“The offer to you and Nick must have been legit because me and Kat got Sh1t”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Jess
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson
Power of Veto Players are – Jessica, Jack, Jackson, Kat, Nick, Tommy (Nicole – Host)
Power of Veto holder – Jessica
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jessica didn’t use the power of veto
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10:20pm Nicole, Cliff, Kat, Christie, and Jess
Christie – have nots again this week.. I don’t mind being a have nots again
Nicole says the sleeping arrangements are fine and she doesn’t mind the slops
Nicoles’s worst is the shower
The rest of the girls don’t mind the shower as much. Christie hates the food.
Jessica says it’s rough on her stomach.
Christie goes on how much fun it would be for her and Kat to be have nots against “it was fun”. adds it would also be fun to have Tommy in there with them but that would be nice “to the poor KId”

Christie leaves. Tommy comes in says he’s travelling at the speed of smell.

The angels have a meeting. Talking about having the votes to get Jack out and if they should tell Tommy and Christie.
Kat doesn’t think they should. She doesn’t want them to use their votes to get Michie and Holly back on their side.
Nicole – how do we avoid them all day tomorrow? If I am getting ready in the bathroom and Tommy comes to me.. I don’t want to come across as indecisive and all of a sudden JAck goes home
Cliff and Jessica say if Chrisite and Tommy vote to keep Michie it’s not changing his targets and it won’t change Michie’s target (Christie/Tommy)
Cliff – “I would target Chrisite and Tommy and if one of them win the veto I will put SIS up in their place”
Kat – who is the bigger threat Christie or Tommy
Cliff – personally I think it’s Tommy
Jessica – So do i
Kat agrees.
Nicole – if you put Christie up and she stays you’re going to hear it and hear it and hear it… and hear it
Kat – That’s why I want to put up Michie and Tommy and then if Tommy wins the veto I can put Christie up
Cliff – IF Christie wins Veto and pulls Tommy off
Kat – then I put Sis up
Cliff – I want to Break up Christie and Tommy they are the smartest players in the game
Nicole – right now the nucleus is Jack, Christie, and Tommy

Cliff – I love Tommy as a person but.
Cliff and Nicole both point out how Tommy has been following them around, “He was an observant person”
Cliff says when he was HOH Tommy knew how many times Sam came up to talk to him and how long he stayed for each time.
Kat – I hate that you feel like you are walking on eggshells.. why can’t I just live my life

Cliff – Christie is going to freewheel a little bit she will feel very isolated and I’m not sure how she will handle that
Cliff – Tommy can latch onto a whole lotta people in this house
Nicole – If Christie goes Tommy can integrate with a whole lotta people if he goes and she’s alone she’ll try to latch onto people but she’ll be a basket case. you are going to hear it. I hear it already
Everyone laughs
Jess – she will implode
Cliff – she already caught me in the boat room talking about how she’s glad we got stuff firmed up between us
Nicole brings up Christie telling them all about the dream team a few weeks ago. Nicole mentions She was part of the dream team yet Christie was going around saying she doesn’t want Nicole to win HOH “I don’t know who she will put up”
Cliff – she’s playing both sides (Christie)
Jess – when she talks to me about Jack she says I don’t care I want him to go I respect your HOH
Jess thinks Christie will vote her way.
Cliff mentions if Christie and Tommy vote out Jack it’ll make it harder for SIS to come after them strictly for their votes against Jack. It also takes the heat off Nick and Cliff because they’ll say look it wasn’t just us that flipped on Jack. “It wasn’t a one-vote margin”
Cliff thinks Sis will target him.
Nicole – Not only do I not trust her I don’t know her.. I have never sat down and said HEY..
Jessica – right now we know whatever comes outta their mouths is pure fabrication. Jack has given everyone here weeks and weeks of salvation
Nicole and Kat “not me”
Nicole – he campaigned to me this morning no deals no promises
Nicole says Jack told her he dismissed people early in the game and he was only loyal to his own people he apologized she wasn’t in his group so she was dismissed.
Nicole – gee thanks that makes it better. Moving forward he wants to show me he’s still loyal
Nicole – Basically you’re now relevant. Now I need your vote now I care. So you are admitting you didn’t think I was a valuable game player to you
kat – same thing no deals
Cliff – he said the same to me buit he respects my game play so much
Kat – he respects my gameplay but I really don’t know what I’m doing so thanks


Nicole – the offer to you and Nick must have been legit because me and Kat got Sh1t
They laugh

