Big Brother 21 Week 7 recap and Live Eviction Results

It was a happy week on the Big Brother 21 Live Feeds. Everything seemed to fall into place and something I totally wouldn’t have predicted 2 weeks ago happened. With my joke being if Jessica wins HOH she’ll put up her allies and do whatever Jack/Christie said. Not a Chance! Jessica did win the Head of Household and took the shot we all wanted. Couple this with the blow-up last Thursday and the season is finally out of the dumpster.

We had the Big BLOW up between the 6 shooters resulting in their disintegration. On one side you had Jack, Christie, Sis, and Tommy. On the other side, you have Michie and Holly. Most of the outsiders have coalesced into Cliff and the angels. Jessica wins the HOH staying true to her Angels nominates the two strongest men in the house Jackson and Jack. At this point, Christie’s power is still active so everyone is playing nice.

The power of Veto is played Giving us another shocker with Jessica pulling out the win.  Christie’s power is now kaput and a shot can be made against the 6. Jessica does not use the POV and wants Jack to be the target. Jessica frees us from a sucking summer… whats left of it anyways.

Work of Art

“I know exactly how I’m going to lay out my deal it’ll be beautiful it’ll be a work of art” – Jack
Jack tried many angles to get the votes. It was an active campaign trail for him. That we should tip our drink to.
These are some of his attempts.
1 – Make a new 6 with Cliff and Nick replacing Holly and Michie. Offer 3-4 evictions/weeks of safety to Cliff.
2 – Offer safety to Cliff that from people he’s loyal to.
3 – BOMBSHELL tell Jess that Kat knew about the flip on Nicole.
4- Girls alliance is coming to the guys have to stick together

No Flip insight

There was just too much bullshit the outsiders had to deal with after 2 months of 6 shooter rule. The house finally sees Sis, Tommy, Christie, Jack as the most powerful group in the game. Jack’s leaving. Christie and Sis might vote to keep Jack the rest will vote to evict. Going into next week it’s looking like the entire house is targeting 2 of Sis, Tommy or Christie with the majority wanting Tommy out.

Before the feeds went dark

They’re all frantically putting on makeup as Jack sulks
Cliff didn’t take Jack’s Guernica Sis and Christie are shocked by this. Nick comes by and comment sit feel slike a funeral. Christie goes on about not knowing what to do.
Sis – in terms of  winning it or not
Christie – I do want to win it
Sis – if you don’t 2 of us are going up
Jack – that’s the reason why I died nobody else wanted to f*ing win
Christie – huh
Jack – nobody else wanted to F*ing win
Christie – what do you mean.. what did he mean
Sis – I don’t know
Christie – what does that literally mean
Sis – I’m going after f*ing Cliff and Kat
Sis says Jackson isn’t coming after her. Jackson is coming after Christie.
Sis – I fuck*ing hate him. Cliff Literelaly you think you are going to go to final 4 with them.  He’s a F*ing pussy that’s why he couldn’t f*ing battle it out
Christie – I’m so f*ing pissed
Sis – what do you think Kat is going to do
Christie – I don’t think she’s going to flip
Sis – why
Christie – I just don’t

Results from the live show


Jack points out everyone’s quirks
Jackson gives a boilerplate speech calls JAck out for burning him multiple times.

Christie Votes to evict Michie (universe)
Sis votes to evict Michie
Tommy votes to evict Jack
Cliff votes to evict Jack
Nicole votes to evict Jack
Holly votes to evict Jack
Nick votes to evict Jack
Kat votes to evict Jack

Jack evicted tells Julie he’s all in with Christie and Tommy in the game.

Julie calls jack out for the comments he said about Kemi. Calling her “Dog poop” and “stomp a mudhole”
Jack gives some excuse.

Julie calls him out on the rice pudding comment.
Jack appreciates that they give him the chance to comment on that.

Head of Household Competition

Cliff – 9.70s
Christie – 9:19s
Tommy – 8.90s
Nicole – 10.20s
Jackson – 9.39s
Kat – 11.29s
Sis – 9.14s
Holly – 10.07s
Nick – 9.82

Tommy wins HOH. Welcome to Hell

Sunday we find out which three houseguests compete in the field trip

Live feeds come back

7:06 pm Nick and Tommy
Nick – I was in a weird spot
Nick – I swear on my life I’m really only loyal to you sis and Nicole and I do like Christie… I always liked her. I always liked her

Nick explains that when he was kicked out of the alliance he had to make other relationships

Jessica and Christie chat it out

7:16 pm Sis and Tommy hug..

