Fights and Meltdowns “PJ you f*** clown you backstabber go F*** yourself you liar”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-09 18-29-56-956

9:20pm bathroom Sabrin, Andrew and Heather
Sabrina is cleaning Andrew’s feet. She says that the Diary room told Kyle about the plan to Back D him. Sarah joins them. Sabrina brings up people hiding her sh!t. Andrew says they can just leave their stuff in his room.

Sabrina: “They (Kyle and Co) said we’ll have the worst 48 hours of our life”
Sarah – “He’s doing what russell hantz brother did he’s going to freak out and leave on his own terms”

Sabrina – Floaters will float and some of the floaters will sink
Sarah – you think he’s making a comment about your weight.. he’s so stupid

Adel and Kyle come in. Adel says people are slandering his name. Andrew says he’s doing it to himself. SArah says Adel has been making a fool of himself since day one.

They start arguing. Watch the video..

Near the end of the second video Adel brings up not knowing about the “New rules” … feeds cute

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-09 18-38-44-291

9:40pm Paul and Sarah Storage room
Sabrina melting down because of Adel mooing and calling her a cow. Adel also is saying that Big Brother changed the rules of the game because of Sabrina.. He claims she made remarks about his sexuality and there was a ‘misunderstanding’ about religion.

Rachelle joins her and Paul leaves..

9:51pm Girls have a pow wow in the storage room

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-09 18-53-14-148

9:40pm Bedroom Paul, Kyle and Adel (Watch this video it’s good)
Adel – ‘”PJ you f*** clown you backstabber go F*** yourself you liar”‘
ADel and Kyle both tell Paul to F** off they say his word is not worth sh!t.

Adel starts going off about people bashing his religion. Kyle brings up that Jon threatened Kyle saying “We’ll meet you in halifax”
Adel says that is a real threat Kyle should go talk to the producers. … Feeds cut.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-09 19-32-34-715

10:30pm Girls practicing their dance routine.


10:45pm Crew spotted in the storage room

Feeds get cut..

11:28pm Feeds out .. they are probably playing in the POV.. Heres a image of the leaked POV comp

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-09 20-56-14-838

11:40pm Cam5 is showing the war room. They are wearing canada themed t shirts. Scott hates his because it’s too small for him. He tries to cover up the bulges with a pillow.

12:00am They finally let scott change his shirt.

POV is going on Andrew. Neda, Kenny, Arlie, Paul, Jon and Sarah got to see the screening of the movie they will be competing in the POV.

Cam 5 Production Leak

Scott: “Oh my god I’m affraid”
Production = “house guests unfortunately Big Brother will not be able to hear your ___ tonight..

there was an unfortunate situation and you will be called into the diary room sometimes tomorrow

Scott says the war room feed TV’s might be down tonight.. which means there might not be any feeds.

1:16AM War room
The players in the war room can hear loud noises coming from inside the house. The main bathroom is above the war room.

Scott can hear someone, thinks they are going to be up late tonight because of all the noises. You can hear someone in high heels walking, Nate says it must be Rachelle. You hear someone in boots.
Scott: “Who is that up there sounds like the police are coming through”

Allison thinks the houseguests are going to bed. They joke that someone is gone out of the house. Nate says he would be excited cause that could mean two of them entered. (Nate needs two people to self evict to get into this season)

Allison calls the three of them in the war room, “One girl, one guido, one gay”
Allison hears yelling again at 1:46am, Scott can’t tell if it’s “Feisty” or not.

Nate says it sounds like wrestlemania in the house.

Allison asks what their fans would be called
Scott: ‘the contesticles’
Nate: ‘Nate the greatest .. no the nateaholics”
Allison: ‘I dunnno.. something silly like the alley cats or the alley cat army”

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Johhny (the European one!)

Sorry, but Kyle and Adel have just completely lost track of reality and are just embarrassing themselves.
Entertaining to watch, but objectively speaking pathetic. Paul will end up staying a little longer, just like Suzette last season, but with no chance whatsoever to make it even to jury. Good riddens, the 3 of them.


Adele is doing a good job representing Edmonton he is a one bad maza..


WOW the house got JUICY when the show was on!


