Big Brother Canada 2 – Have / HaveNot Competition RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV 29
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots JON, ADEL

1:30pm – 4:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the have / havenot competition. When the live feeds return, they are only on for a short 30 seconds or so with all of the house guests out in the hot tub room. All the girls are dresses in dresses and the guys are dressed up with dress pants, shirts and vests. They yell out congratulations! Rachelle is holding a bunch of helium balloons on strings. They say that was awesome, that was cool. Andrew jokes now we get charged a $200 layover fine. Kenny says yeah we all sign our name on it.. They start to head out of the hot tub room and big brother cuts the feeds again..

<BBCAN2-2014-03-28 14-01-10-431

The havenots are JON and ADEL

4:50pm – 5:20pm The live feeds come back .. Adel and Jon are in the havenot room talking. Adel says I was just in here! Jon says yeah at least I got a week off. Jon says these beds aren’t so bad you know what I mean. Adel says I cant stand that f**King dumba$$es laughing and chuckling all f**king night while I’m trying to sleep. Adel says it sucks for me I was stuck in here with her slobby-ness. I thought we could have pulled it off. It seemed like they gave us the hardest one. Jon says oh I know. If someone does something to get the whole house punished then we double it and and get another 48 hours. Jon says we’ll sleep on it. Adel says pissed! A couple of the house guests try to sleep including Jon but big brother wakes them up.

BBCAN2-2014-03-28 13-53-10-495

5:30pm – 5:55pm IN the bedroom – Heather and Neda are talking. Heather says that they are asking things that make it seem like they want her (Sabrina) to stay for the drama. Neda asks like what? Say without saying.. Heather says lying. Heather says that the person she is most scared about is Kenny. Neda says I am scared too. Heather says you just don’t know how you are viewed from the outside. Adel joins them. Adel talks about how he know he is safe because he won the buzz challenge. He tells them about how he wont use his power (fake power). He says whatever Canada wants he will leave it like that.

6pm Jon and Rachelle join them in the bedroom. Jon comments on how if is girlfriend Janelle cheats on him then she wasn’t worth it. He says especially since I am doing all this for her and I .. that would just make her the worst person in the world. He says that he doesn’t think she would do that to him though..

6:30pm Rachelle says that she would definitely have sex if she was in a showmance. Allison says that she would never because her dad is watching.

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Everyone we know Sabrina and Andrew are going up, and Kenny’s in third! But people what if Kenny wins veto. We have until 10:00 pm c’mon people we need to vote for Sarah and Rachelle, because if Adel is 4th that would suck!


Kenny is in third place on this site, not This poll may not reflect the votes has received. If Kenny wins the veto, he probably won’t use it because he may think Sarah would be put up next. He values Sarah more than Andrew. And it won’t look good for him to save Andrew over Sabrina or Sabrina over Andrew because they all are in an alliance together.

Best case scenario… Kenny and Andrew are on the block.

I am hoping Kenny doesn’t even play for the POV if he isn’t on the block.

I am sure, for this POV… a lot of people are going to try and lose it on purpose.


Why waste it on someone like Rachelle? She doesn’t have a brain. You should put your votes towards Andrew, Sabrina, or Kenny. If one of them wins veto the other one will go up. If Andrew goes home then we might see Allison actually start playing the game. And if Sabrina goes Rachelle might self evict or will be easy to pick off later.


Allison is not worth watching and she has shown she has no game.


The people who have shown no game are Adel, Heather, Neda, etc… all of the favorites, which baffles me. They are boring beyond belief. Neda and Heather are wastes of space. Dumbass girls with hollow heads.

Play The Game

They’re nice!!! Does that baffle you as well?


As you said, Rachelle does not have a brain, so she also needs to leave this game, with no money in her pockets. Why carry her any longer through this game? She does not even deserve to get to the jury, her vote will be influenced by who knows who. She needs to go home ASAP


I think the point she was making is that Rachelle can easily be taken out later once Sabrina is gone. You should use Canada’s hoh to shake up the game, Rachelle leaving won’t shake up the game. same goes for heather or neda. It will be a wasted hoh if they go up.

