“A few more hours till its all over ..but really its not over because its a birthday week!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

6pm – 8:16pm The live feeds were blocked for the halfway party. The house guests got pizza and cake with everyone’s face on it. Jasmine – I am glad its the halfway point because this was FIRE! I am excited! A few more hours till its (her birthday) all over but really its not over because its a birthday week! Turner – its your birthday month. Jasmine – basically. Turner – its your birthday year. Jasmine – Turner, I am really ecstatic that you were able to celebrate my birthday with me. I am glad everyone was here, it made it special. Jasmine – I want a March baby or a fall baby. I am not birthing a baby in the summer. I am sorry .. I just feel like that is too much!

8:30pm Bathroom -Indy & Michael
Michael – I will try and check in with people tomorrow and make sure things are good to go. Indy – I told him (Terrance) I hope the best for us happens. God is in control. And I never said anything bad about him so I can get a vote, you know? Michael – yeah, that’s true. Indy – I think he somehow will appreciate that. I said whatever god asks for us, its out of our control. I am confident but everyone changes their mind in a second. Anyways, it is what it is. I did my part. Are you still feeling good. Michael – yeah but Thursdays are always weird. I will try to check in and see where everyone is at. Indy – I feel like no one wants to say anything to give their game away. That is what I am feeling. Michael – yeah. Indy – if everyone stays the same I am going to have seven (votes). Michael – Hopefully. Indy – and I don’t go.

9:10pm – 9:25pm The house guests are laying around in the bedroom. Turner is snoring. Meanwhile in the bathroom. Michael, Kyle, Alyssa and Brittany. Michael – do you think we’re getting hit with the double tomorrow? Alyssa – I hope not. Kyle – the first two to jury, that would be insane. It was cool though today, we are halfway. Who do you think is the most pissed out of the evicted house guests so far? Alyssa – Ameerah. Michael – I think its Nicole. Brittany – I think Daniel. Kyle – I feel like Ameerah is kind of embarrassed. Don’t you think .. with how smart she is to be the second one voted out. I feel like she is pissed. Alyssa – I don’t know she seemed shocked. But she handled it well, what did she say .. you guys got me. Brittany – god, I don’t even remember I think I blacked all that out. Michael – watch its actually Pooch that’s the most angry. He is just dragging us all on social media. Kyle – I feel like he is the most sad.

9:35pm Bedroom – Jasmine and Terrance.
Terrance – she (Brittany) is moving very weird. Jasmine – very. Terrance – very. Jasmine – even when I asked her where her vote was she was like Ahhh..I don’t know.. Terrance – she said she was waiting to talk to people. …. YOU only talk to Michael, who you waiting for!? Jasmine – I saw them whispering in the kitchen and when I looked up they tried to stop. Which is fine but Brittany told me out of her own mouth that she is not close with Taylor and they don’t talk game. So that is why I don’t care if they have something.. but don’t lie to my face. Terrance – right.

9:40pm – 10:05pm Bedroom – Brittany and Alyssa.
Alyssa – what are you thinking? Brittany – I don’t know, I am really really torn up. Alyssa – she (Indy) said that Michael said that you would never vote her out. Brittany – yeah I think that’s true. But I get the feeling that its the sympathy vote. Alyssa nods. Brittany – I don’t know what are you thinking? Alyssa – I don’t know. I feel bad but at the same time I will probably end up voting her out. I know she loves us and really does have our best interests.. Brittany – I know. Alyssa – its hard. Did you talk to Terrance. Brittany – yeah, I feel like he is a little clearer on what he would do moving forward. And that doesn’t include targeting me which is appealing. Alyssa – yeah he said the same to me. And I think Kyle would vote (to keep) Terrance and Turner as well.. and Monte. I think .. I don’t know because I think he is close to Terrance. I have no idea about Joseph. I have no idea where his head is at. Brittany – me neither. Who is the stronger competitor? Alyssa – Indy. Brittany – who do I think would target me less down the road. Probably Indy. Alyssa – yeah. Brittny – I don’t know. I just feel like I am in a tough spot. Alyssa leaves. Indy – she said that it was never her intention to send me home. Brittany – no, no. Indy – I think she will tell that to everyone.

10:15pm HOH room – Michael, Taylor and Monte.
Michael – Indy pulled me and Brittany into the havenot room along with Jasmine and Alyssa .. not a lot was said while I was in there. She said I’ve got my five its you four and Joseph. I don’t know why people are now undecided because we are the house if all of us vote together. And that was basically it, she was like I’ve been loyal, I’ve had your guys back. And when I talked to Jasmine alone she was like yeah I don’t know. I am hoping to talk to Terrance today. She is basically saying that she is undecided but she has told people she is voting Terrance out. Taylor – yeah. Michael – and she’s told Indy that she’s undecided. Taylor – basically when I talked to Brittany she was the one that told Indy that she does not have all of those five votes locked in. And then that conversation happened where she pulled all of them and basically Indy thanked Brittany for giving her the heads up. And in the havenot room was the first time that Indy heard from Jasmine and Alyssa that they’re both undecided. And also, Alyssa told Brittany that Indy is going home. Monte – oh really?! Hmmmmm!? Taylor – when I was in the back Indy looked at them and said I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.. and if its a tie, you’re going to vote for me? I was like yeah if its a tie. I could swing that. I don’t know .. she doesn’t have the votes. Monte – how are you feeling Michael. Michael – I don’t know I still would like to give her a vote. I don’t want her to go out unanimously .. but also I don’t know if you think that’s putting that in jeopardy of putting it in a tie, I don’t want to put you in that position. The alliance is more important to me, like if that is going to cause any distrust. Is that something you’re open to? Taylor – I don’t think your one vote is going to push things to be a tie.. Unless Jasmine votes to keep her but even then it can still be a 7-1, 6-2 vote. I am comfortable with that. Michael – then if you are comfortable with that, then that’s what I’ll do.

11:45pm Bedroom – Alyssa, Joe and Jasmine.
Alyssa – what are you thinking about with her for tomorrow? Joe – oh for HOH or.. Alyssa – no for the vote. Joe – oh I don’t know that’s why I came after you two. Jasmine – but where do you want to vote? Joe – of course I love Indy and Terrance but at this point in the game I have to move however is best for all of us and whatever we need to do. I remember last time we talked about saving Indy but.. Jasmine – I think she has some other people that will keep her. I have visually seen people say that they will keep her in front of me. And I have also had one on ones with people and they’ve said they’re keeping her. Joe – I know for sure there are people that are not voting for her. I think Turner is one for sure. And Kyle, I don’t think is either. Monte, I heard he is going with the house. So where ever the majority is, he doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of it. Jasmine – who is the f**king house?! We don’t even know! Why does he keep saying that!? He has been super lovey dovey on her .. like rubbing on her and stuff like.. at this point everyone has a showmance up in this b***h! Except me, Terrance and Brittany. I don’t know I am a loyal person and if I don’t vote to keep her, how would I look to y’all!? Joe – I don’t know, us three should all be aligned. Voting Indy to stay is the last thing I heard. Alyssa – Yeah I am struggling a lot. I love Indy so much and she has been our person in the game. But her and Terrance, there are just pros and cons. Joe – that is the thing I love Terrance. Jasmine – me too.

