Big Brother 14 Pandora’s Box Results

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian

3:05pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle

Danielle thinks Frank will put Ian up and try to backdoor Dan.
Dan wants Danielle and himself up on the block

Dan: “Ian said if the perfect scenario came up he would use the POV… sometimes things work this way.. like if you won it or I won it was a waste of a veto.. “

Dan :”Something Bad For Frank”
Danielle: “Ya it was good for use”
Dan: “That wasn’t good for him because 2 people can be protected”
Dan: “Ohh my god I’m so glad I didn’t rat him out.. “
Danielle: “You now have to get close to him again”
Dan: “We can keep 4 out of the 5 safe this week.. perfect scenario”
Dan: “I’m embarrassed.. I’ve never acted like that in this game…”

3:10pm Cam 1-2 Brintey, Frank and Ian Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

They tell Ian to use the “power” he won during a Pandora’s Box Competition on Britney or she will be put up on the block. Ian agrees. Ian is a bit upset from the compeition.. says it was really getting ugly. Frank tells him not to worry the object was to make sure Dan didn’t win.
(Ian’s Power allows him to take one person off the block but he is not allowed to play for Tomorrow’s Power of Veto)

3:20pm cam 1-2 Arcade Room

Shane: “Me or Brit have to win POV”
Danielle: “We went from no hope to keeping the 4 back in to a slim chance”

Dan: “as long as he doesn’t put Ian up as a nomination we got a shot.. “
Shane and Danielle say they can’t put Ian up.
Dan explains that Ian can get put up but it will waste his veto.

Dan: “I think this was bad for him… “
Shane: ‘He still got money” (3grand)
Dan: “Ya but it was still Bad because 2 people are safe this week”
Dan tells them there is no way Frank has a power not with the 2nd veto in the game.

Britney joins them.. says that Ian feel like the scumbag and the salt of the earth..

Britney says Ian won’t get nominated.. it going to be Dan and Danielle. Frank is pushing Ian not to use the veto. Dan says that the perfect scenario is for Shane or Britney to win POV. Dan asks Britney if the perfect scenario happens will Ian us the power. Britney thinks so but it’ll take some work.. She pitched the idea to Ian in the storage room and he got that really scared look on his face.

(Dan’s perfect scenario is this A) Danielle and Da go up b) Shane or Brit win POV use it to save Danielle C) Ian uses the power to save Dan d) one of Joe/Jenn and Shane/Brintey gets put on the block )

3:45pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle Arcade Room

Danielle thinking that counting on Ian to use the power is a little risky. Danielle is not liking Ian too much right now.. she points out how he gets so cocky when he has power his head explodes. Dan brings up if he wins the POV teks himself down and Shane goes up. Dan adds that Ian will use the power to save Britney. Dan thinks they have the votes to keep Danielle over Shane. Dan says that starting today they are going to get really buddy buddy with Joe until votes are cast then it’s back to normal.

4:02pm Bathroom BRitney and Daniele

Danielle is freaking out about everything.. (lol) Danielle is worried that Ian won’t use the power. Britney explains that unless the right person wins the POV Ian will not use it.
Britney: ‘First things first.. one of us have to win the veto.. Dan was being so mean”
Danielle: “I don’t think he meant to he’s just

Britney says Dan wasn’t very good at the competition and he kept “Using up the quarters” and preventing Danielle and Britney from playing. Britney: “One of us could have won that power”

Britney says it’s pretty evident that Dan is only playing for himself.. she thinks Dan should have given Danielle some of his quarters.

Shane joins them says that he needs to get pumped up and win the POV.. and Ian has to use the power.

4:07pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Frank HOH

Dan I know you got to take your shot and for some reason I survive this week don’t necessarily think I’m coming after you”
Dan explains that he knows what’s going down this week and he’s cool about it he took his shot at Frank and missed.. I knew I would have to win Veto.
Dan: “If you miss and don’t get me out it’s not necessarily vengeance for me.. all i want to ask is if I get through this you are open”

Dan: “I know regardless of who I go up against I’m going home.. If you still want to hang out and play salsa Ball i’m cool” Dan explains that this is a game and if he stays this week it won’t be all “Fire and brimstone”. Dan mentions he feels bad for losing his temper “With Franks Boy” Frank laughs says that Ian was Dan’s boy yesterday.

Frank tells Dna coming into this game he was big fans of Boogie and Dan. Frank really liked how Dan played Big BRother 10. Dan brings up how when you look back at how Boogie played Big Brother 14 its very evident that he played a straight up clean game. Frank says that is because earlier in the game Boogie realized Frank would not lie so Boogie had to change his tactic.

Dan says that depending on how he leaves he will be voting to the person that played the game he’s not going vote based on personal relationships. Dan points out if he survives it would be valuable for Frank and him to perhaps work together because no one will expect it. Dam adds that Frank has built an incredible resume and has done a lot in the game.

Frank seems receptive to the possibility of working with Dan.. Frank is still going to try his best to get Dan out this week though. Dan leaves tells Frank good luck with Nominations.

4:22pm Dan and Britney in the bathroom

Dan is telling her about his conversation in the HOH with Frank. Dan says he’s trying to cement that Frank puts him and Danielle up because that is their only chance. Britney: ‘If we can pull this off.. OH MY GOD”

4:27pm HOH Britney and Frank

Britney:”Danielle is acting so weird towards me.. “
Britney makes it sound like she had a argument with Danielle in the bathroom about Dan hogging all the quarters for the competition and playing for himself.. Britney says that Danielle was trying to defend Dan’s actions.

Frank: “I’m thinking about giving you a gift Britney… it’s nothing physical.. it’ll help you in the game.. now that Mike’s gone I have no one to talk game to.. It means that you will have to wake up early”
Britney: “OK”
Frank: “What if I put up Dan and Joe”
Britney: “Here’s how i see it.. everytime I want to get rid of a person I put up 2 people I want gone.. just incase that person wins the veto then it’s not a waste of a HOH”
Britney: “Ian will not use his power if it means I go up.. he won’t do it”
Britney clears up the rules for the POV if Ian is nominated then there will be only 5 people playing for the veto Because regardless if Ian is nominated he does not get to play in the veto competition.

