Aaryn’s nomination plan is Helen and Elissa “You are Janelle OK.. You are better than Janelle OK”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

7:03pm Cockpit Amanda and McCrae

Amand saying when she was sitting she knew all of them but when she got up to the podium she got nervous and messed up. McCrae is stressed he thinks he’s going to be put up.
Amanda tells McCrae he has to trust Aaryn she solid with them. MC says he doesn’t trust anyone in the house other than Amanda.
MC: “After this week we control every vote even if one of us is head of household”
MC: “I’m never going to throw a competition again”
Amanda: “I didn’t know you were going to do this”
MC says he asked her how good she was going to be in this competition and she said she was good so McCrae assumed she was going to win it.
Amanda says she tried to win it but couldn’t. Amanda starts to cry tells MC she’s sorry she sucks at this game she really wants to win to and get to see her family. Amanda runs to the storage room and hides behind a blue bin. (See image)


7:10pm COckpit Elissa, Andy, Helen and McCrae

Elissa: “GOD i hate her”
Andy: ‘WHO”
Elissa: “Ginamarie.. ”
Helen says she couldn’t process the songs.. (Feeds switch)


7:11pm Bedroom GM and Aaryn
(Apparently Elissa said to Aaryn and GM that she didn’t want them to sit beside her)
Gm doesn’t understand what Elissa was saying GM though she called her a peasant.
Aaryn explains that Elissa said she didn’t want to sit next to them because they are disgusting freaks..
Aaryn: “that comments hurt me “
GM: “Why it’s because we don’t have money”
Aaryn: “No No nothing about money.. it’s because we’re not politically correct all the time”
GM says how she talks is who she is if you don’t like it step the f*** aside she not changing “This is why people like me this is why I got picked for the show.. “
Aaryn: ‘That comment made me want to cry.. like I’m not good enough to sit next to you”

Helen rolls in (OK)
Helen: “You know what you won fair and square OK.. Do not feel bad for your success.. OK.. C’mon you gotta cheer up.. Turn that frown upside down girlfriend OK.. you should be happy OK.. you are safe.. you’ve played a excellent game… If I was f**** just watching this show I would f**** love you.. You are Janelle.. You are better than Janelle.. You’ve gone from everyone in this house hating you to everyone admiring you OK. ..you are such a bright girl and so humble.. I am amazed by you OK be glad you won OK you had a really stressful week ok.. lets get some drinks OK don’t be worried OK you are safe OK “
Helen: “I guess I didn’t have to give you a 2 week safety deal OK”
GM brings up that she’s pissed at other people in the house thinking they are better than they are.
Helen: “We got all gifts OK “
Helen leaves.

Amanda comes in “What are we fighting about.. I heard someone’s attitude sucks balls”
Aaryn :’We’re just talking about how stupid it is to say those things before a HOH competition”
Aaryn: “that legitimately hurt me .. at this point i’m thinking why are you better than me”
Amanda: “Well I guess this makes it easy for your nominations.. put her up and someone that will vote for her to stay” (Ellissa / Helen)
Aaryn: ‘Ya”
Amanda: ‘I suck at competitions.. my brain malfunctions.. now I have to see your f**** clownie thing again”


7:27pm Havenots room Amanda and McCrae
Amanda says Elissa is going up. they have to make sure Helen goes up with her. The reason is if Helen wins the POV and takes Elissa down they are screwed they need him to take out Elissa.
Amanda: “I wasn’t really upset about not winning because as long as Aaryn, you or Spencer won i knew we were fine”


7:31pm Cockpit Aaryn and McCrae
Aaryn says she was planning on putting up Spencer and Elissa. but wanted to talk to them all first.
McCrae explains that it is better to put up Helen and Elissa in case Helen wins the POV and takes Elissa down.
Aaryn agrees says putting them both up together is the better plan. Aaryn will tell Helen that her target is Elissa even though the real target is Helen. She’ll explain to Helen the reason she is putting her up is she doesn’t want Helen to have to vote against Elissa or get any blood on her hands.
Aaryn: “I’ll tell her Elissa needs to go home because she treats me like garbage if one of them come down then spencer will go up.

Amanda joins them they confirm the plan is to put up Helen and Elissa. next week they will use Specner to take out Elissa. Amanda warns her that Helen and Elissa are going to come to her tonight and tell her Amanda and McCrae were saying to back door Aaryn.
MC leaves..
Amanda: ‘You’re going to win this f*** game it’s so annoying.. you are making the biggest moves.. i’m glad you are allied with me”
Aaryn says it’s Amanda that is the mastermind.

Andy joins them and they fill him in on the plan. Andy agrees fully says it’s the only way. He’ll work on Helen and tell her this is the best move for Aaryn and not to worry she’s safe. They ask Andy if he wins the POV will he get too much blood on his hands if he doesn’t use it. Andy doesn’t care he’ll do whatever they need to get done.
Amanda says Spencer showed

Andy: “If next week is the wall I am worried she is going to win it”
Amanda: “No she’ll drop off”
They agree that Helen or Elissa have to go.
Andy: “Which one”
Amanda says Helen is number one Elissa is number two.
Andy points out that Aaryn has a solid motive to putting up Elissa after what she said to her.