Cliff – to some degree I believe them they would keep me safe because they would be busy getting your three out then it would be my turn and that would be the end of it
Cliff – he’s too strong with the social game, the physical game and the mental game he’s got to go (Jack)

They go on about how charismatic Jack is
Jess – I just want to say though I never bought his sh1t for one minute
Nicole – I never said I bought it I just perused the window.
They laugh “window shopping”

Nicole brings up the day then the 6 shooters were in the HOH all fighting about Nicole and they wouldn’t let her in on the conversation. After they were done Jack went to the balcony and yelled down to the rest of them “Another one bites the dust”
Nicole – it was directed to me
Cliff – I remember that.
This morning that song came on in and Kat/Nicole both laughed.

Jessica called into the Diary room.
Cliff – they are so cocky
kat is worried if Tommy, Sis or Christie win HOH
Cliff – hopefully, they go after Michie
Cliff wants to push those three to put Michie and Holly up using their 4 Angels alliance as a threat “if for some reason you don’t you’ll have 5 people coming after you next week and only one of you can compete in HOH”

Nicole – I don’t want to divulge that because they still view all of us as individuals
Cliff agrees. They might put two of them up or take that information to Michie and Holly

Cliff says if the 3 win the noms will be a combination of Michie, Cliff, Nick
Cliff – depending on how they think things fell out and who they blame and all that stuff.

10:50 pm Cliff, Kat and Nicole
Talking about how the 6 dismissed them.
Cliff says the 8 had a strong group they would have picked them off one by one.
Nicole bring sup when she realized the 6 were all working together
Cliff – and they called me out for identifying there was a group of 8
Cliff says he got lucky and there was a series of COmpetition he was able to win to get back into the game win HOH.
Cliff points out that they are as scared as the 6 are right now because they’ve all been on the block and the 6 really thought they were going to win it.

Cliff says even with Jess as HOH ‘they’ still think they are stronger than they are. (Sis, Jack, Christie, Tommy)
THey comment on how there are some mean people playing the game and they hope it’s just gameplay
Kat – playing mean it’s gameplay.

Cliff- I think jack’s only seen one season.
Cliff thinks if you only watch the episode they focus on the deviant and sneaky stuff because that’s what gets the ratings.

Nicole – Christie always shocks me the things she’ll say under her breath
Kat – she says MEAN things
Cliff – YEah
Nicole – the jokes. I’m sitting there thinking you preach like Peace, Love, Good Vibes, Positivity energy, Karma and that’s why I see through it because how can you preach all that and say things (She’s fake as sh1t like Tommy and it goes beyond BB game fakeness)
Nicole – how can you be so different from what you preach. That’s what upsets me about her
Nicole – when she’s in a room she’s the loudest She’s the one that is right no one else is right
Nicole – I just can’t take it when she gets on that Octave. Fake
Nicole says she feels bad for any of them that will end up nominating her.
Kat – you can’t put her up and not have her go home
Nicole – if I put her up and she doesn’t go up it will be constant. I thought you were my friend I thought you were a good person.
kat goes on about CHrsitie wishing there was a twist so both noms stay “girl this is Big RBother don’t you watch the game”
Cliff – what Twist were you hoping for when me and Nicole were on the block.

They talk about the 4 right now using that Jack is so loyal as a reason to keep him. Cliff brings up how stupid this is because none of them are part of that group.

Cliff – we got to be worried we don’t get too Cocky ourselves but we’re dealing with some mental midgets. they have not thought this thing through they are WAY to arrogant to start with. Now they are paying the price.

Nicole brings up them telling her that they were at the top for so long and now at the bottom, they feel what it is like.
They talk about jack and Christie thinking they are the people that determine the boot order of the game.
Nicole – they decided that. they deiced the hierarchy and the order people are going to go nothing can change and that’s why they are having a hard time swallowing

Cliff – this whole idea of his (jack) this BOMB. They want us to turn on each other the way they turned on each other
Kat – it’s not even a bomb .. (it’s a masterpiece lol)

They talk about the final 4 being angels and how great it will be.
Cliff says a group of four at their stage of the game is more powerful than a group of 8 at the beginning.
Cliff – we’re manifesting our path to victory
Nicole – I can’t deal with that word either.. everything Ohh I manifested this house I manifested that plant I manifested that bed.
Cliff – I like her Karma stuff too if it’s meant to be it will happen the world gives us whats meat to be if he say it was meant to be

