Arlie says back in the day when people would legit get stoned to f**king death for being homos*xu@l? Why would they choose it?!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots

BBCAn2-2014-04-11 09-07-31-509

12pm Up in the HOH room – Jon asks now I am wondering if when I was using the “Q-word” if Kenny was offended by that. Allison and Arlie both say no that Kenny was the one defending you. They talk about how the q word means weird and that’s how Jon was using it. Arlie says Kenny plays a straight man really well. Allison comments on how Kenny was straight man longer than he’s was a gay man. Allison says he was known to be quite the ladies man too. Jon says now he’s the man’s man. Arlie brings up the conversation about whether its a choice or not a choice .. you know like in certain countries like back in the day when people would legit get like stoned to f**king death for being homos*xual? Why would they choose it?! If they know that they might just get a stone bashed into their face? It would be like I would probably just stay with girls. Jon says yeah. If you think you are actually going to get murdered because of it.. and did get murdered because of it. I’d probably not! I’d just choose the living one! But then that’s just .. I don’t want to even get into it because I used to think that way too and my mind was changed by a lot of facts that people would say to me and I was like I guess I would never choose to be gay if .. Adel says you know how you said that we don’t choose to be straight… Adel asks how do you know you’re straight. Arlie says you know when you were young and you would get a b*ner looking at girls..

Big Brother blocks the live feeds and when the feeds come back the house guests are talking about how they picked teams for the have / havenot competition. There are going to be two teams of 4. Jon tells Neda up in the HOH room that he is going to throw it because Sabrina is on his team and he is a have anyway’s because he’s HOH. Neda says that Allison will probably be mad. Arlie comes up and says to Jon don’t get it 100% bro. Jon says no I won’t. Arlie says I will cook you dinner every day bro. Jon says I would rather you, Neda and Heather not be havenots. Arlie says thank you and leaves.

Have / HaveNot Competition TEAMS:
Team 1 – Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather
Team 2 – Jon, Allison, Sabrina, Adel

Here is a live feed leak photo of the have / havenot competition

12:30pm – 12:50pm Sabrina comes up to the HOH room and tells Jon we have to win! Jon says oh I know. Sabrina says it would be the worst week ever if I was havenot again. Sabrina says and I would be separated from Rachelle. Jon says oh yeah. Rachelle joins them and Sabrina starts talking to Jon about why he shouldn’t put them up / try and get them out. We will literally owe you because we know we are supposed to go this week and next week! Sabrina says we are a duo and you and Neda are a duo. People want to break you up. Rachelle says if you keep us I could win and get out the people you can’t take out. Sabrina says we will be loyal to you and not go against you until final 4. She tells Jon if you keep us we will vote for you. Jon says I just need to think about it and think about numbers wise. Sabrina says I know you’re close to Arlie but maybe he will try and take you out next week because he knows you can’t compete. If we do this we are guaranteed the next three weeks. Whoever you decide to go to final two with ..then we won’t break that. Jon says let me think on it. I am glad we had this talk. Sabrina says if you want to put us up that’s fine if you want to back door someone. Jon tells them he will tell them when he decides what he’s going to do.. Adel comes up and tells Jon please try your hardest bro! You need this on your resume!

BBCAn2-2014-04-11 09-37-17-822

1pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. When the live feeds return – Adel is in the bathroom talking to Sabrina about how bad he wants to win the havenot. He says Allison wants to win .. Sabrina says I want to win so bad! Adel says you’ve got to convince Jon to win it. Heather joins them. Adel says we need to win it to put Heather on slop. Heather says she’s going to win it. Meanwhile under the stairs Jon and Neda talk about Sabrina/Rachelle..

1:25pm – 2:20pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds again ..

2:20pm – 3pm The live feeds return and the house guests are all up in the HOH room still waiting for the havenot competition to start. Jon says holy f**k Neda hasn’t been on slop since the first week! Adel, Jon and Arlie continue to joke about throwing the competition. Jon says 100% either Arlie or Adel will be on slop! Adel keeps saying that he isn’t going to throw it (Both Jon and Adel are likely going to throw it as they have been saying how bad they want to put Sabrina on slop again.) Neda tells Adel his jeans are the douch!est jeans she has ever seen! Sabrina and Rachelle go into the storage room with Jon and stuff their faces! Rachelle says imagine if the competition was eating I would barf. Rachelle keeps eating even though she keeps saying she is so full. Soon after when she stops she says she’s so ill.

3pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds again ..

5:30pm Still blocked..

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Why wouldn’t Jon just throw the food comp? He still gets to eat as HOH.


Jon will throw the comp! Sabby will go bat sh*t crazy all week 😛


Sarah miller on bulging brides tv show with her husband and 2 kids

Ihate sarah

When she “had” a husband and 2 kids..;)


I guess her first 15 minutes wasn’t enough, she had to take a spot away from another potential contestant.
I wonder what show she’ll try for now…


Sad part about that show is that Sarah is not overweight to begin with. Once again the media thinks everyone should look like 6 foot amazon women that weigh 100lbs.


mass Media is a disaster


I think they will throw the have/have not because everyone wants sabrina on slob. and neda wants sabrina to go nuts, so everyone will vote sabrina out over rachelle….. Neda wants to keep rachelle around because she can win stuff and with sabrina gone, maybe she can control her like sabrina did…. she also knows that heather and rachelle will go after each other, which could buy her some time in the house…. I think neda is thinking long term…smart girl.


Neda finds herself in an alliance where she’s almost certainly guaranteed a final five spot but because she a hater and actually dislikes the people who she’s working with, including Jon, she can’t help herself wanting to work with people like Rachelle. But all she’s doing is alerting Jon to the fact that she can’t be trusted. For her to say to Jon that they should throw the next HoH to Rachelle is seriously insane. She prefers the company of other bitchin women and even admitted the other day that she wished Ika had stayed and that the disgusting girls alliance had stayed together.


Sarah Miller says: Thanks for the link. So…do you think Sarah’s 15 minutes of fame are finally done?


Uuuuuh, Who’s Sarah Miller?

ihate sarah

was just checking out the big brother page on facebook i cant believe these scumbags(kenny+sarah) accually have fans..WTF..people were saying they were crying when they got evicted (really??)i was like YESSS the 2 headed evil beast is gone!!…reading all that crap makes me want heather to win even more..GO HEATHER!!!


Those people obviously don’t watch the live feeds


Well, there’s a fool born every minute, so I’m sure even Sabrina has some fans out there.


Sarah fell in love with ken. What a nasally voiced Whiney spin head. Did u see the close up of her face in the have not room the one night she was picking at a chin zit. Her whole nose is covered in enormous black heads. Greasy shit almost made me puke up my slop cookies


Last night Jon pissed me off. Hogging his booze and iPod. He is such a dummy, always running his stupid mouth I used to find him kinda funny compared to the rest anyway. But now i just wana slap his face till he comes at me , then sidestep and knock his jaw off. He’s a retard. Can’t focus when others are talking . Arlie at least calls him out for it. But he’s an aukward creepy fuk also. The live feeds show what the pigs r really like. Ps. Fat Sabrina is a pure MUTT. NOONE in the house has any clue about even the smallest hygiene habits. Adel and his double dipping always i would toss his ass thru the mirror glass right into a camera man for that. Everything they do makes me sick. Almost all of them. Even the cleaner ones do dum stuff and allow others to contaminate everything . Tug your crotch some more Jon. I could go on and on. If anyone has a problem we can arrange to meet and i will fight u. Lmfao


I don’t know why but I am finding it hard to ‘like’ anyone this week. Allison and Rachelle in particular. Allison’s voice is getting under my skin and Rachelle with her ‘ya’ ‘ya’ ‘ya’. I asked on an earlier thread; did anyone discuss the vote to evict Sabrina yet? They don’t seem to have talked about it.


It bothers me that Allison is getting everything handed to her in this game (no pun intended). Now she’s glued to the HOH bed and it’s driving me absolutely batty.


If Rachelle win veto and Allison uses her hidden veto on herself, who would Jon backdoor? I hope Arlie.

