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Hey addicted to bb10, that?s happened to me before. After waiting for a little, it shows up. Hopefully that’s the case with you. Can anyone tell me how to access all the replies for a given episode/date?


I’m wondering about the donation link at the end of the articles….


I will never forget over a year ago when I searched big brother 8 spoilers on google and found your site. I have come here everyday since. Even when BB is not on to see how my fave. players are doing and what they are up to. Thanks so much for this site!! It would be nice to maybe have an opinion section from the writers like simon and dawg. I would really like to know ya’lls opinions of the houseguests and going ons in the house. Just a suggestion. Ps. I vote for dawg everytime in the polls, I think it is so funny! lol


Your Welcome!


what is the brand name of the red refrigerater in the bb 10 kitchen?


What happened to the “video of the week”? That was my favorite! Last Season I found 2 killer songs that I now listen to daily via nano. Keep up the good work! I found your site 3 years ago and check it SEVERAL times a week! I will make a donation for sure!


Hey BigBrother we have an idea for A new Show Called Little Brother simalilar to your Show big Brother.


I Just want to know if someone is giong to tell Renne about the big wind going through her home.


Keesha nominates Jerry and Ollie


Does Renny know about the hurricane? She should be told!

Tom Potts

No need to tell her she will be going through the door as fast as a hurricane Thursday night.

Rotten Rob

I am I the only one that noticed but Jerry rolled an 35 in the hoh comp but said he rolled 39


Love this site! I check it first thing in the morning, and before I go to bed at night. To Rotten Rob, Jerry rolled 35 and said he rolled 35, not 39. Just rewinded the DVR and checked it out. I know Rennie is going home this week, and the obvious choice for next eviction is Jerry. Yawn! To make it more interesting, I think that Dan, Memphis, or Keesha should immediately follow Rennie.


Jerry got mad at Memphis because he took Dan off the block….He said he only had Renny to put up.

Couldn’t he have put Memphis up? After all, Memphis didn’t use the POV to save himself, he used it on Dan…I would have put Memphis up if he broke his word to me.



good luck renny


Simon where can I make a donation?


I think that you should not post Dan’s website on the feed summary. Anyone with a feeble amount of knowledge on how whois works could get his home address. (Curiosity got the best of me and that is how I found it).
I know that he said it and it is fair game now, but out of respect for his personal safety due to the Judas Haters, I think you shouldn’t show it. I can’t believe if he is that much of a computer smart fellow that he would give out the name of his website that is registered under his real name and address. But I guess that goes to show how sheltered he is in that house as to how the public really feels like they know him.

CBSBigBrother10 Blog

I’d take people seriously if they knew how to spell when they’re bitching about something. And if you don’t like something why put so much energy into it by finding a website, typing out your 2nd grade scribble, and going through all that? How about channeling your teenage angst into something a bit more positive like getting a job and a life.

I run a Big Brother 10 blog on Livejournal and we love it over there. No such negativity as there is here. Yikes!


Hi, does anyone know the exact date of Big Brother 11^_^? I am trying to find out for my nana who is a really big fan. I have heard that maybe sometime in July?


Would love to trade links with you! You have some great stuff here.



Nick Starcevic (BB8)

Nice site :)


Maybe it would be easier if you posted camera numbers with the times. I know the Flash Back isn’t working yet with Season 11, but I think this would help. Sometimes quad view gets loud and I can’t hear some of the good conversations. So if you could also just add which camera you saw the moments on, that would help to go back and see it once and hear it well.

Just an idea…


I agree with Brandon. Give a camera number.

…or optionally put the quad cam in the corner….


I love this site. You guys are #1 with the updates. I stopped watching BB after season 5, but when I found this site I’m hooked again. LOL Gee thaanks Guys.


It;s the diary room, not the dairy room.

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Set dates and times to host the viewing party then invite friends on facebook to watch, comment, and even throw things at each other. The app can post a “watch with me” note on your profile too so others can join.


when are you going to update this site


Check out this site I found with T-shirts of Casey-isms.


Um, just a little request here…can you do without all of the nudity? Like I understand many of the pimply teenage site followers are very pleased with seeing jordan’s jiblets – but the fact is I am at work and I want to read spoilers of what is going on in the big brother house without worrying about seeing some blonde showing off her surgery results.