Cliff says if they get rid of Christie and Tommy Sis will attach to Nick, “I already see the two of them hang out a lot and she’ll make it more if Jack goes home”

12:40 am Jess, Nicole, and Kat
Jess doesn’t think Christie and jack are as close as they think
Jess says Jack basically through Christie under the bus to her.
Nicole – they’ve all master the art of scapegoat to each other
They go on about Tommy and Jack being the most dangerous on the other side of the house. It’s been those two that have been flipping the vote and last week Tommy got caught’
Nicole – Christie’s louder
Kat – Christie is in no way in my final thing but she’s going to take shots and Holly and Michie

1:25 am The angels

1:25 am Michie and Holly

5:36 am Sleeping
7:11 am Sleeping

(Next update will be the live show. Jack is being evicted there’s almost no chance that Holly and Nick will both their votes from the conversation the angels looks solid. )

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May be late but gr888t! tx


No problem Simon. It was a nice break from Crusty lol


Glad to know you have a life buddy outside of this, if not I’d be worried you would do something really bad to yourself from listening to Christie 24/7

Just me

We certainly appreciate all of the updates no matter how late they are.


Your updates are worth waiting for and your site is best. I will donate when I can afford to.

House Stark

That was pretty harsh Simon especially on the day of Rockstar’s friends daughters next door neighbors birthday.

Simon is that videobrother site still up for those of us who have to deal with the pro-empt for pre season football tonight?


Check your local listings. It if happens in our area, the local CBS affiliate airs the CBS lineup on another station that the CBS affiliate owns while they air the NFL game on the regular CBS Channel/

House Stark

Thank you both very much!


So what exactly is this apparent “bomb” that Jack is going to release? That Kat and Holly know each other?


I think it’s the fact that Kat knew about the flip to vote out Cliff on Nick’s HOH.

Stephanie Jones

Nasty Nick ??? is the most nasty and the sickest guy!! I can’t wait till he is gone. You can tell he was on drugs at one time because of the way he moves his mouth!! And I hope to god that Bella is watching this and realizes just how nasty ? he really is. And kicks this perv to the curb. There is abousolty no way in hell he should work around kids ever!! He just makes me want to throw my guts up!! Even my husband said the same thing. I can’t wait till these people get out of the house and realize how much they have been played by CC and TT. And that they are the true people that knew each other outside the house. And then watch just how stupid most of them look. And I hope Sis sees how nasty her and Jack looked fingering each other in bed. If that was my daughter I would be so disappointed in her and embarrassed that she done what she has done for the whole world to see. And Holly too. Boy didn’t she get sloppy seconds!! Bahahaha!!


Yeh he’s nasty. But seriously….used drugs because of his mouth? Get out


Can we also say we would be disappointed in Jack and Jackson for their indecent behavior as well? Why are we only disappointed in and embarrassed by the women?


HUH??? Are u kidding?? If you go back and read these boards…I think you would see most comments highlighting Michie’s bad behavior…..and now Nick’s. I do understand your point…but I don’t think that Holly or Kat were dogged for the sexual behavior. I think it’s just how it’s carried out, as to whether you will be attacked or not.


My comment was for Stephanie Jones who said she would think the women’s parents would be disappointed in them, and does not mention the men’s family. As for other people on here commenting on the men, that’s fine and I have seen that, my response was a reply to Stephanie’s comments.

Julie Chen

Now hold on a second, I will NOT sit here and let you bad mouth drugs!


Wow, I’m very impressed with Kat, Cliff and the girls !! They have def figured out the four to a T. This week has been 1000 % better !!


Agreed. The breakup of the 6 was the best. A lot of times…when you’re with certain people…they can bring the bad out of you. So I think this was the best thing to happen for everyone involved


Very good point !!


Thanks man. Yea I, for one, have been around people in the past that enabled me to act a certain way, that I’m ashamed of now. It’s not that it was their fault, they were a cesspool, but me being weak, treated others badly and was def arrogant. It wasn’t who I am, and in retrospect, I wish I had the strength and courage that I have now, to have stood up and not taken part. It’s not a cop-out, but group dynamics can be tough.


I’m starting to like this team and hope they can hold on to the end.

Bullies SUCK

Agreed! Just last week I was touting how this group was making Foutee look smart. I was blind to their true method, waiting for the six to implode. And implode they have. Cliff’s plan actually worked. He bought himself safety with The Six until it was no longer necessary.

