Big Brother 17 – TWIN TWIST Returns – Liz & Julia Nolan?

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On tonight’s first of the Two-Night première Julie Chen announced that the Twin Twist is back. Julie Chen “One of the house guests has an identical twin. Both twins will be taking turns living in the house and competing as one person.” The twins will play as 1 house guest and trade off being in the house. If they manage to keep it a secret until week 5, the other twin will officially enter the house and they’ll compete as individuals.

Big Brother 5 – The seasons twist had a set of twins that would play as 1 house guest and switch spots without the other house guests noticing, with the goal of making it to the fifth week. If they succeeded this without getting caught, they would both enter the game and compete as individuals. The twins were Adria and Natalie, where they both played as Adriabig brother 17 shelli. They switched places at various times in the Diary Room and only had a few minutes to fill the other in on what had happened during their time in the house. The sisters managed to go undetected and Natalie entered the house on Day 35 to play as herself. Watch episode 13 of season 5 with your CBS All-Access subscription to see the reveal of the Twins Twist.

This seasons cast of new house guests has two sets of twins one identical and the other fraternal twins. Liz Nolan has an identical twin Julia and Shelli (to the right) has a fraternal twin. As it would be easy to spot fraternal twins its very likely that Julia Nolan is the newest house guest to join the season.

(Liz on the right Julia on the left. This is them at 2012 Julia-Velia Funkfasion) Below are photos of Liz and Julia

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I was afraid of that. Hoping it would be someone more interesting. Like Clay. lol


Vanessa said she’s a lesbian in her interview, but I did my Vanessa research and she was married for 3 years to a man named Chad Brown!!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Then you know very little about lesbians. COUNTLESS are the lesbians who once were married and then figured out that their happiness was on the other side of the fence…


Not to get too off topic, but you’re exaggerating what it means to be a lesbian (or gay male). If a person has sexual relations with males AND females, then they’re Bisexual. That’s not to say Vanessa isn’t more dominantly attracted to females, but still she was married to Chad, a male. And I imagine in 2+ years of marriage they had sex.


Chad Brown is also a poker player


He WAS a poker player. Chad sadly died of cancer in 2014–and she was with her female partner for the past 3 years starting in 2013 around World Series of Poker time. That’s pretty heartless to not even wait until your husband is gone–sounds like a typical poker player.


Regardless of what Vanessa’s reasoning was, that’s a very ignorant, generalizing thing to say. Were you abused by a poker player or something?


As a lesbian NOT bisexual i was married only because i was scared what my family would say and how gay people are treated. I did it to not disappoint my parents. It lasted 2 yrs and yes we had sex but a bisexual person likes both. We divorced and because of the way gay ppl arw treated and rude comments i hid it for 5 years that i had a girlfriend. They know now and im happily married to her as of last week. Many lesbians have done the same because they are scared so dont confuse the two. I am hit on by guy’s daily at the gym and my job and trust me there is no desires there. I hesitated to even post this due to the rude comments im sure i will get. Im told im goimg to hell at least once a week or guys tell me ..i have just not had a the right guy n bed. Bottom line who i love is not about the bedroom. I ddint do this reply to be a smart azz i just hope if one person learns something from my post its worth posting it. Thanks for reading it.

fucking knew it :)

stoaked shitty they have to play as one person again but still TWINNZZZZZZZ


Seems to be a cacophony of twists announced for this season. I’m skeptical, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now. As always, it will come down to the personalities and game play. Fingers Crossed!

Pinocchio Obama

I hate that the Battle of the Block is back too.


Hey guys, remember that Middleton made the announcement of having a TWIN brother! Could this be the twin twist? A transsexual substituted for a transvestite? Could they pull it off week after week for 5 weeks? I can hear the male Middleton thinking to himself, “stop staring, that bulge is not a tampon!”

They would have to make the shower doors less revealing in order for them to pull it off!


And the crazies are already beginning to surface before the season has even fully begun. It’s amazing what people will post when they think they are anonymous on the internet. Glad to see most members thumbing this garbage down.


