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  1. Hey addicted to bb10, that?s happened to me before. After waiting for a little, it shows up. Hopefully that’s the case with you. Can anyone tell me how to access all the replies for a given episode/date?

  2. Big Brother 10 Spoilers has become very busy and as a result the server had to be upgraded and will most likely need to be upgraded again in the coming week. The server is very expensive and even though we do this site because we are crazy BB fans its is starting to cost us at the end of the day.

    We have been shutdown twice now with hosting companies not wanting to deal with our traffic, we have finally found one that can host the site but we have to pay more $$.

    If you like the site and want to support it theres three options now for you to help us keep it running. We appreciate any donation amounts, everything helps…

  3. I will never forget over a year ago when I searched big brother 8 spoilers on google and found your site. I have come here everyday since. Even when BB is not on to see how my fave. players are doing and what they are up to. Thanks so much for this site!! It would be nice to maybe have an opinion section from the writers like simon and dawg. I would really like to know ya’lls opinions of the houseguests and going ons in the house. Just a suggestion. Ps. I vote for dawg everytime in the polls, I think it is so funny! lol

  4. Ahh an old BB8spoiler reader.. yeah I remember those wild days they were fun. I’m glad to hear you have stuck with us. I gave up putting dawg in the polls due to lack of interest but I’ll add that guy back in there lol. A opinion section is a good idea, I’ll see what the dawg thinks.

    Thanks again taterbuggy18

  5. What happened to the “video of the week”? That was my favorite! Last Season I found 2 killer songs that I now listen to daily via nano. Keep up the good work! I found your site 3 years ago and check it SEVERAL times a week! I will make a donation for sure!

  6. Hey Ann, Glad to hear we have a bb8spoiler veteran still with us. As for the videos… Sadly we can’t show any videos of the live feeds because of real player’s policies..

  7. Love this site! I check it first thing in the morning, and before I go to bed at night. To Rotten Rob, Jerry rolled 35 and said he rolled 35, not 39. Just rewinded the DVR and checked it out. I know Rennie is going home this week, and the obvious choice for next eviction is Jerry. Yawn! To make it more interesting, I think that Dan, Memphis, or Keesha should immediately follow Rennie.

  8. Jerry got mad at Memphis because he took Dan off the block….He said he only had Renny to put up.

    Couldn’t he have put Memphis up? After all, Memphis didn’t use the POV to save himself, he used it on Dan…I would have put Memphis up if he broke his word to me.


  9. I think that you should not post Dan’s website on the feed summary. Anyone with a feeble amount of knowledge on how whois works could get his home address. (Curiosity got the best of me and that is how I found it).
    I know that he said it and it is fair game now, but out of respect for his personal safety due to the Judas Haters, I think you shouldn’t show it. I can’t believe if he is that much of a computer smart fellow that he would give out the name of his website that is registered under his real name and address. But I guess that goes to show how sheltered he is in that house as to how the public really feels like they know him.

  10. I’d take people seriously if they knew how to spell when they’re bitching about something. And if you don’t like something why put so much energy into it by finding a website, typing out your 2nd grade scribble, and going through all that? How about channeling your teenage angst into something a bit more positive like getting a job and a life.

    I run a Big Brother 10 blog on Livejournal and we love it over there. No such negativity as there is here. Yikes!

  11. Hi, does anyone know the exact date of Big Brother 11^_^? I am trying to find out for my nana who is a really big fan. I have heard that maybe sometime in July?

  12. Maybe it would be easier if you posted camera numbers with the times. I know the Flash Back isn’t working yet with Season 11, but I think this would help. Sometimes quad view gets loud and I can’t hear some of the good conversations. So if you could also just add which camera you saw the moments on, that would help to go back and see it once and hear it well.

    Just an idea…

    1. I love this site. You guys are #1 with the updates. I stopped watching BB after season 5, but when I found this site I’m hooked again. LOL Gee thaanks Guys.

  13. Um, just a little request here…can you do without all of the nudity? Like I understand many of the pimply teenage site followers are very pleased with seeing jordan’s jiblets – but the fact is I am at work and I want to read spoilers of what is going on in the big brother house without worrying about seeing some blonde showing off her surgery results.

  14. My two cents before the veto comp and the voting, what if Michelle used the POV and took Lyd off the block, and Russell then replaced her with Chima? This way Jesse and Nat would be one less person to make a vote? This way there would be more votes to take Ronnie out?????? We all know that Jess, Nat, Chima are tryin to figure a way to keep Ronnie another week right?


  15. This sucks they were in the middle of a cool game and when it was Jeff’s turn it went to the fish thingy


    PS thanks for the post…..