Britney points out the cons of putting Ian and Dan up. She says that Ian’s power gets played right before the votes on thursday. She runs through all the scenarios and says she doesn’t feel comfortable if Ian gets put up because using the threat that if Ian uses the power Britney goes up will keep the power out of the game and keep britney safe. If Ian uses the power and Danielle wins the POV her and Shane will go up and she’s certain she doesn’t have the votes to stay.
Frank thinks she has the votes. Britney disagrees says she knows she doesn’t.
Frank: Lets talk about Votes”
Britney: ‘Jenn will never vote against Danielle” She makes it very clear that Ian and Dan are not speaking to each other and she’s spoken with Ian and he’s not too keen on Dan anymore.

They start talking about the competition.. she says it felt like the hungry games.

Britney: “Who are you going to pick if you get houseguest choice”
Frank: “Shane”
Britney: ‘Ahh the veto king”
Frank: “Whatever.. we’re tied now”

Frank: “I can’t keep winning all these Competitions… you and Shane will need to win a few”
Britney: “I really have noticed Dan and Danielle isolating themselves downstairs”
(Britney has wedged herself into a good spot.. I believe she still loyal to the quack pack however a lot of things have to go right for them all to survive this week.. In case they don’t she’s got a backup plan with Frank)

5:58pm Nomination Ceremony Happening

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266 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Pandora’s Box Results

    1. frank would be stupid not to nom ian, now that ian has the veto. wonder if brit will survive as the replacement against dan???

        1. Dan can sell the point to Ian this week we can get rid of Joe. And make him talks to Frank, Frank can’t compete next HOH, so we need to keep the POV.
          Telling him, Frank plans to take Ian/Jenn to F3 because he think he can take both of them at the end. It might work well.

      1. I believe for the first time in BB history d-bag AG hs given a power to someone BEFORE the nominations. Frank still has plenty of time to think things though and do what he want, Instead of making Frank think on the spot to replace someone.

        AG is a d-bag

      1. Because if Britney/Shane wins POV, they can take down Dan/Dani, then Ian can take the other nominee off and the quack pack will have enough votes to keep their player against Joe/the piece of wallpaper

    2. All Frank has to do is go to Ian and say “Look little fella, I don’t want them to be putting the heat on you this week over the veto and I think it’s best that they think you’re still with them, so I’m gonna put you up with Dan and then you just take yourself right off and you’re free and clear this week.”

      What is Ian gonna rock to…uh..I mean say to that?

  1. Was it Ian’s Pandora’s box or Frank’s?

    If it was Frank’s, the “Ian power” has to be considered bad for Frank, so maybe he got something better that he can use on himself next week.

      1. So., where’s everyone who says that CBS rigged P box for Frank? …..silence. Where’s those folks who said that Frank would be given 2 weeks of safety and the super veto key to final 2? silence……Looks like CBS has rigged the game for IAN,. right? hahahahhaha…..

        1. Uhm, not at all? People like you amaze me. Just because one little thing did not fall into Frank’s hands the game is suddenly rigged for Ian? Really?

        2. Well, it’s obvious that production never thought this through then right? I guess production figured he would’ve had it bagged since he’s winning alot of competitions left and right. (D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that?)
          Oh, shucks, the others may have a chance after all.

        3. actually it did fall into franks lap AGAIN… when have they ever opened pandoras box before nominations …. ummmmmmm never ….and now frank gets to play in his mind other nom…. it should of played out him doing the noms then open the box .. and take it from there .. once again AG the cow changed it up just in case her lover boy Frank didnt get the veto … tell me i am wrong …lol

          1. you say Pandoras Box was never in play before nominations, I beg to differ, just last year BB13 Porshe got Pandoras Box day after Fast Forward & when she opened it the game was reset back to duos twist, so Rachel & Jordan became duos., Kalia & Porshe & Shelly & Adam. later that day was nominations and the duo of Rachel & Jordan were put on the block… Rachel won POV following day & Jordan & Rachel were taken off block to be replaced with Shelly & Adam. Shelly was evicted.

      1. Britney was the veto queen of her season. She had three veto’s and an HoH, and she’s been doing pretty well this season. (Don’t give me the whole ‘almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. I know she didn’t win anything, but she has come close and a win may be approaching for her.) Maybe if you paid attention you realize Britney has a good chance at this veto? lol

    1. Brittany or Shane could win POV and the QP wil all be safe, if Ian uses his gold nugget Veto Ball for they have the votes then also

  2. I really don’t understand why everyone dislikes Frank so much.
    He has kept his word to anyone he has given it to…to the point of getting back-stabbed twice now.

    Sure he talked about scumbagging Dan or Shane, but if he didn’t go over all the options, he would be an idiot. They all did the same, but worse, they scumbagged Frank and Boogie.

    What is it about Frank that has everyone’s shorts in a knot?
    Is it because he was “tied” to Boogie and nobody likes Boogie? If so, you have to give him props for his “ride or die” loyalty to Boogie.

    1. he is a jerk, how he looks down at everybody, talks trash behind their back, ya dont see dan trashing people cuz he has class, obviosly you dont watch all the live feeds or showtime, he is a tool, saying no one deserves to be here but him, yelling at BB today because “they messed up his breakfast” do i need to go on????????

      1. I watch the live feeds. Frank makes watching the live feeds fun. Otherwise it would be boring as hell. Britney talks more sh*t than anyone in the house.

          1. are you kidding … britney hasnt come anywhere close to being as nasty as frankinstine and booger where … what show are you watching … and calling a female a bitch means you think of your mom that way … keep it up class act .. NOT

            1. Class Act? What do you think you are in BB? shut the hell up. Britney talks MADDDD shit, and to disagree clearly shows bias.

              1. Oh, please. Frank is FAR worse than Britney. He acts like he;s the only one who deserves to be their, thinks hes better than everyone, thinks he’s some BB God (comparing himself to Boogie?) He talks shit about everyone, he’s the definition of a hypocrite. However, he does keep it interesting.

        1. He’s talkes trash about people, and acts like a plastic container of feminine cleasing product. So, if you only watch the feeds for that, more power to you. But I can guarantee that the feeds will still be watched. And, I think even with Frank there, the feeds are boring.

          just sayin

          1. You must’ve missed the entire season of bb 12 then.
            Britney constantly made fun of Rachel for being a cocktail waitress.

            Hm, try again.

            Nobody is worse than Britney when it comes to trash talking.

              1. no, Britney was horribly mean to Kristin and Rachel, the things she would say would go beyond relevance to the game, but she has grown a lot and now if she makes fun of people it is not mean-spirited and more light-hearted and you can appreciate her humor, she is actually very likeable this season, and believe, i hated her in BB12 i can’t even believe i am saying it, but she seems fun and pretty nice this season and is playing a good game, i wouldnt even mind if she won

        2. I don’t know what feeds you are watching but Britney is working her little fanny off in that game. She is playing a great social game and has managed to stay in a good spot compared to other HG. Can’t believe you said she was ‘coasting’ because you need to watch Jenn if you want to see coasting.

