Alyssa “I feel good with Turner. He’s the homie so I hope that he pulls through on that end”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany Taylor & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany use the power of veto on herself. Taylor nominated

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation It’s been very slow today. Monte and Taylor are spending a lot of time in the bed cuddling. Brittany and Alyssa have been chatting about getting Turner to vote to keep Alyssa so they can flip the vote. My gut is telling me Alyssa is still going.

7:15pm HOH room – Alyssa and Monte
Alyssa – I checked in with Turner and Brittany earlier today and I just wanted to check in with you so that I can get it over with and enjoy my night and not have to stress about it. I feel good with Turner. He’s the homie so I hope that he pulls through on that end and so I am feeling decent with him. Brittany same sh*t. She is undecided. She’s like you know I am tight with Taylor and she has been my girl throughout the game and you know I love you but I have to think this through.. so I am pretty sure I know what that means .. which I know might put you in an awkward position so all I ask is that you think about it and make the best decision for your game and I love you no matter what.. I just wanted to make that very clear that there are no hard feelings but I hope you think about it and weigh your options .. and yadda yadda.. Monte – no, I appreciate it and I am going to do that because I think that is only fair to you and its only fair to Taylor and fair for myself for next week because that is when I am the most vulnerable. I am going to take all that into consideration and I appreciate you letting me know that its all love regardless because I’ve gotten to know you so much more this week than I have before and its been really enlightening to me and it makes me feel guilty for not doing it sooner because I really do appreciate you as a person and I wish the circumstances were a lot different because if they were I don’t think we would even be having this type of discussion. Alyssa – I agree and I understand .. looking from the outside understand how I was portrayed to you and I get it. But this past week has been amazing ..and whatever happens happens but I am not going to be Michael or Terrance or anything like that. I don’t even want to stress about this .. I just want to play spades and have fun with you guys and then you make the best decision for you. And if you have any questions between tonight and tomorrow just ask. Monte – I appreciate that.

7:51pm Taylor, Brittany and Turner are still sleeping. Monte is getting ready after his bath/shower.

8:15pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Brittany.
Alyssa tells Brittany about the conversation she had above with Monte. Alyssa – I went and talked to Monte and I was just telling him the same thing. I feel pretty good with Turner and Brittany. And I was like just so you know if that puts you in an awkward position to break a tie it is all love. And he was like Thank you for saying that. I do kind of feel like I might be put in that position so you telling me that it is all love is really appreciative to me. I was like I want you to take time and make the best decision for you game and I respect it. And he was like I honestly feel guilty because over this past week I have gotten to know you a lot better and I wish that we weren’t in the situation that we’re in but just so you know any decision I make is going to be totally game related so he seemed like he does have that .. and Taylor just went up to talk to him so I hope that he tells her its all love whatever decision you make. I am hoping he reassures her and Turner. Brittany – they haven’t said anything to me. That is really good. Why would he say that to you.. he is trying to cover his tracks jury-wise with you. Alyssa – so it seemed like he thought that he might be put in that situation (it might be a tie). And I was like no matter what you decide if it comes down to that I appreciate it. Brittany – it just feels so delicate like do I just (motions to zip her mouth) and just let it happen or do I help more? Maybe if I talk to Turner and ask oh my god does she (Alyssa) know she’s going yet? Alyssa – and see what he says. Brittany – it would be nice sometime tonight to be with them when you’re not that and just be like is this the final four? That is the most reassuring thing so far.. Turner is being straight up with you .. and then Monte feels like he is going to have to be in a tie breaker situation.

8:35pm Storage Room – Brittany and Turner.
Brittany – does she (Alyssa) know that she is going? Turner – I don’t know .. I didn’t tell her. I have been very very adamant about not telling her. Brittany – I have been telling her that I am very undecided but I feel like she knows that I have been working with Taylor since day 1. Turner – I feel like she feels like she has to convince Monte but Monte and Taylor are also close. Its not going to convince Monte. Brittany – how do you think I should handle it with her. Do you think I should just been straight up with her. Turner – I think her hope comes from.. I even told her like I said you only need one .. I don’t think she thinks she is going to get you to vote for her anyway. Brittany – I kind of got that impression because when she came up to me she asked is this even worth having a conversation. And I was like I will have a conversation but.. Turner – we had really intense conversations where she told me if I don’t vote for her I am losing her jury vote 1000%. Brittany – oh no, she will hate you. Like she will never talk to you again if you don’t. Turner – yeah so.. Brittany – she said that it would be worse than Kyle if you didn’t vote for her. Turner – so I am not going to anyway. My jury management is tanking! You and me have some awful jury management. Brittany laughs – we do! Turner – I also don’t have Michael, I don’t have Jasmine, I don’t have Indy. Brittany – I feel like I don’t have any of those. If you did want to throw her a sympathy .. then I am voting to keep Taylor .. so Monte has to break it. Turner – Oh I also don’t like hearing …like we are playing big brother so the idea that you would throw that in my face. Like I have to do what is best for my game. And then threaten me with a jury vote for a vote. I don’t like that! Brittany – yeah. I just feel bad. I really love Alyssa as a person. I want her to know .. all I need to do is just tell her I am sorry. Turner – I am just going to tell her .. just to make our last days okay .. I am telling her I am voting for her and in my goodbye message I will say you have to know I can’t vote against the house in final four. Brittany – yeah, okay. So you’re not going to give her a sympathy vote? Turner – well what do you think? I am open to it but if I am going .. I don’t want to blindside people.. Like if you would be fine with that then I would be okay with it definitely. Brittany – I mean it is up to you .. I don’t know. I feel like that is you and hers relationship. It makes more sense that I am voting against her. She understands it a bit more. Turner – yeah definitely. Turner – I will think about it tonight. Brittany – I just feel like I need to be honest with her because I feel like she would tell me. Why can’t Monte just break the tie? Turner – that is a good question. I haven’t thought about why or what. Maybe that would be better. Brittany – I mean it doesn’t matter to me .. I am voting that way anyway. When she talks to me, it sounds like she has you 100%! So I think in her mind it is convincing Monte. Or me but I feel like she has just let up. Turner – she is way open emotional .. unlike Ameerah who was like you got me. Brittany – its like are you taking the heat from her or is Monte.

8:50pm – 10:32pm Chatting, eating and cards in the kitchen.

10:33pm Kyle is that you?

11:22pm – 11:57pmCards cards cards.. Monte – who in the hell shuffled this sh*t?!

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The Corey's

So is Turner gonna backdoor Taylor or not. Last I knew he wasn’t but it doesn’t help him at all to keep Taylor over Alyssa.

Granted, I’ve only been reading since the whole fiasco 3 weeks ago so what do I know.


