Aaryn says 100% Helen is the right decision! If you two do not vote out Helen I will freak the F**K OUT!

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


2pm In the lounge – Gina and Elissa are talking. Gina tells Elissa that she love Aaryn but doesn’t like that Amanda is in her ear telling her what to do. Gina tells Elissa that she is cool with her and likes her. Elissa agrees. Elissa asks should we make a deal now? Gina says it’s my birthday I don’t want to make a deal now and I would like to have Aaryn pass the key to me. I want everyone to compete for it. If we are the only two up there then we can talk. We can talk about a one week deal. You are cool with me. Gina says that we are all in it for ourselves if we win the money we go off on our own but Amanda and McCrae are in it for each other and will share the money. I want to cut them in two. (Gina wants to break up Amanda and McCrae and get one of them out.) Gina talks about how rude it is that Spencer isn’t packing. Elissa agrees. Gina says good luck to day. They hug and leave the room.

2:05pm – 2:10pm Helen and Andy head into the lounge room – Helen tells Andy that she knows he is working with Amanda and McCrae and that’s okay. Helen confronts Andy for telling McCrae and Amanda about her wanting them out. Andy says that he was mad and that’s why he did it. Andy asks Helen if Amanda told her. Helen says yes. Andy says he is not stupid and know he has to take them out. Helen says I just need you to wake up. Andy says I have. Helen says you are smart and know what you need to do. Andy asks what else did Amanda say? Helen says that was the worst of it. Helen tells Andy I love you and we will be friends after this. They both leave the room.
CBS Interactive Inc.

2:20pm – 2:35pm Aaryn Ginamarie and Andy head into the lounge room to talk. Andy asks Aaryn do you think we are doing the right thing 100% to get rid or Helen? Aaryn says yes. Gina and Spencer say they aren’t sure. Andy says we know were Helen is at and we cannot trust Spencer. He is 100% working with Amanda and McCrae. If we keep her she would be with us. Andy says Helen pulled me in here and she 100% does not want Amanda to win this game. Andy says we will do what you want, this is your HOH. Gina says Amanda lies to everyone. I know Helen lies too but not as much. Amanda joins them and asks if she is interrupting them. Andy says no. Gina says no we are just talking. Andy says we are just making sure we are making the right decision. Amanda asks are we questioning it?! Gina says Spencer is just to comfortable and its rude he isn’t packing. Amanda says he is just waiting for garbage bags. Aaryn says I just want it to be clear that I did not call this meeting. Amanda says well tell me if its changing. Amanda leaves. Aaryn says this is bad. Gina says no its fine. Aaryn says 100% this is the right decision we do not want Helen in here and in power. If you two do not vote out Helen I will freak the F**K OUT! Gina and Andy say we will we just wanted to check with you. Gina says go get Amanda so we can tell her everything is fine. Aaryn leaves. Gina says I don’t get why she doesn’t believe us. Spencer joins them. Amanda joins them and Spencer leaves. Gina tells Amanda that she was just nervous about Spencer and wasn’t sure who he would put up. Amanda asks them if they are good with getting out Helen. Andy and Gina say yes. Gina says I trust Helen a bit more than Spencer but I know Helen makes Elissa stronger so this is better for the group. Amanda reassures them that Spencer’s target is Elissa. Amanda says that she wants Elissa out and then Spencer out next. Gina says okay good. Aaryn joins them again. Aayrn is annoyed that they are bringing this up right before the vote, I thought this was done! Aaryn asks Elissa is getting in your head isn’t she?! Gina says no. Andy says we are good.


2:35pm Gina talks to Spencer next and tells him that there is nothing to worry about I just wanted to confirm that voting out Helen was the right decision. I want to make sure you are getting out Elissa if you win HOH. Spencer says of course I would, why would you think that isn’t the plan?! Gina says okay good, I just wanted to make sure Elissa or Helen weren’t getting into peoples ears. Gina says we are voting out Helen. Gina then asks him if he is packing his sh*t? Spencer says yes of course. Gina says okay I thought that you weren’t and figured it was weird. They leave the room.


