Aaryn says if I get MVP you all should self-evict because I have done nothing MVP worthy!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice and Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


8:30am Big Brother wakes up the House Guests. When the live feeds return, Helen and Andy are talking about who the MVP might be this week. Helen says that if Spencer goes up it would be Ginamarie. They continue speculating on who it could be depending on who goes up. Andy asks who do you think we need to take long term. Helen says that she thinks taking Spencer to the final 3 would be the best option. Helen says I think we need to take out McCrae soon, if we take Amanda to the end no one will vote for her. Helen says McCrae needs to go before Amanda as she is easier to beat. Helen says that McCrae will always been seen as less of a threat than Amanda. They think if they keep Jessie and Aaryn in the game they we go after Amanda. Helen says that others will take Amanda and McCrae out for us. Andy thinks we have a good solid few weeks of being safe. Andy and Helen leave the storage room.


CBS Interactive Inc.

In the bathroom – Judd, Andy and Elissa are joking around. Judd heads into the kitchen. Amanda comes through and Judd hugs her and asks if she is MVP? She says that she is and he says no really who is it. McCrae joins them and Judd asks him if he is MVP? Judd says if I go up I know it’s you. Judd jokingly tells Andy that he is going go up to everyone and say if I go up, then I’ll know it was you. Aaryn comes down and Judd asks her if she is MVP? He says I’ll know if it was you. Aaryn says if I get MVP you all should self-evict because I have done nothing MVP worthy.


9:20am – 9:45am Big Brother calls Spencer to the diary room. Judd says MVP! I know you its you dog! Amanda says if anyone nominates me as the MVP it would be a waste just like it was last week. Amanda says if she was MVP she would tell a few people to make sure she was making the right decision. Judd says not me I would just put you up. Judd says I want this to hurry up so I can find out who the BEEP A$$ MVP put up. Amanda asks Judd who do you think was MVP last week? Judd says Harold, I mean Howard. Meanwhile up in the HOH bathroom – Aaryn showers while Ginamarie does her hair. Back down in the kitchen – Amanda comments that she borrowed $1000 of her ex and will have to pay him back when I get home. However if there are naked pictures of me on the internet I will not pay him back. Apparently he said I would never work in that town again, he’s a lawyer, what’s he going to do bulldoze all the houses?


10:10am Andy, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are in the bathroom laughing about Ginamarie’s nomination speech. They talk about having McCrae’s bachelor party tonight.


10:20am In the bathroom – Andy asks how much percentage is it for 3 times more of something? 300% right? So last year I had 300% more sex last year than the year before. Candice talks about how a year ago she woke up after a drunken night of sex with a 22 year old guy that she just met. She says that she had a broken toe nail and the condom was still inside her. She says that’s when she realized her f**kapolusa was over. I was like girl you’re almost 30 you can’t keep doing this. Amanda says if I want to date someone I don’t f**k them. And if I do have a one night stand I hate sleeping at their house. I f**k them and then leave. Spencer says its too much work to get a one night stand. Amanda says yeah that’s why I bought a $300 vibr@tor.


10:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen for the MVP Nomination / Veto Player Picks.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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yawn, stretch…when’s this pov comp getting underway?


OMG, I try to like Candice and then she says something like that . Candice is just nasty!!! BTW, Amanda on the block by America so do you think these idiots will get a brain and get her out this week. Doubt it!


Now when Amanda goes up she’ll say Spencer went into the diary room last, he must be the MVP. And then we’ll hear Spencer hate for the rest of the week.


Spencer hating on Amanda is some great t.v! Can’t wait for some more misogyny from Spencer directed solely at Amanda. She is laying low on him since he slapped her mouth down!


I bet America already voted for Aaryn!!!!!!!!

derick alaska

Oh don’t worry Aaryn..you’ll never be a MVP..unless MVP stood for Most Vulgar Person!!!!


Sorry, Derek but THAT TTLE definitely goes to AMANDA!! Aaryn is not nearly a close second.


actually, just because Aaryn isn’t a close 2nd on this site’s poll doesn’t mean she won’t likely go up as the replacement nominee should Amanda win veto.

As long as America is voting personally when no consideration to gameplay, that would make the most sense.

I still find it funny that all this Amanda hate didn’t get going until word broke that Aaryn’s parents hired a PR to clean up her image.


who is andy actually loyal to, Simon? helen or amanda and mcrae?

Kelli Jo

I think Amanda and McCrae but it’s really hard to tell. I’m only basing this on that he tattles on people to McRanda more often than he does to Helen. But it could really be anyone. That’s why I actually think Andy is playing a very smart social game. He just needs to remember to pick the most opportune time to get out the two pairs (McRanda) and (Helen/Elissa).


