Big Brother 15 Media Day with BBCA Winner Jillian Maclaughlin!


With the première of Big Brother 15 set to air in just 5 days on Wednesday, June 26th, the video of the media personalities competing inside the Big Brother house has been released. Every year prior to the new Big Brother Cast moving into the house, the media move into the house for a day and play a condensed version of the game including introductions, HOH Competition, Nominations, Power of Veto Competition, and the Eviction Ceremony. As Big Brother Canada Winner Jillian Maclaughlin recently interviewed the cast, it’s not surprising that she also got the opportunity to join the media personalities inside the house. During the initial introductions Jillian introduces herself and comment in her diary room session that she held back a bit of key information about winning Big Brother Canada. (I’m pretty sure as all of these people in the house with you are media personalities, they know full well who you are and that you won BBCA!) In addition to Jillian, another Big Brother Alumni winner also joins the media personalities for a surprise visit. Can you guess who it might be?


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11 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 Media Day with BBCA Winner Jillian Maclaughlin!

  1. I liked Matt but he was stupid to get attention and call out a big threat.

    He should have played nice and if he won then go after Jillian.

  2. Can’t wait until Wednesday!! I ordered the live feeds through this site…Thanks for such a awesome site Simon and Dawg!!

  3. One thing I would like to see done is for the first few weeks when there is still a large number of houseguests left is have a “Hidden Veto” stashed around the house, it would be similar to the hidden immunity idol on survivor.

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