Turner “Brittany flipped that vote.” Monte “I know she did! 100%!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:05pm The live feeds return to the final four in the kitchen. Monte – I wonder how Alyssa did out there? Turner – I bet she cried. Monte – definitely! Well at least we all got hugs from her (Unlike Michael), that felt good. Turner – seems like people are excited when they see people from inside the house. Brittany – they’re probably happy that we’re excited to see them. I just want to see Steven so bad! Monte – in due time.. in due time! Turner – maybe this week (video messages).

Bathroom – Turner and Monte.
Turner – Brittany flipped that vote. Monte – I know she did! Turner – you got to know that wasn’t me right?! Monte – 100% I know it wasn’t you. I am going to talk to Taylor but I know you didn’t f**king do it. You know why .. because when she (Brittany) came out of the voting booth.. her face was just like (head down). Turner – I tried going for like a thing and (cheers nothing from Brittany). Monte – I know she did it and she wants to pin it on you. Turner – that’s exactly it. She is going to say they’re (Turner & Alyssa) friends. And at least Taylor knows about the conversation we had in the storage room. I cannot believe it. I didn’t think she was going to do it though. Monte – yeah. Turner – then she did. Monte – once she went up to you to ask you about where your vote stood.. I think either way she was going to do it anyway because she probably wanted Taylor out this week and to keep Alyssa for lower competition. Turner – and if Alyssa was here she would have won that. Monte – and this is exactly why I feel good about keeping you and Taylor. Turner – yup! Monte – because I knew that that competition would come down to something that would require the two of you to win and thank god she came through bro. And that way her a$$ has no way in being secured being in the final 3 next week. Turner – yeah exactly. Yeah, 3 against 1 in that veto and make sure that Taylor knows that I would never have done that. Monte – 100%! Turner – and I think my character versus Brittany’s speaks for itself so.. Monte – yeah. I always look at how people act. She showed her cards the way she came out of the voting booth. I was like I am going to have to go up and make this vote (break the tie). Its so slimy that she would do that. She wanted to create suspicion with you. I know 100% it wasn’t you. Turner – and I know she is going to go to Taylor and be like I would never vote you out. Monte – as long as she doesn’t win veto we are good. Turner – we should talk to Taylor tonight. If it is me and Brittany I am fine with that .. we just have to win the veto.

Bedroom – Taylor and Brittany.
Taylor – hug me! I won something .. give me a hug. Brittany and Taylor hug. Taylor starts singing – Started from the bottom and now we’re here! Brittany – It makes me feel good .. the final 3 me and you there together. Check! Taylor – the plan A/B.. Either one of us gets one or one of us gets both (HOH & POV). Done! Train keeps moving .. lets go! Brittany – I just feel like I have to win (veto). We’re going to bring each other. I know for a fact…. I know for a fact.. Taylor – I got your back. Brittany – thank you! Alyssa was telling me that he was going to (vote out Taylor to keep Alyssa). Taylor – whatever. Good tv now.. whatever. Brittany – this morning I just had to tell her (Alyssa) I cannot (vote to keep her). But its jury management for him. Taylor – MMMmmmhmmmmm! I know, I know.. I am not mad. Because at this point its about winning.

7:35pm – 7:58pm Bathroom – Monte and Taylor.
Monte – how are you feeling? Taylor – f**king split vote. Monte – I think it was very obvious when I saw peoples reactions after they left the voting booth.. Brittany sat down and wouldn’t look at anybody. It was so obvious that she did it. Taylor – Mmmmmhmmmm! Turner joins them. Turner – I thought it was going to be 2 – 0 and I couldn’t even look at Alyssa. I was like Alyssa was going to be pissed and granted I didn’t think Brittany was even going to do it. And then I was like oh my god! Monte – I think in her mind she was willing to risk it because in her mind it gets rid of a competitor. Turner – she (Alyssa) would have won that HOH if you (Taylor) weren’t there. I don’t know if she’s already done it .. and said they’re friends (Turner & Alyssa) but at least you saw her (Brittany) grab me and pull me into the storage room. Taylor – Mmmmmmhmmm. Monte – and you’ve already talk about what Alyssa said to you and how you felt about that (how she won’t vote for him at the end or be his friend outside of the house if he votes her out). I just knew something was off.. but here we are. Taylor – all we have this week is up to winning. Last week was the week of hard decisions and this week its all up to who wins. Like who are you putting up this week… it doesn’t matter. Monte – that’s true. You (Taylor) are guaranteed to be final 3! Taylor – I am either making the decision who goes to final two or someone is going to be making the decision on me. I wonder when that switch happened? Monte – it was probably after that DR… That’s when they were asking us like who do you want in final 3? Had to have been. Brittany comes out of the DR and joins them.

8:14pm Bathroom – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – I feel like Turner is in a good position. I feel like Turner will bring Monte and Monte will bring you. I would bring you. And you would bring me. Taylor – we’ve been on board since day two. Sh*T! If you flip on that … I swear to god! Brittany – I would never (LOL) Do you think I would have a shot in hell any other way!? No! No seriously! Turner took out Michael and he has 3 HOHs. Taylor – yeah. He is who any of us should be most worried about. Brittany – Monte is playing a really good game. I think he has played the best game out of all of us. Don’t you think? Taylor – the cleanest! Most successful. Brittany – he has 2 HOH’s and a veto. Taylor – sh*t I could do the same this week. Brittany – oh my god! You could! I feel like he has made big moves. I look back and I don’t have any. Taylor – this week it just comes down to who wins. Brittany – even winning HOH it only secures final 3 for you .. and you get to decide who decides if you win veto.

8:18pm On the living room TV: Nominations are Today! (Usually these on on Friday but this week the noms don’t matter. It all comes down to who wins the veto. If Taylor wins the veto as HOH she decides who she wants to make the decision on who to evict. And if Brittany, Monte or Tuner win the veto.. they cast the sole vote to evict, thus deciding who they want to go to final three with Taylor.

9:05pm Taylor comes out of the diary room. Taylor – who wants to see my HOH room!? They head into the room and check out her HOH pictures and her basket. Taylor got a bucket hat (WTF is up with giving them all bucket hats?!) She then reads her HOH letter. Brittany – this is the last HOH reveal too. Turner – that’s true.