Andy says he’s getting a feeling from his Diary room talks that they know we are a very strong alliance and they want to see us make a big move.
(Feeds cut)
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221 thoughts on “Aaryn’s nomination plan is Helen and Elissa “You are Janelle OK.. You are better than Janelle OK”

  1. ROLMFAO @ Amanda whining behind a trashcan, brings you back to Rachel whining in the bushes in season 13, fucking hilarious…

    Girl can’t win a comp even when everyone trying to throw it for her……

    1. had to re-post to the update…

      Best moment of the night…a tie between dumb little GM knocking Super Helen out in rd 1 of the HOH and finding out a jury member comes back
      Worst moment of the night…a tie between Helen’s vote speech and Helen’s subsequent goodbye message trying to get Jesse’s jury vote
      Funniest moment of the night…a tie between Andy crying after the eviction HE engineered and the look on Arryn’s face when she realized Amanda just threw the HOH so Arryn gets the blood on her hands evicting Helen or Elisssa while simultaneously putting a bigger target on her own back for winning another comp.

      Finally, the season has started…

      1. I liked that they portrayed the events fairly honestly. Jessie came out looking like someone who wanted to make big moves and that her anger was justified. I was worried they would edit her as a lunatic. The other thing I liked about the show, no wedding.

        1. Ok, I’m so confused Help Me Please!!! Arryn won HOH, one of the evicted HG will come back Thursday, (will that be before or after comps.), if it’s after comps will the evicted HG coming back automatically become the new HOH? I didn’t’ understand that part. To me it seems if they bring back the evicted HG they should already be the “new” HOH and that would diffidently get some Shabazz started. I looked on “CBS” and couldn’t find the rules.

          I hope Arryn has a good night sleep (listen to the hint that Julie gave regarding big game plays) and start playing her own game. The reasoning that “Helen” gave for evicting “Judd” sucked.

          I wish they could bring them all back; Amanda would swallow MC little “P” Helen would run out the room, GM, would be looking for Nick, MC would be trying to get his little “P” out of Amanda’s mouth so he can try to become a MAN. What a price to pay for $500.000.00 I’m going to take my chances with the lottery at least I’ll have my Dignity!!!

          1. The jury member ( hopefully Judd) is coming back to play the game, they compete to come back, but that is not for HOH. I would guess they would be back before HOH comp.

            Helen, Ok needs to go home Ok, and figure out, Ok how to stop saying OK in between every sentence. She is so annoying and a huge liar. Aaryn is playing her own game, she was Helen’s puppet for too long, putting Helen and Elissa on the block is a smart move, it is not Amanda telling her what to do, getting rid of Helen and Elissa is best for her game as is being true to her alliance.

            1. Aaryn is the only one brave enough to do anything this year. if she makes it to the end , she deserves to win. i think she has cleaned up her act a lot as to what it was at the start. and all those that are left are no better than she is & not won much of anything. i can`nt stand andy the rat, or crying mcpus$y. & don`nt even start on helen or amanda. of the one`s that stand a chance, i think aaryn deserves it the most.

          2. Bringing them all back would be so sweet… It’d be worth watching, at least. Then they can evict 2 people per week until they are back on track or whatever.
            Ha… all the people evicted have something personal against someone in the house too. It’d be hilarious. And for once all them floaters would cringe, cry and gtfo of the BB House.

          3. They didn’t say yet how it will work. To make a difference, I would say the returning HG would need to come in with HOH, a week of immunity or some other power. My opinion is Jessie or Helen would make the most difference since Mcranda would be their target.

            1. Agreed – i think if someone returns from the JH, they will need a power, otherwise, they’re just voted right back out. And if that happens, what is the point of bringing someone back – just for the sake of it? I hope the producers are smart enough to shake this boring season up with Jessie or Judd (Or Candice) coming back with HOH, or coup d’etat.

        1. You are right, there is no way she threw it, she wanted to win. Look how she is acting after loosing. She is so trashy, glad she did not win.

      2. Amanda didn’t throw it- she’s just God awful at comps. She is fairly good at manipulating though, gotta give her that.

        1. Normally, I would, but manipulating idiots is easy as hell, she didn’t have to do much actual manipulation passed week 2.

    2. Yes, it would be great so that she can give Amanda and Andy a piece of her mind. Andy actually stated he carried her this far in his goodbye speech to her.

    3. Howard is familiar with that. Didn’t he try to throw a comp so McCrae could win it (or McCrae’s Team) and no matter what he did (his team noticed him being an idiot at the comp) he just couldn’t throw it.

    4. I don’t care how much Aaryn wins, she’s still a sheep (doing Amanda’s dirty work) and if she thinks Amanda and McCrae are going to keep her after Helen and Elissa are gone, she’s sadly mistaking! All these competitions she’s winning makes her 3rd on Amanda’s hit list after H. & E. and she’ll deserve it for being Amanda and McCrae’s bitch during 3 of her HOH’s! She’s so dumb! I can’t believe that I actually want Spencer to win an HOH ’cause he’s the only one that’ll fire the first shot at Amanda and McCrae and maybe even at Andy the rat!

      1. Aaryn is a racist, but she’s not an idiot. Of course she knows that Amanda will get rid of her once Helen and Elissa are gone.

        1. The only way that will happen is if Queen Demanda herself wins a comp or her puppy McPussy wins. Sure there is RatBastardAndy who may be able to actually win one. Without Aryan 3AM is significantly handicapped in comps because they all suck. They all SUCK.

      2. uhm…that’s why Aaryn has a final 2 with Andy…because they know McCrae and Amanda are going final 2 with each other. Basically 3AM are the new power of the house and Helen and Elissa are back to the bottom. 3AM would be smart to stick with each other to the end.

      3. this is why I stopped watching it all together. I just come here to see if anyone starts using their own minds and playing for themselves and not for Amanda’s game. this season is to predictable and boring the hell out of me I couldn’t stand watching anymore. it became a waste of my time. there are no surprises with everyone voting the same way is ridiculous their all to afraid to have a voice and its boring.

        1. If you are not going to watch the show, why come on here at all? are you so full of your self you think thay will shut down CBS because you stopped watching? watch the show, then you may have a right whine, if not , go cry some where else we are tired of hearing it.

