Big Brother 21 – Holly “Christie is the threat that is unraveling all of us.”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
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8pm Kitchen. Holly and Sis.
Sis – he (Cliff) would have been safe almost every week .. and he didn’t take it. This morning he told us.. Holly – that he didn’t want to. Sis – and its nothing against Jackson, I had to do what I had to do. Holly – I know. Sis – I know that if Jack didn’t stay, I was going to be alone. I was going to be a floater. Holly – no you wouldn’t have. I told you I would have your back regardless. Sis – I know. I just felt like that’s where I would have stood. So I was really like this whole week f**k, f**k, f**k. What do I do?! You konw?! Because you know where I stand with Christie. Like I wanted to slightly go away. Holly – that’s the thing, she (Christie) is the threat that is unraveling all of us. Sis – I know and I wonder what he (Tommy) is going to do now? She is going to play both sides again. She is going to play with Jackson and with Tommy and whoever else. She is going to float right in the middle. Holly agrees. Sis – that’s what she did in the beginning and when everyone started to notice that’s when she started being close to Jack.

8:02pm Boat room. Tommy and Jackson.
Jackson – Straight up! Good job on that sh*t! Tommy – thanks! Jackson – you know me. I’m not fake. I’m not going to kiss your a$$. Tommy – No, I don’t want you to. You don’t need to .. like its me and you. Jackson – I know. Jack told me before he left that I could trust Tommy and Sis. And I know I can. Like I told you before. Tommy – it was a mess for a second but its not like that in reality.
Jackson – going forward this is your HOH and you need to play your best game and what is best for you. Going forward taking out whoever you need to take out and working with whoever you need to work with. Getting the least amount of blood on your hands as best as possible. And I understand if I go up as a pawn. In no way am I asking for it. Tommy – I didn’t .. I wasn’t even considering it but I really should think about it. If you are up there it would just be as a pawn. Jackson – I would be nervous. Tommy – But I don’t want you up as a pawn because people would just vote you out. Jackson – If I am up there against someone like Jack .. Jack would go home. If I’m up there against someone like Nicole, I am pretty f**king scared. Tommy – I don’t think you’re going up this week. Jackson – I appreciate it. Tommy – I am pretty sure … I think I know who my target is and I don’t want to say it. And I don’t want to say it to anybody because I don’t know who I can trust and I don’t know who is working with who anymore. Jackson – I am on no man’s island and the only person I can pretty much trust is Holly. Tommy – I trust and love you both. I might not be afraid to tell you but it might be one of your friends. There aren’t that many people in the house and if I’m not going after anyone in the 5.. it leaves a small amount of people. Jackson – I don’t know what direction you want to go and if you want to do a backdoor, blindside someone, or put someone straight up. Tommy – not a backdoor. Jackson – If I had won this HOH, you would not see the block. And if I next week is the double you’re not going up then either. Tommy – what I get worried about is Christie going up as the target but be going up as the replacement. Her winning veto and me getting stuck up there. Jackson – you’re not going up against her because people know how good your social game is. I wouldn’t risk that. Tommy – I know that. I am 90% sure you’re not going up. I am not going to risk any of our games. I am not going to put up any of the six shooters. Jackson – Christie and I have mended things. Jackson – its like the godfather is gone and now you’re taking his place. I have no bird, I have no bush. I have no reason to lie. If I am going up just please let me know. Tommy agrees. Tommy – I am happy you’re here. Lets do this. We can still f**king do this.

8:36pm Bedroom. Kat and Holly.
Holly – I think his target is going to be Cliff. He might put Jackson up. Kat – I think he’s going to put me and Cliff up. Holly – if it is you and Cliff, I don’t think its the worst thing. kat – yeah I would stay. Jackson joins them. Jackson – I would be shocked if I don’t go up. Holly – yeah, you volunteered to go up! Like you can’t put that in his head. I can’t believe you told him to put you up as a pawn. Jackson – no I didn’t. Holly – you definitely steered his head in that direction. Jackson – if one of us is going up its not going to be you. And I am not going to le you see the blokc. kat – I don’t think either one of you will because they’re trying to get the six pack together. Kat – I don’t want to be on the block. Jackson – I will probably go up as a pawn to keep things balanced.

8:45pm Bedroom. Christie and Sis.
Christie – I don’t want to put any pressure on him or ask where his head is at because I trust that he will make the right decision. Sis – I mean I do want to talk to him personally. Christie – I know its not us. So it almost doesn’t matter what he does. Like I trust him. Sis – yeah totally. Christie – I almost feel like this is the universe saying now you have a week ..Jack would have wanted. Sis – I am worried that he will be in the jury house not thinking about his ex.

9:40pm – 10:10pm the house guests are eating in the kitchen.

10:55pm – 11:10pm Tommy gets his HOH room. They all rush up to the HOH room and check out his HOH photos / HOH basket.

11:25pm Outside the HOH room.
Christie decorates a cake for Tommy.

11:30pm They all sing Happy Birthday to Tommy..

