Andrew says I showered in a gay club once. I was with a bunch of girls.. “I had my clothes on the whole time”

POV Holder: ? Next POV 29
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

BBCAN2-2014-03-28 06-25-41-820

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Sabrina tries to continue sleeping but big brother wakes her up. She complains about throwing up last night and says she doesn’t feel good. She asks big brother if she can keep sleeping because she threw up. Andrew tells her they’ll want to talk to you in the diary room. Sabrina gets up to go to the diary room. The house guests guess that they’ll be having a havenot competition today. Sarah wonders if she will even need to play since she has a slop pass. IN the living room – Sabrina is waiting on the stairs to go into the diary room. Kenny asks her if she over did it on the food last night and that’s why she’s not feeling well. Sabrina says yeah. Kenny congratulates the others on making it to day 30.

10am ADEL makes fun of Jon for sniffing Neda’s butt as they walked up the stairs. Adel says that’s a dog trait not a human trait. Andrew says that he went into a shower at a gay club once. He says he was with a bunch of girls that made him. “I had my clothes on the whole time though” Kenny says that when he was in Calgary he picked up a girl at the bar and lied to a girl that his name was Hunter. He says that he ended up dating her for 2 weeks and she thought his name was Hunter.
BBCAN2-2014-03-28 06-56-18-862

10:30am – 10:55am Outside the bathroom – Neda is painting Jon’s nails. Neda tells Jon that they definitely weren’t spooning last night. I woke up a bunch of time and we weren’t. Jon says it wouldn’t matter if we were. Neda says we weren’t. That kind of stuff makes us a target. Just you watch we’ll get evicted and that will be the reason. I also got up when Kenny woke up and I was facing the other way. They talk about Canada being HOH. Jon says I think Canada likes me. Neda agrees. They talk about how Kenny is acting because he knows that Canada hates Andrew so he is trying to distance himself from him.

bandicam 2014-03-28 07-34-52-438

11:15am Kenny and Sarah are whispering. Sarah talks about how she can’t stand Andrew. Sarah says what if Canada hates the first five. Like what if they hate something about each one of us. Kenny says then we roll with the punches. Sarah says because if they really don’t like the first five and one of us wins the veto, then Canada will just replace us with another. Kenny says then we just roll with the punches. If we go home them at least you get to see you kids and I get to see my dog. Kenny says I think out of every body it would be Andrew and Sabrina.

11:25am In the storage room – Arlie and Adel are talking. Arlie tells Adel thank god you have that (fake) power for this week too. Adel says yeah! I still need to go ask and clarify how it will work though. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Sabrina asks Kenny what if I’m a have not by default because I can’t compete? Kenny tells her that she just shocked her system from not eating and then eating so much.

BBCAN2-2014-03-28 08-53-59-337

LIVE FEED Leak of the upcoming HAVENOT Competition being set up in the backyard:

BBCAN2-2014-03-28 08-55-53-625

BBCAN2-2014-03-28 09-10-27-205
BBCAN2-2014-03-28 09-39-25-935

12:30pm – 1pm In the storage room – Arlie talks to Sarah about how much of a liar Sabrina is. He talks about the fight with Ika that she had and how her story of what happened so much. In the bedroom – Adel talks to Heather and says that he hopes Canada puts up Sabrina. Heather says that Sabrina is a really nice person but I really don’t like her game play. Adel talks about how much Sabrina lies and how Big Brother even called her out saying she lied about what she said happened during the Ika fight. Adel says that when he won the fan challenge one of the tweets I saw was from a random lady saying Great job Adel! You’re the only person seeing right through Sabrina. Adel says and that was week 1 I figured her out. Heather says great job.

BBCAN2-2014-03-28 09-42-53-738

1:10pm – 1:30pm In the living room the house guests are sitting around the circle couch. In the audio of the following video we hear Heather in the diary room say “”Lets pick players for the have / havenot competition…” Adel says that he hears them rearranging the Canada room. Im guessing sorry. Kenny and Jon say its coming from the diary room. They then hear balloons popping. Jon says she’s going to get a Diamond Power of Veto because she got that blank card. Jon says I guarantee a DPOV in one of those balloons. Neda says we’re just guess we have no idea. Adel says that the blank one was a misprint. Jon says I don’t think anything in here is a f**king misprint. The house guests talk about Ika winning the ball counting challenge. Jon says that Ika could have guessed 4 and she still would have won that thing.