9:20pm – 9:43pm HOH Room – Brittany and Taylor.
Taylor – my job is so easy now because it doesn’t matter who I put up. It all comes down to who wins the veto. Brittany – that’s the fortunate and unfortunate thing. Taylor – if I win veto it comes down to who I want to decide. Brittany – have you thought about what you’re going to do? Taylor – yeah. And I don’t think you’re going to like it but its going to be you and Turner. Brittany – okay. Taylor – because I would rather me be in a position to take you down or have Monte win veto and take you down. Brittany – do you think he would do that? Taylor – yeah (lol no). Brittany – really? Taylor – yup. Brittany – what makes you think he would do that? Taylor – we talked about it. Brittany – really? Taylor – MMmmmhmmm. Brittany – but Turner is going to bring him to the end. Taylor – I think he has questions about Turner. Brittany – really? Taylor – Mmmhmm. I just don’t want a scenario where someone else puts you up. Brittany – because I don’t have the vote. Brittany – yeah. Taylor – because I can’t take you down. Brittany – if you win the veto what would you do? Taylor – take you down. Brittany – and then I could vote Turner out. Taylor – yeah. Brittany – I want a woman to get there. You diminish your chance by one whole person if Turner makes it to final three. You literally make it in any scenario if its me, you and Monte. Taylor – it just comes down to the veto. Brittany – yes it just comes down to the veto. The only thing is if you win veto, and this is totally up to you but if you look at things I think it makes sense for me to be the deciding vote. Lock me in because I am the one that they’re most wishy washy about and then that ensures.. like there is no incentive for me to bring turner. He would bring Monte first, you second and me third. Whereas Monte I think is more rational, he would bring you first, me second and I think he would bring Turner third. Even if he doesn’t like me much, he could beat me. Taylor – I don’t want either of us sitting next to them.

9:45pm HOH room – Monte and Taylor
Taylor – I have some decisions to make ..and it literally doesn’t matter since its down to who wins veto. I am thinking Turner and Brittany go up. I say both of you are telling me that you didn’t switch your vote when you both told me that you would both vote for me. Someone is lying.. good luck! Monte – that is exactly what I was thinking as the justification. Big Brother switches the feeds. Taylor – if Brittany wins veto she is keeping you. Monte – I think she prefers to sit next to Turner over me.

9:50pm Bathroom – Turner and Brittany.
Turner – can we chat real quick?! Brittany – ummmmm.. Turner – was that a yes or a no? I would just really like to know what happened? I wish you would have told me.. .thoughts!? Brittany – I don’t think there is really anything to say? Turner – this is true. I get it game-wise .. I know that you were going to pitch that it wasn’t me.. and I know that it wasn’t me.. to make me a target. Its cool! I am not mad. It makes sense.. but I just don’t like that you used my friendship with Alyssa as a pitch as a sympathy vote to get out your friend Taylor.. if I had followed through to get out Taylor. But that goal would just seem slimy .. I don’t know. That is just not respectable. You trying to get me to vote out my friend with my friendship as the pitch so that you could then beat Alyssa if she stays but then vote to kick out your friend. And now you’re going to obviously going to blame it on me. Thoughts?! Brittany – thanks for your commments.. (She then walks out of the bathroom) Turner – yes, thanks .. very respectable!

9:53pm HOH room – Turner than goes up and tells Taylor and Monte what happened in the bathroom. Turner just that she would use my friendship with someone .. Turner starts crying. Turner – oh with peace and love … F**K Brittany!!! Agh.. that was just so hard to vote out Alyssa.. Monte – and then to have it pinned on you… that you did it. Yeah. And we talked about the whole goodbye message. Turner – yeah and I look like the a$$hole.. and then Brittany’s is like I told Turner not to vote you out. It just sucks! Monte – it means a lot you having this reaction to it. Taylor – i didn’t ever expect this to be easy for you. I know game and personal are two different things for you but that doesn’t mean that its easy.. you’re not an a$$hole. Turner – obviously I did not want Alyssa to go at my expense we did what we did to get to the end together but this .. I just hate that she used my vote against Alyssa against me as a friendship move ..like oh my god that is just so disgusting! Turner leaves.

10pm – 10:18pm HOH room – Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – it makes me furious that my best shot at final two is if I go with you or Brittany. Monte – mmmhhmmm.. Taylor – because I don’t want to reward someone (Brittany) for playing a game like that. Monte – I want to respect your HOH and I know your resume is tip top .. I respect whatever you want this week. Taylor – I hate making deals.. it sucks .. You tell me if this puts a bad taste in your mouth. If I put up Turner and Brittnay.. and you win veto .. you keep noms the same and keep Brittany? Monte – is there any chance that we could still discuss the other option this week .. because I don’t like going back on my word if there isn’t a potential to talk through things if another option make sense. Is that still open having those conversations .. or are you set on Brittany has to be in the final three? Taylor – its in my core and its down to who do I trust and who can I beat. I trust you and I could beat Brittany. I trust you .. I don’t know if I could beat Turner .. in comps or sitting next to him in final two. And I know you could beat Brittany .. Brittany slim chance she could beat you. Slim chance she could beat me. I like the odds of us going far with her more than I like the odds of us going far with Turner. Monte – yeah that is true. You laid it out pretty logically. Yes we could beat her in physical comps but there is still the mental component. Taylor – doesn’t Turner have the same? Monte – I do appreciate you not putting me on the block. Taylor – I do trust you to make that decision. I know where my priority is and you can see that with who I am not putting on the block.

10:20pm HOH room – Turner and Taylor.
Turner – I just wanted to know what you’re thinking .. I am having a tough time with.. For her to leverage my friendship which I cared so much about! Taylor – I know. People have done some f**ked up things in this game. Its not even that people have done f**ked up things in this game .. its that people have been stupid in this game. Turner is crying – its not that I have been on board with Brittany but I never would have done something like that to her no matter how I feel about her. Taylor – she swears up and down that you are a Paul. You are a Tyler. She thinks you are a master game chess player in the game of big brother. Taylor – just own your sh*t. Don’t piss on my head and say its raining. Turner – do you know what you’re doing tonight (for noms)? Taylor – you’re not going to like it.. Turner – as long as its not me and Monte. Taylor – no, Brittany and you. Turner – I am fine with that .. it all comes down to the veto anyway. I don’t even care as long as you, me and Monte are in the final three. I don’t care if you guys had 30 things on your resume .. and Brittany has zero.. I do not want her in here.

10:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. the nomination ceremony is happening now. Taylor is going to nominate Turner and Brittany.

11:32pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the nominations. Taylor nominated Turner and Brittany. The house guests are in the kitchen reminiscing about past events of the season. Monte – maybe, just maybe we are doing all this early to have more time to see our families. (Video messages) Monte and Turner are alone. Monte – you know her speech was all optics right!? Turner – yeah.

Bedroom – Brittany and Taylor.

Brittany – he (Turner) is actually saying that I flipped?! Taylor nods yes. Brittany – you’re kidding me?! I thought you were just making up the speech to be spicy! Taylor! Are you kidding me?! What the f**K!!! Taylor laughs. Brittany – is he serious?! Taylor nods. Taylor – what happened in the bathroom? Brittany – what do you mean? Taylor – with you and Turner. Brittany – I was down in the bathroom and he wasn’t. He was just sitting there. Taylor – he said that he said what happened with the vote to you and you were like (shrugs). Brittany – no he was just sitting there being all pouty because he was like oh sh*t.. she won HOH. Taylor – I know. Brittany – are you kidding me?! Taylor – I know. Brittany – me and Steven would call that a “soup boy” ..someone that got caught and now is grasping at straws. I am sorry… you think I am going to flip on my friend?! .. when you’re trying to save face with your friends!? That’s stupid. Taylor – I know. I know. Someone is lying .. and I know who it is! (LOL Brittany) Brittany – it comes down to veto.. its fine!

