Big Brother 17 Episode 1 Results 3 twists revealed

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It is finally here Big Brother 17!! The real action around here doesn’t start until the live feeds are up tomorrow night but for now we get a small taste of what we can expect for the next 3 months.

Recap the news

  • Two day premiere, episode one is Wednesday at 5pm PST Episode two is Thursday at 5PST.
  • Live Feeds start thursday night at ~9pm PST after the show airs on the westcoast. Live feeds are a ridiculous deal $5.99 a month, get all the past seasons of BigBrother Archived, All CBS shows are available. Support onlinebigbrother and get the live feeds through a link on our site. CBS All Access: Try it free.
  • 14 cast member revealed rumours that the 15/16th members are jackie and james a couple that played on The Amazing race.
  • House revealed to contain a Sky Bridge
  • New non stop weekly twist (More More More) ushers in a new era of Big Brother.

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Summary of Episode 1

Julie Chen introduces the twists
1 – Fan favorite twist -> Battle of the block is back
(Two HOH’s are crowned and they nominate 2 houseguests each. Those two pairs compete in a competition called the battle of the block. The winning pair is safe from eviction and the HOH that nominated them is dethroned and eligible for nomination after the Power of Veto is played)
2 – Secret only we know about (Twin Twist, one of the houseguests have a identical twin. the other houseguests have no idea. the house guests will take turns spending time in the house. If they survive the first 5 eviction they earn the right to both play in the game as individuals. I think the twins are Liz and Julia seen here )

3 – BB takeover (New twist each and every week. when houseguests hear the BB takeover jingle they have to meet in the living room)

Tells the first 8 houseguests they are in the house for a History making 98 days

Order of houseguests entering the house
(The next batch will be shown during tomorrows live show)
First 4

Second 4

(Audrey, Shelli and Davonne already starting a day one secret girls alliance)

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Audrey tells the house she’s transgender

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-24 17-37-19-743

First HOH Competition is played. One person has to sit out DaVonne volunteers.

Winner of the first HOH competition is James

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Big-Brother-17 2015-06-24 17-49-42-338

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Last 6 Big Brother 17 houseguests to enter the house. We get to see this During Tomorrow’s Show along with the winner of the second HOH contest and the Twin.

FYI Feeds start tomorrow.

What to expect from Simon and Dawg

If you’ve been around for past Big Brother US seasons there will be nothing new in our content. If you are new or have just been here for Big Brother Canada here’s the scoop.
We watch the live feeds in their entirety and write summaries on what we observe, usually every 2-3 hours we update the site. You can than use these updates as a index for the live feeds to find what conversations you want to watch. The Live feeds have a archive feature that lets you re-watch any camera and moment that was missed in the past. We do not post videos of the live feeds for Big Brother US CBS doesn’t allow it.

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i cant find the links to tonights episode, you said you were going to post


The twin twist sounds exactly the same as when it was Drew/Ben.


Except it wasn’t… it was Adria/Natalie in BB5… Drew, who won, does have a twin brother and also Diane as well (sister).. both identical … but not apart of the show


There was another in like season 9 or something too with the female twins with slightly red hair i think. They got booted hard once they both came into the house heh.


Battle of the block is back???…pukes…I don’t want to sit through another slaughter of the girls…BORING….I thought they were coming up with something new…this was so last year…I can only hope its only for one week…but probably not…and I doubt the girls alliance will work with Shelli all over Clay already….we can hope though…most of us anyways…

PS: somehow I don’t think Liz might make it far enough for the Project DNA twist…but this is one of my favorite all time twists…


I had the same initial reaction but maybe if there’s no eight person alliance it may be interesting. We never had a scenario were two HOH’s were from opposite alliances so maybe we will finally see its potential.
I’m skeptical but you never know.


Interesting energetic cast so far. Although he probably isn’t, Clay seems gay?


Who knows. When Austin was drooling over Kevin Frasier, I thought that maybe he is gay. But hey, I’m straight, and I can appreciate a good looking guy. Who knows.


Can’t wait to see who the other 8 HG are!

twin twist

Ok…the twin twist is pretty cool, but who told BB that we liked the 2 HofH


I’m think BB Takeover is a different twist from each season each week. So hopefully BotB is gone by next week…calling it a fan favorite twist proves how out of touch the producers are.