1:30pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds.. the have / havenot competition is likely starting right now!

3:30pm – 4pm The feeds are still blocked..

BBCAN2-2014-03-28 13-16-50-870

1:30pm – 4:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the have / havenot competition. When the live feeds return, they are only on for a short 30 seconds or so with all of the house guests out in the hot tub room. All the girls are dresses in dresses and the guys are dressed up with dress pants, shirts and vests. They yell out congratulations! Rachelle is holding a bunch of helium balloons on strings. They say that was awesome, that was cool. Andrew jokes now we get charged a $200 layover fine. Kenny says yeah we all sign our name on it.. They start to head out of the hot tub room and big brother cuts the feeds again..

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Yahoo…bye bye Sabrinal. What a wake up call that gal is gonna get. Just got to mentioned I’m a little saddened by a couple of sweet, big Jon’s inappropriate comments regarding the gay community. Do we give this lovable galoot a free pass or hold him accountable. We, as Canadians, are a forgiving people but you can’t just blurt things out, say sorry and move on. He seems to have gotten a pass the first time. The second time I really took notice. Hope he’s sincere and it does not happen a third time.


It was clearly an accident. Stop being so sensitive.


He was telling the truth about it meaning “weird or strange” back in NL so his comment last night wasn’t meant to be malicious. He’s not getting a pass on it, he’s been told that it’s no longer an acceptable word so hopefully he respects that, not everybody has the same lingo as the East coast.


Jon sounds like a traditional Newfoundlander, and queer is often used to just mean odd. It’s an old fashioned term we haven’t gotten rid of yet, I don’t think he meant anything by it at all.

It’s the actual definition of the word.. Sure people should be mindful of other meanings and use only in appropriate contexts (i.e. not this one), but ‘get rid of’ a perfectly fine adjective? Madness.

My take on the game so far, I’m soo eager and anxious to see how Adel’s fake power scheme plays out in the end.
I think an evicted Andrew or Sabrina would leave the biggest gap in the house for a shift of vibe and alliances. Either way, it’ll be interesting to watch how the first 5 each react to learning (or having confirmed) that they’re the ‘villains’ of the current household.
I enjoy Arlie and his gameplay more than I ever expected to.

Thank you for what you do here Simon and Dawg, this site is awesome.


I don’t think he meant anything towards the gay community. Newfoundland often refers to Queer as weird , strange, odd, shady, etc. but i do understand how the gay community would take offense to this.


So what even if he meant or knew exactly what its mean ? Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Noone allowed to shove it in your head what to think/like /say .


Are you a member of the Nazi word police?


Not only has this been Jon’s second time saying something like this but he has said the n word before while singing a song in the hoh room and while him and arlie were by the pool I think during the drunken night he said something about putting a noose around ika neck.

Miss Spelling

‘YOU THINK?’ If you can find footage or can tell us where to go or Dawg/Simon heard it then you’re just lying. You can’t go to court with “I Think” this or that. Find the proof before inferring such disgusting things.


Night 17 part 3 17:43 in after dark on slice


I find Jon the LEAST offensive of all of them. What does ‘queerbag’ mean anyway? Absolutely nothing. The word ‘queer’ is a description of something odd or strange. Period. He realized that here, in the big city he is going to be misinterpreted.
Let’s face it people call others ‘pieces of sh**’ and it has become strangely acceptable as an insult. What does it mean? It is terribly insulting. It is human waste. If you can find me a picture of a ‘queerbag’ I might consider it an offensive word.


Keep your political correctness to yourself, please. The word “queer” has been defined in the dictionary to mean, “strange, odd” for decades before it was hijacked to mean a gay person. Just like “gay” actually means “happy.”

1. Jon’s use of the word was in context with “strange, odd.”
2. No one in the house was offended so, for you to be is self-righteous.
3. The gay community call each other “queer” all the time.

Most importantly, since you appear ready to cast the first stone, I suggest you treat others with the same compassion and mercy that YOU would want to be shown when YOU do something that someone else deems offensive. Stop acting like Jon’s judge and jury, “We can’t just let it slide…” SERIOUSLY?!


standby for sabrina being even more fake than usual in an attempt to impress canada

she claims she is a happy go lucky girl and has only been angry twice all season

that sh1t is hilarious


keep voting as i think voting doesnt go for too much longer, is it 1 pm et friday? thats less than an hour away!

