Big Brother 15 Eviction, HOH and Returning Player Results

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Helen Vs. Spencer

Over the past 72 hours we’ve seen Helen and ELissa try every conceivable alliance, deal and scheme to keep Helen in the game. It’s a carbon copy of what Jessie did a week prior and the result was the same. With the tables turned it was an exciting week on the feeds and nice to see Helen and Elissa get a taste of their own medicine. I wish I could ask Helen, Is it time to get out Amanda yet?

Helen/Elissa started off trying to get the house against Amanda/McCrae… didn’t work. They then tried to get the house against Aaryn/GM… didn’t work. Then they tried to threaten their way to get the needed 3 votes… didn’t work. Finally Helen decides to play nice this morning and didn’t work either.

In the end the effort was appreciated by this feed watcher they tried everything they could can’t ask for more. In my opinion Elissa messed Helen’s game with her lack of social game and Helen messed Elissa’s game with her poor strategy and aggressive methods. This game is still very much in control of Amanda and McCrae.

We did see a big move happen this week and tonight we’ll see another big move happen as A player from Jury comes back into the game to hopefully challenge the status quo. These next coming weeks are going to be fun to watch on the feeds probably the best week of the season. Watch the Endurance competition on the LIVE FEEDS 48hr free trial! Access to EVERYTHING they can’t show on TV

My Predication
Helen gets evicted 4-1
Helen or JUDD come back (Skills competition)
HOH is anyone’s guess if it’s the wall I suspect anyone but Spencer/Amanda can win it.

Official results
McCrae votes to evict Helen
Amanda votes to evict Helen
Gm votes to evict Helen
Andy votes to evict Helen
Elissa votes to evict Spencer
Evicted player is Helen
Returning Player is
New HOH is

Balls are shot at the players First person to catch 10 Balls is HOH and is back in the game
I suspect if a no jury member gets the ten balls the juror with the most balls gets let back in

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Endurance Comp Results

Elissa 9
Amanda 6
GM 3
Candice, Helen, Spencer, Andy, JEssie and McCrae out

Jessie: “F*** you Amanda I hate you”
Elissa keeps saying “Sorry Jessie you are out of this game”

7:51pm Ball count above
GM is shaking
Elissa almost fell off but is still in the lead
JUDD leading the jury members
Heckler is gone


Helen tells JUDD that GM tried to safe her and for her to be good to her
JUDD asks who is together now
Helen’s response “same folks just smaller”
Candice: “So is GM and Aaryn still together”
Helen: “Yes”

GM loses a ball becuase it bounced before she caught it


Helen just dropped.. JUDD tells them if he comes back he wants to start with a clean slate..
JUDD: “By the way i’m glad you got rid of Helen”
Candice dropped

JUDD is back in the game

JUDD is out of the comp but still in the game

8:20pm Elissa almost falls but holds on

8:33pm Elissa wins HOH

Helen evicted, JUDD back in the game, HOH winner is Elissa #BB15 #BigBrother15

** Please note its going to be busy tonight in order to keep the site running we may need to turn comments off and/or show just the one spoiler page.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

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I hope Jessie comes back into the house tonight. She is the only one with enough balls to put Amanda and McCrae up on the block.


I am not stoked that Judd is back… Jesse would have taken out Amanda and teamed up with Elissa. (props to Jesse for saying “****** you Amanda!” Before she left the house haha! Judd is going to be brainwashed by Amanda and be with 3AM alliance… so now is it going to be called 3AMJ? lol Judd is too blind to see who he needs to target. He won’t go home next week. Judd, GinaMarie, and Andy (although he might be a pawn) are all safe. Mcranda and Aaryn should be worried haha…suckers. There is no way Elissa will work with 3AM or Andy, Andy is way too far up Mcrandas ass. The only people she might be able to work with are GM, Spencer, and if a miracle happens then Judd. Hopefully Elissa can make a deal with Spencer and GM, that is her best route to secure her safety for next week. If Elissa can update Judd and convince him to come on her side that would be amazeballs. America adores Judd right now but if he sticks with Amanda then he will lose that status… lol.

Worst case scenario: Elissa nominates Mcranda, but then Aaryn wins POV and takes Amanda off the block and then Andy goes up and goes home (which isn’t that bad since 3AM becomes 2AM, Amanda loses an ally, and the rat is gone, but he isn’t the biggest threat)

Best case scenario: Elissa makes a deal with Aaryn, GM, and Spencer, tells them that if they vote out Amanda and don’t nominate her next week she won’t put them up. Amanda and Mccrae get nominated and Amanda goes home.

Second best case scenario: Elissa nominates Andy and Aaryn, Elissa wins POV makes a deal with Andy, takes him off of the block, and puts up Amanda…. guaranteeing Amanda or Aaryn going home.

