s something to watch out for in the future (not sure if i will be the one to watch it, i’m still pretty ticked that i am being asked to trust production and their edit as the only way to know these people).
Gee Zach only feels really close to the boys and only wants to work with the boys? How season 7 of him. How much he tells the women and non alphas that they are just hanging out and not working together…. does anyone ever actually believe that?
I know this sounds odd…. but the edit is reminding me of season 8 (the covid season). The character template archtypes personality wise mixed with the storyline choices… it just strikes me as season 8ish. Gee, season 8 had amazing feeds which only reminds me of the new no feeds for you policy and pisses me off yet again.
Boys have already telegraphed a boylliance. girls are talking girlliance. Here’s my take: all female alliances don’t work for the most part because of the personality type and strategy of those certain women that play the showmance game ( need a man to protect them game). As soon as a showmance girl learns of a women’s alliance? It’s done.
The guy’s plan: each guy gets close to two women to run the game. So the same manlliance plan since US season 4. Claudia thinks she’s being clever by telling Zach the whole house knows he is part of a men’s alliance. She thought she was being clever. In my opinion, she was not. Just saying. Week one, and she’s telling an alliance member she knows there is an alliance. She isn’t in a position of power. Silly move. Should come back to bite her.
Folllowing that Season 8 parity: Amal has left the game. No reason given, nor asked.
Kuzie is trying to bulldoze Santina to play the game for her… on what, day 3? yeesh. Kuzie is going to be overplayer isn’t she? Now Claudia is overplaying with Santina? Santina is still playing somewhat close to vest… but more open with obviously being nice to root for information Claudia than Let me Intimidate you Kuzie (come on, the whole are you scared, who will you target interview style conversation was passive aggressive intimidation technique number 2 in the handbook).
JM has a gametalk and tells Zach he’s aiming at the boys… so JM is being stupid? Like i want to leave by week three stupid. On the spectrum you have Santina giving almost nothing and playing dumb, and JM giving everything and being dumb. Yeesh. The whole house sees the alphas hanging out constantly and JM tells one of them he’s targeting Alphabros…. BEFORE HE IS HOH. Moron.

HOH / Dead Last comp. Puzzle then Maze ball rolling into crown blah blah blah. 3D puzzle. Everyone but Renee has finished the puzzle and starts the maze building portion to roll the ball. SANTINA is the HOH.
Shanaya’s ball has bounced out of the track badly again and again, but still beats Renee.
Episode ends.
They are telegraphing an awful lot. Like… A LOT, A LOT.

un autre nom

Digidaily 1 posted today is from day 5. Yesterday.
Nominations had yet to occur.
The curated poop is going to try to hide spoils as much as possible.

Santina is HOH. Claudia is babysitting.
Hope, JM and Kuzie are nervousing about possibly being noms.
Hope JM and Claudia have been promised safety.
The grand Brolliance plan of pull in shields has morphed into pull in shield that will win HOH so we don’t have to get blood on our hands.
If everyone isn’t rolling their eyes after every Zach convo…. the guy 100% lacks in authenticity. But he’s getting a fine edit. Too fine.
Women don’t trust Shanaya who is getting into a showmance with Rob.
Men may want to bring in one of the Dans as the expendable member. Cus everyone is of course going to buy that one of the Dans that hasn’t been in the brodown since night one is a big target? m’kay.

JM talked to Kuzie who later threw JM under the bus to Santina. Yeah, Kuzie’s going to overplay Huge.
Hope is the least sly and least able to play the brolliance game of all the bros. His convo with Santina should have made him a HUGE target. His retell to his bros was… not what he said at all. So when the bros try to cover for him with the HOH, they are going to be going off of false retell. Problematic. The boys are trying to smooth over Hope’s worry while more boys are trying to smooth over Santina’s suspicion. Seems like way too much effort for a week one prenom night.

50 cajillion ads in that there thing.
Gee let’s take away live feeds, but feel free to watch millions of ads so that our new sponsors still get their money’s worth. I feel personally attacked, but 100% expected it.
Pretty much the digidailly continued the storyline we saw developing in the episode, and 100% blocked the watcher from learning what side deals and secret deals everyone has.
In 9 and 10 after one night of feeds i’d learned of at least 10 groups, trios and pairs, named alliances, already dead alliances, and multiple final 2 deals… all we’re really gonna get from the dailies? The one out of 20 alliances the show is pushing, and showmance shit with lots of ads and sponsor portions.
The “missed it on feeds? Watch the digital dailies headline is…. yet another slap.’