THEY NEED TO LEAVE kyle and adel in this game lol i weak


Adel is dramatic and annoying, but Sabrina is always crying. She is exhausting….and btw the only person who have seen or heard adel call sabrina a cow sabrina. I don’t know if she lying


He’s called her a cow and “moo’d” a few times when talking about her… I heard him do it during the rope task, and once when Adel and Kyle were up in the room talking. Even Kyle was telling him to knock it off…


oh ok thanks..still can’t stand sabrina though đŸ˜‰


Me either!

Honestly, her melt down was a little excessive and I am not sure if it’s just me but she was sobbing and for a while no tears were coming out of her eyes.
I really want to know about this whole religion fight everyone keeps bringing up.

Johhny (the European one!)

I agree Sabrina is annoying as Hell and whether it’s strategy or just inability to cope with the pressure of the game, it won’t help her for long.
If Adel and Kyle had watched just a few seasons of BB or Survivor, they’d have seen an opportunity to (at least try to) turn things around and get over their current predicament.
Instead, at the first major hurdle, they deliberately chose to throw any gameplay out the window and just do a Willie Hantz.
I remember crazy turnarounds in Survivor where players (those 2 are not players!) found a way to dig themselves out of far bigger holes. All those 2 did was dig an even bigger hole with every move they made after deciding to self-destruct themselves.
I have no respect for this attitude and for them taking the spots away from people who would actually have PLAYED the Game.
Sorry, not sorry.


I think adel really is psychotic – saw him on a video this morning talking with kyle laughing it up about their grand exits, talking about the”taliban” and making explosion sounds, ha ha – I guess he thinks because he is a moslim it’s ok to talk like that – if a non muslim says anything, they scream bloody murder at us, just like adel is doing tonight ! Should get him and kyle out before someone gets hurt.


That did NOT happen. I’ve been watching the feeds for 2 days straight and I saw everything and that is UNTRUE. You’re just trying to create and spread bullshit and spread anti-arab sentiment.


Before you accuse people of lying, make sure you know what you’re talking about, big mouth. You only see what you want to see. Look for – Sunday March 9/14 video – kyle says, “so this is what it feels like to be a loser” – 3rd video down – “adel, paul & kyle laugh about being outcasts” .16 to .28 in on a 12.17 video!! I am not trying to spread anti arab anything – people like you do the job for us. Next time, think twice before calling someone a liar!


You’re a moron. I did watch those live as they happened. As I said, I’ve been watching for 2 days straight (3 now) and he never said those extreme things you first accused him. Not sure why you would ever try to spread that false garbage in the first place


God, Sabrina is needy as hell…


To be honest the only people I like this season is Jon, Arlie, and Neda


Okay, so basically the most irrelevant people of the season


This is just a theory – but I wonder if Sabrina/Adel’s pre-feed ‘religion misunderstanding’ stems from an argument over eating beef. Some Muslims don’t eat beef or only eat halal beef. Sabrina is the ‘house chef’ so she might have said something racist/ignorant about his religious dietary restrictions. And this would also sort of explain why Adel randomly started mooing at her.


i agree, i think sabrina opened her big mouth about something about adel’s religion, either about food, or she did suggest he was gay, which i think adel said is against his religion… adel is for sure an immature ass too, but im pretty sure sabrina said something offensive about his religion, since it doesn’t agree with hers. that girl cannot keep her mouth shut. adel and sabrina are by far my least favorites.


andrew reminds me of emmette last season everyone kisses his ass… every season on big brother the women always give the guys more power or too dependent on them …please bring ALLISON out of the war room she said she wont be a follower ……. i thought the first 2 days sabrina was with kyle all of a sudden she switch …. she crys to much for me …

Upsidedown Pancakes

Sabrina is a basket case, she will self implode.


I want to know what rules changed!!!


I wonder if the rule change is something like “no bullying/name calling” type thing…


The rule change is that the HGs cannot talk about religion anymore because Sabrina keeps bashing Islam and Muslims and it started a big fight.

little mouse

Sabrina is a drama queen…

Upsidedown Pancakes

Who is playing POV? To make it interesting Adel should win the POV.


It’s a bad sci-fi that was filmed here in Toronto called Divergent or something….


adel and kyle are just terrible. they need to go home.


For me I feel like Andrew is more of a Tom


adel <3 his religion is great don't say anything about it #Team adel


Who the hell are you to tell people on here what they can and can’t say?


