A HUGE Thank You To All The OnlineBigBrother Supporters!

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Simon and I would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the amazing OnlineBigBrother.com supporters that have made donations and contributed by making purchases through our Amazon.com and Amazon.ca links, in addition to helping provide support through other means as well. Without your continued generosity and support, all of the 24/7 live feed updates we provide would never be possible. The donations go directly towards covering the costs associated with running this site. We are so thankful to have such an amazing community of readers, commenter’s and followers. When we started doing this over 8 years ago we never thought it would evolve to become what it has today. It is so amazing to hear how many of our readers have been following us since the very beginning and how we gain new followers every day. Even though we sacrifice our sanity each and every summer it humbles us to know that all the dedication and hard work is appreciated. We’re sad to see the end of the Big Brother 17 Feeds but we’re thankful that Simon and I can once again try to regain our sanity.

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While we wait for the finale, take a look back through the season from our first live feed posts to the very last one where the final 3 said goodbye.

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69 thoughts on “A HUGE Thank You To All The OnlineBigBrother Supporters!

  1. Simon and Dawg thank you so very much for all you do!!! Online Big Brother is such a wonderful insightful site. I have followed you guys for a very long time. Thank you!
    Please tell your families thank you for sharing you with us. We are very grateful.

    Enjoy your free time before Big Brother Canada starts. See you then!

    1. Thank you Simon and Dawg for providing the best Big Brother site on the web. Your hard work is really appreciated by all of us.

      See you next season.

  2. Thanks Simon & Dawg
    See you next year lets hope BB18 is not an all stars let’s hope we get
    a new more interesting group of people.

  3. Simon/Dawg thanks again for everything. You guys are great. Thanks for all your hard work and suffering through the craziness. You guys truly are the BEST:) Until next time.

  4. I just found your site this year but am already reading over one of the seasons I’ve always been particularly interested in and may delve into some other seasons later on. Thanks so much for all that you guys do and also to the people who comment who kept me sane this season when I thought watching Vanessa was going to cause me to lose my mind. Thanks Simon and Dawg for watching what I couldn’t bare to and summing it up for me.

    1. You’re welcome Gracey! I’m so glad you found us and glad that you’re looking back through our updates from past seasons! I’m glad we were able to save your sanity.. I know I was going a little crazy near the end of this season! :))

  5. Thank you Simon and Dawg for the great updates. I am new to your site this year and had my morning coffee every day reading your blog. I am definately a big fan of you both. This site also has some of the best commenters and I appreciate them as well. See you for BB18. Enjoy your lives and I wish you both the best in life.

    1. Thank you Grandma G! I’m glad you found us! Its nice to hear you enjoyed reading our updates every morning with your coffee :) We’re definitely going to enjoy some much needed time off.

  6. Thanks again Simon and Dawg! I’ve followed this site since the Renegades, Nasty Nat, the Brigade and GRENADES YO, and every season since. You guys are the best, and I enjoy the extra commentary/insight you add each season!

  7. Thank you Simon and Dawg. You make Big Brother so much fun! I know it will never happen but if I was a Big Brother contestant I would give this site shout outs all the time. You have the best site on the internet, it surprises me that you guys don’t get shout outs.

    1. Thank you June Bug! I wish you would get cast so you could give us shoutout! It blows my mind every year that we don’t get any shoutouts too. Hopefully next year!!! :)

  8. Dawg and Simon does your Amazon link pork chop still continue if we link thru after today?

    Thanks again for all you do and I would be remiss to not congratulate this years real winner Austin’s ex-girlfriend.

      1. Thank you Simon and Dawg for giving us this spoiler website for the updates pictures and section for commenters it is the very best Big Brother spoiler website! I have been coming to this site for many seasons and will be back next year though I have to admit I am going to miss you both until next summer! Thanks for letting us know about the Amazon link I will most certainly use it throughout the year. You guys are the absolute best! Enjoy the downtime after the season is done! Take care Simon and Dawg!!!!

  9. Thank you so much Simon and Dawg. I have been coming to this blog for years, more so than watching the feeds on CBS. Sometimes I don’t even watch the show I just come here to get the updates and even told several people on the live feeds to come here and get the latest update.