Andy talked about having to eventually vote out Helen so I am guessing he is staying with Amand and McCrea unless they start losing power. And what about McCrea’s admission of having a final 2 with Judd. Why didn’t that throw up red flags with Amanda and Andy. They talked about Howard keeping MC a secret and now weeks later McCrea admits he had two secrets in the game that didn’t include them.


Andy is playing for jury house and is loyal to no one/everyone. You can bet he’s taking that conversation back to bedbugs. He really needs to play more like Judd, silence is golden.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

He’s loyal to Helen, but more loyal to Amanda and McCrae, like he said “Eventually, He’ll have to betray Helen and Elissa”

Team Elissa

I am pretty sure Andy is with Amanda/McCrae more. Only because he talks bad about Elissa/Helen to Amanda/McCrae and just nods when Helen tells him they need to get Amanda/McCrae out.

give me a break

Andy likes Helen but is afraid of Amanda……..”fear last longer than love”…………so Andy is more loyal to Amanda and McPuss

give me a break

I Hope Amanda blames Judd, Aaryn, GM, and Spencer…for being 3rd nom

Kelli Jo

Come on…I’m ready to find out the third nominee so we can see some drama!


It has to be Amanda! She is going to cry again… wait til she realizes America HATES her! Please Julie tell her on thurs!


I really hope that isn’t how I sounded when I bashed on Elissa in the beginning of the season. I’m sorry, but it sounds really pathetic.

How can you hate someone you’ve never even met? you can’t hate her actions, but you still don’t know her. It’s a game show, folks. A reality television game show.

Hating is a lot like drinking poison, but expecting the other person to die.


Judd is unwittingly setting himself up for a fall with his MVP “jokes”. Odds are Amanda is going up and considering “the house” suspected Judd was MVP last week when Amanda went up, odds are her going up again will only confirm their paranoia, especially since Howard is gone. If Amanda goes up, I think if anybody other than Amanda wins veto, there will be a “house” move to get the winner to take Jessie down in order to backdoor Judd.

Judd is setting himself up for a trap without even knowing.


Total waste of a backdoor move if it’s Judd!


Here’s to hoping Candice and Jessie win POV, take themselves off, and are replaced by Judd after Amanda storms the HoH room, screaming that Judd is the untrustworthy, shady MVP of the week.

Amanda: “Judd will RUIN your game.”

GinaMarie: “What a fucking scrub!!!!”


Well, he never should have bragged that he made up the Kaitlin targeting Helen story. He will look back on that admission as the end of his game. Amanda and McCrea rightly recognize he’s a player and has the ability to create a target through manipulation, which is their game. If they decide he nominated Amanda, then he rises to the next biggest threat, if he hasn’t already. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping this happens…but if I were Amanda, McCrea, Helen, and Andy, I would get rid of him at the earliest opportunity.

Again, Judd has only himself to blame:

1) He recognized that the trend was to take out every guy and his response was to use his HOH to take out the inconsequential Kaitlin.
2) He had the opportunity to get coverage from all sides during his HOH and instead made the Superfriends nervous, then turned rat, then became slightly unhinged. Judd also gave voice to being open to going against “the house”, which has cued Spencer, Aaryn, and GM to see him as the weak link, who they can hope to supplant in the Superfriends. In essence he prepped them for a big move, then didn’t follow through…so those people have zero reason to partner with him.
3) Had he been paying attention, there was a golden opportunity to flip the house last week and position himself in the driver’s seat, blaming Helen, Elissa, and Jessie.
4) He’s seen how Amanda and Helen use “Shock and Awe” against the men in the house, yet failed to see that eventually he would be the next guy.
5) He had his own personal pawn in Jessie and rather than invest in, manage, and set her up as a threat to anybody who tries to get him, he’s distanced himself and provided material for everybody else to take to Jessie to justify his eviction, creating ZERO backlash and making his eviction easy.

Judd is the guy who sees the game…but is afraid to make the moves to win, choosing instead to convince himself he can wait and wait and wait, watching all the people he could co-opt and use go home, and then hope that somebody else will strike. Judd made moves in an aggressive and passive manner…and that’s a dangerous recipe. You have to either be Amanda or be Andy. You can’t be both.