      2. DAN-BRITTNEY-SHANE-DANIELLE-IAN-JOE ALL talk shit about everyone!!!!!! Frank has been a stand up straight forward honest guy. You all are lame for your sorry ass excuse to hate on Frank.IDIOTS!!!!!

        1. You’re the idiot. Educate yourself before you defend the hypocritical, trash talking, classless frankie boy.

      3. yes, but isn’t frank like in his young 20s…i did and said a lot of stupid things when i was that age, it’s a very narcissistic stage of life, in fact, i was probably a lot like danielle…isn’t dan in his 30s or late 20s? i know i became a lot more self aware and mature as i got older and i see the difference, not something i could have done when i was younger – even britney, she seems to have matured a lot in the past two years – so will Frank and Danielle, i wouldnt hold it against them

        1. Frank is 28, the same age as Dan.

          Joe – 41
          Jenn – 37
          Frank – 28
          Dan – 28
          Shane – 26
          Britney – 24
          Danielle – 23
          Ian – 21

    2. For me, I think it is residual Boogie factor and all the superiority talk they did for days and days, hours and hours. He could redeem himself though.

    3. So many Britney lovers hate Frank. Crazy because Britney has used everybody in this game! Frank may be a bit macho but at least hes not an evil 2 faced liar. Hopefully Britney will get what’s coming and will fall down and break out all of her teeth!

        1. Lmaoo. WRONG. Did she not wish harm on Rachel during BB 12?

          And how are you going to say what Britney would or would not do?

          You Frank haters are ridiculous.

          Britney is the worse of them all in terms of trash talking.

          It’s the only thing she’s good at.

          1. I am a personal fan of Britney and Frank( Not Really). Lets just stop hating on the Frank haters and stop hating on the Britney haters. If y’all keep on hating on each other more, y’all will be as insecure as me and my homegirl Danielle.

    4. When Frank blew the “gay hands” out of proportion with Willie I immediately stopped liking him. That incident showed three terrible traits of Franks:
      1. Stupidity- he was safe and there was no need to argue with Willie
      2.. Jealousy- he hated that Willie had power over him; he was jealous of Dan early on not the other way around. Boogie would be in the house now had he rolled with Dan.
      3. Liar – When he found out Willie briefly tried to get the votes split so he could blame the other team Frank lost it. He felt as though( how dare Willie play his own game at my expense). I could have understood Frank being nervous because of the risk but he went ballistic because of the vote split not because he wanted to fight homophobia.

      With the above being said I still didn’t hate the guy. The show goes on and you hear how the girls speak about the unwanted tickling and Frank smelling bad. Frank starts running around saying he deserves to be there over everyone else how he has never lied. At this point his annoying. Franks entire conversation The awful things said when Shane would win a competition or just awful things period for no reason (he’ s a hater). Now I don’t like him. But what finally did it was “the dirty brown water”. That was a very racist comment that rolled off his tongue with ease. You better believe he uses that type of language at home as well. That’s why I don’t like him.

      I am a Dan fan but me liking Dan does not make me dislike Frank. Frank makes me dislike Frank. I cannot stand Danielle and that’s Dan’s right hand so don’t think all Dan lovers hate Frank because of Dan. Some of us know how to be part I am writing a long email to CBS about Franks racist comment. I will not bring anything else into because it is just a game but I must address the racism, not that CBS would give a FUCK but address it I must.

      1. %100 agree with everything you said, I’m glad there are people that see all this stuff. Also, Frank admitted to Britney that he blew the “gay hands” thing out of porportion to get votes, if I recall a previous post correctly. He wanted to make it look like he was some courageous hero fighting homophobia, when Willie simply mimicked Wil the same way you would mimick someone with a deep voice–you would use a deep voice. And in Wil’s case, his voice was a little higher.

      2. Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU Go Blue.
        I had actually forgotten all about the Frank turning WIllie into a homophobe fiasco.
        I was starting to doubt myself with all the FrankenFans coming out of the woodwork. I was wondering if I had tainted my own judgement about him.
        I have not liked Frank since week 1, he always seemed so skeezy to me, and when he spread that FALSE stuff about Willie was when I truely was done with him.
        So again, thank you for the reminder.

    5. Ok, granted that this year, I’ve had plenty to say about all the HG’s, and granted, if Frank does pull through, he’ll deserve to, there are still alot of things I don’t like about him:

      1. His elitist attitude. There is not an hour that goes by in which he doesn’t at least once talk about how he’s played the game with more honesty and integrity than the rest of the players. He really and truly does think he’s not just a better player than them, but a better person in general. Of course, everyone in the house is guilty of massive hypocrisy, but in my opinion, he’s the worst because he says it out loud to anyone who’ll listen. The others don’t talk about their lesser behaviors nearly as much because they know they’re being shits and aren’t as proud of it as Frank seems to be.

      2. This is the BB House; you can bounce checks… a quote used by his idol, Boogie, yet Frank doesn’t seem to think this applies to him, chastizes any and everyone who actually plays the game rather than help him win. There’s a naivety in Frank that’s endearing to some, and annoying to others who’re watching, and for the record, I’m on team annoyed.

      3. The man’s game really isn’t that good. If it weren’t for a reset and physical ability, he’d be an afterthought by now. He made his alliance known way too soon, he trusted and forgave too much when he should have been covering his ass, and as we speak, he still has no intuition really when it comes to who he should really be threatened by.

      4. And this is the one I’m least proud of posting, because it’s just straight up superficial… he annoys the hell out of me. He’s unoriginal, uses terms like ‘on the reg’ in his best Dazed and Confused voice, wears Boogie’s tee shirts more than he should, and he’s just as insecure as Danielle is, he’s just better at not making it as obvious. The hair and headbands annoy the hell out of me, too, but at least choosing to look like he roller discos every weekend at the local rink, leg warmers and all, is somewhat original.

      Don’t hate the guy, if he wins, he’ll deserve to, but I’d be lying if I said I won’t also be happy to see him and his ‘strategery’ get to know that jury house real well soon.

