Taylor “The only way I’m f**ked is if I am up there next to Terrance.. like I have to come down.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael Taylor & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used. Taylor nominated
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Michael used the Power of Veto on himself. Daniel nominated Taylor in his place.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


7:10pm Kitchen – Daniel and Brittany.
Brittany – I don’t know what this next week holds but you’re good in my book. Daniel – oh my god thank you. Brittany – it kind of goes without saying but I wanted to say it. Daniel – I appreciate that leaving power, I don’t know who is going to come after me. Everyone says we’re chill and you never know. I am in the same boat where like we’ve got to stop thinking about it… whatever is going to happen will happen. Brittany – my perspective is that I am going to a select few people and telling them if I am here, you’re safe. Daniel – yeah definitely do it before someone gets power. Brittany – It meant a lot to me that you put a bigger threat on the block here because I feel like if I am up against Taylor, I would stay. Daniel – I think any of you (Brittany, Paloma, Alyssa) are going to be safe against her (Taylor). Brittany – against Taylor, okay. They speculate on how the backstage twist will work. Brittany – how does someone come back from this (backstage). Daniel – winning HOH. Prove yourself immediately. Brittany – I just have to win.

7:50pm – 8:05pm Storage room. Pooch and Taylor.
Taylor – couple options.. if this boss situation ends up someone from the three have to go up. Would you put Brittany up? And take me down? Pooch – Yes, yes yes. Pooch – because I believe Brittany going up doesn’t rattle the house .. because I think its going to be her next week. Give people another week of chilling… na I don’t want to say that there’s things going on. Taylor – if its a third nom situation, you’d still put her up? Pooch yeah. Pooch – because I think it will be hard to beat Brittany and easy to beat Terrance. That’s what you have to sell. I think you’re smart and you have a mind of your own. I could see everyone how is on the block stays this week.

8:10pm Bedroom. Jasmine, Joe, Daniel, Turner, Indy.
They’re sitting around chatting and doing their nails. Joe fell asleep and then wakes up and asks when they painted his nails. Joe – I just got backdoored! I am in shock that someone painted my nails.

8:15pm Storage room. Taylor and Michael.
Taylor – I think there is a shot if I can either compete in some sort of people on the block and people in the backstage situation. I could come down and someone else could go up. I am hoping for it. Michael – MMmmmmhmmm yeah. Have you talked to any of the backstage people.. Big Brother switches the feeds.. Taylor – If Brittany won some type of power I feel like she would protect me. Michael – because you’re in the same room right? Taylor – Mmmmhmm.. The only way I am f**ked is if I am up there next to Terrance. Like I have to come down. There is no way .. I have you and I have Turner but there is no way I get three more votes. Michael – have you talked to Monte at all? Taylor – Monte is with Terrance which like I get it. And everyone else is like I am going with the house.. I am going with the house. You’re just a really big threat and its easy for us to all get you out now… which I can respect. I could ask Indy .. I think there might be something were I could ask her for one more week. But almost everyone is just going with the house which sucks. I don’t think there would be backlash for you if you give me a sympathy vote. Michael – Mmmhhmmmm.

8:42pm The live feeds switch to the kitten cams.

9:13pm Still blocked..

10:05pm Still nothing..

10:43pm Nothing but kittens.. p

3:26am The feeds are still blocked showing the kitten cams.. The live feeds will likely be blocked until after Thursdays Live Eviction episode.

** Rumor has it that Paloma has self-evicted / quit Big Brother – She’s left the house.. **

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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un autre nom