12:30am – 12:45am HOH room. Taylor, Monte, Michael, Joe, Kyle and Turner.
Taylor – who do you want to sit next to? Like use their own words against them. Joe – you can be like honestly Kyle f**ked my plan up .. no offense but.. Kyle – no. Joe – Like I was never considering Indy vs Terrance. I was considering a Monte vs Terrance but Kyle f**ked my game up … I am sending Indy home. I am not keeping a bigger threat. I think they will respect it. Like that is literally what Indy and Alyssa are saying right now. Jasmine is saying I am not going to send someone who is going to work for me if they get HOH. Kyle – would they push her hand in that situation though? Like would they be like alright lets push her and be like lets take her to four .. do you think they would fold and vote her out? Joe – even if Jasmine and Alyssa hop… like I will even tell them if you guys want Michael and I will vote for you two and Indy can never know who the two votes were because they never do like where the votes exactly fell. Right now if they think there is a chance to save Indy, they want to. Alyssa joins them and the conversation ends.

1am – 1:20am Bedroom – Joe and Indy.
Joe – I want to go ask Taylor where her head is at because god forbid there is a tie. Jasmine joins them. Indy – Oh I asked her, she said that she would keep me. Joe – did she tell you this before or after Kyle didn’t use the veto? Indy – both. Jasmine – she said it today in front of Michael. Joe – she was pretty upset that Kyle didn’t use the veto. She wanted to like buy some credit with everyone by putting up Monte or someone. Indy – I think its Monte but I don’t care. Joe – Turner, I don’t think is voting for you. Indy – yeah I know. Kyle, I don’t know .. he was like I don’t know bro .. and whenever I get that I count that as a no. Monte said he is going to do what the majority is going to do. I haven’t really talked to Michael or Brittany. Indy – Michael promised me. Joe – so it looks like those four. Indy – so if you guys tell Monte and Brittany.. Joe – I’ll go find out what those two are doing. Joe leaves. Indy – its not your birthday anymore. Jasmine – Its my birthday week. I think Joseph likes you. Indy – Your a$$! Baby, we are bros!

1:30am HOH room – Taylor, Monte, Joseph, Michael, Brittany, Kyle, Turner, Alyssa.
Monte and Joe are playing chinese checkers. The others are chatting about random things.

1:40am Bedroom – Indy and Jasmine.
Indy – You, Alyssa, Joseph, and Michael. I have four. I just need one. Jasmine – Or Taylor. Indy – or Taylor. That’s it. Jasmine – you should be upstairs so that way you’re mingling with people so that way they can’t .. you know what I mean because they’re not really going to talk. And then they’ll be like damn she’s up with us late fighting for it. Indy – don’t you think that’s the opposite like annoying. Jasmine – its like showing people why they enjoy you. I don’t know, I have a different perspective. Better to be in the know, than not in the know. And its not like you’re talking game.. you’re just chilling. Indy – true. Indy heads upstairs.

2am Up in the HOH room – The house guests are chatting. Turner convinces Kyle to be vegetarian for 24 hours the day after tomorrow.

2:05am The HOH crew dare Taylor to smear cake/icing on Joseph’s face.

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Cat’s out of the bag!

Britt just exposed that Joseph told her about Five Swatters!

So as Indy made her rounds she told Brittany she had Joseph locked to keep her, Britt said that’s NOT what he told me.

They ended up all meeting and while they had agreed last night in the HOH to END the Five Swatters & that nonsense Joseph had kept pushing to keep things more vague.

Britt didn’t give him that opportunity saying to Indy – I asked if you had any other alliances & you said no but then Joseph & I both realized we were each in alliances with you and unaware of the other one.

Britt: We talked last night and you know how you (Indy) and I are in Girl’s Girls? We compared notes. I told Joseph and he told me about Five Swatters.
Indy: Five Swatters doesn’t work. Kyle didn’t save me. It’s not a thing
Britt: Yesterday I asked you if you had any other alliances and you told me no.
Indy: FS was something to save Kyle and he didn’t save me back. I always have the girls’ back.
Joseph:You did not tell me that. It’s one thing to have the girls’ back, it’s another to be working with all of them, and Brittany

Indy: Me, Jasmine, and Alyssa always protect each other. Brittany was brought up.
Joseph: You guys tell me every day you don’t trust her but you are in an alliance with her.

As much as Indy is far from a personal favorite I felt bad for her during this exchange as it pointed out just how out of her league she is trying to play the US version of Big Brother.

She lied saying KYLE was the one who created FS & that it was ONLY created to save him from eviction and kept repeating “I don’t’ talk game with him/her” whenever she was questioned about working with someone. We get it Indy – you don’t talk game with anyone & that’s the main reason you are in this mess.

Michael told Indy he would vote for her regardless of the situation even if he’s the only vote.

In the immediate aftermath of that convo, Joseph is squirreling and ran to Ally/Jasmine saying ‘whatever the f*ck Brittany is in, we put together that Indy is in both of them. Indy is both in something with me and with Brittany. Indy told me Five Swatters was bullshit. It wasn’t to me.’

He further LIED saying he didn’t tell Britt who was in the FS & used “I promised Terrance I’d keep him safe when we were Festie Besties”. Indy said Britt KNOWS who is in FS while Joe tries to deflect & say she only knows about Indy, him & Kyle bc Indy outed Kyle was in it. Jasmine is cluing in that Britt knows & while this is going on Britt is talking to Ally locking her down to work with her which Ally is more than happy to jump on doing.

No doubt both Britt (who JasMEAN was already redirecting her Taylor anger toward as the new target) and Joe will take some hits for this although how the teams are split tonight will determine if it’s a larger or smaller hit.

Some are suggesting the Leftovers will be angry at Britt for exposing the FS but I don’t see why or how bc they agreed they should stop this ruse over a week ago- Joe was the only one that wanted to keep it up bc it kept him safe on all fronts, gave him jury votes & allowed him to know every person’s thoughts on both sides of the house.

Britt on the hand will likely be blamed by Jas bc that’s just her nature & we’ll see how Joe ends up feeling after he has time to process that she didn’t do what he wanted (keep FS name & details more obscure).

Once the teams are split and we know the makeup I’m eager to see if Joe the Spy gets even further out for his double-agent duty with the three non-Leftovers. If they learn he’s been SPILLING everything they say & he’s OTB on Thursday while a non-LO is voting it could result in him going to jury.