I’ll believe it when I see it. Nothing Turner promises is reliable.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

I’m want a triple eviction tomorrow night. Let’s get this snail race a movin’.


Great idea! I stopped watching after Michael left.
let’s get this snooze fest over with.


So instead you’re reading quasi transcripts of the house of snooze.


No he won’t backdoor her because Monte and Britt will vote out Alyssa.

L.L. Bean Dip

I think the smart thing to do would be to keep Alyssa and send Taylor packing. That was a real whore move she pulled on Monte and I don’t respect it. Neither does Monte deep down. He knows he’s being used. Taylor has gotten way too comfortable in this game and she ate least has won a comp. Alyssa has won nothing. (Except that London trip she stole from Taylor that Jasmine eventually stole from her when she ended up with the 5k. Which is still hilarious to go back and watch) Taylor also has a better social game and would be way more likely ton win over her. Also , on a side note. I wonder if Alyssa has ever done a DNA test to find out if Lori Loughlin is her real Mother.


Stop with the slut shaming. She has as much right as any man to feel drawn into sexual attractions.

L.L. Bean Dip

Sorry but it’s the truth. She used her body from the beginning when she paraded herself around in those outfits, rubbing Paloma and others the wrong way. Which is why they turned on her. Then she tried to hookup with Daniel who she calls gross now. Then Kyle, then Joseph. Now Monte. She seems like a nice girl but is playing like a typical whore. And it’s pretty cheap. When she won HoH that bombed. So it shows she has not a clue how to play this game other than to suck up to the guys. Alyssa is no better. But like someone else mentioned. At least that seemed genuine what she had with Kyle. What Taylor is doing is all strategic. And it’s going to come back and bite her next week. Just watch!


This is sickeningly misogynistic.

She can have as many crushes as she likes.

She can even have as many sexual partners as she likes.

She wore those outfits because they made her feel beautiful.

She doesn’t have to hide her beauty to avoid others’ jealousy or lust.


Alyssa slept with Kyle when he had the veto that could have potentially got her out of the house during Taylor’s HoH. Tell me that was not strategic.


You are a misogyny jerk!

No Name

Always blame the woman.Just like Monte.And Taylor too.They might be made for each other.But that will only end badly.


I don’t respect it either because it’s so freaking obvious! At least Alyssa and Kyle had some genuine ness to it.

Verdella W Fisher

“Genuine ness” ? She voted him out there was so much.


Baloney! She voted him out


Your comment of Taylor’s “whore” move is flat and wouldn’t be made if roles were reversed.
If you want shyite talk, how about Alyssa’s conversation with Turner in Dyer Fest hammock about her grandmother who was married to a military man but got pregnant by ANOTHER man but stayed married to military man so her child can have medical. Alyssa game play is just like her grandma by having someone else take care of her game play responsibilities.

Verdella W Fisher



The grandmother had very little options, as she would have been ostracized and also left on her own to raise a child.

That is not ‘using’ anyone.

That is survival.

I’m not condoning the cheating, but it’s no different from when a man does it in terms of what is right.

What differs is that the man can still maintain status, power and control, despite his transgressions.


Oh WHY did we take the down vote away!! You have no idea how those people in the house feel! I imagine for Taylor it’s been very lonely. Grow up!

Verdella W Fisher

Was Alyssa screwing Kyle a whore move that didn’t work? Is Monte screwing Taylor a whore move? That accusation, if you’re feeling super judgey, works for all genders.


It’s a “whore” move because Monte is in a place of power. She used her body to use that power to her advantage. She had sex with him to try and further her game. It’s a crap move in the “real word” when women/men do it when job related, why should it be different in the BB house? They are being paid to be there and get a huge “incentive” for staying the longest.

And yes, if the roles were reversed then Monte would be a “man whore.”


Why do you feel so victimized by women, to assume that she was in his bed in order to gain game power over him?

Why do you not allow that she may actually just like him?

Do you feel women have bypassed you in life due to sexual favors towards men in power? Seems a whole lot of incidents you perceive to be occurring in work place and such.

The bigger reality is that men in power prey on women. Although that is not what is happening here.

You don’t like to give merit where it is due, perhaps?


Dude, seeing as this term is the inappropriate flavor of the day, Monte was being a man whore too by participating. He knew why it was being done and that there would be “considerations” to be made. These aren’t five year old’s playing doctor. Personally…each to their own.
Alyssa, on national television, threw some guy to the curb for Kyle. Without any name calling…that’s damn harsh.




And to me it would be Marsha Brady DNA


This Taylor and Monte shownance is odd, especially since she showed Joe some love.

Captain Kirk

Taylor’s “game” involves “whoring” just like Alyssa’s. The only difference is that Alyssa uses it as a means to the end, while Taylor’s utilized it as another tool in the tool box.

On addition, on a collateral issue, Brittany is quite cunning, and professional manipulator, which speaks volumes at her core character traits. Example: Quite a plotting feat in trying to trick Turner (unbeknownst to him) into giving Alyssa a “sympathy” vote (which translates to Turner voting Taylor out).; which is precisely what Brittany wants. It would be a win-win for Brittany because it will “save” Monte from casting the tie-breaker.

Did anybody pick that up in the dialogue???


That is exactly what she’s up to.
Hopefully Taylor goes.


Or maybe as a young woman, Taylor gets to explore and choose who she likes.

Joe is a guy she knew for a month, with whom she had a casual flirtation.

Now she’s gotten closer to someone else.

That is called life. Ever been to college? Not a Christian one, I mean.

Alyssa liked a guy and had her heart somewhat broken.

More, life.

Of course then the plain, modest, smart and settled one is also given no credit. Typical game play moves from Brit are seen as witch woman cunning.

Captain Kirk

For SOME, “whoring” is part of life, BUT life does not require whoring. Capishe??

And yup, been to college….been there….9 yrs as a matter of “FACTS”….


I truly hope you are just trolling, and not strapped down in your life by these ugly, judgmental and petty notions. That’s quite a mental and emotional burden to walk around with, a barrier to true happiness.

The Beef

Come on now, you’ve got to admit the timing is at least questionable. She goes OTB on Monday, knows Turner and Alyssa are close and a split vote is at least possible if not likely, with Monte casting the deciding vote, and she decides to have a make out session with him, what, was it Monday or Tuesday night? I think all four were in the room Monday night, so probably Tuesday. That’s just a bit too inconvenient to be ignored if you ask me, and there’s a reason for the “closeness” too, and it’s not casual attraction.

750,000 reasons.

As for Joseph, everybody knows that whole deal was a joke from the beginning, and again was driven more by $$$$ than it was by attraction. Maybe a little bit by boredom, but primarily to get more TV time and provide content for production. I just don’t see why people want to provide the kind of content Kyle and Alyssa provided to be broadcast on national TV, as that should remain private between the two parties. Kissing and flirting are fine, but actually doing the damn deed are pushing it a bit too far IMHO.