Thursday Episode I’m not even separating the facts from the Ed. opinions for this one…
They went all in with the sanitized edit again.
Shocking announcement and tears.
Backstage twist is jeopardized by something unforeseen Julie says.
Post veto ceremony:
Taylor D/R: tears that she’s hurt people.
Daniel D/R: blah blah poor Paloma.
Terrance D/R: personally likes the woman he joined in to call the big bitch.
Paloma D/R: use her power to make Taylor go home.
Paloma bullshits to Taylor. eyeroll.
Taylor D/R: does Paloma have best interest at heart?
Taylor wants to know who she hurt: investigation.
Pre-campaigning Investigation:
Ameerah knows more than she should.
Monte blows smoke. He completely intend for everything to blow up.
Monte cover d/r.
Taylor talks to Paloma. Paloma shuts it down because Paloma is Buddha…. um. yeesh.
One houseguest exits Julie says.
Girls Girls looks to branch out? Um.
We go back to Day 2. the first Mamba before Pooch was ditched.
Forward to between noms and veto comp:
Ameerah calling it her side alliance. Later that day she said Girls Girls is the side.
Kyle d/r: oh. i’m in an alliance.
Kyle and Monte want pooch to be a ghost. Michael is the new Pooch.
Michael was no way about this alliance until he was nominated and then counted on it to save his bacon.
Let’s do the Timewarp again…..
Pooch and Britt talking after veto. Britt screws up.
names Ameerah (after Monte told Ameerah Pooch was a target). wait 18 minutes (i timed it). Pooch goes to Ameerah.
Ameerah: Now the side alliance is the prime alliance. That was the case days before.
Britt gets interrogated by Jas and Ameerah after they already told the rest of the women.
Britt becomes the new Taylor explanation.
Paloma can’t sleep. Exhaustion. Anxiety.
They are being kind. Really kind.
Alyssa getting worried in d/r.
Turner inclusion. i sideye that. What. I do.
House worries about Paloma.
Daniel announcement call.
Personal matter: Paloma will not continue in the game.
Prayer from Monte. America the grace not to judge. (honestly i judge a bit, not her but the edit this week).
Brittany won safety vote. But so what? Quizical look…. What?
How does tonight change:
would have been a head to head battle of one nom vs one backstage loser goes.
Alyssa and Brittany are both safe.
No eviction. (they totally reversed season 19 precedent Megan quit on the block they still had an eviction of Jillian). I’m just saying.
Head to head races. Obstacle course no ground touching. (smokes: wins easilly)
Pooch vs Michael Michael smokes Pooch.
Taylor vs. Alyssa Taylor smokes Alyssa.
Indy vs. Joseph Indy falls (restart). Joe smoked Indy even without the fall.
Britt vs. Ameerah Brit falls (restart). Ameerah smokes Britt.
Jasmine vs. Terrance. Jasmine wins. Jasmine injured. Where’s the medic? I thought she touched the ground near the end. guess i was wrong.
unscheduled commercial break.
Kyle vs. Turner Kyle wins.
Monte vs. Nicole Monte falls. both fall (both throwing). Monte wins the bout, loses the throwing contest.

Thursday the game changes (the besties spoiled twist from Julie today?)

un autre nom

Dingo at Hamsterwatch is currently reporting that there is a good chance Paloma has left the building.


Weird…..she went to DR before 6.

un autre nom

She’s been in d/r2 or hoh all day except for that 10 minutes where she apologized for convincing the house that they are actually in a mirror universe inception simulation.


Damn ….

She was losing it

un autre nom

I think i mentioned earlier that it seemed they were doing the entire Jackson season 21 hold, isolate and evaluate psych services routine with her.
Ever since the house got the production notes that week one isn’t going well in social media and the media, she’s been sliding down hill.

Dementia Joe

Plenty of drama this season right from the get go.


I hope she is gone. She is definitely good at Gaslighting

un autre nom

is she though?
I mean, the girls she told she wasn’t targeting men were in the room when she targeted men.
I think it was more a case, in terms of the women that because it was Taylor, they didn’t give a shit about accuracy.
In terms of the men?
They’d already informed Daniel that Taylor was the only viable renom before the entire Monte exposes thing happened.
Monte? Was told by Paloma that she was telling Daniel to target Joseph.
They all “believed” something they knew was a lie, because they wanted an excuse.

The only person, in my opinion, that bought anything from Paloma was Taylor (and maybe Daniel’s penis). Taylor bought it that Paloma really wanted the best for Taylor in the post veto ceremony talk. Daniel? If Paloma had said dunk your junk in a piranha tank… he’d have done it thinking she just wanted to see his junk.


I don’t know. Lots of people on Twitter said she was.

un autre nom

The group as a whole gaslit Taylor pretty good.
I think Paloma gets more of the credit for a couple reasons: for some reason even the fanbase seems to be letting Monte skate; Paloma was EV-ery-where on feeds and a bit of an immature by-otch that was pushing the who’s cool who isn’t agenda.
I’ve been of the mind that this is more a Monte than a Paloma leading the gaslight because it was Monte insisting nobody tell Taylor she’s being nominated or why.