The entire season Joseph has been throwing comps bc he was safe — it’s a very good bet he’ll be gunning to win this time!

un autre nom

Britt speaks to Indy. Says she doesn’t believe Joseph is voting to keep her. Indy goes to Joseph who says let me talk to Britt.

Britt, Michael, Joseph and Indy.
Britt’s first words, “Did you tell her yet?”
Britt reveals they compared notes and names Girls’ Girls and 5 Swatters. She’s not letting Joseph get his way by not naming things.
Indy says 5 swatters wasn’t real.
Britt asks Joseph if he thought it was real.
Indy is flustered. She says she always had the girls’ backs. Joseph says ‘you never told me that.”
Michael asks who created 5 swatters if it isn’t real? Indy names Kyle. Joseph says they were all in the room (Joseph started it). Indy says they were already talking about it before that meeting. Now Joseph learns Kyle was putting in leg work Joseph didn’t know about.
Indy is apologizing to Britt for not telling her about the other alliance when Britt asked yesterday (bluntly, pointedly, and 3 times).
Indy tells Joseph she never wanted to be in the Swatters, she always just wanted to work with Joseph and Monte.
Joseph is still hedging ‘doesn’t know what he’s going to do.’
Michael says he will talk to Britt for Indy, but she seemed really betrayed by being left out. He tells her that no matter what, she has his vote.

So… tie vote scenario is still an option because Joseph is trying to loophole again. Michael has beaten him to the promise, but Joseph is going to take issue with that. Joseph Britt were supposed to say they weren’t keeping Indy. Michael is supposed to vote out Indy if the vote looks like a tie. Joseph being non-committal is a problem potentially.
Britt was trying to make sure that Joseph didn’t skate while she got all the blood. Joseph is trying to get hold of Jasmine. Britt thinks to put more of the blood on Britt than Joseph.

Joseph goes to Jasmine and Alyssa. he plays that he was dumb, and slipped telling Britt he was in an alliance with Indy, so please save her, and Britt said she was in an alliance with her too. Alyssa asks if names of alliance members were spilled. Joseph says no. Joseph says Indy named the alliance to Britt 5 swatters but said it isn’t a real thing. Jasmine and Alyssa are still: did she name names? Joseph says he promised Terrance his vote when they were festiebesties… and doesn’t know what to do.
They decide Indy is leaving but they have to keep her calm.

Joseph runs to Britt/Michael/Turner and Kyle to say he told Jasmine and Alyssa that Indy said the fly swatters was bullshit. so that’s their reason to vote her out. Britt says they were going to anyway, now they just have a convenient reason.

Indy and Jasmine and Alyssa. Indy reveals that Joseph told Britt about the fly swatters. Jasmine says you called it bullshit. Indy says she didn’t say that, she said if it was real Kyle would have saved her. Indy says Joseph told Britt who was in swatters, and she’s hurt that she wasn’t included. Jasmine is wtf can any of you keep your mouth shut (no really, Jasmine is mad others can’t keep their mouth shut).

Joseph rejoins Indy, Jas and Aly saying he didn’t name names (um saying the girls is sorta a giveaway….), that Indy said Kyle’s name. Joseph says Britt doesn’t know names. Jasmine says that messes up their game, and Joseph says nobody told him Indy was in an alliance with Britt. Jasmine tries to cover any ties with Britt by saying she talks shit about her so you know…
Indy says she’s leaving because she joined a group to save Kyle and Kyle screwed her.
Indy still trusts Joseph and Jas and Aly and Michael because she loves Michael (reminds her of her brother). Kyle has crushed Indy’s dream.

Britt to Alyssa: here is your lifeline. please take it. Get off the Jasmine train. Alyssa wants off the train. She says Kyle always told her to trust Michael and Britt. Britt tells her she has to distance from Jasmine if she doesn’t want to go down with Jasmine. Britt tells Alyssa that Indy is likely going, and Michael will probably be her only vote. Alyssa plans to vote out Indy. Britt tells her Indy says Kyle started Five Swatters. Alyssa says Jasmine started it, and Kyle never wanted to be in it, but he was on the block and needed the votes.

Jasmine is pissed and confused. This is all about her and how she has had to keep her mouth shut … when? And on her birthday week. The damned disrespect.
Joseph thinks Indy picked up that he probably isn’t voting for her. Indy picked up no such cue. Neither did anyone else because he was so non-committal.
Indy is saying their friendships are not real if Jas and Joseph don’t vote to keep her.
It sounds like there will be multiple fiery dumpsters tonight in support of the next twist.


Oh my ———- just prior to feeds going black Indy is telling Jas & Joe she doesn’t want to mess up their games, but if she doesn’t have the votes she’s blowing everything up on her way out. LMAO

Joe tries to find some dirt on Britt/Michael asking if they’re working with them but Jas shuts that down noting it’s just a respect situation with Michael bc he didn’t put them up.

I’m guessing Michael will gain some agency with Jas, bc Indy will tell her how he’s still going to vote for her. Combine that with the likelihood Jas learns more about Joe’s double dealings this coming week & she’ll want to pull Michael closer to her feeling he would keep her safe/not vote against her.

Joe is working hard to blame this situation on the fact the FS girls didn’t tell him they were working with Brittany – although Jas agreed her face tells a different story – she’s PISSED he gave up the alliance name & while he said he DIDN’T reveal who was in it – Indy is saying that he did. Meanwhile, Indy seems to be blaming this entire situation on Kyle (LOL)


I noticed people were tweeting that Jasmean wants to target/evict Michael – BUT I’m not so sure that has any true staying power.

Jas has always liked working with him & IMO part of her ire/angst toward Britt is a desire to be in her position with Michael.

1) the odds of her winning HOH are – – well I won’t say impossible bc this HOH might be a crap shoot where anyone could win but if any skill is involved then unlikely

2) Michael has taken notes about ALL the things that Joe shared so he can expose him in multiple ways with specific things Jas said, requests she made, when the alliance was created, etc, etc.

Although the favorite thing for hamsters to do is to blame the outgoing guest, Joe would have a hard time placing the blame for all his spy details on Indy. What’s more, if Michael was in danger he could say go ask xx & xx they’ll confirm Joe has been doing this for FOUR weeks!

un autre nom

Sometimes I try to figure out how I would respond if I were in the House in certain situations. This week…. I’d have gotten myself in so much damn trouble.
As I’ve said before I can’t imagine myself lasting in bb for even a week before I got evicted for eyerolling too hard or saying something too deadpan and hurting someone’s feelings.
Jasmine would have been told to get up off her ass and get it her own damn self weeks ago. Playing for money and you can’t even wipe your own ass? Buhbye. Starve.
This week I’d have called out the spygame crap much more strenuously in that group meeting: Actually, I’d have left the room, gone and told the wicked stepsisters, gone back and said too bad, it’s already out in the open, sucks to be you, now you’re in the same boat as the rest of us if one of them wins hoh, welcome to the alliance, dipshit.
This week I’d have told Taylor no. After her first night plans I’d have said no. Once her plans changed, then changed again, I’d have said screw this, get your head out of your ass, you picked Terrance first, so Terrance it is not another word. I mean… this week was stupid.
Yeah. There’s a reason I’d be voted out early.


