Brett “DAY 2, if I didn’t have a boyfriend I would totally f**k you!”

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HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: August 2nd
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12am Lounge room. JC – Brett did she (Kaitlyn) ever tell you that she was in love with you? Brett smiled and says he isn’t saying anything. Rachel – what did she tell you? FES – come on!! Brett – I’m not saying a word. Angela – she had feelings for you and you were her sole mate. Brett – they weren’t feelings. There were other words exchanged. Nothing to do with feelings. Rachel – what sexual feelings? Brett – no no NOPE NOPE NOPE! Angela – Brett you have to tell us! JC – you have to open your mouth. Fes – let the live feeders know. JC – they’re going to love you if you just come out.

Brett – DAY 2! Fes – you’re f**King lying!!! Everyone moves in closer. Brett – DAY 2 I wake up. I am sleeping under the things. She crawls in my bed in the morning and drops the mic. Pulls the covers over and goes “if I didn’t have a boyfriend I would totally f**k you.” All the house guests in the lounge room scream. JC – DAY 2 B***H!! Brett – That was it, I hadn’t even woken up! I wish I did’t just say that.

Fes – she was HOH and the week before she was HOH she was grabbing my hand and trying to put it on her.. Rachel – boob? Fes – MMMhhhmm. and then she gets up to go lock the HOH room door. And I was like no do not lock that door. I asked her what were you planning to do? Fes to Brett – did she ever try to touch your junk? Brett – I was just very careful with my positioning. Like ..(Brett curls up in the fetal position lol) JC – are you f**King kidding me. Brett – she kept pushing into me and I just kept pulling away. Fes – when I was in the HOH room showering she would always try to look and ask if I needed anything. Rachel – why is she throwing herself at men? Was this a strategy or is this how she is in real life. Angela – I don’t think Joe exists. Fes – if he does, he doesn’t anymore! He doesn’t anymore .. he’s booked a flight out of the country. Rachel – who is JOE??? WHO IS JOE!!!??? Big Brother switches the feeds. Rachel – to preach women empowerment and how she and then she is laying in bed with him and rubbing her butt up against his ding dong. Angela – no respect for herself. Rachel – but remember the talent show story she told us. Angela – remember the first story she told us about her v@gina? Fes – how it was too tight. Angela – and how she had surgery. That is the last v@gina he (Fes) wants to put him d**k into. Fes – this the longest I have gone without having the urge.. 31 days plus sequester. Fes – she was saying she was always crying about him. Rachel – she could turn on the tears like that!

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12:18pm Bayleigh HOH room is ready. They all head up to the HOH room cheering. Bay tells everyone – you want to win HOH until you win HOH because then you realize you have to put people up. Real talk I feel like I’ve connected with everyone in the house. When I do put people on the block if you want to turn it into a personal thing, that’s on you. That’s not what this is, it is completely game related. But know that I literally love every person in this house. I just don’t want it to be a dramatic, crazy messy week. I don’t know who I am going to put up yet and I don’t want people freaking out. Like please just don’t. We’re going to have one on one’s. I want everyone to come talk to me because I want everyone to feel like they have a chance to be heard. And I am not … we have had some really nice HOH’s but I am not them. People can come in my room and stuff but the first two weeks this was cyclone.. people had razors, there was toilet paper and cereal all over.. and that’s not going to be my room. And don’t feel like you can’t come in my room or feel like you can’t ask me something. I know I’m scary but I’m not that scary. Okay that’s it.

12:50am HOH room Haleigh is listening to Bay’s Cardi B music. Haleigh talks to Bay – first of all I respect your decisions. I am here as a confidant and council for you. I have no preference. I think anyone that is not with us is against us. Sam is a threat to me going forward because in the event that she does win HOH again .. Rockstar and I will go back up. In the event it doesn’t worry me too much. I don’t want us to out ourselves and the girl thing. In the event you put up two guys and if the replacement was a guy. We’re outing ourselves. Scottie was talking saying I don’t think she will eliminate that girls. Other than that you know we got rid of the problem. Bay – I think that we don’t want to out the girl thing but the only people that are threats to me are the guys. The only two people that I think would put me up if they won would be. Who do you think they are. Haleigh – Brett? And Tyler? Bay – Brett and JC. I will say this Scottie has been acting real shaddy. He wore a tshirt (Swaggy C shirt). And after Tyler came to me crying today, I definitely think it was malicious. I know that Scottie is not trustworthy. Haleigh – my goal this week is to get closer with Angela and Rachel. Bay – don’t get too close because I don’t trust them. Haleigh – be careful with your one on ones. Bay – I will. I want you to be out there letting me know what’s going on Haleigh – I will work on Tyler too. Haleigh leaves.