    I really have enjoyed coming here over the past few years to give my opinions, sometimes not too popular :), to anyone who would read it. Its been fun and I look forward to next year BB18 BABY!!!!!

  10. There are so many good posters on this site but I did want to give a shout out to my favorite this season which is Winterfell.

    Team Stark

  11. Congrats to Johnny Mac for the win on the Online Big Brother poll for America’s Favorite House Guest. It will be interesting to see if the CBS poll agrees with the members here.

  12. I’d like to thank you a lot for providing this site and the service to the fans, but I must say, your comment section is the Mos Eisley Spaceport of fandom. Next time, I’m going to stop scrolling when I hit “Enjoyed The Spoiler?”

  13. Thanks Dawg and Simon for once again always having the best online spoilers available about my favourite show!! Your commitment to keeping this site up to date is very appreciated!! Have a wonderful break away from watching live feeds and can’t wait until the next BB series begins!!

  14. Thank you to Simon and Dawg you guys are fantastic. I don’t do the feeds because you guys are much better, this is my only spoiler site I visit and have been a long time user and will continue to be a fan. Til next season.. :)

  15. Thanks guys, this is my sixth year of reading your hard work.
    Oh, and I love those little captions under the pictures. Very funny. Thanks again.
    See you next summer.

    1. I hope he does get what he deserves. Nothing. You can’t go out choking like he did on that veto comp disaster and win anything. I just think that him and Meg rolled over and quit.

  16. Thank you sooo much Simon and Dawg. You are the best! I will continue to order my Amazon purchases throughout the year via your site. Shut down and turn off….take a much needed rest. Enjoy the real world. Much appreciation for all you provide and your hard work.
    Take Care

  17. Thank You Simon and Dawg for all you do to entertain us, I did stop watching the show, was just way to bad for me and this is the first time I have done this in all the years I have watch BB since day one, but I kept up by watching your page and will always support you, see you next year I hope with a better show.

  18. Thanks Simon/ Dawg for this site! You both deserve $500k for listening to Vanessa’s ramblings! I’ll be back next year for sure!

  19. Thanks Simon, Dawg, and commenters. What can we do to let more people know about this site? I was suprised last year when Derrick would give shout outs to BB sites but never mentioned this one. Everyone needs to know that this is the best BB spoiler/update site!!!

    1. Thanks for the support! I have no idea why people never mention us especially with BBCAN where we record videos for all the feeds.

      Ohh we’ll maybe one day one of our readers will get on and spread the word :)

  20. Simon and Dawg……where can we view the finale on line??? I’m West coast and don’t want to wait!
    Thanks for the great season!

  21. Simon and Dawg, I appreciate you guys a lot! Your dedication is amazing to me.
    Sorry for writing novels a lot.

  22. Thanks for the kind words everyone After a long 8 months of live feeds (BBCAn and BBUS) it’ll be nice to take some time off and just have to worry about my Day job.

    Thanks for the support as dawg said in the post it’s the readers support that makes this site happen.

  23. Thank you Simon and Dawg for doing this. I have not missed a season of BB without using your site. See you guys for BBC. Keep up the awesome work.
    PS… will anyone be streaming tonight so I can watch? TY

  24. Best BB site online! I’ve been here in past seasons under other names and every year this is the site to be on. It’s been fun and I’ll see you all next year, older and hopefully wiser!

  25. Congrats to 2015 Big Brother Hall of Fame lifetime achievement award Recipient Simon & Dawg!!!! Thank you for the hard work. I’m glad I am inducted you into big brother hall of fame.

  26. Cheers to both of you for yet another successful year of making these seasons worth watching. I have the live feeds and applaud you both for enduring the pain of watching it!! I agree, I can not believe you guys have not got a shout out in this show. I wish I could be the one to do so!!! You guys are great. My best to you and your families. Until next year…..

  27. Thank you Simon & Dawg. You’re site is the best. A lot more information sometimes than the live feeds. Thank you for all the time you spend bringing us such enjoyment. Can’t wait till next year.

  28. Thank you Simon and Dawg for this awesome site and the tremendous amount of work you put in to recap the feeds every day. There is a great community here and it really helps keep the show interesting even after our favorite players get evicted and we feel like we want to just stop watching. Great job!

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