Big Brother Spoilers – FIGHT NIGHT! Devin tells Caleb the Alliance is OVER! IT’s DONE DUDE!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner Hayden & Nicole Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: Devin’s Noms (Pow Pow & Brittany) Amber’s Noms (Hayden & Nicole)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 03-10-56-729

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3:05am Out in the backyard – Caleb, Frankie and Derrick are talking. Devin comes out and Caleb tells him I think you’re trying to get Brittany out for personal reasons. Devin says I did do it for personal reasons. Caleb says you said it wasn’t personal and then when nominating Brittany you told her this is personal. So what is it? Is it game or is it personal?! Devin says okay fine its 50/50! 50% game and 50% personal! Devin says I think you’re only saying this because you’re talking to Amber. Devin starts getting excited and questioning them all and what they want. Caleb says Amber and Christine who are part of our alliance don’t think getting Brittany out is a good idea. Caleb tells Devin that Christine and Amber are scared to talk to you. Devin says I just talked to Christine up stairs and she didn’t say anything about it. Caleb says yeah and I talk to her after and she said she was scared the whole time up there with you. Devin says the cameras will show. I just talked to her and she’s fine! Devin calls Christine outside and questions her if she was scared when talking to him. Christine says I am scared when anyone asks me to talk. He asks her if she thinks its good to get out Brittany. Christine says I’m still on the fence. Devin says see, you’re making things up. Devin heads inside.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 03-12-17-115

Deivn heads upstairs and talks to Frankie for a quick minute about the confrontation outside. Devin says that he’s been there for Caleb and had his back and now he does this! Devin is furious. Devin says I am just going to stay up here the rest of the week and not come down. Devin then comes back down and pulls Caleb out into the middle of the backyard. Caleb asks if everything is okay now? Devin says No, no its not dude! Devin tells Caleb that the alliance is over its done dude! Caleb says that’s fine. If our alliance is done, then you’re going home next week! Devin goes back inside and up to the HOH room. Caleb tells the others that he isn’t going to let Devin talk to him like how he talks to the girls. Derrick talks to Caleb about how Devin said that the alliance was done with the door open and that’s why the girls came out here. Caleb says and I told him he is going home next week. Derrick says I know we’re not allowed to talk about our diary room sessions but I call him (Devin) the dictator. Frankie comes out and tells Caleb you blew up your alliance with just him. Frankie says I just talked to Devin and he doesn’t want to blow up the Bomb Squad … but if you keep antagonizing him he will BLOW UP! Frankie says Devin said he knows he is going home next week if he doesn’t win the POV. Frankie says we just need to let Devin cool down. I know you’re not scared of him but EVERYONE ELSE in this house is scared of him! Caleb goes inside. Cody says I am more scared of Caleb than Devin.

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3:40am Caleb goes inside and comes back out with Amber’s baby blanket and says “I’m going to go lie on the hammock with my blankie!” Caleb heads over to the hammock and Frankie joins him. Frankie talks to Caleb about how we are only losing one member of the alliance. Frankie says we have Donny. Caleb says Donny won’t vote out Devin. Frankie says yes he will he just told Derrick earlier that he would. Caleb says if he is going to act like that he can go home. Frankie tells Caleb if he gets physical with you just put your hands to your side. Caleb laughs and says I will not do that. Frankie says if you attack back you will be ejected from the game with him. Just act offensively not defensively. Frankie says I will throw myself between you two if I have to. Frankie tells Caleb that we don’t know what his condition is and he could snap at any moment. We don’t know what he’s capable of… Frankie says that every weird thing is comes back to it being about Amber.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 03-38-20-503

3:45am Frankie heads to the hive room to talk with Jocasta. Frankie tries to smooth things over and remove suspicion about the bomb squad alliance. Frankie tells her that it’s text book… Jocasta asks what do you mean? Frankie says its about a girl, Amber. Frankie says they … Caleb and Devin were in an alliance with each other. ..Did you hear that? Everyone ones seen it. Frankie says that Devin and Caleb are fighting over Amber.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 03-48-35-503

