Big Brother 20 HOH Competition Results! “I’m still here B***hes”

POV: ? Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: August 2nd
Noms: ? Have Nots ?


9:48pm The live feeds return – Bayleigh has the HOH key around her neck. In the bathroom – Rachel tells Tyler – its not the worst case scenario. JC – what do you think she is going to do? Kaycee – I don’t know but Fes, Rockstar and Scottie were in the storage room cheering.

In the bedroom. Tyler tells Rockstar that he voted to keep her. He says that if Kaitlyn had stayed in the house or came back he would have told her that he voted her out.

Bathroom – Fes – people back home and friends are going to stop watching the show. Five times I haven’t won HOH. They talk about the competition was an Out Back Steak House competition. Tomorrow a bunch of them will get an Out Back Steak House dinner. Rockstar does “I’m still here B***hes” Dance.

Fes to Bayleigh – I threw it so that maybe I could compete and win the next one.

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10:10pm Lounge room – Tyler to Bayleigh – I’m proud of you! You deserve this! Bayleigh – thank you. Now I have to figure out this HOH thing. You’re going to love it. Bay – really? Tyler – no. Bay – one on one’s are going to be awkward. Tyler – are you going to do them all day tomorrow? Bay – no, noms are tomorrow. Bay – I don’t think you were the one to flip .. I think someone tried to frame you. Whoever did that I think did it with malicious intent. I want that person to be exposed. I know Fes didn’t vote for her and you didn’t. I know a lot more than you think. Your loyalty has put you in a bad spot which makes people look at you differently. This week will just be a reset week for you. Tyler – I was just trying to be a good person and to not screw up someones life. Bay – everyone thinks that we were trying to be loyal and not malicious. Tyler – I was just trying to protect her. Bay – I am interested to see what the motive was because you’re an awesome guy. And Fes is an awesome guy. Why would she put you guys in that situation. Tyler – maybe she genuinely felt that way about both of us. Bay – that’s fine but if you genuinely have a boyfriend you know camera’s are watching. If it was just Fes .. fine but the fact that it was both of you in such a short amount of time.. I just doesn’t make sense.

Havenot room. Brett – Kaycee is real close with her so I hope she has enough influence in her ear. Rachel – I am hoping that .. I am just going to try and get him out. (She points to the other havenot room saucer) Brett – him and a girl. Like you should really push that make it a guy and a girl.

Lounge room. Bay and Tyler. Bay – the worst thing is when people look you in the eye and lie to you. People have done this to me the whole game. Tyler – I feel like I am a lone wolf. Bay – I think you should really sit back and think about who Tyler is in the game. Tyler – I just need to get over that hump now. Bay – its been two weeks since Swaggy left and its still hard. Bay – you don’t look like an idiot, she (Kaitlyn) does. Tyler – I had to warn her so many times. Bay – I warned her but she still continued to do it. Tyler – with Fes? Bay – yes. I pray to god that Joe and her are as solid as she says they are… but after all this I don’t know what she has waiting for her. I am terrified for her. Tyler – I’m scared for her too. Bay – you tried. Tyler – you let me know what you need this week. If you need to put me up you can. Bay shakes her head no. I need loyalty from you. Tyler – this week will be a proving ground. I would rather you on my team. Bay – I just need to make sure you have my back because this game is about to get crazy! I know you have a thing with Sam and I won’t touch that. I do want to know what is going on with you and Scottie. Tyler – Scottie and I have been drifting a bit. Bay – if I do something crazy .. I might need you to play in that veto. Tyler – if you need me to gun for it I will. Bay – when I won (HOH) there were a few people that reacted and weren’t happy.

10:50pm Bathroom. Haleigh, Bay and Rockstar. Haleigh – the weight that is off my chest now that she is out of this house .. like I can breath. Did you see her (Kaitlyn) face when she realized? It was SHOCKED!!! She told Fes before that he didn’t do enough to keep her but that she was still going to stay. She still thought she had the votes. She just thought it was going to be 6-4. Did you hear how quiet they were when she exited. It was silent and then they started to clap. Bay – because they were cued to. Haleigh – do you know what they (Fes and Tyler) both said in their GBM (good by messages) .. they each started with Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn. IF she did have a Joe, she don’t no more! She said that Fes and her were “sole mates” and she has been in a relationship for 5 years and never said that. And she said that to Tyler and Fes. Bay – she probably regrets it.

11:15pm Lounge room. JC – I guess she isn’t going to put Scottie up. Rachel – why? Rachel – he also told Winston that she voted to keep him. Scottie also told Brett that he voted to keep Winston. Rachel – don’t speak of what I’ve juse to anyone.

