Nicole “She swore to me on her sister’s life & the bible that she’s going to put you two up!”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Christie Cliff
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tommy used the Veto on Christie. Jackson put Cliff up as the replacement.
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8pm The house guests are chatting in the living room about the Hide The Veto comp. They disagree that someone will go home over a competition based on luck. Jackson –

8:15pm Boat room. Tommy and Jess.
Jess – should we talk later knowing that them four are going to be alone .. to conspire? Tommy – no, its okay. Jess – I talked to Michie to see where his head was at and he didn’t tell me that I was the target. Tommy – that’s so confusing but I guess he wouldn’t say that to anyone. Jess – He said that just because he put me up doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see Cliff as a threat too. So he didn’t really tell me where his head was at. So I just kept it PC just in case it went his way or my way. He said that he is going to circle back with everyone to see. I told him that I was just going to tell everyone .. the only thing I could think of right now is offering myself up as a pawn in every which situation. Tommy – he (Cliff) isn’t doing that, so that’s nice. Jess – I wanted to touch base with you because Michie is probably going to touch base with you guys and see how you feel and what you guys think. Cliff is a great man but he is a game player. She is Cliff’s person. I think that Cliff loves her. I know that Cliff wouldn’t throw away his game for her. I think that is the biggest difference.I am willing to be the sacrificial lamb so that those people can get there. Tommy starts crying. That’s so sweet. I love you so much. Jess – I don’t want to cry because I haven’t cried yet. Son’t make me cry. Like I don’t want him to win. I really don’t and he has everything in his power to do it. I want Nicole to make her own decision and I really really hope that this will put everyone on an even playing field. I want to play to the best of my ability. And I feel like I have shown myself that I can compete. I also want to see people that I can compete about move forward. I am really bad at not showing how I feel in the moment. I am really bad at lying and kike I won’t be able to do the manipulative things and that might cost cost me my game and that’s fine.

8:17pm Living room. Holly, Jackson, Cliff, Nicole.
Jackson to Nicole – I was talking to Cliff earlier and it was kind of like what you were saying.. Like if I was Christie I would be trying to set things up to where her and Tommy don’t have to go against me or Holly. But me or Holly, one of us can leave and then both compete in the next HOH. Why would they gun for an HOH. If they think they are going to pin me and Holly against you and Cliff.. or you and Cliff vs me and Holly and we’re going to take shots at each other and they can just sit back and go through the middle. Then that is great but if they go into this HOH comfortable .. perfect. But if they go into it thinking something is up, then they are more than likely to go for it. Lets just feed into it. Not too much but just elude. Pretty much never mention that we are us four are in good standing. I am sure they’re pushing against me and Holly. But just know that my loyalty is with this group (Holly, Cliff & Nicole). Jackson – if Tommy and Christie think that they have finessed us four .. they finessed y’all to come after us and us to come after y’all. That’s great.. so beat them at their own game. Nicole – that’s crazy. Jackson – they’re trying to pin us against each other. Nicole – that’s unbelievable. Holly- because they don’t want to be the ones to take the shots. Jackson – they don’t want to this week. They don’t want to have to go against me and her. She doesn’t want to have to break a deal that she swore on her sisters life not to come after us but if Holly and I are on the block then she has no choice. Nicole – she swore she’s not coming after you guys? Holly – she swore on her sister’s life and the bible. Nicole – she swore to me on her sister’s life and the bible that she’s going to put you two up! Cliff – she told me that she was a free agent and that she only had a one week agreement with y’all. That was it. Holly – No, it was that she would not come after us at all. Nicole laughs.

Holly – she swore on her sister’s life .. which I thought was sketchy to begin with .. like who does that.. and she swore on the bible. Nicole – I came out and said are you with them and she swore on her sister’s life and the bible I am not. It was a one week deal. If I win they’re both going up. Jackson – exactly so she is going to do what she did going into day 58. Get y’all to come after us and get us to come after y’all .. and then her and Tommy are going to throw it so that they don’t actually have to stand to it and watch us shot at each other and then they go to final four. Cliff – just like before. Just like before Nicole when they tried to corner us into that deal. Nicole – wow! Jackson – so we don’t act like we’re suspicious and we play right into it and into the next HOH. And if they think that they are safe .. they will not gun for it. Holly – if you want to say that you would put us up .. that is fine. Jackson – don’t go too heavy on the sauce. Don’t scare them. Nicole – but I don’t think you realize that, that is what they are saying you two are doing.. playing both sides. Jackson – this is literally a stand off. Nicole – it is a three way stand off. This is nuts. Cliff – we are all saying the same thing.. it just depends on who has the final trust and loyalty with each other. Jackson – my loyalty is with y’all. Cliff – if it is a double it will be FAST!

Cliff – how funny with the episode be to show everyone saying the same thing to each other. Holly – they are swearing up and down that they are good with us. Nicole – that is so funny. I am so confused right now. I don’t mean to laugh but this is comical. Jackson – she literally stuck her hand out and said that she would swear it in blood. My loyalty is with you and Cliff. Believe me or not. Nicole – okay, I believe you and I am sticking with it .. it could be the sword I die on but that’s what’s happening. Jackson – same. That’s the risk we’re willing to take. Nicole – then we’re doing it together. If you f**k me over then you are not invited to Thanksgiving dinner.

