Arlie “Allison was supposed to be a super fan yet she attached herself to one guy who is the biggest target”

POV Holder: ? Next POV 29
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

bandicam 2014-03-28 16-01-19-333

7:07pm chit chat around in the living room

7:22pm Living room Random chit chat
Kenny – “sister and brother don’t cuddle like you guys do “
Jon – I think it’s completely plausible that in the middle of night I need some affection “
Neda laughs denies anything happened.

Sounds like Sarah is drunk, Sarah, Andrew and Heather had a meal in the backyard that included wine.

7:27pm Diary room leak (Means Adel’s microphone was on when he was in the Diary room. It only lasted a few moments)
Adel – “Now that Canada is HOH the bullies are on edge”

bandicam 2014-03-28 16-28-41-909

7:28pm Sabrina and Rachelle

talking about going on a trip to LA. Sabrina rattles off all these locations they can go to where the stars visit, Stars like George Clooney. Sabrina says they should go to LA for 10 days then Laguna followed by meeting everyone in LAs Vega to party. .

Rachelle – “I just want to party with you”
They both Squeal with excitement.
Sabrina really wants to move to malibu.
Sabrina jokes about signing up for sugar daddy dot com.
Rachelle points out how expensive it is to live there.
Sabrina – “I’ll do anything.. any man who would like to marry me..”
Rachelle – “How nice would it be to find a man there”
Sabrina whispers you have a boy
Rachelle – “Noi for you”
Sabrina – “Ya”
Rachelle – “you should find a husband there”
Sabrina – “I’ll do anything….Anything.. do you understand what I mean.. anything”

Sabrina rattles off some more places they can go to. Paris Hilton’s house, Bel air, Rodeo Drive.. etc etc etc…

bandicam 2014-03-28 16-33-30-724

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 17-15-45-031

8:06pm Hammock Adel and Arlie
Arlie hopes Canada puts up Sabrina and Andrew.
Adel says they cannot make the mistake of taking out Sabrina they have to get rid of Andrew, “It’s straight forward even Sarah is going to vote them out”

Arlie thinks there is no way Jon, Neda, himself and Adel are going up.
Arlie thinks Canada’s picks will be two of, Andrew, Sabrina, Kenny, Allison.
Adel doesn’t think Allison, says it’s not going to be Neda and Jon they are the funniest two in the house.

Arlie thinks Canada hates Allison’s game play “Allison came in here and was supposed to be a super fan yet she attached herself to the one guy who is the biggest target and hasn’t hung out with anyone else.. thats the stupidest game move ever”

Sabrina walks by
Adel – ‘Everyone is seeing right through her more and more and more.. “
Adel mention how finally people are figuring out hey cannot stand being in the jury house with Andrew and Sabrina..

Arlie – “Jon hates her guts.. I’m not too fond of her”
Adel says he’s never been around a human like that “It’s so sad the type of person she is”
Adel calls Sabrina a rat says she repeated it 3 times after IKA said she trusted Adel, Jon and Neda during the letter challenge. Adel says it didn’t hurt his game he has the card but it hurt Neda and Jon. “I need Neda and Jon in this game”

They start talking about “Sabrina’s bullsh!t lies” about the IKA fight. Arlie retells when Sabrina came back in after her encounter with IKA and was blowing everything out of proportion. Arlie adds Sabrian was trying to get IKA evicted and that is when Big Brother came over the speakers and told them it didn’t happen like she was explaining.

Feeds cut

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-28 17-36-34-408

8:13pm Allison and Andrew Hot tub Showmancing

8:41pm Feeds on HUSH HUSH

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“Sabrina walks by Adel – ‘Everyone is seeing right through her more and more and more.. “ Adel mention how finally people are figuring out hey cannot stand being in the jury house with Andrew and Sabrina.. Adel hopes he”
Adel hopes he what?

I'm not the only one

I know i’m not the only one who dislikes the showmance between Andrew and Allison, I had such high hopes for her but she was a complete flop. Let’s put Allison and Kenny up to see which one he would choice the bromance or the showmance. I actually like Kenny doesn’t seem bad to me but again he’s got a narcissistic attitude but then again that’s playing the game do what you have to and say what you need to. If I ever made it on big brother I would give a shout-out to this website I’ve been following for a long time. BB US season 14 was the funniest I read with the whole mist, I guess Sabrina is trying to mist but everyone seeing through it.


I agree with everything you said. Allison better have a master plan cuz home girl has been the biggest flop ever. I guess I could understand if she truly fell I’m love but she doesn’t seem to be in love and she just looks like she is tolerating him. What kind of a superfan is she?