Melted Snowflake

Twitter is garbage. Grodner probably loves this.


Obvi…….she was on Zanys and who knows what else. She was beyond strange.

No Name

For the sake of her mental health I hope she is off the show.Watching someone in crisis should not be part of entertainment.Shame on CBS for continually doing this.They should have some standards,if not ethical then legal before serious harm is done.

Girl's Girls=Karens

“Watching someone is crisis should not be part of entertainment” That’s the history of this show! CBS watches girls get bullied and others get excluded for their race. F*ck Palmolive! I don’t feel sorry for her just as she and some people didn’t feel sorry for Taylor being bullied and excluded.

The Beef

If this is true, I wonder how long it will take for “the mob” to blame Taylor for Palomino’s demise? Given the way they seem to feel about Taylor, and the nature of mob mentality, I can almost guarantee you she will receive the blame for this mental collapse. Just my opinion.


go home paloma. please.


Paloma has self-evicted. GROD on a zoom call with production now. It’s undecided if the eviction will be cancelled tomorrow or if it will still take place. HGs have been told Paloma is gone. Alyssa and Jasmine are apparently the most upset. Feeds will stay down all night and all day tomorrow.

No Name

If Paloma removed herself she has my respect for taking care of her mental health situation.If production removed her I’m glad they finally did the right thing.

un autre nom

So, if it is true that Paloma has gone, how does that affect the game?

Backstage twist? likely goes ahead with only 1 or 2 people involved (depending on winner of the vote).
Anyone thinking they didn’t have 3 different options for how Backstage would work… sure, that’s why they were so clear. blink. blink.
There SHOULD still be an eviction. Precedent: season 18. week 1b. Cody hoh. Megan quit. Jillian was evicted.
They most likely won’t scrap the backstage twist or the eviction this week if they follow their own precedent.
They’ve gone to great lengths to make everything look as sanitary as possible in the edit. They’ve made everything look far more reasonable than it was.
Grod is going to be sad to see her golden chaos goose leave.


Other spoilers say if Paloma is out, feeds may be down until after tonites show.


I’m expecting that.


Wow if Paloma self evicted that is crazy (just like her)…

Karma is a bitch so bye!

I do hope she gets the help she needs though.

The girls are going to be so sad when they are down 6-8 though because I doubt they would stop the eviction.


Hmmm. The whole “houseguests are filming something awesome….” message…..with bunnies…


I wonder if they are going ahead with the twist this week or somehow retool it if Paloma is indeed out. Whether Paloma is gone because of what UN Autre thinks or whether some other crap was happening in regards to her, we shall soon see. If they literally have the feeds blocked until the show starts at 9 pm we shall soon see


With regards to the news Paloma “potentially” has left the building (some thoughts)…


The Wednesday edit for her wasn’t as pristine as I thought it would be (or for Monte who was shown ASKING Taylor what Paloma thinks/was saying). Neither of them was protected from the LIES they told in the witch hunt to get out Taylor.

Production set it up with the early show segment of Taylor walking into the bedroom with some clothes she just got back & Jasmine yelling “fashion show!” & Paloma cheering that on. They followed that up with nasty DR comments from both Jas & Pal showing a more accurate depiction of them being mean girls.

They followed up later in the show with Monte & Paloma holding court in the HOH and pushing for Taylor to go OTB while showing Nicole’s furrowed brow (she wasn’t buying that sh*t for one second) as they ranted. At least the edit also showed Nic to be the equally spineless coward as her F2 partner Daniel stating she wasn’t willing to put her neck on the line b/c by going along to get along she & Daniel would be safe.

So a couple of things occurred to me leading up to Paloma potentially self-evicting or being ousted by production.

First, there’s been this weird narrative going around the house about “she’s safe at least 2 more weeks” that wasn’t coming solely from her alliance or being stated based on strategy – like no one would put her up. It felt more like a statement that had me thinking SHE made it up & said the DR told her that.

Second, this whole “I broke BB, so when I win I’ll invest in all your businesses”, “Write me the cheque for $750k & I’ll buy a B&B”. That got blown up on social with Janelle & other former players confirming sharing the money/using it as strategy etc is in the contract and they CAN NOT do that & that it is specifically AGAINST THE RULES.