Yeah, the way this looks to me? there’s not going to be a season 12 I don’t think. And if there’s a call for salvation, I doubt I’ll join in this time. I’m not going to check on any other dailies for a few days. Sorry. I’m trying but my investment is so low that i ALMOST want to go check twitter to see if any of the rabids are foaming about their favorite houseguest not getting enough time on the digidaily. Almost.


Dailys are worse than I thought they were going to be.. 🙁

un autre nom

Only things I found actually useful was one of the Dans thought he was going to be a nom, and Hope, Jm and Kuzie were worried they would be noms. Beyond that all i see is continuation of the episode storyline… screw everything else. My fear: we’ll never know about an undercover alliance until week six (like last season when the ghost alliance was revealed after Jess decided to quit and the episode edit had to backtrack five weeks to cover all of the strategy they’d attributed to Jess with Kevin that was actually Kevin and Haleena) and we’ll all be wtf is that about…

un autre nom

btw… what are the chances that there are no digidisappointments on weekends so that they can keep spoilers to even more of a minimum?
just a thought.

Guy namedSue

So are the episodes. Sad really.


Looks like people who run Big Brother are really “Big Brothering”
stbm methinks
o well
lol too

un autre nom

Week One Stats
HOH: Santina
Dead Last Nom: Renee
Safety Vote Winner: Claudia
Noms: Dan S., Anika

Known Game Standings:
Four Man Alliance. Members have each pulled in one to two women that think they are part of the alliance. Daniel (not nominated) has been pulled in as a side thing for Zach.
Santina the HOH has been pulled in and thinks the alliance is real.
Claudia won safety for her no bros clip in episode. She’s now entering a showmance with Roberto, who has tossed over Shanaya for Claudia. No word yet if her no bros talk is now replaced with isn’t he the cutest talk.
Possible back door target is JM. If noms stay the same Anika may be in trouble.
Roberto and Ty seem to be the actual power in the man alliance, but Zach will continue to get the power role in the edit I think.

un autre nom

Digidisappointment 3 is out. There were no dailies for a few days… so we can’t quite call them dailies now can we?
Bedrooms were assigned this season. That means they were trying to avoid the white room vs. the poc room that occurred last season. What it actually means is they’ve provided cover for the men’s core group to meet without arousing suspicion (much as they have with the pool table moved inside to a room with a door).
The 5 man megalliance has already seemed to have hit a snag. It’s morphing into a 3 man group with parachute women. The big problems? Hope is hopeless. Roberto and Ty both seem to be battling to make ‘nobros vote winner’ Claudia their showmance. Roberto doesn’t like that his parachute is not in the core of the group, and Ty has taken offense.. or Roberto has taken offense to Claudia choosing Ty? That I’m not sure about. The entire snag could be a ploy? They could be trying to fight the perception that all the guys are one big megaguy…. but Hope is for SURE the least Bro of the bros due to his own ineptitude.

As of Friday it seemed to be 5 men together. As of Monday it seems to be 3 men together, with Ty ACTIVELY trying to get rid of Roberto, and the men cutting Hope loose (Hope and Roberto had the night one final 2 deal i think? Zach and Ty had the other night one final 2 deal i think).
The house seems to have decided JM gotta go. JM seems to be aware his name is out there, but Zach is discouraging him from trying to gather forces to save himself.

TY won veto i believe. He’s promised all the noms he’d use it on them? Or so it seems. Anika wants JM renom and eviction. Ty wants to keep Dan to target Roberto ASAP.
The noms are all have nots. if that is a continuing trend… yet another way the veto is going to allow an alliance to control the game.

5 veto players not including HOH. 1 is the worst competitor from the HOH ( the no comp throwing premise is actually also a non threat in veto so that the powerful win weekly). so there are 4 veto players to worry about… and two of them are have nots? Hmmmm. Sketch. Lots and lots of production authorized sketch with the reason given and alernative reason that makes more sense to productions goals. Like getting rid of feeds so that nobody gets cancelled or loses their mental health due to feed behavior…. which could also be so that production drops and iron curtain and has complete control for their drmonkeys to commit shenanigans for storyline narrative without any of us seeing it.