I’d like to know how it’s going to go down when Allison goes home, whether she is backstabbed by Andrew or not, and find that her boyfriend no longer wants to be with her due to the fact that she used “it’s a game” as an excuse for cheating. I’m sadly regretting voting for her to enter the house, I thought that because she was a superfan that she would at least be smart about her gameplay. Maybe she will surprise us all and stab Andrew in the back, but thus far she has been a bit of a disappointment.


I want sabrina and adel gone. She is annoying and adel is stupid enough to always pick the people to align with that go home…….. dumb moves for dumb people….. send him and the cryer away!



are you watching the same game all of us are watching ….. Adel is a sweetheart thats why he sticks by people even though they are on there way out ..Adel stick by paul even though paul was a piece of shit , he stick by kyle because it shows adel is a loyal person he will ride with whomever he is with until thee end… Adel stood by ika even though she was going because noone talk to her she was a outcast he knew how that felt … I see the lights are on but noone is home with you and sabrina .. you are no better than sabrina your digestive system doesn’t work like the rest ours … you and sabrina poops out of your mouth i thumb you down


Actual, Adel sticking with the weak players was not because he was “loyal” but he didn’t have much of a choice. I mean, if we flipped in the first week he would be on the same level as Heather and not trusted. Plus by being with those who are being voted out, he isn’t the target. I don’t think he is loyal or kind, he is just as rude as the rest. Plus, even so, the game is about strategy, not how kind you are.

Here comes Another Andrew lolzzz

@ Name
Who is your relative? Andrew or Kenny or Sabrina 😮


Does anyone know what Rachelle did before she entered the house? I know she said her dad is a dentist. I know everyone’s professions, except her…is it student?

I really misjudged Rachelle. I thought she was down to earth and would do so well with her alliance members IKA and Neda. But, honestly now I just see her as such a useless player just there for sh*ts and giggles or an acting career also.

Her convos with Sabrina are so materialistic. Why can’t she see through Sabrina?


I believe Rachelle is a psychology student on university. Seriously, some psych student huh? Rachelle is beyond disappointing because she has become Sabrina’s pet. So sad.


Psychology?! wow … her lack of using it is great!

She should be able to break down Sabrina with a degree or classes that she has taken. Sabrina has one or more of the following…paranoia complex, persecution complex, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, victimization complex, among more.

Even if Rachelle figures Sabrina out or breaks her “alliance” with Sabrina… I don’t think it would help her.

After evicting your own alliance member this early in the game, I don’t think anything could redeem her (at least in my eyes).


“Personality disorder” is not one thing, it’s a group. If you’re gonna shit, at least know what you’re talking about. And obviously she is fucking BORDERLINE!


I wonder if Scott came into the house, would he find out if Kenny is gay? I regret voting in Allison, I have a feeling that Scott would be more interesting to watch and he wouldn’t suck up to the first 5 and he could have helped convinced Ika to put up the big guys!


When they were in the war room, Scott said he didn’t think any of the guys were gay.


I agree with you Ayesha.

IKA even said that in a post-eviction interview, that if there was someone like that in the house she would team up with that person.

I wonder if Kenny will use it to his advantage when he on the block to get sympathy votes. It can go both ways.

Bummed the feeds will be out.


My guess is that Rachelle has had a fairly sheltered life and very little real life experience. She’s very niaive.
Plus she is there for the wrong reasons. I just beleive all the players should be there with the
intenent of actually winning the game. I hate this “I just want to make it to jury” BS … n just to be in the lime light
the wanna be models/actresses….uuhhgg!

Johhny (the European one!)

Rachelle is a psychology student. Hard to believe, I know…


she’s a student……of psychology. I’m guessing she’s not doing too well in her classes.


Even Sabrinas shadow wants to run away from here LOL


I think she said she was a student studying psychology. Maybe that’s why she likes psycho Sabrina.

Sabrina please stfu

I just cant listen to her, as much as I want Kenny gone I wont be upset if she goes…for the game Kenny is the best option…but I cant believe how much her voice and face bother me… I will celebrate when she’s finally gone


Yes, Rachelle is a student.

You’re right about her being useless. Poor girl was manipulated by Sabrina. Maybe she’s just too young to make up her own mind.

I believe the voting has just been closed. I wonder if we’ll get the results tonight.


I totally agree with you. Every one of them, except for Rachelle, have something that makes them unique whether it’s their look, personality or background. I’m not trying to sound mean, but I’m not sure how or why she was chosen.


Awesome site Simon and Dawg!! How do I donate to your website?