11:30pm Bedroom – Haleigh to Rockstar Haleigh I want Sam out of of here. Apparently Tyler told Fes. Tyler and Fes had a conversation last night and compared notes. They were both pissed and so they went into the diary room to change their goodbye messages. They were both like “Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn, you can’t run around this house saying we’re your sole mate when you have a five year relationship so JOE if you’re watching this.. she’s got to go!! BOOM!

11:50pm Tyler tells Kaycee – I think Bay might put up Brett and JC. Rachel joins them. Tyler leaves. Rachel tells Kaycee – we need to push for Scottie to go up. He was the rogue vote. He is a triple threat. Kaycee – we don’t want to be too pushy. Rachel – I just don’t want Haleigh and Rockstar to push Brett and Tyler to go up.

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Crazy T

So who does Bey put up? Brett and Angela? Brett and Tyler? Brett and JC? What is her opinion if JC?

Wonder if Tyler is worried and will use his Power?


So happy to see Bayleigh as HOH!
Was that a hickey on Kailtyn’s neck?

But, um

I’m so glad she won too!! I hope she puts up Brett & Angela. I won’t even hope for a Tyler nom. smh


jC is a snake ?


Yeah, the way he was so adamant about voting Kaitlyn out to the point of being demanding was crazy. I had an idea he was up to something…just didn’t know what. Then he votes to evict RS! And…his was her only vote. Wonder who he’ll blame it on?

Who Me?



Yes! Fes and Haleigh safe another week


I can’t wait to watch them just lay around and do nothing.

another name

so another week of him telling her she can’t talk to or look at anyone, especially a man. another week of her apologizing and making excuses to others for the way he speaks to them. that will help their game, i’m sure.


Power shift, let’s see if she ignores Tyler this week. Who’s going up? This could be a fun week.


I think it might be Sam and Tyler…but I hope I am wrong!


Women empowerment ….put Sam up!


Whoa! Bayleigh looks like she’s going to be formidable. Hope she’s not just stringing Tyler along. I also hope she finds out that JC was the Rockstar vote. I was shocked when he did that. Can’t figure out his motive unless it was to make Tyler look bad (Bayleigh’s onto that).

If she does, then JC goes up. If not, I think it’ll be Brett & Scottie.

Looking forward to this week!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I kind of think JC will go on the block. She doesn’t care for him. They had that disconnect over the N word and the M word; and I THINK he was the one she was ticked off at for telling her to shut up? He tells everyone to “shut up”. One, I think he doesn’t realize how harsh that is (English 2nd language); and two, I know someone personally who is also small like he is. It is common to be a bit abrasive because growing up, they sort of HAD to be to be heard. I think that’s why I give JC so many free passes when he says or does stupid things LOL. ANY way, back on point, I think JC may be going up. I just don’t really know who else :/ Does she know Scottie wore the Swaggy C shirt and still voted him out?


I don’t see Scottie as a choice when she has Brett, Angela and JC to put up. She may also be looking for a big move and take out Tyler.

Who Me?

I don’t think she’s smart enough to put Tyler up. She seems to believe the liars and disbelieve the truth tellers


The puzzle was SO FECKIN EASY!! I just couldn’t believe how ANYONE could not do it.
Production is having a meltdown.
This was NOT the plan. At all.
We will now have Kaitlyn on twitter preaching how she wanted out because someone outside needs her.
If she does the whining, baby talk and spinning to the ex..he may take her back out of exhaustion.


Considering the battle back: many posts have made mention of the evicted hg being at home and on social media. Basically assuming that because of this, they wont re-enter. I can’t say I dont disagree, but I almost posed this question this morning: what if no one had chosen the +1 app? We are well aware production made it an obvious choice, hence it was chosen at the very first opportunity. And Sam has made light of its obviousness. But what if?… They just got caught with their pants around their ankles, and I admit this makes me as giddy as anything that will happen this season. The gaudiness of how obviously easy they made that for K, and not only for her to fail at it, but what they lost entertainmentwise in the interview, is… well… they should be embarrassed at how ill prepared they were, as she should be for that performance. That interview was Christine and Aaryn level. We all wanted the questions to be asked, and would’ve been edge sitting for the response. Such arrogance… not finished 😉 …


i think they would have continued to have had power apps given to the houseguests until the bonus life was selected. the cutoff after three weeks seemed premature. i expected four weeks, but they never had actually specified. it all comes down to production making the call on whether or not they think there’s enough drama in the house. remember the takeover “twist” from bb17 that stopped before it had even started?

i imagine bb is pretty pissed kaitlyn didn’t come back. that puzzle looked super easy and it probably means one less double eviction episode which is usually good for ratings (not to mention needing to scrap the challenges for it). they may try to implement some kind of double jury buyback to make up for it.