          1. 2 dumb replies. Boring says stated why he/she is reading the posts. Come up with a better reply. Mine reply is-I thought about not watching the shows but that is the only place to hear what they say in the diary room. If you just read these posts then you would think that Spencer was with with the 3 am alliance. But instead he is just trying to win an HOH so he can go after them. You also get to hear how Helen fell for McCrae’s deal hook line and sinker!!! etc…

      4. My dream nominees from Aryan would be aMANda and Andy the Rat. But that would never happen because aMANda is the only one with big balls, big hairy balls that McPizza sucks on every night.

    5. Ok now we have witnessed someone hiding behind a tree (Rachel) and now someone hiding behind a garbage bin, too funny. I understand why MC threw the comp, because why would he want to go through another week of listening to Amanda wine about why he didn’t throw it.

      Simon can you do a poll as to watch object a houseguest will hide behind next? I’d still vote Dawg if it’s an option………

    1. Yes, it would be great so that she can give Amanda and Andy a piece of her mind. Andy actually stated he carried her this far in his goodbye speech to her.

      1. Feel like a big boy now, calling a woman that? You are the reason this site is going downhill quick compared to previous years. People like you bash the BB house guests for talking like that, then use it yourself. Congrats on keeping this forum a cool/civil place to discuss the game. Bet you haven’t ever donated to help keep it going either.

        1. LOL you are disillusion and a idiot if you think this site stays alive due to “donations” if you haven’t noticed there are tons of advertisements all over this site. I guarantee you they don’t need our donations. And no I couldn’t give 1/3 of a F U K what the people in the house say. Helen is a C U N T! Period.

          1. I can’t believe this comment. Simon and Dawg work around the clock typing the live feeds 24/7. They take no vacations while the Big brother is being aired,( which is during the summer months) and work not only on the typing but also give us their thoughst on how it is going as well as answer many questions. They are not demanding a donation it is strictly volunteer. If you choose not to donate that is up to you. Who are you to decide how much they make, and if they are putting all the money towards their retirement all the better. They have a right to make a living just like the rest of us. If you want to complain about ppl making to much money, look to politicians, pro sports athletes, singers, CEO’s, and religious leaders on tv. Why would you even begrudge them for not only following and becoming part of a forum for discussion for a show they like, but also to make a living or just extra money. It is everyone’s dream to find that one idea out there that will make us all financially stable. I hope Simon a Dawg are making millions but I seriously doubt it. Here is to Simon and Dawg!!

    2. After their goodbyes, she should come back and put up Amanda and Andy. They should know better than to insult a jury vote.

  2. I like Aaryn’s nomination plan. It is fitting that Helen goes at the hands of her puppet ,who right now she thinks she can control. Time for Aaryn to play her own game and not worry about being threatened with being put up. After all, she’s the one winning comps, not Helen.

    1. Most Of Y’all Aren’t Going To Like This But Aaryn Is Set Up To Win. Think About It, She Wins Comps, She Is Fairly Intelligent And No One In The House Knows About The Racial Slurs or Getting Fired Because Of It.So The Jury Will Vote For Her Based On Comp Wins Over Say, Amanda In The Final 2. i Can’t See Anyone Putting Aaryn Up Next Week Either. So She’s Set For Another 2 Weeks.Watch Out America,This Is BB And Anything Can Happen. :-(

    2. Amanda and McCrae have a much larger influence
      over Aaryn. Amanda even said she is doing our
      dirty work for us. Pray for a Pandors’s box. Otherwise
      The vile Amanda and her ho are going to win. But Grodner
      wants her friend to win. All the time Helen said, “it is too
      early to get Amanda out”, I think that came from the dairy room.
      Amanda also seems to know what the competition is going to
      be so she can tell her slaves what to do.
      Writing a letter to Mr. Moonves. Don’t think he knows this show is fixed.
      Thought that stopped during the big scandal in the fifty’s.
      The little racist will have gotten out all of the people she made fun of:
      Candice (black), Howard(black) and Helen (Korean). Not nice!!!
      I want Grodner fried, he can bring over the Producer from the Glass House,
      It was not fixed. Wish it was on this summer!!

    3. I `am glad someone besides me beleves Aaryn is the only one doing anything besides running there mouth. i always thought this game had a lot to do with winning comps. if so she is the only one doing anything. so give her a break.

  3. Amanda is a really bad actress – she THREW that competition and then went straight to go into a crying scene so everybody would go console her. She had absolutely no desire to win that, thus avoiding doing any ‘menial labour’. If Aaryn doesn’t get rid of her or the next HOH, these people are all on drugs (that’s the only explanation). Unless they’ve been instructed to NEVER PUT AMANDA UP ON THE BLOCK.

    1. … plus Amanda wants to get thru this game no winning anything and be able to brag that she controlled everything and didn’t win a single competition.

      Dr. Will she’s not. She kinda blew that when she blew McDirty Boy

    1. Helen scrambling around looking for votes this week is gonna be fun, especially when she realizes the votes she needs are in the jury house (Candice & Jessie).

      1. Helen voted out all her support. Jessie and Candice were Helen’s votes to be controlled. Sending those two out helped Amanda/ McCrae and hurt Helen. However, Helen for some reason, really thought they would let her get to the final 4. I loved how Helen told Aaryn looked like you didn’t need that 2 week deal of safety. Nope, you needed it Helen, and you should of asked for a 3 week deal.

        1. Feeling relieved for Simon and Dawg that they can give the”O” and “K” keys a break after next week…But it’s gonna be a long week until then, OK?

