Rockstar “Brett needs to stay the f**k away from me! That rich, privileged motherf**ker!”

POV: ? Next POV: July 21st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 23rd
HOH: SAM Next HOH: July 26th
Noms: ? & ? Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers: Sam’s + 1 life Power App will automatically get used this week.

8pm Sam wins the Endurance HOH competition. She jumps down and everyone runs over to congratulate her.
8pm – 8:15pm Big Brother then blocks the feeds.

Sam – I’m not eating until we do Taco night. Tyler – no, you earned it. Sam – no we made a promise. Tyler – you earned this. Sam – No, I’ll wait. We made a promise. Tyler – but not if you win HOH.

8:20pm Rockstar and Bayleigh. Rockstar – he (Brett) needs to stay the f**k away from me! That rich, privileged motherf**ker! Bay – don’t let him bother you. You make him feel uncomfortable. Period! I really can’t believe that was it. People really don’t try to win in this game. Rockstar – I really wanted to win that for (her daughter). What have I done to this motherf**ker!! Bay – switch it around and don’t let him be right. I need to pull my sh*t together!

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Kitchen. Rockstar and Sam. Rockstar – So mean for no reason. Sam – its just for TV. Its a game show. Rockstar – Brett has like $500,000. He didn’t even try out for the f**King show. Sam – I didn’t either. Rockstar – but you’re awesome. Haleigh – I didn’t try out either. Rockstar – but you’re awesome too. Broken down by some a$$hole bully. Sam – NA! Brett was a baby too. He has a momma too. Rockstar – I bet she’s proud. Sam – I’m sure she loves her baby too. Rockstar – My babies better never talk to nobody like that. Sam – alright, fair enough. Rockstar – dishonest like some bullsh*t a$$. Sam – its just a game. Rockstar – I really am happy for you. Me being upset has nothing to do with you winning. That was bada$$.

Bay and Fes. Bay – I am sick and f**king tired of all this sh*t and all these lies. All this stuff, I’m going to do this… I’m tired of it!! You and Swaggy! I’m f**king sick of this sh*t! Fes – obviously one of them lied to us. I don’t know which one it is. What do you want to do? Do you want to put two of them… Bay talks about the votes. Fes – it was off by two. JC voted to keep Brett. Fes – did you see Sam with Tyler? Bay – Sam has a final two with Tyler. Fes – so why not use it (Bay’s power) and throw Tyler up this week. Bay – No! And waste it and then me not be safe. We will wait until after the veto. I know she isn’t putting me up.

8:30pm Fes – I just don’t know what the f**k is going on. Kaitlyn to JC – you don’t still think it was me do you? JC – ah like I said.. on the tree I tell you what I saw.. I thought it was you … like no lie. But right now with all perspective and talking to me in the shower.. Kaitlyn – on my f**king career, on kait coaching, on Joe, on my mom, on my dad, my brother, on everythink I believe in .. so help me god .. which is to tell the truth. JC – we’ll sit down .. not right now when we’re hot headed. We think about who benefit are this. Katilyn – I think Brett is telling the truth. When I was in the shower when Rockstar was freaking out she never said I can’t believe you would do this to me on (her daughters) birthday. She never said no. Fes – that was two flips. Kaitlyn – I know! I don’t think it was Tyler, he looked at me and he swore on his fathers grave.

8:35pm Havenot room. Brett and Kaitlyn. Brett – Rockstar swearing on her kids. Don’t bring that sh*t in here. And saying its her daughters birthday. I didn’t know it was your daughters birthday. I am genuinely sorry its on your daughters birthday but don’t blame it on that. She is screaming at me out there.. haleigh joins them. Haleigh – did she talk to you? Brett – it was a quick convo.. who is the least likely person to work with? Me. It was the same information that she was given to her. Or the same information that you gave me in our convo. Listen, there’s a five / five split. Obviously I was under the impression that you guys had the six to vote me out. Kaitlyn – yeah we did. She (Rockstar) came to me and said that she would be the sixth vote and blame it on Kaitlyn on the way out. And that’s why I didn’t just some to you I was going to say it in front of you. I have no clue who voted me out. Haleigh – the intensity of her reaction right now. If Brett said that to me, I would just say f**k you. Kaitlyn – I can’t work with her moving forwars. I don’t trust her. Its scary. She approached him before the vote. Brett – she said and to do this on my daughters bitthday! I’m sorry I didn’t know it was your daughters birthday. Tyler – I would never swear on anything or anyone. Don’t ever ask anyone to do that ever again. Brett- it doesn’t validate anything. Kaitlyn – okay. Just because it means something to me, it doesn’t mean it means anything to you. Bay – I wish Swaggy was here. He would have won that comp.

