Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Dan tells Ian that he just got caught in the blonde web..

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


1:45pm Janelle talks to Dan in the arcade room she tells him that she has Joe, Shane, Wil, Britney and Ashley’s vote and that she needs Dan’s vote. Dan says that he has to make sure they are all 1000%. Janelle says that Shane said he is voting how Britney votes and she told me I have her vote. Janelle says that she definitely has four votes, maybe five and that you (Dan) would be 6. Janelle says that the only votes for Frank are Ian Jenn and Boogie. Janelle says that if she stays she will go after the person that told the lie about her. Janelle says that she thinks she can work with Joe and that he isn’t coming after Dan. Janelle asks when can you let me know how you are voting for? Dan says definitely Wednesday night if you have the votes I can tell you. Janelle says that she is definitely with Dan. Dan says he knows that. Janelle talk about how something isn’t right about Wil and that he thinks this game is about lying. Dan says that he can’t trust anyone in here. Dan tells Janelle that he trusts her. Janelle asks if he trusts Danielle. Dan says I did but where did that come from? (Nominating Janelle) Janelle says that it is a lock as long as Danielle doesn’t want her out for some crazy reason. She says I am a pawn, but I am not pawn material. Big Brother says over the intercom: hello house guests it’s going to be hot out today, don’t forget your sunscreen. Dan gets up and says he is going to go outside and lay out. He heads outside and says to Ian that he just got caught in the blonde web.
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2pm Shane and Danielle are up in the HOH room. He tells her that this time he is voting with the majority. Shane tells Danielle his conversation that he had with Janelle and says that she just really doesn’t want to be blindsided and have her make-up running because she is crying. Shane says that Janelle thinks she has Wil, Ashley, Joe and she doesn’t. Danielle heads downstairs to head outside. Meanwhile out in the backyard, Dan and Ian are playing badminton in the pool.


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2:25pm Britney and Danielle are laying out by the pool talking about random things. Wil comes by and asks if he can listen to her cd up in the HOH room. Danielle says yes. Britney tells Danielle that someone asking to listen to your cd is code word for we need to talk. Danielle says that she doesn’t even know what to say to Wil though.


2:30pm – 3pm Danielle says just be completely honest with me. I had a little friend come up to me this morning and tell me that you went outside and told people after nominations and said Dan and I had to go. Wil says Joe needs to GO! Wil says that Joe and Janelle are running around spreading lies. Wil talks about how Joe was trying to trap him in a lie and was trying to get me to say that I wanted the coaches out. Danielle asks so do you want Janelle out or not. Wil says yes I want Janelle out, I would rather Frank is here. Danielle tells Wil how Joe was coming up here saying that Janelle never talked bad about me. Wil says that Janelle talked bad about you to your face. Janelle is just a two faced bold liar. Wil says that Wil, Janelle and Britney are the center of all these lies. Danielle says that Britney is not a part of it and that she is trying to separate herself from it. Danielle says that Britney was just trying to be nice to you and help you. Wil says that he knows and that he likes her. Wil says that we cannot let Joe go to jury. Danielle agrees but that they need to get Janelle out first. Danielle says that she has Wil, Ashley, Britney, Dan and Shane none of which are voting for her to stay. Wil says that Joe’s cooking needs to stop, we have no chicken left. Danielle says we have no food left. Danielle says why is Joe coming up here telling me all these lies, what do you want me to do, go talk to them about! Wil says why is he coming to you, you don’t even have a vote. Danielle says I know! Wil says that Janelle is about as real as her tits! Wil says if I win HOH I am getting Joe the fu*k out of this house! Danielle says please don’t tell anyone anything about what we talked about, I trust you completely. Wil says that he won’t. Britney joins them freaking out about how Janelle is pressuring her to work out. Britney brings up how janelle is spreading lies about her and Wil. Wil says that he will use that to tell Janelle he can’t vote for her.


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Danielle is fat

There goes danielle again sitting on shane’s lap. But if anyone says that she’s in a showmance she’ll get mad.. I said it a million times and ill say it again.. Danielle is an idiot! Someone get her out.


She may be a hopeless stalker, but I don’t think she’s an idiot.

Danielle is fat must be really really fat...

Talk game or don’t talk at all…
We need to vote you off here…
You stalk Dni waaaay more then she thinks about Shane, herself, or herself and Shane…


Janelle better hope these folks respect her enough to tell her the truth at some point. Otherwise, she IS going to be blindsided Thursday night. I have never seen anyone this SURE (while being on he block) they have the votes to keep them safe. She REALLY DOES think her shit don’t stink IMO. If you are on the block, you CAN go home. It really is 50/50. Go back and look at EACH season. There is a damn good reason “Pawns go home” is a phrase that’s so repeated in the BB house. If you are on the block, you are NOT safe. (Frank really needs to understand that too–even though I DO think he’s safe this week.)