2 noms announced friday night or saturday morning?

to help the underdogs the most and ensure one of the 2 strong comp players leave, put up both andrew and kenny

sabrina or sarah goes up if veto used


It’s until 10PM


thanks Mel for the info

so probably noms will be announced saturday morning before veto players are picked


maybe each nom will pick 2 veto players to make 6 as there is no hoh?


Clarification please – we can only vote once – right?


No; follow the instructions below about clearing your cookies and you can vote as often as you want.


Sobrina thinks that if she fakes being sick and hides in bed all day, that the voters will forget she is in there. Nice try…


Restraining herself from being a bit** is making her ill. She’s not used to holding all of the hate inside.


I think she’s faking sick to avoid being a have not again. She’ll say she can’t compete because she’s sick, so it’s unfair to make her be a have not.

Which of course is bs.


what did Jon say? I am not sticking up for him but sometimes all these people (young ones especially) need is education on gay/lesbian/bi. Especially if they don’t know any openly LGBT people in their lives/school/work/. I find it funny that he paints his nails (nothing wrong with that) and would still make homophobic type of comments though.


Maybe some people in the gay community need to be educated on issues such as freedom of religion and stop shoving their sexuality obsessed politics down people’s throats.


Freedom of religion? You mean speech? Anyways…… You do have to abide by the rules of the show if you want to play the game.


Antony I agree !!! Sick of this subject . .


Jon genuinely seems like a really nice guy. I agree with what he said that it’s sometimes used to basically call someone a weirdo and not be used as a derogatory term. It’s just the society we’ve grown up in! People use lots of words in the wrong context. You could tell he didn’t mean anything by it because he immediately apologized. I think it’s silly for people to be picking apart what Jon said when he clearly didn’t mean it that way and you have other men in the house who waved their middle fingers high in the air at a woman and MOTHER calling her a whore and a bitch. When you use THOSE terms you’re well aware of what they mean and how they’re perceived by everyone!!!!!


I’ve said words before that I learnt after the fact were disrespectful to certain groups. I never meant it at all I just thought it was a funny word.. seriously I did. I can see how someone would make the mistake. Not everyone is 100% privy to appropriate politically correct language. Heck I spend 1/2 the year watching live feeds..

If the person continues to use the term or doesn’t try and understand why that term makes certain people feel bad then we have a BB15 scenario..

No Name

In BB15, if you say something racist, sexist, homophobic, etc…. You claim you never said it or blame the victim for being too sensitive. And then get mad because they’re making you look bad. They were terrible.


LOL sorry but I think Sabrina is faking about not feeling well. Drama Queen B!!


She’s got a tummy ache from all the booger infested food she’s been eating. LOL. Eww.


Tired of seeing Kenny walking out with no clothes on except underwear, can as HOH punished him.


Most of the guys do it.


Funny how last night, Sobs tried to manipulate the voters into putting up Andrew and Allison, saying people hate showmances…so she can get Allison out. Then Neda reminds her that Canada most likely voted her in and might actually like the showmance. Sobs didn’t want to hear it. I can’t wait to see her reaction when it’s HER and Andrew on the block, instead. Priceless!


Also, it is funny how no one is following Sobrina’s orders to ignore Adel…since Canada is voting. If Sobs wasn’t hiding in bed trying to be invisible at the moment, she wouldn’t even be following her own orders. Probably part of the reason she is faking being sick…so she doesn’t have to be nice to him…that and she thinks being invisible will make us forget to vote for her. (rolls eyes) She is so transparent.


Pardon the pun…


I dont know Jon but I know I like you


TWISTOS TWIST! about time BBCAN. Last year at this time we’d had like 5 twists lol.

Sabrina faking the funk this morning. Deep down she probably knows she’s going up on the block and it’s making her sick. Happy Adel, Arlie, Neda, Jon and Heather are safe this week though! I’m enjoying watching the others squirm! The first 5 are soooooo delusional thinking they got this in the bag – especially Kenny. I was rooting for him at the beginning but I cant even stand to look at him on the feeds now- he’s an asshole.

Vote Andrew and/or Slobrina. Backdoor Kenny!

p.s this Andrew/ Allison showmance literally makes me throw up in my mouth. He treats her like a piece of meat most of the time and has no qualms about touching and making out with her in front of the other HG’s. So disgusting.