    1. Maybe CBS has plans for a”reality wrestling” show frank or his dad can be a part of if frank keeps winning, ugh I would rather see Joe guest cook with Paula dean LOL

  3. gotta love how Shitneys floated her way to frank. she probably thinking his bo smells like irish spring this week.
    when she gets her key outta the nomination box, i hope she says Preeesh.

    1. are you using the term Shitney to describe Britney or Shane AND Britney?
      Could be either.

      1. I propose these and non-ambiguous alternatives:


        …and more possibly to be named later at my discretion.

    2. She has been cultivating Frank for a number of weeks in anticipation of his still being around, letting him know she wouldn’t be against voting out Dan.

  4. Simon: In the scenario you just posted, Shane or Britney would still be nominated as a replacement. They would be up against Joe or Jenn, but that would leave the numbers in favor of the Quack Pack, so they would be safe.

      1. Wait a minute, Ian has a power but can still be nominated correct?? So if Ian uses it to save Dan can’t Frank just turn around and put Ian up with Britt/Shane (Whichever doesn’t win POV and save Danielle).. So technically they can only keep 3 of 5 of the block no matter what right???

          1. Mtracy19.. If Ian uses it on Dan he would no longer have a Veto to use and if it doesn’t save him from being nominated like a normal veto??? Then he could be a replacement nominee.. It was a question.. So hello get a clue yourself before you attack me you DBag!

    1. “(The perfect scenario is this A) Danielle and Da go up b) Shane or Brit win POV use it to save Danielle C) Ian uses the power to save Dan d) one of Joe/Jenn and Shane/Brintey gets put on the block )”

      wait….why wouldn’t the perfect scenario for the Quackpack be that Joe and Jenn get put on the block? Not that it would happen….

      i am sorry but i am a little confused by this whole thing

  5. Everyone keeps saying that Frank kept his word, the only reason why he kept his word is because Boogie talked him out of putting Dan up, it wasn’t just a thought that he had, he really wanted Dan on the block. Boogie told him to wait to make it look like they are good and the next chance they will take him out.

    1. Did he put Dan on the block? NO, he didn’t. In the end, he stuck with his team and with his word. That is all that matters.

      Did Shane put Frank on the block? Yes, twice
      Was Dan involved in that decision? Yes, twice
      Was Dan trying to secretly protect Janelle even though he was in an agreed upon alliance with others? Yes

      People are f*cking each other over so often in that house, they need to restock their condom supply daily.

      1. If my intent to murder someone is only abated because the police arrives in the nick of time- is it really “that’s all that matters”? Here’s the thing. People lie in the game. Frank and Dan. Dan’s not running around delusional saying how honest and great he is. Frank is annoying arrogant and smelly so some of us just don’t like him. Please stop it with he never lied. It’s the game. They all do it. Just say you like him.

          1. I don’t agree. Intent is everything. The only reason he did not nominate Dan is because he did not have the votes. Boogie even said he would not have voted out Dan. This debate is really irrelevant. I will no longer debate whether or not Franks a liar in the game of BB. But for sure he is a RACIST!

            1. It was your debate not mine, and I agree it is irrelevant.

              Your analogy assumes he is caught in the act of carrying out his plan.
              And by the way…using your analogy, if he was caught in the act but did not murder the person, he actually would NOT be guilty of murder.

              If there is a car parked on his street that he really likes and he talks to his friends about maybe stealing it but they decide against it, did he still steal it?


              1. And you said my analogy is flawed!!!! Dan is on the block now; based on your analogy – the car is stolen. LOL!!!! I know you won’t understand this but trust me its funny. FYI: This is all in fun I’m not trying to be a jerk.

          2. I thought it was a pretty good analogy. Frank didn’t put Dan up for 2 reasons, 1 Boogie talked him out of it, and 2, he would’ve had to go around and get the votes, which would’ve exposed him. He didn’t “keep his word” just because he’s an honest guy, he did it because a move on Dan at the time was too risky, even though he wanted to.

            The thing people don’t like about Frank is his “I never lie I’m always honest” schtick. EVERYONE has lied at some point in this game. He’s the only one acting self righteous about it though.

    2. Thank you! I think a lot of people are watching a manufactured, CBS version of Frank, and not Frank the live feeders and spoiler readers know. Seriously, last year people keep saying Shelly wasn’t playing the game–but she played the entire house! People didn’t know that because they only saw the CBS version of Shelly. And it’s the same thing this year. Some people only see the CBS version of Frank.

    3. For those who can’t understand why the Frank hate….consider this if all of the stupid bable that came out of his mouth was in fact “gaming” I personally wouldn’t mind him so much. To me that’s the best side of the game – playing head games, manipulation, etc. It’s not being a scum bag, it’s just gaming. Frank just spouts nonsesense and cliche’s. Last year’s Shelly – IMO best gaming I’d seen in a while. Her mistake was not knowing when to drawn the line and she just over played herself. Frank – no personality, no game play. He’s an buffon beast who keeps winning comps and shitting on my Dreams (Drink!) . I don’t believe he could win even if he made it to the end. He has alienated everyone in the Jury except Ashley and I think she’s just horny!

      1. I agree, Frank has an awesome physical game, but a terrible social game. He loses his temper too quickly when he doesn’t get his way and he blasts other houseguests WAY too much for them to like him. We all saw the way he treated Dan and Shane. He took shots at the whole house after Ashley was evicted, and that kind of stuff doesn’t help his social game.

        Russell Hantz was probably the greatest Survivor player ever–but no one liked him, and therefore he never won.

        1. Can you really blame him?
          He has been on the block EVERY time he hasn’t won HOH…EVERY one!
          He just lost 2 of his players because his entire TEAM scumbagged him. In fact, the entire HOUSE scumbagged him, including Joe, whose ass he saved last week.

          What do you expect him to do, dance around and whistle Dixie out his ass hole?

          Most players would have cracked long ago.

        2. yes! Russell deserved to wins hands down his first season and didn’t…I still love BB and I love rooting for my favorites. Everyone lies and back stabs in this game, you can’t play it otherwise. It is just a game afterall, not real life.

    1. Same thing i was thinking? from the odd number 3k i think Frank is lying. At lease i hope he is and has a power too.

      1. I hope he is lying to. I just knew Mike was coming back damn now that would have been interesting now that he knows about Ian

    1. If you’re talking from the point of view of the actual production, you’re poorly misconceived. The production is head over heels in LOVE with Frank.

  6. If Ian gets the nominations changed so that Dan stays,
    hopefully Ian will be the replacement nominee going out
    the door.

  7. Why is frank so stupid? Dan didn’t do anything to him.

    The sooner frank leaves, the less I have to worry about people’s stupidity.