9:20pm – 9:30pm Lounge room. Bay and Haleigh. Bay – she was like it had to be Bay and Kaitlyn. Bay – do you want to go punch her in her face? Haleigh – no. Bay – because I am pissed of with people not …Lie I am never in the loop. People never tell me anything. Haleigh – we don’t even need to have this conversation. We are on the same page. Bay – I just want to know where we’re voting!! Haleigh – it either had to be her (Rockstar), Tyler or JC? Bay – Kaitlyn said he did. Haleigh – she asked me if I flipped in front of Brett. Don’t ask me if I voted to evict the person that is right beside me. Bay – at this point Brett isn’t mad at you. Kaitlyn – the fact that Rockstar went up Tyler and said she was going to flip that vote and then blame it on Kaitlyn. kailyn – how am I supposed to trust any of theses girls.

9:40pm Lounge room. Bay and Tyler – I have been in the dark 3 times. Tyler – you and I need to stay out of this sh*t. Bay – I am just going to chill.

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How dare Brett play the Big Brother game on Rockstar’s daughter’s BIRTHDAY!!!???!!!

Guy From Canada

He gave the gift of himself staying in the house, what more could her child want?


hahaha love it


Happy Birthday Rockface’s daughter :p

Haleigh's Melanoma

L6 WINNING!. The Footsies can’t find their butts with both hands and Brett and JC planted seeds and the Footsies are in chaos, and backbiting each other. They can’t pin down who flipped.(Nobody!) and each is suspicious of the other. This is funny.

Not a Rockstar fan

Oh Rockstar! How entitled you are.

Love me some crazy

And soooo is begins…lol
Oh Brett what a way to release the cray cray?

Tom A

Rockstar, Rockstar, Rockstar, smh. Now she’s onto the privileged portion of her name calling. First racist, now privileged, next it will be because he’s white. She is just the worst. I love what Brett did, and it worked. He got under Rockstar’s skin, and she is going to dig her own grave. First I thought this was going to be a waste week with Sam winning, but if Bay uses her power, it is only going to ignite more fireworks. If it all plays out perfectly, this week may be the best one yet. What a start to the season, absolutely golden story lines to start this year off right.

Haleigh's Melanoma

She just said the “white, privileged dude…”


Yeah, she said and I quote “rich white privlaged male, it’s 2018 and he’s still winning”. Brett just pulled off the move of the season thus far, lol.

team fair

Bayleigh will not use her power, unless she is on the block!


Bay has to use her power before nominations are announced. But I doubt Sam would put her on the block.


Funny, I think what Brett did was dirty game play. He is movie star good looking but kind of a jerk.


Lies are a part of the game….and akways have been. Beating pots and pans is just crappy, bullying tactics of the last few years. No place in a game.


As of right now Kaitlyn believes Rocks flipped.. OMFG


She’s clueless, straight up


Yet, she hasn’t mentioned her intuition or spirit guides at all. This girl is crazy gullible.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

The clairvoyants are PISSSSED.


at first i though it was unfair they cast someone with super powers in a game like this. like c’mon lets try to keep the games integrity. but now i’m glad they did. Kaitlyn and her super powers are giving us enough crazy to keep the drama gears greased


I still want her to go home next. She is so bad for Tyler’s game and I am rooting for him to win!


Not yet…she’s too good. And as much as I really can’t stand the sight and sound of rockface…it’s not her time yet either. I think rat needs to go.


Kraken stocks may take a hit this season…


OMG I lovvvveee it. I swear this is the best season I’ve ever seen in my life. I feel for Crazy. Brett for the win


Kailtyn’s intuition sucks…I mean she needs to find another day job, stat. Kudos to Tyler for pulling the wool over her eyes!

I know there are RS haters on here, but I kinda feel bad for her. Just a little bit…


I kind of do, too (feel sorry for RS). But then, I don’t watch the feeds so… y’all probably know her much better.

True Dat

Yeah, as a feed watcher I don’t feel bad for her at all. She is constantly coming up with crazy theories about the other houseguests that are based on nothing but her imagination and then spreads them around the house like they are facts. The only difference between what she does and what Brett did is that she believes her own lies and doesn’t give people the chance to refute the rumors since it is all done behind their backs.


Thanks, I didn’t know that. That’s helpful.


“Kaitlyn – I know! I don’t think it was Tyler, he looked at me and he swore on his fathers grave.”