You never saw Marcellas season 3. When he was evicted he ran to pack his bag before he left.


that was hilarious


haha Janelle has no idea she’s going home! Her face is gonna be classic on Thursday.
Goodbye Blondie, the Silent Six did you a favor and is sending you home to your baby!!


Agreed more! Janelle has no clue that she is going home. Good Luck with your kid.


UGH i’m sick of all these people saying “She’s lier” C’mon this is BIG BROTHER everyone freaking lies. Holy crap, Danielle is getting in my nerves we get it you want Janelle gone, you dont need to tell everyone how much you hate her!


Yes. Nearly everyone lies in BB, but no one lies as bad a Janelle is now. She is either delusional and believes all her lies or thinks everybody is an idiot, doesn’t talk to one another, and all she has to do is bat her fake eyelashes and no one will doubt her.


Danielle does, watch the feeds!!!


Danielle exaggerates but doesn’t outright lie.


Now I do agree with you, but Janelle was doing the same she always says how much she hates Frank or Boogie, or Willie, and I’m still on the Janelle train. But Daniele is also annoying because of her other insecurities seriously annoying. They should’ve brought back Kara so she can see exactly who her dear knight in shining armor Shane prefers. I dislike both Daniele and Shane……..


Next week will be interesting yo.


Dani: Sits on Shane’s lap, he doesn’t touch her. She plays w/his hair, he doesn’t touch her. She hugs him and says I love you still and he says i’m taking a shower.

This Dani looks more and more pathetic.


Janellous now you need to lie too. You’re only a commenter.


Watch the feeds bud! that is exactly what happen!!!!


@Janellous.Danielle really told Shane that she loves him?


Joe is going home next week if he doesn’t win HoH, everyone seems pissed at him…

Janelle's worn out lip

Did Shane really say to Danielle that he will vote with the majority (meaning he would vote to keep Janelle if he thought she had the majority of the votes)?

If so, that’s messed up.


can’t believe im saying this but im drinking the BOOGIE kool aid. Boogie and Dan in the final two to teach future players to NEVER TRUST A VET.

Carol & Steve

I’m thinking the same thing! Dan & Boogie final two!

BB Pathedic season

Danielle , Danielle , Danielle, your lies have to stop !!!! you will be found out.


I will agree. When you lie a lot, and badly, they will come back to bit you.

Hmmmm…. Sounds more like what just happened to Janelle.


Exactly! Janelle got caught now Danielle is the new Janelle, but her lies are delusions and are used to try and get sympathy and attention and approval


Hold up folks, Production paid the coaches 25k each up front for this season. Do you really think they are going to let one of their “star” players be evicted this early without doing something. I would be shocked if they are not working on a “twist” right now as I am typing this to save her fat ass. I’m not a fan of Production getting involved but if you have been watching past seasons it is clear they do to keep ratings up and ratings are way down this year and Production can’t be happy about loosing a major fan favorite this early plus 25k out the door for 4 weeks…not gonna happen…

Janelle's worn out lip

Perhaps ratings are down this year because they keep rigging the game.
No…that would be too obvious.


How do you know they got paid 25 gs upfront? where’d you hear that or read that?
I know Janelle was discussing all stars and said their stipends for that were 1,200.00 a week which added up to something like 25 gs at the end but that was at the end and for the whole show ( she was in finals on astars member)






I know this is a random thought but I am the only one who thinks Shane is boring. He just agrees with everyone and never smiles.


I sort of agree that Shane had an agenda when he started the game but with Jojo and Dani clinging on him something has changed. After winning HOH and POV’s he is trying to play like Jenn. (whose Jenn?).


Yup, that dude has a rock floating between his ears.
Thats how it goes when u bring ppl on to BB who have no idea what the show is about.

I like Dani but the hoh power has gone to her head!! It seems to happen to
a lot the hg this yr. She is talking way too much to ppl since the Silent Six thing went down.

Oh yeah check out Diana’s Diary Room on youtube new episode posted today.
She breaks it down, baby!!! She can’t STAND Brit!!!


He is definitely trying to stay under the radar. It’s a smart move because it’s probably not relaxing to be a huge target every week. He was a huge target because of Willie, and now he is just trying to lay low until the Silent Six are the final six.
Agreeing to everything and not getting into drama is what keeps you under the radar. Look at Jenn (wait…….whose Jenn?)