They just have to avoid becoming too cocky about their new-found power. It could easily push “The Five” back together with Nick. One thing The Six seem to have been able to do is forgive and move on. Even now, though they are powerless to change fate.

This went from a predictably boring and irritating season to one that I look forward to seeing.


It’s amazing how much your thoughts can evolve, week to week. I was thinkin the exact same thing about them being worse than Foutee lol.


Oh yeah def ! I really liked cliff in the beginning , then really hated what he did when he was hoh, now I’m right back to really liking him again ! But Kat, she ihas remained right up there as one of my favorites, she’s hilarious and tell it how it is !!

Bullies SUCK

Kat is flat out the most entertaining HG in several seasons.

“Kat – he respects my gameplay but I really don’t know what I’m doing so thanks”

This girl knows how to play to the house and the camera. If she doesn’t return as BBAS sometime in the future, shame on production. She absolutely has my vote for Fan Favorite!!


Kat has impressed me the most out of all of the houseguests

Jack Jackson

Dear cliff, your a fool you shoulda took the offer otherwise you will be up next. You think it is over for Jack? I expect Jack to be back in a battle back in the next few weeks. The two Jacks and the queen will rule again and Jess hoh will be meaningless just like cliffs like it never even happened.

Stephanie Jones

There will not be a battle back. Once your in the jury house that’s where you stay. Omg I wish everyone would realize that!!! NO BATTLE BACK!!


(doing my snoopy happy dance haha)

Leopold Stotz

There may or may not be a Battle Back for the jury this year, but that doesn’t mean there NEVER is one. OMG, I wish everyone would realize that!!!! THERE MIGHT BE A JURY BATTLEBACK!!

Sorry for the snark, but how can you forget that we just had one last year?

BB20: The first 4 jurors, Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, and Faysal, were in a Jury Battle Back. Scottie won and returned to the game.

BB18: The first 5 jurors, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie, and Victor were in a Jury Battle Back. Victor won and returned to the game (again!).

An ornery mouse

Also, Johnny returned from jury in BB17, Nicole in BB16, and Judd in BB15. So literally 5 of the last 6 seasons have featured a jury member returning.


Victor as well…prejury and jury…he’s like Holly’s rash…very hard to get rid of.

An ornery mouse

Yeah, Scottie and Victor were accounted for in Butters’ post…… so that’s 5 returnees in the prior 6 seasons. That’s one jury member coming back about 83% of the time since BB15.

However, since we’ve already had one buy-back, I too hope we’re done for the season (even though they’ve done two before).




But there has only been 1 season where there were 2 battle backs. Season 18 with Victor winning both times. Not convinced they will do that again.


I digress and maybe it was just visions of grandeur on my behalf haha because Jack and his treatment of the “less than thou” people has made me crazy this season.

Although….if there WAS a battleback and JackA$$ failed like the loser he is to come back, then I would be ecstatic!

Monk on H&I Thursdays

Are you 100% that they are going to the jury house or will they be put in sequester for a battle-back.

An ornery mouse

“Once (you’re) in the jury house that’s where you stay.” That’s simply not always true. Scottie came back from jury just last year and Victor came back from jury in BB19.

I do hope you’re right, but hope has no bearing on whether or not this is in production’s plan this season.

Southern girl

As much as I’d like Jack to be out for good, there is most likely going to be a jury Battle Back. Even though this is a horrible cast all around, tptb only care about potential drama for ratings. There is no way they would allow Cliff’s Angels to be anywhere near the F4. Sad but true.


They’ve had several battle backs for the jury, so no going to jury doesn’t mean you’re out of the game.


Sure hope there isn’t one anyway. They would be smart to wrap up this season of duds as soon as possible.

James Dunphy

Not true. There have been a couple jury buy backs in BB history.


Camp Comeback WAS the battle back. Doubt there will be another since there isn’t much time left for the show


Don’t shoot the messenger, I have never wanted there NOT to be a battle back more !! I want Jack gone, and def to stay gone ! I hate to say it but even though there is zero chance of a pre jury battle back , there is a slight chance of a jury battle back. We will find out tonight when Julie talks to the parting house guest ( hopefully that’s Jack ).

BB Casting Call

Christie, Tommy, Jackson will be the next three out and Tommy or Mockie will win the battle back. Jack and Christie are terrible at performing under stress.


I’m not so sure of that jack comment. He’s placed high in every HOH competition that was mental. I was actually surprised.


Expect the unexpected. They always do whatever they can (production) to save who they like and gives ratings.