When the hell did the battle of the block become a
fan favorite? And there bringing back the twin twist
i didn’t like it in bb5 what’s going to make me like it now!
To me big brother you are off to a bad start.


BOTB is already back lol. Well at least this cast doesn’t seem to be heading the BB16 route.

I’m so happy the girls didn’t include Meg in their secret alliance because I have a feeling she’ll be leaving early.

Da’Vonne is already picking up on subtle things that HG do which I liked. Everyone was very interested in Audrey’s story (which was interesting to listen too) and reeling people in.

James did far better than I thought he would, but he’s on everybody’s radar on day 1. This might be good or bad for him.

I can’t wait for the live feeds and episode 2!


James already stands out for the reasons that he seems to want to keep repeating. Putting more of a spotlight on yourself by winning early is probably not an awesome strategy.


I couldn’t agree more Orwell. The goal is to try to stand out enough so people are interested in offering you alliances (though depending of your strategy you may or may not stick to these alliances), and getting to know you. What you don’t want to do is stand out so much that you make yourself an outcast or be so irrelevant that people could care less if you left because those are always easy people to be the first out the door. Plus he could lose his HOH this week, and so he needs to solidify alliances.


This is so stupid. The best season was season 10 because there were no twists and all new houseguests. I’m not sure if you realize but having a twist every week does NOT bring excitement for the viewer’s. It makes them all play the fake rat social game that America hates, and whether or not they admit it, the houseguests will try to cater to the viewers and get America to like them so the twists don’t sling them out for America’s appeasement.. so that mean’s no Libra’s or Chima’s stirring the pot up and causing drama.


Libra definitely gave me my life in BB10. We need her back.


Am I the only one that thinks that BB is starting to rely heavily on “twists” for the sake of the show? In the earlier seasons they would ease us into it. Let us get to know the house guests and THEN throw a few twist in there. Now we can barely get 5 minutes into the show or meet the first house guest before Julie is going on about 5 different twists lol. And the fact that there is going to be a twist every week just makes me wonder what they will do next season. But, I will admit that the twin twist is pretty clever IF done correctly.


It’s just annoying cause this twin twist has been done before


I don’t mind the twin twist so much because it requires real strategy to make sure you keep your stories synchronized etc.. Not a fan of pumping out a twist every god damn week though.


I’m psyched the twin twist is back because i missed it the last time and have always been curious. it would appear we’re playing along with the houseguests this time in guessing instead of knowing from the get go (my early guess would be sherri who already mentioned having a twin and doesn’t have anything in her backstory that seems particularly unique (in fact they seemed to be specifically vague about it)). but the rest of the twists, ick. seems just like a way for the producers to rig the game like that awful newbs vs. all-stars season’s duo bs that saved rachel and jordan.


Hello Simon and Dawg glad to be back again! Hope the new wife and new baby are doing well!! Now haven’t they already done the “twin thing” before?


Is it too early to call this the worse season ever? 500 twists later this is not big brother, this is madness. I am saddened with how far, what use to be my favorite reality show big brother has fallen.


Hey guys, did you hear? James is Asian AND country. They should’ve made that a bigger point of emphasis.


James is Asian & country? How did I miss that?


Is this going to be the new “Devin has a daughter?” lol


I sure didn’t like the “battle of the block” last year! I wonder who CBS polled? Maybe it was Brian Williams from NBC!


I get women wearing bikinis and heels… but why do they make dudes wear swimwear and shoes? TheF? Also, why do guys from Texas always pose in bathing suit + BOOTS? Seriously BB… I’m no fashion connoisseur, but you’ve lost it a whiiiiiile ago.


Because women watch the show, too?


No problem about it AT ALL! Show dudes to women… or guys into dudes. But have them pose in swimwear and barefoot. They look like morons wearing swimwear + stupid loafers/shoes/boots…


Can’t see the 14 pics. It only shows the initial pic and the three on the side. No amount of clicking will get it to show the other 10


So i’m confused, is the Battle of the Block going to be just a one week thing? Or is it permanent, since they are putting in different twists in every week?