4am Amber joins Caleb by the hammock and he tells her about what just happened between him and Devin. She tells him that my and Devin’s friendship is over! I am not going to let him talk to me like that or the girls. Amber tells Caleb thank you for sticking up for for the girls. I appreciate that! Caleb and Amber high five and lock hands.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 03-58-47-405

4m Amber heads to the havenot room to tell Brittany that she’s been talking with Caleb and we’re trying to figure out a way to keep you. Derrick joins them. He tells Brittany its good that this happened because now people are going to vote how they want to vote. Brittany says I just don’t want to go home! Its not my time. Frankie joins them. Brittany says that Devin uses the parent card a lot and I don’t like it. Amber says just know that these guys have your back.

4:15am – 4:30am Cody, Christine and Zach are by the pool table talking. They talk about how will work to keep Brittany. Cody says we’re going to talk to Hayden because we’re tight with him. Cody tells Christine to talk to Nicole. Cody says I am so glad this happened and everything blew up. Zach says that Devin’s daughter isn’t going to respect him. Cody tells Zach not to go there. Cody says that Devin apologized for getting personal with Donny and told everyone that he wasn’t going to do that… and then at the nomination ceremony he told Brittany this is personal. Cody says and he called Brittany a cow. Jocasta and Frankie join them. Cody asks Frankie so are you going to sleep upstairs? He laughs. Frankie says I think he (Devin) needs his space.

4:45am – 5am Brittany heads out to the backyard and tells Zach and Cody that she owes them everything if they keep her here. She says I will make you breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday I’m here. Zach runs over and shakes her hand telling her deal! She then tells him she’ll do all his laundry too. Zach starts jumping around. Cody asks what do I get? Brittany says all the same for you too! Derrick & Brittany head to the hammock to talk. Derrick says that he might go up and talk to Devin to see how he’s doing. Just let me do my thing. He says I stuck up for you but lets just keep that between me and you. Caleb joins and tells Brittany about the confrontation with Devin.

In the hive room – Christine talks to Frankie. Christine says that he threw me under the bus with Devin. Frankie tells her that he already smoothed things over with. Chirstine says thank you. Chrinstine says I’m so scared that Devin is going to blow everything up. Frankie says it will be okay, we have each other. Frankie and Christine start laughing and joking around. Frankie holds up his mic and says America please help us!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 04-36-07-977

5am – 5:15am In the kitchen – Cody, Zach, Jocasta, Christine, Amber and Frankie are hanging out talking. Cody and Zach realize they both know the same girl, Lindsey Schneider. Cody says we met at a retreat and hooked up. Zach says he went to a high school near her.

5:30am In the backyard – Caleb tells Frankie, Amber, Derrick and Brittany that he won’t put up Devin but I will send him home. I promised him in the beginning I wouldn’t put him up. Frankie says well don’t win HOH. Amber says I’ll put him up. They talk about how during the battle of the block Devin said a lot of mean things about Brittany. They suggest that Caleb go sleep in the bed with Deivn tonight it might help smooth things over. Amber says I would do that if my boyfriend.. Caleb says he’s not my boyfriend. Amber comments we’re all sort of playing an individual game.. Amber says you (Frankie) have your bromance with Zach. Frankie looks down and says I think he likes Cody now. Jocasta joins them. They continue to talk and joke about random things.. Frankie runs over and joins Cody, Derrick and Zach on the backyard couch. They agree that even if Devin wins the veto and puts Caleb up with Brittany … then we keep him and get rid of Brittany. Frankie tells them that Devin said he’s going to lock himself in his HOH room. Frankie and Zach head inside. Derrick says we can get rid of Devin next week and then Calen after …

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-05 05-34-55-471
In the hive room – Frankie and Zach are talking. Frankie says that all the events that happened tonight are crazy. Zach says dude I love you, we’re always on the same page with everything! Zach asks Frankie to run through the events of what happened. Frankie says it was all Caleb starting it all. Frankie says that it all stems from Amber and Derrick stirring things up with Caleb. Frankie says it all happened too early.