  16. let’s just hope michelle doesn’t fall for dorkapotumus lies…. now he’s trying to throw the sympathy card…

    1. I dont think that will happen after the talk she had with Russell, I still think she should use the POV to take LYD off the block and then have Russell replace her with Jess, Nat, or even Chima, this way there is one less vote to keep Ronnie in the house…. He needs to go for big brothers sake, he played a crappy game and well it fell apart real fast…..


  17. it’s a free site. if you want more from it pay for it or make your on. It just nice somebody wants to share with us, so say thank you and stop complaining.

  18. Now how was that for a way to finish a night, HOLY CRAP……. People need to subscribe to the live feed to see all the BS that goes on in the house. All the he said / she said crap WOW!?!?!?! Crazy world we live in…. Funny part Are they being crazy for the way they are acting or are we crazy for paying to watch them act this way?????


  19. Hey Simon, my wife and I were wondering what happened with jeff and jordon and russ? How come they are mad at russ and not trusting him anymore??? Thanks for the input


    1. there was a massive blow up last night and the dust is just settling. I know Michelle isn’t mad at Russell she said it was an act… so maybe Jeff and Jordan feel the same. I’m a little behind in the feeds right now. dawg would know i’ll ask him.

    2. Hi Dave,

      Jeff and jordan are unsure of Russell now, but Jeff and Russell still have the deal/alliance. It is believed that Jeff Jordan are trying to stay away from Russell because of all the drama the night before and they dont want to be mixed up in or associated with it.

      1. Sorry to bug you guys with this, but I’m a romantic. I really love Jeff and I loved seeing him & Jordon together. What’s going on with these two? They seem to have cooled off in the Showtime After Dark. I don’t have the live feeds, are they still a “couple”?

  20. I would say they are….. She keeps saying that her family is old school and that her grandfather would not like her kissing Jeff. If she leaves she asked him for a FAIRY TALE send off, meaning a perfect kiss. I hope they stay together that would be nice


  21. Fantastic idea giving one unknown person power to override nominations for eviction. I’m loving this!!! Please do more of this. I also like the fact that America gets to choose. Can’t wait for the next wrench you throw into BB11.


    1. LOL it sounds like ur being sarcastic… So I’m on the banwagon.. Kinda crazy we should predict the winner now and tell BB all the games don’t mean shit… And let the loser win the game

  22. I think the person asking for an update on the site needs to lay off. This is the most accurate updated BB site out there. If they are so impatient maybe they should fork over the money and watch the live feeds themselves.


  23. WHY is big brother letting lydia and her small minded possee touch other peoples personal stuff? What happen to the rules or do they just apply to some

  24. I really find the Joke about 9/11 to be very insensitive and discusting…I’d expect that from Chima but not the others…Speaking as someone closely tied to that event I worked for days searching for colleagues who were missing and talking to their families daily! That joke needs to be appologized for and on the air…Nothing about 9/11 is, was or will ever be funny! I will not be watching anymore because of them and I could care less which scuz wins now

  25. Chima……that ugly, giant lipped, weaved hair freak should be put off the show for making
    any reference to 9/11……….how dare she ! CBS should have dumped her that instant !
    Also, Jeff was nice enough to take Lydia off from being eliminated and didn’t even get a
    thank you for it……..she was so worried over Jessie who did nothing but “use” her for sex
    on national television……….and ignored her most of the time to buddy up with dirty Natalie,
    that was really something ! She really needs to go ! I hope Lyndia gets enough from this
    show to buy a tooth or just stop her stupid smiling ! Natalie……the little puppet to Jessie…
    maybe she is so depressed……..over ole’ Jess being gone…….it wouldn’t surprise me if
    she just walked off the set ! GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO THOSE 3 PEICES
    OF CRAP ! ! ! ! ! !

  26. CBS needs to think strongly about the behavior of the 3 friends and followers of Jesse. CBS cannot let them run the show. Bring back Braden, Laura and Casey and let the threesome go. They are taking over production and loving it.

  27. I wish the 3 idiots………Chimpa, HappyTooth and Nasty would walk off the set…..good
    idea…..bring back Laura, Braden and Casey…….normal people !!!!!!! This stupid needs
    to teach CBS how to have normal people !