I think cut off was to make sure the power was used before jury. I’m almost positive they had a jury buyback planned before the obvious Kaitlyn choke and now they may do something to pull in another buyback, rewind week, or something so they can have a second double.


They have contingencies in place. This season is scheduled to last 99 days. Since Sam chose the app, it means there would have been one extra double-eviction week to fit the schedule; if no one had chosen the app, it wouldn’t have affected anything (or they would have introduced another way to bring back a houseguest via a different twist).

Personally I think production will do a battle back or something…it really seemed like they were counting on someone winning that “challenge.” The BB App Store is closed, but there are still plenty of weeks to introduce more twists.


Considering how long this show has been on the air, I would expect that they always have a plan B given the unpredictability of a reality show. You know, in case they ignore production ‘s guidance. I would also hope they have the other kind of “Plan B” on hand although they can’t force it on anyone. (Cough, cough … Swag and Bay.)

Carolina girl

Yay Bay!! Sounds like she may want Scottie out for flipping on Swaggy.. And I hope JC is found out. I know he doesn’t know about L6 but imo that was just a dumb move to vote RS.. It makes it look like Tyler or Fez did it and that’s his two favs so…. I kinda want the next 3 out to be RS, Scottie and now JC. Everyone else I actually like.


But now returning to that one major app. I did a little research. I nerded out. But this is the history of a player entering or re-entering the game according to season:

1- n/a

2- n/a

3- Amy (Day 41, Evicted Day 27): the 4 previous hg were asked questions regarding how much they’d give up to re-enter. She and Eric said they’d give up half the prize money, and go on pbj diet for the remainder of the game (this was the preslop food punishment. Sidenote: they weren’t required to actually do it). The hg then voted on who would return

4- n/a

5- Natalie (Day 35): entered immediately following that wks eviction. She and Adria are twins who had been tasked with swapping in and out of the game without being discovered. If successful, both would enter as individuals. (Sidenote: Nakomis won hoh and introduced her ‘six six finger plan’, which completely revolutionized the game. Legend… I also remember how messed up I thought it was to put her and Cowboy in the house together. They are siblings who had never met each other until then)

6- Kaysar* (Day 40, Evicted Day 33): 82% of the public vote returned him out of 4 previously evicted hg. Ashlea, the first evictee was ineligible, as she had left sequester (Sidenote: Janelles debut, Kaaaaaysaarrrrr, The Nerd Herd, and Jedi Howie. Classic

7- n/a

8- n/a

9- Sharon (Day 7, Evicted Day 3): hg were put into couples. Sharon and her partner Jacob were evicted first. Neil walked from the game due to an unspecified emergency. His partner Joshuah was given the choice to bring back either Sharon or Jacob. He chose Sharon

James* (Day 35, Evicted Day 35): after James had been evicted, the hg were informed that a player would return. Either James, or a previously evicted hg that America had been voting on. James returned on a 5-3 vote

10- n/a

11- n/a

12- n/a

13- Brendon (Day 41, Evicted Day 34): the previous 4 evictees were voted on by the public to challenge that wks evictee in a competition. Brendon beat Lawon, who had volunteered to be nominated, and returned to the house

14- n/a

15- Judd (Day 63, Evicted Day 49): blindsided during eviction 2 of the double. 9 jury members. First 4 jury members and remaining hg competed for return and hoh. Judd was last jury member standing

16- Nicole (Day 63, Evicted Day 56): the battle of the block ended, and the 4 jury members competed… and the not very good player, but the beautiful soul that is Donny will live in our hearts forever

17- Julia (Day 43): the second installment of the twin twist

John (Day 71, Evicted Day 71): 4 jury members and remaining hg competed to re-enter and hoh

18- Victor* (Day 37, Evicted Day 23; Day 72, Evicted Day 72): in order of eviction, a 1v1 competition was held with the winner advancing. Victor emerged after a nice run. Upon his 2nd eviction it was announced the jury members and remaining hg would compete to re-enter and for hoh. Victor became the first person to re-enter the house twice

19- Cody* (Day 30, Evicted Day 23): first 4 hg evicted would compete to return to the game


SMH , its going to be crazy boring without Haley Joel Kaitlyn in the house. Was hoping Bruce Willis would make a surprise cameo during the live eviction.


Bay saying she’s putting up 2 guys. A this point there will only be girls left.
My faves are Tyler, Brett, Kaycee Sam and Bay.
Whoa…JC is one angry guy. His eyes. LOL.
This is great though that Bay won. She seems like a really good person. And she is playing a great game.