      2. Helen’s stupidity goes back further than just two weeks ago. Not ONLY did she campaign and succeed getting out possible allies in Jessie, Candice & Judd…But when Howard was put up weeks ago and told her they needed to get Amanda out now…She chose to go along with the Amanda parade & turned on the only smart path that could have landed her a winning spot in this game. Helen….You think you are smart but you are a straight up Buffoon.

    2. Helen! Stop saying Aaryn the bitch is like or better than Janelle! You deserve to be evicted just for saying something so obnoxiously stupid and untrue!

  4. it would be EPIC… if the returning hg happen to be Candice.. and this week evicted hg .. GM so they can both face off, and Candice wins.. I’d do anything to see the look on GM’s face …but not gonna happen :(

    1. I want Candice back as well. Remember that Candice, Judd and Jessie will have a week to compare notes and strategize in the event that one of them gets a chance to get back in the game. Judd has seen enough seasons to know that that is a very real option. I do not want Aaryn to win the 500K or 50K. She should feel the pain of losing her jobs and not be rewarded with the grand prizes.

      1. Candice sucks at this game and is a liberal. If you going to put anyone back in. Give it to a republican like Judd.

          1. Wow, really. You truly believe all republicans dislike homosexuals and all democrats like them. That is narrow minded and just plain foolish.

      2. Thay have not sent anyone to the jury house yet. thay have them in a motal in separate rooms & thay can not talk to each other. just like thay do when thay first come there. thay are doing it this way becaues someone is going back in the game. after this week , thay go to the jury house.

    1. In this case I don’t think she’s a puppet. She’s picked the 3am alliance because she feels it will take her further than the Helissa alliance. Smart move ’cause it’s good to have Andy the snitch on your side.
      She’s clearly picked a side and right now I’m sure she realizes she doesn’t need Helen’s ‘protection’ she’s doing all that by herself. Just as much as Helen was using her she was doing the same thing satisfying her to keep herself safe. Now I hope she realizes she has no more use for her.

      No matter what she does this week, with the 2 sides Helissa and McCranda gunning for each other, she has no choice but to pick a side.

  5. *Phone rings*
    *Helen answers*

    Candice: “Well Helen, looks like I was right about your ass getting out for not taking out Amanda when you had the opportunity!!
    Helen: “I am fine with going this week because it’s what the house wants and that’s how you play big brother”

  6. I hope the shade comes out and then when they announce that there’s a chance of the evictee returning, the houseguests feel stupid for not making the big move a long time ago.

    1. But they did make big moves. Remember, Helen says backdooring Judd….unanimously of course….was a big move. Not sure why, exactly, but if Helen or Amanda says it, it must be true.

  7. this show is starting to get on my nerves. at first, amanda was my favorite and now i dislike her so much! you would think people who want to get rid of amanda first, but no let’s wait it out. let’s vote out a weak player like jessie. this show is becoming ridiculous. i really would not be shocked if this is truly preplanned for amanda to win.

  8. OH YES I AM SO EXCITED THAT AARYN MIGHT PUT HELEN AND ELISSA ON THE BLOCK, NOT, This season is a snoozefest even with those nominations, this season is beyond repair at this point with this cast. If candice or jessie come back it doesnt matter they can not win Hoh and if judd comes back he goes running back to amanda YAWN SNORE BORING *throws tomatoe at tv* BOOO

    1. Why the real rat is Andy. He pretends to be a friend of Helen and then reports to Amanda whatever info he gets from her so Helen would never have had a chance to evict Amanda when she was on the block. Mccrea would have gathered enough people not to evict Amanda. That is oone advantage of Amanda and second is Andy so Helen, Jessie and Elissa is outnumbers. . Look what happened to Jessie when she approached Helen and Elissa to evict Amanda and when Helen approached Andy. Andy ran to Amanda and sold Helen out. The plan would have not worked because Andy blocked it right away behind Helen back and rat on her.

  9. Elissa will self evict either when put on the block with Helen or once Helen is evicted. And the brenchel zombies will still be talking about Elissa being a great player.

  10. and there we have it. unless helen gets pov, she’ll compete with judd to re-enter the house. candice and jessie don’t stand a chance at getting back in, unless there’s absolutely no skill involved in the comp to get back into the house. and if it’s elissa that’s evicted, i think j-u-double-d is a done deal to come back!

  11. I hope Helen leaves then wins the competition that brings back the jury member. I want to see how she performs now that she will have full knowledge of people that have been lying to her.

    1. Helen has known that she needed to get Amanda out for the last two weeks, but she just hasn’t tried hard enough to do it. That would have been a much better target than “big move” Judd, back when she still had Aaryn’s ear. She painted herself into a corner by waiting too long to go after a real player….all the while presenting that she had everything under control.

      1. Helen had no chance either because of Andy the rat and Mccrea who are of great help to Amanda. That is Helen disadvantage and she only has Elissa who cannot help her much so she confided to Andy not aware that Andy is the Snitch and before the plan ever executed Andy, Amanda and Mccrea already covered their plan by getting Aryan on their sides.

    2. Please god no… if Helen is out, I want her out. She’s so annoying. I never say this, but I actually might not watch the rest of the season if they get Helen out and she comes back in. I can’t stand watching her anymore. She’s completely weird, fake, annoying, clueless… the list goes on. She’s the most annoying person I’ve ever watched on a reality show, which is saying a lot.

  12. 3 AM trying to blindside Helen. It’s not bad enough that they’re controlling the game, they’re going to try and prevent live feeders from having the joy of watching Helen break down completely? Sigh, I hope this house destroys itself like on The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

      1. True, but 3 AM has this covered better than last week I think. You very could be right, I just wouldn’t be surprised if Helen’s paranoia is all the feed’s gold we get. Next Thursday’s eviction announcement though will probably be worth it in the long run.

