MORE High-Resolution Photos of the Big Brother Canada 3 Steampunk House!


This morning on “The Morning Show” we got our first look inside the newly redesigned Big Brother Canada 3 house that has a steampunk theme. It’s clear from the Morning Show episode and photos released of the house that it received a top down make over with every room getting overhauled. The new house has a very industrial feel to it with lots of metal and large gears all over the walls and furniture. The 16 house guests moved into the new house last night and the first episode was taped with an audience. Now that we’ve met the house guests, seen the newly redesigned house and know this season is going to have some unbelievable twists, we cannot wait for the March, 23 première! Tell us your thoughts about the new house!

Host Arisa Cox states:

The geography of the house is exactly the same but seeing as it’s a new season, we wanted a brand new feel for the house so we went with steampunk,

It’s a vision of the future set in the past so it’s kind of like a clock exploded in here. It’s busy, it’s chaotic, which is exactly how Big Brother Canada goes down.





UPDATED – NEWLY Released Photos of the House:

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Wow! The house sure looks Good! Puts the US BB house to shame. I love it.
(Simon and Dawg, Thanks ahead of time for doing the recapping for us. Simon, how is that new “family member” any chance of us seeing a photo?)


Indeed Grodner should be ashamed of herself.


wow i love it! so excited for the new season!


My guess is the “free spirit”, Sahara goes first.


the Canada house doesn’t have and outside backyard?

I know their weather sucks compared to California but that would drive me crazy


Me like


I dunno, it looks a little claustrophobic. Maybe it will film better on TV.