NOT an Arlie Fan

Why are you surprised they have fans! You assume everyone thinks like you?!!! What a sad state of affairs that would be!!! Even though I’ve always been a fan of the Jon/Neda/Heather/Adel side….. I still think the show would be more interesting if Kenny had stayed in…. just my opinion and we all have the right to one 🙂


Some people have such a hate-on for Sarah and Kenny that they can’t let it go even though they’re no longer in the house. Serious nutbars out there.

ihate sarah

lol if your a (closet) fan of sarah thats fine by me…
there are not to many people on here that have said anything positive about her…so PLEASE inlighten me?
i mean one minute she is saying how she is a leader of some bullying group at her kids school and the next she is saying that she wants to punch heathers face in and would let her kids do the same?…then she says how she misses her hubby and kids and the next she is spooning/touching/rubbing kenny and jon? i wrong for disliking her?…lol and im the disturbed one.

NOT an Arlie Fan

Well it takes one to know one….. your tag name about sums up what type of perso you are!!!!

ihate sarah

ummmm you should talk…yours is just as offencive because i AM a fan of arlies..
WOW ..some people..

NOT an Arlie Fan

Sorry to inform you but I think there is a big difference between “not a fan” and “I hate”…. but I guess that is why you and I would likely not agree on most things. Still think there maybe some hidden anger issues you may want to deal with…. just saying 🙂


Not a fan of hers, but I don’t hate her either–that’s a fundamental difference between us. I find your obsession with her completely creepy.

another name

I have to say, i’m not particularly a fan of any of the houseguests. I wouldn’t want to meet them, I wouldn’t want to hang out with any of them… just wouldn’t. reading some of the absolute vitriol and obsessive personal attack on lives outside of the house…seriously?

I’ve mentioned that houseguests should tell jon to stop flirting so that he doesn’t have to wonder if his girlfriend will leave him. frustration got the better of me after his sixth do you think Janelle will leave me comment. i’m not calling for her to leave him, i’m wishing one of the houseguests would stop stroking his ego (and not in the Allison / Andrew kind of way), and tell him to check himself instead of crying over spilled milk later.

but wow… calling for husbands to leave wives, for children to be ashamed of parents, for parents to be ashamed of children, for people to lose jobs….calm way down.

to the ridiculously obsessive same insult and personal attack posting commenters: once your obsession is gone from the show… how long before you post a comment whining about how bored you are? I give it less than a day. and what does that say about you?


Hey guys. I’m straight, I’m gay, I’m bi, guys make me aukward, I’m attracted to women. This guys a jerk. This girls a bitch, i never say anything bad, that person always says mean things , bla bla bla. This guy is all over the place. The gays should be ashamed of him. He is all over the place like a mentally unstable little girl. Something behind his twitchy eyes really weirds me out

another name

“the gays” should be…? really? calling him a “mentally unstable little girl” because he’s gay? really?
you’re saying a lot more about you than you are about him.

Bowmanville boy

Use do laugh at Jon. Now i wana knock his jaw off. The guy is A.d.d. Always running his mouth but never let’s anyone else finish thier sentence At least Arlie calls him out on in but he’s a creepy shifty bugger himself. If i was in that house i would clean like a maid. Dust bunnies all over the place Boogers fingers on everything. Jon coughing all over the place. Adel double dipping . Sarah fat feasting . Rachelle pissing in hottub. So much nasty stuff.


Gained so such respect for Arlie standing up against Adel’s bullshit on homosexuality.


Oh please! *rolls eyes* are we really back at this BS again?
First of all Arlie brought up the topic just so he could have his 2 cents. The bitch didn’t stand up to Adel in any way shape or form.
Secondly, Arlie’s logic is so skewed I couldn’t help but laugh. Let’s face it, back in the day (and in some middle eastern cultures today)
A woman got stoned for committing adultery… Yet are are still women who did it anyway.
The fact is sometimes, the urge to do something surpasses logic.
Arlie is an idiot.


Your comment makes it sound like you don’t think there’s anything wrong with women getting stoned to death for committing adultery–as if it’s their fault if they get killed because they’re too weak to resist the “urge.” I hope that’s not what you meant, because if it is, that’s f*cked up.

