Big Brother 20 Premiere Episode Part 1 – Summer Officially Begins

Julie tells us this season of Big Brother is 99 days long.

House guests from every season of Big Brother in the audience..




First 8 Houseguests Home segment

Tyler (Like to look at cute girls in bikinis)

Bayleigh (Ms Missouri USA .. Came in 10th at Ms America)

Sam (lives in a camper)

Winston (Big Believer in the 2nd amendment feels “more safe going in a movie theatre with a gun on my hip” )

Steve (“Buying drugs.. Buying Guns”)

Kaitlyn(“90% love and light 10 % go screw yourself”)

Angela(“I have to tone it down so I don’t emasculate guys”)

JC (“I do power lifting.. I’m small but I’m very strong.. very mighty”)

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First Four Houseguests to enter the House

Tyler, Bayleigh, Sam, Winston

Second Four Houseguests to enter the House

Steve, Kaitlyn, Angela, JC


Second 8 Houseguests home segments

Rachel (I know a lot about the show.. I know the show.. I know how to flirt really well )

Chris (Swaggy-c .. I gotta look fly no matter what)

Rockstar (Rockstar .. rockstar.. rockstar.. peace through partying )

Brett (I consider myself a bro.. doing bro stuff.. being a manly man.. I’m an american patriot)

Kaycee (I play Women professional football)

Scottie (“I’m a huge gamer .. I like everything with elves in it”)

Hayleigh (“I had to clean the stalls”)

Faysal (when he walks into a class to teach kids they look up from their phones and say… “Oh my gosh would you look at him”)

First four House guests to enter the house

Hayleigh, Scottie, Faysal, Kaycee

Last four to enter the Big Brother house

Rachel, Chris, Brett, ROCKSTAR


Everyone scrambling to find a bed.. Champagne and introductions.


First competition -*- BB super computer -*-

Houseguests compete in 2 groups of 8. Power to “reprogram first week of the game” the winner has the ability to keep 8 houseguests safe including themselves


First 8 land in the bb computers “trash folder”. It’s total darkness and covered in green goop. They have to find a hidden folder and return them to the reveal room. 6 folders are marked escape one is marked escape and Play. Find the special folder and win. the house guest that does not find a folder gets a punishment that will impact their game.

Tyler finds the escape folder. He decides to go back into the house and not try to get the escape and play folder.

Bayleigh finds an escape folder. Goes back into the house.

Brett finds an escape folder, Goes back into the house


Angela find the escape and play folder

Rachel finds an escape folder

JC finds an escape folder

Winston finds the final folder

Kaycee gets a punishment

The next 8 house guests compete. They have to spell “Houseguest”. Chris did it the fastest. He will now move on to face Angela. Sam lost.


They have to prove they are not a robot. They have to search the letter blocks below and spell Houseguest


Surfing the BBweb

Angela and Swaggy-C get to compete for the power to reprogram the first week in the game.

Angela drops.. Saggy-C gets to choose 2 of the four move in groups to keep safe from eviction.


Kaycee has to wear a uniform as her punishment called the pinwheel of doom.  She hates it especially the shoes. JC and ROCKSTAR are devastated.

She has to wear it until the live eviction. when the pinwheel spins she has to stay in the room she is in until it stops.


Sam’s punishment is she can only communicate with them through a robot. She is stuck as a robot until the first eviction.

robot offline she has to go to the diary room and has to return as a human when she hears robot online she returns as a robot



Swaggy-P picks the 2 groups for safety

Group 1 safe – Rachel, Chris, Brett, ROCKSTAR

Group 2 safe – Hayleigh, Scottie, Faysal, Kaycee

To get a look at how the first impressions ranks are shaping up

Onlinebigbrother Ranking Grid

Easiest way to Rank the house guests

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Already not liking most of the girls….


I am liking Sam of the girls so far


Yes She is one I like.

Stop trying to make Paul happen

The highlight of tonight’s show was getting to see Kaysar and Keesha. The lowlight was them sneaking Paul into the audience. Bleh!

Grodner Hearts Paul

Lets see which of us can predict the best.
On what day will Paul enter the house?
What will his special advantages be?
How many weeks of safety will he be awarded?
How many houseguests will be his toadies?
Who will be this year’s Cody & Jessica and have their games destroyed by daring to oppose him?

