Mark “One thing that unites us.. Pretty boys! We’re too pretty for this!”

11:55pm Sam shows Anthony the havenot room and where the fog come out of. Doesn’t it stink!? Anthony – oh they’re doing you guys dirty in here! Sam – yeah. its terrible! Its really bad. Anthony – uhhhh.. its smells like rust and toilet water.

12:13pm Bathroom. Sam and Kyra. Sam – you have five whole days!? Kyra – I’m going to stay in this game! I’m staying in this game! I am going to make it happen. It just doesn’t make sense for anyone to keep him. He is such a threat. I think I can make it work.

12:33am HOH bathroom. Mark, Dane, Est, Adam. Est – we need to start thinking long term. Dane – we just need to stick to the plan.

12:54am Bedroom. Damien, Cory, Kayline.

dsMark – just throwing this out there guys I just bumped my head real hard. Hopefully all that knowledge is still in there. Anthony – so listen .. I have those three. The only wild card is Ma. She isn’t going to listen to anyone. Dane – she doesn’t listen to anyone. Mark – It breaks my heart what you told me… you don’t expect someone like that to be a wild card. Anthony – I’ve got Kiki, SD and whatever … but yo what we’re going to have to do is we’re going to have to get rid of Maki next. We save him now .. but we have to get rid of him next. Dane – okay! I’m on board with that but not right now .. not this week. If it comes down to it next week .. sure. Mark – if we knew that Maki was 100% loyal to the pretties .. it would be good but I am just scared of you obviously. You’re HOH this week … who’s gunning for you next week. That’s who we have to make sure is out. Anthony – so listen I have SD, Kiki and I have Adam. (Yes we know! We heard you the first time) I will use my whatever to steer them in the right direction.. but what you guys have to do is push really hard on other players to get out certain ..whoever! Anyone you can .. other than Adam. Mark – so you want me to work on Sam. Anthony – work very very hard on Sam. Make her love you. Make her trust you. Anthony – here is what I am going to say to SD and Kiki.. they’re going to say we need to keep Maki because they’re going to try and take us out… Another thing .. Cory could be a number. I am also going to work on Cory. Mark – one thing that unites us .. Pretty boys! We’re too pretty for this! Dane and Anthony leave the room.

Mark – finally people are waking up and smelling the tea. People are starting wake up and smell the coffee! Finally people are starting to realize what I realized a week ago!

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another name

i wake up to Maki and Adam making a deal to not put each other on the block for two weeks.
Eddie and Kailyn compare notes (I think the final 2’s they both have with cory have been exposed).
Anthony is on his ‘don’t target Adam’ tour. This is a whole lot of stuff for this early on a Sunday.
Dane is talking and my coffee is still brewing. This is not a good thing.

another name

After listening to Sam, Chelsea and Kyra discussing reasons to get rid of Maki: I’m not a fan of recruitment, I’d prefer applicants to recruits. BUT to use that as a reason to target is imo using production as a strategy. It’s the same stuff they were using as a reason to nominate Damien last week.
By the same token: So Chelsea and Mark knew each other, and one or both are former employees of the parent company producing big brother canada. Production cast two people from the same home town (Sam and Adam), with one of the fifteenth contestant options also having a pre-existing relationship with Sam. (I’m still not sure if Damien and Dane would have known each other from their bchl days, knowing only that they were on opposing teams that played each other in junior a when one was a spruce king and the other a timberwolves player: that’s by no means conclusive that they knew each other). Lazy casting is just as much a problem for me as recruitment.


Sam is making me nauseous with her saying literally all day.

another name

Anyone sitting alone long enough today got hard sell campaigning. My question would be: Why are Mark, Chelsea, Adam, and Sam trying so hard on Sunday? Veto ceremony hasn’t even happened yet, and not a one of them is on the block. I’d be asking what those four have going with the nominee, and be sketched out to the nth degree (is it just me?). Eddie’s been approached by three of them and the nominee (Kyra) today. Damien has possibly been approached by all of them and the nominee. Way back machine to bbcan 2, you could tell which nominee was going to be leaving by which one came out of d/r and immediately started doing their campaigning first. They seemed to give nods to the hg’s to start campaigning that season, and one always started campaigning 24 hours before the other, but even that ‘tell’ wouldn’t happen until a few hours after the veto ceremony.