On top of all this, as Another Name astutely points out it seems like Paloma’s manic actions might have more to do with production screwing up her meds than a lack of sleep. Paloma has been in bed early the last few nights & it’s made ZERO difference. She was still saying bizarre things & talking a mile a minute like she was on something like amphetamines. (NOTE: one of the more trustworthy/accurate BB Twitter people stated she was taking an amped-up dose of Adderall which I couldn’t help but flash back to memories of Amanda Zuckerman going a bit zany in BB15 from a similar situation).

Combine those factors with the sudden shift in the house after Taylor’s nomination when the production gremlins clearly warned the hamsters social media was up in arms over the cast’s mistreatment of Taylor.

With that in mind, it doesn’t take much of a stretch to consider TPTB also told Paloma her calling Taylor a ‘b*tch’ & painting Taylor as the liar leading to her nomination wasn’t going well outside the house.

The feeds kept cutting whenever anyone brought up “I hope she (Pal) stays” so the cast was obviously aware of the fact Pal was considering leaving. What isn’t certain is if she has in fact left (as per Hamsterwatch) and whether she self-evicted or Production ejected her for defying the rules (or one would hope to get her some help for her mental anxiety). Since TPTB was promoting her & treating her with kid gloves it feels like it’s the former (if true).

[SIDE BAR: While I had a real distaste for how Paloma targeted Taylor & wasn’t a fan of how she was playing the game – I have empathy for anyone who is struggling with mental health. Based on what we’ve seen this season from Paloma it feels like the best thing for her was to get the heck out of that house where she be surrounded by loved ones and take control of her mental health.]


Production could handle this however they want. History has shown an eviction could still take place regardless or they could elect to keep everyone b/c TPTB holds all the control. If they do proceed with an eviction it throws off the schedule which would remove the potential for double/triple evictions which are huge ratings nights OR it could lead to a week later in the season with a ‘REWIND week’ as they did in BB16 (with Frankie leaving in the do-over).

It also impacts the Back Stage twist. Because Paloma was one of the pass holders and that edit tonight sure wouldn’t have helped add votes to save her. B/c the house tends to react to who wins America’s vote I hope Julie makes sure to state the winner was from all three women (not just the two remaining) & I do hope it’s Brittany not necessarily b/c she’s played great but the house is already poised to make her the new target of the herd mentality so I want her to win just to get into the hamster’s heads. NOTE: Historically, anyone who wins the vote tends to get better treatment immediately afterward, especially from the players who are in the house primarily to gain clout in social media.

Granted, that sure makes the situation unfair for Alyssa who would be the only available pass holder to either be the third nominee OR play in a comp. Recalling the initial wording around the pass holders Julie said they CAN NOT be nominated which is why I’ve felt all along the twist would involve a battle. My guess is, that the evicted person (Taylor) would get to pick from the unsafe pass holders to battle in a one-to-one comp with the winner becoming the new BS Mgr and the loser leaving.

Again, that would be a tough scenario for Ally who would be the LAST of the 3 pass holders Taylor would’ve picked. Although Taylor earmarked Brittany in her pitches Wednesday ‘would you keep me if I’m beside Brittany?’ the reality is she is closer to both Britt & Ally. I think if Taylor had the opportunity to pick who she battled I think Paloma would’ve been who she targeted. While Britt might not be a competitor in physical comps there is no way of knowing what type of comp it would be so Tay would have to worry about mental comps making Pal an easier target based on being petite, someone who doesn’t work out & her emotions being all over the map this past week.

So (once more – this is just IMO) they could still do the one-on-one comp battle and as Tay/Ally/or Britt reaches the door have Julie say “WAIT” since Paloma self-evicted/was ejected we’ve decided no one is leaving this week. That would allow production to play out how the night was supposed to go, get their new BS MGR & also remain on schedule.

B/c I like drama I was also hoping Taylor would actually leave the house & get to see her goodbye messages where it’s certain at least one of them would end up being what Monte asked for (which was them using their GBM to blast Taylor). I’d love for her to hear Daniel say something else stupid like his POV nomination speech – “this will give you a chance to apologize” (STFU Daniel) or Monte to reveal he orchestrated her oust. How great would it be for her to walk back in & stare at Monte/Daniel. Although I’d want her to put them on blast as she returned it also wouldn’t be wise game play on her part especially if she ended up staying.

