Big Brother Canada 2 – Power Of Veto Ceremony RESULTS! Adel says I surrender!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 10th
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul & Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

BBCAN2 2014-03-10 09-44-06-674
12:45pm When the Big Brother Canada live feeds get turned back on after being blocked for the Power of Veto ceremony we learn that Kenny used the POV to take Neda off the block. As HOH Andrew had to name a replacement nominee and he picked Kyle to go up on the block for eviction.

In the living room – Andrew says I would love for Paul to call me out for not being honest with him. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Sabrina, Kyle, Adel, Paul, Rachelle, Heather and Jon are talking about loving this experience and about other random things. Adel says so Paul?! Paul says wow dude this game is insane! Adel says I surrender!

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In the WAR ROOM – Allison was helping Scott “tuck” as he transforms into Contessa.
BBCAN2 2014-03-10 10-01-51-403

1pm Andrew, Kenny and Jon start working out in the backyard. Andrew comments that he starts with 50lbs weights. Jon laughs and says I finish with fifties! Meanwhile inside – Rachelle talks to Neda about how she’s safe for another week. Neda says she thinks the guys will be coming after a girl next week.

1:20pm – 1:30pm Kyle and Adel are out in the hot tub talking. Kyle says that after crossing big brother off his bucket list he is going to grow up and start his life/career. Kyle says that instead of doing damage now he is going to do damage control. Kyle says I already knew coming in here that I wouldn’t win, I just wanted to get past week 1. Adel says I came to win.

The girls are hanging out by the pool because big brother has locked them out of the house.
BBCAN2 2014-03-10 10-28-15-830

1:40pm Out in the hot tub – Paul, Kyle and Adel are talking. Adel says if we take out Kenny then we’re all back to square one. Adel says I can’t break any more rules at all. Kyle says nope. And don’t make any noises that can be misinterpreted. Adel says we are shunned no matter what we do or say. Paul says that Rachelle is going home to some serious questions to do that to her boyfriend.
bbcan2 2014-03-10 10-41-38-094

2:14pm – 2:35pm Kenny, Andrew and Jon head out to the hot tub room. They discuss whether or not they’ll get their “ring” reward when they get back in the house. The conversation turns to talking about working out and other random things. Big Brother opens up the house to the house guests again. Jon and Heather walk around to see if anything changed and can’t find anything. They figure it was just to fix the heating/air conditioning system. Ika says I wish they would fix the temperature so I could walk around looking cute again. Sarah is walking around with a bucket just in case she pukes again. Sarah and Sabrina talk about getting matching POV tattoos. Arile says they could get a P on one butt cheek and a V on the other. Sabrina says oh that’s gross.

BBCAN2 2014-03-10 11-51-20-192

2:55pm Live Talk show with the 3 Outcasts:

3pm IN the kitchen the house guests find a mug with a viewers mug shot on it. The viewers name is Karly Estabrook and Big Brother will be hiding a new mug with another viewers mug shot every week.



3:55pm – 4:20pm In the kitchen – Paul, Adel, Arlie and Kyle are eating and talking about random things. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina, Jon, and Rachelle are talking about the experience of being in the BB house and about past competitions. They talk about how they are getting paid a stipend of $75 a day seven days a week for every day they’re in the big brother house ($525 per week) (If the show is 75 days and they make it to the jury point they will make $5625). Sarah and Kenny leave to head inside. The others talk about how next week if they win HOH it will be Paul and Adel put up on the block with Paul being evicted.

BBCAN2 2014-03-10 13-06-24-298

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I’m happy that Adel will finally decide to do damage control. I feel like Kyle was bad association. It will be good for his game for Kyle to be evicted. I would say it would work the same way vice versa, but it really does look like Kyle never really wanted to be there


damn the paul, kyle and adel alliance is going to take a hit


I’m wondering how anyone can break up Andrew and Kenny.

I hope it isn’t like BB15 where one group has all the power almost all the way through the game.


That’s been the US BB for awhile now. The Alliances are too large, and of course add in that everyones goal on BB US is to be a reality star and it’s a disaster. Last great winner is Ian but that season was BORING, the US version won’t last much longer sadly. Many people got upset about an All Star possibility this year, but I think if they’d got some old folks from really early seasons that haven’t been back yet, they would have been fine and recaptured some old fans. I would be surprised honestly if this season of the US version will be any good.


Andrew is such a STUPID player, if he knew anything he would know that he’s next to go! Instead the goof is on a big power ego trip, acting as though he’s the most popular pimp in the house. This bunch has absolutely no brains and just go with the flow, this bunch is going to end up like the last BB America season with 2 floaters at the end….


