Big Brother Canada 3 Premiere Episode Spoilers

Well folks here we are again, the start of another Big Brother Canada season. The house looks great some pictures can be seen here and here. The cast is populated with the usual character types, they all have potential. If you want to watch the Free Live Feeds and are located outside Canada you can use a VPN. Here’s the instruction on how to set up a vpn it’s and pretty cheap.

The Show’s schedule is:

  1. Sunday = Nominatons 7pm EST
  2. Monday = Power of Veto 8pm EST
  3. Wedneday = Eviction 9pm EST

pre show Spoilers
This episode was already filmed on Friday march 20th the leaked results are Cindy with a S and Risha were nominated.

The premiere episode also shed some light on the twists this season.. Yes those lovely twisto twists are back.

Confirmed results from the episode

– 70 days
– Vault access will only be granted when it’s time for a big move unlocking twists that Canada holds the key.
– House is empty of furniture
– First 11 to enter the house Brittnee, Sarah, Zach, Jordan, AShleigh, Godfrey, Craig, Naeha, Willow, Bruno, Jonny
– Cindy spells her name with a S
– They have not idea where their own personal belongings are
– They will have to fight, sweat and work for absolutely everything including personal belongings, food and Furniture is under lockdown.. Inside the Big Brother Vault.
– They start the game all as the head of Household. They each nominate two people for eviction. The two houseguests with the most votes will be on the block

  • Ashleigh nominates Risha and Bruno
  • Bobby nominates Bruno and Sarah
  • Brittnee nominates Risha and Cindy
  • Bruno nominates Bobby and Pilar
  • Godfrey nominates Bobby and Pilar
  • Craig nominates Cindy and Pilar
  • Jonny nominates naeha and Cindy
  • Jordan nominates Cindy and Risha
  • Kevin nominates Risha and Bruno
  • Naeha nominates Cindy and Godfrey
  • Pilar nominates Zach and Bruno
  • Risha nominates Ashleigh and Cindy
  • Sarah nominates Kevin and Zach
  • Cindy Nominates Risha and Pilar
  • Willow Nominates Sarah and Cindy
  • Zach nominates Godfrey and Cindy

Nominations are Risha and Cindy
Power of Veto Players = Bobby, Kevin, Zach, Naeha , Cindy and Risha
Winner of the Power of Veto = Cindy
Replacement nominee = Pilar
Nomination = Risha and Pilar

Canada votes who to evict either Pilar or Risha. Polls will stay open for 24 hours.

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SO pumped that Sindy won PoV. If you’re going to go into the house and try 2 be the queen, you have 2 back it up with competition wins like Rachel did in BB12. Hope she wins more to put them houseguests in their spot! Hope it wasn’t just a one-time thing.


Don’t get me wrong- I’m not a big fan of hers either, but I think she’ll make great TV if she pulls off some comp wins and sends waves in the house’s plans. Who do you guys want to see go home?


Unfortunately, I liked Pilar and Risha too. And I did not like Sindy with an S but usually good reality TV comes with the obnoxious contestants so I guess its good that she won. I think Ill keep Pilar just to spite Sindy. God that is a really annoying way to spell her name Im just gonna call her Cindy.


keep risha surely

they are spectacular ha ha

she will offer better overall entertainment without a doubt

Sunny Dee

i think Risha would be more interesting to keep in the house. Pilar is pretty forgettable. Not as forgettable as Willow who i literally forgot was there until i saw her do her nominations. however, there is so much catty jealousy of women in regards to someone like Risha that i have a feeling the Canada vote will vote her out to spite her. (in other words, bad wardrobe choice, Risha, big boobs we know you have them we don’t need to see them, it put a big target on your back in spite of your age)

Sindy missed an opportunity to put up a big physical threat, but when did any BB contestant with that option in their hands ever put up a big physical threat?

I see many past bB contestants are back: Emmett & his hat, Alex without his shirt, Arly the superfan, etc etc. this could be called the twinning season.