Ahhhhh…this entire conversation was such a delight to read and music to my ears! Love Nicole’s read on everyone – spot on!
Buh-Bye Jack!!!


Question on Ranking? Why is there a difference in individual ranking with current average, compared to Ranking Grid chart? I’ve notice huge difference in numbers sometimes. Thanks


Just loved one little comment that Jack made to Nicole while campaigning last night. He said that no matter what happens that he would have her back. Well, if what happens is that you are sitting alone in the Jury House, how you gonna have her back, Jack?

Doctor Flacid

Given his age and body type there’s a good chance Cliff has the most estrogen in that alliance.

J e t s jets jets jets

Why aren’t 137 people giving this comment a thumbs down? He was being demeaning to Cliff and his body type. Oh I know it’s because he’s a man. What a bunch of hypocrites all of you 137 people are! I gave it a thumbs down because of the estrogen comment. But I guarantee you that Cliff has no delusions about his body and I don’t see him going around with his gut hanging out.


I don’t know why but I keep hearing Ray Charles in my head……..oh yeah……. “Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more
What’d you say?
Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more……” 🙂

Angela's Mustache

Can someone explain to me Tommy’s obsession with Jack? I don’t understand what in the actual fuck he sees in him.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

My bad, but Jack reminds me of a sleazy porn star


As opposed to a non-sleazy pornstar?


He has a man-crush, plain and simple. That being said, I agree with you.


Cliff is up and absolutely beside himself with anxious jitters (he referred to it as being giddy) as the impending Jack eviction looms. As for Jack’s campaign it pretty much went as we expected:

1. Cliff is unmoved by weeks of safety offered. He & Nick discussed it just means they see Cliff/Nick leaving at 5/6 if they even stay true to it.

2. Nick has fully confirmed he’s voting out Jack and while he continues to pretend he’s all in, yesterday was the first time he didn’t run right back with truths he was cognizant of. Specifically keeping the news Cliff wasn’t going to vote for him out as an example. Looks like Nick did all of this in case of a flip, but more so in the event Jack returns via a jury buy back so Nick wouldn’t be the target. Watch this week for Nick to rise up the target list if he gets even creepier (is that possible?) with Sis now that Jack will be gone.

3. As predicted Jess could give two hoots over Kat knowing about the vote flip/mole blackmail. I think Cliff’s stance on how each of them (underdogs) have tried to work with 6S at one time or another may have helped Nick get over his angst about Kat too.

4. The HOH ladies debated on whether they want Christie/Tommy knowing Jack is getting evicted tonight. Cliff intends to make Jack wait all day (so he says). And Tommy/Christie are both requesting to know so they aren’t on an island. This isn’t surprising – rather a little interesting as it was relayed to Mickie/Holly so they will keep the 3S remaining as their targets. Tommy threw Christie UTB to Jess as did Jack.

5. I’m thrilled majority of CA’s view Tommy as the priority boot (Nicole is still very worried about Sis b/c she feels she is her target but hopefully if she wins she’ll look at the bigger picture, especially since she may have the best read of everyone in the house). Cliff accurately pointed out if Christie leaves Tommy has other avenues to leverage whereas Tommy leaving would mean a melt down by her. None of them are anxious to put Christie up knowing what will come with it (drama) & the subsequent “I thought you were a nice person, I thought you were my friend” BS which will ensue should she stay.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the CAs ladies have fun and enjoy themselves up in the HOH this week w/o the entire time spent bad mouthing the other side or taking personal shots. It was also impressive to see them keeping each other grounded to remember not to get too cocky (although I do think they should’ve left the HOH more frequently). They all see through the arrogance of Jack, Christie & Tommy specifically & see how that group is reeling being in a downward position with no control for the first time in the game.

Moving into HOH this evening the most interesting aspect will be if any of Jackson, Christie or Tommy win given the impending field trip as HOH would guarantee their safety. At this point I’m not sure who the 4th would be as I’ve seen polls with Cliff, Sis or Nick ranked 4th so it could be any of those. As mentioned I still think it’s going to be some sort of tie into NFL — we’ll see.

Just imagine if Christie were to win HOH – Jackson won the safety on the field trip & Tommy was the person who automatically went on the block. She’d lose her mind. Hmm if she wins we may have to get Simon to create a shrine to manifest that happening, lol.