  28. Big Brother why wont you make those 3 idiots follow the rules! They are not going to let the other house guest practice for the competition. So the game should be changed. This show is starting to make people angry. Why is BB so afraid of Chima and Natalie? I just dont understand this

  29. There are so many negative comments about Chima. I would like any of you to go into Big Brother?s House and see if you could handle the pressure. There were lies and deceit and living in a house for a very long time with a bunch of people could cause chaos. Everyone thought Jeff and Jordan were the perfect couple. Well, they are not. Chima is human and with a game like Big Brother house, people can mentally be affected. We watch so many reality shows in which we are not really aware of what is really going on and come to our own conclusions about what we think is the right decision for someone. Chima was not racist, Brandon was. Let us not forget HIS comments. I am quite sure there were other racists in the house also. But who is going to admit it when they are trying to win $500,000. I don?t think Chima should have been asked to leave as Lydia said she would commit suicide. What is worse, throwing a mic in the water out of mental distress or stating you are going to commit suicide especially over a man. Yes, Chima did make comments about Russell being a terrorist and about 911. At that time Big Brother should have stepped in and made a decision. But, it just shows us that ratings are more important. Russell should have been thrown out as well as Chima when they were both in each others faces and Russell in Jessie?s face. Jeff just about informed Jordan he had the ?magical power? when he stated nothing was going to happen to them and almost slipped it out to Russell. Keep in mind Jordan and Jeff both had their mic?s off for approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Should production have assumed Jeff at that time was informing Jordan he had the ?magical powers?. Our reality shows are becoming more and more intense and don?t be surprised if one day someone ends up shooting someone else on national television. It has happened before where a guest shot and killed someone. Yes, this is only a game. But it is a live televised game and people put up fronts for America and their families all the time. But the reality of it all is, Chima as well as the others may be the nicest people you would ever want to meet. But, a game in which you could win $500,000 in a time in which an economy like ours has become devastating. People in Big Brother house are desperate and will do or say anything just to win money. Bills have to be paid, people are without jobs and homes are being foreclosed. Think about you and what would you do. Don?t bash someone until you get to know that person.THIS IS ONLY A GAME??

    1. well dal ur right this is a game but everyone is entitled to their comments u may like chima and there are select few of us who dont she had no game she hid behind jessie and pig pen and was a sore ass loser when things weren’t going her way she showed her true colors thats all i have to say about that

    2. Dal you could not be more wrong. She is a racist. She said ALL southern people are idiots. It’s because Obama didn’t win a southern state. There were southern people that voted for him. Braden is a racist too. No denying that. You are right it is only a game. She couldn’t handle the preasure. Glad the Biotch is gone. Never said I was any better than her.

  30. HAHA what a lame ass quitter…… She complained about Jeff having the power and how it was unfair, but if the sides were switched she would have done the same thing……… I wish they would bring someone back just to take her place, but I dont think they could, because that person would be on the block as her replacement…..

  31. This is so unfair them playing for a new HOH. I mean that is ok but they should allow Michelle to get to try again, since Chima was the last HOH and Michelle was only HOH for one day. Now since she is not allowed to play she can be put on the block…… Thats pretty messed up if CBS plays like that. That means Chima’s group might actually win what they wanted…. The HOH for this week and put up their enemies…. CBS should have thought about how they were going to try and redo this part…

    My two cents again…


  32. These 3 girls are sore losers in capital letters. at least Jessie acted like a man when he was evicted……I wish they would throw all 3 of them out and let the 4 who want to be there play the game………Bravo to CBS for throwing out Chima…it should have happened eariler…I teach 7th graders who are more mature than Lydia, Natalie and Chima…when they look back at the tape they are going to see just how stupid they were!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Chia pet, chima, tickles me calling all these people racist when in fact she is the true racist. Just because she is of African descent doesn’t give her the right to chastise, calling southerners idiots because they didn’t vote for Obama, or Russell a terrorist because he is of Mid-Eastern descent. It’s OK for her to be proud and independent; however you don’t have to oppress others in being so. She is 30 something years old. It’s time to grow up Chima and let go of the anger. You will live longer. Guess I am no better by calling Chima a name but she did call me an idiot first. Personally I am glad she is gone. It’s a game. It’s not real life. As for Natalie and Lydia, I just don’t get. They were enemies two weeks ago and now they’re like sisters. Lydia you were saved by Jeff. Why so much hate towards him. Natalie, the first day I thought you were the cutest person in the BB house. Then you opened your mouth. Enough said.

  34. Hey simon, im wondering if you have thougth about creating a forum where people can discuss some topics and stuff, sometimes the comment option dont work properbly since comments get burried so fast.. (btw im sure many people will want to help out with that) :)

    1. Ya I have been thinking about.. I won’t have time to implement it this year but I think i’ll do it for sure next year for BB12 (allstars ][ ) Actually I think i’ll give the site a face lift add some new features etc.. I’m open for suggestions from everyone.

  35. Lydia needs to go, did she not forget Jeff took her off the block,,Jesse didn’t care about her, she is so dumb, now she is friends with Natalie who also didn’t like her,,,This is a game and Lydia, and Chima are the worse house guest ever on BB…

  36. Please use the correct wording for would of, should of, could of to read would HAVE, should HAVE or could HAVE. It’s annoying when people use it incorrectly.