Kat tells Tommy – Nick told Nicole that you were going to put up me and Cliff. Tommy – If Nick said that, that’s what Nick thinks. I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything to anyone. I promise I won’t. I feel like I really don’t know what I’m doing and I feel like so much happened last week that I don’t know about. And I was on one side of what happened last week. I was on Jack’s side. I don’t know what was really happening. I just want to know what happened. Not just about what happened because that was last week and I don’t really care but just more where people are and see what people’s plans are.

Kat to Holly – I want to f**king go home but I can’t I would have to go to jury. Holly – what? Kat – I just hate feeling like I am going to go up. Holly – I think its either going to be me & Jackson or Jackson & Cliff. Or you & Cliff. Kat – I just feel paranoid and I would rather go home. Kat comments on how Nick told her Kat and Cliff were going to go up so she went to Tommy and just asked. Holly – he would never target Nick right? Kat – yeah.

12:16pm HOH room. Tommy and Christie.

Christie – I agree, I want Michie out. I am taking this as a sign that you were the one to win because if I had won I would have put them up and I think you had to win to let a week go by to mend the fences. I just have t trust you on that. I trust the universe. Tommy – I really believe that and I think that Nick, Nicole, Kat and Cliff have a final four. I think they have an alliance. I would be going after 3 of those people. I want him to have nowhere else to go but us. Christie – you want Nick nowhere else to go but us? Tommy – yes, please do not tell anyone. I trust this. Jack picked up that they have a four. Everything went back to them. Christie – yeah I believe that, Kat makes it like she hears the “walls”. Tommy – Nick has worked good with me. I do not think that the old alliance should be fine .. I think you should still act like you’re still fighting for the houses purpose and for us moving forward. People have said to me that the most dangerous showmance alliance is you and Christie. I think my plan is Kat and Cliff but I have to find a way that Kat goes over Cliff. And I think that maybe its take Cliff off and put Nicole up at the end of the week. Christie – or you just make her feel she is totally secure and a pawn. Tommy – but I want to make sure its one of those three .. because I want to weaken Nick. He has a secret army. Kat is a piece of the puzzle that connects Nick with his four, Holly & Michie, and then Jess. So she has to go but I don’t know how to make all of them vote against her. But I think that my speech could let them know that she is more of a target than she is letting on. Christie – everyone thinks that she is their ally but really she is everybody’s. Tommy – that’s what I could say is that the type of player that I fear the most is one that is good with everybody. And hopefully, get their gears turning. There is so much info on Kat to get Jess turn on her and I don’t know how much to give her. Christie – ok, cool!

12:28pm HOH room. Cliff and Tommy.
Cliff – I hope you understand why what happened today in terms of the votes. Tommy – I would have done the same thing as you. I totally understand. Cliff – he was just a strong player and I did not want to be with him in the end. I promised to get him out and I just don’t break my word. I didn’t come to play for 5, 6, or 7 place. I have always been straight forward in the way I play. And I never did put you or Christie up and I see us working together. I am ready to make some promises and commitments but I do not have a group. Tommy – I really am not playing with Christie.. especially over the last few weeks. Cliff – the one person I am worried about is Sis. I know she just lost Jack. I hope anything that I did with her isn’t considered disrespectful. Tommy – if I have to nominate you, I promise you .. you are not who I want to go home. Cliff – thank you. Tommy – I can’t promise that you can’t go on the block. If you do go on the block tomorrow, I will do everything that I can to make sure you’re not on the block at the end of the week. Cliff – and if I end up going home, there are no hard feelings.

12:40pm – 1:05am HOH room. Tommy & Kat.
Tommy – I just want to know where everyone is at. Kat – part of me feels guilty that I voted how I did. It was a torn decision. I did what was best for Jess because I am close to her. Jack and I were never close allies. Tommy – I am going to do what is best for the house. Kat – that’s what I would do. Tommy – No matter what happens I f**king love you so much and at any point I want you to know my door is always open. Kat – to be honest I really don’t want to go up on the block again. I would never hurt your game, I would only enrich it. Is there anything I can do or say to not go up on the block? Tommy – I don’t think so. I hate this part, I don’t want to put anyone on the block. I don’t know what I am going to do.

1:05pm HOH room.
Tommy – I am telling everyone that I am not saying names but I am only saying names to you. I think my target is Kat. You have Jess and Kat. You have a four = Kat, Nick, Nicole and Cliff. And I want to weaken that alliance so that Nick has nowhere to go but us. Sis – true. Tommy – then you have Kat, Holly, and Michie. If we get rid of Kat, then we weaken all of those teams. Sis – I would put up Kat and CLiff. Tommy – that’s what I was thinking. Nick joins them.

1:35am HOH room. Sis, Nick and Tommy.
Tommy – I want to do something that is best for the house. Nick – least blood. Tommy – what would that be? Nick – Jackson. Sis – I think Jackson is least blood for sure. Tommy – but is that .. that’s not smart. Nick – it depends on who you see yourself working with and who would come after you.