No, I don’t think the timing is questionable.

The house has thinned out and they now have much more 1:1 time.

Constant cynicism leads to a lot of false conclusions.

Captain Kirk

Thank you. Case closed. 🙂


Well said.


I saw that and it did not work

un autre nom

So everyone wants Turner to tell Alyssa she’s leaving. But tomorrow.
Monte now says he’ll tell her, because he did tell Jasmine. He was on the block with Jasmine. Everyone told Jasmine, stop trying to be the hero of the week.
Britt and Alyssa are plotting and planning. Britt doesn’t feel this is a done deal and thinks Turner could backstab Alyssa, he’s backstabbed everyone else, incuding Britt. Alyssa thinks Turner could never.
Someone slap that silly moron upside the back of the head. Geezus.

Will the trick Turner plan work? No. Gonna take Turner walking in on Monte and Taylor making out in the HOH bed to get that possibility going.

There has to be a prepared outclause or lie. which do you think Hyperhypnotoad would go with?

So here is the possible outclause to cover the tie vote scenario:

  • did it knowing you three had a final 3, but just took away one of Monte’s votes and a sure Turner vote. Wrecking ball jury management that helps the women if they make final 2.

Or… here is the most likely lie:

  • Told you turner was a slimeball, I can’t believe he made Monte break that tie.

Which works better? Neither work with Monte. Neither work if Turner is HOH. Taylor naturally believes and endorses the opinions of Men over the opinions of Women… check her season history before you call me out on that.

Turner’s been gone to D/R for quite some time. If it were season 21 he’d be taken out the back hall to the yard for a 45 minute practice, or a run through of answers for a quiz.
Shush, If you saw 21 you know i’m not pulling this outta my ass. Wednesday night a houseguest would be called Wed. night for an extended d/r everyone noted…. and would win the next comp. Just saying if this were season 21…. we’d already have a hint.


It’s a given that Turner is a slimeball. In every way. Hope he takes a shower for finale night!


does turner know that monte and Taylor are having sex? Britt has to tell him today!


If Taylor goes to jury, she deserves to go. I think she is being very cocky, spending most of her time cuddling and hanging out with Monte, both her and Monte are messing up their game.

Taylor ignoring Brittany, Monte showing Turner just how close he is with Taylor, that will make Turner feel Monte will keep Taylor over him.

I can’t believe Monte & Taylor are playing such a stupid game. Brittany better realize, if Brittany helps Alyssa & Turner, Alyssa & Turner will put Brittany out as soon as they get rid of Monte.

Monte messed up, did not play in the veto comp, now he is being stupid showing everyone how he waited until the last minute to start a Showmance, REALLY!!! Now Turner is going to question just how loyal Monte will be when it comes to keeping Turner over Taylor.

How stupid is it that Taylor and Monte are behaving like they are untouchable, Taylor gave Alyssa too much free time with Brittany & Turner, she is able to flip the vote, change things up, doesn’t Taylor realize Monte is set, he’s going to be there for Final 4.

Taylor is so damn stupid, she just feels she can ignore Brittany, and Brittany will vote to keep her, Brittany is seeing just how THIRSTY and Horny you are for Monte, how you have wanted a Showmance the entire game. Brittany is easily swayed to flip her vote and evict you.

Very dumb, but Brittany should really think about her options, she’s going to have Turner, Monte and Alyssa against her. This should be a very interesting 24 hours.

I still feel the same way, Alyssa is USELESS, she does not deserve to go further, all she’s going to do is run back to Kyle as soon as this season is over. Alyssa is just as immature as Kyle, she does not deserve being in the final 2 in my opinion, she’s done nothing but lay around being carried throughout the entire game, she needs a man to always help her.

No Name

How stupid is Turner to not pick up the vibe as Britt spoon feeds it to him.Why is he playing for 2nd place?

Not Jason’s Holly

I’m pretty sure Turner’s brain is fried!


I really wish Turner would stop running to Monte and open his eyes. He could vote Taylor out this week, and then he could win HOH next week and take aim at monte or Brittany only way he has a shot at winning. Then he has his pick at who he sits next to at the end. I am by NO means saying I want him to win but I think that is more of a level field than to end up with a shomance at the end when they have been getting rid of them from the start and everyone knows taylor is just seeing dollar signs with monte because she was just talking abt seeing Joseph in the finale and being horny etc…. Which I’m sure they all are. And yes I know Alyssa don’t belong in the final two!! But she can be used to get to the final three!


Turner’s pansexuality platform will get Viacom’s green light for the next CBS Victims All Stars season. Coming out to Monte at the pooltable chased him straight into Taylor’s Bearded Ex-Boyfriend Look-Alike casting Script and the “Embarrassingly Deadly Showmance Narrative” to end his game. Taylor now wishing she learned how to give “handsies” and maintain her All Star dignity like Franzel.

Mike should get a Do-Over too but with a Full Courtroom and Defense Lawyers for Steamroll Slander Victims. Grod can give Turner PERMANENT ? Rainbow Friendship Bracelets next season so he can’t evict everyone who’s not attracted to him. Poor Turner rejected in the end by both Paloma & Alyssa really hurt his feelings. He just needs his RugDoctor Megan cast to run his game convos while he sleeps.


I didn’t think so initially, but I don’t like Taylor’s self importance any more. And this whole Monte move at the end is kinda disgusting and beyond fake.

I did read that the jury likes her, stated on jury viewing night. So they would be very wise to evict her now.

Just a Fan

I think from beginning she was looking for a guy to ride with she needs to go this week everyone felt bad for her for being rejected, now she is doing past few weeks with Brit
Plus I would love to see her in jury and how things go with Joseph, now that she bedded with Monte. Deserves her right. She has no loyalty either, how did she get this far Michael Brit ,

Captain Kirk

Nothing but a bimbonette???


Alyssa and I never really cared for her the whole show is the only one that’s really campaigning. Taylor is definitely feeling comfortable too comfortable

Just a Fan

And we all know how that works out when u r comfy

un autre nom

Turner Britt storage room Talk.
Turner revealed he was planning to vote Alyssa out and not tell her, then let his gbm tell the tale because he felt like she manipulated him with her friendship. (he only 1/2 listened, she said if you lie to me and say you are voting for me to stay and you vote me out, THEN we can’t be friends and you lose my jury vote according to her recount).
Britt tells him to start thinking of his jury management, because she wishes she’d done hers differently.

