Big Brother Canada 9 rises March 3rd

Here we go, folks! we have a premiere date set for Big Brother Canada 9. March 3rd. Mark your calendars and buckle up I’m sure it’ll be a blast šŸ™‚

Big Brother Canada Rises

In A brave new world, a cast of champions will fight
To Conquer
To Survive
To Showmance (BARF)
The house is assembling this is our time this is not the end it’s just the beginning

“Houseguest will discover a post-apocalyptic world to conquer” (Barf)

Big Brother 19’s Josh Martinez shares what he’s looking forward to seeing from BBCAN9:

Weekly Episode Schedule:

  • Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT
  • Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET/PT
  • Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Big Brother Canada 9 Live Feeds:
As always, the Big Brother Canada live feeds will be available for free to stream off of the website. You can also stream the feeds on the Global TV app and with StackTV. Expect there to be lots of feed blocks and ridiculous tasks that the house guests have to complete in order to embarrass themselves.

How to watch the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds if you don’t live in Canada:
If you find your self wanting to watch the BBCAN9 live feeds but don’t live in Canada, don’t worry as there is a work around. The live feeds are geo-blocked so if you live outside of Canada you won’t be able to watch the feeds unless you subscribe and setup a VPN to trick the BBCAN feeds into thinking you’re accessing them from inside Canada. Want more information? Check out our How to watch the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds Worldwide guide.

Covid Edition of Big Brother:
Expect there to be even more precautions and feed blocks this season due to the continuing Covid pandemic. Don’t be surprised if the house guests have to wear full hazmat suits. As you may or may not remember Big Brother Canada season 8 was cancelled after only a couple weeks as concerns grew regarding the safety of the house guests and staff.

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Yay! Iā€™m so pumped for a new season! (And that you guys are back!!!) ive missed your updates. šŸ™‚


I hope they don’t bring back that cast they had last year.

another name

Here’s hoping:

Hoping they don’t excessively feed block… again. (they will. veto day will be about 8-13 hours of feed blocks). HOH after episode feed block will last at least until one hour after west coast airing sometimes up to 4 hours after west coast airing, veto picks, up to 3 hours. veto meeting, up to 4 hours. Eviction day, feeds go down in late morning for run through, then again about an hour before the audience arrives for the taped in front of a live audience eviction, so 2ish eastern time usually until after airing.
Hoping they don’t pre-emptively feed block every time alcohol is given… again. (they will. and the first time they get alcohol we’ll lose feeds for a night and half of the hangover).
Hoping they didn’t cast the oldest, the overweight, health complication survivor, lgbt and the wants to quit houseguest ALL as the same person… again. NO carol casting. Carol was the new Schlumpy Eeyore. Not a good thing.
Hoping that the more diverse casting they’ve promoted doesn’t mean they cast in order to bait… again. I said what I said. Casting people with strong personalities because they will clash is one thing. Casting people with strong opinions on diversity because they will clash is another, if the team is doing so in order to gain ratings or publicity.
Hoping they haven’t cast half of the house with people that already know each other from the outside world… again. Don’t make me, because I can pull out on feeds discussions of pre-feed relationships from season 2 up to 8. Tell them NOT to talk about it on feeds or make it an actual twist in the game and a deliberate storyline device.
Hoping whoever they stunt cast from their existing talent pool at the parent company isn’t useless… again.
Hoping they find a better use for secret rooms than they have in the past few seasons. Like they aren’t going to have secret room twists. They’ll have secret rooms. Feeds will be blocked for the better part of the day while the whole house is locked in HOH except that one person called down to find the secret room.
Hoping the twists don’t outnumber the strategic moves… again. Insert Oprah gif with you get a twist and you get a twist. And please, for the love of insert deity of choice, instruct all houseguests NOT to call out on feeds for a twist or fans to save them… it’s yuck.
Hoping the pre-conceived storyline for the season that they develop and fine tune pre-feeds isn’t so easy to predict or read during the first 3 episodes… again. Make us work for it, don’t edit heavy on the season winner in the first 3 episodes when they have nothing to do with what is going on in the events of the week.
Hoping we all remember the lesson of season 7, what happens after the veto has been played but before the veto meeting is not part of the official storyline for the season, don’t get your hopes up when, for 24 hours, it looks like the steamroll isn’t going to happen and everyone has figured out what is going on. That just happens to be the day that the storyline writers aren’t there. When they come back everyone will be called into d/r and jedi mind tricked into forgetting the last day’s events because they don’t fit with the edit.
Hoping they’ll at least fix some of what was wrong with the season 8 house instead of just dumping new people into pretty much the same set. Or at least that someone dusted. And maybe dealt with that hot tub bacterial situation. Shudder. Will they just tape new name tags to last season’s vault heads?
Hoping people don’t keep asking why the evictions aren’t live like in the US. They just aren’t. Eviction spoilers are likely going to happen if they have any audience at all. With covid still being an issue, there is the chance they won’t have studio audiences, so less chance at spoilers.

Am I asking for too much?

Feeds Gold

Hi Simon and Dawg! Cant wait for the season to start! Feeds probably go live following the west coast airing on the Thursday night