12am Bucket hats and cooking..

12:15am – 12:40am Big Brother opens up the backyard. Monte – this must meant the veto is either offsite or not happening tomorrow. Tuner goes to chill in the hammock.

12:45am Storage room – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – I was going to say I feel really good .. Monte is actually talking to me. Like it just happened like that (she snaps her fingers). I don’t know why? Taylor – I worked my magic. Brittany – its just so weird.. like week to week and stuff. I hope its all genuine. Taylor – just remember your week 2-3, 3-4. Brittany – right, right .. it changes. Taylor – it can feel more potent when there are only 4 people around. Brittany – yeah. Taylor – but things can still change. They hug. Brittany – I think I will get to bed. This is the most important veto.

12:52am – 1am Kitchen – Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – she (Brittany) said that nothing happened in the bathroom. Monte – so she denied all of that completely? Taylor – yeah. Taylor – I said so what happened in the bathroom. Turner said that something went down. And she said no, he was just stewing on the bed and he was just mad. Monte – my thing is he could have made something up right there but he said very specific stuff that she said that he brought to us. I just don’t think he could be faking a funk on all of this. Taylor – I don’t think .. I mean he is really hurting. Monte – agreed. They head out to the hammock and joins Turner. Monte – even if one of us go to jury we will fill Alyssa in on what happened. Turner – yeah..

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Brittany is going to guilt trip herself out of the game, slimy for sure.


When the feeds came back Brittany was doing a pity party by lying under the covers of a bed for a minute. The feeds didn’t show the transition between that and when Brittany and Taylor briefly talked


She’s the Queen of the Pity Party and Terrance was the King.

The Corey's

Turner is really dumb, he had a cake walk to the end coming back from being stuck outside for a week.

Now the only way he wins is to win the veto, vote out Monte and then win HOH and vote out Taylor.

Turner will not win against either Taylor or Monte. Not with how the entire cast is voting voting for POC over strategy.


Everyone but Turner knew he needed to evict Taylor. He does not deserve to win!

The Truth shall set you free!

You say poc, voted for poc over strategy? What show have you been watching??? Clearly you haven’t been watching this season. So based on YOUR logic, Turner only wins by voting out poc. And that’s not hypocritical of you?

Here’s how the season actually went:

Week 2 – Jasmine (poc) nom Taylor (poc) and Pooch – Pooch evicted.
Week 3 – Monte, Taylor and Joseph – all (poc) voted out Ameerah (poc).
Week 4 – Monte nom Indy (poc) and Alyssa – Nicole (poc) voted out.
Week 6 – Taylor nom Indy (poc) and Terrance (poc) – Indy (poc) voted out.
Week 7 Jasmine (poc) was voted out by Monte, Taylor, and Brit. 2 out of 3 poc voted out a poc.
Week 7 Terrance (poc) nom Joseph (poc) – Joseph voted out.
Week 9 Monte and Taylor voted out Terrance.

7 out of 10 weeks a poc either nom or voted out a poc.

Your comment is grossly inaccurate and a desperate attempt to race bait. Sad.

Ps. Maybe you forgot that Turner is still in the house, because Monte (poc) put up Taylor (poc). Be thankful that Monte protected Turner, because if he had put him on the block, he wouldn’t have made Final 4!


Ahhhhh! Turnerrrrr! So frustrating! Such a stupid move on his part, not voting out Taylor.


Taylor would be over the moon with a F3 including Brittany and Monte. She would be guaranteed F2. I don’t think Taylor fans get it. It is not being biased it’s the clear fact that there was no way in hell that Turner should have evicted Alyssa. Turner was stupid to keep her bc every circumstance Taylor was NEVER GOING to take him to F2 !


You’re going under the assumption that Turner has a brain..


He doesn’t just a little puppet to entertain Monte. Turner is completely taking it in the rear from him. Once again Taylor played no game to stay other than play pocket pool with Monte.Taylor is not a great player when she is gone a week after 4th of July any other season.

Captain Kirk

LOL….It’s there….it’s there….it’s just that the CATSCAN / MRI can’t detect it….lol

Game shows lover

We get it but we don’t care how it happens, we just want to see Taylor in f2 lol


You will now that Turner kept her with the stupid vote for Alyssa.

Captain Kirk

What’s the obvious Monte & Taylor have in common?

Maybe, just MAYBE, there is validity to the Kyle Doctrine after all, and Kyle was correct despite all the stones.

Just beyond dumbness.

Cee Dee

Not really. Kyle said there was a cookout 2.0. There are 2 white people and 2 black people left and the black people voted out other black people. Are you suggesting that if there is more than one POC left that it must be a conspiracy or something? What about the fact that Taylor is hell bent on dragging crazy eyes to the final 2? Smh. Kyle wasn’t right but got derailed by his showmance.

Captain Caveman!

Turner Turner Turner,
Got rid of Ameerah instead of Nicole or Daniel (1st HOH)
Got rid of Kyle instead of Monte or Taylor (2nd HOH) even with controversy.
Got rid of Michael smart move but really was Monte’s move (3rd HOH)
Got rid of Alyssa instead of Taylor
All of them I believe were his allies. SMH Correct me if I am wrong. He might have made it to the finale 4 but he did not set himself up for a easy win like he could have.


Turner evicting Alyssa over Taylor to help setup Monte who could cut him. Thus putting Turner in a position where he has to win out to get to the end? Turner giving up his F3 for Monte and Taylor ideal F3? This game is clearly no longer one of strategy just an event with a set agenda.

Game shows lover

I told your!! (Taylor haters) You people on here will really get mad AGAIN.
Turner did a great job voting Alyssa off, now it is his time to bye bye.
The $750 is for someone and this someone is Taylor or Monte.
I can not wait to see the cookout on Thursday!


Turner did a great job voting off Alyssa? So it’s a great job for a player to get rid of his ideal F3 in order to have two other people get their ideal F3 and for them to take each other to the end and for Turner to ruin his F2 with Monte and burn a jury vite with Alyssa? You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about other than wanting an agenda to have Taylor and Monte in the end. It is maybe the craziest statement I ever heard Turner did a great job voting Alyssa? Your idea of playing Big Brother and Turner doing a great job is asinine.

Game shows lover

Haha.. Taylor and Monte will Never see the jury house!!

Captain Kirk



and he tried to justify it by saying he has to vote with the house? count who’s in the house. you vote out taylor, the only person you’re not voting with isn’t playing in the next hoh. idiot.


He doesn’t have a handle on the game.