Ultimately, if Paloma has left the house and regardless of whether one of Taylor/Ally or Britt leaves the dynamics of the house will change. If Paloma/Ally were both to leave the biggest impact would be on the Bleep & Girl’s Girls alliances.

That means this newly discussed alliance of the older hamsters including Terrance (47), Nicole (41), Daniel (35), and Michael (28) could give Bleep a run for house dominance over Bleep especially if Ameerah (31) who seems to be in the mix is part of the group giving them five solid members. They could also expand the group to include one or two more members. Ameerah would likely try to pull in a female like Indy (31) or Jasmine (29) while Nicole/Michael both have ties to Brittany (32) and Indy and Michael may try to add Kyle (29) with his budding relationship with him.

Let’s keep an eye on whether this group truly moves ahead. There are the issues of Daniel not trusting Michael although him winning HOH & keeping Daniel safe might appease him moving forward. More importantly, would Nicole stop being spineless & work with Ameerah (& Michael) to ACT on the fact Monte has far too much control of the house. Also whether Ameerah and/or Michael feel adding Kyle would bolster them being able to ride the middle of the house between Bleep & this group of the older players.

For now, we wait for feeds to return and to learn if Paloma has in fact left the building and what that will mean for eviction tonight and the remainder of the season. While the first HOH & six days in the house haven’t given us much to hope for (let alone this cast that seems to all want to bend a knee to Monte) Thursday could potentially realign the season especially if Taylor stays & is either the BS Mgr or wins HOH. Let’s hope it does have a major impact as this season is only hitting the seventh day and yet it has the feel of the final week when we’re fed up with many of the hamsters. That speaks to how poor the casting was this season but I’m choosing to be optimistic we can get a shift & realignment. Let’s hope that turns out to be true.


Normally I don’t read lengthy comments on here but I must say that I always enjoy reading yours.
Perhaps it is the way you divide the content and your way of wording everything…or perhaps it’s
the fact that I understand and agree with your rational. Perhaps it’s all of those things!
Regardless, I always look forward to your comments. Thank you for investing your wisdom and time.


Awwwwwwwwwww – thank you so much, I truly appreciate that

un autre nom

A former mormon, a geeky gay lawyer, and an extremely buoyant Brazilian walk into a Bar.
Brazilian says ow.
Heading to sleep. That’s all i’ve got.

Paul Sucks

Wait, the lawyer is gay?!?! Does his fiancée know?


His fiancée is a man


It’s only the seventh day in the house but as you know I’m not a fan of Turner and was out on him pretty much on day 1.

There are a myriad of things he does to annoy me but today he offered another to add to the…

Turner (re his chat with Taylor on his vote):
‘It was sad because it’s like — just accept it, Taylor. It was like putting a dog down.’

UGH – I can’t.


So far I’m way out of tune with the fandom this season. I must be getting too old.


Expect a reset if Paloma is indeed out and then maybe everyone will be more in tune with what you are thinking regarding the remaining houseguests. Meanwhile I will try to use my apparent powers for good considering 1) I said that Paloma would flame out early if she kept on going the way she was early on and 2) I was wondering when the feeds would be down for eviction night and then 2 hours later they slammed the feeds shut (lol)


Simon Dawg, On The Voting for your favorite alliance, Please Add None Of The Above. Thank You. I am not feeling 99.99% of this cast this season which is unusual for me because I usually like at least 75% of people that BB casts(except for season 15)


I guess he could but this was just the 1st week so 1) alliances will change and 2) some of the alliances may grow on you after this “reset”



Or maybe put “other” column. Of the current group I’d lean to Michael/Kyle F2 but that’s b/c (at least at this point) I’m most invested in Michael based on his combo of strategy/comp ability/social. Hey – we all know I look for the strategists and/or underdogs so this isn’t a surprise. I had high hopes for Nicole but while she ‘sometimes’ (Taylorgate) has decent reads she has no spine to turn her gut reads into actionable maneuvers. Plus she makes really dumb mistakes – being forceful (calling out Joe) when she should bite her tongue and outed that she used to be a cop which mark my words will end up getting used against her eventually.

I might be on an island but I find Indy & her zingers hilarious – she essentially told Paloma to STFU which had me spew coffee everywhere from laughing. I’m not sure she has any sense of game strategy or game logic but she’s entertaining, is kinder than the majority & I live for her put-downs of Tom Hanks and his dog (er… I mean Turner and Pooch).