I think the person means more about the people in the house saying bad things about his religion. In any case, shitting on someone’s religion because you don’t like them is a pretty horrible thing.


” Shitting on someone’s religion because you don’t like them, is a pretty horrible thing” – “Hey ole wise one – even if their religion doesn’t respect yours and thinks you should die??


Whoa there,
That is completely incorrect.
I dont know where you get your information from, but that is not what islam preaches. I can spend hours trying to educate you, but if you are not willing to open your eyes, there is no point. I study, live and breathe islam and have been living in Canada my entire life, and not once have i seen a muslim think like that (outside the crazy extremists you see on the media). Point being, the vast majority of muslims are very respectable kind people. Get to know us before you say that kinda stuff lol.
Anyways, adels gameplay is crap, muslim or not.


I don’t need to be indoctrinated – whoops – educated by you – I am not deaf, dumb or blind. I know about the “extremists” and also about the thousands of up and coming ones!!!


Out of the ones picked to play in the veto comp, would any of them NOT use it? I’d rather just see Paul go this week.


am muslim and from the beginning I felt they were looking adel differently coze of his religion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

sabreena ,Andrew and so on they all Christian and till now no one mention Christian even the twitter

the only religion that am hearing all day long is muslim muslim

now I know am different coze of my religion

proud to be a muslim

muslim girl

and All I know is Sabrina has been attacking him about being gay and so on since he set foot in the house but shes the victim

and everyone is bad mouthing to adele coze shis Christian and hes muslim the religion everyone hates

Muslim girl

Am praying so badly adel 2 leave that house even if the removed him i will be happy ,,,,, so no one will mention muslim again


Maybe Kyle and Adel will self evict and they can bring the 3 from the war room into the game. I want Allison to be in the house, but I think both Nate and Scott would be more interesting than those two douches. It sounds like both Kyle and Adel threatened to leave yesterday, and if that’s the case, let them leave and give Nate and Scott and Allison a chance.


why does everyone keep saying adel is gay? when did he say that?

Muslim girl

I know adel in real life ,,,, he is not gay.


I think it’s time for you to stop making personas and pretending to know houseguests

Muslim girl

Ok why will u think that i dont kno him ,,,,, ok wr are they cm from (sky) dont they hv family ,friends ,neighbours shut da fuck up b4 u accusing me

Muslim girl

Mybe u are one of them
Who is bad mouthing his religion and thats why u are also here 2 accuse me that i dont know


I Just went back to previous videos, and it seems like a few days ago Sabrina speculated that Adel was gay to some people in the house.
That is not cool, another reason why I dislike her. Do you know what she said about Adel’s religon?


This whole argument about religion is just absolutely ridiculous. This has zero to do with religion. The fact of the matter is Paul, Adel and Kyle are not just bad players, they are HORRIBLE players. Some players are just bad, but don’t make it outrageously worse for themselves. Such as AJ, Suzette… hell even Liza. But these three are a complete catastrophe.

It stems from Paul obviously because he played way too hard, way too soon and is in way over his head. Adel and Kyle are just collateral damage. They aren’t even trying anymore and like Adel said, he’s just going to try and raise hell and I honestly think he is dangerous with the way he is talking and the only reason is becoming such a theme is because he consistently talks about it. Kyle is a douchebag and Paul is just waaaaaaaaaaaay in over his head, he literally has no clue what he is doing. The thing is, if it was just one of them in the house, that would be one thing…it’s when you put them altogether that he becomes mayhem.


Sidenote… Thank you Simon and Dawg!

Muslim girl

I dont mind if they say adel he has bad strategy or he doesnt kno how 2 play this game thats understandable everyone has a choice and we should respect that , but i dont like when i heard about hes religion , if u think am making this story go and see twitter