NOT an Arlie Fan

You seem to have some anger issues SM….. maybe you should do something about that…. professional help perhaps!


Red herring anyone? Why don’t you respond to the argument at hand?
On the contrary you need 200 milligrams of STFU

Love Sarah (even though she's out)

The world is full of so many angry people 🙁

Pinocchio Obama

Somebody is off their meds.


Talking to your reflection again I see…. carry on


I think Adel is the man, but come on #1 rule in BB is if your going to throw a competition….at least fake that you are actually trying.

Adel is putting a target on his back because Jon is HOH so whatever he does, good or bad no one can say anything (this week).

Adel is creating 2 enemies Allison and Sabrina reincarnated part 2. Sabrina and Adel could have squashed their hate just so Adel could somehow keep himself safe, but he is just going to solidify Allison and Sabrina’s relationship by creating a mutual feeling of frustration and hate towards Adel for putting them on slop on purpose.

While this may be Jon’s HOH, Allison really has the true power because she can switch the noms AFTER the POV ceremony.

Funny she got Adels “fake power” he made up a few weeks ago.


here is what i think would be awesome…

Allison wins POV and takes rachelle off the block and than pulls her hidden veto out and takes sabrina off the block and it forces jon into putting up two people from the sloppy seconds alliance…. only takes 3 to evict…. Have allison, rachelle and sabrina lie about which person they are voting to evict, that way the other two vote wrong way and they get credit for saving the other person from eviction….

that would make great tv:)


if something like that happen… i wonder who jon would put up….

his only choices would be:

1. heather
2. adel
3. arlie
4. neda ( which would never happen)

Speaker Bar

As long as we’re fantasizing, let’s say that after Allison saves Gremlin #1, Neda pipes up with “you don’t have the votes, dummy”. So, Allison taunts her that if she’s so confident why doesn’t she just volunteer to go on the block. Neda agrees. Jon puts her up. Allison whips out Veto #2 and saves Gremlin #2. Neda gets voted out.


Simon & Dawg – looks like we’ve got some troll/spammer action going on here. Sigh…


Send me their screen names and I’ll investigate


Who do these 2 demons think they are constantly cutting up the other womens’ looks. Rachelle calling Neda ‘big nose’. At least Neda will wake up tomorrow and still be smart. Rachelle discusses taking a poop in some guys mouth and on his chest and urinates in the hottub, pulls her pants down and doesn’t close the stall door while peeing the other night. She’s a prize. She’ll wake up tomorrow and still be disgusting. As for Sabrina……nothing to talk about unless she’s lying. Nothing interesting or funny to say about her life.


Seems some on the sloppy seconds are thinking about putting up Sabrina and Rachelle and then backdooring Allison. Allison can still use her power of veto though, right?


Are we sure this is the last week she can use it? Did Arisa say 3 evictions or 3 weeks? I’m pretty sure she said 3 weeks which means this technically would be the 2nd week as there were 2 evictions in one week.

John is putting the gremlins up regardless and this will all be a moot point unless Rachelle wins POV since NO ONE will rock the boat by taking Rachelle off the block. It only serves to put larger targets on their backs.

I think Neda/John will work to try and help Ro win so she can veto herself. If she doesn’t win veto Neda will kick into trying to get the house to recognize Sabrina should go first. If however Ro wins veto John might put up Allison and tell her she is completely safe and he is doing it to throw off the other members of the alliance about their personal deal. Allison could use her veto, however if she still has it for next week she would have to believe 3 of the 4 voters remaining would vote her out over Sabrina which is really unlikely given Adel’s disdain towards Sabrina & Heather won’t want to keep the Gremlins both in the game. BUT it COULD happen. If Allison doesn’t trust the alliance/John or Arlie (the people she is closest with) then she’ll remove herself and likely put up either Arlie or Neda.

Therefore I think she’ll roll with the team thinking she is safe in order to use her power next week when she may feel more threatened. Next week if Rachelle does win endurance and puts up Arlie and Adel she’ll only use it if she ends up on the block as a replacement and since it will be her last opportunity. What I’m not sure of is whether she can replace just one of the nominees or both. (it sounded like ONE) This is also an important distinction because if it is both then next week she could chose to separate John and Neda depending on whether they win POV.