5:45am – 6am Out in the backyard – Brittany comments that when Devin leaves he’ll be in a straight jacket. Brittany tells Jocasta about the things Devin did during the Battle of the Block. She says he said look there’s Brittany on TV when he saw the cow on the tv. I’ve never been called a cow before. She says that Devin also made his hand into a gun and pretended to shoot it at me. They head over to the backyard couches with Frankie, Zach, Caleb, and Derrick. Brittany says that she’s scared to go to sleep because she fears Devin will put a pillow over your face and sit on it.

Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Christine, Frankie, Cody, Derrick Zach
Sub alliance of the Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bed buddies/nicotine = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal Zankie= Frankie, Zach
DC = Derrick and Cody

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with all this fighting…. Donny is going to win this entire game….. Donny keep sleeping just stay away from everyone….


YEAH BOOZE!! I love when they get booze. Lol Finally some tension and the game is changing!


I think it’ll be interesting to have a new rule: you cannot be nominated two weeks in a row. I really didn’t like last season with Spencer on the block all the time.

PowPow: I don’t have a strategy, I’m just being PowPow. Well, you’ve been nominated twice, maybe you should revisit the no strategy thing.

Zach: I specialize in brown-nosing. LOL!

Brittany staying is not good for the so-called bomb squad: I see a real alliance of Cody/Brittany and Hayden/Nicole. It appears Derrick may be thinking this but can’t tell if Derrick wants Brittany to stay or go.

I really want a woman to win but so far my two picks are Zach (comedy relief) and Hayden.

I do hope Brittany wins.


Devin is the new Ika. OKKK


The difference: Ika wasn’t crazy. Just sassy.


Finally some confrontations in the house!!!
This shows how easily these guys will snap, Caleb didn’t have to say much to set Devin off, but it is clear that Devin makes for great television (although I am slightly concerned about his actual mental health, doesn’t he take alot of Adderall, has been in rehab, possible steroids/alcohol) and I am kinda feeling bad for the guy….
however, gamewise, this could be quickly forgotten and forgiven in the morning, or drawn out to make the game more interesting… 2 biggest guys in the house trying to get the other out….
note: its crazy how Amber started getting a lot closer to Caleb suddenly and after there hammock flirting, Caleb jumped into “protect a ho” mode… I doubt she even knows how easily she could manipulate him to do what he wants…


I actually do think Amber knows exactly how easy it is to manipulate Caleb and her bringing up her issues with Devin to Caleb was designed to make those “protect my Queen” feelings surge. Quite honestly I’m glad she found a way to use Caleb’s obsession to her favor because a few days ago it looked like his obsession with her would cost her, her own game. These two “men” have acted like middle school boys about Amber since day one.( I never went away to camp as a kid, but this season I feel like I’m at Camp Crazy Dudes and other than Donny the term men should be used loosely.) No one in the house other than Amber could’ve turned Caleb against Devin so quickly and permanently, I suspect. I applaud her using her stalker, I mean suitor Caleb to her advantage. My only hope is she wins enough money to relocate and change her identity because while I understand her play, I also know she realizes Caleb is totally a cornucopia of mental instability. But again she’s using what she has at the moment and I personally love it!


two boys? Devin doesn’t like Amber, only caleb does. Devin like joey originally. Amber had a crush on devin and she got jealous when he wasn’t interested.


She never got jealous. That’s a lie.


Derrick is an idiot. Wouldn’t be surprised if he self evicts


I meant to say Devin NOT Derrick


Bomb Squad Lite, 25% fewer calories, 60% less crazy.


Well, Devin just sealed his own fate in this game.


derrick is an awesome player…. the women basically bow down to him gamewise…. amber Victoria and now Britney all follow his advice….. my prediction is its going to be either derrick Christine or Frankie winning this game…..


Okay, I dont know if Amber is playing Caleb on purpose or if she really does like him, but if it’s intentional, it is genius! Im loving it.