Kat being awesome

7:28 pm Sis and Jackson

They talk about Cliff moving out into the hallway because he snores so much and he sucks (that last part I added)

Sis – I don’t want to f*ing sit near him I don’t even want to be in the same as him I f*ing hate him.. I just don’t like him
Jackson says he has nothing against SIS
Sis – me and you never had an issue
Sis – I want you to know just because me and Christie are close don’t think I don’t see what she’s doing in the house.
Jackson – I know .. I tried
Sis says Jack really regrets trusting Christie
Sis – you know how far up her a$$ he was in the beginning
Jackson – you are talking to the guy he threw under the bus if anyone knows how far up her a$$ he was it’s me
Jackson – her game is blown to sh1t

Sis says Tommy is probably going to play it safe and use a backdoor. Says he might use Jackson as a pawn.
Jackson says if he goes up with Cliff he’ll go home.
Sis – Me, Christie, Holly, Nick and they would be

Sis is pushing for Jackson to play nice with Christie

7:50 pm Sis, Christie etc
Sis – Jack has such a big personality you’ll definitely feel his presence gone
Sis – we won’t be able to see him work out anymore he looked so f*ing hot
Christie – At least I won’t feel fat when he works out and sadly watch him and think about how I didn’t want to
Sis – and then he won’t be able to work me out now
Christie – yeah he won’t be able to work you out

Sis – you know what I mean WINK WINK



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They are going to drag this out…just vote then show the crap after… UGH


Please send Jack home! And I’d love to see Nicole win HOH tonight!


Hell yea, Jack Sis and Christie have lost their sh$T !! It’s about damn time , I can’t wait to see how Christie reacts whenever she’s on the block, it’ll be priceless !!!!

J e t s jets jets jets

Sis is just a disgusting little bitch. I really liked her at first. Now I can’t wait until she’s gone.

Annoyed fan

I love the fact that Julie put Jack on the spot and asked him about his controversial remarks. Pretty safe to say he now knows that the viewers dislike him. Goodbye you piece of shit!


But then Julie used the word gyp. Jack is on TV 24/7 what is Julie’s excuse?


Is this the 1st time that Julie has shown a clip during the eviction interview?

Wing Chung

Don’t F on the Asians, Moonves is gunna git u sucka.


No she just made a derogatory comment of her own. She said gyp you which is so much more offensive to the Roma than Jack’s reference to Bell’s Asian heritage. Do i think Julie’s racist? No. What about Jack? Probably not. I hope people can actually learn and make mistakes in this quick to label world.

J e t s jets jets jets

How is gyp offensive?


No she just made a derogatory comment of her own. She said gyp you which is so much more offensive to the Roma than Jack’s reference to Bell’s Asian heritage. Do i think Julie’s racist? No. What about Jack? Probably not. I hope people can actually learn and make mistakes in this quick to label world.


Yes, and it is about time!! She has soft peddled previous vile houseguests and received a lot of backlash for it.


I remember her calling out Aaryn for her racist comments. from Season 15? Whatever season it was that Andy won. Julie got NO TIME for that.


But in the little time she did have she made a derogatory comment of her own. She said gyp you. My point is words don’t make a person racist, refusing to acknowledge your mistake does. Will Julie acknowledge her blunder? I hope so.


I agree with the whole being quick to label. I think Jack made racist comments but don’t know if he is in fact racist. But…as for the word gyp. There are a lot of people, like myself, who didn’t even know that’s how the word was spelled and for sure have no clue that it’s a slur. I’m not sure where I thought the word came from but I most def did NOT know it was racial or described a certain ethnic group.

Not Fair

Julie only calls out contestants that make derogatory comments about Asians. Julie doesn’t give af about women and other minorities being disrespected.


Didn’t she call out Aaryn and a couple more I can’t think of off the top of my head? For racist comments and others previously. I’m nearly certain this isn’t the first. The season with Aaryn was really bad and they had to put a disclaimer that they don’t condone racism etc that season. I think Jack was just making dumbass comments trying to be funny. Not sure if anything he has said has made me think “Uh oh, he crossed a line no others have, lets put him under the gun when hes evicted!” There’s been a million douches like him on the show and many other shows.


Dang CBS trying to cover themselves big time lolz seeing Christie’s demise is pretty great…now send her home!


So she calls out all his derogatory comments and then says “we didn’t gyp you out of your goodbye messages”. I bet the Gypsy audience is happy about that


At minute 42. Wow.


Ummm. Did Nick just let Tommy win?