Ideally its in Elissa’s best interest to get rid of Amanda or Aaryn…both are HUGE moves and she could win the game by using the following to convince the jury to vote for her to win: she survived the block a few times, had been targeted many times, comp wins, and taking one or hopefully two of the biggest threats out during her HOH. If she is in the final 2 against GM she would have everyone in jury except Amanda, Aaryn, and McCrae’s votes 2 win.


Go Jessie ? Go Jessie ? And go Amanda i want all the fans to see that AMANDA WILL WIN IT ALL . There can be only one .


Black Lion you are so full of shit. Are you kin to Amanda?


Go ELISSA . It will be Amanda ,Ellisa and Judd in the final 3


As for the HOH competition with one of the jury players coming back you can pretty much eliminate Helen or Amanda, the so-called power players, from winning it because those two absolutely SUCK at winning anything. There’s a knack to winning competitions and these 2 absolutely don’t have it. How anyone listens to them tells me this bunch in the BB household are a bunch or sorry ass players. If Spencer survives he just might win it because everyone is too devious for their own good and Spencer is just a convenient nominated pawn.


I’m just watching Demanda cry! Cry demanda cry!!!! You made so many people suffer and cry, now it’s your turn.


I hope anyone but Judd comes back. He will just team up with arryan :P


JUDD should win he is from a very poor town ?


Judd just came back, what a nightmare! Of the 4 he’s the one that will work with McCranda.
Judd the sheep!!!

The Black Fish

Are you still on team JUDD simon? i am.


Well good thing Judd is coming back, Amanda didn’t have a big enough army protecting her. Nothing will change but at least his fans get to see that stupid shirt some more. WHOOPIE


Go Jay-You-Double-Dee!!!!!

So, Simon, who do you think Judd will team up with?


Live feed?


Thanks Simon, great site!



Also – Team JUDD all the way!

This Season Blows

Hopefully they somehow all lose and none of the jury members can come back, because they all suck ass!


They’re all going after Amanda except Candice (which was expected) so I’m okay with it.

ALSO – Is this going to be an endurance where the last jury member standing gets to stay? I’m so confused haha they def don’t have time for two comps.

You So Funny

Dang… Tonight history will be made


Please let JUDD come back & Please Julie tell them America was MVP & not Judd or Elissa, I want to see McCraes reaction & I don’t want Judd after Elissa, I want him after Amanda & McCrae! I bet he would put up Amanda & Elissa!


Helens annoying but I hope she comes back and targets amanda and mccrae


Right before Helen fell there was a hand….lol… behind the platform she was standing on and the hand made contact with her right foot! She flew off….lol
BB did not want HELLen back in the game. Judd is back. Goooooo Elissa!!!


What do you mean there was a hand ? What did i miss ? W


What do you mean there was a hand ? What did i miss ? What hand


Well that certainly was an interesting edit wasn’t it?

Not that I ever thought they’d actually show Elissa’s complete meltdown.


Can we see a screen grab of this helping hand that pushed hellen off?


Here’s a .gif of Helen falling. I haven’t decided if it’s real or not, yet, so take it how you will. It does look like someone’s inside the wall, though.


IDK if that’s real or not either. But if it is, it is either a hand pushing her or a hand tapping her letting her know it’s her time to fall off.

This Season Blows

Helen is sooooo pathetic with the fake tears.


Will someone give Helen a Vaseline covered tampon for her tears? Spencer!


Am I going deaf? Did Chenbot just say that whoever comes back will be HOH? I hope that’s true.

This Season Blows

No, she said it would be “the biggest HOH competition of the summer.”


I’ve been thinking it would be the wall but the pressure cooker would be even better!


I just saw what that comp was, I wish it was that too… 14 hours? Goddamn


Well they haven’t done the Pressure Cooker since Season 6 right? Back when competitions were inventive – the past few years have been the same set of competitions over and over with different themes. The Wall has been Pirate Ship, Ski Slopes, and Surf Boards; OTEV has been more things than I can count, and speaking of counting, when was the last time they didn’t do that counting comp?

It bugs me that the comps are so predictable now that they can guess them ahead of time so easily…


Ah, ok TY.


Good for Helen she did not want to help persons in her alliance.


Judd will come back and suck up to mcranda…no judd

This Season Blows

Rachelissa getting a golden edit as expected. All the shit she said to Aaryn (“your wins were flukes, you’re not a threat, production will carry me far because I’m Rachel’s sister”) was left out.


I have a feeling if Judd comes back, he’ll just team up with Amanda.. what fun would that be.




Candice such a girly girl. LOL I think Jessie might win her way back in and HoH. This is probably going to on for a while.