8:30pm Boat room. Jess and Holly.
Jess – regardless of if I stay or leave .. I just wanted to say that you are an amazing woman. I admire you so much! Holly – I still don’t have a mind. I feel like I have played an honest game and as loyal of a game to the people that I said I was loyal to. I would hate to go and not be here with you guys. I don’t know what Cliff has said or done .. I don’t know if he has promised to be a pawn.. but I would like to think that I could be even if it is to help the people that I love get a little further. I don’t know what else to say .. its very apparent that I am the odd one out and everyone else is pairs. Keep me even if it is to break up one pair. Holly – the game part of this is sh*tty but on a personal level I love you. Jess – I don’t want to keep here if only for a few.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jess – I honestly think that on paper it makes sense. I think in my thought process it makes sense.

9pm Bedroom. Christie and Tommy.
Christie – I am just like so sick.. like trust me I am biting my tongue. But why the f**k do we have to pretend that Michie isn’t playing us?! Like it is annoying to me. Like part of me wants to not speak to him at all until he asks me what’s wrong. And then like saying I am just having a hard time understanding how you aren’t taking this opportunity to get Cliff out. Like apart of me wants to be like Michie campaigning went on today and a lot of comparing notes went on and I am really pissed. Like apart of me wants to be like you’re not working with Cliff?! Then f**king prove it! PROVE IT! Like its annoying that all of us are literally walking on egg shells around Michie. It is just frustrating me! Like he has been running the show for WEEKS! And now Jess is going to go home because of it. Tommy – do you think Nicole is voting to evict her? Christie – yeah. Michie is also lying to her (Jess) and telling her that she is not his target. Its up to the house. LIKE F**K YOU MICHIE! Like really I am so sick of him in every way! In every way! Tommy – I hear you. Christie – we just have to trust Cliff. Why was your talk with him weird? Tommy – he doesn’t like to say much. Christie – she he says a lot to me and swears up and down that you aren’t. Tommy – he said to me that I’m not either. Christie – it just bothers me that Michie has been in power for three weeks and we just have to pretend that we didn’t compare notes. Tommy – well we don’t .. who says that we do. Christie – no, I know I am just trying to figure it out. I don’t want to blow up. I also don’t want to say it tonight .. I almost want to say it right before this vote tomorrow. I almost just want to act distant to him and act salty. Tommy – what it is going to come down to is me and you versus Holly. Christie – she (Holly) is on my every last nerve too. .. like you’re not playing your own game. You are going to cry for hours that you’re not seen as playing your own game and that you’re just Michie’s girlfriend … then STOP ACTING LIKE IT! I am so over them both. I see right through both of them. Tommy – one of them have to go. We have a lot of fight left in us. Christie – it is pissing me off that he thinks he is playing all of us.. and the way he is treating Nicole. We both need to fight for it (HOH). I am not okay with sucking Michie’s a$$. Tommy – its one more night. Christie – this motherf**ker is really smart. I am going to need super maj therapy when I get out of here. And I judged Kat.. like is probably going to be my best friend with we get out of here. It will be a miracle if we get to final two.

9:47pm Kitchen. Jess, Holly, Jackson, Nicole, Tommy, Christie and Nicole are sitting around chatting. Tommy – twenty minutes till we can go to bed. Tommy and Nicole playing with the puppets they made.

10pm HOH room. Jess and Jackson.
Jackson – how did it go today? Jess – as good as can be expected. No one told me anything (That should be a huge hint you’re going home). Ultimately I don’t know where people’s heads are at. They’re very much looking at you to talk to you. Jackson – Christie and Tommy are pushing for Cliff.. more than likely I am assuming. I actually haven’t spoken game with them all day. I know Nicole is close with Cliff but she doesn’t say much at all. I know she is close with you but she has not eluded to either one. Jess – yeah she hasn’t really told me anything. Jackson – and Holly hasn’t spoken game with me at all today. I do know that if it came down to a tie .. I would more than likely break it in his favor. And that is nothing personal. Jess – no not at all. Jackson – and I don’t want… I told you that at no point in this game would I sugar coat it or tell you a lie. I have more respect for you, than to do something like that. I am just being completely honest and that is as of right now and there are still more conversations to be had. I told you today that I would let you know where my head was at. At no point is it anything personal. Jess – that’s fine. At this point its what I could say to anybody. Jackson – Cliff didn’t offer a deal and I didn’t ask him for a deal. Just like you didn’t offer a deal. I have taken one deal in this game and that was with Christie and I am not taking another one. I am not doing it this week. Jess – I am not offering anyone deals. Jackson – I know. Jess – I feel that on a game level .. you taking out Sis and myself .. on paper doesn’t look the best. I am not as strong a person as Cliff is. You banished him, he is the first one to get back. You voted him out, he came back and put you up. He’s been put on Tommy’s radar and came back. He is now on the block again and you’re keeping him. He stays, he is going to win. And that is just based on his amazing game play. And that he has working deals with everyone. Like if that is the way you want to go.. I respect it. I love you regardless. He is a strong player. Jackson – very strong. Jess – it really leads me to think that you are working with him.. and if it comes down to where I have to vote .. I will look at that. You are an amazing player .. I know this.. Next to anyone I would vote for you to win the money. Jackson – I don’t have any deals with Cliff and I am not working with him. There are different angles to it. Jess – I get it .. its two, its two, its two. All I can offer is that I am a pawn for absolutely anyone. If I walk out that door .. there is no love lost. If it comes down to the end and you’re there I absolutely will vote for you to win.