2:35pm – 2:45pm In the rainbow room – Aaryn and Andy confirm they are good. Aaryn says that she is upset that he and Ginamarie were even considering keeping Helen. Andy says that it was Ginamarie’s doing. He reassures Aaryn that they are evicting Helen. Aaryn says that Amanda and McCrae already piss at you two. Andy comments that he knows Gina is with them and that she would battle to the death for them. Her word is good. Aaryn leaves and Andy talks to McCrae. He tells him that he wanted to distance him self in Ginamarie’s eyes from McCrae and Amanda. McCrae says that’s good. Andy says that its also good because it show just how solid Aaryn is with us. McCrae says yeah that’s good. Andy says that Aaryn started to freak out and it scared him. Spencer joins them and they talk about the same thing.


CBS Interactive Inc.

2:50pm – 3pm In the rainbow room – Amanda tells Aaryn you need to get Ginamarie’s focus off me and McCrae. Aayrn says that it is, it’s on Elissa and Spencer at least until they are gone. Then its just down to me, Andy, you and McCrae. Amanda says okay good. Aaryn says that it just freaked me the f**k out that things could flip in the last minute. Amanda tells Aaryn to stop questioning the four of us, because if you don’t it will hurt you! Amanda says that it’s Ginamarie that needs to stop doing things like this. Aaryn asks Amanda why McCrae came up to her and said “if I win HOH you just have to trust me” what the f**k does that mean, is he going to put me up?! Because that freaks the f**k out of me! Amanda says no he wouldn’t do that, I think that he was thinking he would put up you and Elissa. Aaryn asks why? I would be a vote to evict her! Amanda says it doesn’t even matter he wouldn’t do it. You need to stop this scared freaked out attitude. You need to trust the four of us. Andy and McCrae join them. They all tell Aaryn that Elissa is the target. Aaryn says that what Gina did really scares me that she even questions what I want. Andy says she just need re-affirmation each week. McCrae tells Aaryn that she needs to be on top of Gina all the time just in case she wins HOH. Aaryn asks what will Spencer do? McCrae says he will put up Elissa and Gina. Aaryn asks so then I would be the replacement? McCrae says Spencer. McCrae says that he will not give up or fall tonight unless I am really hurting.


3:10pm – 3:17pm McCrae says that they are just a little worried how close Gina and Aaryn are. Aaryn says well that’s the same thing with you guys and Spencer. We just need to prove to each other that is not the case. Helen joins them and McCrae leaves. Helen tells Aaryn just how much she loves her and how her feels about her have changed. Helen says if you make it to the jury we will welcome you with open arms. If you make it to the end I will base my vote on who played the best and who helped me get as far as I did. I made it 63 days and I am proud of that. Andy joins them. (WTF!!? He butts into every conversation!) Helen starts crying and tells Aaryn how much she cares about her and how she has always had her best interest at heart no matter what she has heard or thinks. Helen tells Aaryn that America is going to love her. Helen leaves. Andy tells Aaryn that he loves Helen so much. He says but that is why she has to go. Andy starts talking about how Elissa is acting weird. Meanwhile Helen goes to the lounge room and says goodbye to Spencer. Helen says if you think you know who the final three are going to be, you’re probably wrong… Big Brother cuts the feeds


3:17pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA ..

4:15pm TRIVIA Continues..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Real Scandals Phony President

Aaryn is a tough competitor but i’m sick of her kissing Amanda’s butt.


Aaryn sounds like a scared or even abused child. She certainly made sure Amanda knew she didn’t call the meeting. I bet Aaryn’s parents can’t get her to obey them the way Amanda does. This is so sick, to allow someone to bully you or to be that afraid of someone is crazy to me. And Andy is no better. I hope Helen comes back and have Andy so nervous that he can’t think straight. Jessie will do to, or Candice because McCranda aren’t afraid of Judd if he comes back. They’ll just lie to him about Helen and Elissa getting him out. I really hope BB changes after tonight from doing what the house or HOH, or Amanda wants and play the game.


Andy is a little creepy guy. But I think he Just signed his ticket out next week


If Elissa had not been such a bully yesterday, they could of made it work!!!


Elissa had to get pushy, her and Helen sure flushed ginger out. Ha ha


I don’t give a shit that Elissa is “bullying” Aaryn (who deserves it for being a clueless racist bitch and bully) and rat bastard Andy. You can complain about Elissa all you want, but the girl will leave the house looking practically like a saint in comparison to those still left in the house.


well now aaryn will be clued to Amanda’s ass now that Helen is out.
I am super happy hellen is out, just hope she dosent come back.
bye hellen.
kick rice!

Just a fan

Good thing aMANduh has a big ass, since the entire house is sucking on it.