But we’d love to watch it !!

Marlene Wagoner KUFFEL

Yes, Agree, Get Off Your Lazy Ass, And Quit Playing A Criple, You Act L like You Broke Your Ankle Jasmine, You’re A Sorry Mess


Turner: It’s your birthday year. LOL




Hay Ho, love Turner.

Christime Ahrens

I like turner cuz no noneswnse person
And monte


Miss Michigan’s mind: earning London TRIP & 1st week safety in a nutshell.

un autre nom

There was probably some libations at the 1/2 way.
Jasmine is upset with Britt.
Basics: Britt telling Indy that people were being wishy washy made Jasmine admit she was being wishy washy. That’s what it all really comes down to.
throwing in her relationship with Taylor is baiting. Someone called Jasmine on her shit and she had to own it.
She’s saying all of this to Alyssa. Alyssa knows Britt is aware of how the vote is going, they talked about how Jasmine was trying to put the vote on others and not own it herself for jury management.

Funny thing at this point is… calling out Britt’s relationship with Taylor and Britt saying they don’t talk game is pretty true right now. Their last three conversations have been about Joseph, the faumance, and how Kyle not using veto was a personal insult. Amount of strategic planning for their supposed final 3/2…. negligible.

Michael informed Taylor he wants to give Indy a sympathy vote as long as it doesn’t push a tie. Taylor is okay with that because they’ve got the numbers. Reality: Michael has been pushing for Terrance to go all week. They just overruled him every time he said. Second Reality: Wonder how she thinks about it when Michael leaves the room. Third Reality: How does Joseph feel when he can’t throw a sympathy vote now. Suddenly it’s going to be a realllllly big deal, i suspect.


I hope Indy ends up with 5 sympathy votes just to confuse the group even more. What can Taylor do about it?


I really hope this is the case. At this point, why not? I’m sick of Terrence almost as much as Jasmine.


Joseph seems to be pushing to ALSO give a sympathy vote (we knew that was coming). As for Michael’s sympathy vote, Taylor seemed okay with it (even when after he left the HOH room). And to be fair, the way he presented it was allowing her to say no. He told her he didn’t want Indy leaving on a unanimous vote but that the alliance meant more so if it wasn’t cool he wouldn’t do it.

Monte was in the room so they both had an opportunity to say something if it bothered them & they didn’t. And sorry, but Joe can’t say sh*t bc if he continues to play the spy role & get the benefit of that – who is he to judge anyone doing something outside the LOs?

I’m more curious to see if Joe votes for Indy too & wonder how that will impact people & whether they’ll say – okay so he never gets nominated by anyone – shares what he feels like & now he also gets to vote for them to get their jury votes.

I like Joseph a lot & have enjoyed watching how he navigates the game in his roller-coaster fashion but it feels like he’s just doing too much & it’s going to come crashing down on him soon. His draw in the five tomorrow will be interesting bc if he gets lucky with the right people surrounding him it might buy him an extra week of safety but the wrong draw will put him in immediate jeopardy.


Miss Michigan’s mind: earning a London Trip & round 1 safety in a nutshell.


Taylor taking no ownership of her moves or nominees. Instead, pin tomorrows eviction on Alyssa over taking a prize that wasn’t hers is sickening. Taylor ego is messed in the head with a distorted reality to think 4th place warrants a prize.

No Name

Taylor’s HOH is 100% successful.Wait.Here me out.She came into the house wanting to attach herself to the muscle guys as their puppet.Mission accomplished.


Miss Michigan’s mind: earning a London Trip & round 1 safety in a nutshell.
Once again, take no ownership of your moves or nominations. Don’t select the veto. Instead, pin tomorrows eviction on Alyssa not taking the veto and for taking a prize that wasn’t yours. Taylor’s ego is messed in the head with a distorted reality to think 4th place warrants a prize. She must of been at Flint, Michigan megabowl for Semi-Pro.

un autre nom

Jasmine told Alyssa she doesn’t want to vote out black people and referenced the cookout for her reason to evict Indy. Jasmine… oh Jabba. I mean we all know she’s making up an excuse. Chicken wings are more down for the cause than Jasmine. I don’t like this use the cause excuse she’s come up with. Opportunist.
Now imagine what happens if Alyssa tells Kyle she said that. Kyle, who believed Nicole about the Frat/Sorority rumor that started juicing up his pre-existing paranoia that the BBQ was coming to get him. Incendiary.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a random draw tomorrow isn’t in Production’s best interest to continue their storyline. Then again, I never think anything is random. But if you’ve already been editing your episodes in such a way that you want the chaos, you are going to make sure the chaos happens.
The minute houseguests go into the backyard for HOH they are going to know something is up if the house is indoor and outdoor teams. Just saying.

Michael joined that HOH a good long time ago, and talkblocked Monte and Taylor. What. That was the purpose. He should be doing that. He knows Monte is one of the first four (his name for Pound), that he said Michael should go at 7, and fears that Monte is influencing Taylor. If he isn’t Monte’s shadow before the next HOH he’s being stupid.

Surprising absolutely nobody, Jasmine is hiding that jar of cake sprinkles in her sock drawer. PLEASE MAKE HER AN OUTSIDE…. PLEASE? Then again she thinks Alyssa wasn’t the blindside target if Kyle used veto because she can read people. Someone tell the idiot to take the crayon out of her nose, she’s poked brain matter. Still thinks Taylor would have put up Monte because that’s what she wanted her to do. Okay… both crayons.

So what we have just seen from Joseph’s rabidgamersquirreling?
Joseph has just walked in to Jasmine and Alyssa, who were voting Indy out, and gives them reason after reason to keep Indy. Now he’s telling the Leftover guys that there is a crisis… that HE CREATED, but guess who he’s putting it on? psst… whose name does he say at every opportunity? Kyle pushes back saying Alyssa is voting with him, so Joseph shifts to Jasmine. REALITY: Rabidgamersquirrel move.
NOTE: Joseph pushed that Terrance is the cookout’s Couch. Joseph tells the boys that the two girls think Terrance is the Couch. In case anyone wanted clarification on why I think Joseph has been leading witnesses and then putting his word in their mouths… there it is again.