  37. SImon,

    I saw a screenshot on another site yesterday with Jeff and Jordan dancing in the Red Room. Do you happen to know/remember what day/time that was. Greatly appreciate all you do for all of us. Thanks.

    1. Simon,

      Nevermind, I found it. It wasn’t really dancing just Jeff ONCE AGAIN trying to woo Jordan with a little dance, she didn’t go for it. If anyone else wants to see it its on July 16 at about 1:30 PM – Red Room. Its on all cameras. Thanks anyway.

  38. hey everybody everyone knows that jeff is gonna take of either of them and then use the POV to take of either kevin or nat and backdoor RUSSEL

  39. Hey guys! Is there a way where can get email notification when someone replies to my post? One thing I like on message boards is sometimes if they move too quickly, or in this case new blogs get put up, it’s good to know if someone replied to an old comment I made. Oh, and I see you said something about BB 12 being an All Stars. Has that been confirmed? That would be awesome!

  40. did you know there is a movie called the island with ewan mcgregor and scarlet johannsen their names in the movie are jordan and lincoln and licoln is what jeff said his friends call him at the bars…i just thought it was funny..

  41. Question- Do they need to bring back one houseguest? Because they need
    7 in the jury house. They can’t only have 6 because that would be an even number
    for votes. Just curious- great season so far! I can’t wait to see who wins the new

  42. I know that you want a lot of drama with the house guests so that you have a more interesting TV reality show. But I think that the alcoholic beverages should not be available. Lydia made a real idiot of herself. And the foul language that is tolerated is absurd. This has been the worst Big Brother series for those reasons.

  43. what ever. the show just lost its lustre. With jeff obviously leaving whats left. jordon cant win, so all we have are losers left. Keep hoping for jeff that the hope which is what is left in pandoras box can save him. Twist

  44. If Jeff gets voted out, I will stop watching. Nathalie is the lamest person to ever be on this show, I get sick of seeing her on air, dragging her feet around the house in those oversized slippers – YUCK! She hasn’t done anything to stay in this game but ass kiss and I’m sick of hearing her voice. Hopefully, Jeff will be saved at the last minute, he’s the only one left who has really played this game.

  45. Natalie is a scumbag. She has been riding everyone’s coattails the whole time. First , Jessie then Kevin. He needs to get rid of her or she needs to play for herself. I have wanted her gone for weeks.

    1. i couldnt agree more she is a piece of crap. i wont be watching bb anymore. spoiled it for all of us cbs. shame on ypou for picking such crap.

  46. So, much for your threatening of not publishing offending replies on your website.
    The following response is offensive to some of your readers that have what is left in this society respect.

    148 Responses to ?Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin about Jeff ?He?s very stupid when it comes to this game its like he?s bending over asking for a big dick??

  47. How Nat ever got on the show is a miracle, she’s not capable of playing anything. Send her home to daddy and jason (boy he must be hard up!!). She is as ugly as garbage, and never learned how a woman acts or talks. She has a garbage for a mouth.

  48. Kevin never thought on his own, he let Nat lead him around by this nose. He was afraid of everyone until he got HOH (by accident since he is not that bright).

    They cheat by keeping a calendar of events which is against the rules, and yet BB does nothing. They should both be eliminated for breaking the rules!!!

  49. Yeah remove them on Thursday for breaking the rules, and then you have your evictions. Boy would that shake up Nat and Kevin!!

  50. i will never watch bb again. this is all fixed. there is no way that the little rat and her girly toy should be there. they are both crap and i am very disappointed in the results, i wont be watching anymore. thnks cbsw for s boring ending

  51. After 11 seasons watching faithfully… Big Brother you have singlehandedly lost me as a fan! You after all must see how horribly Natalie has played this game and you continue to give her kudos along with Chima! Shame on you!

  52. Thank you for all the bigbrother updates over the season but did you have to put up the cookie -dough picture over Jordon face. She is not fat and dont think that we should be supporting this. To many girls have low selfestem and lets face it shes hot.


    Why isn?t anyone talking about the fact that Natalie was holing onto the rope in the start of the HOH1 competition. Julie said you can only hold onto your key and she was holding onto the top of the key bottom of the rope!!!

    Come on!!! Did you see???

  54. Not only did PP cheat but so did Kevin. take a look at the feeds from last night. It is blatantly clear that he did not follow the rule of “facing forward”. He stood sideways for quite sometime throughout the comp and in addition to Natalie holding the rope, she too did the sideways walks. The only one who followed the rules was Jordan. They both deserve to be disqualified from that comp.