Game fan

he didnt knew brittany is voting against tylor


then talk to brittany instead of blaming the “house.” just shows he’s out of touch.

Captain Kirk

WHO assumed Turner had a brain?

MAYBE he does….MAYBE inhaling all that nail polish had an impact on brain activity. …lol

Backseat Driver

Let’s hope Brittany doesn’t win the veto this week…..

Captain Kirk



I want Britney to win VETO. That is best case scenario… and will keep things interesting!

Captain Kirk



I sure hope Brittany can brainwash Taylor and Brittany wins veto. Send turner to jury. Even if Taylor believes the guys, do u really want to go to final 3 with them… they taking each other… don’t play for final 3.


Definitely want Turner to go! Let’s hope they can finesse it.

Of the 4 remaining they’re all basically worthless all season, but Taylor is too slimey to be a winner. Would hate to see that.


Sorry; Turner is too slimey to be a winner, not Taylor.


nope, you were right the first time. taylor is the worst winner of the final 4 (and yes, i do acknowledge brittany is still in the house)


Why Taylor? Why is she the worst winner of the final 4?? Brittany has done absolutely nothing??


she’s done more than taylor

Captain Kirk


No Name

Yes Tuners character versus Brittanys speaks for itself.Now he just needs to slither out of Montes sphincter and figure out how to beat him.Will he even try?Nope.Poor little muppet.

Captain Kirk

Monte will stick the butcher knife in Turner’s back if the choice for F2 is between Taylor and Turner. Don’t know if Turner would return the favor though. Monte made his F2 decision when Taylor did a split for him. Question is still open if there was a gulp.

Hey, it’s all for the Monay, eh? lol

They all want to be the Count de Monay 🙂

No Name

I prefer Captain Picard.

Captain Kirk


un autre nom

Monte and Turner:
Get the wood we got a witch to burn. Gotta get Taylor to grill the witch.
All about veto, who cares?

Well that’s going to piss the boys off. They want the hate train to make sure Britt goes if any of the three win veto, and Taylor isn’t giving them shit because…. she’s in final 3 already, so it’s their problem.
Massively get the feeling Taylor no longer feels any need whatsoever to win Veto.


I think Taylor will still gun for veto she knows the boys want Britt out and she wants Britt in f2 with her. If Britt won hoh then Monte prob would’ve thrown veto knowing he was good with Taylor Turner

un autre nom

If Taylor wins veto she has to show her cards. She has to either remove Britt from the block, and trust Britt to vote out Turner…. or she has to go to final 3 with 2 men that she knows don’t both take her to final 2.
She knows this.


Yes – but just like Monte told her that she was his true F2 last week & still had to put her OTB (bc Turner was a big juicy steak she couldn’t resist) she can give him the exact same speech & say I know it’ll be too hard for you to resist doing what your moral code (GAG) tells you.

The funniest part of the equation is I DON’T THINK Brittany would keep Monte!

My guess is she would finally explain her vote to Turner & that it wasn’t necessarily about Ally but more about Monte (that’ll be her spin IMO). She’ll note how Monte/Taylor slept in the room for 3 consecutive nights & the person who she was most closely aligned with sat & watched Monte berate her – the same guy who made a F4 at Brochella, who ratted the trio (Michael/Britt/Tay) out the second Dyre Fest returned, denied having a F2 with Turner, denied he knew Turner’s noms would be Taylor/Britt sat there preaching moral code, integrity & honesty all while calling Britt a mob boss!

Presumably, she’ll also tell Turner how Monte had deals set up with everyone & during his F8 HOH he was coming & sharing intel from the After Party playing both sides. She’ll further outline how Taylor & her did have a F3 with Michael but Taylor wanted to end it early in order to pull in Monte in Michael’s place which she can also claim is why she originally talked to Turner as she considered having him be the replacement. But, given how he always spun those conversations to make Britt look like a deviant she’s now faced with the issue of who to trust – someone who straight up tells her she’s nothing to him or someone like Turner who she thought she had a connection with but never sticks to his promises.

She can outline how she knew Turner is the reason why she got called out by Michael (even though he knew 90% of the conversation they had), how they all ghosted her last week hoping she’d be the one to go & Monte was so convinced he had a parachute to a F2 chair he dismissed her bc he never thought Britt would be the deciding factor at F4. So – knowing where Turner’s vote lay she forced him to get blood on his hands & will deny it if he reiterates it.

The question is who’ll win POV & how the DR will try to manipulate their decision. Since Kyle’s exit, it’s felt like Grodner’s replacement preference was Taylor so it’ll be interesting if the POV is a timed comp & who TPTB entrusts to make the decision.

Honestly, any of the four has an argument to win (although the jury is predisposed for only Taylor or Monte to win) and each has skeletons in the game closet that could expose why they shouldn’t. Taylor has the best story of the season, Monte is ‘perceived’ as the most loyal, Turner has done the most damage based on who left on his HOH reigns (least time spent OTB) & while Britt was viewed as being carried she was more of a partner in the social/strategic side of the equation with Michael than given credit for plus his exit forced her into win mode.

I want the most drama which would be Britt winning F4 POV just so Monte has to grovel & Turner admit to how he did her wrong. While neither guy is a stellar option (one’s a misogynist & one’s just slimy) I’d still prefer Monte get cut at the hand of a woman — especially one he berated just because it made him feel powerful.

Out of the four remaining IMHO Monte’s edit has been the most deceptive & while that probably means he’s the safest I’d still prefer karma come calling with payback for the arrogance he displayed last Sunday in that HOH room.

Captain Kirk

” Taylor will still gun for veto she knows the boys want Britt out and she wants Britt in f2 with her”
Not even close.


She is doing the same vibe as when Monte was like “If Taylor wants Turner up on the block she has to win the Veto comp” when he was just HoH


Turner voting out Alyssa was such a dumb mistake I’ll be shocked if Taylor doesn’t win this game now. He’s lucky she won hoh and not Britt though or Monte would’ve definitely thrown the veto qnd he’d be competing alone now Monte will prob try to win to vote out brit at least


She WILL win because of Turner. If she’s standing next to Monte, they’ll give it to her. Same for standing next to Brittany.


Turner will go next, for letting Taylor continue further. Yay for hiding in a hoodie on national TV all fucking summer. Zero reason to have kept Taylor unless he’s scared of voting out a black person. Ugh.


He has a man crush on Monte and Monte has a crush on Taylor. Let’s gooooo


Don’t forget not showering all summer as top of Turner’s resume.

Captain Kirk



Captain Kirk

“Brittany – this morning I just had to tell her (Alyssa) I cannot (vote to keep her). But its jury management for him”

Brittany didn’t waste any time to begin another round of lies…lol….(just like the remaining three in the house).