1:55am Tommy and Jess.
Tommy – I want to work with you. I love you. I am kind of obsessed with you. Jess – so am I. It was never a thought to put you or Christie up last week.

2:00 am Sis and Christie
Sis says that Tommy told him he can make things good between Cliff and Sis. Sis complains that her name keeps coming out of Cliff’s mouth.
They talk about how dangerous Cliff and Kat are and that Tommy putting them both up is the best play.

Sis – do you think Jack would hook up with Kat. In jury
Christie – I literally hope not

Sis – he could be so f*ing horny
Christie – well he can use his f*ing hand
Feeds flip to Tommy talking in the HOH to Jessica. when we’re back They are talking about Sis’ ex that would shower 4 times a day and always after s$x.

Christie says Nick doesn’t do his laundry and he wears the same “poopey Shorts”
Christie says she was laying close to Nick once and he smelled “buttish” “It was the black basketball shorts”
Christie – you know how a 4 year old is just learning how to wipe and they don’t do it that good
They go back to talking about jack being horny and the feeds flip.

2:01 am
Tommy – I want to work with you Jess I really do

2:56 am Nicole and Tommy
Tommy – I love you so much I love the game that you play. I am so happy we have been spending more time together. I am playing an individual game I will not be building any alliances this week you have my word.
Tommy goes on about not building any alliances this week and just focusing on his individual relationships.

3:11 am Cliff and Nicole
Nicole going over something Nick told her that she relayed to Kat then she ran up and told Tommy. Nick told Nicole that Kat and Cliff are potentially going up. They agree Kat becomes too paranoid.

3:20 am Nicole
Why kat why? she is so freaking paranoid. Learned my lessons.. UGH Darn it . Why do I open this portion of my face.. UGH. Dammit
I told her just to give her a f*ing heads up because she’s in my alliance and I don’t want her blindsided.
She goes up there and says Nick told Nicole. why would you out our names?
Learned my lesson. Be careful saying things to your own alliance members.
what else is she telling people I said. CRAP

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what happened to jacks outgoing messages thought julie told him standby till the end of the show? perhaps its a sign there will be a jury battleback?


She basically told him to standby until she finished Interviewing him after the show. Watch the extended interview on, they are at the end.


Julie told him he could watch them after the show.


I just watched them. They were all pretty sweet except maybe Jess’ and it wasn’t bad. Nice to have them in a longer interview because we saw them all.


I thought Holly said she was revealing a big secret in her message?

Feeds Gold

his energy and big personality gone from the house will majorly impact on the overall house dynamic

i enjoyed the extended interview…

he thinks michie or tommie will win

he soured a bit on christie not being so loyal

al the angry alien gave him a sassy good bye message haha


I watched the extended interview. Julie asked Jack about Analyse. He clearly side stepped the idea of having any relationship with her after BB. Just said she was beautiful, smart (huh?) and playing a great game. He hopes she does well. Never says he wants to see her again, never says that he will miss her. I think they honestly have no care for each other in anyway just f*** buddies. It’s a way of thinking that old people like me just can’t understand.


If you watched the feeds, you would see that Jack has no interest in her beyond the physical. He really doesn’t spend that much time with her inside of the house, at least not as much as you would expect for two people living together. He also doesn’t “talk” talk to her that much, not about their lives or things outside the game. Jack sees that they don’t have much in common, that she is not very bright, and that she is also “young” for her age. Could you be with someone who you don’t have any emotional connection with just because they are attractive? It is a relationship of convenience.

There is so much to trash Jack about but one thing I have to say is that he never made her promises, never called her his girlfriend, never said he loves her romantically, and never said he wants anything with her. When she asked, he was very clear that Christie was his number one and he would choose Christie over Analyse. I understand that Analyse is not getting where she stands with him, and believes she has something special with him, but she has no reason to think Jack loves her or wants anything with her. She has built this up in her head because she is just not that bright or perceptive and is very inexperienced. Hopefully, she gets a little more wisdom with time.

Franks fumes

I’m sure her Dad is thrilled his little girl is Jacks c-m rag….

Ovi's tongue

Sis does seem concerned that Jack and Kat will be knocking boots in Jury if Kat goes this week.


He’s just not that into her. You could tell when he said left the house last night that he showed her as much affection as he showed cliff.

J e t s jets jets jets

How sweet would it be if crispy crunchy gets on the block because of the field trip and goes home on teenie tiny timmie’s HOH.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The question is what happens first noms or field trip?


Field Trip has to be first I’d think. Whoever wins safety can’t be nom’d


Oh, that’s right. I forgot that part.


Going to have to vote for kat I guess in the hopes we wins safety

another name

voting ends at 9am i believe. nominations of late have been early to mid evening. the three field trippers will most likely be be out between noon and four, with their return and the announcement of their prize / punishments. that way any changes to proposed hoh plans for nominees can be altered without causing major disruption to their schedule.


I am thinking noms happen first.

Guy From Canada

What if Tommy goes on the trip and loses? Will he be the first hoh on the block?


He is HOH, he will not be on the field trip.