Yup, he openly told Nicole that he threw the HOH.

Good grief.


So it will be funny if he would find himself in the field trip, lose that comp , end up on the block
And he threw that away

But the field trip would probably be cliff, Christy, Jackson .. im not sure about kliff, maybe sis?
Tommy might have to win the veto to save his girls

No Wang 4U

Perhaps Nick’s $@x dream of Jack has transferred over to Tommy.


oof. field trip better save this week, but most likely the three on the trip end up as jackson, christie, and nicole and nicole ends up on the block the way voting has looked.


I don’t think anyone will vote for Nicole to go on the field trip…I’m thinking it will be Christie/ Jackson/Sis….I hope anyway! Even better if Tommy puts Jackson up for eviction…hmmm, not sure how it will all work with noms and the field trip but I’d like to see the end result be Christie and Jackson on the block!


BOO! That’s like literally the LAST person I wanted to win (I could’ve stomached Christie winning & then Tommy being put up after losing in the Field Trip – now I have to hope she ends up on block via Field Trip instead).

By the way – good for Julie for the interview tonight with Jack. I hope it’s the same situation for Michie when he leaves (and Christie should have a few things to address as well).

Glass half full stance: next week might be a DE in which Tommy won’t be able to compete for HOH
Simon time to build a shrine & manifest Christie going on block via field trip please 🙂

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Why does it always happen that way. Christie & Tommy either one winning was the WORST. Oh well. Hoping all 3 end up on the Field Trip together.


I just checked CBS voting. Tommy is no longer an option. I have been voting Christy, Jackson and Tommy. Guess I will load all my votes on Sis tomorrow.


It would be funny if Christie ended up on the block on Tommy’s HOH and go home.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That would be GLORIOUS! #universe #loveyoumeanit

I second that emotion

That would be ABSOLUTE BEST case scenario!!!!! fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs crossed


Has no one seen Aaryns exit interview on BB15? Lol. People think Jack is the worst but theres nothing he has said or done that is any more or less stupid than a lot of the crazy nonsense weve put up with over the last few years. Jacks an idiot and makes dumb comments, but he clearly wasn’t trying to be malicious, just trying to be a funny douchebag. Im not his fan but the more I see the hate on this season and him over the BB15 cast blows my mind lol. You’re throwing a bunch of random people under a camera 24/7. Inappropriate and stupid jokes and comments will be made. Humans slip up lol. To think that the bandwagon of people here would go on Big Brother can go 40 days 24/7 under a camera without making a stupid inappropriate comment that would offend millions is funny. You’d all slip up in one way rather it was caught on camera or not. (gotta love this generation, words hurt too much these days I guess). If he was just rampaging around and starting a war with everyone and being truly racist and anti-women and all this, id get the heat. He made like a few retarded comments under a spot light now the whole world thinks there cool enough to involve there opinion. So ill involve mine and accept all the heat.


Tommy made the wrong move voting out Jack. All he did was make himself look more shady especially with sis and christie voting to keep Jack. His target just got bigger or at least it should….and as soon as i write this he wins HOH


Tommy won HOH….sooooo hopefully christie is nominee number 3 and goes home during his HOH lol




So Sis f-Ing hates Cliff because he’s not doing what she wants. She’s going after Cliff and Kat because because they didn’t take Jack’s deal, again not doing what she wants. I half expect to see her pound her fists into the ground, screaming and crying as she throws a temper tantrum because the game is no longer going her way. #soreloser

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Best Sis description – useless! She says the Bottom Feeders are so boring. I think she’s boring. Loved Nicole’s rants last night; she’s insightful and a smart girl.


It’s similar to shaken baby syndrome, Jack’s been shaking her regularly and I’m sure her brain is totally mush.

I second that emotion

Can’t wait until she is on the block.


After all of her tempter tantrums andjust immature nonsense that Sis rattled off last night, I can not WAIT to see her taken down a notch and then kicked the h&ll out of there!
Her parents must be so proud of that mouth!

Grumpy chat

Noooooooooo! Tommy!?!?!
Well that sucks.


So….Tommy is HOH but 3 are going to have to compete. Most likely if the polls here are accurate it will be Jackson, Tommy and Christie. What if Tommy loses? Can he be the 3rd nominee on his own HOH? Since we are voting another day nominations have to come first. Jackson and Holly go on the block (let’s assume). Jackson wins safety in the competition. Does Tommy get to make another pick? There is way too much uncertainty. What would be a hoot would be if Tommy went home on his own HOH. 🙂 I’m already giddy.


