Big Brother 24 – HOH Teams Revealed! **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM Brochella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte and Taylor.

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle and Turner

POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Michael’s Brochella Team Inside the House:

Brittany, Jasmine, Monte and Taylor.

Terrance’s Dyre Fest Team in the Backyard:

Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle and Turner

1:36 am Tererance’s HOH room.

1:46 am Dyre Fest is trying to relocate onto the backyard couch to avoid the ants.

Joe talks about at 10 am the sun is “wilding” outside. (HA now you have to go to bed at a 1/2 way normal time)

1:51 am Dyre fest kitchen.
The Diary room is upstairs.

2:10 am Dyre Fest.
Alyssa saying they’ll have to wake up at 6am to avoid the sun.
Turner says he’s going to enjoy the time away from jasmine “Not doing things for people”
Alyssa – that’s pretty fire
Turner points out that Michael has won 2 HOH’s his last one was just 2 weeks ago.

2:25 am Michael gets his HOH room.


2:30 am Kyle – It’s a gorilla love story. Planet of the ape’s bro

2:41 am Dyre Fest talking about Terrance not having to do 9 one on one’s he only has to deal with 4.
They suspect they’ll do nominations inside.

2:50 am Jasmine and Michael
Jasmine thinks it will be Kyle or Turner that go home in the Dyre Fest.
Michael says he picked Brittany hoping that he can count on her vote.
Jasmine – I would have made that same move if it was Alyssa.
Michael – from our talk seems like you are on board with what we have planned this week
Jasmine – for sure but if he wins the veto then what
Michael – I don’t know
Jasmine – I’m still injured and he’s a strong man.. if you win you can do what you want that would make me feel better
Michael says he’s putting Monte up but doesn’t know who he’s putting up against him.
Jasmine knows it’s between her or Taylor
Jasmine – I would not like to go up on my Birthday week I’m just saying (LOL)
Jasmine says if Taylor and Monte go on the block she will do what he asks of her.

After Jasmine leaves..
Michael – She’s going on the block.

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So that’s their kitchen, lol

Alyssa's Vagina

I just queefed. Anyone smell Kyle?

illegal smile

Wow so excited… the chips fell just where they needed to. Bye jazzy…bye alyssa. If Kyle tries to pull a fast one I guarantee he’ll be the next out the door. He will though, and joe and turner have his #, and it may be him leaving instead of alyssa. Woo hoo now they’ll duke it out. Should be fun.


My 1B option for Michael was spot on:

Inside group (Michael HOH): Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor & Monte
Outside group (Terrance HOH): Kyle, Alyssa, Joseph, & Turner

So Joe & Kyle will be squaring off while Michael can target Jasmean & if she wins POV back door Monte!

I had a feeling that was the way he would roll (although Turner was my option 1A – Monte was the second choice & it’s smart in case Jas wins POV bc then he takes out a major competitor (Monte).

Michael’s goal will be to appear Leftover loyal. No doubt he pointed out to Brit/Tay/Monte that it was imperative Jas/Ally were on different teams.

This scenario is GREAT for Michael who’ll have all week to foster his relationship with Monte. He should try to make Monte see that as the person everyone says is the biggest target in the game it behooves him to keep Michael. I doubt he’ll spill “the Pound” intel but we’ll see if they can forge something. I’d love to see a F4 of Britt, Taylor, Michael & Monte created. And maybe Monte will be more open now that Kyle was so anti breaking up the showmance & Joe was averse to ending his double-agent role.

This is also a PERFECT scenario for rekindling the F3 with Taylor which Michael had spoken of this past week as they felt ghosted by her while she was either chained to Joseph or free of the shackles but hanging on his every word.

As for nominations, I suspect Michael will put Jasmine & Monte OTB in order to ensure one of them leaves.

The outside group will be less certain b/c Terrance thinks he is close to both Joe & Turner so presumably he would target the showmance BUT I’m betting Kyle will be ramping up to throw Joe UTB & get Turner to back him up.

Would Terrance realize Ally would go if the showmance is OTB? And would he be open to taking out Joe? Much will depend on whether he believes the Joe spillage which Kyle is sure to be spilling tomorrow!

Let’s see who has the better social game Kyle or Joe bc they will be in grave danger this week with an outside chance Terrance won’t recognize putting Ally OTB could lead to her being the one evicted NOT Kyle.


i kinda feel michael should have tried to take all the women forcing the guys to turn on each other in terrance’s hoh. it leaves turner super vulnerable, but i think in that scenario jas and kyle leave.