Roll Tide

Tommy is protected. It would have been good if he could be part go the field trip, after all it is what America wants.


Tommy, Christie & “Sis” are going to be insufferable with arrogance this week.

The only redeeming factor would be is if Christie goes on the field trip and ends up the 3rd nominee on Tommy’s HOH.
Please BB Gods… put a group photo of Christie, her ex (Tommy’s Aunt) & Tommy together in his HOH room this week & let’s all watch Christie IMPLODE.

Feeds Gold

they are being pretty measured and low key…tommie wants to set himself up for the coming weeks with the likes of jess/nicole


I’m talking about on the feeds, when it’s just the 3 of them in the safe confines of his HOH room.

Ugh, I can’t watch any more of that.


Any way we can manifest Christie losing this Field Trip comp and going on the block? With Tommy in power, she totally thinks she has the week off here.


Omg…I would rather stab myself in the eyeball with a fork than have to hear about her all week.
Simon – get your shrine ready!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

If that really worked, we could manifest her big mouth to shut.


Hey now, be reasonable. Some things like shutting Christie’s piehole are a little more difficult then curing cancer with potatoes. So maybe we pick our battles and aim for getting her on the block and voted out.


The thing is I don’t think he would be that upset if she went home on his watch due to his lack of trust for her. I would think it would be easier for him to easier blend in without her constantly calling attention to herself. You know the whole guilt by association thing.


Tommy gets his HOH room – “That’s my brother, and my Aunt ___, and my Aunt ___”……camera zooms in on Christie’s face

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

OK,I don’t get the feeds but I’m pretty sure Jess leaves the house everyday and just comes back at night to sleep,this would explain how out of the loop she is.


So I am assuming if Tommy is the HOH that he can’t go on the field trip?


Correct. If we go by the OBB poll, Christie and Jackson will likely go. Jack is gone and Tommy’s HOH so their votes don’t count. Next in the poll are Cliff and Nicole (who I want off the block so they can vote this week). I’ve been putting all my votes on Sis, hoping that she can pass Cliff/Nicole

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Same…..Rock the Anal vote

Roll Tide

Like a fool, i voted my votes on Tommy and Christie.


I wish I had done that.


Jackson mentioned how much alcohol Tommy received in his HOH room….how great would it be if he and Christy got a little tipsy and revealed their secret to the HGs as they reminisce over his pictures and his family…


It is hard to predict who would be Tommy’s best bet to target. We know it won’t be any of the old 6S gang, (although I really want Christie up there and going to jury). Also we don’t know who will go on the field trip and what that outcome will be. This is new and kind of exciting! Whatever happens, I hope that Cliff and the Angels make it through safe…maybe they will have enough votes to keep them all there!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I’d bet he’ll target Cliff with Kat or maybe Nicole.


That is what he is doing.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Christie is in Tommy’s HOH checking out photos of her ex.


Can sis go one sentence without saying the f word?

another name

no. she’s trying to manifest her first orgasm.

Feeds Gold

since when do bb fans care about players swearing? most of the house guests partake in it

another name

So, When Holly is talking about wanting a video message from Jackson’s room mate who she says is the exact opposite of Jackson… are we still going to be pretending there’s no evidence that Jackson and Holly have a connection to each other beyond instagram? and saying that Holly knows Jackson’s ex to Tommy. No really. Are we still saying there is no empirical evidence, when they’ve just talked about it? For the second time. side eye. Tommy should be taking notes.

I’m not going to make any speculation about who will win the field trip immunity, or who will get the third nomination. I’m actually interested if the punishment that is thus far unrevealed will impact the game. What if it’s inability to play in veto. what if it’s loss of a vote this week? what if it’s have not for the rest of the season. Depends on who gets second i guess. If it’s someone semi likeable, it will be another stupid costume. If it’s someone semi hated to fully hated… they’ll throw the kitchen sink. Yeah, I still want both Jackson and Crustie out of the house. I figure both are going on the field trip, and both will think they’re being chosen for the safety… which will increase one’s ego and cause the other to go linda blair thinking everyone is out to get them and they needed the safety. Neither will think they are disliked by viewers. It’s not in their personalities.

I mute Tommy so much… that i can only guess his intentions this week. I’m assuming Kat or Cliff target because they are the only two names he’s actually mentioned more than once that i’m aware of. As Kat low key tries to get the target shifted to Nick, Kat needs to remember, Who does Tommy cuddle every night?

Roll Tide

The punishment will be decided by BB once they know who it is Christie will not get a bad punishment

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Shallow Sis worried about Jack thinking abt his ex in jury…. yeah, she’s a gamer alright


She’ll be packing that shower stool in her bags.

Feeds Gold

i thought the amount of times jack talked about his ex was very strange

many of the house guests agreed


Or even worse, once she heard that Kat might be the target, she wonders if Jack will bang her in the jury house!
Besides her limited vocabulary (f**) she throws the word “hate” around so viciously about Cliff.
You HATE Cliff with every fiber in your being for playing Big Brother? What a spoiled brat!