I’m assuming the field trip will happen prior to the nominations otherwise it could create a logistical issue since someone gains safety. For example if Nicole won HOH & nominated Christie & Tommy and then the go on the trip with one of those 2 losing to go on the block she’d have to put up another person (& again someone would be immune this week). Voting ends tomorrow morning so they could do the trip during the day and then have nominations when they return with one already on the block). To reiterate- I’ll be shocked if someone on the field trip doesn’t out Christie/Tommy knowing each other (fingers crossed – just so we get that drama).

Holly told Kat this morning she “dropped a bomb” in her goodbye message to Jack (assume it’s about how close she is to Kat pre-show) & also told him a “couple more reasons why he can’t trust Christie in case he comes back”. I’m thinking she’s confirming that Christie did say she wanted to take out Jack and worked everyone in the house to do that. I’d love to believe it’s that Christie/Tommy know each other but I don’t think they’ve told anyone that intel so probably not.

Entering HOH:

Cliff’s Angels, Holly and Jackson all have Christie, Tommy and Sis as their key targets, however Jackson implied he’d put up Christie/Sis. Jack may have inadvertently put a target back on Tommy b/c he told Jackson if you’re hearing “evil vs. good” it wasn’t coming from his campaigning but from Christie & Tommy. Regardless, I think if any of them win HOH they’ll discuss why it’s important to have both Christie/Tommy OTB initially to avoid them taking the other off the block and both being safe. CAs want Tommy out first whereas Mickie/Nick & I think Holly would prefer Christie as the priority boot.

Nick will throw the HOH especially when he discovers its not a DE.

Christie/Sis say they’ll nominate Kat/Holly but I’m not convinced Christie especially could avoid putting up Jackson (with I’m guessing Holly or Kat).

I have zero clues which direction Tommy would take. He probably would prefer not to win but with Jack leaving may feel he has to. Part of me thinks he would try to get back in good with Jackson by not nominating him but if he put up Holly that would defeat the purpose. He could go after Cliff and Kat based if he shifts off M/H.

Safest: Nicole, Jess, Nick (this week only)
Most in danger: Tommy, Christie, Jackson & Holly potentially (since CAs would protect Kat over Holly if they both were nominated).

Finally, I wonder if the powers that be will make this a double eviction where TWO of the three nominees are evicted. That would set the stage for a jury battle back later this season. Just a thought.


Not sure they will have a Jury battle back since they already had a battle back comp already this season. I would guess not.


Yeah seems unlikely – if this was BB Canada that’s probably what they’d do but I don’t think they’ve done this in US before where two of three leave.

J e t s jets jets jets

Julie was non committal when jack asked the question in his exit interview.

Allies Mom

Taran said on the podcast he thinks there will be a jury buyback as the dates line up for one.


I still can’t stand either of the Jack’s BUT I really hope that Jack is going home tonight. To me, Jackson is the lesser of two evils. I just can’t stand how Jack treats people. The way he thinks he is better than everyone else or the way he talks down to the other HG’s drives me crazy…. So yeah, I hope he goes home tonight and I really hope there isn’t a battle back this year because once he is gone I want him to stay gone.

As far as Jackson goes, I am finding myself not disliking him as much as I used too. He is starting to grow on me just a little and I think he looked really HOT in the lab coat and glasses. I feel like Big Brother is trying to brainwash us with their edits of Jackson……and I fear it maybe working.


HAHAHAHA! Too funny! They’re not…they know very well that everyone knows the things he did and didn’t do. But as I discussed in a previous comment, I think Jack is inherently mean, whereas I think Jackson was more about doing bad things in a group dynamic. I don’t think he’s nearly as bad as he acted in the first month of the show…and I don’t think he’s as good as he’s trying to portray himself now. He obviously knows that we all saw how he was acting just like Jack and no doubt is ashamed and trying to rewrite some of the history. That doesn’t mean you’re a liar if you’re trying to change how you’re viewed. It just means there is a POSSIBILITY that you’re not really as bad as you acted. I think time will tell if the Jackson of the first month or the Jackson of current, is the real one. My guess is somewhere in the middle.

So annoyed with dumb players

I agreed with you up until you started talking about how hot (NOT) Jaws looked in the lab coat. Just eewwwwwwww. Lol.
We know that Jaws can be a real a hole too so as much as he is toning it down. He is still a POS. Just not as a big of one as Jack tight now. Jack is just delusional. Overall I am so happy for this weeks switch up. Hope the momentum keeps going

SD Bird

A New 4Some?
Late last night, wasn’t Christy whispering to Tommy that they should try to team up with Holly & Jackson and be the new Powerhouse?
Will Jackson ‘Forgive’ long enough to break up Cliff’s Angels? Hoping NOT!