I never read about Canadian houseguests hating the slop. Is it not as bad as the American’s slop? (or maybe I just missed every time they mention it)?


I like the twistos twist, but it does make the house a little boring while they wait to see who is nominated.


And speaking of showmances, it was bad enough watching these two twits all over each other before…now that they think this farce is going to protect them from going up, they are REALLY up each other’s asses. *gags*


I cringed at the top picture. Sabrina seems so jealous of all the other girls who are nice and thin, she gives them the evil eye and checks them out all of the time. Instead of saying she used to be thin and a model why doesn’t she hit the workout area they have set up?

I think Neda and Jon are soo cute together but if I was Jon’s girlfriend I would be a little pissed off that’s for sure, even if he did give a love shout out last night during his diary room vote.


one of jons good friends posted here the other day that jon is just a very affectionate person, and he is like that with all his friends, just a funny, fun loving guy

his girlfriend has nothing to worry about, and is not worrying about it – jon gives her a i love you janelle shout out all the time

if anything she should be happy that jon has someone in the house in neda he can trust and be real with, its a major advantage in the house, and keeps you sane and in good spirits

by the way jon is flirting with all the girls there, not just neda…but he has a deeper connection with neda…they will be great friends

one person who is majorly jealous of neda and jons friendship though is sabrina, its very evident


Ahhh Okay, good to know then. I don’t follow nearly as much to know all of that, but thanks for filling me in. To someone who doesn’t know all of that, it definitely looks different. He does seem like a big fun loving guy, I think he is hilarious!


yeah no worries

i agree about jon being hilarious

neda has a great sense of humour too

their banter always makes me laugh

2 people i would love to have a beer with

I hate 1st 5

Sabrina, you know that you are a bitch so you are hiding from Canada. You might fool your fellow House guest but not Canada!!! Bitch its your time to sweat hahahaha!!!


so will all the houseguests come out of dr and say “canada do you want to see your hoh room?”

by the way in the usa and canadian big brother, why do they have to read the cards in such a moronic way? like so over emphasizing every word with a fake voice when saying “its time to pick players for the veto” etc

how will they decide who sleeps in the hoh bed?

maybe take it in turns each night…there will be 3 havenots, and so 8 houseguests will be eligible to sleep in hoh, and 6 nights it will be canadas hoh

i wish we could decide who goes on slop

re the have not comp – if production want drama, put adel on the same have not team as any of andrew, kenny, slobrina…as adel will hilariously throw the comp so those clowns go on slop ha ha


I found something I hate as much as Kenny’s beard (and bad attitude) His robe!! OMG he looks like an old frenchman. Burn it. lol


Andrew and Kenny’s goodbye messages were so rude to Ika. Karma is a bitch and they deserve the train that is heading right toward them!


**Gold-Digging Alert** for your tally…Kenny on camera #1 – 11:28am…at the 40 second mark. And ironically, they start discussing Heather’s “gold-digging” friend right after.

I hate the bullying comments about weight

I don’t understand how you think it is ok to ridicule someone about weight. Sabrina is by all means not obese and I would bet your mother, sister and daughter are more likely to be Sabrina’s weight than the anorexic Ika was. In our country , the woman’s biggest insecurity is their weight, weather you are skinny or big. It is a major disease that has taken the lives of many people. The constant bullying of Sabrina’s weight is uncalled for!!!! You criticize Sabrina on her bullying tactics but think it’s ok to do it back to her. You may not like her tactics but I heard comments that people should “moo” her when she leaves the house. Really!!!! When she reads her comments on her weight when she gets out, will you have a conscious if this leads her to becoming anorexic or bulimic because through studies we know that sometimes all it takes is 1 comment on your weight …. imagine reading hundreds of them of you being fat (which I think she is definitely not). Remember people it’s just a game and nobody really knows a person especially after 30 days of watching them on a reality show. Please show respect and remember it’s just a reality TV show so think of the insensitive comments people are writing!


you hate the bullying comments about weight yet in the same sentance you call ika anorexic,, ???

I hate the bullying comments about weight

I agree however it was to highlight that the majority of woman are more of Sabrina’s statue rather than that of Ika’s statue and to ridicule Sabrina of her weight is a criticism and insult to many Canadian woman!


so because the majority of women are above the healthy weight line it is ok for you to criticize the ones who are just naturally small. being i tiny girl who cant gain weight no matter how hard i try(my own eating problem and something i’m extremely self conscious for) i take your comment as offensive and bullying to all small girls

Dirty Harry Reid



Lol Im sorry but you cant make your name “I hate all the bullying comments about weight” and then go on to call Ika anorexic – that’s just as harsh as calling someone fat.