  55. i think you in love with jeff and jordin and cant accept the fact that nat and kevin is winning..u bias peice of shit…racist ass cracker

  56. Picture of the horse Mr. Ed should go up for Laura, she was hot but did have a horses mouth. Magilla Gorilla is a good one for Russel.

  57. I cannot stand Nat! If she wins, this will be my last season to watch big brother. I realy would like to see Jordan win at this pointe.

      1. Don’t worry about it, Simon. I can imagine how fast you are typing to get it all done and back up. Spelling should be the least of your worries. If you need an old lady to give it a look first, I volunteer. Hell, I ain’t perfect either but we can blame it on my age and eyesight.

        1. Amen to that!!!! I’m a writer and a proofer for other writers, and you’d think errors would bug me, but absolutely not in this case. There’s no way I could follow every detail of the feeds that closely, type it out in real time, and get it up on a website that fast, so kudos to you guys who keep us so well informed. I think the majority of us can read right through the errors, don’t mind it, and by the way, anyone who complains about this also needs to not forget that this is a FREE service. I doubt those complaining are making donations.

  58. Thank goodness BB has saved the show, America’s vote and The RAT loss the comp. I will survive the possibility of watching the finals. I love BB and hope one day to actually be on . however I could never have America so angry with the network for putting me on I would make America proud. The RAT, don’t know how she ever made it to appear and disgrace herself and lie as she did , don’t get me wrong lie yes but to a degree she had this long wind of lies that even viewers couldn’t follow on.
    The RAT (Nat), seems very unhappy and speaks of being with only a hand count of friends and a dad that completes her . She got picked for the show ??????? and all of America had a seat to watch first hand of dysfunctional behavior act out through a 24yr wanna be 18year old adult I would hope some doctor maybe Doctor Will from the previous BB may give some much needed evaluation to the RAT after she has loss this game, she did speak of getting together with Chima after the show ends. omg, she will have a true friend to add on her finger count look out Reality shows The Rat and the nut are headed your way soon……….

    1. I would point out that Jeff received an overwhelming percent of the votes which means that America respected him, his character, and game play. So you are definitely in the minority which should make you wonder what is wrong with you. You think that your vile words are impressive? They just make you sound ignorant!

  59. you know donna,


    1. @Bagly —

      Natalie would not have lied?!?!?!?! Have you been watching BB11 or LOST? Natalie lies when the truth sounds better…..she doesn’t appear to be able to control herself in the lie category…she did not throw the competition…..she simply lost legitimately to JORDAN…Not even close and rambled on and on with excuse after excuse why she didn’t win … even going so far as to say it was rigged for Jordan……..SORE LOSER…She liked the control so she definetely didn’t just LET someone else win ….. SHE LOST!! Let the rest of us SANE people enjoy the moment…..

  60. i want to suggest to do a show with 12 family members…. instead of strangers, i would like to see a show with family members… to see how they react and to see who teams up with who. for the prize, instead of money,,, the winner gets a vacation…..i hope you think about this…..

  61. Simon. See the message I get when using your Contact Us address:

    Subject: Simon: BB 9 James photo you were looking for – Lennon’s Ghost

    Your message cannot be delivered to the following recipients:

    Recipient address:
    Reason: Remote SMTP server has rejected address
    Diagnostic code: smtp;553 sorry, that address is unknown
    Remote system: dns; (TCP||59688||25) ( ESMTP)

  62. Simon ignore my last message. It is went the notify me box is xhecked that I get this message. Once I unchecked my comment went through.

    Again sorry!!!

  63. What timezone is written in? I tried your flashback times for example and could never find the right part of the video. I’m in CST. Thanks.

    1. We’re in the same timezone as Big Brother.. what conversation are you having trouble with.. I use flashback hundreds of times a day and it’s really tough sometimes to get find a conversation..

      1. I’ve noticed that sometimes the quad cams and the individual feeds dont line up correctly. It will be the correct time on the quads but be 20 mins off on the actual F1, F2 etc. So you have to kinda play detective and figure it out. It can be a real pain.

  64. Long time reader here, and felt compelled to throw in my 2 cents tonight. If you’re ever in the market for someone to augment the play-by-play with some post game analysis, hit me up. Great site, always come around when the season starts even though I get the live feeds (I did the referral link, so you should have received some cash with that) I check your site for the major scores.