I don’t know if that discussion sketched Turner out. or made him actually question why he’s throwing away a jury vote instead of making Monte take the heat.
Britt was basically saying it doesn’t bother her if Turner does throw a sympathy vote, she wouldn’t hold it against him because why should Monte walk away clean? Turner shouldn’t screw his jury management just for Monte to have less Jury worry.
How will Turner actually take that though?
He says he’ll tell Britt tomorrow if he’s giving her a sympathy vote.

The question of voting out Taylor was not raised… so Britt actually didn’t 100% screw herself, and that sort of surprises me. She usually gives 125% more information than she should.
Part of me thinks Turner will twist this. Part of me thinks Turner will think wingnut may have a point. I’m 60/40.


Why would they want to stand next to Taylor over Alyssa for F2?

The Beef

Morons on the jury could be one good reason. Of the current jury members, who might vote for Alyssa who would most likely not vote for Taylor due to being “bitter” (or just liking her more) right now? Indy, Kyle, Jasmine, Terrance and possibly even your boy Michael! Now obviously a lot would depend on who was sitting in the other chair, but the fact is Alyssa is a LOT more popular in the jury than Taylor is, and we’re not talking about a jury of MENSA members here either, so the question does arise as to how much game and strategy will play into each members vote, versus how bitter am I, or how much do I like them will.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

No one owes you anything Alyssa. Whoever goes is a great outcome this week regardless.


Well said. Any of them would be right.


So much Taylor jealousy I am reading on these comments. So many Alyssa supporters.
Alyssa suffers from Veruca Salt Syndrome (which is basically throwing a “Don’t care how I want it NOW” tantrum because Alyssa is not understanding why nobody in the house will play her game for her and let her win)
Taylor is independent. Relies on herself to get things done.
Taylor and Azah Awasum said it best.
Taylor: “I don’t beat myself up for giving my body what it needs”
Azah: “Guys leave Taylor alone. After 65 days you can’t even look at a cucumber in the eye… it’s hard in there let her be.”

Taylor is a strong beautiful inside and outside self confident woman. Listen to her song selections throughout the game. I want her to win but I know if she is voted out Thursday Taylor has already succeeded and won.

You have to leave something behind to go forward. -Newton’s Third Law of Motion

No Name

Serious question,what has Taylor gotten done in the game?Her one HOH was run by Joe and Monte and pettiness.BTW,Azah is not someone I’d be seeking advice from.


Serious answer: Wait for it on finale night when Taylor Hale wins. Then you will know. Be responsible for yourself you can stream all previous episodes to see Taylor’s grace, humanity, nurturing, game moves. The online melt down/jealousy comments about Monte and Taylor’s kiss is hilarious.
Taylor outshines them ALL beyond the Big Brother House, she is true Queen and IMO already won from day one! Azah advice is right about Taylor so deal with it. What’s it to you? Haters hate for no reason but to hate.


I do not like Taylor’s self righteous self of important and I don’t see the grace one bit, but you’re most likely right in that she will win BB unless these goofballs wisen up. I say that because the jury was wholeheartedly for Taylor during BB jury night. So I can easily see them voting her winner!

No Name

There’s no hate here.I’m just not promoting anyone like you are.I would rather see Taylor win over Monte and Turner.I just can’t think of a game move as of yet to justify a win for her,and apparently neither can you.


Also Turner has me bussin’ over breakfast burritos!!! They are now my breakfast of champions!! The photo doesn’t give it justice to the FLAVOR! Delicious

Captain Kirk


That looks like an EMPANADA !!!!


Not sure if that answers the question of what she has gotten done in the game…nope it doesn’t.

Michaels Cat



What has Alyssa done?

No Name



Please dont compare Taylor with Azah. Azah was nothing but class, Taylor is nothing but trash.

Azah liked Xavier from the jump and nothing sexual happedned between them. Taylor lusted for Daniel, then Joseph. You really think this flake isnt using Monte? She the spread her legs for Monte because to her sex is power. Its a manipulative move on her part, IMHO. Had it happened prior to him putting her on the block I might not feel this way but I absolutely believe she used sex as a tool to ensure he uses his vote on her in case of a tie.

I was rooting for her until she pulled this stunt.


Xavier would not allow anything to happen. He was too focused on the game.

I believe Azah would have otherwise hooked up with him.

Please stop putting women into categories.


I usually don’t spoon feed those who leave mean/ugly comments by justifying a response so let’s just look at todays live feeds shall we? I saw with my own eyes what Taylor had to endure this whole season. I will just include what Taylor has done TODAY. Facing possible eviction. Knowing Brittany wants to evict her. Taylor woke up. Meditated. Exercised. Made coffee, made breakfast FOR THE HOUSE. where is Brittany? Sleeping. Where is Alyssa? Hiding in bubble room pouting that no one is playing her game for her. That is what a true Queen does. Trusts her people and takes care of people. Just deal with it. Haters are blind and don’t want to understand.

un autre nom

Taylor is a human being with flaws just like every human being.
Reality: Britt turning on Taylor is in direct response to Taylor failing to maintain a relationship. If you have a final 2 deal with someone and actively distance noticeably shunning for over a week and a half… you failed to maintain that relationship. If you are in a final 2 and you hear the house saying something about your final 2 partner: you immediately fact check openly, not play let’s test so they fail. Part of social game is maintaining relationships. She let go of that relationship because she was more interested in being in with the boys, as she has from week one.
The entire she farts rose petals and seas part when she walks by narrative is getting silly.
She failed to make a good impression on the house (that’s her part in her bullying, which was not kosher and not deserved, but she does own making really bad first impressions as a catalyst of her own making with a reaction that was overblown and disgusting led by MONTE as ring leader).
She had one of the WORST HOH’s on recent record, switching her target according to which man played on her pettiness at any given moment. She 100% ignored her final 3 in order to allow men to run her game for her. She left the realm of empowerment the minute she changed her target to a woman instead of Terrance, just because 2 men told her to. She devolved into petty and vindictive over a stupid trip? Win the grand prize and go on whatever damn trip she wants should have been the reaction.
She was carried in the game by Michael for 7 weeks while she plotted against him and made a point in cam talks of saying she doesn’t want to be carried. Too Late.

So because she camtalks about empowerment and self reliance and being for women, viewers are supposed to buy that because she said it instead of looking at the evidence of how she played the game. She’s a human being. She is just as flawed as everyone else, and she’s driven by image and verified socials like many reality show recruits. The evidence that IS her game does not match her canned camtalk for clout messaging.


I know this sounds mean but here goes:
Brittany — dumb & annoying as a pile of rocks, with no offense to a pile of rocks. She’s more clueless than I originally thought. I’d rather slam a hammer into my kneecap than listen to her. Her DR’s are torture.