I hate the bullying comments about weight

I agree however it was to highlight that the majority of woman are more of Sabrina’s statue rather than that of Ika’s statue and to ridicule Sabrina of her weight is a criticism and insult to many Canadian woman!


Are you crazy? The vast majority of women in Canada DO NOT look like Sabrina. please speak for yourself! If you’re a fat broad, then own it (nothing to be ashamed of) and hit the gym! The vast majority do not have Ika’s body type, but they are closer to Alison’s body type, NOT Sabrina’s.

I hate the bullying comments about weight

Actually I am not overweight at all and that had nothing to do with my comment. Ridiculing someone over their weight is wrong. Our countries are plagued with eating disorders and to bully some about there weight is REALLY CRUEL! If you disagree than I really think you all need some help and read up on the studies of eating disorders. It’s really nothing to be proud of to bully someone on weight. It shows a really bad message to girls and woman that acceptance comes from our body size.

No Name

You can’t reason with crazy Internet people. They’re hypocritical. They bash on people for bashing on people. It’s ridiculous. Most of us get what you’re saying, though.


I know I for one agree that it is wrong to ridicule people over weight but the point of your comment is that in the same sentence you also call Ika anorexic. Do you not see how you’re equally adding to this ridicule? Take your head out of your ass, you’re no better because you called a skinny person anorexic than someone who called an overweight girl fat.


She has been such a bully and cruel to other people on a personal level – so if she wants to dish it out …


Relax… whatever !


I get what you are saying about Sabrina’s weight however by you saying “the anorexic Ika” are you not so to speak doing the same. Ika is not anorexic. She ate – go back to many of the videos – Ika ate! Look up the word you used to define Ika. Ika ate healthy whereas Sabrina did overindulge and binged.


She also confessed to Adel that she is so skinny in the house because she won’t eat anything Andrew makes…since he picks his nose while preparing the food. I guess she also mentioned this in her rant when shredding the letters and Sobrina made sure to tell him about it the next day. Maybe he will be more aware of it now and stop, but they shouldn’t get their hopes up.

I hate the bullying comments about weight

I agree however it was to highlight that the majority of woman are more of Sabrina’s statue rather than that of Ika’s statue and to ridicule Sabrina of her weight is a criticism and insult to many Canadian woman!


It’s called karma.


You hate the bullying comments about weight then call Ika anorexic?! Grow up by. Didn’t even read the rest of your post


Yeah.. you lost me at “anorexic Ika..” Pot meet kettle..


I think the bullying of Sabrina comes from the fact of how much of a despicable person she is, and it’s the fans way of sticking up for all the other people in the house that she has degraded and lied about. I’m an overweight person also, and I attack her, it’s her personality that makes her gross and a pig. But if you feel that hurt by it, “everybody apologize to Sabrina’s mother”


Ughhh Sabrina and all the hgs signed up for this….Would you like some cheese with that wine??


Ok okay this is obviously Sabrina’s mommy or a very close relative but let’s be honest the shyt talking and character assassination done by Scumbrina to other house guests has nothing to do with her game play she’s just a nasty, vicious person and that is the 100% gods honest truth.


has anyone else noticed that when you click on the thing to vote and the HG’s pictures come up,, slobrina and andrew are the first 2 pics and adel is last.
think we know who production wants to go home lol

No Name

It would be cool if they moved up in accordance with the number of votes they’ve received.


Is that Kenny in the ‘Frank and Oak’ advertisement banner on the top of the page????? Simon???


It’s creepy how advertising works like that. Not that I ever click or fall into those page ads.


Does Jon dislike Sabrina or does he just pretend to not like her in front of Adel?


adel, neda, jon, heather, arlie all are working together but also share(with most of us fans) a major dislike of…

andrew and sabrina

so to answer your question does jon dislike sabrina…he fuck1n hates her


Jon’s diary session last night indicates he is aware of her ways. Whether that means he dislikes her…don’t know. They are all tiring of Sabrina. She is probably an exhausting house mate.