So maybe I was too quick on thinking Joseph could get out of this week Scott Free. I mean I did expect him to do something to try to keep Indy but unlike some of his greater efforts THIS like Taylor’s HOH reign was simply MESSY!

With Kyle present for Joe’s storytelling, he can easily suss out what really happened just be asking Ally. She can expose how Joseph PRESENTED reasons to keep Ally & said Terrance is like Big D. If he then talks to Jas separately (or someone else does) & gets the same story – oh oh.

This has the potential to really backfire on him. It was one thing for him to be playing a double agent but having a talk like that with more than one person present (possible deniability) means he’s opened himself up to be exposed as the instigator.

I mean I guess we shouldn’t be surprised bc he was chained to Taylor for 48 hours and was close to going into withdrawal not being able to run all over the house. But this was one of his sloppiest efforts to date. Relying on Jas & Ally to keep this quiet is asking a lot.

Bad timing by Joseph heading into this twist.

un autre nom

But Michael and Kyle have already clocked Joseph in two of his tales. One was when he put words in Indy’s mouth that Michael knew was a lie. The other was the Alyssa voting out Kyle debacle, where Joseph had to admit he didn’t hear Alyssa say it as he presented, but that Jasmine told him she could get Alyssa to vote out Kyle.
The whole alliance clocked Joseph for the spygames. He promised to end them, then doubled down the next day saying they were necessary going into next week (when the whole 2 women plotting would be earth shattering… considering one of the two is in a showmance with another member). At this point… the alliance is being so willfully ignorant that I have to wonder if they are being told to drop the subject in D/R.


It DEFINITELY feels like TPTB are driving this agenda in the DR.

Other items which seem questionable – is the sudden shift by JasMEAN on several fronts like her seeming to bury the season-long dislike of Taylor and Tucker (sorry – she’s despised both all season and now she likes both of them???). It couldn’t possibly be bc they are two of the most popular players, could it?


Oh – and did you catch Indy and Jasmine’s chat about who Joe likes? Apparently he told them he likes someone ‘who isn’t available’ & they noted that could only be each other or Brittany. Indy said it’s not me & Jasmine said ‘do y’all think it’s me?

This started way back in week one when Jasmine was saying Joseph was acting inappropriately around her – that she’s a married woman. At the time he wasn’t doing anything & bells went off for me – SHE LIKES HIM.

Flash forward a few weeks & we’ve heard her say to him ‘yeah, but even if I was single no one in here would like me.’ ‘Would they?’ She was fishing for compliments & I’ve caught her having that exact conversation with him at least 3 times.

What I think happened was this was his way of selling the fauxmance was over & also maybe gaining more loyalty from Indy/Jas via what he thought was subtle flirting.

Instead, now Jas thinks he likes her more than a friend.

I can’t — can we PLEASE have her relegated to the outside team & boot her a$$ next week? And, I don’t care if they tell her prior OR in her GBM but someone PLEASE spill how Taylor wanted to target Ally, the existence of the Leftovers AND how it was a smart move to use Joseph as a spy to get information for her & the Five Swatters but unfortunately they were 4 weeks late b/c he’s been spying on them for the past month & sharing everything with the Leftovers!


Boot her a$$ out along with her lame a$$ boot as a consolation prize!


When asked in the beginning who his type was, the first person he said was JASMINE! LOL….I bet he regrets that now.


They’re silly for keeping Terrance. Indy plays a far more straight up game than that dude.


au contraire mon cheri.While Terrance plays a frustrating game, Indy is more of a threat


She is as much of a threat as a plastic knife on an airplane. Yeah, anybody could be a threat but what are the chances? She is not that great with mental comps, and she is not a physical threat. Terrance on the other hand almost won Otev. What makes him more of a threat is his social game. Somehow he has Monte on his side despite the fact that he is constantly gunning for him. Almost everyone wants to sit next to him at the end. He is a habitual liar with no loyalty.


I totally agree. I think Terrance has been slithering around under everyone’s noses, if they’re not careful, he will be part of the f3. Jmo I can’t stand Terrance.


For sure, she may be totally clueless but you know where her loyalties lie. Terrance just goes where the couch blows him.

un autre nom

Remember when Taylor said absolutely not to Joseph’s tie vote plan and he agreed with her?
Yeah. anyone that thought he wasn’t going to keep pushing for that tie vote has not watched him.

un autre nom

Indy and Jasmine. Eyeroll.
Trying to decide who Joseph has a real thing for because there’s no way he’d have a thing for Taylor. Indy takes herself out of the running. They think maybe Alyssa, before Jasmine comes to the conclusion that Joseph has a thing for her.

Jasmine is still mad at Britt for calling out Jasmine’s duplicity. Now Britt isn’t loyal to Girls Girls, the alliance they tossed her out of after Ameerah left week three. She’s not loyal because they don’t meet enough. sideye. Funny how people that know they’ve been ghosted by their alliance don’t stay loyal. I mean… oh come on. She wants to call out Britt after the vote.

That’s a few minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

Joe is most definitely and most blatantly asking the alliance to help him figure out a loophole so that he can vote for Indy to stay and keep her jury vote. If I’m in that alliance… and see he’s willing to let it go to a tie… he’s ditched. The more Joseph pushes he should get to vote Indy, the less Michael is backing down. Two secret lawyers. Eyeroll.
Q: how is Joseph trying to screw Taylor’s HOH by making a tie vote not as bad as or worse than Kyle not usng veto? We all knew this was coming, so I’ve been waiting to ask.
Chances it IS a tie vote? less than 30% right now. But the way Joseph is pushing should be red flagging EVERYONE. I refer back to my thought i’d be downstairs outing him right now, walking back to him and saying welcome to the alliance.
But no, Taylor is trying to find a way so that Joseph can keep his jury vote, even if it screws her out of 3 jury votes. If I’m MIchael this cements to me that Taylor is 100% in Joseph’s back pocket.


Jas told Indy while they were having the party and feeds were down Joseph told her he is interested in someone that is “not available”. In her mind it can only be her, who could he be thinking about on HER birthday?

un autre nom

backstory. Joseph asked Indy if she thought a woman already involved had a thing for him.
Jasmine heard it as Joseph has a thing for a woman already involved.
And now Ren and Stimpy are on the case.


Ten and Stimpy. Lol! Love it!


Maybe Ally and that’s why he has a hardon for kyle? This whole house is a hot mess and tonite is our birthday!

un autre nom

Or maybe Joseph was just asking Indy if she thought Gasmean was flirting with him too much and too inappropriately… but doing it in such a way that Indy didn’t pick up the clue.

un autre nom

Jasmine is currently pouting in bed because other houseguests are eating the left over pizza from the half way party. Apparently pizza is the new chicken wings and she wasn’t asked permission on her birthday week (yup she’s dedicated the entire week to herself) before people ate what she considers to be her property.
I’m just saying this once, if production ever rigs an HOH for her … oi fuqety vey.


i’m having a hard time deciphering the edit on her. they keep giving her screen time with her awful analogies and the attempts at a british accent after the comp. someone in production must think she’s funny, because i certainly don’t and i don’t get the impression viewers do either.