    1. I would have wanted Frank to put up Shane and get rid of him, but he’s not stupid for targetting Dan. You see he doesn’t have the advantage that we viewers have, we know their secrets we know who’s playing who, we see their DR sessions.
      Frank doesn’t know that no one manupulated Ian, so him thinking it’s Dan is perfectly understandable. That’s why when we see houseguests act a certain way we think it’s a stupid move but they don’t know what we know, they can’t read each other’s minds.

  8. How many weeks are left? Still seems like they have too many people don’t they? Do we still have another Fast Fwd or something to look fwd to? I can’t remember how this goes —do they have 3 or 4 people left the last week?

  9. I thought the houseguests usually dont know what happens to the hoh after pandoras box so maybe frank really got more then 3 grand and i dont understand this 2nd veto thing if frank doesnt put ian up hes a moron

  10. How does this help frank? Seriously asking. If Dan/dani nom. & Brit/Shane win & use pov along with Ian using power that joe/jenn go home… How does this help frank?

    1. Frank opened Pandoras box and got 3G’s yo. That’s the good for him but the extra veto in the game is bad for Frank.

  11. No problem still. Nominate Dan and Ian. Ian pulls himself off, replace with either Danielle, Brit, or Shane. Even if one of them wins the other veto, two of DDBS will still be on the block and one goes home. Depending on which of them wins veto, they might not even use it to save Dan

  12. So if Ian doesn’t get nominated and he uses the pov to save somebody, can he still get nominated once he uses it?

    1. good question.. I don’t know for sure I would assume he cannot be nominated if he uses the power but if the power is not used he can be nominated. Nothing is stopping Frank from putting Dan and Ian up.. Ian uses the power to save himself and Danielle goes up in his place.

      Frank may do this to get the power out of the game. Ian and Frank are now “working” together. Britney and Ian have been spending a lot of time with Frank i’m starting to get a feeling some trust has been restored. A very small amount.

      1. Does Ian’s power happen before or after the regular POV? Can one reverse the other?
        Who chooses the replacement nom?

  13. Wow this sucks Frank is already playing by himself and the Ducktales have a Power Frank might as well get ready to go home. I was hoping that Mike would come back :( looks like Shane already to go back on his word to Frank already

    1. you are right on… what makes me so mad is Frank is alone in this game … and production wants to give it to Ian… when Frank needs the diamond veto bad because he will be evicted soon…. so wrong… Franks a great player without BOOGS…

  14. Can’t speack for anyone else, but this is why I don’t like Frank.He acts like a spoiled brat. He exhibits two extrememe personalities. If he’s HOH he’s all smiles and is everyone’s best friend. When he’s on the block he’s a bully, very arrogant and cocky, and talks about others in a very deragatory manner. He’s delusional and also not very bright. The things he is saying about Ian (not able to make his own decisions), one can say about him. He is targeting Dan because of everything Boogie’s influence. He’s just not the kind of person I enjoy watching on TV.

  15. This is bad for Frank, in my opinion…I predicted production would balance things out…

    1. lol yeah, I was thinking the same. I do think this is still blatant manipulation on their part, but now they’re trying to balance out the manipulation so it benefits the other side for once. I don’t prefer all these twists, though.

      1. I was thinking the same, Production don’t want it to be as obvious as last season…….. at least they tryin to switch it up

      2. I suspect Frank has the DPOV or CDT.
        If he does, both of those can be used for a couple of weeks, right?
        I don’t think Frank would have opened Pandora’s box in his situation if he knew it was only money. The potential negative could far outweigh the positive for him.

    2. Balance what out ? the other side of the house has every1 against Frank how the hell is that Balanced Frank only has himself

      1. I mean Production’s obvious attemps to keep Frank in the game. Like cancelling the eviction a few weeks back, letting him cheat in the veto drawing, etc.

  16. Frank has to put up Ian if he doesn’t Ian will back stab him and take Dan off. If Ian is up on the block he has to take himself off. Danielle goes up in Ian place. They then play for the Veto. If Dan wins the veto he pulls himself off, Brittney goes up.

    1. yeah his safest bet is to put Ian up, Ian been a little scumbag and Frank giving him a pass is pissing me off. Frank looks at Ian as a kid but he has to remember Ian is a grown man and is very smart I wanted Frank to give Ian a piece of his mind and have Ian scared shitless

  17. I know theres alot of mixed feelings about frank and i will admit i dont like him in house his cocky and he’s arrogant and hes a bully i did not like the way him and boogie were bulling everyone last week espeically since if they really sat and thought bout it combined there brain power they could have figured out it was ian screwin them over not dan so they made themselves look like total jack asses and you people saying that britney and danielle are riding dan and shanes coattails are the same ones that said dani was riding her fathers coat tails when if you watched season 8 of BB dani saved her fathers ass alot she won 3 hohs and five povs alone that season all im saying is i dont think frank would be where he is right now if it wasnt for bb production and mike boogie i dont

  18. Yes I still say he frank should have taken Dan out!! He is the brains to them all. They can’t even think that far ahead.
    Next Dan will use Brit and dani to pick Shane and Iran off. Then floaters then turn on dani. Him and Brit. Remember
    He always the coaches together to un on the newbies. Did not work out but that is his hole plan.

  19. boogie says ian is not to be trusted so maybe frank is playing ian by being buddy buddy and then putting ian up againts dan

  20. Why did you do that Frank? Don’t open the Pandora Box. Now you have to think the strategy. You have to win your PoV & Keep the nomination a same. Mike Boogie is piss right now. Start Focus on that. Get rid of Quack Pack.

  21. These people seem like there more worryed about making friends than going after the cash…. The name of the game is get the cash at all costed!!!! F**k making friends!!!!!

  22. rigged for frank?
    unless frank got a DPOV its not rigged just for frank, this competition they did, seems sketchy, now dan has more outs, is he won the competition, hed be safe.
    the rigging works both ways.

    1. I don’t agree. They were counting on Franks athleticism to win the power so it would not look rigged. Remember the games are tailored to whom they want to win.

        1. Right. I thought Pandor’s Box was part of the veto power won with the balls. They all had to fight to get them. Am I mistaken?

  23. So guessing Frank opened Pandora’s box, got the $$ and locked in. Probably had to watch the others play for that veto. Just saying.

  24. something tells me frank didn’t get 3 grand. he got some type of power, but he can’t say what it really is.