Tomorrow my votes will all go to Sis. I hope you all will do the same.


How do I vote for free??

Just me

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Log in with Facebook. Then refuse the opt-in to subscribe to Access. I have fake Facebook accounts that I only use for voting on things and registering for coupons. So you can vote 10 times every day from each account. Use different devices or browsers to stay logged in.


An ornery mouse

Tommy is out of the running for the vote since he won HOH. So everyone needs to quit wasting any votes on Tommy and load up on Christie, Sis, and whoever else.


I think I saw on Twiiter if one of the people we’ve been voting became HOH that it would be the 4th highest


Tommy now can’ Be a field trip contestant

An ornery mouse

In your scenario, if Tommy puts Jackson and Holly on the block, then based on the votes on this site right now, the 3 Field Trippers will be Christie (1st), Cliff (5th), and Nicole (6th). The HOH is immune and the people on the block are immune.

People need to get to voting for Sis.


Why would Tommy be immune b/c he’s HOH? That would be messed up. But let’s say he is immune. But why would the nominees be immune too? This was the wrong week to be HOH, whoever it was their HOH was going to be screwed up. I really am giddy about this b/c what could happen is that Christie could go home on his HOH. As long as Cliff, Nicole, Jess, Kat and Nick stay off the block or at least 4 of them are off the block this could be great to watch.

An ornery mouse

C’mon, dude. Never in the history of this show have they put the HOH on the block. And the primary point of the twist is to throw a 3rd nominee up there…… so if the two nominees are amongst the top 3 vote getters, the next highest vote getters go on the field trip.

So if Jackson is up, based on this site’s current voting, the 3 will be Christie, Cliff, and Nicole.


This site might not represent the viewers who have not really been feed watchers. So they may have been voting totally bonkers. I think that’s one of the reasons production does these types of things…easy to manipulate.

An ornery mouse

Yeah, I’m thinking you’re right….. I doubt the numbers on this site exactly correspond to the wider audience. The whole thing has been so confusing, I bet there’s a wide swath of the public who actually think the Field Trip is a good thing and have been pumping in votes for their favs.


HoH should be immune, it would be the first time a reigning HoH would be in jeopardy. The only other time the HoH could be in trouble during the week they won was the Battle of the Block crap but that was only after they lost the HoH spot.


Christie will be on the field trip for sure.


Wouldn’t they just do the comp before noms so he knows who’s immune and whos up already?

Just me

What if they do the competition BEFORE nominations. Then one of the three would be safe and one on the block.

another name

Tommy is immune. Jack is removed from selection.
If they were to do it right now, and the poll were the yardstick, Christie Jackson and Cliff would be taking field trip.


Honestly Simon I think the trip will happen today at some point & noms will be Saturday. OR they do the trip tomorrow & noms are after. It doesn’t make sense for two people to be removed from having a shot at safety – it would be BB helping to take out one of Cliff or Kat which I’m sure would go over like a lead balloon. I mean this is Grodner though at least if she is playing dirty like that it would still mean Jackson/Christie are on trip b/c they won’t be on the block. Still I stick with the thinking it’s field trip then noms.

Boy Shape

Remember, we were able to successfully band together to vote for Cody as America’s Favorite.

Now we need to band together again to get Sis on that field trip. Let’s do it, OBBers!

Feeds Gold

count me out…im not a fan of needless twists corrupting the game

the hoh deserves to send home someone they nom

i say that for whoever is hoh

Boy Shape

yes, personally, i’d rather have no field trip. no whacktivity either. although christie’s power wasn’t used, it corrupted cliff’s hoh. disliked last year’s power apps. disliked paul’s weeks of safety. etc, etc. i know ppl will disagree but yeah, just my two cents.

hey cbs, if u took out twists, you’d still have my viewership.


I don’t think noms will occur until AFTER the field trip b/c one of the three will be immune from the vote. It doesn’t make sense for BB to put Tommy in a position where he could have so much negativity coming back at him. (not that I’m a fan of Tommy – I wanted him to be the one going this week).

Here’s why:
* If he doesn’t put up Jackson for example (or Holly/Kat) then the entire other side of the house would be like so he wants to bring back the 6 with Nick replacing Jack and that increases Tommy’s target. Given that – if the loser of the field trip was from 6S then all the non 6S playing in POV could try to band together during POV to ensure that person stayed on the block & then vote them out. (OH PLEASE BE CHRISTIE — or even Sis would be good at this point).