Stop trying to make Paul happen

Oh and I bet Rachel Reilly is mad there is another Rachel from Las Vegas on BB


So far I like the theme.

big brother's back

what’s this? all the girls don’t sound like mice on helium?

Min O'Pause

These people are going to run the country when I’m old…

Min O'Pause

Someone pass the hemlock please…..

Double Ds

Big Brother 20 drinking games

Every time Swaggy C calls himself Swaggy C
Every time Katilyn mentions somebody’s karma


How’s your liver? Have we lined up a viable donor?

Summer Ready

is there gonna be enough alcohol for that, he tends to refer to himself in the 3rd every ten seconds ( and I thought Josh was bad) but if I have to keep hearing it, I say we drink, it’s the only way to get through the summer ! So Good to be back here !

Min O'Pause

Please no Frankie…please no Frankie…


Well, I’ll be! A brand new batch of whipper snappers. Miracles do happen!


I’ll wait until the show Thursday to relax a little. I just hope some of these folks actually want to play Big Brother and not just make sheet tents all summer.


I like the cast! Thought production went a little overboard on these safety comps. Ridiculous the 3 people in swaggys group that went into the house at the same time benefit from him winning.


it was MUCH better than giving paul carte blanche to pick the 8 weakest players in the house and give us the snoozefest that was last season.

bb usa rip off

it pretty much a ripoff from bb canad ai if you didnt notice!


Don’t know what it is about Tyler but he rubs me the wrong way. Hope he doesn’t last long in this game. I don’t know what to make of JC but it will be interesting to see how he does


For me, it’s his crazy eyes. Of course, I was watching “Evil Lives Here” yesterday, so maybe I’m just super suspicious of the awkward beady glances. Nah, he looks innocent enough, or he’s pulling off a wonderful impersonation of Jeff Spicoli.

bb usa rip off

pretty sure that was ripoff from bb canada!


Simon/Dawg love he new freshness…


Bring back Jody


Brentt is so handsome….Im in love with him


I second that. On first impressions, the cast is nicely speckled and diverse enough. I don’t get any negative vibes from any of them, but I’m sure Kaitlyn saged the entire house. We have lots of Rockstar types in Austin…gotta appreciate that originality. Faysal is interesting, and very easy on the eyes. There are the typical beautiful faces and bodies in the house…makes for pretty tv. I like JC, Kaycee, Bayleigh, and Winston…my favorite so far is Sam. I’m just hoping for a fun season clear of any God complex (Swaggy? I hope not) types.

Oh, and I love the new OBB look, too!


The new layout here in the comments section I give a thumbs down to as of now. For one it doesn’t run well on my Samsung. Seems geared to Apple. I could do without the FB comments section. Seems cluttered.

On the season premiere:

Angela is distracting . I am not sure I like her yet as a person/player, but she is so hot I can barely keep my mind in the game. Thank god I am not in the house with her. I would showmance that girl to death and be totally thrown off my game and be booted by mid-July. Chance to win: 40%

Angie- Are we really going to call her ‘Rockstar’? I’m not sure I can. Seems she gave the nickname to herself like a kid in 3rd grade who would try to get that nickname to catch on and epically fail. She is kind of blah so far. Just a wanna be wild chick is all I am seeing so far. Comes off as forced and not authentic. Chance to win: 25%

Steve- I might like this guy. I tend to think he might be a good player. I like people who actually play the game and not come in saying “I’m just going to lay low and stay under the radar” This turns into summer camp for those types of players. Chance to win: 58%

Chris/Swaggy- Same as Angie I am not ok with the self given nicknames. He thinks he has this game won already. You notice he shifts his thoughts to whoever he talked to last. He also takes things as a personal slight too often. People will grow tired of his thinking he is the bomb deal fast. He will not get to August. Chance to win: 0%

JC- Like him so far more than I don’t like him. He needs to get in a strong 4. I could see Steve, JC, Angela, Sam being a power 4 that could get far. I hope JC doesn’t end up being a float to power player. Chance to win: 38%

Faysal- Will probably get in a showmance with Hayleigh and I think will be too big of a target. May be the leader of the “cool kids” club side of the house that the better side will slowly take down. Chance to win: 42%