Goodbye Jack

Time to pray to the BB gods that Christie goes on the field trip and comes back nominated on the block. It would be awesome to see the “universe” tell her that her time in the house is numbered.

another name

If this were bbcan i’d be more worried about the voting outcome. I haven’t seen any voting rules in bbus that say the production team reserves the right to cancel any votes made during or after the voting process that they believe might be bot generated without notification (meaning they can cancel any votes that swing too heavily in favor of one house guest under the cover of saying bot generated when there is a test involved to prove a bot isn’t in use, or after the vote in order to change the results before they are released to the public in order to increase or decrease a given house guest’s popularity under the same false justification). I still worry that there is a possibility of vote tampering, but not as much.


It’s in the house guests contracts. CBS reserves the right to change the rules at their discretion without notice. As long as they don’t charge people to vote they can alter the results however they want. Big brother isn’t classified as a game show so production can do what they want although they maintain the veneer of letting things play out most of the time.

BB Casting Call

It would be great to see her voted out on Tommy’s HOH.

I have asked the universe, it is time to Receive!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Kat actually drew a line in the sand. Tommy and Christie’s description on what kind of player Kat is, is exactly the type of player CHRISTIE is. Voting for her and Sis for Field Trip now. At least Tommy can’t play for HOH next week.


Sure would be funny if the fans vote Crusty in and she’s the 3rd Nominee and goes home on Tommy’s HOH! Ha!!


It’ll be a GREAT BB moment.

Harry Stone

Tommy would be the happiest of them all if that is how he can finally ditch the biotch.


If Tommy is safe because he is HOH and Jack is gone, what happens with the Field Trip vote?

Boy Shape

Tommy: “I really am not playing with Christie.”

HAHAHAHAHA Funniest thing ever.

Angela's Mustache

Do we think Tommy will still be all over Jack once the season is over and he realizes how hated Jack was?


So let’s say it is Jackson, Cliff and CHristie going on the field trip. Jackson and Cliff need to conspire that it doesn’t matter which wins as long as it’s not Christie. Cliff can tell Jackson we’ll have the votes to get Christie out but maybe not me so let me win it. Then the universe will align.


I was thinking exactly the same thing – if it’s those 3 on the trip BUT I’d rather Cliff win it & use the excuse to Jackson – we kept you safe & Tommy already said he’s putting up people who aren’t from 6S If we can get her on the block even if Sis stays off the block as long as we keep Christie off the block we still control the vote & her leaving!


OMG I just can’t stand listening to the Spew running from Tommy’s lips. In one sentence he say’s I don’t want to name names yet, then in the next he say’s who his targets are for this Week Not to mention before he criticizes someone he first says I f*cking love you. He’s so full of crap.


He sure does lay it on thick…. It’s going to be a long week.


It won’t be long before Tommy gets hoh-itis. He is going to take advantage of alllllll the air time. UG! Not looking forward to this week. The Kiss-Ass wins HOH.

BB Casting Call

Don’t forget Chrisite, she will suffer from an extreme case of HOHitis, even when it’s not her HOH.

Tired of BB BS

I wonder if they will still have the live feeds when the 3 are gone on the field trip?
We should all know then by tonight what happed and who is nominated


They’ll probably block the feeds during the time the folks are gone so they can have some footage for the reveal Sunday/Wednesday. Feedsters will have to wait until everyone is back in the house. They’ve done it before where they weren’t allowed to talk about what happened during certain times also.


Yeah – odd thing was they blocked the feeds during the hamsters practicing for the competition. I remember in seasons past we used to be able to watch those. I even felt last night that the timer seemed to move at different speeds (which could be me being paranoid) but I’d love someone to time the competition to see if they really were accurate and remove my paranoia.


Simon — PLEASE create some sort of manifestation to ensure Christie comes in third on field trip. We’ll need another shrine tomorrow to ensure she doesn’t win POV (or we pick someone who isn’t her, Tommy, Sis or Nick) so she STAYS on the block.

Tommy is already driving me insane and you can see how he intends to get in good with everyone this week. Hoping it backfires & Christie (or even Jackson) goes & that next week is DE with Tommy unable to play in HOH. We know if Cliff, Kat, Nicole, Jess make it through the week & remain safe Tommy will be their priority get in DE so getting out Christie this week would be a bonus.

P.S. I’m still hoping Christie/Tommy connection gets outed on the trip. How great would it be if they returned from field trip with her as the third nominee AND the entire house discovering they know each other. That would force Tommy to shift his actions and maybe throw POV so he wouldn’t be forced to remove her (forced meaning her demanding it)


I’m super excited to see Christie on the block this week. Nervous to use the shrine 2 weeks in a row. It might turn on me.

My Two Cents

I was pleasantly surprised when Julie whipped out all the clips of Jack saying inappropriate things about Kemi and Bella. I hope she does the same thing when Jackson walks out the door. He can deny it in there all he wants…but the clips won’t lie.

Kat's Alien Bitch

All of this sucks. The only bright spot will be when Christie learns she is going on the field trip.
But to listen to her drone on and on and one will be torture.