I can’t wait until they all get screwed over by frank and boogie and when they get out they see that joe and janelle were the ones telling the truth about what people were saying about everyone.


Have we been watching the same show? Which Janelle and Joe are you talking about?


He is watching a different show.. Janelle and Joe lie like crazy!

No one can be trusted


Why? Then Joe will lie again. Joe will go home next week.

BB Pathedic season

Danielle , Danielle , Danielle, your lies have to stop !!!! you will be found out. you come across trying to get ppl to believe you are this sweet southern bell & you are they worst when it comes to trash talking. you should look in the mirror. I have watched the feeds 24/7 since day 1 and you spin the biggest lies out of everyone in the house and getting other hgs involved is just bad pathetic game pay. you, Brittany & Wil are all trash talking ugly little ppl. just a bunch of mean girls and cant wait to see you all evicted. I will check back in a couple weeks. And «i am not a Janelle fan, I am a Big Brother Fan But this 3 mean girls are not BB Game Players.


She was talking about how she was talking to Joe earlier. Now she is saying that SHE WAS NAKED and he wouldnt leave! lol exaggerator

I think Im turning the feeds off until Thursday


@BB pathetic season. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has seen this.


If Shane wins HoH next week Wil & Joe will go up. Joe needs to go home!


Dani=Maggie, Brit=Ivette, Ashley=April, Wil=Beau…accept they’re 10x’s worse! NT


3 comments offering nothing new to the discussion. TROLL


Haven’t I read that somewhere before?


It was a very funny comment! Any true BB fan can see the similarities. Danielle has also been compared to Annie Wilkes! You should really try reading other blogs as well.. you are the 1%

You are just a Dani fan, you must be a relative, because NO one could honestly like her as much as you!

and captain has been known to post the EXACT same thing over and over. I reply to comments and offer opinions

Thanks for following me WW, its nice to have fans! ;)


I read all the posts. And honestly I like Danielle, but my money and loyalty is to Dan. Funny enough, my second choice is Britney. Danielle and Shane are next on my list. Can’t decide on which one. Boogie next ’cause he recognizes good game play (he defended Danielle to Frank for the ballsy move.) After that I don’t care.

My big problem is that the Janelle fans (mostly) see her as perfect. She does not make mistakes. Any problems that result in bad things for her are other people’s faults. And woe be unto the eliminator of Janelle because that person is the Devil, ie the Anti-Janelle. All the hate they have in their lives is focused on that one person, exagerating all flaws that person makes to the Nth degree.

If you read all my posts you will see that I defend Danielle but recognize that she is a needy, clingy stalker. But I still like her.


and your comments are so insightful to read? please!!! Have some respect for the other BB fans on here.


Isn’t Shane Beau?


BTW Maggie won her season!


Danielle is an idiot. Just last week she said she heard jojo talking about her and saying those things. Now all of a sudden she says janelle was lying the entire time. This girl is an idiot. If she cant even remember that then I would hate for her to be working at my hospital.

BB Pathedic season

@Mike says, you are absolutely right. Guess some feeders forget that Ian told Dani that Jojo was messing with Shane & that she Jojo said she wanted to climb on him Shane.
Dani then almost in tears runs to Janelle & Ashley , lays herself down beside them and starts telling them the things Jojo is doing & how jojo called her fat & that her legs were fat…to get Ashley & Janelle to turn on jojo & rally yo get jojo evicted. etc etc .
Dani needs some serious help this is a game, not a high school popularity contest.
Dani put up Janelle cause she knows Janelle knows her dirty little secrets . ( that she Dani ) started all the stories about herself 1st blaming jojo .
Now turning it on to Janelle & blaming her since Jojo is gone. Whos next ????? Ash. Brit or Jenn ?
Dani knows, that Shane, Dan & Brit would turn on her if Janelle or Ashley exposed her.


Joe is the only one without an alliance bahahahaha this is funny and sad at the same time


The guy is an idiot that annoys everyone!


Wait, so his alliance with Ian, Jenn, and Ashley isn’t real?!


Danielle talks too much, at a certain point you just have to shut up…Janelle talked too much too, and look where she’s at…


They call Janelle a liar, but she’s is playing the game and lying strategically. Danielle is just making stuff up out of thin air to make herself seem like more of a hard ass during her and Janelle’s conversation. Danielle is like that annoying girl in high school that’s always around, but no one really likes.


They call Janelle a liar, but she’s is playing the game and lying strategically. Danielle is just making stuff up out of thin air to make herself seem like more of a hard ass during her and Janelle’s conversation. Danielle is like that annoying girl in high school that’s always around, but no one really likes.