Just sayin'

I haven’t read all the comments, but given Julie Chen’s tweet the other day about the game being reset–I’m wondering if anyone has considered that something may happen besides one of the JM coming back into the game tonight after they compete? Last season, BB 14, the night the game was RESET was during a live eviction show. The four coaches were brought into the game as players…but just as importantly, the live eviction was canceled–no one went home that night–and everyone got to compete in the HOH comp. Not saying that’s what’s going to happen tonight, but who knows?


I think the eviction definitely will happen, since four jurors are competing to get back into the house. Idk if there would be anything else.


Or they could have a comp with just JM and the winner is HOH after they get rid of helen. They dont need the HG to compete


Comb gut stuck spruck

Report Card

C no longer appropriate.

Revising your grade to F.



I got it

Mark my words .. All four jury members are coming back …. That’s a reset !!! Lmao .. And whoever wins out if the four is the new hoh .. Mark my words !!!!!!!

Just sayin'

In reference to my earlier comment…..Smacking myself in the head! I didn’t think about the fact that four jurors are supposed to compete, so it wouldn’t make sense for tonight’s eviction to be canceled. That will teach me to think before I type!


You are right,would.nt that be great to reset and no one is evicted and all play for HOH.


that would be cool if they all 4 came back and worked as a team with elissa, e and h and judd, jessie and candice…..they could kick that amanda and her pizza dude to the curb….


Amanda to Aaryn, you got to get Gina under control. Gina might be crazy enough to put me up on the block. She can’t do that, doesn’t she realize only I, Amanda, can put people or get people on the block and Gina doesn’t have my permission to place me on the block. LOL! I wish it was true that Gina wanted to get Amanda on the block, but if past actions are any indications, Gina would put up Elissa and Spencer if she wins HOH.

I am just not sure if Gina is playing Elissa about wanting to work with her. I am sorry to say it, but Gina is just to unstable to be believed.

What you going to do

Its so sad. Aaryn is actually fearful of Amanda. The moment Amanda stepped into the storage room, Aaryn reacts and said I didn’t call this meeting and don’t get upset with me. Aaryn’s facial expression is one of fear of Amanda and she is clearly nervous which results in her quick exit from the room. What happens away from the cameras Aaryn? Does Amanda makes you scissor her? Now this is an Amanda that tells us she is so fearful of these naked pictures being on the Internet, is now proudly proclaiming that the picture of Amanda/Aaryn scissoring will be all over the internet and will help her realty business.

Amanda I never bought your acting about how you were so worried about these supposedly naked pictures. It was obvious you were marketing those pictures and yourself. You are just trying to set yourself up to obtain publicity by the Kim K method: Leak a sex tape and deny you leaked it or leak explicit naked pictures and deny you had anything to do with it. Aaryn, you are bright although greatly misguided, but letting Amanda use you in the house is one thing. However, letting Amanda to use you as a prop in provocative poses is not in your best interest.


If I was 22 and in that house I WOULD BE TERRIFIED OF AMANDA!! That woman is pure evil and mean. It is almost like all of these people have been in this house with that bitch, Amanda, so long that they have Stockholm Syndrome, and it would not surprise me if they do. SHE IS ONE MEAN EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING!!!!! I mean she threatens all of them, and they have no where to go to get away form her. In years past at least when one of them won HOH they would go to their HOH room and be able to get some peace and quiet but no in this house if you win HOH it is like Amanda and McCrae are HOH. These poor house guests have no where to hide from Amanda. It really is sickening the way she takes over. It makes you wonder what she has done to them. I mean she wanted Jessie gang raped and talked of Candice’s murder so who knows.


GM might be a bit loud and a little obnoxious, but one thing she does is listen. She sits in the room with them while they talk game and she listens. So I think people dont give her credit for having some smarts. She is the new edition Jesse she is trying to play her own game; she wants the money……………even more-so she NEEDS the money!!

GM and Elissa would make an interesting duo if they teamed up, and if they can snag the returning houseguest Kudos to them!

This Season Blows

Goodbye Helen, and good riddance!


Ok. If Amanda “met” McCrae on day 3 (i heard them announce that is when it started for them) and McCrae was a part of the Moving Company, and McCrae turned his back on the Moving Company really fast, does that mean Amanda (she didn’t know the moving company existed yet from what i understand) has been controlling the whole game? Or did she really just steal McCrae’s backbon(er) and he was the mastermind behind the first evictions?