1:15am Kaycee to Sam – I am very confident that she will not put you up. Sam tells Kaycee that she (Kaycee)’s

1:20am HOH room. Bay and Angela talk. Angela – congratulations. They talk about Kaitlyn and how she spread rumors and lies. Bay – your chill and lay low. Obviously you are not going up. I love you to death. Angela – when I give my word I stick to it. Bay – I came up with a name for us. We’re the “Amazon Alliance”. Angela – we’re going to have an amazing summer .. we got rid of all the bullsHh*t. Bay – I do want to stick to the all girls alliance. Angela – I think the all girls alliance is genius. If its between a guy and a girl I will choose a girl every time. Bay – I need to figure out how to do these one on ones.

1:26am Bathroom. Tyler, JC and Brett. Fes – I don’t think America thinks I’m a dumbass because if this girl is saying all this stuff about me. Why would I not keep her around!? I was like she is never going to put me up. Tyler – that’s what I thought too. JC – the fact that she knew that about your dad. It hit me .. and then she would make it about the game. That is just very low and dirty. Tyler – she (Kaitlyn) didn’t specifically say your Dad knows I should stay. Your dad knows what to do. Fes – that’s bad bro! Tyler – it doesn’t matter to me because I see right through it.

1:25am Rachel comes walking into the bathroom. Wearing Katilyn’s grandmothers blanket and other clothes. What you think you can escape me!? Brett – I can’t! I can’t! Tyler grabs for the blanket and says they shouldn’t.

1:50am Lounge room. Tyler and JC. JC – I think Fes is trusting me more now. Tyler – Bay told me that I’m a physical threat and that she wants me on her team.

1:50am – 2am HOH room. Fes talks to Bay. Fes – who are you going to put up? Bay – I’m going to put up Brett and.. Fes – and Tyler? Bay – I don’t think so, if there is a replacement then I think I will. I think Tyler deserves a week to recover. He got his pretty hard this week. I think Tyler is a free agent now. We still have the power app in our back pocket and could throw Tyler up there. Fes – that’s true. What did Haleigh say? Bay – she said put up Brett and she is worried about Sam. Fes – I know you like the 3 girls are you thinking of putting one of them up next to him? Bay – here is the problem I just spent havenot week with them. The only one I would consider is Rachel but she would lose it! Rachel would lose it!! The only three people I was considering were JC, Rachel and Brett. Fes – JC’s plan was to get Kaitlyn out that way she is out of Tylers ear. I wouldn’t put JC up. Bay – the only time JC votes with us was when it was unanimous. JC has never said he’s cool with me. Fes – talk with both of them. (Brett and JC) Bay – Rachel acts like she is scared of me and I hate that. Fes – those three have skated on by.. Bay – they haven’t done anything. If I do put up Rachel instead of JC .. then I need absolute loyalty from JC. He is an asset and will vote the way we do (LOL not likely). Bay – you need to make sure you never pick JC over me. Fes – f**K no!

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CJ Thomas

Haha.. oops level 5 just got screwed by keeping RS & Baliegh is HOH. You know she’s not going after her group so a casualty will happen on other side. Maybe Tyler/Brett or Sam or Scottie JC those 5 I’m thinking would be her options.


Kaitlyn tried to get with not only Fes and Tyler, but Brett too?! BAHAHAHAHA

3s a crowd

Mr. Potato Head be the only guy she wouldn’t try it with


Not so sure about that either…especially if he was HOH !


The fact that they are outing Kaitlyn is hilarious! I’m living for the Kaitlyn drama. I’m kind of sad she’s gone so there won’t be any more lol


Logically if I threw a hinky vote and copped to it. I wouldn’t throw another hinky vote because everyone would naturally suspect me. It would be game suicide.
I’m going to put faith in bayleigh to not fall into that line of reasoning.
It’s just illogical. And if bayleigh is not smart enough to see that… Omg.
Leave Scottie alone darn it.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Rachel coming in dressed up like Kaitlyn, I’m DYING!