As long as the remaining comps are “mental” (as opposed to physical), Brittany has a better chance at PoV and the remaining HOH

un autre nom

Britt should have taken Option 1 not Option 2.
Option 1 was I knew Monte was keeping you and wanted to tank the boys to jury and open up at least one jury vote that would have been theirs (monte or turner).
Instead she went for Option 2: I can’t believe Turner did that.
Option 1 would have looked like a calculated gamble on the girls’ behalf.
Option 2 looks like more of the same transparent denial all season.
Just my opinion.

The guys are going to keep trying to pile wood for another witch burning. At this point I don’t think Taylor actually gives a crap. If she hasn’t figured out taking turner and Monte to finals when she doesn’t have any deal whatsoever with Turner as a final 2 is dumb… that’s on her. Not like she can do anything about it if Turner wins veto or Monte wins veto.

I’ve partially reconsidered my view on if I was a writer:
give Britt false security. Say nominations don’t matter only veto matters, and you’ve both used me as pawns this season, so Turner and Monte take a seat.
I only ever worked pre production and editing on shows though… so what do I know.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Brittany need to go out next for this season to have any hope of a good ending.


I stopped watching when Michael left because there was then no reason to have to subjected to her blah blah blah.

un autre nom

She sounds like she’s going to nom Turner and Britt saying one of them is lying about their vote to her.
So this is why i was kept in editing and pre-production, because that’s not the move I would have made as a writer.

un autre nom

The reason I thought she should have gone the other route:
NOMINATIONS AT FINAL FOUR ARE IRRELEVANT. This was her opportunity to stand up for her causes priniciples and beliefs as she has stated them in cam talk for 65 plus days, instead she’s going to big tv moment victim route. AGAIN.
Why this worries me (nothing to do with Britt, Monte or Turner, but with an overall view the jury could come to see that would be negative to Taylor):
Her belief in the empowerment of women, and her statements that she is not a guys girl but a woman’s empowerment woman now become a jury question. If you believe that so strongly, why did you nominate and target a woman on your first HOH and why did you nominate a woman on your second HOH when noms don’t even matter. Is your female empowerment stance only a Taylor empowerment stance while you play with and only form bonds with the boys?


this is kinda how beauty pageant contestants typically perform on finale nights. it’s all entitlement and taking credit for things they didn’t do. amanda’s terrible final tribals stand out on survivor china and fans vs favorites, but i swear there are other pageant winners who have crashed and burned just as horribly. generally speaking the skills that win pageants are the exact opposite of what you need to win a show like this.

un autre nom

While I was disappointed in Taylor for taking part in the mini-bully sessions for 2 weeks (nowhere near as bad as what she suffered, but significant enough that she should have recognized and empathized), I don’t hate Taylor. I point out the flaws in her game like I do everyone else’s. My limited view of pageant contestants is ‘say world peace while you stab the others in the face with passive aggressive remarks.’ In that respect, Taylor has surpassed my expectation in a good way in some respects…. though calling out causes and playing antithetically bothers me from an analytical game analysis point of view.
I don’t greatly dislike her, except for that one day where i was ticked off and vented my frustration on full blast, but I’m tired of her edit in the episodes. She was once a well rounded person in the edit… now I don’t feel she’s in any way authentic in the edit (especially the d/r).
I have to admit, I don’t like the deification that a large part of the fanbase has placed on her. That’s a me thing though, because I’m still leery of stans after the Hanna stans incident last year. It’s why I no longer respond to tweets during US BB season.


I agree and it’s a perfect nomination speech for her. Takes the blame off.

Captain Kirk

“So this is why i was kept in editing and pre-production, because that’s not the move I would have made as a writer”
So, the eventual “winner” is also written into the script???



Brit and Turner on the block; Turner wins veto. Monte goes up. Bye Brit. But I will still stay with Turner & Monte at final 2.


What in the world are they talking about that Brittany “flipped the vote”? Of course she was going to vote out Taylor.


this was meant to be a “house” vote to shield turner and monte as the “house” wanted it. but there’s five people left. there is no house, and it’s bs and brittany totally threw a wrench in it. i have so much more respect for brittany for doing this.


Thanks for clarifying the complete b.s. Brittany had to vote to evict Taylor. But Turner is now giving Taylor the $750 check!

Captain Kirk

That’s okay. I’m sure that Taylor will buy Turner some “weed” and nail polish to take back home as a “THANK YOU”

Captain Kirk

Agreed. Her vote was based on logic as logic dictated her vote to be.

Enough with the “trust” or the “loyalty” BS….lol….especially at this stage.

Captain Kirk

It was a “game” move/vote for her (Brittany).

Turner is still licking boots for Monte. Idiot.


I don’t think Taylor will win if it is her and Monte final 2.


i’m not sure she wins any final 2. her resume is still pretty lacking, and she has such a strong arrogant streak i can easily see her turning off jurors. jasmine and indy have no reason to vote for her. terrance seemed bitter af, so who knows where his vote lands. michael respects everyone left in the house’s game more than hers. and both kyle and alyssa view taylor as cold and distant. the only vote she can really count on is joe, and that’s assuming he doesn’t get jealous of monte.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Except Indy. She said she hoped Taylor walked in the jury house next because she can’t stand her.


I think she will because last week during the jury view, they all favored Taylor to win.


1. Supposed to go home first week, doesn’t.
2. Gets put on the block five times, receives only two votes the entire time.
3. Wins two HOH’s, the last one at arguably the most crucial point in the game.

The racists on this site:
“Dumb s!ut slept her way to the top and got help from production.”

LOL you guys are actual trash. She literally hasn’t done anything wrong: didn’t bully, pick fights, use slurs (slurs are bad btw). And still you guys just HATE her lol. Just admit it’s because she’s Black, hot, and successful. Just admit this 100 pound beauty queen petrifies you. Grow a spine already.

Or just go back to whatever red state swamp you spawned from. IDGAF. And neither does Taylor. She’ll be getting ready for final three and you’ll still be sucking n@zi d!ck.


You’re racist trash because I bet the #1 and probably only thing you like about her IS that she is black. Her merely being black has got her all the black (and recently “woke” white people too)
obsessed over her. If she were white, all the black people wouldn’t give 2 fucks about her because her game play and social game have sucked. Just like Big D, they’re lazy terrible players to represent Big Brother winners. Huge insult to season winners past who had amazing skill and gameplay. I also bet you are NEW to watching this show, and don’t truly know what Big Brother skill really is. You sad internet people (trolls) these days just want blacks to win, no matter their character, for the sheer fact its not a white person winning again. It’s pathetic you choose poor quality players to “represent” your race. “YAY the lazy boring whore who wore a bland hoodie all summer wins!! Woot!! I don’t care if she sucks, she’s black! So I root for her! I don’t care about her character, I care about her skin color!” Pathetic.

Mrs Yoder

Damn! I love it!!!???????????? I feel like the comment section on this site is trash, you all say these final 4 are boring but literally we had no idea how the last 2 eliminations were going to go also I actually like each of their characters which is important when we watch someone win over half a million dollars!!! And Please stop bringing up Taylor making out with Monte she literally has gotten herself to where she is putting in work in the game, they literally kissed only twice 2 days ago, get over it!!!