I looked to see if “DAWG” was one of the options, lol, like occasionally is the case


In terms of Daniel, it is hard to know everything that was truly in Daniel’s head regarding Taylor because he would say something to a houseguest and say something different to those watching the feeds. The only one I think that he has been completely honest with is Nicole


This may not be a popular post but here goes.
Yes, Paloma and the girls are mean girls…no doubt. Paloma was all over the place and is really hard to watch. Their gossip and jealousy is obvious!
Taylor did not have to run to Monte and tell him what Paloma had said about getting out a strong player from the guys alliance, but she did. Taylor was not a girls girl and she showed that to the girls when she hung out with just the guys the first couple of nights, shooting pool in the red swimsuit stretched out shooting back handed. She rubbed the guys and the girls the wrong way!
Not saying that is right, but it’s what happened.
Monte should not have ran to Paloma with what Taylor said, but it kinda showed she didn’t want to work with the girls…that was before she even knew the girls were being catty.
As nice as Terrence is, Taylor rubbed him the wrong way as well.
No one was innocent in this whole Taylor situation. She didn’t deserve the hate she got but this is big brother. Every season as of late has been a mob mentality where they target and treat one person like crap. I think they treat Micheal and Brittney like crap but no one really cares about that.
The rest of the cast pretty much sucks as well.
I miss the Big Brother where people thought for themselves and played their own game, this new big brother everyone has to vote with the house and it sucks. It’s boring as hell! Sorry

Old Way BB Fan

I’m glad someone else sees that Taylor is NOT an innocent person in all this. Any female who ignores the rest of the females and hangs with all males…not doing herself any favors. Add to it that she played pool in a barely there bathing suit AND then laid on the pool table like she did…asking for hate. Is it right? Hell no! But it’s just how women are. It’s part of the female DNA and Taylor would be doing the same thing to any other woman who was acting like her and she knows it…hence the lightbulb going off. I’m tired of this yet again being about race. If Taylor was white, purple, green or pink, all the women would still be seeing her as an enemy and wanting her out. Now as far as Monte wanting her out…I can’t answer to that. Maybe he feels like he’s too tempted by her?? She is a very good looking woman. But that is just a guess.


Exactly! I think Monte had his head up Paloma’s behind…He said he found her very attractive. I hate that everything is about race, sometimes people rub you the wrong way and it’s not about skin color. Daniel rubs me the wrong way as does Amareeh, none of it has to do with skin color…one is spineless and the other is just as hateful as the mean girls but pretends not to be.


Taylor definitely made a much greater effort with the guys (& older players like Terrance/Daniel & Nicole) first. She also trailed almost everyone (other than Terrance) in terms of early “game/alliance talk”.

Her true motivation behind what she said to Monte wasn’t really about creating harmony between the girl’s group & the HN guys. Rather, she was looking to gain some agency with him by warning him about the potential for trouble. In fairness, it seemed unlikely she was trying to put a target on Paloma b/c she encouraged Monte to discuss it with her. Also – Monte was the one who asked Taylor about Pal (it was shown on Sunday Episode).

In fact, Monte was the one that lit the fire setting Taylor’s nomination in motion HOURS before he woke up Pal to even get confirmation that what he was selling to Daniel was true knowing fully well she’d deny it. Besides, it had been more than a day since that bathroom discussion — that was just the semantics for the trap.

So WHY did Monte create TaylorGate? IMHO his motives were driven by a desire to erase any thoughts of a potential Cookout 2.0 happening to wipe away the possibility of him being targeted early. By orchestrating Taylor as the re-nom/target he created the narrative he wanted & positioned himself as being open and fair (although he was being anything but).

If his true intentions were as he stated then he would’ve gone to Paloma BEFORE he put the target on Taylor except he didn’t need to ask Pal b/c he knew Tay was telling the truth. And that’s also why he implored everyone to NOT TELL Tay why she was the re-nom & to save it for their GBM’s. We know that b/c Pal told him prior to the initial nominations she had Daniel wrapped around her finger & would make sure Joe was the first evicted (again – semantics – he just needed a plausible story).

Secondarily, Taylor is one of the few independent thinkers in the house. She’s physically fit so was likely to win comps & is arguably the least malleable female.