This diagram chart is by no means meant to be canon when it comes to alliancing.
This is just what I’ve been able to pick up from the releases… but so much isn’t shown that it’s probably only 10% of the tip of the iceburg we’d know about with feeds.

IT IS POSSIBLE that the men are acting like they aren’t all together so that they can throw off suspicion of the completely obvious men’s alliance to their side pieces.
Vanessa seems 100 out of every loop. Claudia seems to be wildcard atm.
Ty is alpha atm, and very much feeling it (from the looks of the digidaily 2 and 3).

un autre nom

I implied that the Roberto / Ty snag may be due to both potentially mancing Claudia.
I hadn’t gotten to the Ty / Jonathan convo on the digisometimes clip. My apologies.
Roberto has voiced concerns about Zach who has voiced concerns about Roberto.
Ty is team Zach (final 2 made day one). So Roberto is on the outs because he is suspicious of Zach, and he was trying to make Santina his side parachute.. and Zach also wants Santina as his side parachute.
Ty went to Jonathan and Kuzie to push the narrative that Roberto is bad for their game.


Simon, Dawg I wish you guys would have posted updates on the Digital Dailies ?

un autre nom

i forgot it was on. I joined at 7:11 and then my laptop froze because i forgot to save and close another program. my bad.
what I learned from the edit:
Zach is still getting the edit he’s running the show.
Santina’s word is shit. she promised safety to an original nom, and promised safety to her target. That means her word is shit… and she’s letting others run her game… while saying she controls her own game. She does not, she’s a lemming. I doubt she makes it to week 6 because… she’s a twit.
Claudia’s I’m the no bros show girl crap has become isn’t he cute. She’s the showmance girl. So Canada gave safety to the showmance girl because they gave her a clip that she’s anti megaboysteamroll… and all she’s done with knowledge of that coming steamroll is join the road crew helping to pave the way for it to happen… over liking a guy. Good job voters. Eyeroll. She’ll still vote for the cutest boy to win from jury… even if he’s up against a woman. Just my read.
JM is the target for saying he’d go after the boys… to one of the boys before he had any power. This was telegraphed. We all know that barring a production intervention he’s toast.
While digisometimes plainly show that Ty is the power player alpha of the men’s group…Zach is getting all credit. Edit of episode one and two was promoting this as the storyline, so again, telegraphed.
While Roberto has flipped from showmantic interest in Shanaya to Claudia to Santina…. he’s edited as interest in Santina. Roberto is now on the outs for interest in Santina because Zach is of the belief she is HIS puppet? That’s what I’ve now surmised.
Anika is an idiot targeting people that have said they’d target alphamales… she is neither alpha nor male… so.totally can’t see the forest for the trees. Resting bitch face that nugget of truth.
There’s some weird wendy’s bonus points shit coming up… no details given.
Everyone knows that JM is the target because everyone has drank the koolaid about JM being dangerous. These koolaid stand refreshments were given out in episode one and two on three occasions. This episode continued the trend. The ridiculousness is the people voicing most loudly againt him are…. the people he ISN’T targeting because they’ve all gotten orders from an Alphabro’s koolaid… and run with it. So we have a house of idiots playing the game for these guys. Sideye. And EVERYone knows there is a guys alliance and HAS known since day 2. Two people in the house that call themselves fans of the show and one has left already… no wonder it’s a chorus of lemmings… and there’s the cliff.
Claudia Ty showmance beginning clip runs about a day after Roberto talked to Ty about his showmantic interest in Claudia. See why I was confused about the third digidilema showing that Roberto / Ty were on the outs?
The edit of the episode feels time travel. lots of flipping around back and forth because the handcuff thing is a recent deleted scene. How is this… timey wimey twistie turny crap? Either the ‘daily’ is from days ago… or they handcuffed them today / yesterday???? for episode content?
So we can’t even trust that the supposed “dailies” are current? yeah… more bullshit.
My eyeroll factor is reaching my maximum before i just say the entire edit is over telegraphed shit and the dailies are curated shit. My opinion, if they’re going to insult our intelligence THIS much, just drop the dailies and the deleted scenes because we can’t even trust that they aren’t days out of date. oh, that would mean that production would lose the advertiser money they get form inserting 30 commercials into two hours of digidump. Why am I wasting my time?