Also of note: Neda is playing the best strategic game (in my opinion). She has foresight and is the best at making relationships without everyone knowing. She doesn’t repeat information unnecessarily and she is able to build trust without promising family members lives or final two scenarios. I’m still kind of mad she didn’t see the clue before Allison and it did appear like she inspected the plant first.

She is the first one to see Rachelle winning helps her game and KNOWS once Sabrina is gone Rachelle will pretty much do whatever she tells her too because she has seen it first hand.

She believes this week will be endurance so she believes Rachelle could win and take out either Arlie, Allison or Adel which is very smart on her part. If this does occur I think she’ll remain focused on taking out whoever of the above 3 remain but my bet would be her 1/2 are Arlie/Allison as soon as Sab leaves.

If that all goes according to plan I wonder if she’ll see the way to bringing the unlikely pairing of Heather, Rachelle and herself together to form a F3 and use Heather or Rachelle to oust John. Then it’s likely she’ll have both girls committed to taking her to F2 and just need to get Adel out. The F4 Veto should be right up her alley so she could be the one to send Adel packing.

Something tells me the house guests have underestimated Neda for way too long and if circumstance and luck fall her way I see her going all the way.


If that’s the case then she really didn’t benefit from the power. If she is put on the block will she even use it? I mean if she does then she has to put up someone in her alliance which then puts a target on her back. On the other hand she has to trust the alliance won’t vote her out.

Odds are if they do put her up in the event there is a replacement required she will use it just to not look stupid by getting voted out. IF (with a capital f) she can use humor she can just say hey I’m just going to use it so I can share the power with the house as it’s my last opportunity to use it.

As far as who she’d put up as a replacement odds are it would be anyone but Heather if she is trying to actually get someone out and it’s likely she would target either Neda or Arlie. BUT I still don’t think she would be successful unless she put up Arlie in her place. My reason is Heather won’t turn on Neda and I doubt Rachelle would either given how hard Rachelle is trying to help her add in Adel who is Mr. Loyalty and I can’t see him taking out Neda when that would mean Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison could then team up.

In the event circumstances led to her being able to put up Arlie she might be able to get Neda, Heather and Rachelle all on board to vote him out.

With little to no time to determine whether she could be successful in garnering votes to get out her replacement it leads me back to believing she would put up the least likely to leave vs. Sabrina so either Heather or Adel.


I imagine the benefit of the power (if she doesn’t need to use it) is just the knowledge that even if she goes up she is safe. Confidence that you are not going home is an advantage – you can start planning for the next week, or any side deals and can sleep easy at night.


Neda is playing a very smart game.

Arlie’s downfall might be everyone thinking he’s shady. Allison doesn’t really trust him, I don’t think. His closest ally is probably Adel. Neda has Jon, Heather, and potentially Rachelle. This game is going to come down to Neda vs. Arlie. Whoever gets the other one out first is likely to win the game.


Arlie has straight-up told people he will do anything to win, and has said he’s not even a “person” in the house because he’s so focused on the money.

You’d think that would be a huge red flag for anyone banking on his allegiance going forward.


I would like someone to tell Arlie and well everyone in that convo that it isn’t “back in the day when homosexuals were getting stoned” or “when people were getting were murdered”. These things are still happening in countries all over the world, so maybe not talk in past tense about it since it is still an issue Humans Rights organizations are working to change.

another name

completely agree with you. there are somewhere between 5-10 countries in the world today where homosexuality is legally punishable by death. further, there are at least 15-20 more where homosexuality is currently illegal, and punishable by prison sentances. not to mention Russia’s current stance, or the fact that a state legislature in America attempted to legalize refusing service to homosexuals. or the two states in the U.S. whose current sex education curriculum openly and erroneously states that homosexual behavior is illegal in America. federal laws were changed between 1995-2003 so that homosexuality is no longer illegal in the united states.
it’s not ‘back in the day’ because ‘the day’ isn’t over.
stepping off my human rights soapbox now.