*Say Tommy puts up Kat/Cliff then one of them is on the trip & wins immunity – he’s just created an enemy with someone just b/c they did noms first. If they do them after Tommy can’t put them up & that person never learns they were one of his targets.

* AND no where does it say in the rules the nominees would be immune from the field trip (that would be unfair to the nominees not having a chance to save themselves from being nominated). That makes ZERO sense anyway which is another reason why noms would be after the field trip.

Again- not that I care about Tommy, but it just makes sense noms would come after b/c of the unfair disadvantage to Tommy otherwise. And the wording lends itself to that belief i.e. “the winner gets immunity for the week” meaning they’ll never touch the block.


That would be priceless


Tommy is ineligible for yhe field trip now.


Son of a bitc’& !! Not good !! Tommy ! Really ?!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Anyone else watching the show on CBS tonight? First, I do NOT like Jack; he’s arrogant. But what Julie & CBS is doing to him is DISGUSTING! Replaying the worst things he said in the house about Bella and Kemi like she’s on God’s throne at the White Throne judgment ready to cast him into hell. Julie, let’s drag Les out and put his sorry behind on trial. It’s CBS covering their behind after white washing every episode. She dragged him BIG time. Not cool.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

She ain’t married to him.

Jan Nan

He knew cameras were on him 24/7. I’m glad he got called out. I just wish they would have played the clip of him saying girls like Nicole don’t get to talk to guys like him. His arrogance is way over the top , about time he was taken down a peg.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

My point being that CBS laid low and pretended to know nothing as usual. The press has been all over a BB21 producer young Kemi in the DR to go off on people and wave her hand saYing “Oh no, Girlfriend”… Kemi said she doesn’t even talk that way. BB was trying to get her to play the stereos typical angry black girl which is HORRIBLE.

I figure both Jacks and Christie will get their backlash on the outside. Both have they ever played back video clips live on their exit interview to jury members?

And Julie Chen Moonvez is married.


I thought she let him off too easy. He doesn’t deserve the opportunity to make excuses for himself to the viewers. He sucks as a person.


Harley, You are right, if he has said and done worse than what they showed tonight , then she did let him off easy. He came off looking great to the general public.

Julie covering for Jack

I agree .. and she didn’t mention the Crusty and Tiny Tim connection….. I was waiting to see that and was pissed … Oh and Jack saying, thank you for allowing me to speak on that… W T F . Allowing him to speak on that? Nothing that he said would have any true meaning behind it so its falling on deaf ears. To me the interview was meant to give the delusion that CBS actually cares. Seeing as they sat on their hands and let it all happen at the time.
But .. I still love Big Brother.. Hopefully they get better casting people who find players who want to actually play the dam game!


I can’t stand Jack…but I do think he gets to respond. We can all choose not to believe him, but seriously…one of the things that makes us great is due process. Now having said that, I did not buy what he was selling.


I thought Julie and CBS made Jack look pretty good. I never actually saw the things he said, I just heard about it and figured there must be something to it for everyone to hate him so much. The way people were talking about the mud hole comment and the rice online, compared to the actual clips make the outrage seem silly. I don’t have a true opinion on him because I haven’t seen much of the feeds this year, but based just on those clips Julie showed….. please…it Almost made me like him just to spite twitter.


I don’t know how I feel either. I don’t think it’s fair unless every single contestant, past and present, is held accountable for everything bad they said. I can’t stand Jack…but I have heard soooo much come out of lots of people on this cast and in previous seasons. I think it’s too dangerous to get into holding judgement because then you are forced to spread it equally among everyone. And we know that we are humans, and there is no way we’re going to be able to do that fairly.


I agree JR! Maybe this was the time and place to bring it up…maybe not!
I’m ok with Julie blasting Jack as long as Michie gets blasted for the crap he’s said and done! If she let’s Michie off the hook I’ll be done with BB!


So the question is… who will Christie put up ?


OMG, I can’t stop laughing

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder



So, ideally we’d want Nick and Holly up and that would leave Christie and Jackson on the field trip…Cliff would be the third one if this site vote reflects the actual vote. Maybe the voters picked Analyse over Cliff…It would be great if she gets safety and Christie gets tossed on the block with Holly and Nick…


HAHAHA Funny, not funny. Oh but she said it’s HIS hoh lol

tommy floats to HOH

In all honesty this might not be too bad with a little chaos (production). If either Christie, sis, or nick end up as the loser of the field trip… the Angel’s have the numbers to vote them out. Tommy as HOH takes away a vote from the christie/sis/tommy trio. If another (or nick) end up on the block (with michie and holly I’d guess), the votes are cliff,nicole,Kat, and jess to boot out the third nominee.