No Name

I don’t mean this to sound harsh so I hope you take this with a dash of humor.
I take no offense at meanness but stupidity I cannot tolerate.Brittany has been one of the brightest houseguests figuring out the others games.How she has used this information on the other hand is fair game for criticism.Brittany is not dumb.Annoying,well that is in the eye of the beholder.Personally I’m annoyed by Monte’s geegoshgolly fake facial expressions every time he’s lying to someone.That’s a major tell you’d have to be blind not to pick up on.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Monte knows exactly what is going on though and has made the right decisions. He fully knows taylor, Brittany, and Alyssa would target him if Turner were to go home this week.


But he’s not clever enough to see that Taylor is on her way to winning BB unless he evicts her. Monte can win comps from now on, but Taylor will be unstoppable after tonight!

No Name

He’s getting rid of Alyssa,how much safer does that make him?Everyone should be targeting Monte.

Not Jason’s Holly

I was wondering if others noticed Monte’s look when he’s lying! I noticed it awhile back!


I think it was a *dumb* strategy to come into the BB house and remain in Michael’s back pocket for the entire time of Michael’s existence in the house. She benefitted from all his comp success, and did nothing other than to hook her wagon to his star. Her purpose was to rely on Michael hook line and sinker.

It was only until 5 minutes ago when Michael was sent to the jury house that she discovered she’d actually have to play her own game (whatever that is) all by herself.


Pretty sure she was smart enough to know that Michael needed to get rid of Turner. If she gets Turner to give Alyssa a sympathy vote and gets Taylor out that would be a pretty amazing move. Alyssa would be indebted to her and we all know the one comp Alyssa would end up winning would be next weeks POV. If she gets to final 2 after pulling that off she has a chance. She has succeeded where Michael failed in that she laid low behind the protection of the alliance. If she makes ot to finale night that means she will have won when needed


How do these dummies not know not something is going on between Bucky, oops I mean Taylor and Monte??? I mean Buck Tooth, I mean Taylor, has not been in her bed for two nights….. And what is wrong with Airhead, oops, I mean Alyssa, is she not going to fight for herself to stay in the house? I think Brittany knows something is going on; however, she is too afraid to share her thoughts with deaf, dumb and blind, oops I mean Turner..Come on people, wake the hell up and flip this vote….I cannot stand BUCKY!!


To quote Taylor quoting
Rihanna ‘you look so dumb right now’….. G*d don’t like ugly and your comment is UGHHHHHHHLY!


Stephanie I cannot believe how unkind you are! Why do you have to say this about her teeth? She cannot help how she was born! It’s just unbelievable how you are frequently commenting on Taylor’s teeth. It’s a strange fascination you have with her mouth. She’s clearly beautiful for heaven’s sakes and it’s just extremely offputting to keep reading your nasty comments. I actually want Taylor to be evicted this week as well, this is their chance to get her out, but please stop commenting about her teeth. It is so so mean. PS I would love to see what your teeth look like, I have a feeling that your parents could not afford orthodontics, not to be mean but I highly doubt it…. but I’m not going to make fun of your teeth, because it would be most unkind and I am not going to bully anybody for something they cannot help.

L.L. Bean Dip

But you did just make fun of her teeth though. So…

No Name

Wow,you’re really reaching.Can you post a picture of yourself please?I would love to see flawless perfection.

Captain Kirk

Taylor’s strategy now:
I’ll f* to the end !!! lol

Not many tools left in the shed for her at this stage in the game.

And Alyssa is as sharp as a beach ball.

Captain Kirk

“BUCKY” would have been known as nothing but a “beaver” and a “lot lizard” in another era from the past.
10-4 ?

un autre nom

What I view as the biggest game errors of the season:

  • Indy’s eviction. They just had an endurance comp, they weren’t going to do 2 endurance comps in a row, ever. In all things trivia she was a cabbage. When Taylor gave up control of her HOH to the men, she gave up control of the game to men. Terrance evicted that week means both Brochella and Dyrefest likely have Leftover HOH’s. Therefore, any shenanigans draws the line 100%.
  • Terrance’s eviction. Michael was a fool to be petty because Terrance inferred he was racist with his timing reveal. Michael should have listened to Britt, and put up Monte and Turner. if he had, one of the two people responsible for his eviction were out the door, he wouldn’t have been renom. Huge tactical error to mollify the fanbase that Michael was an honorable guy…. making deals with known backstabbers plotting his demise. Sideye…. that NEVER made sense.

Those are the 2 most glaring game errors tactically.
There’s multiple small errors, but these are the 2 big errors that just stand out with neon signs as double O stoopid mistakes.


no one’s gonna disagree jasmine should have been the target over indy, but terrance should have been voted out over indy once jasmine wasn’t on the block.

the bigger tactical error is definitely michael’s not taking shots when he was hoh. i get his wanting the alliance wanting to target itself, but when you’re in power you still gotta take the shot, you don’t get the opportunity often enough. he had the chance to take out monte instead of jasmine, and turner instead of terrance. had he done that, he’s probably still in the game.

Captain Kirk

What do people say about playing football on Monday morning??

un autre nom

When you are looking at the whole season as the football game, then Monday morning is the day after finale.
Looking at the season as a whole while the game is still ongoing is important when assessing the game of every player.

Captain Kirk

I don’t agree with the premise that BB is a “game” in traditional terms and definition; governed by rules, regulations, umpires, etc.

BB is more aligned with a study made by psychologist / sociologist on human behavior (or for a PhD thesis), to observe what individuals are willing to do (or not do) when a few dollars are offered for their participation. The problem is that there is no control group.

So far, typical behavior are lying, cheating,backstabbing, dishonesty, a want of ethics, “whoring”, plotting, faking injury, despicable verbiage used for public consumption, etc., etc.

I’ll concede it’s all about ratings and the bottom line for production perspective. BB is cheap production and cheap entertainment; especially when compared to the sitcoms of the past when networks had to dish out $$$$$$$$ to contract actors/performers with a ” name”.


Monte is stupid doesn’t he see the only reason Taylor decided to sleep with him is to take her to the end. She will put him up if she gets the chance. If Turner gets next HOH he should put up Taylor and Monte if Taylor stays. Do Turner, Brittany and Alyssa not know Monte and Taylor are sleeping together? So sad that Taylor thinks that’s the way to win the game.


It’s sad but Monte might be that stupid…especially since the jury expressed that they like Taylor’s game.

L.L. Bean Dip

I doubt she will send Monte home. Since she based her HoH on race and didn’t put Jasmine up. So I imagine she’ll want to have two black people in the final two. And now that they have banged. I doubt she’ll keep Turner or Brittany over Monte. Knowing Turner & Brittany have played a way better game.


so this is about race that’s why you being very rude towards Taylor

Captain Kirk

Why are you surprised at Taylor’s “strategy” ?
It’s an ancient tool that goes back to the beginning of time.


please get Taylor out!!!