As a PhDc in gender studies, I can attest that queer for some in the lgbtq community and for many gender scholars has been reappropriated. In fact queerness as a concept allows us to fully understand sexual orientations beyond the categories gay, bi, straight: which assume gender binary of identity and cis gender people. Queerness as a concept allows us to better imagine and legitimize non-binary gender identities and their corresponding sexualities (ie pansexuality). Queerness has now started being used by intersectional femimist theorists, post-colonial theorists and critical disability scholars, to help us better position queerness as beyond simply a gender/sexual identity. ( this is a complicated turn in queer studies)

Queer: bold, daring, brave, unrestrained by existing conventions, uninhibited.

“queer bag” works against positive reappropriations, and is part of heteronormative/homophobic discourse. Jon did not have malicious intent and was open to learning so demonizing him isn’t constructive. However, talking about “queer bag” it’s harmless, it produces and reproduces all sorts of hierarchies of difference. I wish I could have interjected last night. Its best to critique its normative use and reflect on our own participation in that discourse.


Isn’t* harmless

I swear on myDog

I was re watching last night episode and I loved it.


Thx Dawg and Simon for all your hard work on reporting what happening in the house. You are doing a great job just like you always have for BB Canada and USA.

I can not believe how mean people are being about these HG, it is a show, we don’t know these people in real life. They all have done and said and done things that should not have. People will vote for who they want we don’t need to be told who to vote for.

chill joe

how fast is sarah gonna bolt from the first 5 when she realizes how much every one hates them.


So fast it’s already probabaly done


well Kenny wanted to fit in with his alliance The Gold Diggers. Put some clothes on kid. nobody wants to see your little boy undies.


Here’s a thought
Andrew and Sabrina nominated by Canada.. I think this is a given.

Kenny wins POV uses it to save Andrew.. The person with the 4th most votes goes up which could be Adel or Racehlle. If it’s Adel there’s a good chance he goes home.

Seeing how “awesome” these twists turn out this could totally happen.

**Adel still has his Veto Card right? so If Kenny is picked to play in the veto and not Adel he can use the veto card to Remove Kenny as a POV player and replace with himself.


I doubt Kenny would save Andrew. He’s already trying to distance himself from Andrew. Also, if he won the veto and used it on Andrew, that would leave Sara available to be nominated. I don’t think Kenny would risk Sara to save Andrew.

Also…… Adel could already be picked to play in the veto comp.


Adel’s card lets him play in the veto competition, if he wasn’t picked. It doesn’t let him take himself off. Adel made up all the stuff about how powerful his card is.


I know what I was trying to say is adel can take a person out of playing for the POV and replace it with himself.


LOL…………………..Adel makes up a story about his veto card, (the card allows him to compete in the veto challenge if he wasn’t picked, nothing else), and he has all the houseguests believing he holds a special power as well as many of the people commenting here.

Folks, Adel’s card HAS NO SPECIAL POWER, it just lets him play in the veto challenge.

But, I do hope Adel can ride his fake veto power card as long as he can, keeping him in the game since he is alone and except for this card, would have been on the block long ago.


I am not sure Adel would think of this. And he won’t get any help from someone like Arlie, because the others believe his veto is something else. Also Adel is setting it up that BB will let ‘his veto power’ extend beyond this week because of the twist.


Adel and Heather are the dynamic sweetie pie duo.


Does anyone know how the replacement nominee will be picked if veto is used this week? Is it going to be the person who received the third highest amount of votes in the original nomination vote? I don’t know if I agree with that because then we can’t employ any specific strategy when deciding who should be sitting next to the remaining originally nominated person.


Peter tweeted that the person who got the 3rd highest amount of votes would go up (or 4th, if the 3rd one wins the veto and uses it).


Thanks for that info!


I love how kenny is pitching to canada that sabrina and andrew should go listen up people if you vote for andrew and sabrina you doing what KENNY WANTS!!!!…ugggg so annoying to watch we need to get rid of this guy already!!!


After reading about Andrew and Kenny’s goodbye messages to Ika, i’ve voted about 8 times for those two to go home.

Just clear your cookies.

They don’t deserve to be there. And if anyone is worried about them competing and coming off, Sabrina can go up.

I think it would be great to have them both up – and then h ave Adel use his power to prevent Kenny from competing; Andrew would have to use it on himself – and up goes Sabrina.

It’s glorious.


How do you vote more than once?


You just have to clear your cookies in your browser.

The easiest way is to just delete your history.

But if you don’t want to lose your browsing history, go into the options (there are options on what to clear in Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and select just cookies.