And I don’t want KAT to leave: she is good entertainment.

Ovi's tongue

Nick apparently needs a hygiene lesson from Jackson about applying deodorant to your nether regions so he doesn’t walk around smelling of man butt. Nick is gross on so many levels.


For as much as Cliff’s Angels function well together they also have their slip up moments (or perhaps purposeful choices in word game play).

Case in point, Cliff made sure to put the emphasis on Jess stating “SHE” wanted Jack gone in order to paint the target on her back and this after a week of her saying she wanted the house to vote as they wanted between the pair. Internally all of CAs and Nick knew that meant Jack leaving. He also has downplayed his attachment to Nicole by telling Jack “she has no influence” and has made other comments to others. Part of this is keeping others thinking they aren’t as close as they are and part of that is ensure he’s viewed as the more strategic, stronger player. He also doesn’t do anything to shelter Kat from derogatory comments. So, Cliff who does have loyalty for the trio of ladies is also putting his game play ahead of that objective which could cause some issues for the ladies.

Kat made two bonehead moves in the past 24 hours. I’d say it’s just Kat b/c she does play with more of a freedom, but at the same time she’s cautious at others. Case in point, when Jack tried to nail her down to saying Jess wanted him out she refused to take the bait insisting Jess told everyone to vote how they wanted.

But, she slipped up when she repeated the deals offered to Cliff & Nick which allowed the other side to know “someone was talking” and although they pinned it on Nick they assumed he told Nicole who in turn told Kat. That situation is now a bigger issue since Nick told Nicole Kat & Cliff were likely being nominated which she shared with Kat who didn’t hold back coughing up that information to Tommy, Now the house firmly believes there is a four unit alliance between Kat, Nicole, Nick and Cliff. They are one person off missing out on Jess who ironically comes out of the HOH unscathed and about as safe as anyone in the house.

The worry is by Kat not keeping specific important information to herself she’s put a big target on her own back and increased the target on both Nicole/Cliff. Moreover, the trust Nick had in Nicole has taken a hit which could be troublesome moving forward.

Still crossing my fingers it won’t matter and Christie will land on the block this week via the field trip (the opposite end of that spectrum would be one of Nicole or Cliff being one of the field trip players coming in last and landing on the block as the third nom). Then Tommy would likely make it a clean sweep by nominating the other two so the block would be Nicole, Cliff and Kat.

If this happens all the group can hope for is Jess getting selected to play in POV & removing one of them in order for an original member of 6S to replace them as it’s highly unlikely Tommy would chance putting up his new BFF Nick. Mind you Tommy might get worried about putting up Jess since she may not go home and she could easily win HOH in DE and take him out so this week has plenty of drama and decisions ahead.

The big questions entering the day:

Who are the 3 field trip attendees? (manifesting Christie, Jackson and Sis)

How will the house perceive the FT? Will they see it as a bad or good given 2 of the 3 actions are negative (punishment/nominee)?

Will the house figure out the people nominated are the least popular & will that affect actions internally?

Holly & Jackson will play along to reassemble the 6S BUT – how serious are their intentions? If Holly doesn’t maintain her ties with Jess/Nicole that could sever any working relationship moving forward.

Will Tommy/Christie’s relationship be outed on the FT?


Is there any way CA’s along with Holly/Jackson could approach Tommy to request Christie be on the block especially once they realize it will be three nominees? Can that group use the same scare tactics he’s familiar with to convince Tommy she is the bane of all evil? I mean tit for tat right? Jack’s 4S used his campaign to deliver threats so not necessarily threaten him but a well placed “You know the group would give more relevance to your statements of not playing with her if you put her on the block! And, if you don’t I fear you two will be going up together every opportunity the other side gets..” That might be a message best delivered by whoever gets immunity this week (let’s hope that’s someone we want to get it).

My big fear is each of Kat & Cliff (who’ll presumably remain the nominees) will only look out for their individual games and not consider how to approach Tommy as a group. OR- perhaps discuss with Jackson/Holly to have them all present this as an option for Tommy to save his game or move to the top of the target list.

There is a way this can be handled with them all going into his room & there is a way to strategically handle it especially if they use the immune player to deliver the message. That might be Jackson or Cliff (JUST NOT HER PLEASE) who could tell him your decision this week will decide your future in this game. Tommy is so bound and bent on getting to the end and we saw one week of him panicked (it wasn’t pretty) so if he thinks not making that move could ruin his game maybe he’ll concede.

The key may lie in whether she automatically goes up as the 3rd nominee (field trip) or after the POV if he has to put up a replacement nominee. I mean I doubt it would happen but how amazing would it be for him to nominate her telling her it’s just to throw off the house and then the house voted her out. Doubtful – but nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Pic of Crustie, her ex/Tommy’s aunt.
How awesome would it have been if this was the pic sent for Tommy’s hoh!!

Crustie to jess at 3:00 a.m.:
“My strengths are honesty and social game”.

Simon, I think we need a shrine built so that this info somehow comes out.


how’s the veto going to work with the field trip? if the field trip nom comes down, no replacement or tommy chooses?