Douche hater

Notice how Kenny and Sarah have started bashing
Sabrina and Andrew lol so predictable .
Here is my prediction Andrew and Sabrina go up
If Kenny and or Sarah play in the Pov they will
Either try to lose the competion or keep the votes
The same . This will be a true test of character
For those 2 . Kenny freaked on Ika when she chose
Herself over them . Lets see if he does the Same lol
Adel never jump ship on any one . I believe that a
Person can win without being a fake scumbag .
Lets have a true loving compassionate person
Win . Reward good decent behaviour not these
Backstabbing self serving douche bags . Go Team
UNDERDogs….. Ps Andrew and Sabrina were
Just fine to align with before when they were
Dominating lol . Douches


This game really needed a shake up, it Is way too early for such a powerful alliance to be running the house. But, while I 100% would like to see 2 first 5 members go up, I don’t like how they pretty much told us to vote for Andrew and Sabrina. Talk about production interference!

Douche hater

I didn’t vote Andrew and Sabrina . I voted Kenny and Sarah
The 2 scumbags who have benefited from
Sabrina and Andrews bad behaviour .
They are just as bad . It like an armed robbery
Lol the guys not holding the gun are just as
Responsible as the guys holding the guns .
Just easier to blame the gun holders .
Go team Underdogs


Maybe production got really sick of them too lol. I only want kenny to go home for now or if there is any chance of double eviction then Great !

Play The Game

Please stop whining… that’s the game!!!

Douche hater

Is it the game or is it why this world is so fucked
Up . This shit goes on in real life it’s a microcosm
Of life , and this is why we have wars and
Poverty and a diminishing middle class.
People only care about themselves and will do anything
To beat out the rest . 4 of the first 5 are aweful people
Lol …. Go Team Underdog

Play The Game

I was talking about complaining about production…. I just get tired of hearing ” production wants this or that”!


I love that Sabrina is panicking about Canada putting her on the block, shes asking everyone for reassurance, but isn’t getting it anywhere, I guarantee that she will have a full meltdown before tomorrow, tears everywhere, overeat, feel sick, and cry more. Then she will continue to re hash all the other houseguest flaws and why they should be put up! KEEP STRESSING SLOBRINA


I like how Heather and Neda are now bonding, hopefully this could open a door for a Jon/Adel/Heather/Neda Final 4 alliance <33333


she seems like she is brainwashed, its like they are lesbian lovers or something lol…young and dumb i guess, or in her case young and DUMBER lol


Didn’t Sabrina say to Rachelle, “I’ll do anything, know what I mean?” Could she be talking about a lesbian relationship?


Arlie was so correct about what he said about Alison. Arlie has such good intuition about the game/Canada’s opinions.


I agree. They may as well get his check ready.


Arlie is one of the smartest ones there. Him and Neda. I thought Allison was smart, but I haven’t seen it since she walked into the house. Kenny is very smart, but his attitude sucks and it will be his downfall. I would really like to see Adel, Arlie and Neda and Jon take control. The POV could really go wrong though if Andrew and Sabrina go up. I hope the HG are smart enough to not use the veto unless they are the ones on the block. Kenny and Allison might and for sure Rachelle would use it to take Flabrina off the block. If Kenny used it to take Andrew down, then we could end up with Sarah and Sabrina on the block, or Adel and Sabrina. What a waste! The boys are still there, Jon and Neda are screwed, so is Adel. Kenny, Andrew Sarah or Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle will be solid, and the other side has Jon, Neda, Heather, Adel and maybe Arlie. Nothing changes unless one of the boys go home. If Andrew and Kenny had to campaign against each other it would fracture loyalties within the 5 and force them to play the game.


Guess will get noms sometime tomorrow perhaps before super time. Hope the feeds are juicy tomorrow evening. If nothing else hopefully seeing 2 of the “cool kids” up will give the HG’s a little confidence. Still concerned about POV won and used. I’m pretty sure Andrew, Sab and less likely Kenny will be the 2 noms. Figuring Kenny 3rd in balloting. So here is where the not so fun might start on Monday. There is definitely a possibility that Sarah won’t be 4th but rather Ratchet or even Adel god forbid!

If Sab or Andrew win they come down Kenny goes up pretty straight forward presuming Kenny is not an original nom. Gets sticky if Kenny wins POV and only Kenny. Because my thought is he’s definitely 3rd in the voting. We’ll be holding are breath to see if he uses it on either. It does open up Sarah as a renom and may keep Kenny from using it. If he does then my gut tells me Ratchet goes up and not Sarah. Now we have a real mess.