Only kissed, lol


Calling it like it is!


Drag the bigots!


i agree

Captain Kirk


Arguably, ARGUABLY, she (Taylor) is doing nothing but to be practicing the policy of Lebensraum, EXCEPT with a twist, to wit: KYLE DOCTRINE.

Big Sister

Comment of the season!! You told it like it is!!

The Truth shall set you free!

Thanks for this comment. I got exhausted reading what are clearly racist comments from total losers. A ridiculous comment I see over and over is that POC stuck together. How stupid is that. I reviewed the season and poc actually were responsible getting poc out the damn game. Here’s a breakdown of the season.

Week 2 – Jasmine (poc) nom Taylor (poc) and Pooch – Pooch evicted.
Week 3 – Monte, Taylor and Joseph – all (poc) voted out Ameerah (poc).
Week 4 – Monte nom Indy (poc) and Alyssa – Nicole (poc) renom voted out.
Week 6 – Taylor nom Indy (poc) and Terrance (poc) – Indy (poc) voted out.
Week 7 Jasmine (poc) was voted out by Monte, Taylor, and Brit. 2 out of 3 poc voted out a poc.
Week 7 Terrance (poc) nom Joseph (poc) – Joseph voted out.
Week 9 Monte and Taylor voted out Terrance.
Week 10 Monte protects Turner, puts Taylor up. So Turner is only in the house because because the folks these idiots despise kept their hero.

Ultimately 8 out of 10 weeks a poc either nominated and/or voted out a poc and lastly a poc protect a non poc.

Thanks for calling them out!

uncreative department

Taylor is so close. Does anyone think production would let CBS miss out on this milestone? There is just no way Taylor could have been voted out tonight.

Let’s get this over with. At this point it’s as obvious as the most recent winner of MasterChef US. I loved the MC winner, and I used to want Taylor to win too, but power and security bring out something really ugly in her. I thought it was just a cathartic rebound effect with her first HoH. Now I see it’s part of her character.


she’s a pretty terrible person. michael and brittany aren’t great people either. …nor terrance. turner, monte, and the rest of the jury aren’t bad people, but all are kinda lacking in terms of intelligence (kyle in particular, and it’s still pretty disgusting how his lack of intelligence was spun into making him appear to be an outright racist).


Michael is very intelligent, he’s a member of Mensa.

Captain Kirk

Well, he made a bad move on BB so not THAT intelligent….

Second bad move? He signed up for the BB charade. lol

Captain Kirk

Kyle called it like it as he perceived it, and Monte / Taylor validates it.

MOREOVER, she (Taylor) admitted it when she confessed that RACE was a factor in her decision-making process.

There is no way to avoid that….well….”FACTS”

Big Sister

Even Kyle himself admitted his comments were “rooted in racism” so nothing was spun. Let’s stop and just call a spade a spade!

un autre nom

watching the way that Britt and Turner have been playing is watching the old school style and the new school style in direct opposition.
Britt runs her mouth at stupid times, whether she’s lying or telling the truth is irrelevant because she’s considered a liar either way. This is very much a bad old school player trying to play big brother. lie cry deny.
Turner twists what people say in order to create animostiy, then cries victim. This is very much the new school way. distort, cry victim, swear honesty.

Meanwhile Taylor tells Turner that Britt sees him as a Paul, Tyler, chess player strategy with people in the game. Here’s the truth: that’s exactly what Turner has been doing, but because it came out of Britt’s mouth: it’s immediately discounted.
Oops. She actually gave another good read, just like she used to with Michael… but because nobody has had any respect for her since day 2… nobody listens. Remember when she warned Joseph and Turner that they were being targeted? Remember when she told the girls they should include Taylor, and Jasmine Ameerah Paloma and Alyssa said she wasn’t girls girl material? This was before the warning Pooch he was in danger, and Pooch ran straight to Ameerah… the one targeting him.

I found it funny that Monte brought up shunning targets in relation to Britt hanging out with Turner and Alyssa instead of Monte or Taylor. Taylor knows and admitted she’d been avoiding Britt last week. She said this to Britt. Taylor knows Britt has been house target for two weeks and Monte has been isolating Britt because he can’t stand her. So it’s a weird twist to say that the person you are shunning is shunning you, or trying to talk to people that will talk to them. But it probably works because Taylor has a tendency not to question what men say in the game.

I will admit there was a part of me (a rather big part) that didn’t care whether Taylor or Alyssa actually stayed. I just want chaos and difficulty. Seeing how houseguests face adversity is important in my way of thinking about their game. Because Michael kept the Leftovers safe with his HOH or veto wins for so damn long… We haven’t seen a lot of reaction to adversity for Monte. Turner? He jumped ship and ran at the first sign of adversity. Britt lied her face off at the first sign of adversity. Taylor cocooned until allies pulled her in.
Closest we’ve come to adversity for Monte is week 2 when the alliance wouldn’t follow orders and targeted Pooch. His reaction? Denial and more denial and building a new reality of how things happened that he still holds as reality today. Even then, not adversity to his own game… just adversity to his overall game plan of alpha bros win every comp and steamroll the women out of the house while the bros stay fully intact. He tantrumed and jumped ship the moment he didn’t get his way then. I’d like to see if that is his go to when he is in actual danger. I don’t know if I’ll get to see it.
Of the remaining 4 Monte would have been noped weeks ago if I was still Noping. I don’t have many positives to say about him. I give him that he has fully taken advantage of week one tone set by Daniel that made him the house member that was made house leader when it comes to permission. I give him that he has taken advantage of the other part of week one tone that he himself set: the witch trial in absentia game: call someone a witch, don’t tell the witch, just everyone talk bad about the witch, nobody ever ever fact check, just believe the zeitgeist that he dictates. This is how Taylor got bullied. This is how Indy became a bigger target than Terrance. This is how Alyssa remained non grata for so long, and this is how Britt got ousted from the final 7 circle.
As far as social manipulation, he’s done that. I give him that as game cred if he owns it. It’s his character and the attitudes that he expresses that just make me dislike him so damn much.


yeah, one of the things that really bothered me about the end of the season was this new school style of everyone trying to trick each other into taking the shot, instead of taking the shot themself. if michael takes out monte and turner on his hoh’s, like he should have, does he really need to play kyle the way he did? ditto when turner didn’t make michael an initial nom double eviction night, or monte’s weak brittany/alyssa noms. why are they always putting up floaters and never taking direct shots?