You’re supposed to be working!


please update this site


My two cents before the veto comp and the voting, what if Michelle used the POV and took Lyd off the block, and Russell then replaced her with Chima? This way Jesse and Nat would be one less person to make a vote? This way there would be more votes to take Ronnie out?????? We all know that Jess, Nat, Chima are tryin to figure a way to keep Ronnie another week right?



This sucks they were in the middle of a cool game and when it was Jeff’s turn it went to the fish thingy


PS thanks for the post…..

bb fan

let’s just hope michelle doesn’t fall for dorkapotumus lies…. now he’s trying to throw the sympathy card…


I dont think that will happen after the talk she had with Russell, I still think she should use the POV to take LYD off the block and then have Russell replace her with Jess, Nat, or even Chima, this way there is one less vote to keep Ronnie in the house…. He needs to go for big brothers sake, he played a crappy game and well it fell apart real fast…..


Kiss my ass

it’s a free site. if you want more from it pay for it or make your on. It just nice somebody wants to share with us, so say thank you and stop complaining.


Now how was that for a way to finish a night, HOLY CRAP……. People need to subscribe to the live feed to see all the BS that goes on in the house. All the he said / she said crap WOW!?!?!?! Crazy world we live in…. Funny part Are they being crazy for the way they are acting or are we crazy for paying to watch them act this way?????



Hey Simon, my wife and I were wondering what happened with jeff and jordon and russ? How come they are mad at russ and not trusting him anymore??? Thanks for the input



Sorry to bug you guys with this, but I’m a romantic. I really love Jeff and I loved seeing him & Jordon together. What’s going on with these two? They seem to have cooled off in the Showtime After Dark. I don’t have the live feeds, are they still a “couple”?


I would say they are….. She keeps saying that her family is old school and that her grandfather would not like her kissing Jeff. If she leaves she asked him for a FAIRY TALE send off, meaning a perfect kiss. I hope they stay together that would be nice



Fantastic idea giving one unknown person power to override nominations for eviction. I’m loving this!!! Please do more of this. I also like the fact that America gets to choose. Can’t wait for the next wrench you throw into BB11.


Randy Wolfgang

I agree completely – takes some of the jerks in the house down a peg or two.


LOL it sounds like ur being sarcastic… So I’m on the banwagon.. Kinda crazy we should predict the winner now and tell BB all the games don’t mean shit… And let the loser win the game


I think the person asking for an update on the site needs to lay off. This is the most accurate updated BB site out there. If they are so impatient maybe they should fork over the money and watch the live feeds themselves.



WHY is big brother letting lydia and her small minded possee touch other peoples personal stuff? What happen to the rules or do they just apply to some


I really find the Joke about 9/11 to be very insensitive and discusting…I’d expect that from Chima but not the others…Speaking as someone closely tied to that event I worked for days searching for colleagues who were missing and talking to their families daily! That joke needs to be appologized for and on the air…Nothing about 9/11 is, was or will ever be funny! I will not be watching anymore because of them and I could care less which scuz wins now


Chima……that ugly, giant lipped, weaved hair freak should be put off the show for making
any reference to 9/11……….how dare she ! CBS should have dumped her that instant !
Also, Jeff was nice enough to take Lydia off from being eliminated and didn’t even get a
thank you for it……..she was so worried over Jessie who did nothing but “use” her for sex
on national television……….and ignored her most of the time to buddy up with dirty Natalie,
that was really something ! She really needs to go ! I hope Lyndia gets enough from this
show to buy a tooth or just stop her stupid smiling ! Natalie……the little puppet to Jessie…
maybe she is so depressed……..over ole’ Jess being gone…….it wouldn’t surprise me if
she just walked off the set ! GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO THOSE 3 PEICES
OF CRAP ! ! ! ! ! !


please someone tell me if Nat’s slop pass is for the season or just that one time, I didnt see it say SEASON PASS




CBS needs to think strongly about the behavior of the 3 friends and followers of Jesse. CBS cannot let them run the show. Bring back Braden, Laura and Casey and let the threesome go. They are taking over production and loving it.