Yeah, I get that thinking — the problem is he needs to at least give the impression he’s loyal to the Leftovers. This might be the perfect picks for him bc if JasMEAN goes then he stayed loyal & if she pulls out a win (might be the Day’Vonne tiny comp downstairs I’m thinking) he can take out Monte.

Albeit, I’m not sure Monte leaving is best for his game due to all his wins but if Kyle is able to shake things up outside & get Joe out then it works even better for Michael bc Taylor will be closer again to him/Britt & maybe they make a F4 with Monte.

There are lots of options & this was the best scenario for Michael with the easy target (Jas), time to rekindle F3 with Taylor, and build something stronger with Monte. And, while that’s happening inside Joe & Kyle will inevitably be increasing their angst toward one another so even if Ally leaves this week Kyle will be gunning for HOH to take out Joe next.

If Kyle goes Ally will align with Turner likely but still be close to Michael/Britt and if Joe goes Taylor will likely get closer to Monte but have her F3 with MB.


michael ends up outnumbered if he keeps monte and should in all likelihood end up on the block next to terrance. michael will be unable to play hoh next week and monte/joe/kyle/turner all will (if they stay). they could target terrance, but who sits next to him and what happens if terrance wins veto? michael’s proven too big a comp threat not to be high up their target list. none of them really want to go all that far with him.


Maybe – but Monte, Turner & Taylor ALL want the Leftovers to get to F7 (Joe says he does) while Kyle & Britt need him in the game for their own agenda.

If Terrance & Ally are still in the game they will go OTB next week unless they win HOH (bc Terrance’s goal won’t be to take out Ally even though that could happen).

This week Michael really needs to spend time with Monte & find a way to make him see he’ll always be the top target for everyone & why it’s imperative he & Michael work together. That probably means letting him know he’s aware of the Pound (risky – but a calculated risk).

To your point – if the opportunity arises (Jas winning POV) then sure take Monte out but he can’t risk making that his priority target in case Ally leaves. While Michael wants the house split, I’m not even sure Monte/Joe leaving is his best-case scenario bc Kyle has already proven he’ll strike against alliances & I think in that scenario he’d be the one trying to take Michael out.

Palm Oil's Meds

That actually makes sense to take all the women. And let the guys take themselves out. But It looks like he’s going with Kyle’s anti-cookout paranoid plan. We all know Britney is safe and that’s about it in Michael’s house.

Mad Max

why on Earth would you want to see Taylor in a final four? She’s an awful player!


Maybe but how many jury votes do you think she would have? Do you think the girls girls are going to vote for Taylor? Do you think the girls would actually vote for Taylor? They think Terrence always had their back. If it’s between sitting next to Terrence or Taylor, Terrence might pull away more votes than Taylor would. Just a thought.



Palm Oil's Meds

They are all awful players in their own way.

Damon Hing

Need to send Jazmean and Alyssa home.

No Name

Will it be an easy leftovers week with Jas/Ally evicted?Monte should be the most worried and will Joe try to take out Kyle?How would Turner react?


Because it’s Terrance and he’s not a game strategist there is definitely a very good chance Ally will leave.


While Joe would be fine with Alyssa leaving I could also see him taking advantage of this opportunity to push Terrance toward Kyle. This is exactly what Michael wanted – for the two to wage war & I suspect Kyle will spill all kinds of goodies to Terrance about Joe being the spy. Joe has delivered so many quotes from Terrance to the LOs it won’t be hard for him to have a few at the ready.

If Terrance learns Joe was punking him for 4 weeks it might not sit well.

The person I feel sorry for is Turner – he’s Pound & Leftover loyal & friends with Ally. Will Kyle revisit getting him to keep Ally & to back him up with Terrance about Joe the Spy?

I just can’t imagine Terrance won’t nominate the showmance although he could surprise but Kyle is likely on that block regardless (at least to start) bc a Turner/Joe nomination seems highly unlikely.

I’m sure Kyle is annoyed he’s outside & that Michael picked Taylor/Monte instead of him & Ally but Michael can easily explain that they needed to put Jas/Ally on different teams & he didn’t know if he’d be able to select them both AND he felt this was a better chance for Kyle/Turner to target Joe.


I don’t see any scenario of Kyle going home with Alyssa & Turner on the team.


If Kyle and Alyssa are on the block come eviction night, it would only take Joseph’s voting Kyle out to create a tie and force Terrence to break it. So yeah, there’s definitely a scenario when Kyle goes home. We can only hope…


The question will be who is going to want to throttle who after a week of being in closed quarters together. I wonder if they are doing the “beach shower stalls” that you find on some beach areas


As long as Michael and Brittany are safe people will keep underestimating their game play. I can’t wait til Sunday to see how the schoolyard picks went down.