Risha and Sindy up for noms, Sindy won POV and nominated Pilar.


i wonder how they would have split the tie behind cindy(8) for 2nd nom (with risha on 5) had pilar(4) or bruno(4) got another person selecting them and joining risha on 5

also as everyone was the hoh – it seemed strange that the pov winner chose who the replacement nom was – it should have been a house decision and not the sole decision of cindy


This looks like a very promising season. Very excited to see who teams with who.


Simon, Dawg – can you move the location of the comment text box for us, please? Part of the box is obscured by the pics down the right-hand side of the page. Thanks.


voting for my fellow Ontario gurl .


To stay or to go?


To stay


I really dislike Sindy… a lot. As for who is up now, I dunno who I am going to vote for. Pilar, I think, will be more fun and random…

From the sound of the DR sessions, it already sounds like there is a “bro” alliance.


Kevin definitely talked about keeping the “bros” safe so I’m voting to keep Pilar, she nominated two male threats and seems physical. Risha nominated two females and really didn’t perform well in the POV, so I just don’t think she’s a strong gamer. Plus, Risha obviously got a lot of nominations, so she might be gone soon regardless.

Sunny Dee

There is always a bros alliance before they even have a chance to create one. That is something Sindy/Cindy should have realized right away, putting up a guy as replacement nom would have exposed it (given that the HGs are all assuming that they will be the ones voting) plus given everyone a chance to vote out a Zach or Bruno.

fwiw, I was not impressed by the young folks targeting the mature HGs from the start. I was also not impressed by their lack of smarts to simply all target two stronger guys because you’d know that one would go home. instead we have two perceived weaker women put up by the majority, two HGs who would be better off inside the house as either weekly targets, people who are unlikely to win comps if nominated, and acceptable collatoral if they do not, and a vote for your side if they stay by making deals. Stronger guys won’t do that they will always assume they can win their way out of anything.


I love how the post spells Sindy as “Cindy”.


This should definitely be a recurring thing during this season. We should all spell her name Cindy, always! 😉


I’m giving Pilar the boot. It’s the laugh, that hideous laugh. Don’t want a minute more of that horrid laugh that she unleashes for no reason whatsoever.
Glad that production did not waste a minute and got down to business. It prevents the formation of an all-guy alliance who expects to coast through the game.
Can’t understand why shallow, vacuous SSSSSSIndy did not choose to pick off a strong guy. Why do the females always pick off their own? It’s such a dumb girl move.


I agree CCCCCindy should have nominated one of the strong guys.


nominating one of the guys would be all it would take for them to gang up and go after her. It was one of the worst spots to be put in, to be the first one to go against someone in front of the other houseguests.


does no one here watch bbuk and bbau? no way the public is going to vote out a strong guy on the first eviction, especially against a 41 yr with her boobs hanging out!! She selected the perfect HG for the fist public vote, not even knowing the public would be evicting.


She should have nominated guys, but she definitely is here to play the game.

Pilar needs to be gone before she floats to the end. The perfect first boot.


Most females are jealous and intimidated by each other. They are emotional and it’s pretty hard for them to think logically


So I was wrong. I thought for sure Sarah would go first. It’s starting interesting. Did you see the look on the high maintenance girls when they discovered their belongs are locked up? Hope this goes on for a little while. I do hope that the players get to play. It’s fun if Canada has some power but I hope it’s not much. If Canada does than players like Emmitt and Derek would not have won.


Emmett did not win. But he probably would have if Canada did not get involved. However, a lot of winning BB is due to luck, Jon would have been gone if he didn’t get injured, Gary would have won if Topaz wasn’t a fool, Dan was almost a first boot… the list goes on.


Well Jon who won BBCAN2 was because Canada got the vote and derailed the first 5 alliance at a critical time. The first 5 was an annoying alliance, so I imagine Pillaff goes this week 😉


PLEASE vote off the obnoxious and annoying Pilar. We don’t need another Victoria in this season.

A very good premiere. Definitely impressed with my home country. The move to Global will give the show more ratings too.