un autre nom

Digidump 5? 4 or 5 I think? 5. It’s 5.
Changes to the status quo:
Yesterday Zach had mentioned keeping JM and getting rid of Renee. Ty did not agree.
Possible reasons: JM and Dan think Zach is with them meaning Zach has control and more side hustles. Renee and Shanaya are side hustles for Ty and for Roberto (Roberto and Zach no bueno)..
Additional reason: boys are becoming concerned about a girls alliance.
There is a possible girl’s alliance formed.
Claudia, Santina, Shanaya and Renee. HOW-ever…Claudia is a question mark regarding whether she would give up her meat shields (female showmance member’s raison d’etre).
Ty is suspicious of a girls alliance because Claudia has been evasive about the girls hanging out. Not that he wasn’t evasive in a dumb way when asked about a men’s alliance… but goose gander social inequivalencies are alive and well.
Santina has noticed that now that her power is done as HOH, Zach is being less affectionate and less present around her. She’s now possibly rethinking her game moves so far (the ones she said were all her doing after he mansplained how to play big brother to her and she did exactly what he said repeatedly). I still think she’s a twit… but now I’m thinking she’s a needy fragile ego twit.
There remains a distance between Ty and Roberto. Jonathan is trying to keep the team together it seems.
Shanaya seems a little disillusioned with the men I think. However, she will stay loyal to them if one of them win HOH is my read.

Chances JM will be evicted are still over 90%.
He still thinks he’s got a shot, but the names he’s naming… are all tied to the four guys that he named as his targets…so… of special note there is silence when Jm enters rooms. If he hasn’t picked up the deadman walking vibe… he deserves it.
Hope still comes across as hopeless.
Vanessa still comes across as… not in the mix (i’m being kind there).
Anika still seems most against the people not targeting her.
Kuzie… I’m not feeling her. Sorry. I find her to be a caricature.

Serious thought: anyone else sometimes think about Utopia? Cancelled midway through the season Utopia…. not saying, just saying. I’ve got no insider info. As I wrote before the season began on the last post of bb24, I’d been told the staffing of bbcan11 was more shoestring than I’d expected. This includes the person I knew working behind the scenes in season 10. Never considered this was due to lack of feeds. Sorry.

un autre nom

Episode 4 Veto
intro going in hard on the Zach train. what is it with bbcan and guys named Zach? Authenticity of a three dollar bill.
Foreshadow of Roberto and Zach issues? or is his showmance roulette the problem? If it is multiple houseguests suffer from the malady…
Anika was asked to be a pawn, with JM target. So Santina only lied to JM.
Santina is listed as a member of the bros. Strangely, she isn’t feeling it right now in digidumps because Zach seems to suffer from previous season ‘not good at taking care of their toys’ syndrome.
Post Noms Target Discussion:
Renee goes to Zach, not the HOH Santina. The odd thing is on digidump one she was thanking Ty for bringing her in… so what is this? This edit is making Renee look like she’s a danger.
The Zach pushes Renee talk with Ty. Roberto joins.
Zach is pushing Santina again while mansplaining that he isn’t pushing. He’s pushing.
This Zach is the mastermind edit is… okay I don’t buy it as any more than storyline that wouldn’t match in house because it doesn’t match digidumps. Ty calls the shots except in the episodes. His number one is Zach, but really Ty’s the leader not Zach.
Shay realizes Roberto is playing her. Claudia doesn’t realize she’s being played by Ty. As of digidump today the four girls realized the boys ran the HOH this week. Claudia dropped the ball when not denying the girl alliance that just formed, she was evasive but poorly evasive.
Target looks like Renee right now. Odd. Wasn’t in digi as a thing….
Veto players: Dan S., Renee, Anika, Daniel, Ty.
NO veto picks shown…so does production just assign now? Considering they delivered the outfits the day before veto picks in season 8 anyway…Anika says she chose Ty. I don’t trust the veto picks even if i see them just because outfits were delivered the day before picks with nametags in another season.
In past seasons the veto would have been over with the one that filled the container fastest, so this empty the container thing looks like an add on that can be an easy rig. Toss wet oatmeal into the barrel until barrel hits ground. Dunno.. i see so many rig possibilities in that comp…. multiple production options for control.
Post Veto Discussion