  13. Seriously? Amanda in the SR hiding behind the Trash Can, crying. Her Pizza Bot threw it to her,,,And she is still a LOSER. Worse than Rachel behind the bushes. What a Spoiled brat…She expects BB to cater to her just like all the HGs do! She belongs inside that DAM Trash Can!!

  14. HAHAHAHA Amanda running to hide the bin and crying reminds me of Gary when he was told he was going to be a have not epic.

  15. Amanda running to where trash goes!

    I feel like I’m like getting like dumber like because like every other like word is like!

  16. forget Judd’s bear shirt- can someone get McCrae a second shirt to wear in the house- he is always wearing the same “M” shirt-bet it smells worse than Amandas onion azz

  17. Aaryn is a beast…a racist beast but a beast when it comes to competitions. I guess when you are using Adderall it makes it very easy to win competitions. Aaryn deserves to win the game based on her performance but I am pretty sure only Judd and GM would vote for her if she made it to the final 2.

    1. “I guess when you are using Adderall it makes it very easy to win competitions.”

      Considering she’s not the only one on medication, your guess would be wrong.

      However, I guess when you are in the house with a bunch of morons, wimps, and chokers, it’s very easy to win competitions.

    2. Aryan may be a bitch in competitions……er, ah beast, yeah a beast in competitions like you said but what has she done with any of them? Went on a psycho rampage on the first one trying to punish someone, any one who spearheaded the drive to oust “he man” that she hardly knew. Every other one she has turned over to the enemy…..oh her allies or rather Queen Demanda. So no, she does not deserve to win 500k. Her mistress should win the money everyone is playing Demanda’s game for her..

    3. All depends on who she is up against. You have to remember, she already has made an extreme comeback from week 3/4 when she was a dead man walking. Now she has the most competitions wins, a solid alliance, and probably the best underdog/comeback story in a long time.

      Aaryn vs Amanda- Most likely 6 votes for Amanda, 3 votes for Aaryn (McCrae, Andy, Helen, Elissa, Judd, Candice for Amanda/ GM, Spencer, Jessie for Aaryn)

      Aaryn vs McCrae- Most likely a 6-3 vote for Aaryn, since McCrae has done shit. (Andy, Elissa and Amanda being the only 2 for McCrae)

      Aaryn vs Andy- 8-1 vote for Andy (GM being the only one for Aaryn)

      Aaryn vs GM- 9-0 vote for Aaryn

      Aaryn vs Spencer- I’m gonna go with a 9-0 vote for Aaryn (unless Andy or Candice vote for Spencer)

      Aaryn vs Helen- Probs an 8-1 vote for Helen (GM being the only one for Aaryn)

      Aaryn vs Elissa- 7-2 for Aaryn (Helen and Candice being the only ones for Elissa)

      Aaryn is in a really good spot right now if she can get Andy, Helen, and Amanda out. Other than that, if she goes to the end with McCrae or Spencer, she could be the first girl to win against a guy…

      However, it all depends if the remaining HG’s can realize how many scenarios there are where Aaryn could win..

      1. Okay lets say Helen does come right back in the game from he jury house wouldn’t she get voted right back out again? Because was not she the one who was adamant about the quick evict of any returning players from the jury house. And “The House” agreed and so they have to do what “The House” wanted. She cut her own throat., She didn’t need Jessie to stab her with a knife. She self destructed four weeks ago.

    1. The only problem is that if Helen goes this week Amanda and McCrea will blame Judd’s eviction on Helen and Elissa and he’ll just take Spencer slot in the pecking order and it will be boring…

      Now as much as I find Helen beyond annoying…if she gets scumbagged, then comes right back in, remembering that she is Charles Manson/Jim Jones crazy, now that could be some fireworks. She pulls Elissa and Gm and creates a Three Stooges Alliance with Helen as Moe, Elissa as Larry, and GM as Moe/Shemp and declare war.

    2. I don’t think much will change. Especially if Judd comes back. He blames Helen not Amanda, and Jessie will tell him about Helen betraying her so he’ll still be team Amanda. The four spot might open but if Andy is smart, he’l keep comp beast Aaryn as his partner. If Jessie or Helen don’t come back with HOH, some power or a week of immunity, I doubt much will change.

      1. Judd wouldn’t be so quick to align himself with Mcranda again….that got him backdoored unanimously a week ago. Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me.

  18. Helen: %#&*, I wish I had someone here that wants to vote with me. I shouldn’t have evicted so many allies

    Aaryn: Sorry Helen I want you to stay but it’s what the house wants

    Cut to Helen bad mouthing Elissa

  19. I CANT WAIT FOR AMANDA TO KICK AARYN IN HER ASS … AMANDA TELLING THE JURY I MADE AARYN PULL THE TRIGGER ON EVERY hoh she won .. i made her nominate who i wanted thats my biggest move in the game AARYN … THE LOOKS ON THEIR FACES WHEN HELLEN RETUNS TO THE HOUSE PRICELESS cant wait to see 3 am screwed …. all these players throwing rocks and hidding their hands hellen will be back …

  20. Aaryn is officially a legendary BB bad ass, the girl is the real deal, no doubt. Unfortuantely she is aligned with amanda but regardless she has gone from having nothing to earning possible legend status. No one else in there is worth anything. So they get helen out and she possibly comes right back in. Aaryn needs to figure out her end game and who it involves, if she can mentally navigate to the end she might be top 5 all time. long long way to go and anyone of these hacks could punk her out.