    Ethan (Sociologist, Psychologist – minor -)

  65. Simon/Dawg:

    I have been talking with my friend Richie (he’s honest and trustworthy), off and on bout this site, and the possibilities of getting in on CBS’s retooling of BB. I have to keep in mind, though, that there are already original cast members of this show that have their own sites. However, your site is an original “concept” and could easily be developed into a 30 minute show – to run either before or after the original broadast. Hard to say!!! Need to get a name attached!!!! But it is the “Concept” that is most important. Just wanted to to let you both know that I wasn’t just making a “hit-n-run” comment or suggestion. I’ll keep working at on this end for now. Nothing at CBS has been set in stone. Who knows!!! take it easy

  66. Simon/Dawg: I was really bothered by last nights disruption. So I wrote a letter to/for you all to read and maybe post for others to see. You can add, or edit anyway you see fit. I Care!

    Last night, I read through every comment, criticism, opinion and suggestion posted, from the time the site was up and running, until early this morning when the last comment was posted. I couldn’t help but notice that about a hand full, if not more, of first-time posters joined the conversation. However, they were not here to add to it, on the contrary, they were to “goof on” what was being said by serious commentator, and to amuse themselves. In other words, these “idiots” decided to ‘shit” all over this site, and the idea of an open forum for discussion, just to make each other “go tee hee.’
    What is most disturbing to me, is that for every one of the 6 or 7 assholes on here last night, using this site to “act out” their warped sense of values, there are 1000 men and woman, their age, who spent last night in a foreign country, fighting a war they didn’t start, and are needlessly dying to protect not just our rights to freedom of speech, but sadly, theirs as well. But enough about “dirk digler, ryan idol, LJ, Shannon, raganthinkisfunny, and askandanswered. (I know there is more) They got enough attention already.
    I am writing this, because as a community we need to keep this forum open to all and be welcoming to new ideas and thoughts, but we also have to help out, and like in any close-knit community, do some self-policing. Simon/Dawg have been, for the past 4 years, voluntarily working their ass off behinds the scenes, so that from late July to early September we fans of BB have a place to go and (at least) try to have an intelligent discussion about the show. (Is that pushing it?) Ok, so we can come here and bash, trash, and express our disappointment in the developments of this show. Last night’s trash talk was not about the show, it was about who we are and this site. I refuse to let a bunch of unwelcome, empty-headed douche bags just come in here, pull up a seat and destroy what Simon/Dawg have worked so hard at creating and maintaining one of best site around. Not to mention, one of the last of “my guilty pleasure.”
    This is hard question to answer! How can we as a community (not a cloister) protect our rights as well as those with less than admirable intentions? I am against “exclusivity”, in order to prevent assholes from gaining entry. It blocks the expression of new ideas, and financially is essential for in order to keep this site going and improving. Simon/Dawg, are a dynamic two-man team doing the work of 6. This is especially true on nights when this show is broadcasted – especially Thursdays. Tey don’t have the time to moderate at least 100 comments per hour, let allow transcribe and then post updates. It is not their fault. Well for now that’s all I have to say. I could not sleep until I got this written. I just hope I am not the only one who felt this way.

    1. Thanks jimik, Like you stated It is impossible for me to maintain the deluge of comments and keep the site updated with house activity during busy HOH nights. What I propose is if people know of a person that is abusing the comments section to report them either send me a email or put a comment in the Contact us section and i’ll look into into it and add them to the spam list.

      Every big night we’ll have idiots come on here talking shit.

      Thanks to everyone that had something intelligent to say last night.

      1. I see it a little differently but it is not my website. I have posted here for a few years and at times I have said things that have been not so nice and I have made dumb posts and have commented like a mad woman at times and honestly it has been awesome not to be monitored. It’s the only reason I come here year after year. I don’t care if someone posts bull. I weed through it and find names of people I am amused by or like their comments. Some days I jump in and answer the crazy comments. I try and welcome anyone who says they are commenting for the first time. You never know who might feel welcome and come back and make a friend with or add excellent content. It’s fun to debate the houseguests whether you like them or not. If we start weeding out the comments, we might lose someone awesome. I kinda like the idea of free speech too.

        As I’ve come to realize this week, even favorites can turn into crapbags and slam you so really if we want to be exclusive, we’d end up with only 10 people commenting and that would defeat the purpose and make this place boring. Ignore those who get on your nerves or who piss you off or anything you think isn’t worthy but I say let the party commence.

        This of course is my opinion only. I don’t speak for anyone else only me.

        1. Thanks Rockstar, I was waiting for your input on all this.

          The comments that were bothering me were negative comments directed to the site or people saying anti gay or racially negative things.

          This is the same thing that happens every year when the it starts getting buys, This will still be the most uncensored place around but i want everyone to know I’m keeping an eye out for the abuser. . Thanks for your Opinion Rockstar

          1. jimik, rockstar and simon – you guys are the reason I come to this site and thanks for expressing my sentiments. Some of the snipers may not take the time to read your thoughtful ideas, just “hit it” with comments they probably can’t say in real life and run, having vented. Jimik — it concerns me that this is one of your last guilty pleasures… Rockstar you are wildly imaginative and supportive. Simon, great work. Thank you all.