Play The Game

No problem I think that is understood…. the point is as we go down the list, if that may or may not be the case…… better Rachelle goes home than Adel Neda or Jon. Are we on the same page now?!!


you dont have to worry about the veto, adel will use his power. I will laugh if he takes one of the nominees place in the veto.


Hahahaha love that slobina is a have not again. Have not and on the block in the same week will definitely cause a meltdown. Can’t wait!!!


Read the post. Only 2 have nots, Jon and Adel.


I feel bad for adel and jon but hahahahhaahha sabrina u a have not and hopeful by tomorrow u will be on the block..:)


Sabrina isn’t a have not. Her and Sarah were talking about cooking food. There’s only two beds, for two have nots: Adel and Jon.


Dawg, I looked at the video again seems Sabrina was part of the aqua team and not the white team. Also with 11 players the white team looked like it only had 2 players for 3 for the other 3 teams.

BTW awesome job Dawg on all the work you do here…. We appreciate it..


Any reason why Jon took off his nail polish? I noticed him and Neda seem to be keeping away from each other. Looks like he’s pissed at more than just being a have not.


not spending too much time together is smart so as to be not targeted as a pair


Instead of bitching about the first 5 dominating and crying to production to fix it why don’t people just get on their asses to cast better. So sick of production fixing outcomes for ratings let them play the game ffs


It’s funny how Sabrina thinks she is safe with Canada! Bitch you are going home.


Nice ass picking picture. Such a disgusting female.


If you look at the video clip she wasn’t picking her a**. She was fixing her skirt and the picture showed it like otherwise. What is wrong with you people! Aren’t you tired of the constant bullying. Everyone, I mean everyone, has said mean things in the house not just Sabrina.


Don’t see it as bullying, and that’s what it looked like so calm down. They all put themselves out there, so what they do is on display for us to comment on. I don’t like Sabrina, and I will comment when I want Name.


As much as sloprina is a spear throwing emotional douche, removing her from the game seems like a bad move.
Andrew is the true head of the snake.


Andrew’s just the body, Kenny is the head of the snake.


Come on 1st 5! You can make it through this. You’ve just got to win and use the veto!


Haha, Is Sabrina aware that there are cameras in the BB house? She’s gone from picking her nose to picking her ass. Dinner’s ready!


If you look at the video clip she wasn’t picking her a**. She was fixing her skirt and the picture showed it like otherwise. What is wrong with you people! Aren’t you tired of the constant bullying. Everyone, I mean everyone, has said mean things in the house not just Sabrina.


I think it is going to be a REALLLLYYYY close vote between Sabrina, Kenny, and Andrew for the top 3 noms, with any of them coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, even contrary to what the poll on here says. I still think, like many other people on Twitter, it would be wisest to vote for Kenny and Andrew (even if I really want to see Sabrina’s meltdown) because either of them could win POV and take the other off if their not both put up right away.


just saw this in the previous thread…
it makes MY day! Evel Dick wants
Andy&Sobs to go bye-bye~~!! so even
if one of ’em wins VETO, Ken*doll
goes up next? like only poor Adel is
anywhere near being in the running?
the Andrew/Kenny and Andrew/Sabrina
vote combos could break up the 5!!!
If JON + ADEL emerge from eating slop
into a House re~adjusted via a HoH?


Wow – talk about awkward silence. They know anything they say is now being judged even more closely (if that’s possible) and no one talks or catches themselves about to say something, then changes it. That was weird silence in the living room. Aren’t they allowed to play charades or something? I mean; at least pass the time by having some fun. Maybe that is still too scary for them.