Ha! Bet Tyler’s father is alive & well!

Hmmmm….looks like Bailey isn’t using her power app this week. Unless she gets nominated of course…

I don’t usually take pleasure in someone else’s pain but Karma’s comin’ at ya Rockstar…..

Survey Says

I thumbed up this but Tyler’s dad is in fact deceased…


She has to use her app before nominations are announced.

BB Fanatic

I don’t think that’s correct. I think she gets to change the nominations after they are announced, but I don’t think she can change them after POV because if she uses it she can be a replacement nominee.


Do these people not realize this is a game? The idea is to stay in the house so you’ll do anything to take the target off yourself? Remember When Dan had his funeral with a Britney! What Brett did may not have worked, but he had nothing to lose. And it ended up working…Rock is showing her a** and she’ll be a target.

Johnny Depp

“HOW DARE YOU?! ON MY DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY?!” so dramatic and hilarious Rockstar didn’t even faze Brett at all.
In other news, besides building a competition resume why on Earth would Sam try to win HoH with her power app all but guaranteeing this week’s target returns and she’s likable enough in the house to fly under the radar until at least jury starts; now she might get unnecessary blood on her hands.


Can’t even own it..


dude i was really nervous up there .. i just blacked out.. then she came at me during the show.. i didn’t know what to say.. dude own it … own it..


My new fave quote


I’m still laughing about it


Me too…you don’t understand, after last season, I was ready to quit this show. But then I decided one more try. So glad I didn’t quit.




If she is HOH her app isn’t ruining someone else’s HOH. It’s the smartest thing she could do.

Unfortunately she probably won’t make any decisions herself this week, knowing that it doesn’t matter. She’ll stroke Tyler’s ego by letting him decide the nominations and wait until later in the season to actually start playing the game.


For Sam it’s the best week to win it. She’s playing the super sweet, I’m here for the experience type of game and now she can announce that her power can save the evicted person and everyone could still be safe this week. She could come out of this week in a better spot now. I think she can own it!


It amazes me how that side of the house hasn’t figured out that the level 6 people and a couple others are all voting together. It’s beem three weeks now and they still have no clue lol. You’d think with Kaitlyn being HOH last week and getting lots of information she’d at least clue in to it. SMH!!


ahahha good point.


Don’t forget her intuition! She should know what’s up!! But not, she goes back and forth back and forth! She is gonna be so embarrassed after this game, she has been played since day one with her best friend Tyler!! Tyler should win for sure, I can’t believe no one is catching on to all of this!! What the hell!! Lol!


i feel sorry for the rockstar her team counts on kaitlyn every week and gets screwed


PopTV should send in some lube, it’s getting rough in there.


Did Tyler actually swear on his Dads grave? That’ pretty crazy and kind of an unnecessary move. But later the transcript reads as him saying he would never swear on anything or anyone, confused now. The way production focused on Sam this week, interesting that she wins HOH… But yeah so whoever she puts up and votes out will have a chance back in, she could honestly use that info to her advantage once her Noms are picked. That way the person who leaves is less likely to seek revenge.

Not a Rockstar fan

I was thinking the same thing.

Not a Rockstar fan

Oops, let me clarify. I was thinking the same thing reguarding her using the power app to her advantage.


I think they focused on her because she could have used her power to save Winston.


It seems like clairvoyant Kaitlyn is under Tyler spell. Or maybe Tyler is Kaitlyn spirit guide that came out from Kaitlyn Body.


How cant the other side figure out Tyler is the one that keeps flippn votes lol


Because they can’t pull their heads out, it’s beyond embarrassing that they haven’t figured it out yet

Biff Tannen

I’m really into this season. They’re all playing the game. Even the ones who obviously view it as a career opportunity are playing. Even Bayleigh’s *constant* vocal fryyyyyyyyyyyyyy affectation and general personality; Rockstar’s calling herself Rockstar and general personality; and Kaitlin’s sociopathy only add to the circus. Game on!

Not a Rockstar fan

I hear “jury talk” every now and then, but I have yet to hear the dreaded “I just want to make it to jury” statement that has been so prominent in the last few years. This season is so refreshing and after last years disaster, we fans deserve it.


There was mention of jury but it wasn’t in the context of just getting there to suck up the stipend but rather that’s when they’ll strike, make big moves, and such. They were still talking about playing the game and actually talked like they would ramp up the action then.