Sabrina has been freaked out about Adel wanting to put her on the block because a few nights ago he was joking around and told her to her face that the first HOH he gets he will put her up. She has been paranoid ever since and been trying to rally and manipulate people against him. Yesterday, Saturday, they were all talking and Adel did something she didn’t like so she called him Gay and made some racial and anti-Muslim comments about his religion. He FREAKED out on her. Verbally, he lost it and called her a Cow. She Cried. People got rallied up and the whole house turned on each other…Adel threw his microphone off and said hes is done with the game and wants out. BB stepped in and isolated everyone and made NEW RULES that the HGs are not allowed to talk about religion or sexuality. They made the rules because of Sabrina’s prejudiced remarks… Today, Sunday, the house was still heated. Adel and Kyle tried to clear some of the Air with the guys in the bathroom. Jon was mad at Kyle for outing his strategy last night and Jon threatened to beat up Kyle outside the house when they get back home. It was also revealed to Kyle and Adel that Paul was trying to backdoor both of them despite the fact that Kyle and Adel were the only ones willing to be nice to Paul when everyone was ignoring him. Kyle and Adel risked their positions in the game to be decent to Paul because they didn’t want to see anyone inside the house treated like that… Once Adel and Kyle were told that Paul was trying to sabotage them to save himself, they FLIPPED out on Paul and cut all ties with him (the fight today). Paul has been exposed. Meanwhile Sabrina is crying because Adel is revealing to the cameras and everyone why the new rules were put in place (her prejudiced attacks) and does not want that to be exposed to Canada… Then another fight went down and something happened where BB and the BB crew had to get involved.


Sounds/appears like PC Canada is this years production! AG would not be impressed… hehehe!

In fairness the CRTC is more powerful than the US counterpart on these issues. But the prime time edit is very filtered and non offensive. As for BBAD(my nightly fix) it sure is watered down with little drama or confrontation. It’s been a snooze fest so far. And god can they please do a decent job of audio mixing the quality is worse than the live feeds

A few observation on Sunday nights show….

A lot smother than the 1st 2 shows so I guess the crew is back to the BB grind. I don’t know about anyone else but I thought Arlie got the best edit by a country mile! I commented earlier he was like a dog waiting for table scraps. So it’s all an act… cudos Arlie! Very well played to now. Throwing the last part of HOH tonight was hilarious. No one could say he didn’t find the potato 1st. And apparently no one knows he threw it either. Definately an early F4 candidate IMHO. The other OK edit was Kenny. Pretty predictable set up of his character. Interesting he hasn’t told anyone he’s gay that I know of on the show.

Bad weekend… Sarah breaks down. I thought she had a real shot with her 1 on 1 social game early on but a weak mind leaves her less of a fav for me. Brina is way ahead of the curve or digging a hole not sure which. To many sobbing moments and perhaps to much stirring the pot to soon. She will get old and tired to the HG’s quickly at this rate. Paul…. every day is a bad day. Kyle and Adel… one thing to be resigned to fate it’s another to act like an AZZ while doing it! Very unpopular online IMO. Lastly Rachelle and Heather. Apparently they don’t like each other. That means sooner rather than later folks will pick sides and 1 goes home. Heather is going from way behind to a fighting chance. Ika might mess up Heathers revival though.

Tonight is a huge Arlie win outside the house IMHO. Came off likable and playing the game. In game non threating and appears to have his finger on the pulse without running anything. Remind you of anyone a little bit. Just a very little bit though!

muslim girl

simon i know u blocked my IP

thank you so much for proving my point and blocking me u can also block this one

peace thank you so much


These clips only show part of the story and make it look very one sided, but once you know what REALLY happened in FULL, then you know Sabrina is a terrible person and Adel is actually a good guy, pushed waaaayyy to far. (New rules needed to be made to protect the poor guy). We have a tendency to feel for the people who shed the most tears, but the problem is men don’t share as many tears. I hope that prejudiced witch gets expelled.


Man this years cast fuckin sucks!!!


Sabrina is a power floater , whoever is in power she will suck up too, and leave the previous HOH to dry. Shes really a cow


Caption – “Sabrina howls for her mom and her Dad then Bemoans her impending doom should the opposing team win HOH” Sigh… I really can’t stand her


I’m hope everyone from the war room gets in, they seem like really nice people! adel Kyle, Sabrina and Paul are so annoying !!at the same time I can’t help but root for the adel Paul and Kyle because they are now the underdogs! It’s unfortunate that adel keeps talking about his religion because I don’t think he knows very much about it and he is not a good representation of his faith, at the end of the day no one is prefect. And I’m going to have root for adel and Paul or Kyle being the underdogs ,!

The wallflower

Paul needs to get himself together and exit that house for the sake of the houseguests and every big brother canada viewer. He doesn’t have any good gameplay at all.