BBCAN Winner Jillian Interviews Big Brother 15 Cast


Big Brother Canada Powerhouse and season one winner Jillian Maclaughlin interviews the Cast of Big Brother 15 for ET Canada. David seems pretty stoned in the interview his plan is to take his winnings and travel around the world surfing. When Jillian asks him if he’s going to invest any of the winnigns he says he’ll blow it all cause “I’m not very much of a stock broker” (LOL team david) Jessie says she was job hunting online and saw a ad for Big Brother. AAryn says she’s not good with numbers and Andy is worried a stupid person will win Head of Household. Jillian points out that Amanda has “big boobs” she says “They are nice”. She asks Amanda if she will use her chest to her advantage in the Big Brother 15 House. Amanada’s answer ‘Of Course that is what I bought them for” (LOL). Jeremy and Candice are both open to a showmance.

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Chilltown Fan

I’m afraid Elissa might be our first MVP.


Lol, as long as she’s not as annoying as Rachel, but I do love me some Rachel. I’m really pumped to see Helen in action though, something about her makes me feel like she has some fight/evil ways about her, can’t wait to see if I’m right.


If Rachel’s sister wins the whole thing. She will be the second Reilly clan to win it. She probably study the tapes and see who will win it.

Chilltown Fan

Rachel didn’t have success until her second time on the show, and had to have a lot of production help for things to break her way. Rachel was also playing with returnees in an alliance. If Elissa displays Rachel-like behavior she will get the boot.


Does anyone think there will be a showmance this season???

Chilltown Fan

I do as well. Howard has all the makings of Ollie(hope I’m wrong).


I just ordered my live feeds thru you guys. And I got my dick at night. Now I’m ready for Wednesday and my summer long obsession to begin!! Hoping that this cast will being very entertaining !!


Thanks Cindy! We can’t wait either and I am sure this is going to be a crazy season!!


As soon as I see the new HG pics places on the right side of the OBB site, I then know that It’s time to get into “Full OBB Mode!!!!!”

These are highly-flawed, first impressions only, my fellow OBB enthusiasts. Don’t hold me to any of it. I could be (and probably am) totally wrong, about all of it. Just trying to help get everyone just a little more pumped up for Wednesday. (And I *always* make my OBB donation the second weekend of each season. Hope you can help Simon/Dawg, too.)

Personally, I think AG is tired of seeing the girls in the cast always become the early BB victims, season after season. To my eyes, I think the ladies are gonna be *very* strong this season. If I’m rating Jessie as the pre-game “#8, weakest girl”, the fairer sex is gonna be in *great* shape to go far this year. (Although unemployed, Jessie is no slouch. UT is a huge campus, and she no doubt learned plenty about life, love and the world down there in Austin. And graduating in 4 years isn’t as common as it used to be! And being unemployed has *never* been more common for a 20-something, than it is now….)

I thought it would be *impossible* for me to group Rachel Reilly’s sister as one of the more “chill”, less formidable females in this cast, but, as of now, I honestly do. (I’d say #7, second weakest girl, but I truly have no idea what to expect. Elissa does has the advantage of having her sister win/share every BB detail with her. And, as for folks wondering if the other HGs will be able to tell that she’s Rachel’s sister? Of course they will – and fairly quickly. Everyone who watches BB knows Rachel Reilly. Love her or hate her, you know Rachel, and many of her mannerisms. Hey, how long did it take the BB14 HGs to realize that Willie was the brother of Russell, from a different reality show, “Survivor”? Not long. (DNA is hard to hide.) But why don’t I think Elissa (Reilly) Slater will be the “Holy Terror Of BB15?” Are you kidding me? Can you say GinaMarie (aka “GiGi”), Maxim model/Playboy Golf Girl/Actress/Beauty pageant coordinator? Buxom NYC realtor, and powerhouse personality Amanda? How ’bout Candice? (Who’s a former NFL cheerleader? A former Miss Louisiana? Do you think “pageant coordinator” GinaMarie would know about that? Even if Candice decides not to share that info with the HGs?) How ’bout Aaryn, Former Miss Teen Colorado – will “Gigi” call Aaryn out on that one, too?) And the quick-witted, stunning midwesterner, Kaitlin? These girls all appear to be *very* savvy, are successful in the business world, have good heads on their shoulders, and all seem to know how to use their good looks to “supplement” the rest, without totally relying on it. (For example, there’s NO Ashley Iocco, “spray tan technicians” in BB15 – not even close.) And Helen? This girl brings a lot to the BB table. High-powered political consultants earn a ton of money! And BB is a lot like a campaign. Helen’s personality reminds me *very* much of Shelly Moore’s. Happily married. Mom. And she’s among the older cast members. (Actually, I think Helen, at 37, is the oldest HG in BB15.) Helen is simply brilliant. And she’s experienced enough to let the BB game come to her. I think it’s best for the “BB15 babes” if she emerges as the group leader for the women. My only concern is that. while I think that “we all get along in Minnesota, eyes-to-die-for, bartender (a profession where the person is usually far smarter than you thought) Kaitlin” would smartly be on board with that idea, my gut says that HGs like GinaMarie, Amanda, Candice and, I think, Aaryn (hard to tell for sure; no interview put up yet) are used to being the “Team Captain” themselves. If all of these strong women can somehow get along, stay mostly loyal to one another, and just work together against the guys, instead of cat fighting each other for “Who’s gonna be the Queen Bee?”, I think this could be the year for “BB Girl Power.” (Not to mention the power of Showmances, which also usually helps weaken that sentiment.)

As far the guys, the two whose personalities don’t scare me at all are “Spicoli Surf Dude David” (man, does he have to pay Sean Penn royalties? He doesn’t look like Penn at all, but he acts *exactly* like him!) and Judd, whose kind, laid-back, southern drawl, bible-belt persona shouldn’t come off as a threat to anyone. I think Spencer, from Arkansas, would be #3 on that list. He also has his southern drawl and charm, but, as a railroad conductor in his early 30’s, I think he’ll be smart enough to lay low early. But can he compete at all in comps? That could be his downfall. This is a *very* fit group…

I think Andy is going to be very popular. Smart. He jumped off the page to me as being likable. A bit like Ragan (who was also a professor), but Andy seems to have a happier general disposition than he did, with way less emotional baggage than Ragan, which got in his way at times. #2 on that score is McCrae – the long-haired, pizza delivery guy, The dude’s a total wild card. To me, McCrae’s just got something. An “it” factor. I can see why Robin Kass chose him. Don’t underestimate him. He’s open to a showmance. I think McCrae willl get along well with both the guys and the girls, and have a long run in BB15. Jeremy is clearly this year’s “looker” (although someone needs to tell David he’s not all that.) I suspect Jeremy will get plenty of very early interest from the girls. But conceit tends to turn a lot of hot babes off, and Jeremy comes off as co-#1 “Most Arrogant”, along with Nick (who’s fine, until he opens his mouth. I see Nick as being among the *very* first HGs to go – just so all the other HGs can keep their collective sanity.) As for Howard, I didn’t see a Jeff interview with him. But, as a former defensive back in DI college football, he’s clearly gonna be a comp beast, without being too big in size, at 5″10″. And if his social game is even average, he could be someone others want to get into an alliance with. That’s it for now!


I enjoyed this.. Thank you