If I were James, I would tell the two strongest players that I’m putting them up so they win the battle of the block and are safe for the week. If the POV isn’t used then that means someone on the other team (tomorrow’s hamsters) will be voted out, thus keeping them all safe. Does that make sense or am I missing something. This would only work for the first week. Remember this only works if POV isn’t used.


The BB Takeover is probably a twist to prevent huge ass alliances to dominate the game like last season…but like every year, the house guests always find a way around what CBS is trying to prevent, so they really could find a way around it …but since every week is a different twist …it might not be possible this year…


that’s the most positive possible result from this, but i’m worried it’ll swing too far to the point the producers start rigging the game like that awful duo pandora’s box twist that pulled jordan and rachel off the block in the fans vs. favorites season.

Captain Crunch

Another year of BOTB…. (sighs) *Facepalm*

And I Could’ve sworn I’ve seen the twin twist before on BB??


Captain Crunch they did the twin switch
In BB 5


Hi Simon and Dog,

I am Canadian and just wondering if there is a way around getting the LIVE FEEDS this year? Thanks!


Lots of good comments the direction of the show might be another matter. BOTB was terrible and will likely be a giant fail. Twins seem to have positive comments here. Been there done that not a fan. Hope springs eternal the new cast will be good.
I felt the cast made the season and a twist/production heavy season sounds a little under whelming to say the least.

A quick reminder on what the BOTB gave us last season. 2 HOH snore fest where neither targeted the other and a stream of almost unanimous evictions. Oh and it was so much harder to play a float game. Hope this is 1 week only but I know it’s not.


Botb a fan favorite? Wow. Grodners dream version of big brother being twist after twist after twist after twist is here get used to it. The best seasons had no twist or 1 small twist. Comeon botb nooo! If u want to be hoh then always nominate the weak comp girls


I’m actually really stoked on the Twin twist but I’m apprehensive about whether Liz and her sister (I forget her name) will be able to pull it off past 5 evictions..hopefully they’ll surprise me

Also I feel the need to be optimistic about BOTB being back. I hated it last season but I hated it bc of the way the cast played it. I think it could be a really good if it’s executed right and no stupid day 1 8 person alliance.

The women thus far seem to be way stronger than last season. Love that girls alliance and love that they didn’t include Meg..I already don’t like her. She gives me annoying Joey vibes

I need to know more about this BB Takeover. If fan-favorites include Frankie like I might cry. I can’t take any more of him but if it’s played right (again trying to be optimistic) things could be fun this summer 🙂

Cheers Simon and Dawg! I hope we’re all in for a great BB summer!


I haven a really strong and bad thing that BOTB is not a weekly thing. It was announced separately from the main twist, and they need something “exciting” for the Sunday broadcast.

The cast seems fine enough, though Meg was really annoying. ShutUpMeg will trend this year.


YAY for Big Brother, Simon and Dawg!
YAY for live feeds (which I purchased through this site)
YAY for hope…it springs eternal for drama and independent thinkers this season


Hate the BotB return. So… this year we have 3 HGs from around the atlanta Georgia area, 3 from SoCal, 2 sets of twins, a poker dealer and a poker player, a gay guy, gay girl and a transgender, a skateboarder who apparently can’t land one trick, a mom, a dad (yet I don’t remember any mentioned of that from earlier but I may have missed it), a musically talented geek, a football playing model (IMO, 44 tackles over a 4-6 year ‘career’ is not fantastic), a wrestler within the wwe light can hardly claim to be ‘professional’, a dizzy blonde, a country hick, a doctor err I mean dentist, and a gal who wants a showman after 2 minutes of introduction. Did I leave anything out?


Really great to see Vanessa Russo the poker player in the next group. She’s a really down to earth girl and smart. She also knows how to deal with people to some extent as poker is a pretty social game due to all the downtime.


Big greetings to Simon and Dawg. Nice to be back with you. Simon, will you treat us to an updated pic of Jack?? Looking forward to all the updates and comments. BTW, S&D — do you still get a little something if we shop via Amazon? I ask this because so many people are leaving Amazon due to their new PRIME POLICY. I had over $600.00 goods in my shopping cart when Amazon decided to label them as Prime. I have now opened my on-line acct with Wal-Mart. Can you hook up with them?