I hope so too!!

un autre nom

Remember way back in week 5 when Britt told Michael that she was studying with Taylor, and she didn’t correct Taylor’s mistakes in order of events just in case they made it to final 3-4 and they needed to beat Taylor in days comps?
Nobody has corrected those mistakes she’s been studying.

Her latest study session was with Monte… and it was not a really good study session. No really. They were going over comp names and who won and not the day numbers. The Brochella / Dyre fest comps will most likely have to be left out of any day comps, which is sort of a shame because those comps not following pattern would have really been a difference maker.

I know everyone was saying Turner has a fantastic memory… I don’t know if i’ve ever noted him studying. Britt we’ve seen study. Monte… not so much. Does anyone know his level of knowledge on days? At one point they said he knew everything about the comp he won… but does he have a good grasp of the whole season? Alyssa’s? she was good up to the pool floatie massacre… but then started having major day error malfunctions like she stopped studying completely.

Final 4 veto almost always has a season history component head to head unless production is screwing with the numbers to make sure their edit makes sense. Final HOH part 2 always has a season history component sometimes individual timed and dubious. Final 4 HOH USED TO be before and after or what the bleep, but they’ve shifted away from that in the past 3 seasons. Remember when they made final 4 HOH the spinning comp and final 4 Veto an individually timed comp (with Jackhole arguing with D/R that they had to remove time from his run because the comp handlers weren’t giving him a pass on wrong answers?) Ah season 21, what a bullshit season of fuqery. It was so plain and clear what season the courts decided reality entertianment programming is not held to the standard of gameshow rules. LMAO.

un autre nom

I’m still not sure if Turner has realized Monte and Taylor have spent 2 (likely soon to be 3) nights together alone in HOH.
Alyssa pointed out the wake up music of the day (Sexual Healing). D/R trolled them.
Britt straight up asked crushed or not crushed. Tay lied to her saying they were rehashing her anger about being put on the block all night long. I don’t think it was believed.


i have a hard time believing britt and alyssa don’t know. turner i can see be oblivious though. he still somehow thinks voting out alyssa is good for his game after all.

un autre nom

I really just want some chaos to happen.
I don’t like any of these people.
I no longer feel sorry for any of them and I’m tired of being beaten over the head with victim edits. I’m sick of the sanitizing they’re doing to make the houseguests less scummy than their games actually are. I’ve been tired of the sanitizing since week 5.
According to the episodes… Terrance was a wonderfully pleasant fellow. Jasmine wasn’t a nightmare. Taylor didn’t enter a final 3 and within hours plot to take out the member that was and continued to protect her ass for weeks on end. She isn’t sleeping with the scumbag that told 13 other houseguests to leave her shit goodbye messages to teach her what a rotten person she was… and put her in her place. Turner has never lied or twisted anything… meaning he has no game because THAT IS his game. Britt? she doesn’t have enough d/r to be considered a houseguest. Alyssa…no they’ve pretty much got her nailed on the head but didn’t show that the breakup was false… they continued having sex until hours before Kyle’s eviction.
According to the edit, the Leftovers was never a fake alliance that covered for the pound… the anti bullying stance was real? It was NOT. THAT pisses me off like you can’t believe.

The episode edit is 50% of why I dislike all of them. The other 50%:is that every single one of these people beats us over the head with soundbites about their ideals and virtues… that 0% match the way they play the game. They NEED to quit cam talking about the causes they all believe in while they behave 180 degrees opposite to that. It’s bullshit and some people actually buy it as more than just give me cred and verify my socials crap that it is.

For that reason I want Chaos. I can’t have them all actually comparing notes about each other…. because really… the d/r would have a conniption and begin telling everyone to forget what they just heard like a wall yeller had come by. What… wall yeller appears and everyone is called into d/r and told to forget what they heard so production doesn’t have to make it part of the storyline.
Wow. I forget that every season since 15 I’ve had this wave of disgust about most of the finalists in a Big Brother season…. and it’s usually in large part due to the disparity between feeds and edit.

Screw it. Chaos. I WANT CHAOS. I want the endgame to be as difficult for ALL FOUR of them as it can possibly be. Hmmm. Going to have to check if one of the side effects of my allergy meds is irritability, because I’ve been cranky as hell for three days now.


Absolutely spot on analysis! I couldn’t agree more.

Chaos is what BB has really been missing for about 7/8 years. Excessive professional casting and plot management by Production and then the virtue signal/career development by those ‘artistes’ cast that has actually spoiled the human part of the gameplay.

Where are those close eviction nights early in the season? Where are the actual interpersonal grudges and arguing? The Showmances that occurred early in the season and the caused genuine game shenanigans with other players for weeks?

Chaos happened before the lame ‘voting with house’ was a thing. Before there were 47 active alliances and 200 ‘Final 2s’ in the game. Before players had to ‘honour’ the HoH’s wishes? I wonder if recognized BB legends would even get past the 4/5th eviction night with these modern seasons being run by enormous alliances consisting of hopelessly dull floaters simply ganging up on anyone with an ounce of personality?

Yes … too late for this season, I fear … but let’s have some chaos!


Insane that Turner is oblivious to this. He’s tanking his own game.


Kind of lost interest in this season once Michael left. Turner is still kind of my favorite, but he is a bit shady & gross. At any rate, next week’s HOH doesn’t matter as much, since whoever is the veto winner will have the deciding vote. It’d be in Turner’s interest to keep Alyssa, but I don’t think he has the votes. And if Monte thinks Turner will keep him safe next week, he better think again. He can’t be the HOH and he has to definitely win the veto.

un autre nom

Turner exposed the Storage room talk I was 60/40 about whether he would pull a twist on that convo. He did. A LOT.
He shifted the conversation. Made it sound a lot more sinister. As usual.
So now he is telling Monte and Taylor… some of what was said, but twisting it.
She never mentioned keeping Alyssa. She was telling Turner why let Monte get a pass, let him take the heat.
She said repeatedly a sympathy vote didn’t matter because she would be keeping Taylor.
That was to cover her ass. If exposed and confronted she can say that.
Turner actually twisted that convo a lot from what I saw, as usual. He was a poor little innocent and Britt came in with a baseball bat and threatened him to switch his vote or she’d beat him to a pulp.

So are they going to try to set Britt up? Maybe.

Monte says she must have realized we got close to Taylor, with Turner sitting right there.

Meh. it again doesn’t change anything. Britt if she doesn’t win HOH or veto was gone next week regardless.
But now Taylor is saying again that Britt is playing a horrible game. Um… that’s why she wanted to take her to final 2…. the easy win against the worst player.

But now we have the justification the edit department needed that doesn’t make Taylor look like she was the backstabber.