    1. Aaryn has done very well, remarkably so given where she was a month or so ago. That said, this is the weakest group of “competitors” I’ve ever seen. Some of that is by design as Amanda/Helen managed to get Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlynn, and Howard voted out early. Those houseguests would have surely been more competitive than are people like Andy, GM, Elissa, and Spencer. Of the people on the jury so far, only Judd ever won anything.

    2. Aaryn’s “legendary” status on BB will be that she is a nasty racist. No way to get around that one. Doesn’t matter if she is a beast at competitions, she is a beast, period. That’s the legend she will have to live with. It’s bigger than this game.

  21. Yeah, right…Aaryn is better than Janelle (who was playing against actually real players and not a bunch of wimps). Andy also believes he “carried” Jesse as far as he could in the game. These people are delusional.

  22. GM and amanda are truly disgusting humans, like unbearably gross on every level possible. They have to go for general sanitary purposes, its disgusting to see and hear them. Might be cool to see Judd re-enter, clear the air with aaryn then they run the table. aaryn needs someone legit to work with and get rid of hacks like amanda, mcrae, gm, spencer. Judd, aaryn, andy could run the house to final 3, thatd be legit and almost salvage a nightmare season.

    1. Mike I agree and I would love it. Judd and Aaryn clear the air and evict everyone else. It would actually salvage this worthless season.

  23. This show is annoying. I’m so tired of mccrae and Amanda. Thy both comment on how Elissa hasn’t won a comp but amanda hasn’t either. ugh! put up helen and amanda and let them fight it out.

  24. Seriously? Amanda in the SR hiding behind the Trash Can, crying. Her Pizza boy threw it to her, and she’s still a loser. Worse than Rachel behind the bushes. A Spoiled brat, that expects BB to cater to her just like all the HGs do! Ohh WAIT!!! She belongs inside the Trash Can, rather than behind it.

  25. Why didn’t CBS show BoZO? Didn’t he do Aaryn, GM & Amandas makeup? Amanda lost a comp that was “hers” even though her boyfriend threw it to her & then she literally lost it behind the trash can, HAHAHAHA oh God she makes me sick….Helen calling Aaryn Janelle? I hope they bring Janelle in there to smack Helen around for that…..I’m glad Julie called all of em out for their piss poor game…..She let Helen know taking JUDD out was NOT a big move! these people are so full of themselves….I wish there was a closeup pic of Amandas eyebrows! they are just as bad as Aaryns! clowns! All of em!

  26. 3AM does it again. And you never know how next weeks reentry will go. Grow up, people, with the boohoos for this season. We know its a disaster. Judd needs to get back in. Screw the rest. Helens eviction vote and Amanda’s bye message are awful. Helen is too damn fake and cocky, Amanda is too vile.

  27. That was the best part of the show!!! McCrae trying to GIVE the game to Amanda and she still is too dumb to win. ROTFL!!!!! Hiding behind the track can just was just pure symbolism!!!!

  28. Spencer is not very bright. He didn’t put Amanda vs McCrae when he chose the next two to face off in the HOH competition. That would have guaranteed one of them out of the running. Spencer doesn’t think past his nose in this game. If McCrae had beaten Amanda, she would have been all over his case. “You didn’t let Mama win!!!” HAHA. He could have introduced some nice chaos like Jesse did.

    1. Why would Spencer do that? He’s already hanging by a thread, he knows who has the power in the house, Helen and Elissa were already gone so he doesn’t need to worry about them. He already went against the POV game plan, why would he piss them off more. As it is someone made a comment because he called Mcrae too soon.

  29. “GM says how she talks is who she is if you don’t like it step the f*** aside she not changing “This is why people like me this is why I got picked for the show”

    Exactly Gutter Mouth, CBS needed a ignorant hoodrat to “even out” the rest of the bigots.

  30. The only thing more tragic than watching Jessie go home tonight was watching Aaryn’s squiggly lined ridiculous eyebrows….She might as well have drawn a connecting line between her eyebrows to the bridge of her nose so she could be a walking advertisement for McDonalds.

  31. Helen “Aaryn, Aaryn, Aaryn, OMG OMG you’re awesome OK Aaryn, Aaryn, you are winning BB OK Aaryn, Aaryn, listen to me Fake ass Helen “OK you need to put up Amanda and McCrea OK OMG OMG Aaryn, Aaryn, your the best friend ever OK OMG I love you!!”

    Did I hear Julie say at the end of the show say “For the first time in BB history a jury member has a chance to come back in the game”? It happened two years ago I believe…amiright?

    Fake ass Helen, “Aaryn, Aaryn, OMG you’re a BEAST! Remember now like I said…. nominate Amanda and McCrea!! Aaryn, Aaryn, OMG Aaryn, I will never ever ever put you up on the block!”

    1. People have come back into the game , but not jury members. They were evicted and kept in solitary until being brought back.

  32. “Amanda: ‘You’re going to win this f*** game it’s so annoying.. you are making the biggest moves..”

    What are these big moves they keep babbling about?

  33. Helen should be evicted just for saying ” Turn that frown upside down” more than once, ugh. That woman is so fake…I rather enjoyed Jessie exposing her this past week !

  34. “Helen: You are Janelle.. You are better than Janelle..”

    Now, I know Janelle is going to be pissed.

    I don’t think Janelle needed a drug to help her win comps, Did she?

  35. They have all decided…. ( the house ) that whoever comes back from the jury to vote them back out. So not only do they play to come back in. They have to worry about being put right back on the block. Smh. Unless production helps them stay what is the point of a returning juror. The only way it would be a big game changer is to have the winner of the 4 person juror automatically be HOH. That would be awesome !!!!!

  36. Thumbs up if you want the returning player to be JUDD. JUDD was evicted because Helen could not control him and she wanted him out. Also, Amanda thought he was MVP and wanted him out. JUDD was my favorite player to watch. He was a sweetheart.