Can’t wait for the feeds to start up.

Risha's bra

LOL I think Naeha is going to be Victoria


I don’t think so because in her interview she definitely proved she’s a big fan of the show and is in it to win it.


LOL. Everyone says that they are a big fan of the show but they flop thru the whole season.


Sindy made a stupid move to put up Pilar, she should of put a big physical guy on the spot instead of her that would of made more sense like Jordan said, but let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into another BB16 where the girls are too scared to go against psychical players and then all the guys team and take them out one by one otherwise it will become predictable, but then again I’m sure Arisa and the producers will change up the game up somehow, they always do.


My take:

I hope they get the Canada involvement done early in the season (which seems to be the case because opening twists usually only last three weeks). BBCAN1 was great but Gary entering the house was a bit much for me that late…

I like the cast mostly so far, Cindy (yes Cindy) is maybe a low point of all them, definitely think Canada would have voted her out due to the the whole “Cindy with and S” thing. I think Cindy will be gone by week three because she is pretty unlikable and super shallow. I mean nominating Pilar, a non-threat, when she had a golden opportunity to backdoor one of the bros shows she has no mind for the game, but also has the ability to be a comp threat, which is exciting because as a viewer that means there could be chaos.

I think Risha has a serious chance to stay with Canada voting, because it sounds like if the House could decide they would just unanimously (save Cindy, because Pilar didn’t talk to her right away xD) get rid of Risha. But Pilar is also a cute and seemingly fun girl and maybe a bunch of young guns will want some eye candy (which is funny because Risha is… very well off in that department).

If I could vote: Pilar for eviction. Who I think will be going home: Pilar. Most likely to win: Sarah or Willow, they both seem to be pretty legit and I have a good vibe coming from them.


Sindy definitely screwed up, as she had the perfect opportunity to make a big move on Week 1; and she should have backdoored Kevin, since he almost took the Veto from her. She will be like Janelle and Rachel; always targeting girls.


another great casting job said NO ONE and when Arissa said coast to coast I think she meant Ontario ????


No more complaining about houseguest locations. The simple truth is they aren’t picking based on a regional diversity. They pick solely on personalities. If they happen find every intriguing personality in one specific province one year so be it. You also have to take into account the population of each of these provinces, it’s much more likely they are going to find a vast diversity of people in a city center hub, as opposed to a smaller population center. I don’t think they are trying to discriminate against, or have a bias towards a certain location, it’s about who comes for auditions, who will mesh well, and who will clash. Simple formula, unfortunately you can’t please everyone.


your probably from Ontario hey ????


New Brunswick actually


This isn’t BBUSA it’s Canada. If you think they don’t have contestants from each region your in dream land. Regional representation helps ratings. Truthfully I think they do this in the US to but no confirmation. What’s not done in Canada is proportional representation buy population percentage. You can see that from the 1st 2 seasons and the number of east coast HGs.


Well there’s like 4 people from Calgary!


There was also 3 from Edmonton last season (Adel, Heather, and Rochelle)


Every year I start out hating all the HGs. This year is no different. Usually a couple grow on me, but this group seems especially shallow. I hope Cindy with an S is trying to make fun of herself because if that’s really who she is, well…



Not getting global working like predictions for example. Can vote for eviction that’s it. Same with everyone?
By the way BBAD does not start til Wednesday I notice. Personally I rather they left it on slice. Big fish in a little pond the show would get more attention. Also they airing Monday, Wednesday and when? I see the old side show airing on Saturday gotta be a 3rd day right? Any help appreciated.



That is some dumb scheduling. We will have to wait 4 days just to find out who are nominated after an eviction, while on the feeds, the POV meeting could be finished by then. I wish that the eps were more evenly split.


BBAD is still on SLICE. The primetime show moved to Global because it out grew the specialty channel. Global = more potential for viewers. Global and Slice are owned by Shaw.