  25. If I were Frank, the best move I think is to nominate Ian and maybe Britney. Ian will use veto on himself, then Frank can backdoor Dan.

    1. @Paul, I totally agree with you more. Frank, please put Ian up on the block. He can backdoor Dan! Don’t trust Ian. He a freaky nerd! It’s like revenge of the nerds.

  26. This is bad for frank,but he can easily make ians veto mean nothing if he puts him on the block next to dan.Than ian would have to use it on himself and once again you have dan and danielle on the block.Ok now if danielle wins the veto she could save dan making danielle,dan,and ian safe than britney and shane go up still ensuring that one of the five leaves.Best case senario for frank is he wins the pov after nominating ian and dan ian takes him self off shane takes his spot

  27. Sounding like Frank plans on keeping the noms the same… stupid on his part. He just said he told Ian he’d keep the noms the same, but if he uses the power he is putting up Brit… If it stays this way, he’s taking a big gamble.

  28. He has to nom Ian and Dani, Ian forced to use veto on self, Dan goes up, then it’s Dan vs Dani and back to square one. Shane deal hopefully back on and noms stay the same if he wins cause if he doesn’t win and it gets used on Dani (she’s the only one who would get saved if Dan does not win it) If Dan wins it he’ll come off and Shane Britt will go up. Dan/Dani vs Shane/Britt.

  29. This is the WORST CAST!!!!!!! Nothing but a bunch of weak ass players!!!!!! There making Frank look like superman….

    1. I would agree if I knew for sure CBS did not rigg the comp, If Frank won fair and square then someone should go home or start winning comps,

  30. I’m pretty sure the veto will be made for Frank to win.Production is just trying to make the game a little interesting for two days(on the CBS show the viewers that only watch the show,will be glued to the tv screen to find out about pandora’s box and(sunday night) on wednesday,to see if one of the quack pack members will win veto and if Ian will save Dan.I bet tomorrow the head line will read”Frank wins Veto and Ian refuses to use his power to help Dan”.So,Frank fans don’t worry,team production will never screw their favorite(Frank).I just hate seeing Dan getting his hopes up.

  31. I hate this Pandora’s box bullshit! Get over it, Grodner and get a new schtick already will ya?? As for Frank, I think production loves him since he and Bitchney are the whole show. I think they are rigging the game for Frank, no doubt! He can be ignorant and misogynistic just like Booger, but he really deserves to win the game! He has won more comps and has been honest with everyone in the house and saved himself every time he has been on the block-gotta hand it to him! What you see with Frank is what you get! I respect that although he isn’t my favorite! As for Dan, why don’t people see he is an average player at best! He only won season 10 because production had a hand in it and the rest of the cast was the lamest group to ever play the game. Truthfully Keesha deserved that win, and would have won if Memphis didn’t do Dan’s dirty work by slitting her throat! Even old man Jerry made F3!! Jerry people, Jerry!!! What does that tell you about that cast? The only threat to Dan was Jesse and he was out in the 3rd week because he got on everyone’s nerves! The cast included terrible players like Jerry, Libra, Renny, Michelle C… C’mon a blind and crippled person could have beaten them no matter what the “darlin from New Orleans says!!!” FRANK FOR THE WIN!!! Bitchney second place, Ian third!Too bad for Shane but since he played Bitchney’s game since he is a moron who cannot form a complete, coherent thought, he will do no better than fourth place!

    1. I have a feeling feeling floaters will make it to the finals. Even with productions help Frank is not smart enough. Somehow he will get cut and a floater will make it.

  32. Frank said, “Ashley showed Mike and I that she is a gammer” are you for real?????????????? Because she knew how to play with a joy stick(HJ) she is a game SMH……………………….

  33. Brittney opened the Pandora’s box and got locked in a room with Jesse, while Rachael was let loose in the house for 24 hours.
    So Pandora’s Box can blow Poo. Of course Matt that season got the good Pandora’s box. If Franks was a punishment there may be
    another one coming with the life saving power.
    Frank at least got $3000.00, of course on Sunday you will all know if he he is lying about the 3K and actually got some sort of Mr Wizard power.

    I know CBS does this because the ratings are dropping like a bag rocks are tied to them, but in a way I would just prefer a Season is played straight out, just HoH, PoV and Have Nots. If Frank did not get a special Mr Wizard Power, If he isn’t HoH he must win PoV or he is out. None of his allies are really his allies.

  34. if frank has no power from the box, its kind of the biggest bull ever.

    the power alliance did NOT need a power. I mean seriously, did we need to give ddbs more reason to feel safe in this house? Its getting sort of frustrating honestly

    people moan about frank getting help…id rather have that, than some ride to the end for dan and company where if even a WHISPER of him going up takes place, then gosh, hes safe. now joe or jenn go home, and frank gets backdoored next week. its just WEAK on the part of BB in order to save face to all the “they favor frank” comments.

    if frank only got 3k, im done with this season, as its handing dan the game.

    1. It is not DDBS production is saving
      They are trying to Market Dan as the Evil genius behind DDBS
      Frank as the noble Underdog fighting for survival, Live feeds paint a different story, but most of what Frank says can not be used in Prime time.

      So what do you do when you need to keep this up? You save the villain… Dan
      If Frank looses, do not cry for Frank, he will be back. They are probably casting him and Boogie for Amazing Race right now.
      It’s Franks Dream to win Amazing Race, he has worked so hard for it.

      Why haven’t Brendon and Rachael been on Survivor yet, what is up with CBS, dropping the ball like that.
      Big Brother All Star Survivor Edition.

      1. That would awesome boogie and frank on amazing race i even loved brendon and rachael cause i loved rooting for them to lose

        1. I think them 2 would be perfect for the show and I would love to watch. Only thing I hate about amazing race is the time sports always interfere so my DVR cant record the whole episode

  35. So whose side is Shane on this hour?
    He had a little cry with Frank earlier, but now it seems like he is still with the other side.
    Admittedly, I haven’t been paying too much attention today and stuff seems to shift by the minute.

  36. Seems like Dan got pretty nasty in the competition.

    Wouldn’t share his quarters and he threatened to “Rat out Ian.” Dan’s true colors finally show.

    1. He knows he’s going home. Why would he not fight. His team is selling him out. Give me a break. If he starts bullying and throwing out racist sexist comments then we see “true colors” you are just seeing him fight for a competition finally.

  37. Lol Ian is slowly becoming the star of this show I love it. It’s a longshot that all of the Quack Pack will be safe by the end of the week but it’s still a possibility! The next POV will be one of the most important POV comps in awhile this season is getting pretty good. GO SHANE AND BRIT WIN POV PLEASE!