  37. aaryn should put up Amanda and Helen—-tell Amanda it’s so Helen doesn’t think they’re working together. Tell Helen the same thing. Make them both scramble all week!

  38. If it is Candice that comes back, the only way she will not go right back out is if she is literally handed the HOH right away through some sort of twist.
    She had no physical ability in the comps at all. None of them want to see her back in the house so they will not want to hang on to her (unless there is reason to keep her to get rid of Amanda), and Andy and Helen (if they’re still there) will still stay squeaky clean.
    Squeaky like rats.

  39. ROLMFAO @ Andy saying “it’s the only way”, when he had the PERFECT chance to backdoor Helen this week. Is he stupid or something?

  40. If only these people had their own minds and they wouldn’t just listen to queen amanda whos getting every hoh. Whoever gets back into the game better take amanda out

  41. All you Elissa lovers……when is your hero gonna strike? When is she gonna make her “Big Move”? I am sure the time just was not right to win a competition this week. But soon, right!! Soon.

  42. am i the only one who thinks this HOH comp was rigged from start to finish? julie asks a question,the 1st hg to buzz the buzzer with the right answer wins.very simple.but seeing how one hg wud hit the buzzer 3 or 4x and nothing happens,then the other hg hits the buzzer once and ….bing,bing,bing,right answer you win.if that wasnt bad enough amandas could not have been more bored with this comp in her life.when she went against mccrae,she moseyed up to the podium, yawned,i swear i saw her filing her fingernails,lets julie ask the question,looks around,then looks at mccrae,waits for him to hit the buzzer,looks around somemore,hits the buzzer and suprise! mccrae answered wrong! she repeats her performance with aaryn,only why did the expression on aaryns face give away the fact that she knew she had won,even before julie said so.and if that doesnt convince you this is rigged,after aaryn wins amanda just walks away,like “are we done with this charade yet”? amanada did not care who won this HOH becuz she seemed to already know it doesnt matter.she isnt going anywhere.i dont know about anybody else,but that was the HOH comp that I SAW tonight.

    1. ok OK you weren’t watching the HOH closely. The first person who hit their buzzer got credit for thir choice whether the light went on or not. There was nothing fixed about it! Except McCrae tanking which was obvious and Arryn realizing she f8ched up big time not throwing the final question. Should of let Amanda have her week! LOL Wonder who the 2 noms would have been? Spencer and GM you could count on it with Helen only a backdoor target.

      Arryn may win comps but she has no self esteem just racist values. I dare say I’ve watched some less than deserving HG’s win BB. What in the F would CBS be saying if they are part of a Racist winning 500K on national TV knowingly. Fire AG and Moonves if it happens with any of them.

      PS don’t get all excited that Helen/Ellisa go on the block just yet. Helen may produce some magic when she is told the noms. As stupid a douchebag as Helen is surely she won’t be buying she’s a pawn! I really hope they stay the same to watch Helen throw Ellisa under the bus. She’ll offer everything the previous evicted HG’s offered in one giant package with a bow on it. She ridiculed all that she will now offer to save herself.

  43. Aaryn should play her own game and nominate who she wants but she won’t because once again she will follow Amanda and mccrea and put up Elissa and Helen. Aaryn should team up with gm spencer Helen and Elissa and get out Andy mccrea and Amanda. Now that would be a good game move but since she has the 3 am alliance it won’t happen. Only one can hope that can happen and hopefully Candice or Judd or even who get evicted next week come back and take out Amanda or mccrea.

  44. no it wasnt rigging-crapmanda doesnt care who wins hoh since she gets to pick the nominees anyway. hoh means nothing to her. she gets the bed every week no matter what for her and McPussy to play with their dildo.

  45. Totally knew it – finally Elissa’s true colours are shinning through. She is a boring, fake, humourless, bitchy snob. And she gets the most votes for favorite houseguest? What is hell is wrong with you people? I have noticed that people, in general, assume that people who are quiet are nice. I think this is the case with Elissa. Well, I would rather someone like GM. What you see, is what you get. Side note, I really wish Aaryn doesn’t get the boob job she is planning to get the minute she gets out of the house. She has a great body as is…no need for fake breasts!

    1. Nobody REALLY likes Rachelissa. They like her obnoxious, classless sister (for reasons unknown to anyone with a brain) and root for Rachelissa only due to relation. If she wasn’t Rachel’s sister, she’d have no fans (because Brenchel zombies would actually be honest about her lack of game and her annoying stuck-up personality) and she’d have been gone by week 2.

      1. so, you’ve got something for Aaryn and GM…… Do you have a shrine in your basement for them?

  46. When this season started, my favorites were Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy. At this point in the game, I am having a difficult time rooting for anyone. Tonight is the first time in weeks that I have tuned into the live feeds, and I am watching them tonight, because I think this will be an exciting week. It just sucks that I am no longer a fan of anyone in the game. As much as I dislike Aaryn, I think she is clearly playing the best game. I would not be surprised if Amanda is evicted this coming week!

    Since I have not been watching the live feeds, I have been getting my BB fix by watching BBUK and BBAU on youtube. Although I have watched BBUS since season one, this is the first time I have watched UK and AU.

    With that being said, I am curious.. Does anyone here watch either UK and / or AU? I am wondering what folks think about the differences between the US show, versus the others?

  47. Looks like CBS is bound and determined to let one of the racists grab the prize this year. Personally, I would like to see Elissa go this week just so she can get out of the snake pit. She is the ONLY one who has tried to stay somewhat true to her morals. I applaud that she has the balls to actually let GM and Aaryn know that their behavior is unacceptable and she doesn’t want to be around them. She can hold her head high with those two animals…I mean, guess who actually has a job and a life to go back to when she leaves the house and guess who doesn’t!