The way they edit her AND Terrence bothers me. It’s like they want to show her as the sweet, cute funny girl someone America will vote for AFP. You have Terrence, the old guy who, I don’t know, is he supposed to be nice or something? I mean come on, he’s an a$$ hole!


They are both a$$holes!


For real!


The Fates have decreed “If Jasmine has a child, she is giving birth to each of her children in the middle of July” 🙂


Yeah, I saw that. She is just gross.


They already did. Her foot touched the ground when she “hurt” her ankle. She should have been out. Instead, she stays in for a pie eating competition — the only thing she could excel at.


Omg lmao, good one.


If they rig it for her, I swear I’ll quit watching. She has been pandered too long enough. It’s ridiculous!


With Joseph trying to pull the flip vote & blaming it on Ally – isn’t ANYONE in the Leftovers going to comment on the fact it’s odd this would happen shortly after Joe/Taylor’s punishment ended?


un autre nom

I’m not as awake or alert as I’d like to be for this conversation.
Basically, Joseph is willing to tell Indy that he isn’t voting for her, but he wants himself and Britt to do it together. So… he’s planning to pin him not voting for Indy on Britt to Jasmine is what I’m taking from this. Guessing: Reveal of Girls Girls and Five Swatters?
Don’t quote me on the last sentence, but I can see the wheels turning in Joseph’s head. He’s already thought of how he’s going to spin this to Jasmine.

un autre nom

About that… I fell asleep before Joseph and Britt’s bathroom talk.
Joseph doesn’t want to do the alliance reveal plan the way that he agreed he would with the alliance. SHOCKER. Eyeroll.
He wants to stay under cover with the swatters, so wants to keep the reveal really vague with no names… i think he wants Britt to do the talking.

Remember Britt’s gbm she was practicing in the have not room? It had names.


He is just like rat face Andy from I believe season 15. I do not admire his game at all.

Christime Ahrens

Personally I font think I’d ladt with these houseguest this season except two of tgem. Big babies grown ppl.indy said sged quit cuz she dont want to go to jury.
Geez I’d go.


I think tonight’s edit of Jasmine will tell us exactly what BB thinks of Jasmine. If I recall correctly, nothing was mentioned last night of her birthday. I know that the houseguests were complaining that all she could talk about during the prize portion of the competition was “my birthday” & how she thought she should get the trip because “It’s my birthday”.
If they are as tired of her as most viewers are, & no longer have any patience for her histrionics, I imagine no mention of her birthday will be shown & only the 1/2 celebration instead. Or, instead, they will mock her & her party. I personally, hope they ignore it. Imagine her face when she finally watches the season and sees how ridiculous she has been.


I wonder how her husband feels about her behavior.


He’s probably used to it and embarrassed that everyone now sees the real her.


He’s probably thrilled she made it to jury instead of coming home. 😉


I might be the only one on this site that finds Taylor addicted to the camera. We
all know she is HOH, so get rid of the pink bathrobe. I truly believe she wants to be a
Lays spokesperson but her personality is just so vindictive imho.


I said the same thing about Monte in that damn bathrobe. I’m like, we get it…you’re HOH


Notice too that she’s not carrying that potato chip bag anymore, I guess it served it’s purpose!


Is it just me or was Taylor a lock for Americas favorite player before this week, and most likely completely f-ed that up?


I want Terrance the terrible gone. Indy can stay, win an HOH and put Tayler up on the block. Taylor pisses me off with her sloppiness. Put her on slop with Jassmean. Only interested in camera time.


I kinda want them 2 stuck in the backyard group, both are high maintenance.


Taylor can be in the inside group. For obvious reasons, Jasmine should be in the Outside group

un autre nom

I don’t really care about ANYONE else. As my only current NOPE, I want bad things like living outside for Jasmine. I’m petty that way.


We don’t always agree but in terms of Jasmine we are on the same page , lol

un autre nom

The edit last night. just spitballing.
We know the edit is not what we see. Come on, how many seasons have we been watching? It’s always time flippy with massive cuts that make some houseguests look like they are nicer, or playing better than they are.
Did I think the edit was too down on Taylor? Can I be honest with you? Nothing they did to explain getting from point A through the maze to point B, through another maze to point C and through yet another maze to point D was ever going to look good. She started the week saying no woman is going home, I want to evict the man who betrayed me… and ended up at I want two women on the block that bitch gotta go.
The she was justified crowd are the same people I expect to tweet “Taylor farts in such a charming way.”
I don’t hate Taylor. I think Taylor’s HOH was a clusterduck of HOHITIS that she alllowed to be controlled by a rabidgamersquirrel man because she likes how he looks with his shirt off.
I thought Taylor should have taken the veto herself if she wanted control. She didn’t.
In what universe did she really think that Kyle was going to say yes to using the veto to get rid of Alyssa? That’s not even remotely… it’s just so illogical…. i just… what?
If Taylor had taken the veto, the trip would be in Indy’s hand. Alyssa would have taken the trip still. Jasmine would have taken the trip still. They both had Taylor’s word they were safe. So Kyle would have either taken veto from Taylor or he wouldn’t. Chaos would have been the result in the house. Indy would be the one mad at Alyssa. This breaks up the women. Kyle would either be revealed as trusting Taylor, or not trusting her.
Taylor got lured by the bait, but wanted her cake and to eat her cake too. Sorry, that’s the reality. HOHITIS.


I have seen HoHitis in previous seasons (For example Frenchie & Rachel) and Taylor doesn’t even come close IMO to having a bad case of it especially since she realized what a mess her HoH had become.

un autre nom

How to tell if an HOH has HOHITIS

  • Do they wear their robe around the house or to ceremonies?
  • Do they expect others to immediately do as they say, no matter what?
  • Do they think they have control of the whole week because they are HOH?
  • Do they make others feel unappreciated or undervalued (especially allies) during their HOH?

These are the signs I look for.


Do they throw a hissy fit when every plan of their train wreck HOH doesn’t work out?

un autre nom

I think hissy fit is just a part of casting now.
hi blank,
we’ve looked at your insta and your linked in.
Do you want to make some money?
just send us a video of how you hissy fit, and that money could be yours.


I don’t watch the recorded ones anymore, I only watch the live shows.


Me too! The televised shows give a misleading edit. Never show what has really happened. It make the a$$holes look not as horrible as they are.


I still watch bc I want to see the DRs & some bits that occur when feeds are down.

un autre nom

Bedtime shoutouts had every member of leftovers call out their fave player.
Both Monte and Joseph said Xavier.
Later, Joseph talks about X’s big plan to drag the Couch to the end to win.
The house equates Couch with Terrance, but Joseph has also equated Couch to Jasmine.
Do the math people.