***** Amanda comments that she borrowed $1000 of her ex and will have to pay him back when I get home However if there are naked pictures of me on the internet I will not pay him back. *****

MC, you need to wake up, because this bitch is trouble in and outside the house.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

Pitchers of a minor-celebrity on the internet to a tabloid is worth more than $1000, so changes are, he’ll have already made what Amanda owed him plus extra. Hell TMZ just posted that video if her being racist, so they would be the 1st to jump on some nude pictures of the racists in the Big Brother house.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole


ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole



Yep Amanda has nude photos on the net she is also a red head . And the photos are not just topless but complete shots .


Aaryn will indeed get box of tissue so she will be on the block again.


IMO Andy will align with whoever gets HOH during final 5. He is all set with Helen, Amanda or McCrae. Of course there is always a possibility, however remote, that they compare notes and take him out first. They should cause at this point I think he is best positioned to win it all.


Andy is just skateing under the rador. no one really even notices him unless they want to call him a foul name. i think he has a good chance of winning.


I realy cant beleive that in all this time no one has figured out that america is the mvp. and that they have been trying to get aaryn and amanda out i can think this is the worst cast weve every seen.

Old Yeller

CBS I had enough! Under the guise of entertainment you are selling hate. You are producing a show that divides the house along racial lines, and constant spewing of comments that demean women. Additionally on one occassion the female house guest expresses how she played beat the gay guy and then proceeds to show us how its done. CBS may think that their disclaimer absolves them from any responsibility, but it doesn’t. I don’t want a repeat of this next season and I am not letting CBS off the hook for this season.

We the viewing audience are not powerless. Its just that our actions to date have been misdirected. The more we complain, the greater the buzz for Big Brother and higher ratings. Those of us that are upset with all this hate must turn our frustration into action. But action that will get the attention of those that finance this show. We have to go at the money instead. Well CBS, I am going to continue to watch your show, but not for the reasons you think. I am going to perform a limited boycott of every sponsor that advertise during Big Brother until this BB15 season is over. There will be no marching in the streets, my actions and those of others will just affect your bottom line. I intend to write a letter to each of these sponsors explaining why I am boycotting their products and ask if they support racial hate, sexism and bullying. My intention is to put the sponsor on the spot. Your advertising dollars are supporting this type of entertainment. Because hate seems to be the essence of BB15 this season. I encourage everyone that share my sentiment to also stop buying product from BB sponsors and to write to those sponsors as well. Now ignore that if you will when people stop buying products. CBS, you think you are untouchable! Oh my, greater corporations then you have been humbled when people decide to galvanize.


Some one is off their meds…. lighten up Francis, its a TV show not Armageddon

Elissa's Botox

All online polls say Amanda will be the 3rd nom

Helen needs to get Judd on board & they can get her out

Say What

I am shocked that Amanda, a nice upstanding woman like her might have some naked pictures on the internet. A woman that talks freely on TV about such things as shoving something up her va***a, strapping on a sexual appendage, hitting gays, and giving guys hand jobs all within 48 hours of being in the house. Yet, the demure Amanda wants us to believe she was so offended by what Howard supposedly said. Amanda, I don’t believe Howard said that, but I have heard you say a lot worse.

Now Amanda wants to market her naked pictures. She states my ex has naked pictures of me. Amanda wants everyone to go on the internet to generate a buzz for her and find these pictures. Everything Amanda does is planned. So obviously, her boyfriend is supposed to release these pictures sometime in the future when Amanda gives the signal. Naked pictures worked for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Why not Amanda? However, Amanda has to pretend that she didn’t release them. Oh Amanda you so transparent.


By that logic Amanda just craves attention-which is exactly what you’re giving her.


idk why some people hate Andy. he plays a great social game and lays low. thats what they should be doing. plus he’s kind of funny

Helen: as much i am beginning to dislike her more everyday you have to admit she got the lying and backstabbing aspect of the game down. which is what the game is all about(dont get me wrong she still is an asswipe)

McCrae: i actually want him to win, but he is attached to the biggest anchor in the house

Elissa : Not the best competitor but she doesnt take shit from anyone and i respect that. She only gets so much hate because of her sister

Scumanda err i mean Amanda: i said it before and ill say it again, she would be playing the best game if she wasn’t such a scumbag (hence my nickname scumanda) she is great at manipulating the sheep but as soon as something doesnt go her way she throws a temper tantrum like a 4 year old being denied of candy from her parents and it makes her look really bad and i believe people are catching on to her dictator-like ways

Candice: i feel like she’s smart but makes such incredibly stupid decisions and is probably going home this week because of them

Jessie: A beacon of Hope maybe?

Dr. J.