Wait, what about showering and using the bathroom at Dyrefest?


They have an outside shower & porta-potties


Turner is the person who will be able to deal with being outside the most


Do I remember Kyle saying something about Boy Scouts, or being an Eagle Scout? For some reason I feel like he has a lot of outdoor/camping experience too.


You wouldn’t know that based on his complaints


Yes, first week he quoted the boys scouts motto! He said he had a ton of patches.


jasmine and alyssa are screwed unless they win veto in theory. but taylor may continue to refuse to vote out jasmine and kyle and alyssa are still together so who knows.


Not necessarily. Joseph is overthinking and actually brought up Kyle to Terrence not Alyssa by name after talking about the showmance needing to broken up


i’d love joe to pooch himself. terrance is way better served getting out joe than splitting up the showmance.


Oh please vote out Joseph. Send him and Jasmine to jury and he can baby, baby Jasmine and Indy all week. They’ll drool while he walks around shirtless like the cock of the walk. He’ll go crazy not being able to squirrel around and plant seeds.

Palm Oil's Meds

No. Kyle is literally on a rampage to get out players like Terrence in fear of a Cookout 2.0. It would be better if Terrence got out the shomance.

Palm Oil's Meds

Taylor NEVER had a problem voting out black women such as Ameerah or Jasmine, but she just did not want to directly put them on the block during her HOH. She said after birthday she doesn’t care if Jasmine is on the block.

The Corey's

Ok, so they defeat the purpose of the twist by allowing the teams to know WHO the other hoh is, allowing them to PICK THEIR team also allows for them to navigate their way out of the unpredictability of it all and just how bad of a game is Terrance playing?

He picked jasmine to play the HOH round after his first win, if that doesn’t tell you this moron doesn’t know where the alliances are I dono why would.


JasMEAN has to go and she should unless she wins Veto.

But you never know Michael could take the shot at Monte if Monte doesn’t win Veto. If somehow JasMEAN wins Veto then yeah Monte will go and it isn’t even his fault that a LO had to go. But if nominations stay the same, even if Taylor wants Monte to stay, Brittany could vote him out and force Michael to break the tie to get Monte out. That would be a real test of his loyalty to the LO. If Michael doesn’t take Monte out he would be stupid to not cut a major deal to get Monte to swear he’ll not go after Michael (and probably Brittany) the next time he gets power. Deals are only good though if you believe the person would honor them so again it all comes down to trust. I’d hope Monte would honor that but we shall see.

The outside 5 is going to be more interesting imo. I really don’t want Joseph or Turner to go so I pray Terrance’s target is Kyle.. Putting the showmance up seems like the easiest plan but at the end of the day Alyssa leaving doesn’t help Terrance so he might just do Joseph/Kyle.

That Veto competition will be life or death for the three LO men so they better bring it. I could see either of them going home on this side. If one of the showmance is off the block them of course vote to save their showmance partner so Terrance could be breaking the tie in a lot of scenarios. Turner/Joseph need to come to the same understanding with each other otherwise they better butter up Terrance!


I’m almost as sick of the romance as I am of Jasmine.


OMFG – she’s SERIOUSLY trying to stretch this birthday out for a third week now? This was the excuse she gave Michael two weeks ago – wanting to be in the house for her B-Day. Last week it was this is my B-Day week & now she’s somehow found a way to say that week is STILL continuing.

STFU & sit on the block Muffin Top Meanie.

The fact Michael is telling her Monte is the target doesn’t make that true & I’d bank on him putting her & Monte up to ensure one of them goes.


this will be an interesting week …potentially. the obvious boots are alyssa and jasmine, but that really only benefits joe and monte. the question is will the rest of the house realize this.

i think terrance is a lost cause. he probably considers joe his closest ally and will let joe dictate putting up the showmance, failing to realize that terrance really needs numbers and aligning with the showmance would probably be better for terrance’s game. so the showmance can only really be saved by turner who benefits from saving it if a) he knows jasmine is going on the other side, which he doesn’t b) can convince monte to still working with him after voting out monte’s closest ally. otherwise turner is making a lateral move from being monte/joe’s #3 to alyssa/kyle’s #3 which really is a lot of work for no reason.

on michael’s side, i really think he should take the shot at monte. if he doesn’t he becomes the number 2 target (after terrance) of joe, monte, and possibly turner. keeping jasmine keeps him way more protected as only joe should be gunning for him, while the rest of the house probably still wants to target terrance and jasmine.