I don’t think Amanda should get the credit. McNasty geeked out and was whipped in no time. He did that on his own accord, he even thought his friend’s back home would think he was a big stud, so he was proud of himself. She originally didn’t know he was “whippable”. She thought for sure he was smart, entrepreneur who was playing a lowly pizza boy. She was sure he had a good job, money and great smarts.

So that wasn’t Amanda’s doing (making him whipped and pliable). He did that on his own accord. So Amanda should not be taking credit for this whole game. She should only be taking credit for being able to realize she could make this work for her. So in other words she is an opportunist (on par with Helen and Andy) and not a mastermind.


MCCrae was pussy-whipped he liked the smell of fish and onions, but David was the MC’s move, but the rest were Amanda’s


“Jeremy chose to use the Power of Veto to remove himself from the block, with Elissa nominating Nick in his place.[91] Following this, Amanda and Helen began campaigning to save Elissa, opting rather to evict Nick from the house.[92] McCrae, upset with the Moving Company alliance for attempting to turn him against Amanda, later agreed to the plan to keep Elissa in the house.”

This is more what I meant (I found this elsewhere)


Spencer flipped on Nick cause he said it would get him to the jury.

Amanda's dirty tampon

Now we know why mcminute likes AMAN-duh. Yeast and cheese equals pizza.


Right, she’s not a mastermind. Her & Helen had Elissa & Elissa had the MVP for the 1st 3 weeks. The reason Amanda & Helen wanted Judd out so bad was cause he wouldn’t let them tell him who to put up when he was HOH. They decided that week to get rid of Judd asap., not cause they thought he was MVP. They couldn’t stand it cause Judd didn’t obey them.


uggg! I’m so torn. I want Andy and GM to keep Helen so she can take out Amanda but Amanda deserves props…though…man…it makes me cringe to give them to her. I have a serious love/hate for Amanda and Helen both. I also think Judd will be back in the game and the boys are going to take this to the end, like always. Boring.


somebody come back quak

Name Unknown

Thank You! I feel the same way about both Helen and Amanda…just like I’m hoping Andy & GM wise up…it’ll be interesting what happens tonight…I’m gonna go in with an open mind and hope for the best…


what would happen if Helen comes back and becomes HOH????


I believe this time Helen will go after Amanda/MCrae! She has been telling others to do so. Plus IF she comes back she knows Amanda and MCrae was going after her. She will use that week to try and align with Aaryn and GM temporarily. Same as what she has been telling Elissa. Helen come back! Lol…she hasn’t even left yet!


She’ll put up Aaryn and Spencer and say it’s not the right time to put up Amanda


Predictable……unanimous lay Helen gets voted out. What a big surprise. How many weeks left of BB and the amanduh show? “Get the focus of me or else.”. Bully


Why is everyone in that house listening to Andy, I’m just over his BS!!! He needs to go!!


andy has a hat


I’ll never understand how he can tell them all he’s SO close to everyone in the house and none of them realize that’s not possible. Any hint of them knowing and he pulls the friend vs. game crap…how convenient. He never would have lasted another BB season as any normal player would have noticed him running room to room—the rat in every room.would been exterminated very quickly! This year, they’re all so self-centered they don’t notice these obvious things. It’s so aggravating! NB: do any of you guys remember Andy telling a group awhile ago that Howard left something in every room to scheme with all of them? I laughed hysterically! Pot meet kettle–the running line that describes them all.


Aaryn is stupid if she trust that if they put her and Elissa up that SHE wouldn’t be going. Elissa will win that POV and the group would vote out Aaryn because she constantly questions the alliance(rightfully so)..


Plus MCmanda had already admitted last night if they cant get Elissa out next week….AARYN is next to go! Aaryn is so stupid! She ALSO had numerous times to turn on Amanda….now she is in the 2AM radar!

A Spark That Died

Just when I thought of all people GM got a spark of intelligence, Andy and Aaryn squashed it! How can Andy and Aaryn think the splitting up Helen and Elissa is better for their game than splitting up Amanda and McCrae?


Cause Amanda was the predetermined winner before the show even started


Too bad GM will never stray from Aaryn and work with Elissa….and then bring in Jessie to align with them as well. And take out A/MC! Sooooo wish that would happen.


GM Is WINN! and big party


definitely not an elissa fan, but please let her win HOH so amanda has some chance at going home.