Who decided it was a fan favorite twist id really like to know. Was there a poll on the cbs website listing all twists where we fans got to pick our favorite? No the producers can say anything no matter how untrue it is. I already dislike the ken and barbie couple. The 3 girls alliance will die in the first week bc of ken & barbie maybe the first day. Its happened before and will again. Try to hold off on showmances and alliances until everyone is actually in the house sheesh.


Obviously CBS decided it’s a fan favorite….


It is interesting how all of the forums, Twitter, Social Media, etc missed out on the vote for the “Fan Favourite Twist”.


if you are just gonna complain then stfu and dont watch


Hello peeps… back for another year, hmm? 😉 – I’m also currently watching BBUK for the first time and having a good time. That’s one crazy BB as well… just today a guy jumped over the backyard walls and ESCAPED! LOL!

I think the twin twist is dumb and overdone.

And I wish they really brought back phone votes as one of the #BBtakeover! Imagine giving America the chance to evict whoever’s the Frankie Grande os this season! LOL! <3


Hey Roxt!


Hey Simon!

Be sure I’ll be clicking on your ads as a way to thank you for your amazing job with this website!

Hey everyone: be cool and click on the ads on this page! Let’s help Simon cover his costs with web hosting and live feeds! These transcriptions are a very thorough and exhausting job, and Simon has offered it for years. Let’s help!

Biff Tannen



Battle of the Block a fan favorite?! All it does is make sure no one dares put anyone up that has a chance. If they altered it to be like the nominees would be like a HoH’s champions where if they win their HoH would stay in charge and they’d be safe. They lose and the HoH is dethroned and they are on the block. Then it could work. My hopes for an interesting season are already shaky.


I agree. Same ole and took the edge off of the game.

Ariana Grande stinks!



So far, I’m enjoying the cast. Everybody seems regular, outgoing people. They’re smart, articulate and know the game, No crazies…yet. I was also really impressed with the compassionate reactions to Audrey’s news, especially from the guys.

Child please!

lol! like, how were they supposed to react to Audrey’s news?
Dude! they know they are on TV.
welcome to the age of political correctness.


Last 6 #BB17 houseguests to enter the house. We get to see this During Tomorrow's Show along with the winner of the second HOH contest and the Twin. FYI Feeds start tomorrow.

Posted by Onlinebigbrother on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Power of Veto Corleone

Hey guys. The countdown to BB17 is finally over.
Stoked and ready for another BB season! Props to Simon and Dawg for dedicating another summer to keeping us posted in real time and allowing an outlet for us to all stay informed and entertained.
Not thrilled with another BOB season but like the twin twist.
Just ordered my live feed pass thru onlinebigbrother and ready to go.


Thanks YO! glad you’re back.


Wait is there 15 houseguests? Shouldnt there be 16 to make up a 98 day season? Plz explain if lizs sister comes in how will 15 official houseguest due?


having the twins switch out is kind of an awesome twist. I really hope they are as freaking identical as possible because its one of those things where if they cast someone with a big friggin scar, it kind of ruins the whole thing. I’d actually like a twist to last longer than a week, or blow up in their faces like the saboteur always does. I am hoping they are all fooled and both can play.

I thought it was a typical first episode for BB, there are just so many people I often find it hard to really connect early in the game but I am already kind of impressed with how many are playing the game. there seems to be a more mature group this year and not as much of a sit around and tan type group like last year. last year I had to root for an ATTACK because it got so boring gameplay wise. I think we are in for an interesting summer. oh, and I have to say, I honestly thought Audrey was the best looking girl in the house. go figure. didn’t even realize she was transgendered until they brought it up. good for her.


Audrey Middleton’s face is most definitely male AND so are these other features:
1. Big feet for a female!
2. Square shoulders!
3. No hips whatsoever!
4. During the show, when Audrey took a big gulp and you could definitely see a man’s adams apple!
5. Huge hands!
6. The length of fingers in proportion to one another is that of a male!
7. The voice! close your eyes & hear Audrey talk, you’ll know that it’s a mans voice!
8. The walk is not that of a man, neither is it that of a woman, it is that of a man feigning to be a woman!
9. Has no waist, and like I said earlier, no hips: hence, no hourglass figure!
10. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, Audrey’s eyes scream at over 150 decibels, “Hey, I’m a man, my DNA is that of a man and I had my penis surgically removed.”


