Behind The Scenes Look at the New Big Brother Canada 3 House!

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Take an exclusive behind the scenes look at the new Big Brother Canada 3 house with commentary by production designer Pete Farragher. He and his team have done an outstanding job redesigning the house by fully incorporating the “steampunk” theme throughout the house. Many people online are commenting that this is one of the best designed big brother houses in a series that has sister versions throughout the world. What are your thoughts on the house? Could you survive a week in the havenot room?

We’ll soon see if the 16 house guests that were released this week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday can survive.

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Where can we watch BBCanada in the US?


Well as of right now the only thing that seems to be working so far, is that if you have Google Chrome you can install the extension called DotVPN and it will let watch videos outside of the country. The extension is free all you have to do is sign up, give them your email address and password to activate it and make sure you’re already on the Global TV site before you switch the connection to Canada otherwise your might get a proxy error other than that you’re good to go.

Also this is probably recommended, but you should only sign in to DotVPN when you need to watch BBCan on the Global site you should sign out when you are not on that site anymore because you might experience a slower connection if you have it on all the time, however you will need to give them your email and password everytime you sign in, but it should be worth it and if you already have Hola please disable it before using it.


OMG! This house is beyond World Class. It is so elegant, and sophisticated.
Yes, it will be hard for any country to top this?


it does remind me of the bbuk house or bb13, but WAY nicer. such a cool job!