I’ll vote for you alright…

vote the kendrews out

were can i go to see the polls everyone is talking about


Marsha The Moose has total hard-core fans!!!
Dawg is more unpopular than Arlie in the lil poll!
IKA was almost pre~de$Tine’d to pull a Topaz.


canada getting sabrina out would be a waste.. dont get me wrong she is a horrible person.. but kenny is the one that has to go!!!!
everyone already hates sabrina and andrew and will put them up soon enough…come on people kenny is the target this get him out and that hole alliance will fall apart….which is what we want!!!!
ps…sarah sucks ass!!!


I understand what you are saying, but I think if Andrew or Sabrina are up against Kenny, that the one of the other two are more likely to get evicted.


The main point is that if it is Not Kenny and Andrew on the block together, one potentially can take the other off and both would be safe. If both are the block and one wins, that still leaves one of them on the block. And hopefully the 3rd nominee would be still one of the 5 and Not one the non-5.
They both need to be on the block together. And the battle will be fierce.

winds of change

nothing will change if kenny doesnt leave the house this week.
andrew and sabrina dont have much cred. it needs to be kenny, otherwise, first 5 will rope in rachelle once andrew is gone, or allison for sabrina. then in 2 more weeks canada will have to do the houseguests dirty work again, cause they cant seem to get it done!!


Arlie, I wish you could see Sabrina presenting your thoughts on the possibility of Canada voting on who they want to save. There would be more phone calls if it was that way. Allison eating it up. Ha!


—-> Evel Dick was in rarified form on
his Twitter account over the past 24 hours…


he didn’t focus on BB*CAN until his LA*KINGs
got sorta lucky and slam~dunked
the poor PENGUINs, so be warned about his quips!!!

“Holy shit, you all tweeted me over 2,000 times between
Survivor and BBCAN… no wonder I was so busy, lol”

“That hot dog costume musta cost then $2.99… lame, cheapos (!) ”

“Ika, she put you up cause you’re a bitch… no other reason, get it straight.”

“Audience being HOH is fucking stupid. I mean you people voted 4
Marsha the Moose. Y do the producers so desperately feel the need to tamper?”

“$10,000 trip of a lifetime = a trip to the twistos factory and
as many twistos as you can eat in an hour” #bbcan2

“And just like Topaz, the producers set her up by telling her to
“talk it out for us” Paying attention future BBCAN HG’s?” #bbcan2

“Again, future houseguests… shoutouts, giving the “sheyld” sign,
flirting w/ the host during voting is fucking retarded, please don’t do it.”

“I voted for Sabrina, just so she will cry and eat even more.. & meathead
Andrew cause he will get all butthurt and go into roid rage.” #bbcan2


voted this morning for Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina and Sarah for 30 minutes! Voted again this afternoon for another 30 minutes for the same 4 people.


Currently listening to Rob Cesternino’s and Brian Lynch BB Can on youtube.

Even they recognize the danger of NOT putting both Kenny and Andrew on the block TOGETHER.

The danger is that Adel could go up as the replacement nominee and the 1st 5 having the votes to evict Adel. 🙁


Finally a 1rst 5 is going this week, and based on last night’s editiing (diary rooms) if Sabrina ends up on the block next to either Kenny or Andrew the bitch is going home!! MWAHAHAHAHA

but I’d rather see Andrew or Kenny go because they’re just vile, mean, UGLY INSIDE AND OUT


Slobrina better not be the one to go this week, I want so bad to see the aftermath of one of her boys leaving. If Kenny or Andrew don’t go, we’re the ultimate joke. Can’t wait to see their faces when their asses go up on the block. CANADA HATES YOU


GOOD GRIEF!!! Does Allison do anything in this game other than follow Andrew around and suck on one another’s faces….!
This girl is has been one of the biggest disappointments ever in this show.


Her game is 100% andrew


Poor/no game play.


I looks like Sabrina n Andrew will be nominated? Come on Canada! It should be a no-brainer!
Kenny n Andrew should go up!
Do they ever play chess in Canada? I’m starting to think not.


Nose pickers unite. (Andrew and Sabrina)