What if he nominates Nicloe and Cliff. Then they don’t have enough to control the vote because Nick isn’t with them. And maybe not Holly and Michie (unless Christie is the one who loses the field trip.)


Julie dragging Jack have me LIFE, only for Tommy to suck it all away


Totally agree. Like his rocket punishment was NOT a punishment for him. He got to run around, performing…he LOVED it…he thinks we all loved it…he couldn’t be happier.

Kam L Toe

A+ exit interview Julie, Jack you get an F on the scramble. I’m thinking though if you cut his hair and gave him a shave he’s Justin Trudeau


So frustrated that Tommy won HOH! I was hoping Christie would go out next but Tommy definitely won’t nominate her. Only hope is that the America’s vote puts her on the block. Fingers crossed!


So I’m not a Jack fan but I didn’t agree with Julie calling him out for some comments he made this season. His exit interview was an interrogation. After watching every season of big brother, I’m curious as to why nobody else has been called out and put on the spot like Jack was. Again,I’m not a huge fan of his but I’m assuming that the majority of the exit interviews will be much the same as tonight’s. It’s getting to be ridiculous.

An ornery mouse

It has happened before….. Aaryn Gries of BB15 also got taken to the woodshed.


I have seen her soft peddle previous interviews and got a lot of backlash for it. Haven’t seen this yet, but I’m glad to hear she didn’t let him off the hook easy. There was huge outcry this season. Some fans started a petition to get Jack removed, big uproar for CBS, she didn’t’t have much choice I would imagine.


That’s my thing too. Yes they did it to Aaron too, but my God…I think every single one has made some disgusting comment at some point and there is no way to apply this new standard to everyone fairly.


nick sucking a** already, no surprise there #vomit

House Stark

Nick will be in permanent pucker position all week long.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Nick already asked to sleep with him tonight, won’t be surprised if they “ shower” together. The infamous stool shall return


As someone else said….he will be fully up Tommy’s butt this whole week


I just want to say, SIMON and DAWG, my heart is with you this week as you have the dirty job of listening to Tommy all week for us. You are heros!

???LMAO sorry but thanks guys you rock!

bye Cliff

i kept saying during the episode, “Cliff take the deal”,… DERP! Cliff you shouldve taken the deal!


Hmmm. Who now will be the 3rd contestant

Feeds Gold

i thought the jack and al the angry alien segment was hilarious

birthday boy tommie wins hoh…

sis, christie, nick elated

holly and kat arent happy…they both immediately switch to super fake suck up mode(their favorite mode to be in, its when theyre in their element)

michie…picks up and hugs tommie then goes to see whats in the fridge

jess…goes back to being mediocre

nicole…nice girl, but meh

cliff…”uh oh” – the hoggfather visibly rattled – due to his i think dumb decision to turn down the amazing offer he was given by jack, tommie and sis, hes now needlessly put himself in danger…hes one of the biggest targets on the side hes now chosen, whereas if he had taken the deal and changed sides, he would have been one of the smallest targets with them, and also safe this week

i think noms may be kat and jess with a possible cliff backdoor…or kat and cliff

nom…the hoh can still be rickrolled if one of tommies allies are 3rd nom and that side dont win the veto

i hope for the balance of the sides to be evenly maintained that tommie is able to evict one from the other side for the quality of the season to be as good as it can be

because i have no interest in watching a steamroll…especially by unlively personalities, from the likes of the 4 girls – kat/holly/jess/nicole who i call ‘too unlively crew’

i want to see back and forth…the most unpredictable and entertaining possible finish to the season

Boy Shape

i respect your opinion on the four you mentioned, but how is Sis not in there? if it had to be 4, i’d drop Kat & put in Sis.

Feeds Gold

i meant as a collective unit of 4 i just find them a bit bland…but everyone has their likes and dislikes…sis isnt really part of that grouping

sis interactions with those she gets on well with i enjoy

she is more often than not laughing and in a good mood…i think her laugh is amazing

she is pegged as a mean girl, but i see alot of jealousy come her way…and i think she has alot of warmth but with a feisty side that comes from playing competitive sports(i like that combo in a female bb player)

Boy Shape

ah, i see what you mean. jess & holly definitely.

yeah sis always mentions being bored in the BB house. i think it shows in the feeds that she’s a doer. like, she wants to do things. be physical. not lay around being inactive. or just being not bored really.

what’s amazing to me about sis is that she’s got amazing toes, given that she’s a soccer player.

been waiting a long time, but i’m glad BB started casting sporty females (christmas, kaycee, analyse). prior to this, dudes didn’t really have to worry about getting beat by girls in a physical comp. not so much the case now.

i think it would be interesting to see a female mma fighter or basketball player among the cast next year. hey cbs, make it happen!