Tactical error? J talking to Turner said they have to stick together because everyone else in the Leftovers had another alliance plan. He tells Turner the Oasis wasn’t real to him. It was real to Turner… it’s why Turner believes so much in the Pound.


Terrance is so angry and rude behind their back but in front it’s like “I got you”. Did you hear him saying to Monte, after pushing for “big threat Monte” to go up on the block, that going after big threats is a bunch of BS. “Let’s make a move, I got you.” He is so bad at this game and an asshat to boot. Then we have Jasmine deciding over who to vote out, Terrance or Indy (her girl), “I just can’t vote out a black person”. So effing lame. They should make bringing up skin color a penalty because it’s racist. I so want Terrance out, he does not deserve to be there, he’s just as useless as Jasmine.


Terrace and Jasmine are transparent to the houseguests with their behavior so getting rid of them would be because the other houseguests are annoyed by them not because they are a threat. Monte and crew realized what he was doing early on.


What are you talking about!? Terrance and Jasmine have been running the show for weeks! From MuffinGate to BirthDateGate. Not to mention Terrance’s big moves all season long. He is such a threat that he’s been on the block 4 times and somehow they just can’t get rid of him. He’s that good. And I bet starting next week, they’ll stop throwing comps and will steamroll everyone… Just wait!


Could Production be telling the houseguests about Double Eviction right now during rehearsal?


How I feel about this season


Hey Guys, Taylor Fans in specific. Taylor has been nominated for BEST REALITY STAR by E! NEWS Annual TV Scoop Awards. If you desire, please vote for Taylor at this Link.




Also notable: JasMEAN told Joe/Indy to this point in the season (40-something days) the house has NOT seen who she really is but they’re about to see a side of her they haven’t.

She’s warned of this prior when she was mad at Taylor or Brittany but if Muffin Top thinks the house or the fans don’t realize she can be a b*tch, a mean girl & cruel than she has zero ability to recognize what she puts off.

un autre nom

I’ve read that this morning Monte aplogized to Taylor for week one.
Before anyone says slate wiped, what a great guy…. I need a couple questions answered.
DID he admit he and the boys had already convinced Elvis to renom her?
DID he admit that he intentionally went to 4 people then Paloma to START the drama as cover for WHY she was being renom (keep Daniel from changing his mind)?

If the answer is no, and it was just an apology for not believing Taylor about Paloma… I’ll pass on the apology as not being authentic because it didn’t take responsibility.

If the answer is yes, he owned all of his bullshit in week one…. good for him.


He DID NOT – here’s the majority of what he said…

It brings me back to the first week – when you told me that stuff about Paloma, again I just want to apologize. Cause like, I think, like in that moment it was just so easy especially since I had walked in with all of them – like Pal, Kyle, Jasmine. To just assume like we’d been talking throughout this period, so I wouldn’t have any suspicion of her working with anybody else.

But since it was the first time we’d (him & Taylor) been talking game it just felt like I don’t know if I can believe this let me go back to her & ask her about it. And honestly, it still could’ve been believable but the WAY SHE BLEW IT UP AFTERWARDS like the writing was sort of on the wall, that like she was clearly upset with you about you telling me the truth and I guess SHE CONVINCED EVERYONE in the house to sort of believe that narrative that Taylor was talking sh*t about Paloma when you were really just telling the truth.’

He finished by saying he’s going to feel like an idiot & you need to get humbled every now & then. SO – was the apology sincere (yeah) was it completely transparent (NO) & he went on to push how the 3 FS girls are still clinging to each other.
MANY jumped to credit him (even Tiffany) saying he took accountability for his actions & his self-reflection shows growth and maturity.

Of course, all the twitter folk are lining up to say what a great guy he is & he’s forgiven. FWIW, I do think he really cares about Taylor. I’ve always maintained the only reason Monte did that was to dispel this season would play out exactly like last year. He was wary of being lumped into a category of being another intelligent/alpha male similar to his FAVORITE player Xavier. Did he jump the gun on that take YES but it also turns out he had reason to worry given how Kyle’s viewed the house dynamics.

By the same token it’s frustrating that ANYTHING Monte or Joe do is acceptable game play whereas EVERYTHING Michael & Brittany do is labeled as them being rats & racists.

It’s disheartening bc I like all four of those individuals but it’s not cut & dry. Joseph makes deliberate moves that endanger Taylor’s game but Britt/Michael get ghosted by her for a week & try to do something similar to Joe and only his moves are acceptable.

I don’t feel like waging war with the social media folks to offer up sound strategy or logic so I’m posting far less this season which sucks.

Oh well.


I need someone who’s not steeped in BBTwitter fandom to help me with this.

Is Kyle racist?

un autre nom

Is he swastika or white pillowcase? i don’t think so.
Does he allow his biases to form his opinions? I think so.
He’s been awfully quick to make assumptions, and shift his perspective of his environment to fit those assumptions even when the evidence doesn’t add up.

He’s said things I find microaggressive. He’s said things I find to be borderline prejudicial.
The difference is I actually am not sure he’s conscious of it.
If he is conscious, and continues to do it, he crosses into racist territory.
If it is unconscious that he is being prejudicial that’s implicit bias.
People that use implicit bias to form their perspective can be alerted easily, if someone says something to them calling out the assumptions.

My answer would be: he’s got implicit bias for sure, but i’m not sure if he crosses into consciously racist… i need more data.


Thanks for the explanation.


He’s a MAGAt which doesn’t speak well for him.

Do I think he’s a cross burning Klan member? No. I think he’s just naive and has some biases he needs to deal with. For instance, when he assumed every nonwhite person was working together despite clear evidence they weren’t. Just lumped them all together and called it the Cookout 2.0 because it’s all the same right?


NO. Every year they try to promote this about somebody. They will try to get rid of Monte cause he is a threat. Not because he is black. Terrence because he sucks and Jass because she is a twat.


It’s not about his targets it’s more about the things he says and the way he treats POC.


Absolutely not.


Yes and extremely paranoid. That alliance had his back.


Why is Michael’s name not above his picture on top? They’re all there except the evicted guests, you’re gonna jinx him.


I blame Dawg on that one.. LOL. I’ll fix it in the next update. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂


Ok, at least they are showing Michael plotting even if it is mainly through his DR sessions. So far Brittany is invisible in this episode


Anyone else annoyed with all of Taylor’s anger about the veto? She COULD HAVE CHOSEN THE VETO AND DID NOT. So SHUT UP. Acting so entitled. I didn’t like her in the beginning, then I felt bad for her, back to my original gut instinct.
Go Michael I guess?