It’s very clear that Amber doesn’t like Caleb. She is clearly playing him so that the other girls will like her. Although not a big fan of Devin it’s clear that he knows Amber is only using Caleb because you can’t go from last week saying you don’t like Caleb and isn’t your type, to now flirting with him and telling him that Devin is being mean to her. Also Caleb needs Devin in the house because if Devin leave next week he will the the next target. In all honest I barely like this cast.


I wouldn’t even say she’s using him. She just wants to have normal relations with him. No reason to make an enemy. You’re right, though. Caleb better watch out because I think Frankie and Zack may want to eliminate him at some point. Frankie is a pretty smart dude. I also have a hard time liking most of these people. I like Amber a lot and not because she’s pretty but because she seems really really nice. Cody’s growing on me. Frankie’s cool when he’s not waving his arms around. I’m indifferent to most of these contestants, however.


Amber isn’t even thinking for herself, she saw how everyone else BADMOUTHED Devin and got smart. She did the same thing. It has more to do with aligning herself with what everyone else in the house seems to think.


SO sick of Caleb and Devin. GO HOME SOON. Caleb creeps me out and Devin won’t stop talking.


SO sick of Caleb and Devin. GO HOME SOON. Caleb creeps me out and Devin won’t stop talking.

non-metal spoon

Caleb sez: I usually save Souvenirs from girls after I kill them, but in Amber’s case, I’ll make an exception. This blanket smells so GOOOD!!!


A battle of the minds, sick minds. In one corner we have Caleb (PTSD) and in the other corner Devin (bipolar). Meds for everyone.


just when you thought devin and caleb could not get any stupider…………………


OK? DId anybody else hear this? Britanny? PowPow? Victoria? Hayden? Nicole?


wonder what would happen if both devin and caleb were have nots, together, after this week? with amber and brittany? that might be worth watching!


Sooo Production is prepping to push this Showmance with Caleb and Amber?? Damn I thought this would be a season without a boringfest showmance hogging the cameras. Devin is annoying, an Caleb is growing more creepy every day.. I can’t wait to see the house take out Caleb and Devin.


amber clearly said she doesn’t like him

Mister E

Just curious. Where was Nicole the whole time. Do not remember reading anything about her in the last few posts.


I picked Frankie and Cody in my work pool… How do you like my chances? I’m feeling pretty good


I’m personally pulling for DC (Derrick and Cody). Zankie is all right, but I hate how arrogant they’ve gotten already.


i love how this season is moving, with all the daily reports,(nominations, BOB, POV, nominations again), i really need 2 purchase the feeds this year for sure. and now we have alliance members fighting each other, and derrick want caleb/devin gone. GEEEZ US!!!!! BOMBSQUAD has blown up!!!!


Why would he call Brittany a cow?? He’s so stupid out of all the girls she has one of the best bodies


He calls her names and is angry at her because he can not control her!


Leave it to Devin to mess things up for himself. But in his defense with putting up Brittany i mean I know she doesn’t want to go home but who else was he supposed to put up it would have been the same result with anyone he’s her biggest target so why not put someone up that you know for sure wants you out. And as crazy as this sounds Devin was right in regards to Caleb he is love struck (more like stalkerish) and Amber is kind of playing him and Devin was just looking out for his friend. But this actually could be reaolved with a talk when they wake up you know things flip by the minute in that house. Lastly I don’t get the scared of Devin thing yes he talks hard but I think they are saying that because he’s a big guy and he’s not gonna hurt anyone and if he did there are 90+ cameras around someone would stop it. I feel bad for him a little bit because I feel people are saying it to say it prime example Christine was fine talking to him in HOH and then comes out and tells everyone she is scared but when he ask she said she’s scared when anyone talks to her I call BS, but I have ranted on long enough


You don’t get the being scared of Devin thing? It has nothing to do with him “being a big guy” it has to do with him being totally unstable! The dude is nuts!!!