I am thinking that MC is not all that into Amanda like she is into him. Watch his expressions when she does things he doesn’t like. He appears to be bored with her and a little put out at her antics. Then when he didn’t “defend” her, she verbally spanked his ass. That didn’t seem to set to well with him and rightfully so. Andy is a piss ant all over the house agreeing with whomever he is talking to. Game? Debatable, as he is going to get caught in the middle of Hel/Elis-Ama/Mccray and all hell is going to break loose. I will admit he has stayed under the radar thus far and may continue to do so. I just think someone else is going to talk out of turn and he will be busted.

I wonder what would happen if the evicted houseguest was MVP each week with none of the others knowing who it is. Already mad for getting the boot it could make for an interesting twist. It would end up being a revenge fest though so probably wouldn’t work that well. Or have the HOH nominate three people every week. That would force their hand sooner by putting up people before they want to. Just my 2 cents worth. Simon, Dawg, love your website and visit it daily. Thanks for doing such a super job and for letting people here have their say so… BTW, Simon for MVP!

Not sure who I am today

I wish they would all self-evict.


It should be fun to see Amanda flip out even worse when she get’s put up by MVP again. Now that Howard’s not in the house the paranoia is going to sky rocket. She may go back to thinking Elissa has it and turn on her which will be entertaining to watch.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Candice talks about how a year ago she woke up after a drunken night of sex with a 22 year old guy that she just met. She says that she had a broken toe nail and the condom was still inside her. She says that’s when she realized her f**kapolusa was over.”

FINALLY we get a story that’s worst then the one Rachel told about “Blacking out after a wet t-shirt contest, and waking up with vomit all over her with a death grip on a wade of 100s”

Damn them girls can PARTY ;P

BBfan from Florida

So I take it the moderators are both men which is why I keep seeing “Nip slip” times. What is the male/female ratio on your website? and what about some “dick slip” times:)


Amanda is MVP !! yay America !! gm, Candice, Jessie, judd, & spencer are POV players !!


CBS and my cable company are in disputes… GRR!

NOW my cable company is no longer broadcasting CBS… UGH!!

Can I please get some options/websites where I can watch this Sun/Weds and but more importantly this THURS show, via online… even if delayed, I just need to watch the Double-Evition???

BTW, I have the live-feeds on CBS.com via OBB (Thanks Simon & Dawg) but the episodes/videos do not play on my comp for some strange reasons!



In my area, the station (TVGN), that broadcast BB After Dark shows a marathon on Fridays of all the shows for the week. You might can watch the episodes that way. I hope this helps you. CBS might not be in my area for much longer either. That saddens me because I watch a lot of CBS.


I am wondering if Amanda mother’s real estate business is taking a hit over Amanda’s nasty behavior????? I know I wouldn’t want to do business with them, I think Amanda has shown the world she might be nice to your face, but look out what she is saying behind your back.
Aaryn is right about one thing, she hasn’t done anything worthy,

Candice is an idiot.

Florida is the sleazeball capitol of the world. Amaconda’s behavior will probably help her mom’s business. She’ll put a sign out front: Meet the Famous Skanky Whore from Big Brother…AMACONDA ZUCKERMAN!!!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

The more Helen talks about her long term strategy with the Andy — the greater hole she digs herself into = Andy is with Pizza Boy and Crazy.

Helen you gone!!!!!!!!

Arya Stark is a Badass

“Helen says I think we need to take out McCrae soon, if we take Amanda to the end no one will vote for her.”

This is pretty interesting. With the double eviction coming up this week I’m hoping the house can breakup the Amanda/McCrae partnership.


Rat Patrol…. rate the BB rats so far this season1

1st what is a rat? Basically backstabber with no loyalty. Unlike a floater who moves from power to the new power each week the rat is plotting and working with everyone all the time. Not until the rat is threatened does he choose his/her friends. Best rat in BB history Shelly, best floater Porche maybe. There is a big difference in these 2 persons games.

1) Hands down the KING rat so far this season is Andy. He will give Shelly a run for her money as best ever if he can get F4/F3. Andy walks into a room… sits in the corner and nibbles his cheese like a good little rat! Then runs to repeat what he heard.

2) Helen redefines rat daily. Her friends BS is sickening. She breaks all her deals and turns on folks who could ultimately help her. Unlike King rat Helen is a douchebag dumba$$ rat for the ages. In the end the snake will eat this rat.

3) Rat in waiting is Arryn. This exceptional rat has both Helen and Amanda thinking that she is their pet rat. She is a pet rat that is destined to sit beside Amanda F2. This racist is clearly the 50K pet rat of/for BB15.