” Tyler – I would NEVER swear on anything or anyone. Don’t ever ask anyone to do that ever again.
Brett- it doesn’t validate anything.
Kaitlyn – okay. Just because it means something to me, it doesn’t mean it means anything to you ”

LMAO The Manipulation continues. Now he can lie to her without the guilt of having to swear to God or anything sacred, to make her believe him…. I wonder if he takes her all the way to day 99 because he knows that nobody will vote for her to win the half mill…. Tyler is playin the Best game by Far! I’m so glad that They didn’t ruin this year by bringing back a past house guest like Paul LOL


I wouldn’t want to take Kaitlyn to the end… bitter jury and she wins. I have a feeling it’s going to be bitter with the way Swaggy and Winston left the house.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Seriously, do these people even WATCH this show? I know there are some recruits, but compared to the Paul/Josh/Cody/Jessica season, this is drama free. To flip out like that on TV, cuss the dude out and call HIM a bully… it’s seriously a game of intrigue, deception, and strategy. Take it down a notch, RS. It’s – a – game. Your daughter will get over it. And if you are still relying on Kaitlyn and think Tyler is on your side …. bless your heart.


You can’t tick someone off then tell them how mad to get People make provocative statements & then are confused when ppl get provoked What did Brett think was going to happen? Was he expecting her to just take it & say nothing? send him an Edible arrangement?? He poked mama bear & got mauled ?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’ve watched After Dark and they danced and laughed and smirked when the bros were on the block; most of them (besides Scottie) didn’t give Sam the time of day when she was a robot. RS has talked about Angela, Rachel & the bros like dogs and glued herself to every HOH. She was ready to laugh her butt off as Brett walked out the door. It doesn’t go their way again and the DRAMA. Seriously ridiculous. I loved Sam’s speech when they went to see her HOH room. Not typical BB play, but her house, her rules this week LOL. I guarantee you it is all about who has built genuine relationships with her for who she is putting on the block.

I find it interesting every single season. “When I lie, it’s strategy. When you lie, you are evil and a spawn of satan.”


I think Brett was hoping this exact thing would happen.


You can’t tick someone off then tell them how mad to get People make provocative statements & then are confused when ppl get provoked What did Brett think was going to happen? Was he expecting her to just take it & say nothing? send him an Edible arrangement?? He poked mama bear & got mauled ?


Wow I kinda feel sorry for Rockstar

Kaitlin’s Magic 8 Ball

If this doesn’t prove clairvoyance is a bunch of BS, or a straight up con job, what will? Kaitlin’s as clairvoyant as a Magic 8 Ball with all the words missing.

I usually hate that they cast people that aren’t real fans or gamers, but this group of idiots are proving to be funny AF, bumbling around like blind mice in a room full of rat traps. Still hoping for an equivalent Dan or Derrick to break out and really play this game and show some genius. Scottie, Tyler and Brett seem to be the only ones who kind of know what they’re doing…and barely, at that.

But in the meantime these morons are hilarious in their ignorance. This week should be good, the clairvoyant versus the
off-her-meds whackadoodle, while Tyler and Brett orchestrate the drama. Fun fun!

Curt Da Vet

Rockstar is straight up nasty and has done nothing but run her mouth with hate and nastiness towards the popular pretty people. Bringing her high school shit in the house…. sad. Glad Sam won. Just watch the Footsies try and hang with Sam…. whom they all tried to vote out. Haleigh already starting to hang with Brett…. of all Rockstar needs to go home… mentally not right for jury with all of her prejudice biased opinions. She would never reward good game play and just vote to be evil. Hint… quit dressing like a freak, you make yourself look like an idiot when dealing with normal people. She hates and can’t stand normal people who have made solid life choices. She is green with envy and wishes she had made better choices when she was younger, don’t hate the people who made better choices instead of doing drugs like her. Cannot stand to look at her…. truly a disgusting person…. and she has said soooo much worse about the other side.


Sounds like you got a lil Rockstar in you.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Fez is buggin’, yo. He’s at his wit’s end, doesn’t know what is going on. (“Mongo just pawn in game of life”) I never thought this would cause so much chaos. This is AWESOME. This season is great.


What a hoot! The looks on the faces of Bayleigh and Kaitlyn when they didn’t get Brett out! I loved it!
This is the third week in a row…can’t that side figure out that they are riding a dead horse? How long is it going to take before they figure out that they have NO control?
I was hoping Sam would save Winston just to piss off the other side, but she didn’t. So now, depending on who she puts on the block, we will see who’s advice she trusts the most. She could work it so that neither of the people she puts up goes home and no one will be mad at her since her power gets played this week. I hope Bayleigh is dumb enough to think that because she gets to change the noms with her power that it makes her HOH. We know it doesn’t. Maybe she will be dumb enough to change Sam’s noms. That would make for some fun. Especially if Bayleigh puts up someone Sam really likes, like Tyler.
Anyone got any ideas who she may put on the block? (Sam, I mean)


I’m thinking RS and Heighleigh. She has said a few times she didn’t think those girls liked her.