Yea because they have nobody of strength to team up with. I don’t think Jackson/Holly will because the things that were done were to raw. I know I for sure would not team up with them, but I’d def act like I was.

Kat's Alien Bitch

A word of appreciation for the decision to cast Nicole, who isn’t a typical BB HG.
She is very easy to cheer for.


Want an easy way to get Jackson out ?? Make him a have not !! He will 1) self evict or
2) punch somebody and get thrown out


He’d just break the rules and eat like he did the last time.

Tommy Sucks

At least this time maybe he would get a penalty vote for obsessive cheating………


Jack delivering his threat of blackmail to try to come between her/Jess – give me your vote you’ll have an alliance & be part of the 6 and be safe & I won’t tell Jess.

Kat: “It’s tricky. I also really have to go do my hair and get ready”

I am LIVING FOR KAT right now — LMFAO


Hysterical! Imagine offering her a spot in his alliance that she and Sam were both supposed to be in but the 6 still ignored both of them even with them reminding the 6 that the were supposed to be in the alliance………Kat should be thinking the words of Sheriff Bart “Ooh, baby, you are so talented and they are so dumb!”


HAHAHA She’s ggggrrreeeeaatt! :p


This afternoon: Cliff telling Jack he won’t vote to keep him:
As Cliff leaves Bedroom, Sis whispers under her breath, I F’n hate him.
Jack is fuming about his impending eviction: “I’m the only one in this house who doesn’t play both sides and I’m going home because of it.”
Jack: Damn I am stupid. I might be the dumbest player to ever play this game. (After realizing everyone is playing him and he is going home for being truthful and loyal while everyone else, like Holly, Jackson and Nick, was playing both sides)Jack gets up and storms off saying this is a game of worms and cheats
When he walks away, Sis tells Tommy that she is sure Nick is working both sides b/c of some things that Kat and the others knew about. Jack comes back still angry over the situation.
-Jack is an idiot, sis has no brain and not much more than a foul mouth and apparently a crotch that makes men forget to play a game


That’s Jack! It’s so funny how he thinks he’s the only one playing a certain way. Love it!

House Stark

Maybe Frankie Grande could stay in the jury house with Jack so he won’t be lonely.

Franks fumes

Sis’s werewolf crotch……

J e t s jets jets jets

I think jack respects Cliff for being honest with him. Especially after his exit comments about Cliff. Sis is an immature bratty little bi?ch to understand what it’s like to be an honest stand up person.


Did Cliff ruin the blindside?


Dangit! lol But everyone needed to know who was voting for who so they could know how to vote. Christie and Tommy are sooo pathetic


LOL Jack blaming Holly, Jackson, and Nick for playing both sides because Cliff and the angels all know about a whole bunch of info. Couldn’t for all of their loud mouths arguing so half of LA could hear the yelling, and all of the campaigning and the throwing under the bus by Jack and his minions and spilling their guts in the pathetic attempt to save his butt……..

There it goes again……….That Ray Charles tune……….

Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more
What’d you say?
Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back
No more……….


As I’m reveling in the fact that one of the jerks(oops I meant Jacks) is definitely going tonight I’m thinking back to my favorite-Sam. I’m wondering if he would have talked to Jackson before nominations last week what kind of impact that could have had. Would Holly have had the nerve to put up someone in the 6? As it stands now I’m rooting for Nicole and Kat. Had someone told me a month ago I’d be rooting for Kat I wouldn’t have believed it but unfortunately this season doesn’t exactly have anyone worth getting excited for. And those two have good reads on everyone.


Also love the attempt at blackmail by Jack regarding Kat and the info that he will blab about her knowing the blindside and Jess not knowing about that. In return for her vote to keep him, Jack says she will be part of the 6 and he won’t tell anyone about his little sorta kinda secret. 2 huge problems with the offer. Kat was already supposed to be part of the 6 and it should have been 7 (actually 8 cause Sam was supposed to be part of that alliance as well) Kat had to keep reminding Jack and the crew that she was already told that she was part of it when they were ignoring her a couple of weeks back after telling her she was in. Sam knew they were lying too. On top of all that, Kat knows that everyone in the house already knows including Jess and they all knew this late blackmail attempt would be coming. No idea how Kat does not laugh in his face…. >)


Kat – he respects my gameplay but I really don’t know what I’m doing so thanks.

She makes me laugh!