Kaitlyn- Sneaky attractive. A little too wanna be Artsy but hopefully is a game player. Chance to win: 20%

Scottie- Could be a good player once he fights off production telling him to play up the nerd never had a gf desperate for love persona. Possible final four candidate. Chance to win: 60%

Tyler- I think he is smarter than he looks and could be a Frank Eudy his first season type player. Chance to win: 56%

Rachel- I am debating between her and Angela on who I think the better player will be. I lean toward Rachel, but I kinda want Angela to be cuz she is so damn fine! Chance to win so far: 38%

Kaycee- I like her and I hope she opens up a bit. Seems a little closed off so far. Chance to win so far: 20%

Brett- Is the “bro” thing real or is he trying to come off as a dumb jock as a game strategy? Reminds me a little too much of Paulie so far to like him. Chance to win: 40%

Sam- Like her and hope she gets far. If I’m picking who I want to win today it’s her. Do I think she has the best chance right now? No. Chance to win: 55%

Bayleigh- Way too up in peoples faces and telling them how to play the game. Also her getting tight with Chris is fatal mistake. Chance to win: 5%

Winston- Can’t get a good read on him yet. He is a wildcard so far. If he gets in showmance with Angela I will be jealous. Ha. Chance to win: 35%

Hayleigh- Pretty girl that I think will be a follower and a vote. I see no chance of her winning this. Chance to win: 0%


Winston- I liked him until I read that he likes Paul the most for being iconic “gaining others’ trust while simultaneously screwing with them.”

I agree about Kaycee. I like that BB is allowing shorts over the unitard. I bet Kaycee does, too. However, it does take away some of the punishment, IMHO.

Whenever I see Steve, I picture Fred Flintstone. That’s kind of endearing.

Kaitlyn sort of annoyed me when she turned to her team on the platform and told them this is a competition and they better compete, or something like that. That behavior seemed in direct contradiction to her whole “love and light” presentation.

You are absolutely right about Scottie. I want to like him, but I worry he will be too malleable.

Haleigh reminds me of Britney Haynes for some reason. We’ll see.

I can’t help but giggle over Rachel’s last name: Swindler. I mean she is from Vegas and says, “I use my power over men to make huge tips on the job.”


I agree about not liking Winston because he liked Paul. He will have to earn me liking him and be a great player. Angie “Rockstar”…really??…said she likes Frankie…so don’t like her….never will. Also, Kaycee said in her Ika interview that she liked Frankie….so I can’t like her…never will. JC has done some pretty f…ed up stuff. It’s all over the internet…saw a lot on Evel Dick’s twitter page. There is a video of a naked JC doing it with a stuffed minion doll. WTH?? Kaitlyn and all her energy crap is annoying…won’t like her. Sawggy C….don’t like…done with him. Bayleigh…thinks she’s s princess….done with her.Tyler…Ok…he is just plain dumb….prob won’t be liking him…will have to see. As for the rest…some are ok some seem good. Will depend on their game play.


JC is a dancer and I think he is hired for parties and events to be the “little weird dancing midget” at your party. So I’m sure the similated sex was part of some party gag.

Not sure. I don’t know I have not looked into his past. The only thing I found strange was when he was bagging on someones accent. Was he serious? Ha


The whole ROBOT thing is stupid IMO… I wonder what Sam is doing while being a Robot… the should give more details on that part…


I actually like the robot thing. Whether it’s actually a “punishment” remains to be seen, because I feel Sam has an opportunity to get some good information as a robot. The house guests can’t see her reaction, only hear what she has to say about things…unless the technology is actually designed to pick up her facial expressions…not sure how that works. Anyway, it’s something different, so that is good thing.

Trackin the Kraken

The only thing worse than having a lame nickname is REFERRING TO YOUR SELF IN THE THIRD PERSON with the SAME LAME NICKNAME

c.c Swaggy C


Where is the actual in house updates? Aren’t the live feeds open?


Hey Simon, can you share how to get the live feed in Canada? I think you threw up a link before. Thanks!


If you click the Spoilers link at the top there is a VPN help which should help those non-US folks steal our feeds. I’m hopeful for a better season than the last few.


Awesome. Thanks!


Where can i watch this online?


I mean outside of USA