Is it just me or is the only thing even slightly masculine about Audrey her face? Typically there are taletell signs when you go from being a guy to a girl but with her, I see none of that so far. Her hair, hands, legs, arms, hips and even her walk all say female to me. I would be interested in seeing her as a male pre-op just to see the differences.


Simon posted the usual bb swimsuit photos in the last comments section. I agree with you about audrey but based on that picture i would say she has big masculine feet


I think Audrey said she was completely changed 3-4 years ago…. So all physical characteristics would have long been changed…And I would assume, after watching tonight, she has all the attributes of a woman now too (walk, talk, and mannerisms). Wonder if any of the guys will give her a chance…at a showmance? I guess it depends on how “forward thinking” they are…after all, she is all woman now.


I like how they advertised the twist as the “twin twist” when it’s really just a repeat of Project DNA. I wonder if we’ve ever met Julia in any of the pre-season interviews of the cast. Liz reminds me of Talla from BBCan 1; I hope her twin is smarter.

I have to say Julie’s outfits and hair are always on point, she looks good for 45.

I really hope it’s not twist overload this season though. I want to see some good strategy being implemented and manipulation this year, but I think BOTB may work better considering the whole house isn’t aligned yet (knock on wood).

I thought I heard that after BB16 finished because their ratings were so high they renewed for BB17 and BB18. If they do any twist for 18, maybe it could just be 18 new people split into two teams of 9. Which ever team wins the challenge of the week are all safe, and the losing team has to nominate members for eviction. The winning team then gets to vote out the nominated players. Or the winning team nominates players from the losing side, and the losing side has to decide who to vote out from their team. This type of game would make relationships more vital than ever, since you would need to be liked by your own team and the opposing team. Things would get interesting once the team phase ended and it was everyone for themselves. Would old alliances carry over or would new groups form? Or they could do another season like BB10 with no real twist, that works too lol.


So basically, you want it to be Survivor.


So basically, you want it to be Survivor!


So whats up with 14 cast members? Its there usually 16 to 18? I know one might come in but that still would only make 15. Do they have something else up there sleaves?


Best case scenario is one of the twins to start a showmance! It’ll be interesting to watch how the other twin will act towards the guy [or girl]. Also the revelation on that guy [or girl] if they survived the fifth eviction is one to look forward into. I initially hated Liz [based on her pic and bio] but after seeing her on the show, she is really smoking! Hopefully the twist will make her play the game better than her written strategy. 😀


I can see why everyone is upset about the Battle of the Block returning, but i still have feeling that this season might actually have potential of becoming very good. The HG’s seem a lot more gutsier and very driven to play hard then last year and hopefully since most of them know how that twist work maybe the females can find a way to work around it, plus have the feeling that the producers will not want Audrey to go home early and hopefully they have liking to her as well as Da’Vonne (cause she’s in an alliance with her) so i hope that they can give the girls a fighting chance if it ends up being like BB16 somehow.

Leslie Kay

YOU said Battle of Block was a Fan Favorite….
ZINGBOT determined THAT was a lie! 🙂


On the one hand, this sucks. The twin thing was already done and its recycling is proof that the producers have run out of ideas (even though every country has a version of this show and they have plenty of ideas left…). On the other hand, the current house guests, who seem interesting, just won themselves 2 extra weeks in the house. Last time, once the twins were found out, they were evicted as soon as neither had any power.


not to fuel the consipracy fires before we even get of the ground…. but does not a ‘twist a week’ sound like a great way for production to control/effect the outcome each and every week?

Beastmode Cowpie

I was thinking the exact same thing


Ya it sucks Battle of the Block . ..I hope this season works out better with that…maybe they fixed the glitch. ..where throwing it can’t happen!


couldn’t be any worse..