I was doing it in Chrome. So i would go to the site and i would nominate Andrew and Kenny. Then once it confirmed my nomination was made, i would hit the options button on the right (which opened a new window, keeping me on the original site in the first window)- and click clear history.

It asks me what i want to clear, and the only thing i have is Cookies to be cleared.

Then, once my cookies cleared, i’d close that window, and just type in the site address again and vote again.

Rinse, and repeat.

And Everyone should put up Andrew and Kenny – that way if there is some kind of backfire, Sabrina can be backdoored.


Keep going KEV.
I am blocked, so only one vote session. Maybe it only works if you have Google Chrome. I don’t 🙁


Tried to vote and was ‘evicted’. Truly. That’s the screen I got.

Says I reached a page that does not exist. LOL


Adel mentioned to Kenny that it would be sweet if his “power” rolled into next week due to the twist. I’m thinking that he’s going to lie again and claim it’s good for three weeks now. He’s gonna get busted.


Adel is cocky but not stupid. He damn well knows that people will catch on and will from no on have to win competitions because you can be sure that if Sabrina, Sarah, Kenny, or Arlie wins he will definately go up on the block. I did not mention Andrew because I am hoping that if I ignore him enough he will disappear.

I Married a NewFoundlander

I agree with and support the doctor’s discussion of the word “queer” and the inappropriateness of toying with its ambiguous and negative connotations by using language like “queer bag.” That said, I would just like to note, as I am married to one, that the word “queer” is still often used in NewFoundland, and the Maritimes, archaically and in a gender-neutral way. Jon is young and immature, but I believe he has the capacity to learn and grow and change. Perhaps he will be one of those who leave the BB experience as a better person.

Also, and this is personal observation rather than stereotype, I find NewFoundlanders to be very affectionate people. What might seem like crossing a line here on the mainland in terms of displays of affection, touching, and even flirting are usually considered normal in NewFoundland. In fact, appearing withdrawn and reserved can at times be considered rude, standoffish, and even hurtful to them. It took me a while to understand and accept this, but with this understanding also came a great sense of their loyalty. I don’t think Jon’s girlfriend has anything to worry about.


I would have to agree here. The use of that word does not have any negative connotations towards the gay community in the context Jon said it. That is a common term in NFLD to use to call someone weird or strange. That being said, I can also say that a lot of old timers in NFLD have an archaic belief system, and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear folks from an older generation using that as a generalized term regarding the gay community and not having any idea it is deemed as “inappropriate” by our generation and modern society. My dad is a newf and as half my family is, I know that the majority of them are very “old school” in their belief system, including on race, religion, sexual orientation and the like. This is in no way generalizing the population of NFLD, as everyone is entitled to their opinion and there are many many people around the world who feel the same, and many many people in NFLD & Lab. who are accepting of everyone.

I would have to also agree with your comments on newfs being affectionate people. There is no other place in the world who has people as friendly and welcoming as NFLD, I can attest to that. Most newfies I know have hearts of gold and would give you the shirt off their backs, it’s a culture thing. People are raised right there, and people are taught to have respect for your elders and your family. (this isn’t to say people aren’t raised right anywhere else, I can just imagine the people who will try and argue with me on my points here haha) Jon’s girlfriend has nothing to worry about in terms of his relationship with Neda. Newfies are very affectionate by nature and call everyone “love” etc., it’s just a term of endearment. It’s hard to resist the newfie charm, as they are natural and very genuine in their speech and actions. I can say with full confidence I know a LOT of newfies who have the gift of gab, how can you NOT love that fun loving nature and sweet accent? Natural born charmers they are.

GO JON! You’re makin’ all us proud ya little jeezler! 😀 😀


I married a newfoundlander, Jon leaves the house and experience a “better person”. I’m sure you mean more enlightened.
As a person it would be hard to get better than he is. 🙂


Where do I go to vote?

Thank you.


There is no saving Andrew. Nobody in the house actually likes him (Kenny just stayed with him because he was a power player) Kenny is trying to distance himself from him so even if he won POV he would still not use it.


I believe 2 out of these 4 people are in trouble this week because of canada hoh

1. andrew
2. sabrina
3. kenny
4. rachelle

Adel, Jon, Neda, Arlie, Sarah, heather and Allison are going to be safe….

after the eviction i wouldn’t be surprised to see Allison align with heather, sarah, arlie, neda, jon,adel to go after the other 3 that are left.