I’d love to see Elissa win (and i was Dani fan) and see Jessie come back cause only she has consistently been after Amanda and Mcpussy. Candice would get lost in a fight with Gm and Helen might still think its too early to do it.


It’s hard for me to watch Andy “play the game.” Yes, he is a very good floater and he hears everything (and reports it right back to Amanda), but that type of gameplay is so distasteful. It is NOT entertaining at all. He plays a very annoying game. I dislike him a lot.


Andy is barely a step above a floater and that’s only because he managed to win a competition. Otherwise his only purpose is to slink around the house and report back to Amanda. In his mind though, he’s a super sleuth CIA BB Genius.


Yeah, Andy is annoying as hell but still, he’s no ADAM!

2 hours + 30 min til VESUVIUS erupts

I’m hoping the returning JURY HOUSE member wins the
upcoming HoH tonite… this is the lull before the storm!!!!


If Candice, Jessie or Helen come back and win HOH they will definitely put Amanda up. If Judd comes back I think he will hook up with 3am.


I think you are right because when Judd left he would not hugg Helen and Elissa.


This is such a long shot but how I wish I could write next week segment as: Helen wins Jury comps and Helen or Elissa controls HOH. Helen and Elissa do not
make deals, do not talk to anyone who is going up or who will be replacement in case, who they want backdoored and keeps houseguest in the dark. If one of the nominee wins do not tell who will be the replacement and I bet MCRANDA and alliances go butt crazy and paranoia and anxiety would run high especially to
Amanda who I believe takes anxiety pill. Andy or Amanda get backdoored and that is how the story ends unless Amandas friend rigged it. Such a long shot but hey who knows in this world anything is possible.


Cool idea! Just lock themselves in the HOH room and don’t let anybody in, that would be hilarious!


Aaryn says “I just want it to be clear that I did not call this meeting.”

Why is this girl such a coward!?




Ewwww! I know! Why is Aaryn so afraid of Amanda! What a worm, just like Andy. It’s creepy the control Amanda has over them and I just do not understand. Aaryn could have maneuvered a great flip tonight, gotten some kudos from all the people who hate her and she’d have a better chance to get to the end. WTF?


Mean Girl 101:

Those on the bottom will do anything to stay in the group and live in fear of those in power. Aaryn knows this well. She was in power until Kaitlin was out and GM was a useless sobbing hot mess in the corner. Amanda jumped on the top spot and has never let go.


It was Helen that originally did that to her. Was it Helen’s HOH or Aaryn’s when Helen got Aaryn to do her bidding in exchange for safety for 2 weeks. (I think Aaryn’s, cuz that was actually Helen’s noms)

Aaryn, having squirmed her way out of tight place, saved herself by doing exactly what Helen said. Therefore, it made sense to Aaryn to do what others wanted so she could stay in the game. Aaryn hasn’t been the same since that HOH.


I truly think she is afraid of Amanda and who would blame her. She reacts almost like an abused child does when confronted by someone. It makes you wonder what happened to make her so fearful. You can see it all over her face when Amanda confronts her. Terrified is the word that comes to mind.


Aaryn has Stockholm Syndrome

Jack Daniels

Both ANDY & AARYN are making a huge mistake in voting out Helen over Spencer. I thought Andy was playing a smart game, but now that Amanda knows her orders have been “questioned” by him, he will go out right after Aaryn. He knows that McCranda want Aaryn out next and that now Spencer is an agent of McCranda’s. He seems scared and brainwashed. Aaryn is completely foolish, thinking they will be loyal to her. This little stunt where she was the person to first tell Amanda about the potential flip may help her, but overall McCranda wants her out. Andy has been a rat all season, and now the jig is up. He needs to own that and start to play a little differently. Once the power shifts, Amanda will be the first person up in that HOH room telling all about Andy’s dirty deeds. He now has moved himself down in the hierarchy that he helped create. Spencer is now the new Andy, just watch!!. Overall this season is starting to drag, hopefully the juror comes back with vengeance on their mind. It seems as if the predicted final 3 will be Amanda, McCrae, Spencer. Id rather the queen win the throne because in reality she has been sitting in that position the entire season, now that is gameplay!


spencers a new rat in a hat


Omg Aaryn, although I don’t like you as a person, I thought you were a tough competitor. Now I see youre just dumb. You blow EVERY chance to get Amanda out. If you kept Helen, it could work! But no, you’re too scared….Pathetic. I can’t wait to watch it bite you in your ass.


why didn’t you summarize the conversation in the storage room between amanda mccrae and elissa? well it was mostly mccrae and elissa.
anyway, why wasn’t that outlined?


what they say?