A Name

Oh shut up! They are saying they’re “scared” cuz he’s black simple as that! Black men are always pinned as scary and hostile the moment they argue with anyone (or don’t argue ie talking calmly in the hoh with Christine)
If anything, Zach is more erratic than anyone and Caleb is a stalker but I don’t see anyone saying anything about them! Zach has said 100x worse things about the girls than Devin has. Honestly, I’ll wait for the show to see what “mean” things were said cuz we’ve NEVER seen Devin insult or name call anyone.


I would be scared of several other house guests past and present. That have nothing to do with race or gender. Devins scariness and his being black have nothing to do with each other. How about his size, his mental instability.
I was the guy that said get Rachel Riley out of the house because she was scary. Then there was the guy who got kicked out because he tore a room up. Russell was nuts and so was Russell’s little brother (blanking on the name.)… Crazy Scary does not know race. Dude is nuts and I would be afraid of him.


Well its nice that you’re trying to be “color blind” but the truth is Devin hasn’t threatened anyone, tore up furniture and rooms, yelled someone’s head off, he’s talked to everyone in a calm manner. The ONLY sins Devin has committed is running his damn mouth to no end.

Zach has ranted and raved about how he hates Victoria, Zach’s said a lot of repulsive things and Caleb has a major questionable history, and a maddening obsession with Amber but they aren’t called out as scary guys.

I think a lot of the fear comes from his size because he’s a big guy. I can see the fear from that. But the truth is both the HGs and Fans of BB have labeled Devin, Caleb, and Amber a villain for doing things that Zach, Nicole, Christine, and Cody have been doing.

However as usual in BB the minorities tend to get the bad wrap for it. There’s a lot of talk about saving Caleb and keeping him because he’s “sweet” although he was batsh** crazy when Amber rejected him. I hate to bring race into things but it bothers me more when people try to be colorblind.

Every year it is the same thing, the white young kids clique up and stick together and vote the minorities and the older person out one by one by one. Since their are 2 minorities dominating the game they are getting the villain card and have the blood placed on their hand, although Cody, Zach, Christine and Derrick are all being snakes and plotting against their own alliance members.

People hate race being called in things but there’s a bit of smoke there and where there’s smoke there’s fire…


I have no respect for Derrick… What kind of man uses the F word repeatedly in front of a Minister. then prays next to and with Jocasta over a bible. That show’s the lack of respect he has. Some of these people need to read the bible closer.


oh come on…all that stuff is bs anyway.

Evel Dick's Ghost

The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shall not say “FUCK” in front of a Minister.


I don`t like Derrick either. For me he is just a floater. Grow some balls and start doing something

I don`t like Devin and Caleb but at least they have balls and don`t need to be hiding and gossinp around

Hawaiian Goddess

I think Derrick has hands like a woman.. so small and girly


Does small automatically equate to being “girly” or are you just being ignorant?


Hopefully they catch on to Derrick’S game before he wins the haft million.

fabio sucks

why hopefully? he is playing a good game so far I’m rooting for him to win!


I guess I got a “stalker” here.

He is not playing a good game, he have seen this kind of game before. Just like Memphis, Lane etc… they just lay low the whole time and slide all the way to the end.


Can’t stand all the constant praying. When is Big Brother gonna but in an open atheist? Just imagine the fireworks this season if an atheist was in there against Jocasta, Caleb, Amber, and the rest. Call me Big Brother.


Calebs one of phony Christians…. a man that drinks to get drunk isn’t a Christian


Most atheist I know are more open and accepting of the beliefs of those who believe on God than the other way around. That would definitely cause issues and create drama. I’m not digging all the groups praying, but it’s because I think prayer/meditation is a private matter and how you live represents your true belief system.


Hell yeah! Sign me up to!


I am an atheist.
Did you ever notice that the ones who “claim” to be Christians are generally some of the most hateful devious low morals people in big brother history. They will stab you in the back and then pray with you. I never trust the one that says they’re a Christian and start pulling out the bible. If he/she starts a prayer circle get them the out of that house…. but you can’t say that or people will go off…. oops I just did.
Just saying look at big brother history… most people that stabbed someone in the back hid behind a bible.


Awesome. All of it. That’s why I was rooting for devin to win HOH. Very entertaining week so far.