What is so strategic about lying to everyone about everything and believing that no one will notice and then deny that you lied when caught? If Danielle is the annoying girl in high school then Janelle is the Queen Bitch that all the nerds drool over and the Football captain dumps after nailing her.


Um why do you downplay Danielle’s lying??!

Its real strategic to get rid of someone who wasnt coming after you and instead side with 2 people who are coming after you!

I really dont think you watch the feed, or read the blogs.

I can admit Janelle lies a lot! its going to be her downfall. But what Danielle does is worse psychotic. yesterday she was mad because janelle didnt ask her to work out, and complained complained complained! Now she is mad that Janelle is asking her to work out! Um.. ok bi-polar!

See the difference is I can admit Janelle f-ed up and is going home, but you dont acknowledge Danielle is not only a liar, but delusional, deluded and in need of a self esteem


Obviously you do not read all the posts. I have admitted and will continue to admit that EVERYONE is a liar, including Danielle. That post was about Janelle and how the poster saw Danielle. I just pointed out Janelle’s faults and extended the metaphor.


Simon, you should just put in next eliminated house guest as Janelle. Everyone is lying to her that she has thier vote. I will laugh my ass of if she gets eliminated and comes back to the house in another twist and wins HOH everyone needs to think she could come back.


I think it’s a good chance that production will save Janelle.There’s no way they(production)wants her to leave this early in the game.She’s not popular on this site,but she has a huge fan base and Big Brother/production loves her.Last season pandora’s box that saved Rachel&Jordan(two people that were nominated and in danger of being evicted)proves if production likes you,they will do what ever it takes to save you.If they(production)do this(save Janelle).I’m sure they’ll make sure the HOH competition favors Janelle.That’s why I hope Dan is covering his tracks in regards to his role in all of this.Lol.After reading Dan’s conversation he had with Janelle,it seems like he’s doing just that.Lol.He’s placing the blame on Danielle.Earlier Danielle told Wil that back dooring Janelle was all her idea and no one knew anything about it.And the entire house knows that Danielle hates Janelle,because Danielle won’t stop telling people how much she hates her.


Yea Danis insecurity is annoying but she does have some game. Ready to see who wins the next hoh already.


Why didn’t Danielle just say I put up the two biggest threats in the house so let the chips fall where they may ? Now she’s just a target !


haha its funny how Ashley admitted to Will that they were “floaters”

Ragin' Cajuns

I can’t understand why everyone on this site hates Boogie so much. In my opinion, he plays a very consistent game.


I agree with you I like him. Look what he has done! Now that is how to play the game!!


It’s that Chilltown rep. Honestly, the only person he really, really, really dogged out was Erika in BBAS.



danille before the hoh endurance last week shane told danille he doesnt want nothing no relationship because people will target them…. he also told her he will keep a distance from her for now …… but after she win the hoh he kiss her …… i bet after her power is over shane will be pushing her of again but danille loves bad treatment …. the more shane says he doesnt want her she runs to brittney why shane ignoring me , shane hasnt talk to me all day … this girl is just desperate for DICK and very clingy . i hope shane fuc.ks her and leave her because she has no understanding



Marcellas was not even this blindly confident. LoL!!

This woman, unless told by players/PRODUCTION is about to be completely nailed LIVE on TV. That being said, I think she gets clued in before Thursday night’s eviction.


janelle just needs to go. so janelle lovers, if she hasnt lied, what she has done is say awful things, including about danielle. I see comments above acting as if she didnt start a lie about jojo saying something about danielle. that was cruel. period.


I just want this week to be OVER!!

Janelle can go home now! Danielle can stop being in the HOH fishing for all her compliments

Im ready for a new week!!! Hopefully something unexpected will happen.

I think if someone not in the Silent 6 is HOH it would be pretty interesting. Since their allegiances arent clear!


Janelle is going home. It’s too late for Big Brother to change anything with 12 players in the game. They know if the try to keep her that they will lose viewers instantly. Goodbye Janelle go home to your family and watch the show from there.


I’m confused. Is Will telling lies? I don’t doubt him when he says he is voting Janelle out. But it seems he’s being accused of lying quite a bit.


I don’t think lying is the right word for it. Flip Flopping is more accurate.


its why this is the perfect move, she isnt coming back with so many bodies there. adios.

amazing though. boogie not only turned it, but now who is even looking at boogie as “hes gone next week”. no one. he bought he and frank a couple weeks, and a few less wildcards on the table. of course boogie loses, but it should be fun to see what he does if he gets power again.