    2. I cant beleive that you would bring up the wars in afganistan and iraq and bring that crap into the mix. I mean really – what does your wars have to do with free speech. Those wars have nothing to do with free speech, You americans seem to think that all your wars have to do with free speech and that you are the only country in the world that has free speech. Are you kidding me.

      I think you need to take a break and seek help. Sorry I just had to respond to your post!

  67. Simon/Dawg – I wish you all the best for the rest of the season. I have had a great time but recently, I realize that it is not the place for me and need to find another forum. I am glad I found this site when I did (last year) because I had just about given up on my writing career. Thanks for helping me work through some nasty shit and get to what I was trained and feel I have a nack for, once again. When I need updates, should I decide to keep following this show, this will be the first and only place to come. I hope my suggestions were helpful, should you decided to re-tool your site. Look forward to it. Take care guys – job well-done – as usual. Please keep an eye on BBGrandma – I know she can hold her own, but twice she was out swimming with the sharks. Thanks Jimik60.

    1. Real sad to see you go man. I’ve always enjoyed your comments and presence on this site. I speak for everyone when I say that you will be missed. .

      Take it easy I look forward to your return.

      1. I’ve about had it with trolls on this site. I’m going to cage them all up and feed them to Alison.
        From now on i’m going Troll hunting on this site if anyone see a troll just point me in their direction

          1. Oh thats rich coming from the head troll. I am sick of your stupid comments about someone who is not even a houseguest and has nothing to do with the conversation. If you actually made a real comment I would probably keel over from a GD heart attack.

            1. Not only have I made real comments, I’ve made a few in the past 24 hours. Also, Simon laughs at my posts. Also, I’ve been helping Simon out for several years in a row. Some years it was small exclusives that I found on other sites, and in the EvelDick season they even quoted me in a few of their articles. As for this year? I discovered that another site was plagiarizing them, and informed them so they could deal with that. I look out for Simon and Dawg every year.

    2. jimik – I’m sad to see you go but I’m still at a loss as to what is going on. Sometimes you post and it’s funny as can be, sometimes the references go right on over my head but I think that might be an age difference. I’ve seen you flat out attack people and I’ve seen your kindness. This past week for some reason you seem really out of sorts. Even when people comment that they are amused or appreciate your comments you strike out at them. I have considered you a real person on this website. There are trolls and just people who comment and dash but you are one of the people who we have gotten to know but there seems to be something that is upsetting you besides the trolls.

      It’s never easy when you join a forum like this. If you take a look at any of the BB forums or any tv show or movie etc, no one gets along. Everyone disagrees and will always see things there way. I usually diasgree with 90% of the people here. Sometimes I give a little extra, sometimes I take more shark bites then ever but the thing everyone needs to realize is that if you jump in the shark tank and take a bite, you will get bit back. If you think you won’t then maybe this isn’t the place for you. I posted here a few times over the years and got totally slammed. It was nervewrecking. Last year I said screw it and jumped in. I was torn to shreds within seconds but I wiped off the blood, stictched up my wounds and came back fighting.

      Once again, my comments are mine and mine alone and I hope you change your mind and come on back and jump in with us. I’ve been dealing with real life stuff for a few weeks so I have not had the chance to comment as much as I want …. maybe take a few days off and think about what is going on and make your decision then. Whatever you decide, I wish you well. Take care

      1. I am not going anywhere. Its just that my emotions are all f**ked up. Its the grieving process I guess! This timeit is really hard, because the one person who was there to help me through it, and v/v, is now gone. Plus my therapist is on vacation until next week. i just feel that I need to back off until I GET A GRIP!!! – I mean of all the weeks to have to take a break from commenting! The material that I have – when I watch the broadcasts, I don’t know if I am laughing at the HG or the comments I have in my head once they open their mouths! Tonight’s show would be a novel. In all fairness to Simon/Dawg, and everyone who expressed concern, right now I am attacking out of pain and nothing else. I also don’t want to scare of new commentors/visitors. I hope I am making sense. I popped in off and on last night because i was concerned for BBGramdma. I am sure that in a week or so I be in a better space. The trolls don’t bother me, it is my reaction that bothers me. I see how you response to them rockstar and take example. But thank you all. Who knows, I might leave something for tomorrow nights eviction. But have a great time – you are great people, i just which I knew what you all look like? But, sometimes what you say and how you say it tells me more about a person than their appearance. “Sybil!” “Yes mama!” “Get down here and leave them people alone. See here I got you a new purple crayon, so come on down and we can play some songs on the piano!” “Okay mama!” Bye for now my friends!