It’s 5 votes to evict. Lets say Kenny saves Andrew. It’s Ratchet versus Brina. Kendrew wants her to stay for argument sake. They need Allison, Arlie and Sarah to pull it off and no one in 1/5 goes home. You think the HG’s are f*ck ups watch what we can do all by are lonesome. I voted Sarah and Kenny by the way! I can here Arlie say it will expose me. He vote 1st 5 the outsiders alliance is basically shot. And If Adel goes up he’s freaking gone. They don’t need Arlies vote to evict Adel.

So 2/3 bad, and I mean really bad scenarios.

1) The person 3rd in voting wins POV and uses it Monday.
2) 4th place is Adel or Ratchet and not Sarah
3) Andrew, Sab and Kenny aren’t the top 3 vote getters!

I’m not obsessed with who leaves as long as it’s 1/5(4). Andrews filth but Kenny is a potential F2 player IMO. Sab will go but before jury would be just fine personally. Sarah cuts a hand off Kenny so ok there as well. If Ratchet goes Canada wasted their HOH. know everything sometime on Monday. I will say watching the rats scramble if POV goes badly might be pretty entertaining. Sab’s lies would be epic 😛

Douche hater

I totally tried to explain this yesterday but it seems
People are hell bent on voting for Andrew and
Sabrina and not look at all sides. This could
Blow up in Canada’s face . Top four positions needed
To be filled by the first 5 (4) to ensure 100%
That one would go home . I’m hoping Kenny
And Sarah will be the douches I expect them
To be and throw the pov if they are picked .
(Them thinking that makes them safe )


feeds r off from tomorrow morning til sunday nite


Your senario #1 doesn’t make much sense to me as there is nearly always a veto comp. BBCan might give the public the ability to chose one person to play in the POV as every HOH normally would but to say the public will also be choosing the POV winner is a huuuuge stretch of unbalanced power in the house. More than likely #1 & #2 are nom’d, CAN will vote again after noms to determine POV player, CAN will vote again for replacement nominee if veto is used or #3 from first voting poll will be nom’d. Makes sense to me…


I wish Canada would stop voting on who they hate and think about the consequences of putting Flabrina and Andrew up. Kenny wins POV, and unless he decides to not piss off Canada and leave the noms alone, he will take off Andrew, and then who knows what will happen. That would actually strengthen team testosterone, not weaken it which is what this game needs! It has to be Andrew and Kenny. They are both bad losers, and I would love to see them campaigning against each other to stay alive. If Andrew or Sabrina leave, Kenny has Sarah, and he will play the newfie card with Jon and Allison. Rachelle would be easy to conquer. That leaves Arlie, Adel, Neda and Heather on the other side of the house. This is going to go very badly, because people don’t understand that targeting Sabrina is a waste. How many times has she even come close to winning something? Never! How many people still trust her? One (I am being generous by counting Rachelle as a full number). It will be easy to get her out when the two boys are broken up. It won’t be easy to get the boys out, because it’s getting to be time for a physical competition. Dumb! I had a glimmer of hope, but the fans are going to ruin the only chance this season had.


Thunderdome Strategy

2 men up, 1 man leaves.

The closest thing to a guarantee.

I bet folks voted emotionally.


Two observations. Those newfoundlanders can work they’re abs!
Also Rochelle is a joke doing those. Obviously bullshit yoga story cause Arlie did better…and Go Canada Go! (vote kenny/Andrew)


I have a question I was reading a conversation between two of the girls in the house(sorry forget which two it was) and they were trying to predict who Canada would put up.
One suggested maybe Allison but the other said no why would Canada put her up she was choosen by Canada.

How do they know she was choosen to go in the house by Canada? I thought it was suppose to be hush hush. Did I miss something?


It was Neda talking but I forget to who. Apparently the HG’s figured out themselves she must have been voted in by Canada and Allison went with it. She was only told not to tell about the war room and watching the HG’s for a week before entering the game.


There’s a problem with the next update ‘Sabrina …Heather ugliest..etc”. When you click on the read more button , nothing happens..


I totally agree with putting up Kenny and Andrew,if one won pov THENNNN,Sabrina would have automatcally go up..all day i was trying to say this but no-one would listen!!!! Lets hope Adel uses his power if Kenny is picked for pov! That will be our only hope for him ( Kenny) not to win it! Adel is pretty smart so I`m pretty sure he has already thought about this. Go Team Outsiders!!!


Psychology is a bird program. Just ask any student who needs an easy credit. Psychiatrists become MD’s and then specialize. Rachelle on the other hand, is such a serious student, she’s missing her exams and blowing her year to look at herself making pucker lips in the BBH.