Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Emmett to Jillian Put me up against Danielle

POV Holder: Tom Next POV March 6th ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Jillian Next HOH: March 7th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Kat


12:26AM Kitchen Liza and Peter

Peter tells her that AJ is having trouble coping with the Big Brother Canada House. He tells her his mechanism top deal with it is to Talk. They agree they need to dial back the jokes and the snickering.
I think Peter wants Liza to not flirt around AJ. Liza tells him taht this week she is going to be “a southern bell a preachers daughter.. virginal”
The nobody in the house wants to sleep with AJ and they feel bad. Liza mentions when everyone was trying to decide where to sleep and while AJ wasn’t in the room When AJ’s name came up people starts waving their hands “Not me not me not me”. Peter says it’s a poor reflection on them when they act like that. Liza says it makes her sad and it’s got to stop, Liza: “It hurts me”.


Liza walks away.. Andrew is near the counter Peter is still in the kitchen making food.
Aj walks in Andrew stars calling AJ “Nips.. Nip Mc gaffin.. Hey Nips “ Aj says he’s not offended by that but would prefer if Andrew showed some moderation. Andrew: “Yeah maybe on day 50 I’ll stop calling you nips”

Andrew asks Peter if he heard the nips story. AJ wants him to tell the story when he’s not around, AJ “I don’t want to be around.. just drop it” Aj starts says he hasn’t had a cigarette in a long time and he’s touchy. he starts endless chatting about mindless crazyness.

Suzette walks into the kitchen.. Aj tells them he’s ashamed that nobody wants to sleep with him. Andrew: “You’re ashamed nobody wants to sleep with you… Join the club buddy” Gary is there now and they all start talking about the sleeping arrangements.

Andrew and Aj alone in the Kitchen. Andrew tells him that “LALA (Talla) tore me a new one about Lactose free milk.. can you believe it .. remember that”
Aj: “Of course I do.. it was this morning”


12:51AM Jillian and Emmett Storage Room

Jillian says her targets are going to be Danielle and Gary are her targets and she wants to make sure Danielle goes home. “She’s such a bitch to me..”

Emmett doesn’t think Gary will put him up he thinks Tom will be Gary’s target. Jillian tells him not to waste a Power of Veto on Tom. Emmett says that Tom takes the heat off people other people Tom is good to have around.

Emmett asks what’s her deal with Suzette, Jillian had promised her she was not going to be nominated this week. Jillian doesn’t have any deal with her.

Emmette lists off their super-8 alliance “Me, you, Tom, Liza, Topaz, Andrew, Alec, Peter.. as long as those 8 win POV or HOH i’m not worried”

Emmett mentions how awkward things are going to be between him and Danielle, Apparently now Danielle knows that Emmett knows she likes him.

Emmett hatches an “amazing plan” he suggests putting Him and Danielle up on the block which will guarantee to play in the POV. Jillian laughs says she would never do that, says Tom would go up as the pawn.


1:10AM Kitchen Peter, Andrew, Cuddlemance (Topaz/Alec)

Andrew tells them that earlier today Suzette told Kat she thinks Kat was going to be let back in the house get HOH and nominate to people. Andrew laughs “Like cmon we gotta get one person out the house before we start letting people back in” Topaz and Alec start laughing. Andrew says the twist is that Gary is really his partner..

Random chit chat.. Showmances gets brought up
Peter has Danielle
Liza has Tom
Alec and Topaz
Topaz: “ohh there’s still Suzette”
Andrew: “No offense to Suzette’s Family but… not my type”


1:45AM Bedroom Jillian and Emmett Whispering.. can’t hear shit

1:55AM Kitchen Peter and ALec Making plans to rent a place in Kitsalano and be roomates when the show is over. “BROS”

Suzette feasting at 2AM


2:16AM Bathroom Alec, Topaz and Peter Peter tells them that the Diary Room asked him why he doesn’t wear a shirt. Peter points out how damn hot it is in the house. Alec agrees. Peter adds that they asked him if he felt comfortable walking around in without a shirt and Peter replied “Do you feel comfortable having it so hot in here” Peter wonders if the Big Brother US House is as Hot as the BB Canada House. Alec thinks it would be hotter because it’s in LA. Alec wonder if American’s are watching the show. Peter: “There’s a lot of super fans out there” adds that Ian Terry from Big Brother 14 is probably watching them right now on the feeds. Peter Mentions how stupid Big Brother Australia is.

2:40AM Alec and Topaz in Bed kissing

2:53 More of the cuddlemance

3:07AM Everyone Sleeping

5am – 5:40am Aj is up and in the kitchen making himself something to eat. He starts talking to himself. Jillian comes out and asks him if it’s morning. Aj tells her no, and that he was just making something to eat. Jillian goes back to bed. Aj starts talking to himself saying I know she likes me; I am definitely crushing on her. He also starts talking about Gary and says honestly we go up and down; you’re not my number one target. I don’t have any problems with Gary or his lifestyle and I don’t want it to come across that way but you’re making it look that way. He continues talking to himself.. He then goes back to bed.

9:40am The Big Brother Canada live feeds are showing the “hush, hush” screen and have been for the last few hours… not sure when they will be turned back on.

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Dennis (dennney)

I feel like Danielle, AJ, Andrew, and Suzette have no chance of winning this game. and They’ll probably not make it to jury. I dislike Tom and Jillian. I think Emmett, Liza, Peter, and Alec have a good chance of winning. Lastly, my favourites are Talla, Gary, Emmett, Alec, and Topaz. I’m excited to see how things play out. I’m glad feeds are free. 🙂


The cute black girl looks like the girl Jonna from Real World Cancun!


I’m getting into it. I live in Ottawa and love the American BB. I like that they haven’t changed too much and the cast looks interesting. Lots of alpha males. Could get interesting. I wonder if we have a Willie in this bunch. Too early to pick favorites. Canadians drop way more Fbombs then Americans. lol


Hey Simon & Dawg. Just a suggestion here, but when I watch your live feed for the episodes your watermark blocks all the captions at the bottom of the screen. Do you think you could make it smaller or move it? Thanks 🙂


Lots of showmances too. It’s a little confusing. Who is hooking up with who?


, Last season after I typed in my name and email address once I was good to comment all season. Now I have to type in the info every time. Is this the norm now?


interesting so far 🙂 not sure who i’m rooting for yet…but i got soft spots for emmett and peter.


AJ is like a typical indian guy who thinks he’s such a catch LOL.