If bay really puts up Scottie she’s a dumb ass. Curious if level 5 will be able to save Brett if its him vs JC they’ll need to flip haleigh cus Scottie hates brett and sam wont evict jc.


I’ve only been watching for five seasons. Is Fes the most clueless player ever? He just never seems to realize there is a game going on.


Fessy is beyond clueless! Yes, he’s pretty good looking, has a decent body and all; however, to me he think his shit don’t stink and is acting like it’s The Bachelor and not Big Brother. My advice to Fessy is pull your head in and play the friggin’ game!


Fes is a pretty emotional person. For someone so concerned about what people are going to think about him, he repeatedly jumped down that rabbit hole, making a fool of himself. I think it’s going to be very painful for him to watch this season. He may be laughing right now with the others about Crazy Kaitlyn but the joke is also on him.

Fes, starting right now, would have to play a really amazing game if he wants to redeem himself. He needs to get over Haleigh or at least, get rid of Brett or his jealousy and insecurities will get the better of him. Either way, like so many hamsters that have come before him, he is in for a rude awakening when he returns to the real reality. Then again who knows? Maybe if he manages to pocket the prize, it will soften the blow!


Well said, Cujo!



You lose Braggy C very early. You just lost Kaitlyn’s greatness (a character so good that you could not invent her for a fictional show, people would think you’re exaggerating a bit too much). Now with Bay as HOH, you’re about to lose another colorful character. She’s not going after the lame and boring characters. Her closest friends will be pushing for Brett and Sam to go and she has it in for JC. Poor Allison Grodner.


Bay really should not have wanted HOH. She was in a great spot and now she’s going to put a spotlight on herself…but we’re going to see if she’s as smart as I hope she is.

Bay should understand that her side are just pawns to her, none are favorites and all are equally expendable. However, she wants the others to think she’s lost without Swags and is actually the pawn of RS, Haleigh, Fes, etc, but can be drawn away with some real effort. So when she does her one on ones, she lets slip that others are pushing Brett, Tyler, etc. Let them think if they’re nominated, it wasn’t Bay, it was pressure on Bay. And no power trip, but she knows there was an extra Swags vote and should press them to reveal who it was…and if everybody says the same thing (Scottie), you tell them he’s your target via backdoor, and that you really want to trust them because your side are bullies, can’t be trusted, etc.

If the backdoor play is there, Bay can take it or she can pass claiming she’s under so much pressure from Fes, Haleigh, RS, etc and pin the blame for whoever goes directly on her pawns. Her goal should be to end the week as she started it, liked by most everybody, trusted by most everybody, and way down the threat list


She knows Scottie flipped on Swaggy. She told Tyler she and Scottie talked about it.

Smitten By Haleigh

Time to lower Level 5 to Level 4… or get rid of Sam and that sneaky rat JC… Ahhhhh the options.


Sam and JC are not actually part of Level 6/5.

Smitten By Haleigh

Now watch JC start selling folks out this week. I bet he ends up telling too info. I love how Haleigh wants Sam out and will be working as a spy gathering intel for Bay


You may be right about JC.


Well, I am super disappointed in last night’s live show. The audience was waiting for Julie’s interview with Kaitlyn, and we were left hanging. Of course we can watch it here

True Dat provided a good summary of that interview earlier. WHat struck me as peculiar in that interview is that Kaitlyn prefesses she sees everyone for their truth and regrets nothing. I wish the best for Kaitlyn, but I know she’s going to have a difficult time recovering from BB, whether she is ready to admit it or not.

#1- Bayleigh! I’m so proud of Bayleigh for winning HOH, and it’s that combined with her retractable approach in Week 3 that moves her to the top of my list. She is set up really nicely now, having HOH this week and her power in her back pocket. Great job Bayleigh!

#2- Tyler wasn’t able to accomplish much for his own game this past week, but I still see him going really far given he is so adaptable. You can’t deny his gameplay in the first 2 weeks of the game.

#3- Kaycee She is clearly capable of playing this game with the whole “not a sprint; it’s a marathon” strategy

#4- JC impressed me with his move last night (rogue vote), and I feel stupid that I didn’t see that coming. If JC’s game is to dive into the deep end without getting wet, he’s doing fairly well. But, he’s forgetting that it’s his relationships with EVERYONE that make him a threat….not those covert moves. Bay’s argument is that she can’t beat him in this game, and that’s enough.