First thoughts:
1. Austin is gay? Why he doesn´t make any comments about the girls and only comment the male host. Can be wrong but probably other surprise.
2. Jace seems very genuine and talkative but I think he needs to shut up for a minute. Otherwise, I also think he is going to be a target very fast. Unfortunately!
3. If James doesn’t won the HOH he probably going home. It’s not his fault but for the first days people judge for image: good-looking, good talk and some qualities and James in a first look does not have any. But he also seems a non-threat for the HG in a first place. This unexpected victory allowed doing some connections or alliances, good for him. Let´s see if he can handle this.
4. Davonne is playing every angles but I don’t know if making one alliance soooo fasttt in day one when half of the houseguest are going arrive, when you don’t know the twists yet, is a good idea? This alliance isn’t survive one week. In my opinion! I expected other approach .
5. Clay the good looking guy… well he is no doing so much because he doesn´t need…in top of that he is not the big threat apparently (the other 3 guys seems more dangers 1- Austin the giant 2- Jace the talkative 3- the asian can win!). people without personality always go far in big brother and life.
6. Audrey, seems stable, coolest and calm. But I have the idea of a big personality I think if any other girl appears stronger for her or the centre of attentions she is going explode. It’s going to be funny. :-p
7. Meg…to loud. She only wants appear in television? She need calm down or she is sending pack very soon. In NY people like your personallty because they only want have a good time. For living they hate this kind of noise…meg´s lucky: I think she´s going connect fast with the other houseguests.
8. Sheli the same of Clay. I think she isn’t loyal. And she breaks that alliance in a breath. She wants a showromance…CAST

PS: I’m not a native english speaker an i don’t live in US but I am a big brother fan. So i will try participate.


For someone who does not speak English as a first language, you have done a remarkable job. Many of us who do speak English as our native tongue, cannot express ourselves as clearly and concisely as you have. Congratulations and will look forward to your observations and other comments.


Gamewise – I agree with Simon & Taylor – great breakdown – look forward to your observations this season. (And you too Taylor – glad you are back!)

5 Callers a Head of us Jimmy

OMG OMG they are back. Every year for the last 15 years I said I would never watch this show again. Especially after last year as I felt the show was rigged. My eyes stayed glued on the TV last night, why do I put myself and my family through this each year. This is the last season I will ever watch!!!!!!


I think I like the cast, they all seem competitive and able to compete. I didn’t want Jen City or any Victoria’s!! They may have got it right.


Took 30 minutes last night for me to hate most of the cast and the direction of this season. I’m so excited BB is back…..great summer ahead! I won’t miss a minute of it.


Does anyone know of a site that will tell us what has happened to last year’s losers? Did Beast Mode ever achieve his acting career? Are Zach and Skankie an item? Just curious.


Don’t know if you can post this but there have been spoilers out that Beastmode Caleb Reynolds is a contestant on Survivor but won’t be shown until 2016. The “Previous Castmates Survivor” filmed after Beastmode’s but will be shown this fall.

Char Y

I think I accidentally deleted this comment a minute ago… Here’s an article about Nicole (she and Hayden are still together:) ..Caleb filmed Survivor, and there’s some more info on the weird Caleb-and-Derrick’s-dad situation here: … Here’s an excellent article talking about the BB16 houseguests now: .. I hope the links are okay, Simon, I generally wouldn’t post them, except in direct answer to Taylor’s question, there is some really great info there 🙂


Hi Char Thank you for info. Enquiring minds and all that….. Nice to see you back.


Taylor – Zach has been on the soap “The Bold & the Beautiful” several times – he was on there just yesterday – very small bits – but nevertheless! LOL!


Thank you V. It is always fun to see where the BB “fame” has taken the hgs.


The first Inducted into bb hall of fame Class of 2015
Congrats to Rachel Reilly Villegas the first inducted into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015.
Second inducted into bb hall of fame Class of 2015, the first time in BB history is the Lifetime Achievement Award……(Stay tuned for Tomorrow 2nd HoH Competition)
Hint: It’s not Former BB players or Alumni, Someone who is responsible of this site.