Feeds Gold

yes thats a good point about her being a doer…she obviously enjoys sex haha, working out and playing sports

when she is in big groups she makes an effort to say as little as possible in regards to game…she kept warning her alliance not to openly talk game in front of kat and her read was correct…i much prefer sis in one on ones or small groups talking game…or a larger group when people are just goofing around

she often says she is alot more vocal outside the house, but there are so many big personalities in there…and doesnt enjoy the fake life aspect of the game…having to hold your tongue when you really wanna say something

i also have to say im impressed how even keel and stable shes been for 52 days as the youngest house guest

i agree about your point on having sporty females – i would like to see more…more janelle types would be amazing

The amazing race....

Huh? Sorry what show have you been watching? This is not the amazing race… Cause the person you are describing with the name SIS doesn’t exist on this season of Big Brother….LOL


I wanted to find the Jack and alien segment funny…and at parts, I did. But it was just too much of Jack trying to pander to us, the viewers, that it wasn’t believable enough for me. I know, I know, everyone is like that…but I gotta at least be fooled a little into believing it. And I fully agree about balance but I think that the 4 (Tommy, Christie, Sis, and Nick) are stronger because yes Michie and Holly are together, yes Holly and Kat are together, yes Cliff and Nicole are together….but all of those are not as tight and of one mind. So I think one more of Tommy, Christie, Sis, or Nick need to go first. Then I think it’s more balanced and they can start taking turns.


I can’t even comment yet on Tommy winning tonight. Crusty already getting on my nerves on the live feeds with her loud mouth. SMH…Really hope Crusty is on the field trip and gets put on the block. That would be great if she goes home on Tommy’s HOH!

Boy Shape

Having Christie or Sis be the 3rd nominee via the field trip could potentially ruin Tommy’s HoH.


NOOOO!!! Not Tommy. Ugh….this is going to be a long week. I guess now all I can wish for is Christie to lost the field trip comp and be the 3rd nominee and then hopefully everyone will vote her out on Tommy’s HOH. That would be so cool it would make Tommy being HOH worth it.

House Stark

And Tommy couldn’t even get her his vote. LOL


At minute 42 of tonight’s big brother Julie Chen might have made a racial slur

The Corey's

Which was what

Sally B

I personally think the next person voted out is the one who is giving them all those hideous braids! Absolutely no one looks good in them. Just mho.


I’m glad that Jack got called out on some of his sh*t but his answers to Julie were so full of crap you could see him still in shock that he finally had to answer for his sucky personality. I hope Mitchie gets the same treatment when he is evicted.


Jack’s exit got jacked lol. Too bad, hit the road jack. You were shown what a jack a– you were. Michie is next.


I kinda want Kat to win the whole thing.

House Stark

Did you notice in the diary session last night that Kat gave the Hawaii vacation to her parents? I’m Team Kat for the win.


Ooops! Can’t vote Tommy anymore for the field trip. I guess HOH is exempt. Guess I will need to vote Sis tomorrow then before voting closes.


Any votes for Jack or Tommy to go on the field trip are irrelevant now, so I’m going to double-down my votes for Sis, Christie, and Nick. Send all of them on the field trip, and at least one of them ends up on the block… on Tommy’s HOH. 🙂


Wow. Tbh, I didn’t like how Jack was aggressive toward women and I heard he had said some things that were offending people but what CBS did was ridonkulous. First of all, there have been so much worse things said/done in the house than calling someone a b**ch, dogsh** or semi-racist joke and CBS has only given some b.s. “we’re not responsible for the comments made” memo. I can’t recall Julie calling out Aaryn or anyone else that again said much worse things. If those are the things that offended people so easily, I would love for them to volunteer to have cameras follow the around 24/7 for months so that they can show the rest of us how saintly they are. Shame on CBS for succumbing to the social media P.C. machine.

Big Sister

She called out Aaryn.


I went back to rewatch Aaryn’s interview and yes she was called out, but not to the same extent he was where they play back the things that were said. And again Aaryn’s comments were blatantly racist “be careful what you say, you might not be able to see that b*tch in the dark”, “shut up and make some rice”, “no one’s going to vote for who that que*r puts up”. I don’t feel like calling some a b*tch or dogsh*t equates to that.