Biff Tannen

Has anybody else heard about the fifth camera being controlled by the public? If true, depending on how they do it, this could totally change the viewing experience for the better–unless, you know, it doesn’t.

because of winn dixie

I really like Risha!


omg i hope this bb uk twist is just for this first eviction. im physically ill. damn producers. when do the live feeds start?


Yeah the reason i watch is because the basic rules are like the US and it’s not just a popularity contest. If Canada gets to vote on who to evict every week i can’t do it!


Is this just for the first week or will there never be a HOH? Im from US so i havent seen it yet.


Most likely for the first week. Although, I should replace “most likely” with hopefully. In BB CAN 1 and 2, it was never public vote so no worries. 😛 I’m sure each week will probably have it’s own twist and this one seems unique but only for 1 week, imo.


I’m so happy tonight! Big Brother Canada is back and best of all we’re back in Simon and Dawg’s house! Missed you guys 🙂 Now let the chaos, backstabbing, showmances, bromances and train wrecks begin!


Anyone else having problems voting for who to evict?

Every time I select one and choose her I’m told “invalid Captcha” yet I see no captcha to enter….


I was just able to vote .. also hola seems to work now? …. glitch seems to be fixes


Yeah i’m having that problem as well.

another name

I didn’t have your problem voting, but did notice some glitches to be ironed out. I voted for one of them, locked the vote, and the other ones pic comes up saying you have voted to evict…. confused. since i’m not invested in either nominee after an hour minus commercials, oh well. under the predictions section, where you vote for the nominees it says risha and cindy were evicted instead of risha and cindy were nominated. half second thought of when did that happen… was there a post credit preview? then realized, nope just the wrong word.
left comment with the network about these two little points.
suggestion: check that you have popups enabled on the page maybe, since the captcha screen was a popup window when I voted? and enter the entire captcha, not just the visible word or it will say invalid?
just a thought if it’s helpful. 🙂


Hey Bohratom, i found a solution just sign out and sign back in and it should work.

another name

my thoughts on the first episode:
unnamed ultra machismo sense of entitlement bro-lliance seemed to already be a thing before any of them ever spoke to each other. or at least once the nominees were revealed. not exactly shocking.
nobody strikes me as being a standout yet.
I think scindy (see it has an s) was nominated for that s. high maintenance and nobody wants to deal with it.
I think risha was nominated for the shirt (three women nominated her). she came in looking like the competition at last call, and not a girl’s girl. she was nominated before she hit the bottom of the stairs.
going to try to give the twists a chance… for at least the first week before complaining about them (and probably complaining about them too much). would prefer if the houseguests actually voted, not knowing Canada is the only vote. and weren’t told Canada decided. would cause chaos with early alliances not knowing why their scripted move (the usual vote with the house) didn’t work. just a thought.
liked the pace of the episode; disliked the jump into your character bravado in the diary excerpts in the episode. am I the only one?


Cant wait to see Risha start to flaunt her fun bags for votes! Great set on that bobcat!

Risha's bra

Any guess who is going to cozy up for a nap on the twin peaks of mount bobcat first?


Emperor Pilaf, it is your time to go.

Sacramento ca

Big brother canada;) yesssssss amazing first show :)))))


I like sindy


I do like how they have to earn all their food, belongings, furniture …etc
Nice little twist. From the interviews I was leaning towards liking Risha but after
the show … I like Pilar better. Great Start!


I actually want Risha to stay for she seems to be the misfit in this group of youngsters, she looks like the perfect scapegoat who will be nominated time and time again yet at the same time could explode easily and that will be “fucking good tv”. Pilar is giving me a “Neda” and a “Rochelle” vibe so I still don’t know whether to like her or not. If she is able to show some brains like Neda it would be a shame to lose her early on but as of now she is leaning towards the Rochelle stigma so hopefully she gets the early boot.


I have a feeling she will be like Donny 🙂


I like Risha (boobs) as much as the next guy, but her coming into the house wearing THAT, yeah no surprise she got nominated.
I have no idea who I want gone. I think they could both be fun to watch. Pilar is cute and I think she would have done well at physical comps.
Other side I want to see how “big sister” (MOTHER) would have done with her social game. Using her big boobs to make young guys make dumb moves. lol

All in all looks like a great season in store. Still don’t know who I am rooting for. Way too early.