I don’t care who comes back, it;s just if they’re going to go sheeping for Amanda, the hell is the point? I want them to come back and makes some waves… Drama fireworks, maybe someone getting into a physical fight, and getting expelled, I want the GOODS.


How smug is spencer to blatantly be wearing clothes for the hoh comp for an eviction


He wears the same clothes for every eviction.


Please someone get out Amanda !! She is a bulky an rude!!!

You So Funny

It’s really cool hearing Spencer say “hi” to his “former” coworkers.


OMFG with the fake tears…. and the Worst actress in BB season goes to….

BB14 > BB15

Me too, but unfortunately I’m sure Amanda will order the house to immediately target and evict whoever gets back in. And they will do it because none of them make moves that are good for their own game. Everything they do is to push McCranda to the finals together. They must think 3rd place pays something.

I’ve seen people throw comps to someone before, but I’ve never seen the house throw the season to someone. At least Dan Gheesling had to work for it to make idiots out of his housemates. This bunch were fools when they showed up.

You So Funny

I hate when HG’s are brought back in, I say get’m out the next vote.

BB14 > BB15

Yes, it’s unfair for the game to be double elimination for some, but something needs to shake up the season. Another week of Amanda controlling the HOH and deciding who gets evicted is redundant at this point.


Lol I meant rude an a bully!!! ;)


No missy, with amanda, bulky sounds about right.

Kim Jong-un

??? ??? (Korean) or Peace out Helen.


Anyone but Judd, putting judd back means another puppet and minion for Mcmanda.

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Amanda’s getting good edit tonight, they don’t show her being a bully to Aaryn.


Still bulky though.


Damn Andy was sniffing even before the vote. WIMP!


Please not Helen! That would be the worst thing ever.

You So Funny

Wow! Helen’s crying, never expected that.

Real Scandals Phony President

The best episode ever will be when Amanda gets sent home.


Elissa put a jacket on, so it my be Endurance

Good riddance Hell en the annoying

I am so happy that Helen is gone. But I think it Is total BS that a juror can come back. CBS is really determined to rig this game and break up those who have made it this far. At least the master manipulator and chief bully was just shown the door. It will be a travesty if the big fake gets back in.


Even in her interview Helen is still delusional


At least Helen now realizes that she played a shit game


Well…at least Helen admits that she done FUCKED UP!

This Season Blows

Love how quick the fake waterworks stopped when Helen found out she could possibly come back. Watch her choke now after doing that premature happy dance.


MC “My Queen”



Queen of the Turds. Amanda got Hershey stains on her panties cause she is too damned lazy to clean and change them.


Team anybody but Hell-en to go back in the game.


Helen, finally admits that she was wrong to evict Howard and Candice but she waited until was in front of Julie and the TV audience. She is a stooge!!!


It’s so pathetic to watch all these HG cower down to Amanda, at some point will to grow some balls (no offense Andy) and make moves for there self. Hellen was the worst . Can’t believe she didn’t see this all coming down and believing she had a secret deal with Andy and Mcree. Did she really think McPussy would take her over his bed partner?


OK, JU Double D is on point, now I don’t fear him coming back and sheeping…..


Give Judd one day and he’ll lock his lips on that amazon’s crusty hole again! Judd is predictable!

BB14 > BB15

I know what you mean. Why should the game be double elimination for some people and not for everyone? But in this case I hope whoever it is wins HOH and puts up McCranda because the only thing unpredictable at this point would be if Amanda were finally overthrown.

Unless it’s the one that calls everybody Boo. If so, just let Amanda kick her out again.


Then he runs right up to her and McCrae – hope he doesn’t make it back in!

Really Helen....

Gosh, I hope its any one of them but Helen. If the show is rigged like many people think, it will be Helen, since Elissa is a production fav, and needs her.


The Bear shirt just may become more famous than any of the HGs


Awww, I wouldn’t have said shit to the HGs, just let the Jury winner walk back through the door. Imagine their faces.

Andy's derriere is Astroturf

his A$$ is GRASS!

his past is gonna

ketchup with him!


Did anyone catch Candice say Happy Birthday Boo, to GM….LMAO


I had to rewind the DVR, I still couldn’t believe it. Maybe they can bury the hatchet and work together?


Where did Helen run off to before any one else?


Helen had to make a quick exit. Every times she lies and cries, that monstrous ZIT is reborn!


Wow, the look on Amanda,GM, and Aryn’s face were PRICELESS


Did Julie just say “Everyone” will be competing for HOH?” I hope so!!!!


O yes! I heard correct! Please let a jury member win. Anyone of the jurors that will put up Andy, Amanda, and/or McCrae!