Bottom line, Taylor was an easy target (an unfortunate by-product) to accomplish his goals.

As you astutely point out, Taylor was no innocent in terms of her own contributions to landing on the block. What we don’t know is whether anything would’ve been different if she had elected to spend all her time in those first few days with the girls instead.

It doesn’t seem like it would’ve mattered b/c Nicole didn’t spend much time with the Girl’s Girls either, yet hasn’t been the brunt of their ridicule or cattiness (YET).


True that!


Not Polama! Once the villain goes it gets boring (frenchie). Would have liked the seen her stick around for a few more weeks. Damn


As someone else pointed out, she is not the only “villain” of this Big Brother season . I guarantee you Turner is one to watch though it may be more evident to others once Pooch gets evicted


AND Jasmine – she’s the one that allowed the “she called me fat” lie to rage throughout the house & knows it’s straight-up bullsh*t.

She’s been one of the cruelest toward Taylor – sitting through an entire conversation with her back to Taylor & ONLY turning when Joe sat on the bed behind her (you know the guy she says is inappropriately flirting with her – the married woman).

Anyway, one of my favorite payback moments occurred yesterday afternoon. Monte & Joe were discussing working out with Jasmine (I think she’s indicated a desire for them to help her train/or complained about lacking motivation). They told her they would give her pep talks & she was loving the attention. Taylor walked into the room & was talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition & said to Jas – “you should do it.”

Based on Jas’ response you could tell she immediately wanted to make it into Tay putting her down again. I can’t remember the precise wording but Jas either said NO or WHAT? And Taylor who was being totally sincere/genuine replied YES – YOU WOULD BE GREAT!

In that moment, I was thinking, I bet you THAT doesn’t make it around the house b/c it’s far too positive but someone has definitely clipped that live feed moment which will provide a perfect RECEIPTS contrast to how Jas implies she’s been put down by Taylor when it’s completely the other way around.

un autre nom

Julie Chen is doing interviews today.
I’m gonna be honest… I seriously and truly believe Julie is pretty out of touch when it comes to what happens on her program’s feeds. Keep that in mind when you ask yourself if you are going to read them. I’m about to get into one of the interviews and I’m expecting her to not know specifics beyond what she was given in her edit department and storyline notes. Further I’m expecting blame the fans and at least one tone deaf uninformed answer ending in what i expect in this instance to be a ‘let God decide’ or ‘let God be the judge’ opinion. It would fit her pattern. (I’m not knocking religion or belief, I’m knocking being ill informed and then using belief in an attempt to pass judgement based on being ill informed). Here we go. If anything is in the interview worth it’s salt… I’ll add.
Okay, got sidetracked by a second interviewer’s notes before reading the first interview.
Rabbit hole effect.

  • script for tonight’s episode was thrown out, meaning Julie doesn’t know shit.
  • pairs. they’ll be put in pairs this week as part of the twist.
  • no confirmation on Paloma directly.
  • doesn’t know more about what was going on with Taylor than was in episode.
  • Thinks social media is the issue or problem more than casting or the houseguests… let god be the judge
  • doesn’t know if there will be an eviction / didn’t say.

Second interview: see first interview but go harder in on social media and fans being the problem more than house behavior.
TV interview: Chen says feed watchers haven’t walked in the shoes of the houseguests making microagressions the house is a real pressure cooker, and they don’t even know they are making microaggressive comments, and it’s mostly just trash talk about game threats. (me… ummmm……m’kay…. uh…. lot to unpack). Sounds… troubling.


Well, they are like rabbits in a cage and each vying for camera attention and airtime for clout! I personally couldn’t imagine being in a house with 16 strangers being watched 24/7. The micro aggression is nothing new, it’s just a new buzzword for the time we are in. Let’s face it, this show has always been cutthroat and abrasive. No one tells the truth in that house, they gossip about each other, they throw each other under the bus, it’s the name of the game…They all partake until someone gets their feelings hurt! There have been so many house guest before that have been way more aggressive than this cast…(evil Dick, Rachel or just a couple that come to mind), is it right? No, but it is Big Brother!

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If the raison d’etre of the program is a sociological or anthropoligical study of how strangers from different walks of life interact in a pressure cooker, then it’s disingenuous for the host to be saying fans shouldn’t judge how strangers interact in a pressure cooker.


Completely agree with this!