        1. jimik60, I am here again. They changed my meds again and it takes me a couple of days to adjust but I am fine. Don’t you go anywhere for long. You take a day to readjust, just like me, and you come on back here and we will attack those sharks together. Nobody has drawn blood yet. If there is anything I can do to help, I am here for you. I don’t have a favorite among the Houseguests but I have a lot on this site. You are one of them. Thank you for always looking out for me. I do appreciate it and I appreciate you. XXOO

  68. Simon:

    Is there a problem with the website? Everytime I refresh this morning I go to a post from 8/15. I’ve checked my computer and everything seems fine. Please let me know what I need to do to get the most current posts.


    1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention i’m not sure why for you its showing a older post. We’ve just moved servers and things might not have sorted themselves out yet. Please give it a try later int he day and see if it’ll show you the correct post.

  69. Rachel and Britney are the “friends”! Really. Britney didn’t have to lie about the new rumor by the saboteur about a couple, male and female, being in the house, because there isn’t one, but the original comment from week #1 is true.

  70. Can you get the live feeds done through your mobile phone? Just wanted to know, probably a stupid question! But it doesn’t say anywhere that that is possible!?

  71. i thought the same thing the minute they did not vote her out i thought this game was straight up until then . this is not fair to the public.

  72. i just found this website a couple of days ago and I love it but I was wondering how do i get my name to show up when i leave comments…lol…

  73. This is the worst Big Brother season since I started watching for the beginning. This season is very boring, there are no surprises. I’ve never seen so much crying for no reason and everyones game play is terrible. If fact, no is playing the game, I think they are all on vacation mode and are there for a free ride for the summer.

    The fact that Danielles Dad left is when this game went down hill. If something dosen’t happen soon to get some excitement into this game I’m out for the season. Maybe next year you will pick better and smater bunch of game players.

    Boring, very boringgggg

    See you next year

  74. I never thought that Big Brother was fix until Thursday’s show. CBS new bringing back Brenden was going to have the ratings go up. It made a none believer out of me. Look what happened Dani won HOH isn’t that a surprise! All I have to say is FIX! FIX! FIX!

  75. Why is Porsche Briggs still on BB13 after food tampering incident? Food tampering is illegal and doing what she did could have caused severe diarrhea and a great lose of minerals. Jordan already suffers from those shakes. My point is that it is illegal, took Production around 23 hours to tell her to throw it away. In that time thousands of people saw what she did and could copycat her actions thinking that if CBS promotes it as a prank they can do the same. Shame on CBS and Production for promoting an illegal act and just giving her a little slap on the hand and having her say that they won’t even let her have some fun? She should be thrown out or given a penalty nomination and voted out. Chima threw a mike in the hot tub and look what happened to her – Porsche played with food tampering and she is still there and happy as a lark. CBS is rigged all the way! Thousands of people are hounding them about this and she is still there. Sad.

  76. the show on after hour has become so boring that the wheather channel is more interesting –so sorry that production has let such a great program to the low point it is now–i have watched it from the the after hour show since it started and never saw such a slow season with no interesting thing of any entertainment value — thinking of calling my showtime provider and having it removed as the after hours was the only reason to have it–maybe you need a new producer

  77. your site is the first and last thing I read everyday! I just wanted to say thanks so much for this site, and a really big thanks to you for all the time it must take to update all of us BB droolers. I can’t afford to donate at this time, but I wanted to make sure to show my appreciation in some way. thanks again~

  78. Watch out for the snake, Shelly!!! She is playing the game..but still a snake..will be able to silently creep up on you before you know it houseguests

  79. Jeff deserves another chance in that house!!!!!!!!!!!! His eviction was not fair!!!!!!! That shoe fell out of his bin and he should’ve been told!!!!!!! America wants Jeff back in, otherwise watch the ratings go downnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  80. We were completely disappointed with Big Brother this season.It was quite ovious that this show and probably all of them were scripted. Rachel was destine to win from day one, when all the HoH’s and POV’s were fixed. Most of them were stunts that Rachel was good at and the one with the soap suds if you noticed she had hardly no suds in her lane, and the finally one Porche had all the goop on her and neither rachel nor Adam had any. Why do you bring these losers back anyway??? Itr was not fun watching it this season so you have lost fateful watchers as we will not watch any more seasons.I was also disappointed in Jeff and Jordan . In the first seaseon they were in they were fair and good people but due to Rachel’s influence they have become as bad as she was.Jeff did not deserve the $2,500 in our opinion.

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