#5- Rachel/Angela tied for this spot. Had they pulled out an HOH this would be different. Right now they are on cruise control, but I do worry Rachel may go on the block as a replacement nom.

#6- Sam dropped due to her acrid HOH nom speech and inability to mask her assessment of the Soul Sisters. She called them out on BLAST when a one-on-one would have sufficed. She got a bad edit last week…not exactly complete, but I feel she had it coming after her speech. We all make mistakes. I still love her and want her to step up her game.

#7- Scottie will be on the block because of his Swaggy C secret flip be discovered. Even Kaycee outed Scottie us untrustworthy, and given Bay has a F2 with Kaycee (and one with Faysal), Scottie will definitely be put on the block. I can’t wait to hear Bay’s nom speech!

#8 Brett is a no-go Bro in my book, but his sly Week 3 move was an intelligent, albeit cruel, move.

#8- Haleigh impressed me with how she handled being nominated, but then lost me with how she handled Faysal. She needs to stick by her original mission, which was NOT to play with a showmance (Lomance? I don’t think so)

#9- Faysal- I do appreciate that he stuck to his word on evicting Kayleigh, but I see Faysal as under control by whatever girl is stroking his ego. I can’t deny his POV wins, though. Many have funny nicknames for this guy. Fozzie Bear is what comes to mind, for me. He tries so hard, but ultimately fails at this game. “Wocka, Wocka, Wocka!. I hope he gets a better grasp on things.

#10- Rockstar got by this week, and it looks like she will make it to jury now that Bay has this HOH. Level 5 may have some regrets this week. She looked great on last night’s live show! Sam did a wonderful job with her hair.

It’s going to be a very slow Friday given some of these HGs are still awake (Bay, Kaycee, Faysal, and Haleigh can’t fall asleep).

True Dat

Ross and Marissa will also be doing an interview with Kaitlyn today on their Facebook show called Off The Block. Might be interesting to watch for those who want one more dose of Kaitlyn before her possible trip to the mental hospital.


Tyler is still playing them…..She doesn’t want to put him up because he is a little lost bird? He should really be an actor.


Okay, so with Bayleigh’s 5 AM meeting with Faysal, her noms will likely be different than I projected. Faysal is pushing so hard for Brett and Rachel. Bay’s not having it because she will be loyal to her “girl alliance” (particularly, Kaycee) knowing it will get her far. Faysal is pushing her too hard. It seems that although Bay knows Scottie flipped on Swaggy, she is willing to keep him for now given he has no alliance in the house (but he DOES…Tyler, Sam, Kaycee, and JC). Bay is thinking this through. I expect her to put up JC and Brett, but I really think JC is her target.

It’s going to be an awesome week, and I’m actually really sad that I’ll miss the live feeds while I’m on vacation.

Bay confirmed in conversation with Faysal that she took Plan B, but she is really worried since her period hasn’t started. I genuinely wish her well, and I feel she knew what she was getting into (chance of getting pregnant). Plan B is 95% effective, so I would be surprised if she is pregnant.

I’m very impressed with Bayleigh. She’s very smart. Way to go BayyDayy!

Cat Nip

Granny, your post are always insightful. Well done. Have a great vacation. Oh right, and the first BB baby, hmmmm, could be. ; )


It’s interesting that while BB had no problem showing the deed on camera, they flip the cameras as soon as Bay begins talking about her concerns over her period.


For some reason, some men are freaked out about many female biological functions. If men had periods, I’m sure there would bragging about the flow and who had the hardest cramps.


Swaggy leaving was the best thing that could have happened to Bayleigh. I’m liking her more and she has moved up on my rankings but slowly. Every time Swaggy’s name comes up I am reminded of the conversation he had with Fes about …. and I’m pretty grossed out. Then the arrogance … attitude and anger at America over not trending. That was a turn off.

I suppose the latter could be chalked up to immaturity but the other??? I could care less what consenting adults do behind closed doors and it’s none of my business but come on … they know the cameras are on 24/7?? Why?? ????

Mark Cregger

When did this happen


Kudos to Tyler for taking Kaitlyn’s grandmother’s blanket from those ignorant people. He’s made me like and respect him more.


WOW. Sounds like kait came really close to sexual assault on the guys. If genders had been reversed, what would have happened?


I would have more to post on the Big Brother twitter outrage segment of the weekly feed summary.