4) The lost rat! Clearly Judd is the lost rat without exception. He had a goof troop slot and ready to pounce on Ellisa/Helen when Amanda ordered it. He ruined his whole season by bragging about getting Kaitlyn out with his lies. This wanna be rat lost the game because he couldn’t keep his cakehole shut! Mumbles will be in the jury house asking the mirror why and won’t understand his own answers!

5) The wharf rat. Spencer earns this title by his sexest talk and running away from MC week 2. He may possible make the jury though I don’t personally think so. A wharf rate has skin like leather and will eat anything… I here Spencer likes butterscotch pudding! J E L L O

Jessie is a pure floater. GM is looking for those long lost balls this week. Those noms sure are big moves. I presume her nomination speech will be the drivel you here when someone is backed up by “the mob” when we see it Sunday. Ellisa is a lost sheeple now. Her backbone left when she overtly allowed the racist to stay and play. Candy is a terrible player lost in her own emotions. Her sex stories on tv shock my sensabilities and should have been kept private. That’s just my opinion.

Now for the 2 fan favourites :P Amanda is a lot of nasty things but not a rat IMO. A rat has principles Amanda has none. Playing the game better than anyone and has AG to fall back on if she gets in trouble. Only her lack of comp ability has her anything but a mortal lock F2. McCrae know Amanda will swallow you up when the time comes. It’s like McCrae is a turtle giving a snake a ride across a pond. When they get to the other side the snake eats the turtle. While dying the turtle asks why? The snake says ” I’m a snake it’s what I do”. Amanda will torch McCrae before the finale. One of the few playing for 500K and not a paid vacation.

ILLWILL OBB Resident A$$hole

“Amanda says yeah that’s why I bought a $300 vibr@tor.”

But does it cuddle with you afterwords? LMFAO


What would a $300 vibr@tor look like? I bet it has a kickstand and rear view mirrors

Candice is an idiot.

It’s the Coup de Vroom vibrator.


Im sure Riley Cooper is so proud of Aaryn and GinaMarie for their views.


Here’s hoping Amanda leaves this Thursday. If Amanda doesn’t then this season is a wrap and there is no reason to watch anymore


I think that CBS should have taken a stand early on in the game to stop the racism. This is spiraling more and more out of control. If they stopped it right away, the other houseguests would see that they weren’t going to put up with it and hopefully it would stop.

At this point, the only thing they could do is stop the current show (and that would suck)because there’s just too many of them making horrible comments. If it was just one or two contestants, they could axe them but at this point, they would have to get rid of Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer, GM, etc.

Worst case scenario is their sponsors drop them and no more live feeds.(because it seems like most of the comments are coming from the feeds) CBS is digging a hole deeper and deeper for themselves.

Why didn’t it say in the “contract” that they have to sign that they need to keep religion, race, etc. out of their convos? CBS is milking it, and they know it.


I do not believe Helen is wanting Spencer to go to F3. She is still working on setting Judd up and save Candice. This is her backdoor Judd plan, at the moment.


Honestly, kowone has the courage to evict anyone. With the exception of Spencer and Candace. The problem is they all don’t use there senses to figure out who really wants to win the big money. They settle for jury to get 13 grand. For Judd to be BB fan, it’s kind of hard for him to play maybe they way he thought coming in becuz of all tally tales going back to the ppl in charge. I don’t have a favorite this season as all of them need a wake up call. I understand this game is about lying but the personal attack and outrageous demeaning of ppl is way out of line. I listen to Howard last nite with Jeff and he is fully aware of who’s running the house and what everyone is doing. Unfortunately he was in a spot that he couldn’t completely tell anyone becuz of them being so paranoid of who will attack them instead of them standing up when being attack. We saw Spencer do that but he has caused so much damage to choral the others.


This is where Amanda is so self absorbed…. She can’t imagine America voting for her because she feels America loves her in her mind.. But she has to realize that why if it is someone in the house, why isn’t she getting votes? Someone nominating her but no one votes for her, you have to make the connection that you are a b*tch, Amanda..

I want her to go soooooooooooo bad.


There is no drama this year ! Gina Marie needs to put up MaCrae as Jessies replacment for Veto !!!!! you would think Aaryn or Candice .. would have figured this out by now ? than Jessie, Candice, Spencer, Judd or Elissa could flip the house. It looks like Elissa is voting with the house and has gone against here gut last three evictions.

Fleur de Lis

“Aaryn says if I get MVP you all should self-evict because I have done nothing MVP worthy.”

No truer words have ever been spoken in the BB house!