If it’s true about production catering to Elissa’s needs, Helen will be back tonight.


Of course the Duck got to sleep on a comforter and she was a Have not.

Amanda said earlier in the season she was demanding to speak with her husband as she went into the DR.

Gina Marie got most of her clothes taken away. Not Elissa.


GM’s clothes had labels everywhere. Elissa does have allergies (remember 3 hours of respiratory distress the other night? Elissa didn’t tell them so they assume their own reasons. They were having an Elissa bashfest that night and she was having emergency treatment…remember Spencer and how dare they take him out of DR for Elissa? They were ruthless that night. Amanda breaks the rules all the time (even used the comforter!) and nobody makes a peep.


I really think that whomever wins the competition from the Jury house WILL be the new HOH. Because then all the house guests will be FORCED to kiss that person’s ass upon their arrival instead of ostracizing them. Also, I can’t imagine tonight we will have to watch who’s voted out, a HOH competition AND a Jury member’s return all in one episode. FULLY EXPECT the winner of that to be the new HOH…which will make this show interesting again :):)

Unpopular Opinion

I think that’s a terrible idea.

It would be fair to let them compete for it, but not to give it to them outright without allowing the others to compete. I don’t see that happening.

I wouldn’t mind production giving them one week of safety from being nominated, though.


Here we go again! Andy and GM start to see the light, but then AARYN starts to bully them … and goes to get Amanda to help her out!

Then: “Aaryn says I just want it to be clear that I did not call this meeting” (hear that sound? that is the sound of Aaryn kissin some Queen butt)

Rat Andy starts to grovel and backpeddle to save his butt in case somebody (Aaryn) pulls an “Andy” and runs and tells the Queen what Andy was thinking. For shame.

Sad, sad, sad season.

you know - okay

I don’t get this “voting with the HOUSE” stuff. Makes no sense to me at all, in all my 10 seasons of watching BB, I have never heard of such! I don’t understand why the feel they need to have an unanimous vote… I am not a fan of Helen but I do not understand why GM and Andy see the writing on the wall with Amanda, they have the votes to get Spencer out and run the damn game. Their alliance out numbers McMandas. Aaryn will go with the power and McNasty will be all alone. It is proven that neither of them can win anything, the odds are in their favor! Can these idiots not count or are they truly being manipulated by Amanda. She said herself she needed Howard out because she could not manipulate him and she wants Elissa out for the same thing. These are some of the dumbest house-guest in history. Usually you have about three or four dummies, this year it is 90% of the cast!

OAN, Game wise I hope Helen comes back, she will go after McManda an probably back door Andy but she might get too comfortable and go with the “House” and put Spencer up. Personally I want Candice to come back just so I can not fast forward through this snooze fest of a season. She will bring some much needed drama and action, lol. Even if it is just for a week because if she or Elissa does not win HOH she will be sent right back out the door!


It seems they are afraid of Amanda being in the jury house and influencing all the votes. So the song will remain the same for the rest of the season


If CBS/BB doesn’t want Demanda to win and wants to squash the rumors that the game is rigged for her to win then the returning juror needs to come back as HoH.


if the returning player won HOH straight off the bat I’d be more inclined to think it’s rigged. Depends on the comp.


I dont understand why everyone wants JUDD back since he DOESNT blame Amanduhhhh or McCrusty for voting him out. He would obviously be on THEIR side. So im just hoping Helen comes back in to put them on the block.

Amanda's Therapist


OMG! Aaryn will have to be sedated! :-)


the new flip-flopper Aaryn

So they all called out Jessie for being a flip-flopper trying to get the house to flip on Amanda, but how many times have we seen Aaryn do it now. And just like Jessie – one of the times it was discussed it was on Aaryn’s own initiative! Now just a couple days later she is saying she’s going to freak if they dont vote out Helen – what a hypocrite. I hope the reset happens before the live eviction. not that I like Helen much but if jessie came back in, it would give an extra vote to flip the power and rid of that pig Amanda. (Apology to pigs).


flipfloppa ratna flipfloppa in a hat


I don’t believe Helen will be going anywhere!!!! BB is planning on doing something to make sure a contraversial and hated player stays in the game….think about who is left in the house? It’s all the players that have made noise…talked shit…spewed racial comments…got in people’s faces….all the look at me people. People no longer watch this show to she who wins!!! They are now watching to see the hated players get booted….BB wins either way….RATINGS!!!!