12 times a player has come into the game after day 1, not counting the coaches

2 are twins who were never evicted

1 was because of a couple twist, and one part of the couple had walked for emergency

5 were prejury

The average day is Day 49. 7 wks

Every season since 15 a player has returned

I think there would have been 2 returnees this year, but tonight makes it absolute. Dramawise, thus far, Chris and Kaitlyn have dominated. They’re both out. And production was blindsided. They are far too controlling to let this happen. Either things get crazy, or we get the Kraken. Lets hope it’s the former

Sakura Haruno

RIP Tyler’s Game :'(

At least I can vote for him for America’s fav :'(

He had one more week to go for jury


he’s not even going on the block…

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I feel robbed from the live show tonight. I REALLY wanted to hear their goodbye messages and a couple questions from Julie. That puzzle they gave her to do couldn’t have been any easier. She just choked. BB definitely planned on her coming back into the house.

True Dat

You didn’t miss all that much. Everyone was pretty nice to her in their goodbye messages and didn’t reveal their gameplay. Kaitlyn claims she wouldn’t change anything because everything happens for a reason and she can’t be mad at anyone since they were all just following their intuition and personal truths. Julie didn’t mention anything about her boyfriend at home…not that I thought she would but I sure would have loved to have seen that convo. She did reveal that JC and Tyler were the two flipped votes from last week which seemed to surprise Kaitlyn but she took it in stride. The meltdown will come later I imagine. The audience was awkwardly quieter than usual. They clapped when they were suppose to clap and all but you could tell that it felt forced.


Awesome!!! Bay’s got some serious POWER now! her game is really coming together nicely…. I’m so Glad that Kaitlyn is gone!!! Haven’t been this happy to see someone evicted since Raven LOL

Golden machine

This better not be pinned on Scottie. All bayleigh needs to do is ask him.
Scottie admitted voting they way he did last time.
And why get rid of someone who has been working with you and not against you.
Sorry but I have to say it,
Sometimes Tyler is too obvious. There was fear in his eyes. He’s worried.
Bayleigh is not stupid. She’s been watching the house.

Kid Rock

Yasssssssssssss! Congrats Bayleigh


The feeds are hilarious tonight- jc, Rachel, Angela, Fez and Brett bashing Kaitlyn. Brett said she would try to snuggle and rub her butt up on his dick and he’d have to move away. She tried to lock Fez in the HOH room but he wouldn’t let her but she took his hand and had him feel her boobs. They are cracking up with stories.

Gimmie a break

Im glad Bay got it, its time for a power shift! JC is something else voting for Rockstar after watching him get angry all week abt wanting Katlin to go soo bad! This cld backfire on him bigtime, n I really hope he goes up just to bring his ego down a notch n shake him up! I think Bay will def put up Brett n possibly JC…

Shld be interesting n even tho she is telling tyler she wants his loyalty which is a good game move to get her further in the game she may look at trying to backdoor tyler since he has been playing a great game so far n most the house really likes him… Bay might also want revenge for swaggy…

I hope she reels tyler in cuz I wld love to see tyler n bay work together n get far in the game… they both read the house pretty good… Gonna be another good week!!! My top three 1) Tyler 2) kaycee 3) Bay wld love this 3 to work together in a side alliance longterm… Bay maybe #2 if she keeps playin smart n ditches some of her alliance, they will not get her far in the game…

What the heck

tyler is the new paul istfg
can he PLEASE get the eff out of here already??


Not really, this is the first time the house has come even close to a unanimous vote, and unlike with Paul’s season, there are actually other people playing the game. If Paul had some of the folks that are in the house this season he’d never have gotten away with it. Tyler is actually a savvy game player and he’s managing to do it without treating people like crap while doing it. I’d like to see him go to the end, but I also think it’s coming very soon where people will start targeting him, and I can’t wait to see how he handles that. If he remains as calm as he has through the season so far, I think he’ll go far. So on that level I’m curious to see how he would react to people starting to look more closely. Though I think Bay would be smart to actually work close with him.


Tyler is NOTHING like Paul. Paul was a bully. Tyler is more like a “Dr. Will” in the making….very good actor and has genuine gameplay.


What am I missing?

After next week’s eviction there are 11 left. With the finale on Sept 26th after next week’s eviction the jury house front doors open?

My thought….

They either just let things go week by week and have 1 double eviction since there will be 8 voting weeks left (I’m including the finale as a voting date)…..Or do they have next week’s evicted go to the jury house and do a competition in a 2 or 3 weeks to have someone try to get back in? Next week’s evicted find’s out from Julie during the interview and then the following 2 evicted learn the same thing when they meet Julie and have 2 double evictions the rest of the way out?

Jay Crimsion

You thing Bayleigh gonna find out it was Scottie who voted Swaggy out while he wore the shirt? Will she go after the level 6 group? Will she make a move to solidify an all girl alliance? Will she be manipulated into getting out Fes? So many questions another great week!!