  • Zach is trying to run the show again, and Roberto isn’t feeling it. Zach isn’t getting yes enough and…. he’s now against Roberto for hearing no. So Roberto talking to Santina and not following Zach’s plan is why Ty now thinks Roberto is bad for the boys and spent an entire digidump trying to get Roberto evicted next week???? Boy did he ever grab his toys and stomp off at hearing no….. right to Mama Ty. In case anyone missed it, I DON’T LIKE ZACH. He was my look at the whole cast photo and choose a nope for the season houseguest. For no reason, just vibe from a single photo something bothers me reasons (my second Zach to get that honor… maybe i have a bias about Zachs????)
  • Renee is pushing loyalty to Santina, while Roberto is giving cold shoulder to Claudia.
  • Claudia Ty are round 2 in the snow. She’s wearing Rob’s sweater is why he’s butthurt? Oh he feels he looks cuck? It’s ego. Let’s remember, on digidumps, Roberto announced his intention to showmance Claudia… the dump before Ty and Claudia seems showmancey.
  • Anika wants the veto used. Anika says she is agreed to be pawn to backdoor JM, so she wants JM gone and doesn’t want to be permapawn.
  • JM talks with Santina. Recalling the safety agreement. JM IS kissing her ass, but a safety deal is a safety deal… and oversharing JM is still in trouble. The edit didn’t show the safety deal… which is bad for JM.

Ty uses the veto on Anika. Santina replaces with JM. Game strength and lack of loyalty is the reason. JM has had a clue for at least 4 digidumps, and Santina has known JM has been worried since then.

Edit has the vote at 50/50 for JM to be evicted.
Digidumps have the vote at 75/25 JM to be evicted.
Why the drop from 90/10 yesterday to 75/25? The girlsalliance suspicion from digidump 5. The boys MAY be dumb enough to cut the nose to spite the face thinking they can still control Santina and Claudia and even Shanaya if they cut Renee without telling the girls. Not sure.. they may be yes dear enough that would actually work.

un autre nom

Veto picks this season?
They pick a game piece off the board (like Clue), then peel the label off the bottom of the game piece.
so no pick out of a bag or spin a wheel, they’ve found something even easier to rig IF they are once again sending in nametagged costumes for vetoes the night before veto picks are made.
How would i rig that? Tell them which game piece to pick before the picks. Guarantees the set up if they’ve already assigned the lanes in the veto with painted name plates (like in the first veto).