Legit only way big brother breaks status quo is if Jessie comes back and wins hoh.

Any other scenario leads to gm, aaryn or Elissa going home.

Except Helen. However I’m so bored with her that I can’t imagine another week of her, even if she is hoh and makes Amanda or Andy walk out that door. Too late. Least Jessie was trying


TYRONE likes Jessie a lot


Jessie is useless. Nobody likes her. She cant win anything


why are they so scared of Amanda?She doesn’t even talk to them like allies, she talks down to them and intimidates them.


What ever happens tonight will be an indication perhaps how the rest of the game is going to go, by who they (Production) brings back into the game. If the game is rigged, as suspected, it will all play out that the dirty, nasty, gross, yeast infected AmanDUH is going to win regardless of what happens. Sadly, it will all be predetermined and it will really make no difference who is brought back and how hard they fight to win. Hopefully, we are wrong and the “Nasties” will eventually get voted out. On another note the majority of these house guests are a bunch of pathetic, lazy, obscene, gross nasty pigs. Look at the one room, it is totally disgusting. Where as the rainbow room appears to be more organized, perhaps because no one is sleeping in there, they are all in the have not room. WOW, I can only imagine how these morons live in real life. On the other hand, NOT!


where can I watch the live telecast of big brother online? thank you!


If its Jessie, she is evicted the next week because she will side with Elissa. If it is Candice, she will be evicted next week because she already would have three votes against her…probably four. The 3 mean girls + McCrae. If it is Howard, I think the same thing would happen. Judd might be the only one to survive, and if that is the case Elissa goes next wee


I actually pissed myself laughing @ “if it is Howard”… what show do you watch?


Aaryn acts as if Amanda is in the mob and she’s afraid Amanda will get her wacked if she even attempts to talk about going against her. It’s part of the game girl! It’s all about having the balls to take out the big dogs and Amanda and his girlfriend Mcrea are topping that list right now! Watching this seasons cast play this game is like watching someone driving 100 mph on a freeway in the wrong direction….it’s stupid, and something bad is bound to happen. To be honest…if they are clueless enough to allow Amanda and his girlfriend Mcrea to make it to the end, then dammit they deserve to win. Just give them the money now cbs so we can end this train wreck of a season and look forward to the next season and hope that the future bb casts bring their balls and brains with them and are ready to play some real big brother.


The real coward rat is Andy. He annoys me so much I have to fast forward to not watch his antics. All he does is bust in on EVERY conversation…then run and tattle. He claims he’s playing his “own” game when he’s really just the McNasties little bitch. I hope Elissa wins HOH and Helen gets back in the game. Then maybe the Amanda show will be cancelled. Something awesome needs to happen to shake things up! PLEASE..


Mcnasties little bitch. HA, I like that. Andy will, from here on, out be called MLB.


Can you imagine what a great game Andy could have played if he wasn’t Demanda Rat Dog? He was like by almost everyone so he could have been the one making the decisions. He could have gotten Demanda out anytime he wanted. Instead of running back to Demanda with everything he heard, he could have taken it in and used it to move forward while breaking up duos and alliances. Instead he did their bidding and the result is the same except he isn’t in charge just a pathetic spineless Rat Dog who has been outed.


I don’t have live feed but looking at the pictures Dawg and Simon post, these are the messiest houseguests ever. And since when did the HOH room have a revolving door? They just walk in without knocking, other people sleep in there, use the facilities without asking and are even in there sometimes without the HOH being there. I don’t remember any other season when the HOH room was not treated as a special perc. These people just seem to have no boundaries.


It’s Amanda’s room, no matter who is HOH. She marked it as her territory the first week.


… and did anyone notice how these HGs say “production” and not “BB”. In all the other seasons i remember hearing “thanks BB” and “BB said”. These folks call it production, and they are being produced, and this is an act. The only time you would hear the word “production” is when BB said it (YOU are NOT allowed to talk about production) And BB has to say that more this season. Before it was more like “You are not allowed to talk about your diary rooms sessions with other HGs.