The Beef

Reading between the lines…..If they’re going to be put in pairs that means Paloma must be gone and the eviction is still going forward. That would leave 14 players, right? If Paloma was still in the house, and one was evicted, that would leave 15, with one odd player with no pair. Now I guess they could do that, but since it’s not been mentioned before, the whole pairs thing seems like a last minute “new twist” to me.

Also, look for how the players are paired up, similar to how the teams were split last season. I’m betting you’re not going to see a lot of male-male, female-female, white-white, and POC-POC teams. They’ll say it’s random, but it won’t be, just like last years Aces, Kings, Queens and Jokers weren’t random. Just a guess, but it may be a reaction to the whole two POC on the block during the first week Twitter outcry, and this is an attempt to provide some sort of “team” protection, just as it did last season. It’s just a theory – don’t shoot the messenger.


I’ve been mulling this over since the news hit via hamster watch last night.

TPTB can do whatever they want and to your point going ahead with the eviction is very plausible.

However, there are options

If they do evict someone & send them OUT of the house it seems highly likely Alyssa would be the most in danger, especially b/c Julie said “pass holders can’t be nominated“. Not that BB won’t go back on their initial word/rules (side eye). But b/c of the wording I’ve maintained that likely meant whoever was evicted would get to select from the two unsafe PHs who they wanted to face in a one-on-one battle. The winner would become the new BS Mgr (or possibly the saved PH) & the loser evicted.

I’ve further assumed Britt would win safety b/c she was leading the polls, the edits weren’t that great for Pal, & Ally barely got any TV time & what she did get either promoted her “Newark/Denmark” ditzy gaffe or her unfortunate ties to mean girl Paloma. Plus, saving Britt makes for the most drama, which they’ll need now that the person they were hoping to create the drama has left the building. ,

Anyway, there are options for them to keep both the winner/loser especially since Ally leaving is such a raw deal for her given she would be the only option (or Britt) to battle & I’m thinking Tay easily beats either especially if it’s a physical comp. AND, of course, b/c TPTB wants to course correct from the social media backlash over Tailorgate.

If they do decide to keep the schedule on track with 15 people going into week 2 the easiest fix is they tell the “loser” they can’t play in HOH & will be paired with Daniel who also can’t play as the outgoing HOH. Then they either reduce the pass holders to two or increase it to four thereby accommodating the newly formed pairs.


For example:
*Terrance is saved in vote
*Taylor is evictee
*Julie informs of PH twist, tells Britt she was saved by America’s vote & Ally is told she’ll face Taylor in a one-on-one eviction battle.
*Tay wins & is safe | as loser Ally is evictee
* As Ally is saying tearful goodbye’s Julie interrupts to announce they’ll be no one else leaving due to the unforeseen circumstances but the cost of staying is Ally won’t be able to play in HOH and will be paired with outgoing HOH Daniel
*Six random pairs created during the commercial break (YEAH RIGHT- they already have them created).
*BSM (Taylor or Britt) picks one/two duos to be PHs
*Remaining duo’s compete to become next HOH

*Given how the house treated Taylor & their current herding toward Britt how great would it have been if the BS Mgr had the power to pick the duos? LMFAO.

*I’m torn on whether I’d prefer Tay to be the BSM or win HOH albeit as a duo b/c I’d like to see BOTH Tay/Britt safe this coming week – for the payback, the drama, & so some of these very comfortable alpha males/mean girls get a wake-up call.

*I think my preference would be Britt is the new BSM & TPTB pair Taylor with Michael (or Monte LOL) with none of the other duos as comparably strong depending on what the comp is – READ: it’s tailored (no pun intended) to her skill set. OR — TPTB go way off the beaten track & do a timed HOH comp to ENSURE Tailor & her partner are HOH.

Anyway – that’s my thoughts on how they would do it if they want to stay on schedule.


Based on that opening by Julie sure sounds like BS might not even happen which is rough for Taylor if true.


In one TV interview she started to say $350k prize then corrected herself but instead of saying $750k she said $750 MILLION, lol

Reality TV

Apparently Palomar is gone from spoilers

Twinkle Dust Frankie

Hopefully Taylor still gets voted out.

The Inscrutable Skidd Marks

So is that b1tch Poloma out of the house or what? Because she’s ruining the entertainment value of the show for me with her bi-polar bullsh!t

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that’s the speculation