un autre nom

Jm seems to believe he’s leaving in conversation with Anika. There was an odd comment by Zach later in the dump about Renee, but otherwise the house seems pretty set that JM may be leaving. It sounds like there is some knowledge that the boys ran the HOH.
Kuzie and Rob talk. Rob is very much anti Zach, and wants to find someone that will go after Zach because he doesn’t think he can do it himself. He names names of who he’d nom if he won HOH… and it’s the people that Kuzie is seen most often chatting with.
Rob is totally right about Zach’s game… but he’s being too wordsalad about it to others.
The Hope / Rob night one final 2 seems dead. Hope is a good disposable to show that the boys aren’t all together. Rob mentions that Daniel is in Zach’s pocket and Anika denies this.
Sounds like there was some sort of undisclosed argument between Jon and Hope.
Ty and Zach meet to plot Rob’s demise. That blue hoodie along with the Zach’s ego bruise is still huge. Ty and Zach are plotting to use Hope or one of the girls or Dan/Daniel (not sure which) to target Rob.
NOMS: Dan S., Renee, JM
Post POV ceremony:
JM doesn’t want to hug anyone. d/r: gaslight and lies from shady delusional Santina.
Daniel d/r : backdoor messy situation.
Santina d/r: sorry but you gotta go.
Zach d/r: Ego ego ego stfu. sorry. let my nope meter talk for a sec. At least he didn’t throw the JM is in love with him line again.
reel in another parachute. Anika dives from the plane before Ty even straps her on.
JM SANTINA PROMISE SHOWN. You can bounce cheques in big brother… but week one it can be a bad look. Neither here nor there just a fact in a game where socially you only have your word, proving your word is shit week one isn’t a good look for longevity.
JM campaigns… to Shanaya, Renee and Claudia. He campaigns to a fellow nom.
He gets tears.
Date time. Claudia and Ty. I don’t like the new patio coats. They look cheap to me. Slurpydurp with music and vomit.
Santina finds a message in one of the books with eyes on the dog photo moving. Blue book top corner of shelves.
Dan S. and Daniel are chatting campaign. Daniel wants a team and overexplains without making any ties. Dan wants to play the game, and doesn’t give any incentive…which d/r Daniel calls out.
JM Vanessa chat campaign. Vanessa is not getting game talk. JM wants to break the house in two… Vanessa wants to play house mom to everyone that doesn’t want a mom.
JM reluctant to give names. Vanessa wants to be part of something AND be with the numbers….d’oh.
Hope rewards work, and wants Dan out instead of JM. Daniel isn’t in on the plan because he doesn’t want his head on the block.
So campaigning to lemmings who were cast to be lemmings… m’kay.
Kuzie and JM talk. Kuzie’s foundation in d/r looks REALLY poor match under the lights. BAD.
Kuzie is giving JM lifelines if he gets the numbers… by saying go against Dan.
Santina talks to the girls after saying she’s with the boys. The boys orchestrated the plans.
Hope thinks women are together. Hope thinks there is an all girls alliance. Ty questions Claudia about the worry there’s a girls alliance. Ty in a boys alliance, is worried Claudia is in a girls alliance…. and both are stupid.
Ty is worried that Claudia is too close to Shanaya and Renee.
Savage Sisters allaince talk? Trying to save both Renee and JM.
Santina not present. Let’s remember is was Kuzie that bused JM to Santina to begin with in the Digidumps before initial noms. Oops.
Renee: I can help your games. not a compbeast.
Dan: I’m here to compete. shown i’m here to play (certainly not to campaign).
JM: Authentic me. give me a chance vote for your game.
Ty, Anika, Zach, Rob, Jonathan, Claudia, Daniel, Kuzie, Shanaya, Vanessa, Hope.
how else would a lemming season vote if not unanimously?
There’s a lot of hoarse and choked up people in the voting booth… was there another tense moment we’ve missed? Jon/Hope, Vanessa post POV, pre vote voice weirdness.
Zach, Ty and Rob with Santina are the ones JM named as the house.
No name by Arisa of trusting wrong person, assumption would be Santina, but it was Zach JM overshared with that stabbed him in the back.
Fakeout reveal to an already looks distraught Renee… no really, what did we miss because something happened between the final pleas and the vote that we aren’t privy to….
Find ball, go down slide, throw ball in hoops for one hour worth of points.

BBCAN11 WEEK final.jpg
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BBCAN11 WEEK two.png
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DIgidump 6
Kuzie and Anika discuss dj Dan’s possible nom / target ideas. Theories include Santina in a tit for tat. This is a theory that repeats often.
Everyone notes dj Dan has a new growth: Zach. Santina is also noted as being a current suppository for dj Dan.
Ty and Claudia tak mance, possibility of steering dj Dan to get rid of Roberto, and Ty’s worries of a dread girlliance.
Daniel still thinks Zach is a pseudo-ally. The whole smug, he’s in love with me Zachism is getting stale now that he’s trying to Kevin Martin another one.
The hoh comp. came down to five guys. Anika says Kuzie was in the running as well.

un autre nom

Excerpted from JM exit interview tiktok:
Trusted Zach more than he should.
Renee was first to spy the men’s alliance that formed.
More upset with Santina than the boys.
WENDY’S Bonus Points.
Think Survivor Fire Tokens.
No information on what they can be used for.
JM bequeathed his fire tokens to Kuzie.
Third season in a row trend for first eviction intact.

Guy namedSue

Thanks for the updates!! I can barely watch the show, my dislike for Zach is so great.


Simon and Dawg should open a new thread after each eviction night so un autre nom has less clutter to post updates. Just a suggestion.


Will do.