    1. Is the QP still together? I don’t think Brit and Ian are playing with Dan anymore. Brit cannot make it alone. Ian is smart enough I hope he does not think he can take Frank to the end. Its over for Brit if she leaves Dan.

  38. UGH of course weasel Ian had to win something like that. Going to make a good week though because we’ll see how it all plays out….

  39. everybody stabs eachother in the back in this house… and everyone is all smiles if they win Hoh … and pissed off is they dont….that is normal look at dani….she cries all the time on the block…. Shane is britts puppet… Frank is gonna be a much better player and much more likble without boogie….I just hope he has more time in to show them..

  40. Maybe he got something else that lasts a couple weeks and he can afford to test Ians and others loyalty, knowing that next week he can change the noms and pick new ones if it blows up in his face. I’m just sayin, in a dream world..

  41. Exactly, Dan is not a nice guy, Britney finally got something right…Dan just hides behind his bible, floats for the 1st half of the game…

  42. if frank didnt get a power that could help against next week when he gets the backdoor, then its pointless. they have to do it, otherwise we’re going to see the most boring final 5 quack pack ever. it has even less suspense than the brigade, who at least had to tell brit, the quack pack is going to shock who at this point?

    1. I think it would be very suspenseful. You never know what Ian or Joe will do, Britney has limited loyalty.

    2. I still have faith Mike taught him well…If he got 3K after what Mike told him about Ian? Then his C-town eviction notice is served…

  43. Britney makes me sick with her fake ass attitude.. Danielle just comlains about her look being fatt or her butt looking nice.. or shes crying non stop like fricken child.. Joe… well hes Joe.. enuff said… Dan hes actually pretty honest (not including his sneaky ass behind the back comments and plans to get frank evicted since week 3…. Everyone hates Frank.. but the man has all the right in the world to feel angry and be cocky.. look whats hes been doing.. haters need to jus chill out and accept the fact hes the only reason yall people.. haters and fans of frank alike even feel the need to write about the show so much.. smh

  44. Why would frank put up joe i dont see the logic behind that maybe i misread but thats what it looked like he was considering

    1. Because Dan slowly started to work his magic….the mist. Why else would Frank think about putting up Joe? Or. he is testing Brit to see if she goes for a stupid set up the Frank would know she is still with Dan. But Frank is not that smart.

  45. Now Frank is talking about putting up Dan and Joe? That’s EXACTLY what the QP wanted in the first place. If it works out that way, all they need to do is make sure the veto isn’t used, then vote out Joe. Frank will be making a BIG mistake if he does that.

  46. @Simon/Dawg All of this is very confusing. Because of this power and such, who do you think Frank will nom?

  47. It boggles my mind why people hate Frank. The dude has played the most honest game of anyone. He didn’t back stab anyone (unlike DDBS) and he got repeatedly scumbagged to his face by (DDBS) because they are all cowards and can’t handle the heat they might take for their actions. People hate Frank because he made a good friendship with Boogie and Boogie is a bit of a douche. That being said I still like Britney and Shane a lot but they are cowards. Ian is the Adam of last year. A little boy who wants to be remembered for making some great game play by getting out Boogie. I think its funny that part of the reason he wanted to scumbag Boogie was because him and Frank referred to him as a kid. LOL. You are a little kid Ian! And that brings me to my final point. Dan is the ultimate Judas. There is nothing worse than someone who masquerades as your closest friend but when the opportunity is right they will plunge the knife as deep as they can get it into your back. Anybody who thinks that Dan is genuinely a good person is not very bright and has a poor memory. He is the ulitmate Judas but people get mesmerized by his words and forget. He is good, I will give him that.

    1. I think of Ian as Ronnie.
      Watch him cry when his house of cards falls.

      I don’t understand why people hate (literally, HATE) Frank either.
      If I was going to go into real battle (with guns) with anyone in that house, I would want Frank by my side.

    2. This might sound funny and random, but I would trust Mike in a life or death situation than I would Dan…

      1. If you went hunting with Dan and a bear crept up behind you and started chasing you both, Dan would shoot you instead of the bear.

  48. I don’t understand the QP love and the Frank hate either?…I don’t have a problem with lying and playing the game because it’s BB, but the QP are boring as watching paint dry…Why do they have fans and Frank gets hate?

    1. Entertaining: Boogi, Wille and Brittany – we could laugh with them. Joe, Ian, we laugh at them. I feel sorry for Danielle – she’s crazy. And I feel sorry for Shane for being so weak. Dan is not a coward but definitely playing the coward’s role – Boogie should have acted humble as well if he wanted to win because he and Dan were automatic targets. We laughed at Ashly for being a druggie and at Jen for thinking she was the target lol.

      1. @Simon Like Frank win his PoV and keep the nomination a same & Ian remove himself and replacing Britney as a nominee.

      1. i get it that Frank literally has noone to play with now…but he was right there and must have heard what ian said to boogie at the door….then boogie said “not cool doggie”…and then told Frank not to trust him!!!! and now he has a power so he MUST put him up…! its sucks that Frank has noone so we cant really tell waht he is truly thinking….but ya ian up or die bro…

        1. Frank has to have a partner in crime or he’s not going to last…I’m a Frank fan, because I was a Boogs/Chilltown throughtout the years, but he has to get someone to work/trust with or it’s lightsout…

  49. Here is the scenario
    Frank puts up Dan & Ian
    Frank wins PoV keep the nomination a same
    Ian pull himself off
    Frank names Britney as a replacement nominee.
    Perfect Plan

    1. I totally agree with you, sounds like Frank for some reason is actually toying with the idea of working with Brittney. How many times does he need to get stabbed in the back, before he realizes that THEY ARE NOT WORKING WITH HIM. I hope he checks his gut listen to Boggies last words (din’t trust Ian) And play the game like he is playing for $500.00 and not like he the nerd kid on the play ground who wants to hang out with the cool kids.

    2. Another one of your brilliant schemes, captain.
      Sorry to disappoint you, but Frank can’t compete in the veto this week!

          1. Did you hear that on the feeds? could be true I can’t confirm or deny it at this point.

            After reviewing my notes I think Frank does play in the veto.. Ian is the only one that cannot play regardless if he’s nominated.

          2. ohhhhhhh interesting….if he is trusting the others to keep his power in play after this past week, he has been in this house too long because he cray cray!!!!!