Did he say worse things Simon? I haven’t paid as much attention to the lives and/or updates this year.


No way Julie Chen Moonves was gonna let the rice pudding comment slide. That was the icing on the cake. Aquaman got sunk.


Hahaha the picture of jackson and his beloved watermelon

Summer Gowen

Has anyone question who of Tommy Sis or christie voted for Jack


I would assume this makes Tommy ineligible for the field trip. I guess it’ll be Jackson, Christie and blank given that Jack and Tommy surely got a lot of votes and now can’t go. Hoping Christie goes home on a Tommy HOH. That would be gold.

Feeds Gold

hogg you shoulda taken the deal, dogg


Jack would have put Cliff up anyway. And he’s just one vote, they didn’t have the numbers. It’s better this way, now Michie will be a target for his former alliance.

Club H.O.H

Julie! Dragged! Jack! Nuts! Was that the first time because I remember they have never shown videos to evicted house guest of their actions if they’re in jury! I weirdly wanted jack to stay over Jackson just because Beth and Kat annoy me. (Side note: I used to be a fan of Kat but Beth rubbed off on her after Jackson did haha). And at least cliff didn’t win hoh.


I’ve tried to find something positive about Sis in this game. Try as I may….. I just can’t. She’s useless. Pretty…then she speaks..ugh

Feeds Gold

sis game…

been in all the large alliances
hasnt had to win a comp
one of only 4 players not nominated this season
has developed numerous bonds, game and personal with many of the most influential players/biggest personalities
has had the ear of majority of the hohs(4 of 7)
in the loop for all but last week
smartly used her looks to her advantage…the most often complimented house guest ive seen any season
her showmance with the biggest target in the game remained intact for 51 days
able to avoid being nominated next to her showmance
has done well to minimize herself as a target despite being very athletic and a threat to win athletic/endurance comps
had at least 5 very strong personal connections, showing her decent social game

i agree she is pretty……even prettier without makeup…one of the most beautiful women ive seen on the show
i like that she is often laughing, and joking around…one of the sexiest laughs ive heard

Sis Could Set a Smoke Alarm Off

Someone sounds a little jelly.

Feeds Gold

most different players being hoh to start a season…

season 3: 7 different players were the first 7 hohs
season 6: 9 different players were the first 9 hohs
season 10: 7 different players were the first 7 hohs
season 20: 8 different players were the first 8 hohs
season 21: 7 different players were the first 7 hohs(current streak)

Boy Shape

cool! love random statistics, thanks!

Feeds Gold

no worries i looked it up after remembering there hadnt been any 2 time hohs yet in 21


Request…are you able to activate the reader view? My Mr. Magoo glasses aren’t always handy.. lol Thanks much, no worries if not:)


You’re the best! Thank you


Yes, Jess made a big move. C4 didn’t do damage control to cover themselves for this hoh outcome. All they did was giggle in the hoh room the whole time. Now, paranoia sets in. Poor Cliff is moping around.

another name

If i had to guess how the night is going to go:

Holly is going to try to push for Kat to be safe.
Kat is going to try to push for a Jackson pawn with Nick (?).
Sis will want Cliff and Nicole on the block.
Cliff will tell Tommy that Jess and Nicole and Kat all wanted Tommy out this week.
Nick will be offering to give Tommy a foot massage in the naughty place. He’ll subtly push for Christie to be a nom, because he’s Nick.
Tommy will be Tommy: oh let’s all be nice while we’re looking at each other because none of us talk behind each others’ backs and we all love each other, and let’s get the cool kids back together. he just loves everybody and oh this is going to be so hard. eyeroll. with a home alone face slap when really everyone wants to give him a home alone paint can to the face.
Jackson and Holly will tell everyone else that no matter who Tommy nominates it’s really Christie making the nominations and she’s the devil because she impugned Jackson’s good name and he never did anything at all it’s all her.
Christie will probably flip over backwards and crab walk down the halls while projectile vomiting pea soup. Oh like it isn’t possible.
Since i’m not on feeds right now, and just finished watching the episode late…. how am I doing with my guesses?

SD Bird

Field Trip
This twist should be a surprise to the HOH.
Otherwise, HOH has the advantage of knowing of the 3rd player OTB & can choose differently than other HOHs.

Players probably move up for Field Trip options if they have been chosen to be OTB.
Lots of anxiety for 2 OTB + 3 on Field Trip + Remaining HGs
Keep them guessing & options open = less of a chance for a clean sweep.
Please make the punishment for Christy – Sign Language ONLY!