Also does anyone else think it’s strange that millions of people try out to be on the show yet there’s several people in the house saying they were recruited? Has that always been the case?


Yes, most casted on the show are recruited in some way. Many of the “average” folks are building social media followers, looking to get into some entertainment career, or making a career out of breathing. They are recruited because their social media portrayal looks interesting.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Rockstar is so tolerant and inclusive she doesn’t want to spend another minute in the BB house with that rich, white, entitled mother F’er.


Its so cut and dry that KC and Tyler voted out WINSTON. And the other side just keeps blaming their alliance. So funny to watch.


I know I’m late to the game in comments, but the way Brett laid into Crack Rock during his eviction speech and her response was so beautifully off. I’m so loving this season so much with all nubs. Crack Rock is such a lame player.


So now that Sam is HOH, and also her power has to be used this week, wouldn’t this be a good time to just put up whoever. They are definitely coming back anyway. Production will see to that.


At first I thought Brett was dumb for saying that to rockstar but now seeing people believe it and don’t trust her because of her reaction that’s hilarious so I guess it was a good move


Same. At first I was like, “Breetttttt…you’re definately leaving now dangit.” But now…greatest move of the season so far. Can’t even own it. lmao


Maybe production will make it a double eviction and the two eicted will compete to come back? That would be great!


Not likely. Sam’s power will be used on this eviction. If it’s a double, which I doubt, that’s a separate eviction and her power is already gone.

Jay Crimson

Alright so this week will be predictable. Sam will just put two people up she trust and the app will be used automatically. VETO comp will be meaningless regardless if used or not.


But I think the twist is that there’s only a chance they’ll return to the game.


I know most of yall hated Winston, but I really did think he was an alright dude. I completely understand his feeling sad, shocked, wounded, even angry. What I don’t get is him being furious with his alliance. I’m pretty sure, at least from my perspective, that for members of L6, it was a choice between 2, equal members of the alliance. I don’t see how they betrayed Winston. If I were Winston, from an alliance perspective, the only person I would feel betrayed about, maybbeee, is Angela. And not for anything other than the fact that they connected a bit more than she did with Brett. Still…it was a choice between 2, equal alliance members; it was not a betrayal of their alliance.


Rockstar is vile! She is earning every bit of pain, anger, hatred, and frustration she feels. She is not being a good example for her young children….it’s shameful!!!


I actually feel bad for Fysal. He’s soooo angry over they lying and I don’t blame him.

Sam cracks me up!!! “No ones allowed in here without permission….you can still come up here to hang out but, not without my permission.”


So, no one is being evicted this week? I mean due to Sams unused power?


Maybe, they have to win a comp to reenter the house.


So, no ine is being evicted this next week due to Sams unused power?


I don’t get why the HG’s would believe that RS flipped, esp after Brett informed everyone she would BEFORE The vote! LOL.


It really bothers me when people say they didn’t try out for the show. Apparently, production recruits certain people. Do the people that apply online or go to the casting calls have any kind of chance or is it just a waste of time? There are thousands of good applicants who diligent try every season but never get called. At least they had all new people this season.


I agree.. I don’t have a problem with recruited people as long as they’re not returnees and zlist instagram/youtube/twitter “celebrities”. Good people are good people as long and the recruitees are fewer in numbers makes no difference to me.


As long as they play the game, I’m good. I hate those recruited who only use the show to audition for something else. Ariana’s brother was always trying to perform and he was a horrible caricature of a person.


Oh yes, Bayleigh, use your power. Mess up Sam’s nominees. Convince the others to vote off your top choice. Little do you know that Sam’s power will be automatically used this week and the evicted houseguest will have a chance to return to the house.


Still confused over everyone’s disdain for Rockstar. I read comments about how she dresses/looks (judgmental much?) and how she comes up with ideas and spreads them as truth. But isn’t that part of the game? Having your paranoia take over and coming up with crazy theories when you have no idea what’s going on? I know I’m in the minority, but I really just think she’s playing the game the best she knows how. Don’t forget, she was the first to realize Tyler isn’t as trustworthy as the others think.