  50. Frank seriously, keep it together! Don’t trust the Quack pack. Talk to them but don’t trust them.

    At this point he needs to put Ian up so that Veto is used right away. Guarantees at least 1 of the 4 stay on the block.

  51. Most of the time in Pandoras box the person is not allowed to tell what they got or the power is null. Maybe Frank got more but obviously cant say anything. Also all these people are like ok heres how we stay…DONT YOU THINK OTHER PEOPLE CAN THINK THAT TOO…Quack Pack, get a clue, youre not the only ones who can come up with ideas!

  52. Wonder what Ashley is doing in the jury house? She seemed a bit out of it…and that’s putting it mildly.
    Although I was not a Boogie fan…I would much rather see him in the jury house instead of Ashley.

  53. TO all those thinking frank got a power…remember the Pandoras Box is a negative for the houseguests and positive for the HOH or vice versa…

    and with ian getting a power that definaitely sounds like a positive for the houseguests so yeah frank may lie about the 3k but i think it is because they are paranoid. If they truly understood what Pandoras Box I dont think that they would be freaking out about frank getting a power if they realized that but right now they are making ashley look like einstein

  54. For those of you who don’t know……All of them are playin frank… Britney, Ian, and Shane…..I couldn’t care less if Dan or Danielle goes home. Dan can’t win a frikkin thing but wants to dictate how everything goes and Danielle has to make everything about her. I don’t see how this girl is a nurse, she has no compassion. Every time something goes down, she has to cry to Britney and Dan about how people are talking bad about her or how she got shafted by someone else. My dream final 3 is Shane, Frank, Britney. Half of the commenters on this board hate frank and half are madly in love with him. Im neither, but I doubt he will have the votes in the Jury to win anyway so even if he’s final 2, I doubt he wins.

    1. I don’t know. After people cool out in the jury house and let emotions die down people usually let gameplay dictate, minus showmance couples and really tight friends. Remember most of the house despised Rachel last year and she won. Joe talking to Shane about campaigning against Frank in the jury and Shane looked at him like he was crazy and blatantly told Joe if Frank makes it he deserves to win so I really believe if Frank makes it he wins. The only people who could beat him in the final two may be Ian because of his scheming and Shane because of his comp wins but I don’t even think they could. I mean 6 against 1 and he survives until the end you can hate him all you want but he deserves the win

  55. Why is Britney still in this game. Has she even won a POV or HOH this season? She is the worst fingernail chewing, coat tail riding, backstabbing, judgemental, full of herself player that has ever played this game…. Her strategy????????

    1. Britney hasn’t won anything this season, just like she didn’t win anything in her season. She was a terrible person to bring back as a coach…she sucked when she played the first time around.

  56. Pandora’s Box is a Positive/Negative, so NO Frank doesn’t have a power, Ian got a power and Frank got the temptation 3k, but negative effect of Ian changing one of his noms, best bet for him is to have Ian on the block, I don’t believe he’s smart enough to figure that out, as he was the “dumb muscle” of chilltown, boogie would’ve told him not to open the box, or at least tell him how t play it in his favor. He’ll put up Dan(it’s obvious by now) but whoever the 2nd is is the trick, if it’s Shane, Ian will not touch noms, as he can’t control who the replacement is so he can’t bank on Frank putting Joe up, I don’t think he will use the power now(does he have to use it this week? simon/dawg)… hopefully no Pandora’s Box will bring anyone back, that’s a plus

  57. I don’t know about Frank only winning 3grand. Remember most of the time when someone gets a power from Pandora’s box they can’t talk about it. I may be wrong but Matt got the diamond power of veto but I believe he told people he only won $1because he wasn’t allowed to say he got it. So Frank could have something to trump Ian’s or have something to save himself when can’t play for HOH next week. This may be productions way of saving Dan and showing Ian’s lack of loyalty by having him use it to save the pack and then Frank pull something to trump Ian after he shows that he can’t be trusted to Frank so they push Dan and Frank to work together. Just a theory but I guess that’s why I love the show. Never know what’s going to happen. Even if production rigs it, it’s an awesome game show

    1. I got a solution for this problem, it’s the same solution for a nagging women, “put something in her mouth” Anything that shuts it for a lil while

      1. Just when I think I like you, you say something like that. You sound like Frank. You don’t want to sound like Frank, do you? Danelle’s voice is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

  58. Ok people. No. No. No. If you’ve watched BB the past 14 seasons then you know that Pandora’s Box definitely means a positive for the rest of the house= a negative for the HOH. If it was an extra POV for the house then Frank didn’t win crap and probably can’t play in the veto. Obviously he can’t tell everyone else that for 2 reasons:

    1. He isn’t allowed to.
    2. It would be in his best interests not to.

    If people are stupid enough to think Pandora’s box was “If you open it you get $3,000 but the HG’s get to play an extra POV” Do you really think he would do it?? Really? He isn’t the stickiest piece of tape, but I don’t think $3000 would be worth it for him. Not to mention, if he got a power/money the rest of the HG’s would be on slop or something negative and if he got something negative, money wouldn’t be added to it- that’s not a negative.

    It’s him against the rest of the house. He obviously opened it, but why remains to be determined. Pandora’s Box isn’t a win-win. That’s the point. Which tells me, that although Production might be favoring Frank this season, they still don’t want Dan to go home.

  59. Certainly it doesn’t take this long to pull keys? I imagine they keep the feeds off for a bit in case things get crazy – wouldn’t want anyone to see anything good prior to edit. :)

  60. If frank got 3k and there is an extra veto power thats still 2 positives.I am completely confused at this point but dont thinks franks telling the truth about the 3k

  61. Simon quick question….. How did Frank become HOH was the Shamerock challenge a pov and HOH at the same time? Thanks….

  62. whomever writes the feeds really does not like danielle. must you really take a shot of her when she’s making a funny face, always?

  63. Recently anything involving Frank the feeds are down longer than usual.Remember last weekend the veto competition.The feeds where down for over 6 hours.Production,please stop with all the funny/shady business.

  64. PLAN A……….so if Ian uses the veto on brittney to keep her off the block that saves BRITTNEY AND IAN
    if shane wins POV and save Danielle then that saves DANIELLE AND SHANE
    then frank has no choice to put up JOE OR JENN
    and the have the votes to save DAN……perfect plan…
    PLAN B……….if Frank wins it and leaves Dan and Danielle on the block then at least 4 out of 5 of the quack pack is safe
    is that the way they are planning it

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