Big Brother Canada 2 – HaveNot Competition RESULTS! Adel says My d**k shrivelled up and went in my b*tt!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

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Have / HaveNot Competition TEAMS:
Team 1 – Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather
Team 2 – Jon, Allison, Sabrina, Adel

3pm – 5:30pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the house guests to compete in the Have / Havenot competition! When the live feeds return – We learn that Heather, Neda, Rachelle and Arlie LOST the competition. Either Jon & Adel didn’t throw the competition or failed at being able to throw it. Do you think Rachelle will slip up again or purposefully eat candy again and punish the whole house?

In the bedroom – Neda says that was the greatest comeback ever! Rachelle says I can’t believe I am on slop again! Neda and Rachelle go over to Jon’s bed and start punching it like a punching bag. They scream as they punch it. Sabrina says that is going on the episode for sure! In the bathroom – Adel says think of the positive! How much did you lose on slop last time Heather? Heather says 10 pounds. Adel says see look at the positive! Adel says 7 – 2 and you guys came back. My d**k shrivelled up and went in my b*tt! Neda says greatest come back ever!! Rachelle said it all ended up only mattering who was at the end. Rachelle comments how Big Brother called her Ro. Rachelle says I can’t believe I have to go in that room again!

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Jon says hello, it’s me Jon from the yacht club!
BBCAn2-2014-04-11 14-55-58-321

6pm Neda, Adel, Sabrina, Rachelle and Jon are in the kitchen. Jon is sitting on top of Rachelle. Adel tells Neda to throw herself down the stairs so that she can go to the hospital and eat as much McDonald’s as she wants. Jon says Neda’s attracted to me. Neda says na I told Arlie I liked how he was dressed too. Jon sings now I don’t feel so special! Sabrina starts complaining about last night’s HOH competition and how she still didn’t know what the question was until after when she asked Rachelle because she couldn’t hear it.

BBCAn2-2014-04-11 14-58-21-916

Rachelle is laying on the couch and Allison tells her “Ro I can see your v@g-@nus!” Rachelle covers up and then heads into the storage room to find the new bucket of slop. She’s annoyed because big brother still hasn’t given them more syrup. Arlie says that’s on purpose.

6:25pm Jon, Allison, Sabrina and Adel get a frat party later in the backyard. Rachelle asks so we can’t even come to it?! The others say no. (This explains why Jon and Adel probably didn’t throw the competition.)

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Wow, so much for throwing the competition and making sure Sabrina was on slop.


Based on the conversation in the bathroom it was primarily Allison and Sabrina who won the comp. Neda’s team was up 7-2 and then Allison’s team came from behind to win. I think it was some sort of mini golf comp. Adel got two holes and John only got one so they did their part; Allison/Sabrina got the rest.


From the feed leak it looked like giant beer pong. Perfect thing for the frat theme. Just saying


I don’t care what Jon/Neda want to do. They are only 1 VOTE this week, Sabrina will stay and Ro will go, Adel/Heather/Arlie have NO connection with Ro, she will go!


I don’t know. With Arlie and Heather in the Have Not room with Rachelle if she (& Neda) can work the relationship with Arlie and fix the relationship with Heather things could change.

If I were Neda I’d tell Heather think about it, NO ONE would ever suspect you would work with Rachelle and with Sabrina gone we could get her to vote how we want. Heather wants to play with Neda to the end so she might be swayed. Also don’t ever discount Adel’s dislike for Sabrina. They only need 3 votes to send Sab out!


I think I remember Heather saying something like that. I think it was on the show in a diary room session. She wanted to have a secret alliance with someone that no one would suspect. It could work.


I’m pretty sure Adel has a vagina


According to Arlie, he doesn’t.


Neda screaming is a really horrible noise. I thought ‘persian’ SMH women were quiet.

Johhny (the European one!)

Karma for Neda to be on slop and have no condiments, since she was the one who threw them out last week.
I hope BB doesn’t give them any more, and no party with free food either – let’s see if she still thinks it’s hilarious in a week.


Hells going to start freezing over I’m starting to like Allison


Why? Is it the way she constantly brings up the fact that she came in with a disadvantage…aka, three weeks of immunity?


What was the turning point? Did she say or do something in particular?


Neda is on slop and the syrup wasn’t replaced. Priceless!


Jon’s starting to get drunk tonight every third word is “1 Hundo”


The stuck record speaks again.

The bitch is back. Neda can’t stand that other people are having fun. The other members of Sloppy Seconds came together in a shared sense of good in opposition to the evil opposite side of the house. That is apart from Neda who found herself by default in the good-hearted good-guys group only because her preferred vile girls alliance collapsed. The spiteful nasty Neda who was disgustingly hateful to Heather is about to go full force bitch all over again.