BB Casting Call

Maybe the punish,net is to be the replacement nominee.


If I remember right, the times they had a third nominee there wasn’t a replacement for them. Of course, it’s possible that the field trip announcement of the third nominee comes AFTER the veto which would be pretty bad for a person’s game.


yeah, that’s how i remember it working too, but wondered if they’d said otherwise.


In case anyone wondered how long it would take for Christie/Sis to return to mean girl world this conversation took place shortly after the HOH:

Christie– I would love to play in the veto, win it and take one of them off (to backdoor Cliff). Let the other side of the house know what it feels like to be back where they were.
Sis: How it feels to f*cking feel at the bottom, like how we just felt (for the first time all season).

Okay Christie – we get it you think they DESERVE to be on the bottom & you DESERVE to be at the top. Of course she is also spouting about how God wanted this & the universe was speaking to them via Tommy’s win. In essence the entitlement & nastiness is right back where it was prior to last week. Here’s hoping everyone lambasted the FT voting to push Sis up into the top 3 (well 4 to replace Tommy).

I’d LOVE it if Jackson won the comp, Sis got the punishment & Christie went on the block. That would be the ideal scenario just so Sis would have something else to complain about & someone in the house could tell Christie “you see that was the universe’s way of making this week right!” (sorry mean girl moment lol).


Christie drives me crazy with all her Universe talk. It’s so annoying……. Hey Christie, what was the Universe saying last week???

BB Casting Call

It told her to shut it, but she couldn’t hear the message because she continually speaks at and over the universe!

another name

Nick tells Jackson and Sis that he has a crush on Tommy.
Convenient how that just happened to come out of Nick’s mouth when Tommy is the HOH and hasn’t made noms yet.
Kat paranoid and spilling what Nicole told her about Nick’s nomination theory: when the group formed I was saying Kat was with the girls out of convenience not loyalty, that her true loyalty was Jackson/Holly. Now that there is danger, look at Kat toss her ‘ally’ into oncoming traffic.
Tommy, whose social read of other’s objectives is not very well developed has picked up that Kat is the pin between the girls, Jackson and Holly, but as usual is maxwell smarting the information. He doesn’t realize Jess is in, because Jack’s read on Jess was dismissive. He thinks they are Nick’s army. Nick wishes. If they were Nick’s army Christie would have been on the block. Tommy should realize that.
Speaking of Christie: why do I get the feeling that if Christie were to be evicted, Tommy wouldn’t actually be that upset? OH, he’d cry for the cameras, but inside he’d be scissor kicking like a rockette. As long as he doesn’t have to vote her out, i’m thinking he’d be tickled. Why? Because Tommy secretly wants Sis and Jess in the final three. He’s been grooming Sis since week two, and he’s mentioned wanting Jess.
In his audiences with the queen last night, is there anyone that Tommy didn’t say ‘i want to work with you going forward’? Gee. what’s his thought: entire house is one big alliance and every week somebody volunteers to leave?


Nick has a crush on Tommy? Poor Bella … she’s gotta be like, “that’s it, I’m out”!

another name

when did anyone ever think Nick was actually in with Bella? When he was flirting with SIs, and wanted a showmance with her the morning after he and Bella first fooled around? When he was rubbing his foot on everyone’s privates?
Bella, or the memory thereof is a game tool. He’s trying to manipulate the emotions of the others by appearing weak and heartbroken.
Feeds return after Bella is evicted. Is Nick saying how much he misses her into the feed camera? No, he’s saying hey, you left without returning my chain.


Just think of how Jack must feel too…


Ever since the beginning of this season I have had this strange feeling that Tommy really doesn’t like Christie all the much. Now that we all know how fake Tommy is, this isn’t so far fetched as I once thought it might be. I mean, maybe Christie and his Aunt had a bad breakup or maybe Christie didn’t treat her all that well when they were together, I don’t know but sometimes, to me, it just comes off like Tommy is just playing up his love for her when really he can’t stand her and the way he looks at her sometimes seems like he is shooting daggers at her with his eyes. So if this is the case, maybe he is just wanting for the right time to screw her over and say “there ya go Bit&h, that was for my Aunt”.


Ditto – he sure didn’t seem amped to see her from the start & remember he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to trust her when she won the first HOH?

Based on what we’ve seen this season from her & Tommy’s aunt being so much older it’s easy to imagine a younger Christie potentially being a pill (in fairness she might be lovely outside the house).

One thing we know for sure is Tommy’s aunt certainly can’t be credited for teaching Christie eating manners b/c I gag watching her eat – literally have to switch what I’m watching it’s so disgusting. We get it every season and maybe it’s unfair of me to say but I just can’t stomach (no pun intended) watching a female eat that way.


BB woke the hamsters up early and are on puppies without “nominations today” on the screen Soooooooooooooooo field trip is probably happening today as we thought (which makes sense).