I agree, I don’t know why players have forgetten that a huge piece to this game is keeping bigger targets then yourself in the game. Players are way to out there with their intentions as Andrew has been. I miss the days of true secret alliances where 2-4 people just flipped the game by voting to send someone unexpeting home to keep a stronger player with a bigger target in the house. I have been disappointed with BB game play in the US version for years, and the Canada version from last year. Big moves are only made now when someone who never wins HOH out of the normal three regular players finally wins it, but then next week they go home. People in this game need to realize the strength is NOT in the HOH and the HOH alliance, but in the VOTES. Control the votes, win the game, the only way you control votes is to never be HOH and be social. Big Brother hasn’t had a fearless talker in the game in a very long time. Gimmie someone who doesn’t care if they win, but can sale ice to an Eskimo and I will show you a BB winner. Someone who can make a ripple into a tidal wave by saying the right things to the right people is missing lately from these two versions.

Alright Alright



While it’s pretty hard to say who, if anyone is floating. There really isn’t a strong floating game yet. It definately feels like BB USA 15 without the showmances. The girls are a couple more evictions away from targeting Andrew IMO. Paul and Adell go next 2 barring HOH/POV then it Appears Heather 1st girl. But what will happen with Andrew is the talk among the girls will be they need to win HOH and backdoor Andrew before F6 when everyone plays POV. I figure Andrews 50/50 to make the jury. Allison will be a huge wildcard if she enters til we see here strategy.

As for 15 I think all the bigotry ruined the season personally. Some definite boring periods but basically you wanted to vomit every second week. Wee Ian was fun but remember it was the “Dan” season of shame and fame. Production let a young male lion loose on a pride of cubs. A lot of blood and carnage. Add to it AG’s great coach Dan on the “funeral” and pimple poppers exploits it was a car wreck and you couldn’t turn away.



paul say rachell has alot to explain to her boyfriend who she hooking up with … … please dont say ANDREW this guy diggs in his nose all day get his feet wash and scrub by sabrina what else these ladies giving away free vagina and blow jobs tsk tsk tsk this game needs a shake up i need andrew , kenny to come down of those pedestal they are on


The men are so dumb. You have three of the most charmless and sly women ever to be on BB ready and waiting on the sidelines to take out the men when the time is right. And these idiot men haven’t got a clue. Rachelle, Ika and Neda are seriously dangerous. Why on earth are the men so confident that the women aren’t conspiring against them?

Johhny (the European one!)

“three of the most charmless and sly women ever to be on BB”: Rachelle, Ika and Neda?
Seriously? What did they do that’s so awful?
Are you suggesting that they way things have gone now, the guys should rather take out Neda than Kyle?
Don’t forget that Andrew/Kyle/Arlie know/believe they have Sarah and Sabrina on their side.
Obviously, everybody makes several alliances, and the tricky thing is to figure out which ones are real.
I get the feeling that Sarah and Sabrina will play both sides until the end, and keep their options open: “power floater”.
The legitimate reason for getting rid of Kyle rather than a girl is that he’s more likely to take HOH and POV wins away from them than the girls.
The girls might have the numbers, but that doesn’t help them much if they don’t win competitions.


I perfectly understand why the men should go after Kyle first. And it’s obvious why the girls are aligning as well because the men together are equally as dangerous but that does not explain why the men aren’t even considering the possibility that the women are conspiring. And those three women really are charmless especially Rachelle and Neda.

Johhny (the European one!)

I’ve seen quite a few conversations between Kenny and Andrew (and sometimes others) where Kenny addressed that very danger.
They know for a fact that the girls would take a shot at them if they had the opportunity.
He even said several times “If I was one of them, I would…” including approaching Adel and Paul to team up.
Bottom line: they (girls + Adel/Paul) are all their enemies, so it’s just about the order in which they hope to get them out.
I think they’re very aware of what’s going on, but there’s just a certain amount of outcomes where “they’re f#cked anyway”.


There’s no reason for the guys to take out the girls this week, cause Sabrina and Sarah are keeping tabs on the girls and they report back to the 1st5 alliance. Kyle, Adel, and Paul are more dangerous cause they’re too emotional, irrational and harder to control.


Yes but they plan on getting all 3 out before going after a girl! Bad move!!!


Sarah and Sabrina are not reporting back to the 1st 5 alliance on the girls conspiring. In fact Sabrina is taking part in it. And surely it must cross the men’s minds that S & S are potentially playing both sides and will easily side with women if they have the numbers. If I were the guys in the 1st 5 alliance I would take with a pinch of salt what S & S are saying about being in that alliance.


Aw I like Kyle! He is funny xD


sabrina is so annoying. she’s always trying to stir up stuff about herself. she’s overdoing it with the girls and i hope they catch on really fast. she’s not loyal to the girls but is the first to claim she is. her head was up paul’s ass last week and now it’s up andrew’s…


I missed Sundays episode and can’t find the YouTube link. Simon, Dawg or anyone have a link?
Thank you!


I think all the episodes are being pulled from youtube.. I wonder how long our feed videos will last…


Sabrina reminds me so much of Amanda on last BBUS She can fake every single human emotion to elicit pity


Kyle’s a goof. But Paul is an even bigger one. Time for Paul to go.