10:35pm HOH room. Holly, Christie and Jackson.
Jackson – is everything good? Christie – why? Jackson – I just feel like you’re pissed off about something. Christie – no, not at all. Jackson – just checking. Christie – No everything’s good. I am just out of my mind today. I am just like really sad. Obviously Jess is going and I just feel bad. I am just thinking about the end and I am scared. I am scared. I am scared of Cliff. Its not like I am scared like that he is coming after me. Jackson – these are the thoughts going through my mind the last 24 hours. Christie – it doesn’t mean anything.. I am still voting with you. I trust whatever the plan is. Neither of them pitched me anything. Jackson – there have been no deals with Cliff .. he hasn’t even offered anything. Christie – he feels really good with you and that scares me. He was feeling over confident. I am having an off day.. I am also PMS’ing. With Cliff I can see him winning this all thing. Jackson – should I be worried if you win HOH, will her and I be going on the block? Christie – no. Me being off doesn’t have anything to do with you. Jackson – we had a deal.. but like sh*t. Christie – its right that I am off today but its not with you. Its literally just with the whole course of .. I am sad that I am losing Jess. I feel scared going forward because I feel I am getting dumber by the day. I feel that I am getting weaker by the day. Its me.. Christie starts crying. I am threatened by Cliff.. but that’s not a bad thing .. it gives me motivation. Holly – he terrifies the sh*t out of me too. Jackson – I was feeling awkward and wanted to talk to you. Like our deal is still good? Christie – yes, you don’t have to worry about me. I just hate that Jess is going and I have to cast a vote against her. Jackson – I told Cliff that if it came down to a tie I would break it in his favor. I also told Jess that. Christie – I am realizing that I am just not good at this game. Christie leaves.

11pm Holly – she might not throw it. Jackson to Holly – what is she going to do .. she just looked us in the eyes and we’re good our deal still stands and that she is not going after us. Holly – yeah but it’s Christie .. nothing that she says holds any weight. Jackson – she looked Nicole dead in her eyes and said that she would put us up. So if she wants to win and show her cards ..there’s two jury votes either direction that she will lose. Which tells me ..if I were her .. I would throw the f**k out of it (HOH). I think she is throwing it.

11:27pm Bathroom. Christie and Tommy.
Christie tells Tommy about her conversation with Michie and Holly. Christie – this game is hard but we don’t have a choice. Jess has to go. Tommy – yup. Christie – Michie has to go next. He is so good at everything he does. He wins everything he need to win.

11:43pm Bedroom. Christie and Cliff.
Christie tells Cliff about her conversation in the HOH with Jackson/Holly. Christie – it was basically just me biting my tongue .. we’re good. I just wanted you to know that I didn’t give him any guarantee. I literally just said we’re good. Cliff – I am surprised he didn’t ask me for more. Christie – I want you to know that on my sister’s life everything that I’ve ever said to him is strictly to get him to think that we are good. Cliff – perfect. Christie – all he kept saying was I see CLiff as a huge threat. I shook with you, I gave you my word .. trust me, I am taking the shot. I want him gone. Him (Jackson) first and her (Holly) next. I don’t care how mad he is, I don’t give a sh*t. I am putting him up. Cliff – I told you if you take a shot I’ve got your back and if I do, you’ve got my back. Christie – I also don’t want her (Holly) to win so I am gunning ..he’s (Cliff) a threat. He’s a threat. I did not swear, promise, shake, nothing.
Cliff – okay. He is not playing tomorrow so if there was ever the chance.

12am HOH room. Cliff, Jackson and Holly. Cliff – she (Chrsitie) told me that y’all said you were good. I said oh yeah, they all think that we’re going after each other. She says that y’all are wanting to go after us. I said I was not surprised. She is basically wanting to spin it that she wants us to go after you. Its just funny because she (Christie) was like I know he (Jackson) is probably telling you we’re gunning for you and all that. But she said I’m not, I’m just saying that but I am not really. Jackson – I never said to her who are you putting up. She never said who she would put up. I said if you (Christie) won, do we need to be worried? Cliff – I guess the implication is, that you’re then gunning for me. She said I just wanted to let you know if you are hearing anything from them about us gunning for you .. I (Christie) am just saying it so that Holly doesn’t gun for the HOH. Jackson – we’re all doing the same sh*t. Cliff – I’m loyal to you. Jackson – and us to you.

2:30am All the house guests are sleeping.

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