I need the live feeds to start. What’s the hold up?


i hope all after darks are posted on youtube too


so feeds dont start until after wednesday night ep after all? thought they were supposed to start monday 9pm?

get rid of the boring girl with annoying laugh…keep the amazing rack

if risha walks this early it will be a shame as her being there gives a high chance there will be some sexy time in the house


ok so we will actually get the first after dark wed 3am et/pt, on delay covering probably tuesday night approx 8-11pm et

then wed night eviction ep 9-10pm et/pt

then 3 hours later feeds come on wed 1am et/10pm pt ?


Jordon is Peter 2.0 hopefully he isn’t a little bitch like Peter
Hate Zach and Asleigh already know its going to be a gross showmance
Hate the Gay Guy please get evicted before jury
So tough between Pilar and Risha!
Love Pilar b/c she went after the boys
Love Risha b/c she is a confident woman and feel the houseguests were ageist against her


if you have voted – put a thumbs up if you voted for pilar to be evicted(keep risha) and put a thumbs down if you voted for risha to be evicted(keep pilar)


great to see neda and jon will do an analysis show on nedas youtube channel every wednesday after the eviction


Why is that great to see anonymous? Those two clowns were the beneficiaries of a radical production hatchet job on Andrew, Arlie and Kenny. Neda and John are nothing more than BB production minions. I like all true super fans (and the shield members) will pass on Neda’s insightful wisdom (i.e. floater strategies) and having to decipher what John is actually saying in his alcohollic haze….


bitter peter and alec, 2 inept clowns who thought they were masters, were crushed by jill and emmett, and hilariously now they give analysis of big brother


Risha must survive….. not for the boobs either. Which I must say are spectacular! Nope she is the perfect one to sit beside in the end. She is F2 material just waiting to be the ultimate floater. Guys alliance plus Risha would be tasty TV IMHO. Common live feeds I wanna see a girls alliance that lasts 2 weeks. hehe A lot of high maintenance and ego I set the line at plus or minus 10 days.
As for the guys if the looked at recent seasons they’d see that’s the early way to get to the middle of the season. BB US 16 was to many early on but did go the distance as far as the winner. What I found interesting is the number of 30 something guys. little more maturity maybe a lot more strategy.

Simon TY for your reply previously.


last thing…….

Wanted top throw a few bucks your way. Do you still accept PayPal? There is no button on the page. Second the donate button for CC is not working. No options come up I get a server error screen contact administrator ect.
I’ll check back on this page later for your response. A link to PayPal in particular would be appreciated if its still an option.



Risha better survive this. She was and is so far my only instant liked/most liked house guest thus far. And I feel she stands out uniquely more than anyone.


Can you add a poll to see who’s evicting who??


thanks! i love your website. 🙂 i come back every year.


How do I access video through HMA? Using iPhone


simon since its likely no feeds until wed night or early thurs morn, any chance you can post the entire 2 and a half hours approx (3 hours minus ads) of the 3-6am wednesday after dark as its the only vision we will see until the eviction ep?

maybe split into 30 minute parts or whatever is easiest for you? (if its allowed and you have time to do it)

sounds like it will be the only unedited extended vision of all 16 houseguests before the first eviction

would be appreciated if you can, but if not no worries


feeds and after dark both likely to start early thurs morn now

wed 9-10pm et eviction episode on global

thurs approx 1am et feeds start

thurs 3-6am et first episode of nightly after dark(delayed vision of wed night after the eviction/hoh comp) on slice


Where are the live feeds at??? I guess we won’t be seeing Risha/Pilar pre eviction?


how come no one is commenting here any more?




Thanks Simon, thought maybe I was on a redundant site, new to this stuff:)


Simon: I think you’re wrong, this site is redundant, has it slithered else where?