Bad game move from Caleb. He’s not in the wrong but he should no better then to call out paranoid Devin like that. Shows a lack of awareness. Great move for the rest of his alliance though unless devin outs the bomb squad.


Caleb is an emotional player, which is dangerous.


Caleb is playing an emotional game, which is dangerous.


Aww, I missed it and I can’t flashback because the site is down for maintenance. Stayed up late and nothing happened, went to bed and the alpha dufuses spar. Devin is so unstable that he might still go Hantz and get thrown out this week. I would love it, the balance of power and alliances would have to change. I hope that now that Donny is America’s player (kiss of death I’m afraid) that Frankie or Zach will be the next one on the team, that would at least give Donny the support of a strong player. He has to be the nicest person I have ever seen on BB, and I know nice doesn’t get you far in the game, but he is so refreshing I want him to stay around for a long while. If Devin is dumb enough to backdoor Caleb this week could be really fun. Don’t forget to wear protective gear, though.


Everything about Victoria makes me want to hurl. Her ‘way too big’ hair weave is weighing down her brain. She is a bitch who spent more than an hour complaining about a bra that she loaned someone who ‘got it dirty’. Desperate for attention and trying to cuddle with Cody and he clearly showed he didn’t like her doing it.
Caleb still going with with good ole boy with no girl skills image. Would help if he didn’t call dark people monkeys. This cast is really using the Bible as a front more than I’ve seen in past seasons.
I wish someone would finally confront Victoria for being so arrogant when she is actually an ugly girl with a huge nose.


Wish I could ‘Like’ your comment a thousand times!! Out of all the female HGs, I dislike Victoria the most. She has all the qualities I detest most in female behavior – no substance, no personality, no brains, no character – only needs: I need nice clothes, I need nice hair, I need to look sexy all the time, I need to wear evening jewelry and pearls so I look good on TV, I need a man to cuddle me but I can’t sleep in the same room with one, I need to be served and taken care of – crap, you’ve got me going now. I could go on and on.


Caleb and Amber praying is a joke


Amber more like praying for her blanket to be free from the freak.


Amber is praying for her blanket!!!! Please lord keep this freak show away from my mercy.


Umm.. I don’t want to sound dumb but who/what is “dawg” in the list of houseguests to vote for favorites? Sorry but i don’t understand


OMg nevermind. I get it yeesh I feel stupid


One day, Dawg will pull out the win on an OBB poll. Vote Dawg! Vote often!!!


I think it’s way to early in the game to really call anyone a floater. A smart player will always steps back for a few weeks and access the house before considering ‘big moves.’


I cant wait for Devin to be evicted so all the other snakes and douche bags in the house can be exposed. Hopefully he doesnt stick to this blind loyalty and calls a meeting of all non bomb squad members and drops a real bomb on the whole house.


Dawg: Why aren’t you posting videos like you did for BBCAN2? Copyright issues?


We all appreciate what you and Simon do each summer. My favorite site and I don’t think I’d watch BB without these updates. Thanks guys!

team zankie

I love that zach is slowly getting a feel for the house outside his alliance, and deducing that both caleb and devin arent as in charge as they think. I just hope he`s patient! Let pow or victoria see themselves out this week…then let someone else evict devin next week. No need to show your or frankie`s cards yet. At this point, everyone wants to be the hero that evicts devin…let someone else do it.


devin is so terrible at this game. my goodness its been like two weeks. Caleb needs to distance himself from that train wreck.


Im starting to think that entering this house negatively impacts your IQ and common sense. No one can be this dumb, can they? Devin is a hot mess. It is week what 2 or 3! S


Im staring to think that entering this house negatively impacts your IQ and common sense. Did any of these people actually watch big brother? They need to simmer down, trying way to hard.

The Canadian gal

Does anyone know why Devin dislikes Brittany so much?


because she stands up to him and he can’t control her.


Why are people going for brittany? I don’t get it.


Lets all pray for Ambers blanket!!

BB16 CodyFan

I want to know who this Lindsey Schneider is who hooked up with my Cody