BB24 2022-08-18 18-55-00-939.jpg

Hey at least they didn’t air that party. I knew that they would air footage on the punishments but didn’t think that the 1st hour would be full of filler material instead of having the eviction in the 1st hour


Someone needs to tell her that the excessive eyebrows and fake mole are not a good look. Kinda like electrical tape with lines drawn up to her forehead.

Julie Chen

This is why we need thumbs down!

un autre nom

I call this one “chicken wing nightmare” though scary blow up doll did come to mind.

scary blowup doll.jpeg
un autre nom

Kyle and Joseph centric the pound. the leftovers. Five Swatters.
Taylor HOH. Terrance target. Pound goes after Indy. Taylor caves.
Veto comp. Alyssa took trip.
Taylor wants to change target. The guys like that. Michael doesn’t like it.
Will Kyle do it… will they implode.
Live Audience.
The target keeps shifting. Yup.
Michael gives Kyle the heads up.
Michael d/r: showmance bigger target than 5 comp wins?
Kyle d/r new target? why am i left out?
Joseph is trying to sell it. Monte is trying to sell it.
it’s to weaken Kyle’s game.
Monte d/r she stopped being emotional and came around to logic (or agreed with him).
Joseph and Monte are boys. Joseph and Taylor getting close. Is this attacking my game?
Taylor and Joseph talk.
Taylor d/r: it’s my hoh are you in the alliance or not.
Michael wants to fan flames. He wants to be on the sidelines. um.
Taylor says she’d think team first. What if Kyle doesn’t use it?
So at 7 Kyle becomes target if he doesn’t do what they want.
Performance. Grab a band mate. There’s a couple songs.
Britt d/r She can hear it in d/r. Turner d/r doesn’t like. Not Fire.
Meeting number 3 makes the show.
crickets. Taylor wants Indy and Terrance to be the last 2. Alyssa goes up.
Kyle is trying to come up with non Alyssa reasons.
Turner is trying to keep Alyssa, but he’s letting Kyle stick his neck out.
Monte speaks of alliance and unity.
Taylor is alliance biggest move. showmance. reality was more do what i want or you’re out to the other Leftovers. wanted to trick him or strong arm him. REMEMBER, I GOT PISSED OFF BY THE STRONG ARM TALK.
Michael is lines in the sand.
Noms stay the same is agreed. THIS WAS THE THIRD MEETING, even after 3 they wanted to have a 4th meeting. Lots of pouty pouty faces.
Kyle doesn’t plan to use the veto.
Indy near tears.
Taylor yells at Kyle, saying play along.
Kyle thinks it’s overkill.
INDY D/R: Alliance and don’t use it? What? Flyswatters should save me… so ….
TERRANCE D/R: I need to get up and work magic to get votes.
JAS D/R: This is SO bad and hard on ME.
Joseph D/R: how long can I keep up the spygame. HE WANTS TO KEEP IT GOING.
Michael/Britt/Taylor: was that believable.
Terrance joins: You aren’t going anywhere.
Another Taylor last minute plan… and of course Joseph and Monte are happily on board.
Kyle tries to rope in Britt and Michael. Kyle reveals: the first four. then three added for numbers.
Michael D/R is tired of being an afterthought.
Where does Turner stand? That’s important.
Michael and Britt are talking about the optics of Cookout happening again.
Britt and Michael don’t want it to be a race war. back to day 31 flashback where Kyle thinks it could be a cookout type thing. The BBQ is what I called it.
Britt talks to Kyle. Kyle pushes last season. Don’t assume. Britt not down to be Eva Braun.
181 to go. But first tramp stamp.
Terrance thinks the late night stuff is a punishment. The Leftovers haven’t even started their pre-meeting time yet.
Chess. Joseph won’t play. playing dumb. Michael is throwing chess.
The breakup that became being bf/gf. Will you pass a note to me after 3rd period?
Kyle lies to everyone. They skipped 10 seconds of meh.
Taylor decides Joseph is her Skid.
48 hours of accents. They suck at the accents.
Past half way point: what are you missing Jasmine: not her husband. Michael: fiance and cats. Kyle: Grandma Pat (cringe?) Monte: family. Britt: husband. Alyssa: family and sunsets. Turner: Megan.
Extended talk to Terrance about tattoos.
Extended talk to Taylor and Joseph.
Extended talk to Indy about Costume.





Oh my god they did the Jaba birthday barf


Weird how the Taylor hate train jumps to defend Kyle at every turn. Wonder why lol.

un autre nom

The Leftovers is counting on everyone being on the same page?
More Tattoo Terrance filler.
Jasmine’s Birthday Filler guest starring Turner
aw. a card. Turner doesn’t like this. now he has to come up with 2 things he likes about Jasmine.
Demanding a card.
Directing her own birthday toasts. Turner is dying.
More Taylor and Joseph.
campaigning included.
Michael wants to give a sympathy vote. dangerous scary music. Meeting two.
NOTE: Michael had permission without scary music hours earlier. What’s up with the scary music??? That’s a choice.
Joseph wants to give a sympathy vote. Taylor is not happy with sympathy votes.
Taylor prefers unanimous. Then why did she give permission hours earlier?
Michael D/R shaky ground for the alliance.
Indy: family call. roomates. Latina / Brazillian. favela. I love you. 9 year stuggle. Summer House.
Terrance: family call. 182 reasons to stay. consistency. vote for your boy.
evict Indy
Monte, Joseph, Jasmine, Alyssa, Britt, Turner, Kyle.
evict Terrance
Indy stops to primp. Hugs all around. Regret this everyone, gave you my best you will see, love you, not mad, best winner or I will be mad.
Julie/Indy interview
Indy thought she had more votes. Thought she could trust her allies.
Taylor said safe and you’re evicted. Thoughts? not intention. She blames Kyle. Kyle protecting Monte. Five swatters. Why didn’t alliance save her? the lying and manipulating is not the BB Brazil way.
Alyssa roomies and festy besties
Terrance walked in together
Monte I didn’t want to vote you out
Joseph I love you Princess of Favela.
Taylor humiliated by this.
Michael reveals the Leftovers.
Announcement that a big twist is happening. SPLIT HOUSE TWIST.
2 games simultaneaously. 2 HOH.
big bro-chella indoor game. dire-fest outdoor game. double eviction next week.
section a b or c holding the VIP sign winner indoor. runner up outdoor
Britt v Terrance Terrance wins.
Joseph v Jasmine Jasmine wins
Monte v Turner Turner wins
Alyssa v Terrance Terrance wins
Michael v Kyle Michael wins
Terrance v Jasmine Terrance wins
Turner v Michael Michael wins
Terrance v Michael
Michael wins Big Bro-chella
Terrance wins Dire-fest.
school yard pick
undetermined at end of episode.

BB24 WEEK 7.jpg