Pretty clear atm that Sabby and Roro go up. Jon and Arlie along with Neda will decide the vote for who leaves. If veto is not won by either both will stay on the block IMHO. The fun bit might be Neda convincing the boys to keep Sabby. I really have bought into Neda wanting Sabby F2. I think it’s a bad idea on a lot of levels. Starting with who she has to screw over to make that happen and the fact they are making the jury. Ultimately the includes stabbing Jon in the back as well. Neda does have a chance to talk the group into Roro 1st as more competitive on comps. Neda’s problem is at F7 down how to keep Sabby in the house. I think ultimately it’s a very bad strategy for Neda to try and get Sabby F2. Really really bad!

So the week shapes up this way. Roro needs POV to make things interesting. My gut tells me Roro goes unless she wins POV this week. The rest of the scenario’s involve Allison. Her last chance to use her veto is this week. This leaves the possibility of one Gremlin winning veto and the other being taken off by Allison. They’d have the 3 votes they need to evict one of the 2 on the block. Would create a hot mess if it happens. Jon likely would put up Heather and Adel. The girls cut a deal and Adel goes home. The one sure way to stop this from happening is Allison goes up as a pawn if veto is played. Then she takes herself off but Roro or Sabby would still be on the block.

I’d give the whole Gremlins both coming off the block about a 1 in 10 chance(10%). Allison has gotta be smart enough to understand the numbers as she can get no help due to the secrecy she must maintain regarding her veto. Second Sabby or Roro need to win veto or Allison wins POV and has 2 vetoes. That would be fun. Maybe I should have it as a 1% chance I don’t know. I think production will explain this set of options to her in the DR.

Sabby and Roro need help from somebody willing to work with them and the presumption they are both nominated. They are both in a tough spot. Allison looks like last in the pecking order for Slops but maybe Arlie and Jon weren’t kidding about taking her F3. That would be very stupid on their parts. The other 5 are interesting. Either Arlie and Jon are F2 deal or Jon and Neda. Heather thinks F2 with Neda. Adel has no F2 I’ve seen. Just a happy guy hanging with the boys! Jury vote in the balance almost no F2 chance IMO. Neda seems to have her finger in the most pies but it’s murky. She wants Sabby F2 what is her plan to make that happen?

As long as Jon stays laser focused on Sabby and Roro it’s a “business as usual” kind of week.


Actually the plan IS to get out Rachelle first due to her ability to compete and an impending endurance HOH. Neda doesn’t want to keep Sab she wants to keep Ro who can win endurance & do some dirty work by winning HOH & taking out either Adel or Arlie for her/John. They are trying to figure out how to do it w/o removing Ro from the block themselves.

Currently the plan is to try to throw her the veto so someone else goes up who’ll stay safe while Sabrina leaves. Neda knows she can work with Ro but doesn’t want to keep both Gremlins in the house.

If Rachelle doesn’t win POV I still think she can convince Heather (they’ll be in Have Not room all week & Heather can separate game from personal) and we all know Adel would love that option. With just 3 votes needed that would do it.


Jon to Sabrina : ha I see your Twat!

Sabrina: NO! Well at least it’s waxed lol


Karma For Neda W The No Syrup & I Hope Big Brother Re-Plays Her Malicious Act On The Bog Screen To The Rest Of The Housegusets Like They Did Rachelle Wen She Ate The Fuzzy Peach Let Her Get Exposeddd…That Will Be A Priceless Moment!!


Neda Seems To Be A Micro-Managing Nuerotic Evil Lil B**ch…Smiling Assasin Not Feeling Her At Alll


Neda, she is feeling really insecure that Jon’s girlfriend is pretty. She probably did have strong feelings for Jon, which explains her attachment to him. Rachelle, hurt too when she found out Kenny is gay. She too thought there might actually be something with them. And, as for what Peter said on the sideshow, you need many different plans, A,B and so on. Allison, is getting by because of all these immunities, not a fan of that. I think Arlie has a really good shot at this game. I’m so surprised Adel made it this far. If either Paul or Kyle was still there with Adel, there would be so many amusing, entertaining moments lol

another name

since Allison received the scarlet letter from the big brother gods…
she’ll get wind she’s bottom of the heap.
she’ll either remove herself from the block, or she’ll remove a gremlin player from the block. or better yet, remove the replacement nominee from the block in order to cement an alliance with somebody (see I had your back, you aren’t going anywhere now trust me scenario).
the rest of the not-an-alliance will take advantage of the moment and get rid of one of their own, or have their game plan and pecking order exposed to cause dramatic conflict to ensue.

the powers that be must realize that one more kick at the can to have two alliances fighting each other makes for better drama. there are 8 houseguests… too soon to allow for the one side dominates and breaks apart to fight ‘individually’ scenario. that usually happens somewhere around the 5 or 6 houseguest timeline. look back at the history. the ‘good side’ doesn’t have anyone to vindicate, and no struggle left.

hey, maybe i’m wrong. it’s a prediction and i’m not a psychic.