un autre nom

Jasmine is of course using injury and birthday week. If you didn’t see that coming you’ve been in a coma for the past 5 weeks.
She wants to know directly who Michael keeps between Taylor and Jasmine (she’s anticipating a Monte veto win). Michael is sidestepping her.
Considering EVERYONE plays in veto… does it matter if she’s on the block or not?
no, not really.
Chances Michael tries to take out Monte? at the moment 20%. Happy accident not plan?
Considering he most likely can’t play in the next HOH, he doesn’t want to be the one that breaks Leftovers unless he has ‘no choice.’
Back pocket: the pound information.
Worry: that rig a comp for Jasmine worry I had yesterday is still in my head. Houseguests.. this veto is called Chicken wing birthday buffet. blink blink.
By saturday night Jasmine is trying to get Britt on the block. I guarantee it.
Joseph has informed them that Terrance mentioned putting up the showmance. Is Terrance not going to bother with one on ones? Why are they letting Joseph have any time with Terrance. Chances Kyle tries to save Alyssa? 50%. He’s got to win veto and get Turner on board though. Turner. Whose entire game rests on Pound. Kyle better actually be hoping that Joseph doesn’t take the shot, because I think Kyle is the target not Alyssa. Chances Joseph takes the shot at Kyle… also 50%. He doesn’t have to depend on Turner if he talks to Terrance.
For team fun feeds… I think I want to see Joseph vs. Kyle on the block…. any way that can happen i actually want to see. They each consider the other their arch nemesis. I want to see how that plays out. Turner has to Sophie’s Choice that one. I don’t mind that because then Turner has to have an active game.
The outside group has a greater possible dynamic for chaos just given Joseph and Kyle and their subplot.
Turner and Alyssa are SO happy to have a week free of Jasmine.


michael’s initial noms have to be jasmine/monte. he maybe takes the shot at monte if monte doesn’t win veto (and certainly does if jasmine wins), but as long as those two start on the block he should be able to keep brittany safe and control her vote (unless taylor goes totally crazy and uses veto and works with whoever comes down to vote out brittany).

the terrance side is all about how much joe can manipulate terrance. joe really should be the target, but i don’t think terrance realizes that.


Joseph was doing a one on one with Terrence just a bit earlier


I think you might get your wish “IF” we can believe the Terrance -Turner & Ally chats (see above). Mind you we’re dealing with Terrance so take everything he says with a grain of salt. He’s also not a strategist so I can imagine him putting up Kyle/Ally thinking he’ll backdoor Joe who suddenly pulls out the POV and Ally ends up leaving.

Per your JasMEAN tailored POV – I’ve been thinking they’ll probably have to do the POV downstairs in the house. I seem to recall SG said she expected the “tiny stacking puzzle” comp this year & that would make sense given the dynamics.

Given Jas is used to working with her hands doing nails all the time odds are she’d be really good at that – but maybe Britt or Taylor would be too. We’ll see.

I highly suspect Kyle will be throwing Joe UTB but I’m tired so won’t prob get that answer until I get up later.


I sense the POV comp where houseguests hide items and then trash the house searching for the other houseguests’ items could be occurring


Sounds like Michael picked JasMEAN first which was a smart move given Terrance’s 1st two picks were people he feels close to (Turner & Ally).

Terrance told Turner Joe is a bigger threat than Kyle & told Ally to trust him that he knows Turner & her have his back.

Also sounds like the final two picks may have come down to Monte & Kyle with Michael selecting Monte.

If the Terrance talks to Turner/Ally mean anything it sounds like it’ll be Joe/Kyle going OTB. Then again, he tells everyone he has their back so we can’t put full weight behind anything he says but it would make sense if he wants to take out a big target. My guess is he believes taking out Joe would hurt Monte but he also knows Taylor & Jasmine are close to him too so it makes sense.

We haven’t seen any signs of Terrance having strategy this entire season – so if they are his nominees it’s a smart move for him.


Well, Terrence does keep using the words “Big Moves”, lol. Joseph earlier was overthinking in his talk with Terrence and, while he did bring up breaking up the showmance, he also kept mentioning Kyle by name instead of Kyle and Alyssa; if Terrence really wanted to break up the showmance he would put up both Kyle and Alyssa on the block. Someone’s strategy is going to backfire and I see one of the Leftovers leaving courtesy of the outdoor team. As far as Michael goes, I laughed when Michael said “She’s going up” as soon as Jasmine left the HoH room


Me too 😉


Damn! I was hoping Jasmine would have to rough it outside.

Mad Max

you and every one else who watches this show!


I was hoping too! But Terrence would never put her up!


jasmine and alyssa better be the ones leaving.