Canada is about to strew up their game and I love it!!!!!!


not so sure about that,, i voted for sarah and arlie a few times,,, ppl must of forgotten arlie is part of the f5 and also the other side of the house

No way

Screw sarah there is NO WAY she deserves to be in ANY new alliance…jon neda arlie heather and adele need to team up and pick those egomaniacs off one by one!


The closest I could come to finding a visual comparison to Andrew is Stuey from Family Guy. He looks like a big baby. The bald look for him does nothing for him. The rolled up pants make him look douchey or a pirate wanna-be. His sidekick Allison is kind of a bit Liza and a bit brain-dead.
Rachelle gave up a double f**k-you on TV last (fingers up in the air), so I don’t think Canada’s gonna love her as much as she might think either.
Kenny called her a ‘dumb bitch’.
Let’s all chip in and get poor Rachelle a chin implant.


Cora, let’s leave Liza out of this. At this point Allison has done nothing to be in that comparison.
Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Kenny/Andrew. (Sarah backup)


Neda is really into Jon, i dont buy the whole brother crap! She basically said she doesnt want to get into a showmance because she would be a target, so basically she likes him but is restraining herself from getting involved! They are always eye f’ing each other anyway LoL


What rock did you just crawl out from under????!!!!!!!

say no to Craft Beer Market

Why does Andrew always feel the need to one up everyone? and Whys does he feel the need to have more than one girl on his arm? Thats all I ever hear is im taking about himself and what he has done ifi its the truth etc…what an asshole……….Please join me in boycotting Craft Beer Market in Calgary Ab until he is fired for being inappropriate, rude, demeaning and derogatory towards women.


Can’t wait to see who gets picked for VETO!


Nothing will be finer then to watch Sabrina walk out of the House on Thursday. In fact it could be the highlight of my BBCA watching since season 1.


She better go out before the jury, so we would only have to see her in the finale.

say no to Craft Beer Market

Could we just put up Andrew and send a strong message, that he is the sole and primary target!!!! lol.. mind you I want to see Sabrina run around crying because she is not liked by Canada….so much for your modelling carrier Sabs…Also Allison slipped last night and said she was voted in by Canada and would hate to be voted out by Canada….

I totally want Kenny gone too, he talks badly about women and how he told a girl he picked up at the Bar his name was Hunter, uhh Kenny you are gay and not proud of it?


aparently Neda and others in the house have previously made comments about ” canada voting allison in” so allison was just playing along,, since they already think it,, she didnt ” out ” the war room or her week watching them

kennys not gay

Kenny bringing up the hunter thing shows how big of a asshole he really is who the hell would do that to another person! Kenny is just as big of a douche bag as andrew he just hides it better…you can tell kenny thinks hes hot shit walking around in his 2 sizes to small ginch..


You should watch Lizas Dish interview with Paul on YouTube, He tells some interesting tidbits about stuff that went on in the house about Andrew that we didn’t see which explains why he called him a rascist and such,and why live feeds went down for along time after that because of a big blow up but couldn’t tell everything. Also Liza said that Andrew works for same company as Tom does and lives around same area as Talla and Tom and rumours have it that Andrew is even a bigger Ass outside of the house . Really good interview and explains why Paul did certain things the way he did. He is really a great guy


Also Paul said he was suprised Kenny is gay and wondered why he would hide it and portray himself to be something that he is not. Really good informative interview and after you see it, you REALLY want Andrew out!


adels in5th place. starting to vote for sarah or rachelle


Throw it all at Sarah. Don’t split it between her and Rachelle. Rachelle is easy pickings for the remaining houseguests in the future . 4 of the 5 (excluding Arlie) as top votes is the only way to get one out.


Was it just me or did anyone else hear sabrina talking to andrew about how shes italian and so the italians will vote to keep her and then she did her mumbles but Ithink I got the jist of a threat. Hahaha. This was at the beginning of the after dark feeds last night. Oh and you KNOW she’s so faking her sickness.


why are people voting for Deli meatballs… I don’t want him anywhere near the block!!!!


Guys, Andrew is the one that has to go, followed by Kenny. Once one of those two are gone on thursday, the first five will be FINISHED and Sabrina will have no one with her anymore! Once those two are gone, she’ll expose herself to be even more of a nutcase more than she already has. Once those two are gone she is not gonna be far behind.