un autre nom

I don’t even think he needed to break the alliance during the Daniel evicition week. It was a week too early by numbers left in the house he could expect to support him.
I don’t think breaking the alliance during Brochella would have been smart, but he should have revealed pieces of the kyle information then. Even if he just said Kyle is trying to create an alliance with us and Turner and pull in Alyssa to keep the showmance safe… that would have been enough for Monte to want Kyle out.
I do think it was a wrecking ball error on his last HOH to target the guy that came in second in where’s waldo instead of Monte or Turner. Either leaving means Michael makes it through DE because of comp performances that night. He was an idiot in that regard.


oh yeah, the daniel eviction i don’t disagree with. the monte eviction is risky, but ultimately the right move imo (especially since he knew terrance won dyrefest hoh and it’s gonna force a split between kyle and joe over alyssa). his maneuvering to get turner to evict kyle forced him to strategically to need to follow up by evicting turner, but instead he overplayed his maneuvering and then got scared of what it would look to outside audiences (just accepting taylor going home probably would have been better for his game).

un autre nom

Terrance wouldn’t have been there if the other major game error hadn’t kept him in the house. If Taylor had stuck to her guns and pushed a Terrance target during her HOH, there was no way Indy was winning 2nd place in Where’s Waldo to be the Dyrefest HOH.
So if Terrance had gone to jury first, then Dyrefest would have had a very different outcome.
If then in week 9 Michael had taken the shot at either Turner or Monte? Michael would still be there for sure.
But… even with Indy leaving and Dyre fest playing out, the double looks a lot different with either Tuner or Monte gone, doesn’t it?


Turner is even yelling “friendship” now, like Paul (shudder). Where would we be without Kyle-gate or the split house twist? Who do you think would have been in final 4??

un autre nom

Production needed a way to cause a split in the Lefrovers to end the ‘steamroll’ situation. Festie besties ended a week early, lets remember. There was supposed to be a game advantage for the last pair standing and they didn’t do that. Julie’s statement of the rules of festie besties included that, and said we’ll hear more about that later. The house split twist? Given the veto comp they came up with? I don’t think that twist was actually a pre season design, but a fix to introduce the third season storyline rework.
I think the season has had 3 reworks.
week one edit had a woman winner forecasted. First named alliance, first final 2 announced on air, and first d/r to say i’m going to win were all women. When Paloma left that was shifted.
The second edit in week 2-3 had a male winner forecast. Kyle or Monte at that time were getting the mastermind and undercover boss edits. This didn’t change until week 6. the stop protecting kyle movement on social media along with magazines made it an unwinnable situation for sponsors and viacom. However, they did not want the big reveal. NO way. they thought the episode in week 6 wink wink nudge nudged enough. It didn’t appease the press or parts of the fanbase.
So… we were looking at a final 2 of Kyle and Monte… but the show is noticing the groundswell around Taylor. They feed that. Taylor is now in their top five as of week 4 in the edit. As soon as non sponsors of show are endorsing her (Lays)… and storyline realizes that taking her out before top 5 would cause more negative press and fanbase mutiny? She was moved up the ranks.

I know I sound TINFOIL HAT. Sorry. But…unscripted show (outside of d/r) that has a team of writers and storyline and plot departments for a reality entertainment program under the premise of a gameshow and therefore not beholden to the rules and regulations regarding game shows as of the 2019 court decision?
That means they can openly manipulate for storyline freely with impunity… something they’d already done for multiple seasons but always tried to keep under the radar.


So are you saying that production somehow manipulated Turner to vote off Alyssa, not Taylor? Seriously??

un autre nom

No. I’m of the opinion that they are not scripted, but they are told to portray certain character types. I think there is, in many seasons, a story that they’ve already decided on for the season.
Eg. season 18 Grod makes multiple statements before the season begins about how historic it would be for a woman to win over a man. during that season hoh’s come out of d/r complaining that they’ve been told they are not allowed to nominate nicole franzel. the final 2 is a woman vs a man and for the first time in usbb a woman defeats a man. Nicole wins.
Pretty convenient considering the pre season interviews given by Grod, no?

Big Brother Fan

Is she’s not I am! Production has manipulated BB for years. It is a scripted show and winners are picked before the show even starts. Just like The Challenge…everyone quitting (including Tyson and Angela) but the two winners…BS!! I don’t get why they just can’t let whoever deserves to win, win! It’s at the point where it’s so obvious…Brittany in hours long DR votes out Taylor! Come on! So stupid!


the show’s less scripted than that. production picks favorites and steers twists/competitions in their direction (the julie’s fashion based hoh comp seemed designed to give taylor/alyssa a significant advantage over brittany/turner, even though taylor only barely won for example). but other than some scrambling to deal with paloma’s self evict, most of this season seemed pre-planned with minor shuffling around of comps to try to keep things interesting.

they also steers interviews in d/r a certain way, and it’s clear they didn’t want turner even considering brittany might vote to keep alyssa because they didn’t want him to. so they kept him in the foregone conclusion that alyssa goes and taylor stays narrative.

Captain Kirk

” some scrambling to deal with paloma’s self evict”
Can you provide a quick rundown/synopsis on the whys, concerns, complaints, and/or grievances Paloma had that caused her to quit???

Captain Kirk

Interesting essay. I mean, opinion, on “old school” versus. “new school”.

What would be interesting (to me, at least), is for BB25 to plant a ” player” that will call it AS IT IS FOR WHAT IT IS to the remaining players.

Tell the truth, never lie, never misrepresent facts to others, never disclosed conversations to other (only feeds the lies, gossip, etc), call people out to their faces in front of the rest, discuss “alliances” in front of the rest, etc. In other words, be totally the OPPOSITE of what is expected on BB, then sit back and observe how far that person will get in the game.

un autre nom

my read on Turner’s tears?
Has ZERO to do with Britt. Has ZERO to do with the manipulation of friendship.
Has 100% to do with he realizes he could have had his ideal final 3 situation and blew it.
The realization that he tanked jury management and voted out the easiest person to beat, in final 3 has hit him like a ton of bricks.
He’s covering well, making it about being so morally hurt. The dude lied about Bullying as a cause when he just wanted vengeance for Pooch’s eviction The dude elicited safety promises to renom a guy with bias allegations… and still wanted the guy to stay. The guy lied in the face of the current HOH that she was safe and nominated her on that HOH. Remember how Dyre fest manipulated Joseph… and then how Dyre fest did the exact same friendship manipulation crap to Taylor (laughing about making her cry) once they got back inside?
What friggin morals is he talking about?

He got a taste of his own mediicine and he found it bitter.

No Name

At least his pathetic gameplay has been consistent.Facts!With peace and love,he sucks.


He truly does. Hope next week he meets the jury!

Captain Kirk



Exactly what I was thinking! He could have talked to Britt more about the votes but wanted to run back to Monte. She messed up his and Montes goodbye message and cost them her vote. I love it. I wonder if Alyssa will mention the sleepovers to the jury, she told Britt about it…

Captain Kirk

Maybe he (Turner) also want to get some Monte Meat before he is send off back to his Peace Shack back hone


He also lied to Michael about lgbtq solidarity. His lies are standard for him, probably all of his life.