      1. Is there something wrong with that? I have noticed that good girls might go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere! ; )

      2. Generally speaking, when someone calls someone a despicable name it’s because they’re about their pathetic lot in life. If you’re angry about where you sit in the big scheme of things time to shape up and stop watching shows with pathetic people who obviously are better than you…

    1. “She is the ONLY one who has tried to stay somewhat true to her morals.”

      LOL – so I guess we’re just going to ignore her laughing behind Candice’s back and egging on the racist comments? We’re going to pretend she didn’t browbeat Demanda over wearing a one-piece or snottily ask Jessie if she was on meds? We’re going to act like she hasn’t bragged to anyone who would listen about all the houses she owns and how she’s tight with production? “Morals” my ass, she’s just as bad as anyone else in the house.

    2. If I wanted to watch paint dry (Ellissa) I would stay at work… She is not playing the game! I was starting to think she was playing by being nice to them and I knew if she won HOH she would put them up (GM and Aaryn), but then she F’ed it up with one stupid comment about where to sit during the HOH comp. She and Helen would have had a chance to talk to her about her noms, but not after this. I don’t get her, I tried.

  48. Amanda hiding behind the trash can is too funny the picture alone makes me laugh I’m am Elissa fan but ya man she sucks at the game and she is getting a clue that Hellen and her ass kissing is f$&@ ing up her game sorry Elissa love ya but you may just go home to your happy content life still love ya though. I don’t like Aaryn but she’s good she’s carrying herself in this game dang the so called racist chick just might min the game. Hellen I can’t wait to see her dumb ass go up on the block why doesn’t she just volunteer like she did the last time for have not com’ on “it’s just a game” dumb idiot Helen eviction next Thursday

  49. Helen was so Smug and condescending in her Farewell Message to Jessie….Well Ms. Mother Hen AND KARMA IS A BITCH!

  50. In the 60’s , people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and
    people take Adderall to make it normal.

  51. If Helen and Elissa are the next two to go, I honestly hope Amanda wins! This cast is so stupid! Amanda should have been out a long time ago. Mcrae in my opinion has rode Demanda’s coattails so i don’t think he should win if it comes down to her and him. I really hate them all, but i guess i’m rooting for Elissa to grow a brain and start playing once Helen leaves.

  52. I am def drinking every time Ms. Mother Hen Helen say “YOU KNOW” …”YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN” on BBAD Tonight. Lol

  53. OMG this is the lamest BB season ever. No balls and Andy is just giving Amanda 500,000. What are they waiting for? Well it’s too late nw. OMG this players and their it’s what the house wants. Not making any big moves, leaves me to believe it will be between Amanda and McCray the final two and Amanda the winner. Andy is stupid, he keeps talking bout his game? What game? being Amanda’s puppet. Last week Amanda should have been back doored. Now the winner is pretty much set

  54. Helen: “You know what you won fair and square OK.. Do not feel bad for your success.. OK.. C’mon you gotta cheer up.. Turn that frown upside down girlfriend OK.. you should be happy OK.. you are safe.. YOU’VE PLAYED A EXCELLENT GAME… If I was f**** just watching this show I WOULD F**** LOVE YOU.. You are Janelle.. YOU ARE BETTER THAN JANELLE.. You’ve gone from everyone in this house hating you to EVERYONE ADMIRING YOU OK. ..you are such a BRIGHT GIRL AND SO HUMBLE.. I am amazed by you OK be glad you won OK you had a really stressful week ok.. lets get some drinks OK don’t be worried OK you are safe OK “ [emphasis added]

    WOW, now that’s what you call serious azz sucking / brown nosing…… If Aaryn is stupid enough to believe that well ……. she’ll be suckered in by a lot of people during her life…….

  55. Amanda knows nothing about the power of the feminine mystique. We have had tmi from her climbing on McNuts in these after dark reports.

  56. Please we all beg of you to please make the person from jury that wins next Thursday not only comes back into the house , but has to be the new HOH.. this will be what is needed to save this season of BB. Amanda would have NO! control and that will be good T.V. Because she will go insane. Also if it is true in anyway that Amanda has a inside connection and it is discovered, any or all winnings of anything she gained while in BB should be taken away from her. I really hope that things get exciting this coming week, if BB CBS keeps Amanda in the game it is a huge mistake she herself has made it a very boring and predictable season..

  57. Helen needs to be punched for saying u r Janelle ok u r better than janelle!!!!! Idiot! HOW DARE SHE COMPARE THE RACIST AARYN TO THE SUPER DUPER AWESKME JANELLE!!!!

  58. Production always rigs the game when it starts looking too predictable. Remember when Brendon got to come back into the house after winning a comp designed for him, and the conveniently invented power of veto that allows Rachel to change two people up on the block when she and Jordan were on the block (and stayed in their bed crying for 2dats, threatening to self evict) remember the comp? Hanging from their boyfriends… They beat Shelly- who had rods in her back and hasd major back surgery. Production drill not let 3AM waltz to final four. I’m guessing they want to ensure Elissa makes it to final 3 to keep Rachel fans engaged.

  59. Helen is still going home, should have listened, to Jessie, Howard, Candice, Jeremy, Judd, Spencer, Kaitlyn, Nick and the other conga line of house guest who told her to get out amanda, how fitting that she be sent home by the racist house guests she worked so hard to defend so vigorously. Ironically she will go up next with Elissa and will become the target for obvious reasons, where Elissa who dissed and insulted the racist douches all season long will likely stay, o the irony

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