Eric CA

Who cares if Janelle has said horrible things? Who cares if she has lied in this game?

Everyone in the Big Brother House lies and says stupid, rude things. We could spend hours listing off individual lies and rude comments made by everyone in the house. Danielle who is self righteously complaining to Brittney, has lied (Frank last week) and has made rude comments about other players (Frank, Janelle, Boogie and Joe.).

My point is, be honest if you want to evict Janelle. I want to evict Janelle because she scares the crap out of me. I think this is going to happen to all of the coaches, this season. They are all getting evicted. Some are going to be forced into the jury house. The most honest answer any house guest could give as to why you want to evict an All Star Coach is… “Rachael Riley, you guys had your shots at $500,00.00, it is our turn now, and we are not making the same mistakes of last year.”

On a personal note, and I am dieing to see this.

Janelle: Wil, why after I saved you… why after all of the things I have done for you? WHY? WHY WHY?

Wil: Because…. I am not one of your FANS Janelle!

Janelle roll;s all around the floor, trying to strangle Wil, with total crazy eye.

It is a simple but fun dream.



every year people like u say the same thing if cbs save rachel brendon they will lose viewers .. like dan and boogie said its there show they can do what they want … … and the public know they will continue to watch i just dont understand these empty threats because deep down she will return even if the have to say amercia’s vote ……


Hi Simon and Dawg – Do you guys think production will try to ‘save’ Janelle? I’m not on the Janelle train but I can’t stand Danielle and would love to see her face if Janelle somehow doesn’t leave on Thursday

Eric CA

I do not think production can do a miracle save this week. They can not do a mystery power.
They blew that wad last week, with the reboot and Shane’s wasted week of power. To Shane’s credit he did not have a dramatic hissy fit, like past wasted HoH. The only way production could save Janelle is to plant seeds in peoples heads that would make them want to evict Frank more. Janelle is going back home to her husband and baby.
These are two ways Janelle stays in the house.
A) Frank gets caught in a controversy, causing house wide paranoia that would make the house guests want to evict Frank.

B) Joe, is kicked out of the house for deliberately giving the house guests food poisoning, by not washing his hands after using the bathroom and then cooking for people. I do not know what production is thinking, What Joe is doing is deliberately causing a health hazard. In my opinion, that is way worse than throwing a microphone in a hot tub. Then say “House guests there will be no evictions this week.”

Those are the only two ways BB Production could save Janelle.


I am sure you have eaten food prepared by someone who did not wash their hands after going potty before. Like any fast food or restaurant or maybe even your BF if you have one :)


With big brother production I have no idea


Joe and Janelle were pacing around the kitchen when Brit, Dani, Ash and Wil were stalling Janelle’s work out session, it’s like Joe and Janelle have become the same person, and WHY don’t they just say: “No, I don’t want to work out!” and “No, I don’t want anymore of Joe’s shitty gourmet meals!”


I am Pulling for Shane-Danielle and Dan!!! … BUT, all this talk about people (Janelle) telling lies isa Lot of foolishness!!! … absolutely Silly- and it Might costs them the Game!! … That’s part of the game- talking m lying!!! … Danielle should get Rid of Frank! .. I like Frank, but he is Boogie’s pawn and he has to go! .. With Frank gone, Janelle and Boogie will tarhet each other. and Janelle should go NEXT Week!! -duh


I think Danielle is in for a rude awaking come Thursday night when the attention she feels she’s getting now will disappear. I don’t think she realizes the impact of this game and how it changes drastically week to week. Highs and lows with the lows being crushing. I think she’s going to have a tough time decompressing….


The show is rigged, always has been and always will be. Please get Danielle out ASAP, I can not stand listening to her. She is one of the worst players BB has ever had. She is an annoying bitch and I would love to see Janelle kick her ass. Can you imagine what this bunch of idiots would do if BB put Evil Dick and Willie in Pandora’s box and left Janelle in the game. That would be fun to watch.
I think Frank and Wil are lovers, Frank can talk about having girlfriends all he wants but I’m pretty sure he has boyfriends now. Why in the hell did BB bring back Brittney? She is a dingbat and not a bit of fun to watch. I would love to see Howie or Rennie come back but I guess they are too smart to be seen with this bunch of wack-a-do’s. If they vote Janelle out I won’t have to watch this show ever again. I only watch this show when some of the people are interesting and this year I started to watch because Janelle was back and I liked Kara. The rest of these people are a bunch of losers. I feel stupid for even watching this crap, it is about as entertaining as the copycat BB show called The Glass House, I couldn’t even get through the first show because it was so stupid. It’s time to change the channel. Good luck Janelle.