Captain Kirk

“The realization that he tanked jury management and voted out the easiest person to beat, in final 3 has hit him like a ton of bricks”
Too long sniffing his nail polish.

No Name

The more these entitled little assholes speak the more I can’t stand them.I hope Brittany kicks their ass in veto.


it’s weird how i’m kinda rooting for that too. i really don’t like how monte, turner, and taylor have played this endgame at all.

un autre nom

I don’t really like Britt. I don’t hate her as much as most seem to…. and I don’t see her winning the season. However… A Britt win in veto would be chaos. I love end of game chaos because i’ve usually gotten to the point that I don’t really like anybody as a player anymore, and some of them… I don’t even like as people.
There’s always one…. but more recently it’s become everyone that just grates. If one more person talks about getting a verification checkmark… I’m gonna rant.

Turner… who said his HOH win was for Pooch in both week 3 and week 8 being mad about Britt yelling for Michael when she won veto made me roll my eyes pot and kettle.

Right now we have a final 4 made up of a recruit, a recruit for another program recommendation, a past season applicant that didn’t apply this season, and a multiple season, multiple state applicant. Multiple seasons under Kassting had the applicants out early with the final 5 usually being almost completely recruit. So a 50/50 isn’t bothering me toooooo awfully much. Considering we only started the season with 4 current (not past on file) applicants… i figured all the applicants would be gone by now.


I stopped watching after Michael was evicted. It’s much more pleasant just reading the feeds of these people, none of whom are really worthy of being there. Turner is at the bottom of the drudge so as long as he doesn’t win. I’m OK.

Captain Kirk


But don’t let it get to ya….remember, it’s only a “game”….. lol.

No £ for them…lol



Please, Brittany for the win!

Daisy may123

I dont want Brittany to go on she always looks like she going to cry. I don’t think she has had a conversation lately with anyone where she hasn’t cried. In the hoh comp I thought she was going to shake herself to death. Monte buddy you can do so much better than Taylor . She says the stupidest things, like I would never put a black woman on the block which is racist by the way, and now I only want 2 women in the end, non of any of that crap is true. I would really like Monte and Turner final 2

Captain Kirk

“I dont want Brittany to go on she always looks like she going to cry.”

Brittany only cries when she feels vulnerable as a consequence of not winning a comp.. It’s an act. Others may call it calculated manipulation.

But WHAT OUT if she wins a comp, or feels emboldened somehow; then she acts as a Suburbanite Reichsführer


I held back talking *blank* about Brittany. Her swaying. Her wide eyes. All reminiscent of PWD. I try to respect whether it is or is not it is none of my business. But blatantly lying and the slithering into all places in the Big Brother house, looking under furniture, behind pictures and looking in other rooms looking at other people property is so sus. The conversations she has had then denying while “under influence” of either alcohol or cold medicine is lame excuses. Brittany is creepy af!

un autre nom

Usually final 4 veto has a physical component tied to season history.
Even the incredibly rigged season 21 followed that rule.
The HOH comp was not based on season knowledge (before or after or what the bleep) as it has been in MOST seasons from 12-20 and 22, 23).
There was a bizarre Hide and Go veto rumor a week ago that I discounted because the final 4 veto always includes a days component.
Would they screw with that?
Only if prodo thinks too many of the houseguests suck at season knowledge.


the game is rigged for taylor


Oh yeah by the way I can’t wait to read the comments from people about Monte’s “whore” sexuality moves to manipulate Taylor this week in 3…2…yeah I didn’t think so!


When you are standing her up after saying you are going to meet her in her HOH room but you fall asleep. That is fueling the fire so she can evict you! Bye Monte…..


I want Brittany GONE! I know that hurts Taylor’s game and she has to WIN in order to get to the final 2 seats. BUT what Brittany is doing to Turner is DISGUSTING! She has confirmed today she is a UGLY person inside and out! I really wanted a girl to win this season..but I’d rather have any of those 3 take the crown than a weasel manipulator like Brittany!


Oh, my heart hurts for Turner! lol

It's me

That was a stupid comp for HOH last night. Was a guessing game. I never like those comps!.
I think that Brittany has been playing the game from day 1! I don’t think she gets enough credit.
I still want Monte and Turner final 2.

Game fan

also very cringe!! julie should not do any of this. i wanted to die watching it..


I don’t care if people don’t like Brittney, that move was genius and Turner deserved that shit.

Mike Honcho

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, go team Brittany. I gotta root for the only member of the house that monte isn’t f*#ckn’.

Captain Kirk

Does Monte have about 250 reasons for not acting on THAT member of the house??? lol……(yeah…yeah…)


Best one liner of the season goes to Taylor.
 “Don’t piss on my head and say its raining”. 

Jennifer Scarborough

Ugh! Yes, Turner had a great shot of getting Taylor Out! Ugh! I don’t think Taylor has done ANYTHING worthy of winning this! Unless hanging out of her skimpy bathing suit at the pool table or should I say On? And… Brittany has become this lying, evil person! When she was riding Michael’s coattails the entire game she was somewhat nice but now, Not so Much! I’d rather see F2 be Turner & Monte. Monte done fell in love when he should’ve fell Asleep with Taylor, she’s playing him like a fool!

The Truth shall set you free!

I LOVE Online Big Brother! It’s the best place to get great summations of the live feeds. You guys ROCK!

As for the comment section… like most comment sections, it’s a place that takes away from the greatness of a website. That sucks!

I viewed the comment section and got exhausted reading what are clearly racist comments from total losers. A big lie stated over and over is that POC (people of color) stick together. How stupid is that.? I reviewed the season and throughout the entire game, poc played some role in getting out other poc!

Here’s a breakdown of the season.
Week 2 – Jasmine (poc) nom Taylor (poc) and Pooch – Pooch evicted.
Week 3 – Monte, Taylor and Joseph – all (poc) voted out Ameerah (poc).
Week 4 – Monte nom Indy (poc) and Alyssa – Nicole (poc) renom voted out.
Week 6 – Taylor nom Indy (poc) and Terrance (poc) – Indy (poc) voted out.
Week 7 Broachella – Jasmine (poc) was voted out by Monte, Taylor, and Brit. 2 out of 3 poc voted out a poc.
Week 7 – Dyre Fest- Terrance (poc) nom Joseph (poc) – Joseph voted out.
Week 9 Monte and Taylor voted out Terrance.
Week 10 Monte protects Turner, puts Taylor up. So Turner is only in the house because because the folks these idiots despise kept their hero. 

Ultimately 8 out of 10 weeks a poc either nominated and/or voted out a poc. Lastly Monte a poc, protected Turner a non poc. 

The idiotic race baiting comments only shows that a person’s bias, completely blinds them from seeing clearly.

Thanks Online Big Brother for putting in quality work!!!
To those who made fair, honest, and humane comments have a great evening!