I’m trying to use the anti-Christie mist to channel Sis being that third person joining Jackson & Christie on the field trip (sure hope so) if not we can take a little glimmer of hope from Jackson/Cliff’s chat last night where they agreed to keep working together & make sure they both aren’t up on the block. That feeds into them working to make sure Christie finishes third in the comp if it’s those 3 going on FT & automatically becomes the third nom (that sure would be ideal) AND even if they did it blatantly it would be Christie’s word against theirs. She has spouted off so much I’m not even sure the house would believe her (or care for that matter).

Also of note: Nick kept asking Christie which of Tommy’s aunts (in his HOH pictures) she found the most attractive. Hmmm did Tommy tell Nick? I wonder.

Anyway, when feeds return it will be interesting how the house views this FT & whether they are smart enough to figure out when both Jackson/Christie are on it with whoever is the third person that Jack likely would’ve been the third or Tommy but by virtue of the former’s eviction and the latter winning HOH they were immune from attending. Anxious for the fallout!


Pre field trip Tommy’s plan is to put up Kat (as the target) & Cliff. He’s going to say in his speech “the most dangerous person in the house is one who is safe with everyone”. Gee Tommy – that’s a perfect speech to re-iterate next week by the HOH who puts you on the block!

Tommy wants to go to F4 with Sis (she’s his true F2 IMHO), Nick (secondary option b/c he thinks no one likes Nick which isn’t far from the truth) and Nicole who he like everyone in 4S underestimates, with Jess (I think) as the 5th. To make this happen he’s going to try to drive a wedge between Cliff & Nick (hey Tommy – that wedge already exists lol). And he hopes to also drive a wedge between Jess/Kat which again just my humble opinion but I think that will backfire.

He’s going to tell Nick it doesn’t matter but he knows he told the other side of the house everything 4S was saying last week b/c of Kat knowing about the deals & other things. Nick may over react & think Nicole was the one who outed this information if he pauses he’ll realize he outed some things but CLIFF was the one sharing all the intel with the ladies. If Nick figures that out the target could quickly shift back to Cliff over Kat once he tells Tommy the real 4-some is CAs & Nick isn’t even in it.

The other thing is Tommy seems to think he can pull back Jackson/Holly by inferring he isn’t that close to Christie while he tries to drive a wedge between those two & CAs/Nick. The problem with that scenario is Jackson would rather go w/o watermelon than ever work with any of those 3 (Tommy/Sis/Christie) so the likelihood is anything Tommy says disparaging to Jackson/Holly about Cliff/CAs will go back to them & vice versa.

Obviously Tommy’s plans could shift & he may end up regretting having all his HOH convos so early and making so many promises especially if any of CAs go on the trip & win immunity!


Very interesting points. Totally agree with most of what you said. Michie and Holly will only pretend work with any of those 3 you mentioned, if that.

Miss Conception

If Sis goes on the field trip,I would not be surprised if she purposefully loses so that she can go on the block.She has already asked Christie that if Kat goes to jury would she (Kat) hook up with Jack.Considering Sis’ level of maturity,I think that this thought will be on her mind constantly and really affect her game( not that she actually has one).Cliff and crew need to play this up to watch her lose it.


I was thinkin the same….lol. I mean it was stated that she’s an ex soccer player, so that means she doesn’t have a real profession yet. That leads me to believe she is still covered under her parent’s umbrella (financially-speaking.) So yea, she would love to win half a mil…she could go shopping and traveling the world…but the notion of Kat in jury with Jack is utmost on her mind, obviously. I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again…Sis’s strategy was all about Jack’s D, and now that it’s gone, what little interest she had in the game, left with it.


I wish it was Nick or Sis who was leaving. Both are wastes of space in the game. Given I would rather it be Nick, because he is gross. But neither of them bring anything to the table as far as game play goes. Neither of them have any understanding of jury management and none of the other houseguests have even attempted to clue them in on how the game works and seem to like to leave them needy and confused.
They play the same game of hiding in bed behind stronger players. Maybe Tommy realizes that he would win hands down next to either of them, but that isn’t fun to watch.


Two hours without feeds – seems like production is going to them off until the hamsters return from their field trip.

A — N– T–I–C–I–P–A–T–I–O–N is killing me lol

Fwiw: picture on twitter shows Sis crossing line ahead of the time Tommy won with (image looks genuine so interesting) AND there is a video showing during Tommy (and some others) runs the clock was actually removing time during the run so for example Tommy was at 2:09 then the clock backtracked to 2:02 & again 2:18 then jumped back to 2:11, then 2:27 back to 2:20 so three reductions in that short piece of film I watched. Nicole’s time jumps backward once then big jumps ahead three times & Nick was close to a second behind Tommy’s time almost at the line then he had two big timer jumps. It looks legit (the video) but since it occurred on all the hamsters clock going backward/forward) it’s hard to say they rigged it for Tommy BUT I still think production rigged it for Tommy to win so he would be safe & not have to go on FT.


ME TOOOOOOO!!! :p Guess I’ll go walk my baby girl (dog) :p


Must be because Michie has a southern accent and Jack doesn’t? Right??