No respect for BB. I guess that explains this season

This Season Blows

I see Rachelissa’s delusional fans have glommed on to Helen now and are furiously downvoting anything negative about her, too. Funny how it’s okay for Helen to bully people and lie but you all freak out when Demanda does it. Newsflash: Helen sucks at the game and deserves to leave.


Helen made one fatal mistake. She believed Andy and her had a F2 from the beginning. She didn’t watch him watch her and that gave him the power which he gave away to McManda.


Really just one mistake? How about getting rid of Candice? Howard? Jessie? lol

Lying saying her and Elissa didnt bring up getting Amanda out lol


Howard was suggesting to vote out Helen. If Helen did not win HOH2 she woukd have been Nick walking out the door.


Nah, people just want Amanda out! Personally, I haven’t liked Helen for a couple weeks now. But I DESPISE Amanda and the best way to get her out is to get rid of Spencer in this eviction and team up to get Amanda out. But of course they won’t do that, like dummies.


Helen has more heart, compassion and class than Amanda could ever have and that’s why people like her over that despicable granny. If Amanda was in Helen’s current position she would have never part with aaryn or Andy with such words of grace that Helen has


I can’ t believe Jessie has the least votes to come back in the house! :(


I know a million people ask this, so sorry to be one of them, but now that the last videobrother is suspended or shut down, where can west coasters watch the east coast feed? thanks so much!!!


Hopefully this will work: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bseasonb15


great! Thanks so much!


got a new hat?


thank you, Carl


Does anyone know a website that live streams the episodes?


ustream.tv/channel/bseasonb15 see if that works for you



Boobs McGee

Can you please spell check?

Teri B

Anyone have a good site where I can watch it live from the left coast? It will be all edited and cut up by the time we see it on network.

thanks in advance, and cheers!


Why are we even debating anything? It seems from reports that Amanda is already picked to win!

For real

Aaryn is sooo afraid of Amanda that it’s funny!


amanda peed on hher asleep!


I liked Helen in the beginning but now I just refuse to feel sorry for her. She was told 3 or 4 evictions in a row to watch out for Amanda but she didn’t listen. While she was setting her game up for ther to lose….Amanda was conniving and setting her game up to win. She basically did exactly what Amanda is doing right now (manipulating). The only difference is that Amanda played her hand better. I still can’t stand Amanda, she’s just not a good person and I bet you she acts just like this in her real life. She is willing to do what ever she has to do to get what she wants. My advice to Amanda would be…..”make that money girl, don’t let it make you” lol


I just got the live feeds. I’m wondering if the feeds usually up and running during the live show on TV? Because I cannot watch it on TV because I’m not home.


Feeds are down during the live show… this site may work ustream.tv/channel/bseasonb15


Do the live feeds be up during the live TV show?


Amanda is a fraud with the producer Of the show
Pay attention
Check out how she is friends with her and how the game has been rigged for her to win

I am done with bob if amada wins and has not won anything while playing the game

Boycott bob if she wins


How awesome would it be if the viewers had the power to evict the HGs like in BBAUS? No one would dare throw the HOH or POV competitions for sure, and the comps would be so intense. CBS needs to let the viewers start evicting the HGs, so we can turn this show into something exciting and unpredictable!


So when people say its Amanda’s hoh do they mean she actually sleeps in the bed?

I’m a soft spoken person and try not to cause drama or be alpha male or whatever but ill tell you right now had I played this season and made it to week 8 or whatever there’s no way I’d let Amanda run all over me. I know it’s easy to say that but damn if I’m gonna go down stairs and make something to eat or whatever and come back to find Amanda camping in my bed.

Let alone giving blow jobs and what not.

This is the SAME house where Jessie and Kaitlin were fighting over JESSIE’S bed right? When did the hoh mean you do what everyone else says instead the other way around? Oh that’s right, when the floaters did what the majority 4 threatened. You’d think when Amanda backed out of her Helen alliance the game would take shape but since Amanda has mc she’s always had the majority.

Amanda has the clout but little does she know its mc that’s allowed her this, in fact even mc is unaware jus how much power he enables her to have.


guys i’ve been tunneling under the big brother house and i’m almost through. i’m gonna sneak in and shake things up-steal crapmanda’s dildo and McPussy’s tampons. shave aaryn’s head. put a lock around spenser’s sack so he cant play with his nuts. some other stuff.


Frickin awesome bob


I meant BB not bob
Amanda is a fraud
Everybody else is dumb not to vote her off


do it bob goood luck!