Kat's Alien Bitch

Her ability to not take herself too seriously is really awesome. Kat is the Kool Kid who knows the idea of Kool Kids is ridiculous.

And she said this: “Literally all the Big Brothers fans are like I don’t know what game you guys are playing but I want drama”


Kat's Alien Bitch

Very few women like Kat (drop-dead gorgeous, obvious social climber, hella ambitious) have the ability to step outside of themselves and laugh.

CBS cast her and saw a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader reject.

That is not who she is at all. As good an HG as BB has had in years.

I do think at this point CBS has realized they have a star in the making.


Jack not dealing well with discovering he’ll be the evicted hamster tonight. Kat quite literally schooled him in BB 101 while he thought he could threaten her (or scare her) into doing what he wanted. Once Cliff/Nick confirmed they weren’t voting for him he went into a slow steam getting angrier and angrier. It’s hard to believe it’s just now dawning on him that he’s gone. This from the same guy who said he could stay on the block beside Jackson & be fine!

Jack’s initial reaction is to blame Nick stating he’s played him since Day 1. Cliff just outplayed Nick in that regard by using smart game play & key wording “Nick & I discussed it & decided this was the best decision”. So Cliff positions it to Jack like it was a mutual decision whereas Nick planted all week he would flip if Cliff would. Immediately, Sis kicks into angry mode hating on Cliff (as does Christie) for not wanting to do what they want & also jumps to the conclusion Nick was the one sharing information with the other side. The truth is CLIFF told them.

In addition, Cliff told Nicole that Nick tried to keep himself in good graces with Tommy and Christie by suggesting he wanted Jack to stay but couldn’t go against Cliff, Nicole and Jess. Nicole is upset Nick would make it appear they were a trio. And, Cliff also told Jack that JESS DECIDED she wanted him out and he couldn’t go against her. So, basically Cliff found a way to put larger targets on Jess & Nick and also made himself appear smarter than Nicole when he told Jack the night prior Nicole had zero influence in the house (likely b/c he plans on taking her to F2 & wants to be viewed as the more strategic player). It’s smart game play by Cliff- and while Nick isn’t as adept in his maneuvers Cliff still views him as a threat.

Perception is everything in BB & b/c Cliff has presented himself as being honest and just wanting to have a team which is why they are automatically blaming Nick. Don’t get me wrong Nick does a ton of things to have them question his character but Cliff’s ability to appear as a solo player & an honest guy also helped immensely.

Meanwhile Jack is in a slow angry simmer having already yipped at Christie & will likely throw shade at Nick before he leaves while Sis isn’t hiding her anger to either of Nick or Cliff.

Still searching for a way to stay Jack suggests to Tommy/Sis he could go to Nicole & sell out Christie offering to bring Nicole in to replace her. You gotta give him credit for turning over every possible stone. The problem is you can’t offer these big deals to Nick/Cliff then shift to Kat then to Nicole & expect them not to talk to each other. Nor should he be surprised they don’t feel obligated to vote to save him, especially when he’s been viewed as one of the two leading 6S & making the decisions on targets while making each of these people he wants votes from fill insignificant at least once earlier in the game.

Jack and his minions were belligerent, treated the “others” as disposable and his condescending manner coupled with is physical and mental abilities plus four F2’s (Christie, Jackson, Tommy, Sis) is more than enough reason to take him out of the game. Ultimately, he & his group have not shifted to being in the down position and are still acting entitled and arrogant. He’ll have plenty of time in jury to ponder it.

Generally CBS tries to not get their audiences to boo but I wonder if they will regardless (social media sure is celebrating the fact Jack is getting evicted tonight – so if the audience reflects a portion of this thinking who knows how they’ll respond). If not, they may be dead silent to send a message.

Field trip sure is going to be interesting b/c at least two of Christie, Tommy & Jackson will be on it if not all three.

If audience boos, is silent or shouts out negative cat calls followed by the field trip group then CAs will know they are the popular kids within the next 24 hours. Sis is just lucky her actions/comments from today didn’t happen sooner or it might’ve guaranteed her spot on that bus.

Summer Gowen

Not happy right now, just turned on tv and football… i dont even watch it anymore…guess nap time so can get late tonight

Summer Gowen

Happy niw, if i wztvh on my rablet i get BB… not football.


I never thought I’d say this, but Kat is probably my favorite player this season. I just love her.

Summer Gowen

Will Julie tell Jack about Christie and Tommy knowing each other for 7 plus year? I cant wait to see his face if she does