Was Britt ever going to win? God no. as of week one before renom… the house had already decided Britt didn’t deserve to be in the women’s alliance and was a loser and a freak. She tried to bond with Turner who immediately went to them guys and said what a loser she was, remember?

Britt attempted to eavesdrop on a bit of the convo, but who knows if she heard anything.
Alyssa came out at one point as well. She probably heard her name. People tend to be able to pick up their own names, even in whisper.

Monte is upset that no matter what Turner says, Taylor still entertains Britt’s behavior. She doesn’t believe Britt but stays attached for optics he says.
Monte hopes Britt doesn’t reveal anything about the conversation to Taylor so that she can see it’s the same pattern of lies.
Taylor has spoken to Britt about….. thirty minutes total in the past week and a half? How much chance Britt is going to say anything to Taylor?

Britt? Not a victim. SHE WAS trying to flip the vote. BE CLEAR. SHE IS GUILTY OF TRYING TO FLIP THE VOTE.
Turner? Still slimy. Mostly because I’m starting to question if any of his past dealings he talked about in regard to being bullied or harrassed are true.. or were just more of his interpretive more fiction than fact retells. Sorry. If that’s his strategy… where has he learned that that behavior works? Just a question in my head. NOT an accusation.


I didn’t watch the live feeds yesterday – Do you think there’s any chance at all that Turner will “give Alyssa a sympathy vote”? Fingers cross this flips and Taylor is evicted and chaos ensues.


I myself thought that Alyssa doing that reeked of desperation and she is not the only one to try a version of that ploy this season

un autre nom

I still think what she said is if you lie and say you’re keeping me and then vote me out you lose my friendship and my jury vote, not keep me or you lose my friendship and my jury vote. That’s the kind of justification twist on things people say that Turner does.
I could be wrong, but that’s how things sounded when she was talking to him in that choppy cut up conversation they had.

The Beef

That’s a big difference to me. In the second version she’s just asking him to be honest with her and tell her so that she can enjoy the time she has left in the house. Even if he doesn’t vote her to stay, they’re still friends and he still has her vote.

In the Turner tell version it makes her look threatening and evil – either you vote for me or we’re done and absolutely no way I’d ever vote for you in the end. That’s a huge difference, and I agree that Turner is telling it that way for a reason, although I’m not sure I can figure out what that reason is. Seems to me he should just take her up on what she said, tell her he’s voting her out, apologize for having to do so and move on.

Captain Kirk

THAT was my point earlier from the Turner / Britt dialogue.

It seems as if Britt was trying to con Turner into giving Alyssa a “sympathy” vote (i.e. Turner voting for Taylor to be kicked out).

It would be quite a coup and con job for Britt.

If we take Turner at his word (foolish because his word means NOTHING), one would expect him voting Alyssa out, but if Britt can flip his vote by getting him to vote Taylor out, Britt can kick her out,

BOTTOM LINE is one cannot take ANY of them at their word or representation because BB is nothing but a study on social behavior, and how people with NO character or self-respect submit themselves to this s* for a few bucks dangling to their face.

BUCKY !!!!!!!

Not Jason’s Holly

After watching last night’s episode, they are clueless if they get rid of Alyssa! I’m not sure if she just freezes in comps or if she really has no clue about anything! She is usually last in every one! She seems to be just a pretty face!

Taylor needs to go if they want to win this thing!

My prediction, Taylor will win this year. We’ve had a black man win last year. Xavier totally deserved it! This year is the year of the black woman. In my opinion, Taylor does not deserve it.

As much as I’m not a fan of hers, if Brittany pulls off this blindside, she deserves to win. I agree with whoever said Brittany is annoying in her D/R, but she has been spot on with everything she notices. I’ll be shocked if she pulls it off because she’s dealing with Turner. He has been clueless all season. The only reason Michael is gone is because MONTE said it was time to get Michael out

Next year will be a gay couple in a showmance! This is how the show has progressed. It goes in the direction of the political agenda, but a little behind schedule. Wait for it!


I don’t think Alyssa really knows the game. She did say that she applied for Love Island, but they cast her in Big Brother instead. Soooo…….


The blindside won’t happen. Turner is pledged to follow Monte’s will, which is a final three with Taylor or, Brit. If Turner screwed this vote, Monte could go against Turner next. Turner is actually just playing for second place and he knows it. I agree that IF Brit pulled this off, it is a resume game-changer. However, the jury members are already set in their votes. The only possible winners, majority of votes: Monte up against anyone else. Taylor up against anyone else, and Turner only against Brit/Alyssa. An aside: look at the body language in the photo of the five. Knowing what we know, can you see Monte’s open stance confidence; Taylor’s lean, and Turner and Brit’s literal “covering up” of deception. Alyssa’s superpower is to look neutral and friendly.

The Beef

How can both Monte and Taylor both win up against anyone else? What if they’re up against each other?

Why am I still watching?

I know it’s the unpopular opinion.. but I do agree Britt deserves the win if she can pull off the blindside. Fingers crossed Chaos will ensue today allowing Us the Viewer ( & only true victims of this mess of a season) a little something to cheer about!!!


I don’t understand why they would keep Taylor over Alyssa. Alyssa is sweet and pretty and very likable but she has to be one of the worst competitors I have ever seen for comps. Turner, Britt, and Monte have a better chance to control the game with Taylor gone

Team Taylor

Simple — more jury votes lined up for Alyssa.

Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, probably Terrance. That’s too many people who would give it to Alyssa for doing nothing but Kyle. She needs to go for Monte, Turner, and Taylor to have a better chance at winning.


It would be good TV if they both voted to evict Taylor. Britney has a better chance of winning over Alyssa for the HOH


If I am Britt I split the vote and make Monte look her in the face and evict her. I have not really been a Britt fan but because of her personal story she shared with her pregnancy issues I found a soft spot for her and hope she can win HOH. Then things would get super interesting in the house.


Did Brittany have miscarriages? That would be sad..I do dislike her though.


A box of rocks has a better chance of winning over Alyssa!


If Taylor doesn’t go tonight I’d kinda love to see her take Britt to the end. Egg on the guys face. Could be a little romantic to see Monte take Taylor to the end? Either way at least it isn’t boring and predictable per usual seasons.

un autre nom

Going to try to be sunshine and rainbows today… yeah right. Okay, I’m going to try to be factual without being as mean as I have been recently.

The basics of the action:

Turner has been looking to put a wedge between Britt and Taylor for over a week. He’s been twisting the tone of conversations for about 2 weeks now when it comes to Britt. Actually, that’s not true, he’s been twisting the tone of conversations with Britt since day2, but he took a bit of a break for three weeks in the heyday of the Leftovers while he was riding the wave of his ‘youngest person having to tell people not to bully’ performative lie.
So, there’s no surprise that he twisted yesterdays conversation.
Was Britt’s intent to flip the vote? Yes. Did she state flip the vote? Nope. Did she say half of the things he reported? Nope. He took bits and pieces and twisted as usual. His game is really slimy. It just is. Take the worst aspects of season 19 Paul, put it through a filter of Turner’s favorite season….21 (cringe beyond cringe) and you have the way he plays the game.

Meanwhile, Britt is so against Monte that she wants to take out Taylor because Taylor is now considered Monte’s person. Does she have reason to believe this? Yeah. She’s been isolated by her good friend (that only thinks she’s the easiest opponent for victory), while that good friend spends every conscious, and three nights of unconscious moments glued to Monte’s side. Given how people have moved in the game this season? Isolating and avoiding the house target? Given Taylor knew the final three with Monte was a bust for a week before Michael’s eviction, and said nothing? Given how Taylor’s HOH was a fulfillment of what Monte and Taylor’s last showmance wanted, not the plan she made with Britt, and it just happened again with Michael? Britt does have reason to believe Taylor is now Monte’s person not her person. She’s still a wingnut that consistently has the right urge, but acts in 180 degrees of the right move. Learning Taylor was all in on the get Britt plan before Veto and snippets she’s overheard in past days? She’s acting out like, but stupidly. Moronic. All I have to say: Instinct good: once Instinct becomes ACTION…. total and complete shit show of lunacy.

But first…Taylor? Suddenly having sex with Monte and glued to his side. I have a really hard time with this, knowing the early game information that Taylor doesn’t know, paired with the disparity of what Monte has admitted and apologized for. She thinks she’s with the guy that unknowingly participated in her bullying by believing Paloma and he’s apologized when in fact she’s sleeping with the ring leader that was still pushing the shunning to happen week two after Paloma left, and didn’t own or apologize for that. Game wise? She’s having sex with a man to secure a final 2 seat. Timing. She. IS. She better own it if she wants my support. Odds that happens? Negative percentage. Beneath Zero. She’s yet another showmance girl playing big brother on the backs of a meatshield… only she doesn’t own it she instead says she doesn’t want us to think that’s what she’s doing. She IS.

I see Monte as a scumbag. Tough. Deal with it. Already said days ago why I think he’s a scumbag. He still is in my opinion. That’s not going to change no matter how they edit him.

Let’s just make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to the Pound/Leftovers stuff.
The Pound was formed by the surviving Oasis members because the uppity women didn’t fall in line with what the house Alphas wanted, and evicted Pooch over Taylor. They wanted Taylor out. The pound concocted a lie: tell Michael and Britt and Taylor they were against the bullying happening to gain their loyalty so the Pound would always have numbers. the Leftovers was always a sham to cover for the Pound. The statements of support and anti bullying were always stemming from that lie. The leftovers was always a fraud. Sort of hits you with a wave of nausea when you realize that, doesn’t it?

I’ll support as winner the first among the final 4 that actually OWNS their game warts and all. TBH, I think this means I won’t support anyone. Monte just talked about how his game has no mistakes, and then talked about how badly every other single evictee played. Taylor is too busy telling us she doesn’t want to be carried and she’s all for women…. while she’s being carried and truth be told, hasn’t played a for women game, she’s played a victim role for Taylor game. Turner? Still talks like his fake anti bullying speech (justification for putting up Ameerah who took out Pooch, not an actual stance) was real. Britt may admit she’s playing a shit game, but thinks it’s only because 10000 reasons none of them fact.
I think I can safely say I’m not going to have to root for any of them if I’m going to root for the one that owns their game.

As of last I looked:
Britt is giving Alyssa a sympathy vote, if Turner does too cool, if he doesn’t who cares, she thinks she’ll just have to deal with it. Eyeroll.
Monte is praising Monte by shit talking all the past house guests games.
Turner is slithering around Monte’s feet trying to find a way to permanently crawl up Monte’s ass as a parasite.
Taylor is giggling at all Monte’s snide condescending remarks masked as humor and insight and yes dearing at everything he says.
Yeah, I walked away. Came here to write my annoyance out as a cathartic exercise.
By the way… thanks everyone for putting up with my cathartic exercises for the past two weeks since I got bitter.


The only one owning their game is Alyssa. But then she thimks she’s on “Love Island.” I think Alyssa and Kyle were supposed to be our next Jeff/Jordan. But unfortunately Alyssa (or Taylor for that matter) doesn’t have a grannie who made them promise not to “booger” in the BB house.

un autre nom

Remind me btw…
didn’t Turner talk about his jury vote as a bargaining chip during the part of Dyre fest we did see? When he was talking to Kyle and Alyssa on the hammock? I’m pretty sure that was a thing. Just saying as far as hypcrites go….

Alyssa has gone to Turner. The story is Britt is voting her out. She doesn’t want to leave unanimously, and she’s going to try with Monte again. She lays it on thick with how much Turner’s friendship means to her, and how Turner’s vote in her corner means everything, and if it doesn’t work out with Monte keeping her, she’ll still push for Turner in jury.

Britt has told Taylor of course you have me. She plans on saying I gave ALyssa a sympathy vote because I knew your were staying Taylor, and she knew for a fact Turner wasn’t going to do it, he told her. She did lay out the wow, it sucks that Alyssa doesn’t have a sympathy vote line with Taylor.

Monte? Somewhere praising himself as God’s gift to absolutely everything by shit talking and being condescending about everyone else most likely. Who cares.

Is it sad that I had the final four chart done for this week on Sunday?


It was easy to put up with your cathartic excercises because I feel the same, all the players have flaws and don’t own up to how they played the game. If I was a juror I would vote for the rubber duck in the pool to win.


No one is a parasite. lol


Taylor wanted to make out with someone all season. It was first Daniel with his magnum condoms. Then it was Joe and finally she lands the lips onto Monte. Who cares! If I was a chick and in the house I’d be making out with all the studs to.


Are you sure Taylor wanted to make out with Daniel? He seems more artist than stud and there was nothing to indicate that she falls for the artist type


Just going by what she said but yeah he doesn’t seem to be her type at all.


I saw Michael’s extended interview with Julie. He said he loved being in the game, and woukd return in a blink if asked! He was very upbeat and his usual brilliant articulate self.

He said he feels Monte has the best chance of winning, with Taylor as a second choice.

If there’s any common sense left there, they should evict Taylor. Interesting how she became so unlikable. As if her true has emerged.


Ok. Alyssa is now gone and at least Monte has blood on his hands even though a couple hours ago Monte did tell her what his vote would be


Did Alyssa Just say she hopes the white players win??


Well Britney it’s either pov or your going home